India Bans Cash, Now Gold?
By Daily Bell Staff - November 16, 2016

India gold import ban rumored … The Indian Bullion and Jewellers Association has warned members of a potential gold import ban … The association told Indian media the move could come by March 31 as part of the government’s ‘black money’ crackdown.   –Mining Journal

Prime minister Narendra Modi recently decided to confiscate the cash of hundreds of millions of Indians, and now he may forbid Indians from importing gold.

This would have an immediate effect on gold supplies as India, despite the affinity of citizens for gold and silver, has very little in the way of domestic mining.

In part, this is because the government itself is consistently at war with Indian citizens over money and its control. This struggle has most recently manifested itself in India’s decision to remove, wholesale, large denomination bills from public circulation.


The country [banned] 500 and 1000 rupee notes (worth about US$7 and $14 respectively) and the mooted import restriction [banning gold imports] could be a reaction to dealers swapping the notes for gold.

IBJA national secretary Surendra Mehta told the Times of India its members should be ready.   “We hear from certain circles of this possibility, though nothing official is out yet,” he said.

The larger issue here has to do with banning cash on a global level. It is typical of reporting in this modern era that few if any of the mainstream articles covering India’s most recent move seemingly mention this.

Governments around the world are beginning to ban cash. Sweden is far advanced but Uruguay and now India are not far behind. Uruguay is soon to demand that employers cease to pay employees via cash and instead deposit paychecks directly in bank accounts.

Most recently in Australia, Citibank announced it would no longer deal in cash because most depositors did not wish to be “bothered.”

We are told these are disparate and individual decisions of various entities and nation states. But they are nothing of the sort. Once again, surreptitiously, the banking elites that want to run the world are surely organizing a pan-global stratagem to advance their control.

If everyone’s cash is controlled, further technocratic globalization of society on a worldwide scale becomes increasingly feasible.

The ongoing implementation of a global cash ban has taken on increased urgency because of growing negative interest rates worldwide. People don’t want to pay banks to hold their cash and are thus withdrawing it. The solution? Ban cash outright.

It wasn’t clear whether this sociopathic endeavor was going to apply to gold, but India’s apparent determination to attack the yellow metal as well as cash seems to give us a clear answer.

As the attacks on  wealth increase, any  monetary element not immediately available digitally will come under scrutiny and eventually be targeted with demands for confiscation.

Conclusion: These emergent attacks certainly illustrate a growing elite desperation to take control, worldwide, sooner rather than later.

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  • Conclusion: While these emergent attacks seems almost psychotically peremptory, they surely illustrate a growing elite desperation to take control, worldwide, sooner rather than later.

    For now, it may be that the true identity of that and/or those who are responsible for serious globalised woes is carefully hidden with crafty misdirections and disinformation steering opinions to recognise an unwary scapegoat/ignorant trojan who can be blamed but hardly ever/never held accountable [because of their real innocence].

    In the coming future, is there not a major problem whenever more control is obviously concentrated to an elite command centre, with that identifying sole traders and conspiring individuals for appropriate attention and PACT* activity.

    Or are true facts and emerging greater intelligence and information sharing a new front and virtual battlefield to be fought over with the view of an elite few the prize to be won by the many? Good luck with that fools’ errand if the pictures to be believed are sub-prime awful rather than premium awesome.

    *Persistent Advanced Cyber Threat

    • tinfoilhatttt

      Please give an example of a false fact as opposed to a “true fact”…

      • Mstrjack

        Men went to the Moon in 1969.

        • sad

          That’s crazy talk. Men travelling to the moon…..

      • Happy to oblige, amigo.

        🙂 …. Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction “and his military planning allows for some of the WMD to be ready within 45 minutes of an order to use them.” is a real doozy and titanic howler of a prime sub-prime example, tinfoilhattt. ………

        Lord Haw Haw would have been proud of Tony Blair and the UK Parliament and the Establishment for those false facts.

        And yes, a false fact is a disaster of a monumental lie and leads all who believe in it to a virtual reality which has no fundamental structures based on live truths ……. everything is contrived and fabricated/prefabricated in perverse and corrupted think tanks/right dodgy criminalising organisations with ready access to subservient, compliant and ignorant mass mainstream media operations ‽ .

        Or is all of that a false fact rather than a gathering of true facts?

        And the abiding expanding problem for all such dodgy criminalised and criminalising systems is that the truth cannot be beaten and defeated and it will always surface and become general and global common knowledge sooner or later ……. and in these new times with virtual spaces of anonymous and autonomous remote command and cyber control, is it always sooner than expected and was ever thought humanly possible.

        More false facts tales and faux pas news news here ….. …… Ai, IT and Media, it’s a Hearts and Minds Capturing Great Game is it not ‽ .

        • tinfoilhattt

          My friends, my question was designed to elicit from you the fact that you do not realize that, BY DEFINITION, a fact cannot be false, ergo there is no such thing as a false fact [and a “true fact” is a redundancy…].

          Merriam-Webster: Define fact: something that truly exists or happens : something that has actual existence

  • esqualido

    Modi may have thought he was cute screwing people (poor as well as rich) with the currency recall, but he just provided plenty of ammo for the hard-money backers of India: after all, money is supposed to be a store of value, fiat was never that, and he demonstrated that whatever fiat exists is subject to political whim. Anyone producing small gold or silver coins will have a ready market for it, and honest men will willingly trade goods for it, regardless of the tax system or legal tender laws.

  • I think you are viewing this action through an american/
    western prism. Gold and cash will never be banned in India.

    Gold has never been a “barbarous relic” in the very long
    history of India, it is an integral part of Indian society.

    Visit some non main stream media Indian sites for details
    of what is going on.

    • Sven

      “Visit some non main stream media Indian sites for details
      of what is going on.”

      Being an American, can you help out there?

    • Ronitsinghthakur Singh

      u have no idea what he is doing. gold within in india u cant sell…dollor rise everyone implodes. u can sell the gold but still wont get dollors.its that bad

    • disqussted999

      Please share with us these “details of what is going on.” We all want to be informed and not deceived. So, tell us…what’s the real story if this isn’t true. Thanks.

  • Sven

    This will be the final straw. The globalists are operating more and more in the open. This latest overreach will have ramifications.

    All their hastened actions will have ramifications. It will be their own undoing but they will do it anyway.

    It just seems inconceivable to me that at least in America, people will allow the gov to ban cash, prevent silver/gold ownership and take your guns.

    Sooner or later people will draw a line as we witnessed with Trump.

    • Centurian

      Well, ownership of gold has been banned in this country before. The thousand dollar bill went away. The hundred and fifty are now being discussed for elimination. If everything is electronic, then taxation and confiscation is simplified.

      I know somebody whose business accounts were all drafted to overdraft by the IRS, despite it being illegal for them to do that. They said “sorry but we can’t undo it or pay the banking fees” caused by our illegal activity based on dubious adjudication of accounts that bear no resemblance to the actual business activities. All deductions denied. No reason given. Lawyers and accountants (we call them No-accountants) are afraid to resist.

      Right now, the only forms of wealth utilization that are relatively safe are cash (soon to go away), precious metals (also soon to go away) and barter. Overregulation of agricultural and other products look like the opening salvos for that battle. Guns and ammo are already tracked. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

      Keep a bunch of cash at home and watch it either be simply canceled as a form of payment or inflated out of existence. You can frame the worthless $100 bill like museums have done with the $1,000 bill. It will just be sentimental art.

      Soon, you will all have EBT cards and have to buy only approved items at “the company store.” It won’t seem lot different than being in prison and reporting in for your daily grilled cheese sandwich made with government cheese.

      Kudos to TDB for tracking these memes. Tough times are coming.

      • Katzenjammer

        150 million Americans employed. 22 million of whom are employed by some level of .gov ~ Fed, State, County, City, etc. Around 130 million of Us are privately employed. Large assumption – good portion of Us privately employed citz are somewhat jealous of Our living individual human rights and do not particularly cotton to the notion of a future as a tame, tractable Sheeple slave of Big Uncle Sam. Hopefully 1/3 of Us private citz embrace their own lives. Around 44 million private citz; twice the number of ‘public servants’. And many of Our public citz may not relish a life as a government robot-like functionary. So We may have 50 million employed American Patriots, perhaps 100 million including their unemployed friends and family members who share the same life view – many of whom may be game hunters, gun sportsmen, gun collectors; well-armed and know how to shoot. Motivated and not dallying much longer We may have a ray of hope in the gathering gloom.
        Sic semper tyrannis

      • joeyman9

        1000 dollar bills are not worthless and they never were. They just stopped printing them and destroyed them when they were turned into the banks.

        • Centurian

          Take yours to the bank and cash it today! It won’t work. I admit that there was a period in which you convert them, but they are now worthless. So if you help onto one, it is defunct. When that extends to the $100 and $50 bills it will affect a lot more people.

  • DB

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

    Thomas Jefferson


    • claxon

      Which explains why the press is doing a full court psyop press pushing Rothschild traitor, Alexander HAMILTON. Including our VP defier’s comeupPence at the Broadway mindwash ‘performance.’

  • apberusdisvet

    The Veteran’s Administration now prohibits the disbursement of actual checks for veteran’s benefits including disability, pensions, and travel reimbursements. All monies due must go Direct Deposit. The stated argument is “because of the theft of checks”. I would like to know if Government employees get salary checks or is it now all Direct Deposit. Can anyone here help? There are millions of vets and many more millions of Government employees. It would seem as we may be already quite a ways down the cashless society trail; “one great step for the banksters, one giant leap for the serfs”.

  • James Clander

    ——-and now he may forbid Indians from importing gold.”
    I believe this is complete BS — Indians would revolt enmass ! Will NOT happen.
    Also – a quick Google search brings up these results —

    “Mr Modi also said militants operating against India were using fake versions of the 500 rupee note.” — – So Reason for withdrawing existing notes.
    and – –
    “New 500 and 2,000 rupee denomination notes will be issued at a later date, he added”

    Conclusion: DB has NOT done a great job on this faux story.

    • Barney Biggs

      I said the same thing about the rupees. Did not happen. Keep in mind that most Gov. govern at the implied point of the gun.

    • He’s withdrawn the bills. See this story from the Oman Observer, below. It’s one of hundreds of such reports. They’re rolling out new ATMs as well. Chances are only public pressure will get him to reconsider any time soon …

      NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that 500 and 1,000 rupee notes would be withdrawn from circulation from midnight in a bid to tackle corruption. “To break the grip of corruption and black money, we have decided that the 500 and 1,000 rupee currency notes presently in use will no longer be legal tender from midnight ie 8 November,” Modi said in a shock announce­ment on television. Modi said that although the existing notes would be “worthless”, members of the public would be able to exchange them for new bills at banks until the end of the year.

      • Mark of the Beast

        Cashless society can only be fought Ghandi style. Nonviolent noncompliance, where hundreds of millions refuse to buckle and continue to trade in the currency.

  • eyesofgod

    Amidst all the darkness, this brief note of brightness just came in today from James Corbett of ( This, I believe, is a game-changer, a completely unorganized but steady and silent “revolution” that is doubtless being felt by the elite and is likely scaring the bejesus out of them. My participation is the ClusterDome CoopCom design and working with a local community internet to grow our own food and set up various types of energy exchange so we can deal with both natural and man-made emergencies. As Corbett asks, “What are you doing?”

  • d

    MODI is aNWO lackey…..the people of India will never give up their GOLD…..some time soon world wide politicians will be put to task….and it will not be the ‘gandhi’ method…but the ‘Mussolini’ method…..imho

  • John G

    Watch for the push back as these creatines will be forced out of office and destroyed. The people are fed up with failed collusive elitist policies.

    • Charles Savoie

      Yes that is correct as evidenced by a certain news item which I prefer to not get specific about but some will perceive my meaning. It’s a common news item regarding officials. The colonists had enough of the British, now the British are our leaders. Trump has already planned a visit to confer with the British Sovereign. I voted for him only as less obnoxious than the other choice.

  • Weathership Tango Delta

    In less than 10 years in the USSA:

    – USA cash eliminated
    -physical checks eliminated
    -illegal to possess foreign currency
    -illegal to possess gold or silver
    –illegal to trade in currency equivalents (e.g. bitcoin) unless an approved institution.
    -unable to transact electronically unless you are “in compliance” with Big Gov. (outstanding parking ticket?, sorry!)

    Result: You will be forced to choose. Either you will be “all in” the “formal economy” aka the cashless economy (with all the attendant losses of privacy); or you will go all outlaw (and be completely in the “informal economy”.

    No more fence straddlers. What you gonna choose?

  • Charles Savoie

    The US Government may not be able to ban gold and silver, as several States are keenly interested in establishing State bullion depositories—Tennessee, Oklahoma and Wyoming. Tennessee and Oklahoma should first clean up their acts and abolish all civil asset forfeiture, as how will citizens feel secure in depositing their gold? Of course Texas is much farther along in founding a State Bullion Depository. Sadly, major termites are on the scene attempting to ruin the intended effects of the Texas Bullion Depository

  • Margaret Khan

    Solution for the Elites in US anyway is to incarcerate anyone who speaks out against them. We already have the world’s highest prison population in our for-profit prisons and a growing number of “political prisoners” from Ed Brown 03823-049 opposing IRS, to Schaeffer Cox 16179-006 speaking out advocating the Constitution. The rule of law no longer applies because kangaroo courts are so compliant to government