Is Donald Trump Following in Thomas Jefferson’s Footsteps?
By Daily Bell Staff - May 10, 2016

Fault lines: GOP civil war deepens … Donald Trump is poised to breeze through another round of primary contests this week — while the Republican Party splinters around him. Trump’s ascent to the top of the GOP, which was capped last week with Ted Cruz’s devastating loss in the Indiana primary, happened so fast that even the billionaire himself was surprised. And the whipsawed party establishment now faces immediate choices – none of which particularly appeal to them. -CNN

This CNN analysis, like so many in the mainstream media, gets at least part of its analysis wrong. The Republican Party hasn’t splintered.

There never was a “party.”

What was presented by the mainstream media as a party was simply a manipulated coalition of individuals willing to present themselves in certain ways to provide a convenient political institution.

The Republican Party contains a quasi-libertarian element along with a “conservative” and “fundamentalist” element. There was absolutely no similarity between these groups except that they were necessary to fill out the “big tent.”

The Democratic Party is no more real than the Republican one.

The Democrats included sincere, anti-corporate socialists alongside of calculating globalists who regularly used government and multinational power to extend the US empire.

Both “parties” contained components absolutely opposed to each other. But such an embrace of disparate pieces was necessary to create and maintain the “two party” system.

What Trump has done is bifurcate one of these parties. He has consolidated parts that represent the country’s sensible foundation.

The most ancient elements of the Republican Party revolve around Jeffersonian liberalism – agrarian republicanism in other words.

The Democratic Party, at its core is Hamiltonian mercantilism.

Both parties have been assiduously expanded so that the roots are not visible.

But the split between Republicans and Democrats is also Jefferson versus Hamilton.

Jeffersonian agrarianism is easily the more credible philosophical structure.

It presented the farmer as citizen and statesman, an individual who exercised personal human action on behalf of himself, his family and his community. (Slavery is a topic for another time.)

Hamilton’s mercantilism didn’t really anchor a culture. Mercantilism, as always, is a tool of those who seek wealth and power.

These who adopt it are usually singular – and even sociopathic – individuals who are eager to take advantage of sociopolitical and economic structures to advance their own interests.

Hillary is a quintessential Hamiltonian, a mercantilist manipulator who pretends to be an urban populist when she is actually an emissary of the Western monetary elite that controls much of the world including the US.

It is this monetary elite that has created the two party structure the US has today. And surely they created it to blur the profile of Jeffersonian agrarianism, which they abhorred.

Now that we have described Trump’s impressive accomplishment – tapping America’s slumbering Jeffersonian subconscious – we need to examine some of its more questionable elements.

First a restatement and elaboration: The core of Trump’s appeal is Jeffersonian and consists of opposition to unnecessary foreign wars and “free trade” treaties along with an emphatic enforcement of borders.

On many other issues, Trump is certainly no libertarian and has made unfortunate statements regarding his enthusiasm for federal power.

But the basics of his message reverberate through history. People always want to secure their own cultures because otherwise they have no place to live. Americans are no different.

Here are the questions:

– Uber-elitist George Soros is behind a good deal of the Trump opposition, yet Trump has had a long term business relationship with Soros. Are there deeper currents and darker motivations swirling about the Trump campaign?

– Is it possible, even accidentally, that the Trump campaign is creating a Hispanic and Mexican backlash that may eventually bring both countries closer together in a number of ways? Ironically, Trump’s main platform position seeks to institute firmer official divisions between the two countries.

– How has it been possible for the Trump campaign to attract so much media coverage? Obviously there has been an affirmative decision to provide Trump with endless barrels of ink. On the other hand, starving Trump of coverage might have crushed his campaign early on.

-Why have there been seemingly credible reports that Trump never wanted to win the presidency or even the nomination? These reports maintain he only embarked on the process to make his opinion heard and expand his personal and business profile. Given this perspective, will Trump actually follow through with his stated beliefs if he does win the nation’s highest office?

– Is it a good thing that Trump has almost single-handedly revived the US political process, at least on the federal level? In fact, from a libertarian standpoint (certainly an anarchical one), reinforcing political activism is actually a step back toward communal powerlessness rather than individual activism.

Year after year and decade after decade, modern democracy runs along the lines of Hamiltonian mercantilism no matter who is in power. It is very unlikely that Trump’s Jeffersonian approach, limited though it is, can make a significant impact, even if he is actually elected.

Of course, we hope and wish otherwise.

Conclusion: Modern “democratic” politics are intended to provide the impression of control without the substance. The real control that most people have involves personal and professional power aimed at affecting one’s immediate social and cultural milieu.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Praetor

    Very good analysis, DB.

    Well, I’m not making a prediction. Trump will be President. Hillary has to much baggage, to much controversy hanging around her neck. The Bush, Clinton, Bush and their little brother Obama thrown in for a change, and this Bush, Clinton run, this time around is to much for the people. We will of had 28 years of the same thing, war and debt, and with this Bush, Clinton more war and more debt.

    Trump will be elected, because he is not Bush, Clinton. Whether or not he is legit is unknown, is he just another globalist, unknown, will he do what he says he will do, unknown, will he be a force for change, unknown. There are two thing he has going for him. ‘1’, his last name is not Bush, Clinton. ‘2’, he doesn’t sound like the other politicians. He will be the President whether he likes it or not.

    This situation is one of those, ‘time will tell’. Just be prepared for anything!!!

  • Jim

    In a sense Mr. Trump has created a new and independent Party known as the American Party. The American people are fed up with the lies and deceptive tactics of both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

  • kevin barker

    you don’t think the culture of the U.S. is anchored in mercantilism?

  • Pismo

    Trump has no chance as the only way to get elected today is via handouts,, of which Hilary is the master. She will promise, like Bernie, everyone, everything for free and the sheep will fall right in line..drooling with excitement..

  • Hippity

    The only way Trump can win is to receive a larger per cent age of minority votes than did Romney. That’s not likely. The USA is no longer a white country. The Dems have succeeded in the Browning of America which has always been the Dems’ plan. Thus, prepare yourselves for a Hillary presidency, and make certain Bill stays out of small and hidden offices!! Hillary, no interns puhlease!

  • robertsgt40

    Truth of the matter is neither party will actually take the federal boot off our collective necks. That’s the real policy of the central planners. “Those in power only only wish to perpetuate it”–William O Douglas

  • The other Ben

    “Agrarian?” Trump? Pardon my scoffing laughter.
    That said, I know it’s what the other side does. In fact, Trump has turned “Scoffing” into fuel for an engine against the establishment.
    That said, he’s no Jeffersonian. I have no reason to believe he’s necessarily conservative or liberal either, except for the cheerleading he’s done and the obsession with birth certificates (I’d love to know the conspiracy theorist’s quick explanation as for why the birth certificate thing keeps happening. Reptilians, anyone?)

    That said, I don’t mind the guy, MOSTLY because it’s fun to watch the martini-suckers and scoffing children squirm at his mention. I sincerely hope he is able to foment this “coalition” to give the little rich squirts something new to think about.

    • Steven Hotho

      Well, the term, agrarian, doesn’t have to actually refer to a farmer in the field, but an individual who wants to be independent and free from government coercion. Now, the author seems correct to me in that no one seems to know if Mr. Trump actually means what he says. One would wish for a little more explication of his understandings and a little less blustering.

      • olde reb

        You are undoubtedly familiar with the question: “How do you know when a politician is lying ?” Prospective politicians should also be included.

        Donald has made a lifetime of economic profit at any cost. Do you think being president will change that ?

        Show me a president that fired 500 CIA agents and torpedoed a nuclear aircraft carrier and I will show you a president whose peanut business was bankrupt when he left office (and against whom the CIA brought October Surprise).

        Show me a President who assisted Oliver North and the CIA run drugs through Arkansas and ship illegal arms to central America and I will show you a wife who gets $850,000 for a speech and millions from book sales.

        If Trump violated the wishes of Wall Street, he would be bankrupted within six months.

      • Ramura

        Check out for the subconscious thoughts on ALL the candidates. Trump is the only one who says what he is really thinking. I don’t really like him much (much to not like), but started paying better attention once I realized he truly DOES want to see America be “great” (which I interpret as being against all the globalist trade giveaways) and he also wants to “do right” by the Veterans. He has the huevos to take on the globalists. The more they hate him, the more I like him, his remarks about “the wall,” torture, and middle-east rhetoric aside. I am hoping that someone will fill him in on some of those things as he goes forward.

  • hvaiallverden

    As an realestate mogul you feel the merked evey day, and can idfentify problems where they ocure.
    I think, He knows that in the long runn we all will loose, and how to deal with it and heres He refreshingly honest, and all thos some Chines toes must feel they been stammped, He is right, because you cant fight or compeet with or against slave labor, period.
    We cant compeet against states where humaity is used as “trowaways”, slaves with no rights and enviriomental issues non existing, no way.

    Infact, even in this countrys its difficould to live on a slave labor salary.
    This is what this Trade papers are all about, to keep the status quo, for all thats wurth.

    There are countrys that crushed our ind. with this agenda, protected their slave ind with tax, and fines, camuflaged subsedies in varyous ways, and so on, all to crush the competition and it worked, we gott crushed, like the steal ind. everywhere in the west, and now Coal, witch is dirty, but not dangerous.

    I hope sanity provails, adults in the room comes forward, infact the coming crash can be avoided completelly, its just about wacking the right heads and to bigg to fails to oblivions.
    And end the wars.
    Do this and your country will retaliate to “normality! within some few years, or walk into the abyss.
    Its no joke.


  • john cummins

    The RNC began its steep decline with Lee Atwater’s ridiculous “big tent”. Once they enlarged the tent only RINOs and NeoCONs fit in there. The Dims and RINOs are so far to the left that they made true Patriots look far, far right in comparison. Now, IF a person believes in basically ANY of the Bill of Rights he is considered to be off the plantation, so to speak, and subject to being placed on Big Sis’ Hit list.

    • esqualido

      Boy, is that the truth. The historical difference between the GOP and Dems was never about mercantilism, it was about dedication to the rule of law (i.e. republicanism) vs. appeal to the masses- more Labor vs. Management. The GOP went off the rails when, in matters like TPP,endless involvement in undeclared war benefitting the MIC to the detriment of the domestic economy, to failure protect us against Big Brother intrusions, they showed themselves to be incompetent defenders of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They are the party of Mammon, of Babbitt, and deserve the fate of the Whigs.

  • LawrenceNeal

    Hillary is a Corporate Quisling

  • Shamus

    Strange, I was always under the impression that the Republican party at its roots was the mercantilist party, which was later (modestly) watered down with the more agrarian conservative/libertarian aspects (Lincoln after all was as mercantilist as they come, himself a “Big Railroad” lawyer), while the Democrats were the descendants of the more classically liberal Democratic Republicans (later infiltrated and overtaken by Marxists and Fabians).

    Nevertheless, point taken, and excellent article as usual.

  • Tom

    The most powerful vote we ALL have will always be how we choose to earn and spend our income. What we can achieve at the ballot box pales in significance.

  • MetaCynic

    Not to be pedantic, but my understanding is that the Republican Party – the Party of Lincoln – sprang mercantilist from the womb. Central banking, high tariffs and government subsidized infrastructure were at the core of its early DNA. Far from the government school propaganda of a log cabin to White House trajectory, “Honest” Abe, prior to entering politics, was in fact a rich and influential lawyer for the railroad industry. As such and during his later political career, he tirelessly championed his patrons’ mercantilist agenda. It’s the Democratic Party – now thoroughly mercantilist – which can trace its lineage directly back to Jefferson.

    I think the best that libertarians can expect of a President Trump is for him to be a transitional figure who, in his sincere effort to straighten out some very crooked pieces, inadvertently knocks over the rickety Federal Reserve erected economic house of cards. That event may paralyze statists with the horrifying Humpty Dumpty phenomenon. If we’re lucky, unintended consequences will act in reverse and produce some good for the US as it did for the USSR when Gorbachev, tasked with saving Communism, unintentionally triggered its demise by relaxing its grip.

    In order to release funds for urgent public and private civilian projects, a President Trump may start mercantilism’s demise by sensibly winding down Washington’s wasteful overseas military adventures and negotiating a global disarmament treaty. This may not be as fanciful as it sounds. Military spending is everywhere a recognizable drag on social welfare spending. So the warfare state may be kicked to the curb globally in a desperate attempt to save the world’s bankrupt welfare states. All this may set in motion an uncontrollable deflationary liquidation spiral which washes down the drain many decades of Fed induced malinvestments.

    • The roots of the Republican party go back far beyond the formal Republican Party – just as the country called the “United States” precedes the Constitution. It is the underlying culture you have to consider, not official structure.

  • Me_Again

    “But the basics of his message reverberate through history. People always
    want to secure their own cultures because otherwise they have no place
    to live. Americans are no different.”

    Precisely why it is wrong of O’Bama, Kerry and Hilary to insist the UK should stay in the festering moribund EU.

  • Bruce C.

    Well, here are my thoughts at this time about those questions:

    Relations with Soros?:

    Trump may have had business relations with Soros but that doesn’t necessarily mean he agrees with his politics (in fact I highly doubt that he does). If it’s true that Soros is backing anti-Trump efforts then that won’t bode well for their “relationship” either. Furthermore, my impression is that Trump acted as a businessman and took advantage of whatever legal means existed in terms of government regulations, allowances, loop holes, etc. That’s one reason he is uniquely qualified to know how the US government interacts with businesses. If he really wants to “give back” and make America great again he’s going to use his knowledge, insights and experience to change government to help US businesses, etc.

    Could Trump foster a Mexico-American merger?

    I don’t see that happening. Legal Mexicans and hispanics in the US are some of the strongest advocates for border control and immigration law enforcement. They don’t want what they left to develop here.

    How did Trump attract so much media attention?:

    Easy. By being entertaining, intriguing and controversial. I read an article recently saying that Trump has “saved” the MSM from ratings depletion. Furthermore, the front runner has to be covered if a campaign is going to be covered at all. The MSM has hated Trump and still does. They’re shills for the status quo/establishment.

    Trump doesn’t want to be President?:

    I’ve never heard that. I don’t think he would have gone this far if he didn’t. Suspecting that he just wanted publicity is ridiculous, or what people who think he’s a clown have said. I think he genuinely wants to try to help the country (give back) and he feels he needs to do it himself because others have failed.

    Is it good that Trump has revitalized civic involvement?:

    I think so, if for no other reason that people are becoming more aware of what’s going on and are getting on the same page. There is so much partial and even wrong info on the internet that many people have been more confused than informed.

  • Darkwing

    To compare Tramp, sorry Trump, to our founders is an insult to our founders. Trump is owned by the jews and the mob.

    • We didn’t. Read the article. Nor is he owned by “Jews.”