Is the Growing Military Tension Between Russia, China and the US For Real?
By Daily Bell Staff - August 19, 2016

China to play greater role in Syria while US ‘left out’ … Are we seeing the start of a new anti-Islamic State coalition with Russia, Iran and China’s involvement in Syria? How could it influence the balance of power in the region? What reaction could be expected from the West, particularly from the countries involved in Syria? -RT

The organization of a larger war continues to become apparent. It takes a while to organize something like this but it does happen over time if people want it to. And people obviously do.

It’s one reason we remain suspicious about the Turkey coup. Yes, it may have been a failed CIA coup but the result has driven Turkey closer to Russia and apparently to China too.

There’s little doubt Western forces want to create the appearance of a larger potential war. Whether such a war will actually take place is at least questionable, but the groundwork is certainly being laid.


China’s military advisers ‘heading to Syria to help fight ISIS’ – report The announcement came shortly after Russia said it had started using Iran’s Hamedan Airbase to launch airstrikes on terrorist targets in Syria.

Michael Maloof, a former Pentagon official, noted that China has actually been in Syria “for quite some time.”   “China has always had a presence throughout the Middle East. You see it in Lebanon a great deal. But they are very quiet about it, very subtle. They have been providing military assistance and training to the Syrian Army. They are going to increase that now,” he told RT America.

Maloof explained that the US is basically now operating on its own when it comes to the Syrian conflict. Not only that, but if Syrian President Bashar Assad is victorious, he will give “priority” to Russia and China when it comes to rebuilding the country.

There are several schools of thought about why the US launched a war against Assad. According to US officials, military involvement is fairly restricted and is a reaction to ISIS in the area.

But it is fairly clear if one examines available on line reports that the Western intel operations in concert with Saudi Arabia created first Al Qaeda and then ISIS.

The Middle East wars are a product, especially, of US involvement. But the US has had a significant role in the rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

In fact, US government and mainstream media reports continually demonize Vladimir Putin and blame him for military tensions in and around Russia.

With a quasi-depression afflicting most of the world, it seems that those running Western powers want to provide citizens with an external threat that distracts from economic anxiety.

This is actually  – and obviously – a strategy out of an old playbook. When the Great Depression proved intractable, for instance, the flames of fascism were whipped up. Eventually, the US went to war with Germany.

The US has raised tensions with China as well as Russia, questioning Chinese claims to various areas of the South China Sea. It’s possible that rising tensions close to home have contributed to China’s decision to get more involved in the Middle East.

In any event, in a variant of George Orwell’s 1984, we have various big powers facing off with one another. The US is not directly confronting either Russia or China, but the US obviously wants Assad removed, whereas Russia does not.

Watching tensions rise between superpowers is a surreal experience. None of it has to take place. It is all manipulated and exaggerated.

Perhaps the most intriguing and perplexing question of all is whether China and Russia are merely reacting to Western and US provocations or whether these two countries seek to advance such tensions for purposes of their own.

Conclusion: Perhaps at the very top the growing military confrontations are a kind of artificial drama. If not, perhaps they lead eventually, to real military confrontation.

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  • Colin Rafferty

    Russia actually invaded the Ukraine two years ago. They invaded Georgia before that. The US government didn’t make that up.

    • George Henson

      If you are referring to the February 2014 coup, this was a US led and funded adventure. Of course the MSM here in the US blamed Mr. Putin for this incident. A complete fabrication just as the downing of Malaysian Flight 17, also a US manufactured false flag.

      • Colin Rafferty

        Interesting theory. So the US led and funded a coup in order to give Russia more power in Ukraine. That’s a pretty ridiculous assertion.

        • George Henson

          Just the opposite. The US has brought the Ukraine under the vassalage of the US and NATO to install on Russia’s border more nuclear tipped missiles with which to threaten Russia. If you recall Reagan agreed with Gorbachev not to move one inch east if Gorbachev dissolved the USSR and the wall in East Berlin. You will notice now that NATO is in every country along the eastern border of Russia including Ukraine and is in process of each of the countries on the southern border of Russia for the exact same reason. I will refrain from calling your ignorance a ridiculous assertion.

          • Steven Hotho

            Mr, Henson is correct. NATO has been expanding into the East for a very long time now. This is geography that has been dominated by Russia for a millenium, just as Mexico has been dominated by USA for a couple of centuries. You can’t really change the dynamics of geography, as hard as you may try and the West has been working hard to do just that. Western NGO’s are busy little bees throughout Ukraine and Central Asia, which is the reason Russia has banned them. Putin and Russia will not go gently into that good night no matter how improper and misguided American foreign policy might be.

          • DNA(splicer)

            Lol where else would you put a nuclear warHEAD, definitely not at the base lol. That just made me laugh.

  • Praetor

    Whether China and Russia are merely reacting, or are they ‘in on it’. That is the big question.

    Sense we are on it. The bible does mention, that this is the area for the final conflict or as we humans like to call it WW3 is to begin.

    So, could be this is an important election. Hillary, neocon and let make war or Trump, lets talk and make a deal and avoid more war and death.

    The U.S. has a decision to make more war or a chance war can be avoided!!!

    • john cummins

      Actually, the Bible does not mention this. That is an oft stated modern concept but not historical.

      • Praetor

        Well, I guess it comes down to which bible you read then. Any why you look at it WW3, seems to be on the agenda, does it not!!!

      • DNA(splicer)

        The bible inly mentions the final battle between good and evil.

  • FreeOregon

    Demographically and culturally the United States are very different from what they were in 1940. Groupthink at the highest levels in Washington no longer reflects reality. The Russians excel at chess. The Chinese, at majong. The Americans, at living in the past. How do we make America great again when we’ve lost our ethical base?

    • john cummins

      Great question.

    • DNA(splicer)

      We excel at love for freedom and independence from corrupt government. You may not see it but I see Americans love to question the evils of authority. We may be fall in behind in many things but in the end we will never let freedom die in this country. Freedom is a virus within us all to kill it you must kill intelligence, and self awareness. Only the supposed creator of all can remove our free will and our self awareness.

      Usually those tyrants who try to oppress die by the hands of those they oppressed.

  • Bolt Upright

    No worries. Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

    • Praetor

      And he like golfing on our dime. The man is have a good’ol time. Best thing that ever happened to him!!!

  • alohajim

    It’s time for people everywhere to understand that, almost without exception, governments lie to, steal from, and murder their own people as they serve their hidden banker overlords who have the sole right to create currencies from nothing.

    Sadly, the US appears to be the vanguard of thought control/brainwashing. Taking great advantage of the inherent goodness in each human being, it relies on a natural assumption that leaders in society at every level are the same as they are – decent human beings doing their best. The lies have been so deeply internalized they are never questioned. This has been in place for generations – little Johnny is taught lies by his parents and teachers who are not lying at all : they BELIEVE them. Both the media and ‘entertainment systems’ constantly reinforce and support the lies.

    The good news is that although massive, this is still a simple con. It’s entire existence depends on mass brainwashing. The unravelling, like any con, will be swift. Their fake monetary system is failing badly. Layers of lies are being peeled back and exposed. Three things cannot long be hidden, the sun, the moon, and the truth.

    While it’s really sad to see so many people hopelessly brainwashed, dumbed down, divided, and endlessly distracted, it’s great to see the opposition – DB and all of the truth seekers in our world who are trying to expose and end the tyranny and human suffering that humanity endures in a world owned, controlled, and run by bankers.

    Good article DB. Of course no human being wants war or riots. Yet the world is at constant war and ‘people’ riot. Zero Hedge just reported that the Ford Foundation has given/pledged $100 million US dollars to ‘Black Lives Matter’. Do they really think their brainwashing is so effective that they no longer have to bother to hide direct banker/corporate/government funding of race riots? What’s next, funding Middle Eastern ‘refugees’, all young males of fighting age with phones and money, but no women, old folks, or children. Oh wait. . . .

    • DNA(splicer)

      They can’t brainwash forever, lots of people dont watch news anymore and abhor the government. Soon one day we will have a large enough hatred for the us government that one of 2 things will happen a coup or a new government will form peacefully. I don’t care which one happens but a coup would allow patriots to eliminate once and for all the vile greedy politicians from the face of the earth even if just for half a century and give the new politicians an understanding of if you fuck up you might find yourselves infront of the same blade you used to fuck over the people who elected you.

      If we had a police unit dedicated to arrest and persecute leaders from the very bottom up to the presidency we wouldn’t be in this shit.

  • Sebastian Pittman

    It is a very good question. My problem, as a German, is that I do not know enough about Russia and, especially, China. Knowing only the western side I believe that the west first and foremost does have to solve it’s own problems than possibly drawing a red line to Russia or teaching China how to behave. Any supposed solution from the western military industrial complex is nothing but a story. It’s just noise. Who knows whether western generals even believe their own words or even come close to knowing what they are doing. Having been reading a lot of blog posts by Scott Adams I believe that all of us are even more irrational than we could possibly imagine. We should stop taking us so damn seriously, embrace the free market and see what follows. If Nato generals would call upon me to fight the Russians because they might have shot down this plane or that ship, I would not even be angry anymore. I would just be annoyed. Seems like the biggest secret these days is that nobody really has to do anything that our generals would say. I wonder if anybody dares to think it.

  • rahrog

    Part of this new cold war is just a show so The Masters of War can sell more weapons systems, but we can’t forget that the globalists in NYC & DC must have Russia, and China, under their thumbs to execute The New World Order – one bank, one currency, and eventually one government. The Ruling Class of America is crazy enough, and stupid enough, to start another world war for a host of reasons, none of which are logical, or make any sense rational people.

    • Steve Peterson

      Well said!

    • DNA(splicer)

      No, the majority of polls that have been taken during before and after show that Americans are tired of war and wasting money on war. Our government isn’t part of us anymore it’s a cancer and wwe must cut it out. We need a President that will stand by the people we need a President that will do what needs to be done to fight whatever is happening inside the world of politics.

      • rahrog

        Switching presidents is not going to stop The Ruling Class. Furthermore, the American might be tired of war, but they don’t DO anything to stop the slaughter.

  • bionic mosquito

    DB: …whether China and Russia are merely reacting to Western and US provocations or whether these two countries seek to advance such tensions for purposes of their own.

    BM: Could be both, although I suspect China and, to a greater extent Russia, know that they are not ready for a military battle with the west.

    DB: Perhaps at the very top the growing military confrontations are a kind of artificial drama. If not, perhaps they lead eventually, to real military confrontation.

    BM: This could also be both. Artificial drama could turn into real military confrontation for many reasons. For example: if it is artificial drama, not everyone with his finger on a meaningful button might be aware of this.

    • DNA(splicer)

      Well war prosperity believe it or not. A conflict will make things better per say.

      We need to find a way to create prosperity without creating a war where people die and tensions exist.

      Greed is killing us. Companies and states (States are countries) are making the most proves ever recorded in human history yet they still want more, why. Some companies make billions in profit after they have paid all their taxes and employees and other miscelaneous fees. Gluttony is becoming an epidemic in the corporate world and I’m in the world of state spending.

      Who needs to spend 600billion in military spending when the country is falling apart.

  • DNA(splicer)

    As the self proclaimed greatest American patriot to ever exist, I think America needs to be removed from policing the world.

    Our leaders and our government are corrupt and only care about money. We no longer care about the humanity and rights of the poor and weak. We are the enemy and we create militant groups to remove governments that don’t adhere to our greedy capitalistic mentality.

    If I ever get the chance to run for presidency my number one policing will be to remove America as the policing state and remove as much military bases from around the world as possible. My second policy will be to strengthen inland defenses and create a program to develop military strategy for invasion and weapons that will create the most damage with precision.

    I will work with NATO to find another country maybe China or Russia as the leader of policing the planet. I will also create a committee to form a human rights watch around the world and prevent any country from interfering in other countries business unless they are violating human right and they ASK for help. NATO will not have the right to implant any government they will have to let the country they are overarching ro create their own.

    We will not go into isolation but we will not waste out our resources on other countries who out leaders created a hate in them for America.

    I will also find a way to come to agreement with North Korea and find a way to remove the any embargo and allow to humanitarian support to help the nation come out of whatever dark age we with our greedy policy made them decend into.
    America has become the black sheep and a shamefully pathetic country that our founding fathers would abore and dispise.

  • John Bart Isgro

    Its very interesting to see the various views on the world from our perspective, but the truth of it is, we as americans aren’t shown the real picture of how and why were involved with countries that have little to do with us or what we need in this country. If things are to get better for us the US. We need do exactly what that other person was saying. We should remove ourselves from that side of the world as much as possible. Cut off trade with those nations that do not share our views in the respect to human rights. We need to distance ourselves because here’s the scenario I see to happen within the next 2 yrs. Russia will crush resistance in Crimea and force in to become what we view a silent satellite nation for themselves. China if they are as clever as I believe them to be will take the middle east by force and resolve the military factions ( like ISIS ) with military occupation and intolerance. Marshal law will be exercised without respect for human rights. Iran, Iraq and the rest of the middle east will be under their control. The European nations will Bulk greatly over this but do little to counter it. The narcissistic leader of North Korea will be given the go ahead to launch nuclear warheads at american borders to the east as a display of their sovereignty and will. Germany will spend all of its euro’s to buy all it can in precious metals and solid commodities and then dump what left and end its involvement with the european union. Europe will fall into chaos for a span of 5 to 6 years until monetary equivalency is reached. This is a few things I see coming sooner than later.