Misguided Support for PropOrNot Seems to Include Koch Brothers, CIA, Parts of Congress
By - December 14, 2016

Congressional Query Into Russian Meddling Could Revive Bipartisan Oversight On Washington … Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, has said he would conduct an investigation into Russian interference with the election within the Armed Services Committee, of which he is chairman. –New York Times

The CIA. The Koch Brothers and parts of Congress seem to support PropOrNot’s  extensive list of 200-plus alternative-news websites that supposedly have disseminated Russian propaganda. According to this article, above, anti-alternative news fervor in Congress could serve to bind together the parties in a common cause.

In fact, this alliance is already broader than Congress. We recently published an article, here speculating on the involvement of powerful media manipulators and owners including the Koch Brothers and the Scaife Foundation. The Koch’s were publicly anti-Trump and reportedly tried to infiltrate Trump’s campaign in order to influence its direction.

It is certainly possible that the Koch’s helped organize PropOrNot and its list of alternative media websites, many of whom were at least to some degree supportive of Trump. But other support is becoming clearer as well, including support from  the CIA and, as mentioned above, growing bipartisan Congressional approval.

Congress seems divided about Russian involvement in manipulating US elections but in the span of several days, support has been at least clarified. The House of Representatives has passed a bill calling for considerable funding of a special government agency to investigate Russian involvement in American elections and who in the US might have facilitated that involvement.

The Senate meanwhile passed a bill supporting additional government funding to investigate how Russian influence had been brought to bear on US elections.

Mitch McConnell, GOP Senate leader, has now made public statements endorsing investigations into Russian influence on American elections. We previously wrote here about McConnell’s resistance to this supposition and how criminal threats were starting to be made against him. On Monday he changed his mind.

What’s going on in Washington is obviously “hard ball.” All the harder because Russian influence on US elections – and hacking – cannot be proven without a reasonable doubt. Thus there is plenty of dissension over congressional moves and also over whether or not the Russians actually interfered in US elections, let alone made a Trump victory possible.

This is not going to stop Congressional investigations apparently and a presumably an ongoing misguided emphasis on the organized connivance of alternative media with Russia.


Russian meddling in the presidential election could have one unintended but potentially positive consequence: reviving a congressional willingness to conduct serious bipartisan investigations even if they pose political risks.

If members of Congress find a way to move forward together to investigate the Russian activities, it would represent a reversal from recent years when lawmakers were driven to mount full-fledged inquiries only if they could damage the opposition party and not their own. It could also provide a model for how Congress approaches future clashes with the incoming Trump administration.

Watchdog groups caution that the galvanizing force in this case is Russia, a subject that leaders of both parties are likely to rate an easy target.  “The Russians are not our friends,” Senator Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky Republican and majority leader, told reporters on Monday.

One group that seems to have no doubt about anti-Russian assertions is the CIA, which has let it be known in several ways that it has confidence in conclusions that the Russians influenced US elections and did so to help Trump.

Again, there is no actual hard evidence of this. Other US intel agencies have refused to endorse CIA conclusions. The FBI is known to be skeptical as well.

PropOrNot gained notoriety when the Washington Post wrote an article about the website and its accusations regarding the dissemination of Russian propaganda.

The Washington Post has refused to apologize for the article though a good deal of doubt has been cast on both the list and the initial reasoning that involving successful Russian influence in electing Trump. WashPo was reportedly part of a number of influential media entities including TIME and The New York Times that formed the core of the CIA-based “Mockingbird” propaganda push back in the mid 20th century.

Project Mockingbird supposedly reached an understanding with top mainstream media to disseminate important CIA propaganda. Much of what was disseminated involved US international stances and the need for military preparedness and action.

Back in the 1920s it has been reported that certain influential men purchased a large block of the US’s most influential media in order to form a media cartel. Like Project Mockingbird, the intention was to use these information outlets to propagandize at will.

Now it would seem that the influence of the mainstream media is being brought to bear on the alternative media with an eye toward removing an influential, if underfunded source, of truth-telling not directly affiliated with establishment news and information.

President-elect Trump has fought back against accusations that Russians hacked political servers or attempted to move the election in his direction and pointed out correctly there is no evidence of this, only circumstantial supposition. And it is probably unlikely that the Electoral College will be able to overturn what is evidently a legitimate political victory.

On the other hand, Trump has just appointed Mike Pompeo as to be head of the CIA, a man who has been called the Koch Brothers “favorite” Senator by the Nation. Additionally, the Kochs have reportedly set up their own CIA-like entity to engage in various forms of industrial and political spying. The group reportedly includes former CIA agents. It is even possible that the Kochs are secretly supportive of Trump despite their public denigration of him.

What’s not clear is how powerful certain misguided alliances are or even how powerfully they will hound the alternative media. However, a list does exist and over 200 entities stand accused of supporting Russian propaganda.

Conclusion: It is astonishing to us given the list’s high profile and possible involvement of powerful American families and foundations that more voices have not been raised against the potential investigations in Congress. The evidence is apparently not what it is said to be and neither is a major target: the alternative media.

Editor’s Note: Some of this might seem as politics-as-usual, though of a very dirty variety, but the ramifications will could certainly affect the alternative media that has already been accused of co-conspiring with Russia to affect the elections. The Daily Bell is a libertarian publication and its articles have often stated that people ought to look out for their own interests first as best they can because politics are unpredictable and usually don’t change much – or just make things worse. Additionally, as a libertarian publication, DB has published articles in the past explaining that RT and Putin himself are part of the larger questionable dialectic being presented by East and West. In no way can DB be considered a proponent of Russian propaganda. 


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  • autonomous

    It is certain that congress and the senate as well as nearly all presidents are under the same influence as the Russian and Chinese governments. MSM has long been an arm of world wide socialist propaganda. Rest assured that the Russian government remains firmly socialist. It was a small step from socialism to communism. By the same token, it is an equally small step back from communism to socialism. In both cases, the real agenda was and is to grind the underclasses beneath the heel of the the minority self-appointed elite.

    Little has changed from the axis of evil, the America-English-Russia-French alliance of the two world wars. The only thing that came between them was the aggressive stance of the Soviet government. Such aggression couldn’t be stomached by the American or English citizens and thus had to be officially opposed until they collapsed under the weight of their own hubris. Even the dis-educated American citizens might well similarly rebel against the almost equal hubris that infects the modern American state. French and English citizens are slightly less immunized to flagrant tyranny than Americans, whereas Russians have lived under tyrants for centuries and Chinese even longer.

  • Samarami

    “…some of this might seem as politics-as-usual,
    though of a very dirty variety, but the
    ramifications will could certainly affect the
    alternative media that has already been accused
    of co-conspiring with Russia to affect the elections…”

    When one sleeps with big dogs s/he acquires big fleas. If it were me (it’s not, thankfully) I would refuse to devote one column inch to “us politics”.

    I’m far more inclined to devote energy proclaiming freedom. Here. Today. Where I’m “at” — without awaiting the white man to set me free. I believe the beast can be sidestepped and circumnavigated. Quietly. With relative ease and safety. And without rancor. Sam

    • rahrog

      Rock on Sam!

    • GH

      YES! Starve the beast, then sidestep around it.

  • EDD

    Actually, the fun is just beginning. The push-back is occurring because Trump is a wild card in this mix. Why is it that certain high level Republicans came out and said they would vote for the opposition? I know, DB, that you have surmised he could be part of the PTB’s plan for something to occur in their agenda. Always a nebulous agenda.

    Truth is, upper level party personnel on both sides of the aisle are nervous. About what? Try pizzagate, for example. Many say there is nothing too it. Strange that the msm discredited the idea. Is it bogus?

    Several years ago, I read an article, (no longer have the source), about some very dark shenanigans the elder Bush was involved with in this same genre. I treated it with skepticism at that time. Now I am not so sure of my initial reaction. Where there is smoke?

    The power elite is becoming a boiling caldron. IMO, exposures are putting pressures on the lid. When it blows, many, if not the majority of earth’s population will be in disbelief of just how nefarious the NWO proponents practice their hidden practices.

    DB, you have often reiterated just how the ‘net is a process in evolution. It is quickly coming to the point of spontaneous combustion. The resulting firestorm will not be extinguished until all the fuel feeding it is completely consumed.

  • Jim Johnson

    Socialism, it seems, only will work if there is no place to run to. So it is our USA had to fall, only to find the former socialist utopia of Russia is rising as the next place to run to. This is like some oracle of Fatima stuff. My old (and very Catholic) Aunt told me this in the 90’s, which was utterly kyboshed. Russia as the last bastion of Christianity? Yeah, right, Auntie…

  • apberusdisvet

    I seriously doubt if the DEMS can pull off the coup they want; but this whole farce is a great distraction from pizzagate, isn’t it?

  • chris

    I find it quite strange that in both mainstream and alternative media the “how the Russians influenced” is never discussed. I believe this to be intentional, because if people rationally understood the implication being made, they’d be quite offended.

    Essentially what is being said, is that we don’t have the ability to discern truth, nor do we have the acumen to do research on what we read. In essence the electorate is a bunch of morons. While this may be true, it illuminates a larger question…how did the electorate become so ignorant and easily brainwashed? More important: if fedgov knows and believes this, why is the answer to censor rather than educate?

  • Bruce C.

    The 800 pound gorilla has now raised its fist.

    That, “the Russians influenced US elections and did so to help Trump” has become a mantra.

    But the unspoken question is: How?

    Evidently, at least according to Trump’s “accusers”, they didn’t affect the vote count nor the voting machines, so how did they allegedly do this (affect the election)?

    “Nobody” (read the MSM) wants to repeat what was said about Hillary Clinton during the campaign. Because it was all true. It’s hard to cry foul when the truth is told.

    Funny thing is, just about everybody gets that at some level. Everybody knows that the truth be told.

    Maybe foreign (government) influence in elections is not condonable in general, but when true information is disseminated to voters how can that be bad for democracy?

    Oh, so maybe sometimes that info may not be “true”? Or incomplete?

    It’s all about establishment control, and losing control, and losing power.

    And that’s a good thing.

    Let’s see how deep this goes.

  • Praetor

    Did the Russians influence the U.S. election, no more no less than the rest of the world.The Russians preferred Trump and only I think because he won’t be pushing for a pipe line throw Syria and Trump will help to end the Middle East troubles, by ending dependency on their oil. China preferred Hillary because Trump talked tuff concerning China. The British being British probably don’t care because they think they can influence anyone. The rest of the world more than like just hopes it settles down so their citizens don’t go after them.

    The one thing for sure globalist will use who ever is in power in any country to their advantage. As long as We The People of Earth allow them, because we are the only ones who can stop them.!!!

  • rahrog

    This latest wave of “The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming” is about censorship.

    Our fearless leaders in the house & senate will be forced to protect the poor dimwitted unwashed masses from future foreign meddling by setting up an agency to approve the information we are allowed to consume.

    Of course its also an easy way to discredit Trump.

    We must keep in mind that The Ruling Class blew up Libya (and many other countries) for “humanitarian reasons”. Nothing is beneath these people.

  • James Clander

    What a pity the Kong let that a/h Senator John McCain out alive.
    That man is one of the most dangerous on the Planet.
    He should be certified insane -at least a nut job.
    Why do enough yokels vote for him?

    • GH

      The Manchurian Candidate.

  • One way I read ‘post-truth’ to mean is that no pretence of dialogue or even causality and consequence is engaged. Simply the ‘shock tactic’ of pervasively asserted negative association – without any intent of accounting for it or providing any basis for it.
    “Because we say so” and by means of our power to do so – and our power to invalidate or render powerless anyone who gainsays.

    If there was a pretence of communication before it was a mask by which to operate through the illusion of a plausible denial of using deceit as power – and corrupting the currencies and channels of communication and exchange.

    However, all of the scenario laid out is still something to run by your heart’s discernment rather than reactive conditioning IF you desire to wake up from such self and life-negative conditioning by the recognition and release of your own participation.

    True communication is not corrupt – and to deepen honesty and align in it is the other way that reactive hate – though of course a whole course of emotional conflict rises out of feeling an incoherent reality.

    I expect most of the behaviour of those mentioned above is of desperation, masked in arrogance of their belief in their own power. Their pyramid is inverted with a false foundational point – ie: they are not really top down excepting in the matrix of mutually reinforcing beliefs that denial of true communication via the propagation of conflict entrains. However, can another deny my own self honesty? I have a direct connection with my own experience as the mind of framing my experience.

    So the resort to cheap tricks is a loss of the mask. Yes there are very many who follow the mesmeric suggestions – but those of any creative wit, do so in self-surviving conformity of no great love or allegiance, while anyone with a conscious relationship in self honesty will not be able to blindside the obvious manipulative deceit without meeting self-betrayal and the incoherence of such a conflicted mind brought to awareness.

    However, the fear of invalidity and exposure can be projected onto the scapegoated Other, by the sheer survival urge of WANTING such guilt feelings out and away.

    This sort of pattern is at the root of deceit and struggle for power. While rational observations can be made, the underlying energetics are NOT rational – but pre-rational survival instincts associated with false associations.

    Hence the re-enactment of asserting false association in order to ‘survive’ as ‘power’ – the abused learns or is conditioned to abuse in like kind.

    I propose that we need a resumption of true currency of communication – including emotional communication. In other words our very definitions of communication need redeeming for something tangibly genuine. If two or more agree to conspire in illusion – they have their reward – but it has to be perpetually propped up to seem real to them. But when two or more gather in a willingness for true communication (not the defining, of predictive control) but a genuine willingness to listen within and without – so as not to merely re-enact inherited emotional backed belief patterns, then what arises as a result needs no force to maintain itself.

    An anthropologist was studying a North American Indian tribe. He observed they got together in a circle frequently, at twenty to thirty people I suppose, and they would talk. There was no agenda, no decision making, no authority. They would stop talking at a certain point and the anthropologist did not understand the stopping point. However when they stopped they all seemed to know what action to take because they understood each other so well.
    (Via David Bohm)

  • CrusaderImperial

    Finally Putin said put up or shut up. Let’s see what happens now. I would expect not to see this news in the MSM. Monday may be an interesting day in the US…

    The Internet Revolution is something that the elites cannot stop unless measures are put in place to quell alternative media and enforced.