Media Says You’re to Blame for Shootings Unless You Report Odd Behavior
By The Daily Bell Staff - October 11, 2017

“How do we fit the latest tragedy into our political agenda?” The media wondered. “Gun control is so cliché. And even though the tragedies get bigger and bigger, we still have little luck!”

“I have an idea!” Exclaimed one outlet, “We can convince people that if they don’t report their neighbors and family members to authorities for acting subjectively crazy, then they are to blame for crazy people’s actions!”

“Yes!” Agreed another, “And we can tell them that ‘micro-aggressions’, criticism of the government, and just getting a bad feeling from someone are all worthy of reporting to the authorities!”

And just like that, the media was able to turn their frowns upside down. They exploited the good crisis in the name of the progressive dream. It’s easy to keep citizens under strict watch when fellow citizens do the policing for you! And they all lived happily ever after, sewing fear and mistrust into the fabric of society. The End.

Snitch to Absolve Yourself of Guilt

You may think these events are engineered, or rather that real tragedy will be used to push political agendas. Either way, perhaps the old gun control push is out of style.

A possibly more sinister attempt is underfoot to get Americans to turn on each other. Be suspicious of anyone that makes you feel icky. Rat out your neighbor. Being politically incorrect is just one step shy of a shooting rampage. That is the message.

And if you don’t call the police to report suspicious behavior, you are just as guilty as a mass murderer. That is the story the media is selling.

Instead of ignoring, mocking or laughing off the people in our society who seem disgruntled, angry or somehow “off” we must report them. We need to take a more active role in not just paying attention to the people who give us an uneasy feeling, but in taking the next step by alerting law enforcement when we have uneasy feelings or are worried about a person’s potential for violence.

That’s right, the true problem is that we haven’t been proper social spies.

But if the problem is mental health, this will only exacerbate it. When people feel restricted, they literally go crazy. If someone seems angry and disgruntled now, imagine how they will feel after you report them as a suspected terrorist.

How many people on the edge might be pushed to violence when they find out that their neighbors alerted the authorities to their “potential”, whatever that means, for violence?

Coercion is linked to mental illness. When people feel trapped, a small minority will act out violently.

Imagine if you feel that your neighbors are constantly judging your quarks, and calling you crazy. This could easily move more people on the continuum towards violence. This would just be yet another injustice they feel they have suffered at the hands of an oppressive society.

What kind of person does the mainstream media consider a potential candidate to be the next mass shooter?

Let’s take snippets of information about the last mass shooter. Let’s generalize those behaviors to assume anyone guilty of such acts is a potential killer.

“He was the king of microaggression,” his brother, Eric, said…

The other thing that set Paddock apart was his “irreverence toward authority,” Mr Alarcon said.

If you hate political correctness or are anti-authority, you might be a terrorist.

Other suspicious behaviors: not being sociable with neighbors, and not being talkative at bars. The media wants to make sure people are all together, keeping an eye on each other. Don’t let someone be a loner, don’t let anyone keep to themselves. You must probe and prod. The desire for privacy is suspicious. What are they hiding?

There are always clues. Threats posted online, angry or violent sentiments conveyed in conversations, guns purchased, and ammunition stockpiled are among them.

Do you know anyone who has posted rants on Facebook, seems angry sometimes, or is just a little too into guns? Probably a terrorist. Report them.

For More Snitching to be Effective, Criminalize More Behaviours

So you snitch on someone for acting suspiciously. The police interview him, he hates society a little bit more, and then the police let him go. They can’t charge him with anything because he hasn’t done anything illegal.

The media thinks the solution is to simply criminalize behaviors which they think could lead to later crimes.

Should we criminalize stockpiling ammo? Should acting crazy be a crime? Should we start locking people up on suspicion, or for being disgruntled at the government?

The whole mental health thing is a terrifying possibility. What if they start locking people up based on some arbitrary definition of what constitutes crazy? Of course, we know exactly what will constitute crazy. Saying anything critical of the government.

We also must take a hard look at our laws and consider much more stringent penalties for making terrorist threats. Given the crisis we face, perhaps we should abandon the mentality that mass murderers and terrorists are innocent until proven guilty. Threats alone should be as intolerable as actions. Promising to commit these abhorrent acts should be grounds enough to bring them to swift and harsh justice before they act.

The laws against making terrorist threats are a joke. There are people in prison for posting violent rap lyrics on social media.

It is already illegal to make threats. But what is the media suggesting? Locking people up and throwing away the key?

That’s what we need, to do away with innocent until proven guilty. Everyone is guilty according to the media.

Why not just skip the extra steps, and arrest anyone who doesn’t fit the media/ government definition of normal? Citizens will be properly assimilated, or citizens will be reeducated.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • joe_bob_gonzales

    no problem. now, media, answer this. if you see some one sexually harassed and you dont report it, are you then also a rapist? asking for a friend named Orwell.

    • Tymofiy Hawrysh

      +joe_bob_gonzales No one who does not report sexual harassment is complicit in the crime. Or a coward afraid to stand up to the perpetrator.

      • Ephraiyim

        Moral obligation is an individual choice. One is Not required to report anything. One has NO legal obligation whatsoever to call the police or attempt to intervene.
        Your thinking is skewed.
        However, we can hope that another would choose to intervene when able. They are complicit in nothing if they do not. If the perp has a gun and I do not I can assure you I will not be intervening.
        Now, if the cops come by and ask if I saw anything I would choose to tell them what I did see.
        BTW, what defines sexual harassment? Some guy whistling at an attractive female? Some women would say that was harassment. Sorry, Not going to intervene.
        I am Not going to participate in some cop trying to go after the guy either.
        Each situation is an individual determination. Saying one is a coward is a cowards way out. You aren’t there and you aren’t them.

        • Warren Celli

          Ephraiyim says; “However, we can hope that another would choose to intervene when able. They are complicit in nothing if they do not. If the perp has a gun and I do not I can assure you I will not be intervening.”

          Your thinking is skewed (menticide manipulated).

          Millions of Americans “who do nothing” are complicit in Scamerican Crumbunism.


          “1. Brainwash — keep you ignorant to shield you from the truth…

          Citizens are intentionally shielded from the secretively created upper level corrupt and oppressive imperialist policy of theft, illicit international meddling, exploitation, torture, invasive wars and murder being implemented around the globe. At the same time that we are being lied into secretively planned illegal and immoral planet wide undertakings we are also being incessantly bombarded with highly publicized token goodness stories of our compassion shown around the globe when we help other nations deal with natural disasters. The resultant false message we get at home is how good we are — how warm and wonderful we Americans are — while the rest of the world reels at our death dealing arrogance and greed.

          2. Encourage participation — charade elections for validation and to confirm complicity…

          Periodically citizens in the largest bottom worker tier are conned into participating in overwhelmingly publicized and all pervasive two faction charade elections (an us and them divisiveness promotion more fake than pro wrestling now) in order to; make them erroneously believe that they do have a hand in creating policy; to unwittingly validate and legitimize their deceptive, self anointed elite rulers and their administrative class; and most important to subconsciously confirm their complicity in the immoral and illegal self serving imperialist policy of their self anointed elite masters.

          3. Meter out the crumbs — to build dependent obedience…

          As the top tier global imperial policy of theft goes on and the charade elections are periodically implemented to build complicity, citizens are also given a daily crumb supply metered out by the “Green Wall of $ilence” and the “Blue Wall of Silence” law enforcement administrative class. The crumbs are metered out by imposing and enforcing excessive regulations, license, and tax schemes that insure the many will stay indentured debt slaves while the greater crumb supply will flow to the self anointed elite and the administrative class. Profits, salaries, and pensions, for the “Green Wall of $ilence” and the “Blue Wall of Silence” law enforcement administrative class are almost always far more hefty than those in the much larger working class. Said another way; the people who do all of the work get crap wages while their sell out administrative controllers get far richer guaranteed incomes for selling them out.”

          More here… Scroll down…

          Daily Bell — Good article!

          You might have mentioned the latest Baloneywood offering; “The Wisdom of the Crowd” — corporate xtrevilism’s latest effort to normalize and legitimize ‘snitching”.

          • JohnnyZ

            Good post, except…there is no globe or planet, just a plain plane. Scientism’s “cosmos” is just Kabbalah / Babylonian mysticism dressed up as materialistic doctrine for the ones that embrace atheism. Study it together with NASA (and also masonic RASA) deceptions, fake “moon landing” etc and you will see.

          • Casey Phyle

            Have you ever looked into a telescope at night? If not, you should.

  • NoMeansNo

    And should one see some Muslims exhibiting some strange behavior and one reports that, then one is a racist. So, moral of story here is one cannot win no matter what one does.

    • Don Duncan

      In a society that values public government over self governance, no one is safe. We are all at risk from authorities. These people have been imbued with powers that are limited in theory only, not in practice. As long as our society lends its sovereignty to an elite (with moral immunity) all will suffer. As long as the majority defer to authority a jury of our peers will be a hanging jury. LEOs will be sacrosanct. Private citizens will be prey when publicly targeted. Society will self destruct.

      The only salvation is a voluntary society, based on rights held by individual sovereigns.

      The enemy of this is the superstitious worship of violence found in the institutionalized monopoly of morality/force, govt. This must end.

  • Praetor

    We have been reporting Odd Behavior coming from the MSNews MSM and Government for years and no one has payed attention. But, now all my neighbors,
    ( ‘So Called’ Left/Right) are saying the same thing, something is wrong in the government. The future is in doubt, prepare yourselves.!!!

    • Don Duncan

      “…all my neighbors…”? I want to live in your neighborhood!

      When 10%+ of society figure out what that “something” is, it will be the end of the govt. paradigm. A new self governance, voluntary paradigm based in reason, not violence will emerge. Then we can call ourselves civilized without hypocrisy.

  • Don Duncan

    It must be nice to be the MSM when selling crazy. Who will point it out? Certainly not other MSM. That’s why I don’t consume much, but when I do, I keep reminding myself they are the enemy.

    Thanks Daily Bell, for providing a counter balance.

  • jackw97224

    Well then, all commie/socialist politicians, DemonKraits and Republicrats, must be immediately reported for not just odd but evil behavior.

  • Number 6

    Right Quick question why is YouTube terminating the channels of people who were actually at the concert, who have uploaded videos of the concert, with people saying things like

    “don’t fall for it, its coming from the sound system, look there are no hits”

    and people standing up arms out stretched saying
    “theres no shooter, if theres a shooter then common and shoot me”

    And they are even deleting comments to the effect its a hoax, that are getting too many likes.
    But is at the same time they are leaving the mainstreams running and screaming videos up and videos from fear mongers like Alex Jones calling it a “false flag” illuminati operation by the deep state. Why because the whole thing is a hoax just like ALL the others ! They don’t care what we think as long as we think its real and live in fear, so they can push their agenda on the fearful masses.

    • JohnnyZ

      I also go with hoax. I have seen zero evidence of anyone hit. There is only sounds and hearsay with the latter coming from some duboious (a la Alex Jones) pseudo truthers.

      • Number 6

        Yeah its got to be a hoax too many crisis actors and a complete lack of blood. When I first heard about the manchester arena bombing I thought how could they fake that with so many witnesses, and then it became clear, when the early reports said people thought a speaker had blown, they always do that tell you the truth initially and then derail the truth onto another track. And then when I listened to the sound of the bomb from camera phone footage it became clear it did indeed come from the speaker, the give away is that the music stops a split second before the sound of the bomb and slowly faded back in after. there is only one explanation for that, and its not that the speakers were self aware and psychically anticipating a bomb to go off, so you see its actually not that hard to fake these events in front of a live studio audience so to speak 😉

  • RealityCheckk

    I’ve seen plenty of odd behavior for years….Congress, Senate, White House, SCOTUS, FBI, CIA, NSA, Antifa, loony liberal Governors and Legislatures, Etc. …they’ve killed, decimated and injured more lives and liberty than all the so-called terrorist activity in the U.S. ever.

  • Casey Phyle

    They want a Stasi society like the one in East Germany. And it’s the same usual suspects that are behind it.

    • JohnnyZ

      It has already been there for a while, just nit iffucial yet.

  • derfelcadarn

    With all the Known-wolf attacks perpetrated around the world it is hardly believable that “authorities” would act upon this new information to prevent violence against the hoi polloi. But I am certain they could find a useful purpose to enhance their totalitarian urges..

  • Jose Cuervo

    The NAZI state had a term for this…eugenics. Coming soon to a leftist dictatorship in your town.