Irony: Former CIA Director Complains the Media Lies
By Daily Bell Staff - March 07, 2017

Oh the irony of the former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden lamenting that we live in a “post fact world.” The media just isn’t telling the truth anymore. The CIA will set us straight.

But what does Hayden have to compare modern journalism to? He is probably just angry at all the media outlets that don’t work directly for the CIA.

It is a known fact that the CIA payed thousands of journalists from mainstream outlets to promote a CIA agenda. It was called Project Mockingbird which Bush Sr. “ended” (which really just means renamed and shuffled around).

And now Hayden is running around fear mongering about Trump and Breitbart. They are selling a phony world view, he says, and that’s only okay when the CIA does it!

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden on Monday criticized the pro-Donald Trump bloc of conservative media for advancing what he deemed to be an “illegitimate” world view.

“There are some outlets that have incredibly powerful lenses by which they view the facts they collect,” Hayden told Business Insider in a sit-down interview. “I think the Breitbart and the likes are off the chart in terms of shaping data to meet the preconceptions.”

It was under Michael Hayden that the NSA implemented it’s monitoring of email, search, and communications data. So if anyone should have an idea of the “true” worldview of Americans, I suppose it would be him. But that doesn’t mean he is going to tell it to us straight.

This is the same guy that had to obstruct investigations into the Operation PRISM and CIA waterboarding. He is the master of promoting a phony worldview. And now he thinks Trump is going over the top when he turns the tables and brings up the illegal doings of the United States government, and its propensity for corruption.

Hayden has also criticized the way Trump talks about the dangers of Islam, stating:

…we seem to be living the narrative of our jihadist enemies… We seem to be living the version of us that the jihadists are telling the broader world of Islam. “They hate us, they all hate us, there can be no peace.”

This should tell us something about Hayden’s true agenda.

He wants to take the focus away from the corruption of the intelligence community, and focus it on what Trump says. Hayden wants to promote the worldview that the Islam is not so scary, it’s just a few bad apples. And he wants to make sure that the “illegitimate worldview” that the government is the enemy of a free people doesn’t gain too much traction.

True, when Trump believes lies from the media, he could waste tax dollars investigating something that was all made up.

But it was the CIA’s lies on the intelligence about Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction that dragged the U.S. into over a decade of war.

So who is likely to do more damage? I would rather Trump listen to Breitbart than the CIA if it means avoiding endless war, and instead turning the investigatory focus towards other government agencies.

But to literally have the same guy who started mass spying on Americans via the NSA criticize anyone’s claims about wiretapping, is just beyond ironic. Sorry Hayden, but you just aren’t a reliable source to comment on this issue.

Can you imagine exposing the most powerful government on earth?

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • bbenhamid

    Isn’t it strange how the left suddenly finds the CIA to be a worthwhile organization now that it has been turned into a weapon against Trump?

    • Paul_Morphy

      It’s all part of the pathology of the delusions they embrace.

  • davol

    This has been a post-fact world ever since 9/11/2001.

  • care4mn

    This has been a post-fact world since long before 9/11/2001. If you really research the subject we have not had an honest government as it was proposed to be since President Washington. There have been factions that were determined to enforce their world-view upon the actions of government since its inception. The American Experiment has been engaged in a power struggle throughout its existence.

  • autonomous

    “I’ll tell thee everything I can: There’s little to relate.”Beginning of Haddock’s Eyes from Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll
    If Alice is the only reporter, we can relax and enjoy our LSD.

  • Paula

    I often wonder about Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein (D-Sen CA) she had her fight with the CIA but suddenly went quiet. The CIA (dark state) works with 2 very effective tools, bribes and/or blackmail. I suspect Sen. Feinstein got hit with both and was intimidated by the threat of Blackmail and took the money and ran. Everything a politician does is predicated on 2 factors; money and/or votes there is no other real factor, anything else is just cover for their personal quest for power and money.

  • notwithabang

    And then along came #Vault7:

  • Black Swan

    ” The trick of the psychopaths trade, make us bellieve the evil lies and deceit comes from others.” Henry See

  • Praetor

    Someone needs to tell Hayden, the Soviet Union lost the war.

    Its Bannon and his world view that gives them fits. The CIA’s motto, ‘Let Loose The Dogs of War’. You could see the CIA being a total different organization is they had not recruited Nazi’s 70 years ago, people like Reinhard Gehlan head of Nazi intelligent against the Soviets.

    And this ‘World View’ is still driving these psychopaths. Warmongers, lovers of death and destruction.!!!

  • Maximiliano Plus Adrienne

    did they? if jelzin would have stayed on, high on vodka maybe yes but then along came Vladimir and he rather dies before he becomes a vassal of the us ofA! saved by the “BELL”?