Mexican/US Merger Expands During Campaign Season
By Daily Bell Staff - April 18, 2016

Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray called … proposal to force the country to pay for a wall along the U.S. border, or face economic consequences if it doesn’t, a kind of diplomatic harassment that’s doomed to fail … Diplomats are mobilizing to assist immigrants in gaining U.S. citizenship, hosting free workshops on naturalization.  About 12 million Mexicans live in the U.S. and almost half lack legal status, according to a study released in November by the Pew Research Center. –Bloomberg

Above, we have further confirmation of the sort we predicted months ago. Our thought at the time was that any, prolonged anti-Mexican sentiment, especially voiced by major candidates, would contribute to the further integration of systems and citizens.

Many in the US are against this sort of unification and are hoping that the current political firestorm blowing across the US will injure its possibility. But ironically, as we have argued, the anti-unification trend will likely serve as an impetus to organize pro-unification forces.

The larger issue here is the idea that one is much better off trusting to his or her own devices than to wait for political processes to create the kind of peaceful, positive change that one hopes will evolve.

Often the reverse takes place. And this is probably happening now. Because the issue of immigration has received so much prominence from an electoral standpoint, it has given the Mexican government the opportunity to advance additional unification.

We can see from the Bloomberg article (excerpt above) that Mexico has now launched an effort to support US immigrants in gaining citizenship. Ultimately, the plan has been to merge three countries together and thus mimic the European Union: Canada, the US and Mexico.

– While a major highway running between Canada and Mexico was stopped, other highways are being built that will accomplish the same purpose, only more circuitously.

-Just recently, there have been reports that the number of “unaccompanied children” crossing into the US is up by some 1,200 percent in the past five years, according to a Congressional Research Service report. Further increases are expected.

-Mexican politicians have used US political rhetoric for their own purposes. Meanwhile, in the US, the rhetoric has helped bring together disparate, leftist groups under the nomenclature Democracy Spring.

Last week we reported on Democracy Spring’s protest against money in the US political system. This resulted in numerous arrests in the nation’s capitol. But we also pointed out that, “something bigger is going on.”

The anger manifest in the current political season is being used by elite money-men to forge a new protest coalition that is extensive and international. A quick glance at Democracy Spring’s website reveals a coalition of supporting groups drawn from the entire spectrum of leftist activism … Ironically, they are using the current polarization of US politics to build this bigger movement. 

The result of the current US election will not be a better or freer America no matter what you may wish to believe. Large systems and political enterprises are not reversible from below. In the modern era, change takes place at the top and is controlled by a powerful few.

“Red” China for instance was built by Mao, reportedly a graduate of Yale divinity school and apparently a member of the same secret fraternity as George W. Bush and John Kerry. The Soviet Union was in large part funded by Wall Street money as G. Edward Griffin showed in his history of central banking, The Creature from Jekyll Island.

The evolution of even the largest states has been toward globalism and there is no reason to believe the fate of the US will be any different.

It is tempting to believe that such tides can be reversed. But even if this did take place, the reversal would not create a more peaceful or less chaotic environment at least in the short term. Instead, disruption would likely create more chaos.

Counting on a political process to create a better and more livable society doesn’t make a lot of sense. This rarely happens, given the complexity of the modern state and the number of participants in a given decision.

Additionally, one has to take on faith a given candidate’s ability to pursue the goals set forth in his campaign. Too many politicians say what they believe will get them elected without having any intention of acting on their statements.

Conclusion: Ultimately, one cannot control a large – federal – political process, nor trust in its outcome. Seek to control your own environment as best you can and to achieve your goals within that context. Surrender illusions that a political process will provide the key to unlocking personal goals. Only you can do that.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Conclusion is right on the mark!

    • RWS

      Yes, indeed: no government can accomplish worthy personal goals (though it can thwart them!); only we individuals can.

  • Bruce C.

    Well, having pretty much accomplished everything else I’ve wanted in my life, one remaining goal is to help “the US” prevail and preserve the ideals and beliefs implied by the US Constitution. I don’t disagree that one should not look outward for the means to create one’s life, but to me that’s beside the point. If this globalization mess occurs this human ego-consciousness experiment is done and it will be hell on earth writ large. Maybe individuals can find ways to live out our lifetimes in relative peace and prosperity but overall it will be over for the species. And that’s not just my assessment, that’s what a lot of various sources seem to agree on.

    • Blank Reg

      Problem is, in order to “help the US prevail”, the US government, as it presently operates, has to go. Do you have a plan to achieve that?

      • Bruce C.

        I’m gathering ideas as I learn more. I think no matter though, a lot of people are going to have to want the same “ideal” (that’s already questionable) and must agree on what changes will accomplish that (I guess the Presidential election is a proxy for that, and what a zoo that is).

        My “fantastical” plan would be that Trump is elected by a huge majority and thus has a political “mandate” and he actually acts to reverse and replace a lot of existing systems in the government. If he has enough support and he can identify the main problems (A) that a lot of Congressional responsibilities have been outsourced to bureaucratic government agencies – so they need to be disbanded, and B) that the US Federal government is involved in too many things to begin with) then he might be able to make a big difference. The Supreme Court would probably support the political mandate since most “statesman” are politicians and not ideologues. Of course others have to be on board and sustain it after he leaves office. I admit it seems like an impossible task for all practical purposes, especially since there really seems to be so little time left, if it’s not already (way) too late. It still seems worth trying despite the apparent obstacles or there truly will be no hope. If Trump doesn’t win the Presidency with a mandate it’s probably over because I don’t think anyone else would even try to reverse things (or the right things) even if his supporters want change. You might say I’m relying too much on Trump but somebody is going to be President and he’s the only one who might be willing and able to try. What’s so scary is so many people seem to want this globalist agenda – or at least think they do – but when they find out what that means it will be too late. Hopefully, by the time of the election a lot of people will be scared into their senses and there will be a mandate. This crap about Mexico helping immigrants get into the US might be one of those wake up calls. The “globalists” may be feeling pressured too that the window of opportunity may be closing. News and knowledge is spreading fast via the internet. We shall see. It’s a least exciting, but potentially super depressing too.

  • Praetor

    We The People are just watching the show. North American Union is just a puzzle piece, to the One World Government. Complete and total control is their goal. Control is the hard part. To control human action, natural law and nature is impossible. The current chaos is an example of their inability to control these three elements of life on planet earth. If they where in complete control of all we see and know, they would have already succeeded in total control, but they haven’t. They are closer than they ever have been to controlling the earth, but the same elements of Nature, Natural Law, and Human action will thwart them as it always has.

    The only thing ‘we the people’ can do is, prepare and survive!!!

  • FreeOregon

    Annexation goes a long way to solving the immigration crisis government created.

  • Martin the American redux

    First off, thank you DB, for though you’se hail from a foreign country (at least for the time being) you’ve helped make it clearer to me exactly what a mess the US is in now! While I am not familiar with the political structure within Canada, I am everyday learning more about said structure within the US. We still have local elections within the US. It might be more important for readers to run for office in seemingly small local elections over running off to South and/or Central America. No? Please disregard my comment if there are no local positions electable inside Canada.

    • Any kind of power sharing or political structure seems to work better at the local level …