If You Work Remotely, Move to One of These States
By Joe Jarvis - January 06, 2018

Moving is one of the easiest ways to slash your tax bill.

In the modern economy, freelancing, and running a home business are growing trends. If you run a largely internet based business or service, then all you need is an internet connection and you can work.

This opens up the opportunity to move wherever you want.

Florida, Texas, Washington, Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Alaska have no state income tax nor taxes on dividends and investment income. New Hampshire and Tennessee also have no state income tax but do tax dividends and interest. However, Tennessee is phasing out its investment taxes by 2022.

Alaska also has no state sales tax. Wyoming has no corporate income tax.

The cool thing is that these states are distributed pretty evenly across the country, north and south, east and west. So you likely don’t have to go that far from family and friends in order to take advantage of the lower taxes.

But if you don’t mind a big move, you can choose between beaches and igloos, mountains and deserts, temperate rainforests, and the good old south.

And once you move into a good statewide tax jurisdiction, you can set to work on finding a friendly local tax jurisdiction.

Wyoming is ranked 8th among the states with the lowest property taxes as a percentage of home value. Its average property tax is only .61% of a home’s value.

Unfortunately, New Hampshire at 2.1% and Texas at 1.9% are among the ten states with the highest property taxes. Of course, these are averages and will vary from town to town. Usually the more rural you get, the lower the price of property, and therefore the lower the property taxes.

Aside from taxes, finding a place with a low cost of living is another smart move for online workers. This can help you gain more financial freedom, and put more money into savings and investments.

Tennessee has the 7th lowest cost of living in the U.S. and Texas the 11th. Wyoming and South Dakota have a lower cost of living than 60% and 56% of other states, respectively.

Alaska, New Hampshire, and Washington are among the 15 most expensive states.

If you are not tied to a location for work, your income from online can go a lot further.

Remote Working for a Company

But it’s not just the self-employed that can cut the commute. Gallup has found that the ability to work remote plays a major role when looking for employment. Demand is there, and flexible companies will be able to attract better talent.

While it’s great to get the team together in person every now and then, most work doesn’t need to be done at an office. Employees can be judged by meeting deadlines and the quality of work, instead of logging office hours.

When it comes to working for a company, fewer people work 100% of the time from home. So some proximity is still required for work.

But an hour commute is easier to deal with once a week, versus every single day. And this kind of commute gives you access to cheaper homes with lower property taxes, as you move outside populated areas.

Where are People Moving OUT of?

Some states are just not friendly environments. And when remote workers get fed up and leave, they take their income with them.

Everyone knows New Jersey is the worst state in the USA. It is ranked #2 for states that people are fleeing. Illinois is #1, probably from all the people running from stray bullets in Chicago.

Massachusetts made the top ten list, which is where I moved to Florida from. New York and Connecticut fill the #3 and 4 spots for states that people are leaving.

Do you think it is a coincidence that all those states have high taxes and restrictive government? Let’s just hope the fleeing voters don’t ruin the good states.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • You should have mentioned Puerto Rico and linked to previous articles, even though PR is currently flattened from the hurricane. (An opportunity in disguise?)

    • Great point! Thanks for the input. We will do a separate piece on Puerto Rico

    • aj54

      PR was already broke before the hurricane, and the court would NOT let them get new bonds to replace the old ones that were written at over 10%. The vultures are circling as we speak.

      • Although tough times are the best time to acquire the best bargains, that was not why I mentioned Daily Bell’s previous PR articles. You are apparently not familiar with the Federal Income Tax exemption available to PR residents. Search back articles or wait for the next one.

        • aj54

          I am well aware of the exemption, but the personal income tax exemption has no bearing on the bonds PR owes, on which they have already defaulted.

          • A broke and non-functioning government makes PR even more attractive. Who will be so foolish as to loan money to a government that defaults?

          • aj54

            you must belong to the vulture class, because they are ready willing and able to do so at the most extortionist of terms. If PR had been allowed to reduce the interest rate on her bonds before default, the people of PR would have been better off. Of course, if you believe in the type of capitalism expounded by the private bankers, then foreclosure is even better, and who cares about the grubby little folk anyway?

          • aj54


            In this particular instance, correctly labeling an investing behavior, or the apology for it, is not ad-hominem. Calling you something other than a vulture, when you had expressed a benefit to be derived under those circumstances, would have been ad-hominem, but not the vulture label.

          • aj54

            and of course, the theft of the future work of the PR people is gov’t sanctioned, by the US gov’t, of which she is part. I would agree the US gov’t looks non-functioning, but only to the people who are not getting gov’t contracts, to them it looks perfectly fine.

          • And because you seem to prefer to ad hominem to intelligent, sensible discourse and exchange of information, I guessing that you deliberately, rather than innocently, switched my “broke and non-functioning government” reference from the PR government to the US gov’t.

  • FreeOregon

    Migration is more complicated than you assume. Oregon has high income taxes and Portland is so regulated it’s called the People’s Republic of Portland. As with all states our public pensions are underfunded and the politicians, principally “Progressives” who believe laws self-enforce, make promises without a clue about consequences or funding. Gangs are far worse in California. We have an ANTIFA problem, perhaps because migrants bring their cultures with them.

    Yet in-migration is high. People are fleeing California, so proximity and for the moment less expensive real estate are factors. The environment is fresh and clean compared to states on the East Coast and much of California, though clear cut forests are atrocious. We also get hordes of homeless shipped in by bus from states that cannot or are unwilling to solve their own challenges. The economy is doing well thanks to the in-migration.

  • Washington state is one of the most restrictive and over bearing via regulations of the left coast. Oregon, Washington and Kawleefornya are all about equal when it comes to DEM govt corruption on a grand scale and all are well past insolvent and bankrupt. They simply do not realize it or admit yet, because they have gotten away with their fraud for a long while !

    • Yes, there are plenty of other reasons to avoid certain states mentioned here. thanks!

  • Samarami

    You can run, but you can’t hide. Wherever you “flee”, the beast of collectivism will be there to nibble on your arse. It might not be “income tax” per se, but there will definitely be coercion concomitant with the existence of state agents.
    Will there come the time when it will be the state agents that will flee??? Let’s hope.

    • Sheila

      Very cynical, but accurate.

    • Let’s hope, yes. Until then, baby steps.

  • stormykitteh

    “Let’s just hope the fleeing voters don’t ruin the good states.”
    Here’s to hope but I suspect they’ll foul where ever they carpet bag to.

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      That has happened to Nevada as statist Californians (a redundancy, I know) relocate there.

      • PedroB

        They pretty much wrecked Colorado, Oregon, Montana, and Washington and I hear they have their sights set on Idaho now. They vote “collectivist utopia” into every state they infest. They leave Cali because they’ve ruined that state. Wherever they go they try to turn the host state that they infect into another California.

        • aj54

          ‘californication’ is what my sister and brother-in-law in AZ called it 35 years ago

        • MountainMan

          Why would they move somewhere else only to duplicate the conditions that they ran away from? That’s totally irrational.

          I WOULD expect this behavior from illegal aliens; they are not as intelligent as Anglo-Americans.

  • Randy

    OK, it’s the 100%, totally corrupted LEGAL SYSTEM that is really to blame here. The 5th Circuit Court just admitted that the bogus “income tax” laws were not being applied correctly!!! Oh, my goodness, what a shock to the system that is! It’s only been known about since 1913, but just NOW the legal system is admitting a little bit of culpability in running a SCAM on us? Who knew?? Well I certainly did, and it’s why I have been working so tirelessly to expose the scam of the legal system for the last 15 or so years!
    What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANY man or woman has the right to commit? What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANY man or woman has an actual obligation to endure? What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of, in the instant case? Those three simple questions completely shut down the corrupted legal system, stopping it dead in its tracks.
    The legal system is just chock full of lies, innuendo, contradictions and vagueness, but virtually no one wants to admit that they are there! Why not?!?! A bitter lie is a lie, no matter how much sugar is used to sweeten it up. The Void for Vagueness Doctrine never seems to be applied to the legal system itself, geeze, I wonder why that is??? The Clean Hands Doctrine is never applied to the legal system, geeze, I wonder why that is???
    Both of those doctrines are found in Black’s Law Dictionary, in case you may want to look them up!!

    Randy Gaumond, Sui Juris

    • aj54

      the law is used in a form of warfare against the people by tptb. Corporations and public entities basically have an unlimited purse to abuse the non-wealthy with.

  • Anon.

    Actually the easiest way lower your tax bill is to not pay Federal income taxes.

    I never have and never will.

    Why would I, I’m not a Federal Citizen and I’m not domiciled in federal jurisdiction.

    But being a state citizen and being domiciled in one states jusistiction I’ll still pay state sales/income tax.

  • Sheila

    Since my parents retired to Florida, I’m aware of one big cost that is not often factored into cost of living: home insurance, which in Florida is sky-high, especially for people within 10 miles of either coast. It’s true there’s no income tax, and the sales taxes are not high, and the burden of “assorted” taxes falls on the tourists, not the residents. But throughout the state home insurance is high, ditto for car insurance. Taxes are not the whole story.

    • Nature is a factor there for sure. Nevada has little in the way to be worried about in terms of earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. etc.

    • Great point Sheila, thanks!

    • aj54

      another thing is the price of housing to begin with, which is what the insurance and tax bills are figured from, so places with the least expensive housing should be given more consideration, as long as other quality of life areas are not downgraded.

  • JoeCushing

    Go big and leave the US. Federal taxes dwarf state taxes.

    • Ephraiyim

      Invest in an RV that can handle winter weather and you can live anywhere from Mexico to Canada and all the US states except Hawaii (getting the RV there)
      Pay a weekly or monthly rental and often get free internet.
      You can also go with a seasonal contract. If made far enough in advance many RV parks will lower the monthly rental just to make sure they will be full.
      I have friends that have done this and it works great for them. One is a retired couple and one is a family with 10 children who are home schooled.
      It can work for anyone who wants as flexible lifestyle.