Monumental Stupidity: ‘Refreezing’ the Arctic
By - February 16, 2017

Scientists Have Announced a Plan to ‘Refreeze’ the Arctic … Desperate times call for desperate measures, and with temperatures near the North Pole hitting an unheard-of 20°C (36°F) warmer than average last year, things in the Arctic are undeniably grim right now. But rather than sit by and watch as the sea ice disappears from the region at an unprecedented rate, scientists have hatched a crazy plan to ‘refreeze’ the Arctic, by installing some 10 million wind-powered pumps over the ice cap to spray sea water over the surface and replenish the sea ice. -Science Alert

This is a strange idea that only gets stranger as the article continues. Ultimately the idea is to put 10 million blowers on the Arctic ice in order to refreeze it. Total cost: in excess of $500 billion.

That’s what global warming scientists want to do.  “Our only strategy at present seems to be to tell people to stop burning fossil fuels,” lead researcher Steven Desch, told The Guardian.

But the alternative he and others have come up with is to use 10 million wind-powered pumps to add up to an extra metre to the sea ice in the area.  “Thicker ice would mean longer-lasting ice,” he told the Guardian newspaper. “In turn, that would mean the danger of all sea ice disappearing from the Arctic in summer would be reduced significantly.”


The team predicts that pumping 1.3 metres of water on the surface will result in the ice being thicker by 1 metre (3.2 feet). In other words, that’s 7.5 kg per second of water (16.5 pounds), or 27 metric tonnes per hour.

“It is noteworthy that half of the Arctic sea ice currently has a mean annual thickness of only 1.5 metre [4.9 feet],” they report. “Adding 1 metre of ice in the course of one winter is a significant change.”

… [I]t would require a wind turbine with blades on order 6 metres in diameter [19 feet], with weight on the order of 4,000 kg of steel [8,818 pounds]. To keep this afloat would require the buoy contain a roughly equal weight of steel. As a round number, we estimate about 10,000 kg of steel [22,046 pounds] would be required per device.”

Scientists have actually thought about this before. They’ve discussed “whitening” the arctic by dispersing aerosol particles that will repel solar radiation. They’ve also talk about adding cloud cover to prevent heat from reaching the ice.

Because it would cost so much, nations from around the world would have to pitch in. And the money would go to basically creating a gigantic air conditioning system.

Not doing something risks losing polar bears, cod and most importantly, the ability to use ice to radiate heat away from the arctic. According to these scentists, the result of waiting would be catastrophic.

“The records [for the Arctic] are astounding because there are so many of them. The extra warming that is happening up in the Arctic – the ‘Arctic amplification’ – has been the greatest we’ve ever seen,” Jennifer Francis from the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences at Rutgers University reportedly told Fischetti.

But while the article doesn’t say it, at least some of the data used to  generate the grimmest outcomes has likely been faked.

Recent papers were publish using temperatures were used that were higher than those based on ordinary calculations. They were developed from ships rather than from normal weather outlets. This sort of fakery goes back many years and includes other other faked data that apparently appeared in various publications.

Additionally, while Arctic ice may be losing ground – and that’s a big if – antarctic ice is gaining in thickness and length. What these scientists are saying may or may not be true, with an emphasis on the “not”.

Generally speaking, there doesn’t seem much broad evidence of global warming, and what there is of it, if any, is regional, not worldwide.

Conclusion: It’s about raising the alarm again rather than focusing on what’s really going on. And that’s too bad.



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  • Rosicrucian32

    I’d like to know where these scientists hail from……….then pull funding for their science programs. It is clear that their are no REAL scientists teaching the folks coming out of their programs. They are grant generators manufacturing children’s fantasies in the form of requests to perpetuate their own research. Unfortunately their test labs are single malt scotches with ice floating in them in questionable “ballet” establishments. That is the only place you could get anyone from the public to buy this drivel.

    • Whyfor

      I hadn’t thought of ballet. I see them skipping around in a circle and clapping their hands – sort of like hokey-pokey.

      • Boysie

        Good comments – thanks – I am talking to a Local Research Fellow at my Local University – who absolutely refuses to read or listen to anything r anyone – who does not subscribe to his Global Warming / Climate Change Fraud – no matter what Fact(s)-Based Research Evidence I send to him – So I have decided to be diplomatic – with the words (TINATTT) – There Is No Alternative to the Truth…

  • Doc

    Well said, DB.

    I reckon 99% of the population in my country of birth buy into such alarms, happy to hand over the last bits of their income (not the handouts, of course) just to get the overlords to save them.

    Alarmism like this must be very profitable.

  • alpha_protagonist

    Are these “scientists” on drugs??? Aah, it’s okay…if they kill one animal in the process, PETA will sue them. smh.

  • David Small

    This is precisely why I left the earth and atmospheric sciences.

  • Captain Turk

    Constantly dealing with the elite and their nefarious schemes can be a real drain on one’s time and energy. There are very few bright spots.

    But sometimes they come up with an idea that is so utterly asinine it’s actually very funny. This must surely rank as one of their greatest comedic moments!

    Let us wish our overlords every success with their brilliant new plan – and hope that someone makes a feature film about their earnest efforts! Man the hoses!!

  • James Clander

    False news !

  • mary

    Wait a minute. The water blown would be warmer than the ice, right? So wouldn’t this idiotic scheme melt the ice faster, not make more ice?

    Anyway, this whole issue about arctic ice melting in summer is a total scam. Of course it melts in summer. It always has. So what? Does anyone really fall for this crazy talk?

    Don’t answer that. *sigh*

  • robt

    Just look up Newsweek’s well-known notorious April 28, 1975 story ‘The Cooling World’. One proposal at that time was to ‘melt the Polar ice cap by covering it with black soot’, because we were heading into a new ice age. The story does say that such spectacular proposals, including diverting Arctic rivers, may create problems greater than they solve … but that government should start stockpiling food.

  • Yokai Yo

    Cui Bono, $…?