India Sheds Central Banker Rajan, Revs Up Monetary Printing Presses
By Daily Bell Staff - June 20, 2016

El-Erian: Raghuram Rajan’s departure is bad news, and not just for India … Saturday’s announcement that Raghuram Rajan would not serve a second term as governor of the Reserve Bank of India, the country’s central bank, is bad news. -Yahoo

It is bad news, according to Yahoo, because the next central banker in charge of the central bank of India will print more money than Rajan did.

Of course, central banks ultimately ruin the economies they are supposedly trying “guide.”

But this Yahoo article is typical of central banking coverage.

There are either “good” central bankers or bad one. Central banking itself is simply a given. It exists like sky, earth or water.

It is the central banker himself who can make the difference.

Rajan received a lot of publicity because he was a supposed “good” central banker who didn’t debase the currency as quickly as some others.


Rajan brought to the RBI job an admirable mix of talent, academic rigor and courage – as well as profound experience from his time at the International Monetary Fund. Under his leadership, the central bank restored India’s macroeconomic stability, a critical condition for high inclusive growth.

This a typical mainstream media text presenting a certain kind of central banker. The idea is that one man in the correct position can influence the prosperity of a billion individuals.

In Rajan’s case, his determination not to overprint money generated “higher inflows of foreign direct investment,” because of the importance that investors “place on institutional soundness.”

However, Rajan’s approach to monetary policy fell afoul of Indian politicians who wanted more stimulation and higher levels of money printing.

As a result, he apparently decided he’d had enough and would return to teaching.

What this tells us about India is that the next head of central banking will likely be printing a good deal more than Rajan.

This will only add to the money printing already taking place around the world.

China, Japan, Europe and the US are involved in varying stages of monetary easing.

And now India will print more aggressively as well.

This contributes to the “stagflation” that we have noted is becoming more and more prevalent.

It is a repeat of the 1970s and involves higher levels of circulating “money” and sputtering mainstream employment.

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  • Praetor

    BRIC’s, let see Brazil down the toilet, China down the toilet, India going down the toilet. Russia, will they follow suit or will they tuff-it-out, and not participate in the fiat empires game of doom. All an Individual can do, is survive the boom/bust doom game!!!

    • Marten

      Again, it reminds me a lecture from Edgar Cayce
      “‘ The basis of all the evolution of the World, will come from Russia, not Communism” -425-5– And he surmised that (Russia) will be the hope of the World with Freedom and Friendship -1944-

      • Pilgrim

        Don’t forget that Russia also has a military industrial complex. Kalashnikovs, migs and titanium-hulled nuclear submarines don’t grow on trees.

  • it doesn’t matter

    This is a preplanned decision. Rajan is being replaced by a printer so that blame for the collapsing India economy during this next leg down will be directed towards the printer. Meanwhile, Rajan is taking a nice, relaxing vacation while awaiting his next preplanned appointment. He and the current chinese central banker are slated to “lead” the “reform” of the BIS after Lagarde is taken out.

    • Wow. And when is Lagarde forced out? And how will the BIS be reformed? We’d like to know.

      • it doesn’t matter

        I’m sorry, I meant to say IMF reform, not BIS.

        If the schedule holds as planned, Lagarde should be forced out beginning this fall. Look for a September-ish boot. Her corruption scandal seed has been planted and germinated in the media, awaiting orders to take it active.

        The IMF “reform” meme is already active and well along though. Zhou Xiaochuan will replace Lagarde at the IMF and the new “multipolar” and “multilateral” (the globalists keywords in the media, not mine!) financial system will be unveiled. Look for that to go down October 7th-9th 2016 at the annual IMF meeting if the current schedule is not delayed.

        Rajan is part of that new (BRICS = good, Evil West = bad!, Hegelian Dialectic) “multilateral” team, however his job title is not clear just yet. Its possible he may head the World Bank or possibly the BIS… may be a while before we know his exact role for sure. There is no doubt he has a seat though, and you have certainly pointed out part of that grooming propaganda in this article.

        The real globalists plan is not the one you are being sold (and are reselling), but your views are mostly correct as pertains to the central banksters. Its just a much bigger dialectic than you have considered.

        You do very good work here and I was very pleased to see you come back online. Thank you for your service.

        • Ha, thanks. You sound like you have considerable insight. Thank you for sharing.

          The issues you raise are plausible. Please explain how you know, if you don’t mind. Are you an “insider” or an observer of some sort? We are very interested in doing a follow-up. What you write rings true.

          Also, we cast the widest possible net in terms of our dialectical analysis, tracking it back to Babylon and Sumer and explaining irregularly that it encompasses the erection of world government and the eventually enslavement/genocide of most of the planet.

          The only “larger” dialectic that we can imagine is a moral one that entails a basic battle between good and evil and resonates well beyond planetary boundaries. We don’t get into that though … Not yet anyway.

          PS: Just saw your other comment posted below the Putin article. Very good.

          • it doesn’t matter

            I am a critical observer, just a man who reads their publications and media releases and follows their propaganda in their various medias. I have been studying them and their plans since I became aware of all this craziness in 1996. While I make no claim of being an expert on them and sometimes get certain things wrong (in particular minor timing and plan flow aspects of this stage of the rollout), I do have a pretty solid understanding.

            In this line of work a person eventually learns about every mistake made along the way and can make corrections. Thats great because I have made quite a few mistakes over the years! And I will make a few more mistakes and you will too! But we understand them, their methods and their goals, so our growth through knowledge is probably greater than their growth at this point and our awareness is greatly accelerated now by/through the Internet.

            The larger dialectic that I was referring to is the fact that the globalists are running two NWO memes simultaneously. One of them (the brics east vs the evil west) is a decoy, a fake. The other they are actively rolling out is the real threat. They intend to succeed through sleight of hand…. a magic trick.

            Its working so far, though not on as many minds as they hoped. I wonder why not sometimes…. best guess I can come up with is, perhaps Universe somehow is providing warning to us just now, these last moments before we are about to splatter head on into that threat.

            If you want a general timeline for the remainder of this year I’ll be happy to share…. you’ll need to be patient though, as there is an awful lot of documentation to be linked. And I won’t take you any deeper into their plans than I have to for several reasons. Its pretty disgusting. And chock full of trickery.

          • Thank you. For us the main meme is the continued, expanding destruction of the remnants of civil society throughout the West, especially. The BRICS are useful within this larger scheme. Look forward to more of your commentary. Appreciate the insights, especially regarding LaGarde et. al. Thanks again.

          • it doesn’t matter

            I’d like to add that there are multiple scripted (live) scenarios for each stage of the global enslavement plan kept active. The timeline is loose as well, bound only to milestone event accomplishments.

            When everything is going well for them the plan scoots along in a quiet little race. When something causes a delay they are patient and sometimes go a slightly different direction for a while, accomplishing other goals and firming up loose ends. The delay(s) last year following the Greece/EU/Bailout circus is an example of that. Their EU construct has turned out to be a bit more difficult for them to playwright than they had imagined. Looks to be back on track now though, so watch what sort of “unexpected” chaos chain follows the Brexit… 🙂

            Their multiple strategy options make it difficult to nail down events timing and flow of the plan aspects over a long time frame, say a year or more, generally. The greater plan is never deviated from however. And this summer/fall is forecast to be VERY HOT and WILD.

            And YES, you are 100% correct about the big memes. In the near term the west shall be destroyed while all assets (and power) are being transferred to the east and the UN/IMF/WB/BIS will be the new centralized structure rising from those ashes. The east will suffer from managed collapse too though… It is how they plan to trick the entire population of humans on this planet that makes this plan so darn intriguing!

          • it doesn’t matter

            Every one of the central banking nations are owned/controlled and in on it. Every leader and political structure of every central banking nation is on board fully. Please don’t be fooled by elections…. its a waste of time and a misdirection of energy to believe that voting makes any difference whatsoever. Neither Hillary nor Trump nor any other candidates are organic folks…. Your only tool in life at your disposal is your own voluntary human action. Use it wisely. Simply be responsible.

            There are no other saviors riding in to help us. YOU and I are the ones we have all been waiting for.

            You and I are the only ones left on this planet that they don’t have full control of, hence the mind games and trickery. Don’t fall for any more of them please?

          • This is our message! You have stated it eloquently. Your suggestion of “scripting” is both terrible and persuasive.

          • Cannot add anything. Nothing else to say. Thanks.