More Cooperation Between America and China Than There Seems
By Daily Bell Staff - January 19, 2017

Xi portrays China as global leader as Trump era looms … China will build a “new model” of relations with the United States, President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday in a speech that portrayed China as the leader of a globalized world where only international cooperation could solve the big problems. -Reuters

With Trump focusing on domestic problems, China is stepping up to become an international moderator and consensus builder.

“Trade protectionism and self-isolation will benefit no one,” Xi told the United Nations in Geneva.  “Big countries should treat smaller countries as equals instead of acting as a hegemon imposing their will on others.”

During his speech, Xi made an extraordinarily bold proposal, saying the world should unite on a variety of major issues supposedly tearing governments apart today, “everything from environmental protection to terrorism and nuclear disarmament.”

“We will build a circle of friends across the whole world,” Xi said.  “We will strive to build new model of major country relations with the United States, a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination with Russia, a partnership for peace, growth, reform and among different civilizations and a partnership of unity and cooperation with BRICS countries.”

We have discussed how it seemed to us the BRICs were being set up as an adversarial power block to the West. But now China is going beyond the BRICs. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres reportedly told Xi it was “very reassuring to see China assuming such a clear leadership in multilateralism in today’s world.”

Of course China’s perspective has been contradicted by some, including civil rights  campaigners who have made negative statements about China’s record.  Western governments have complained about China’s domestic problems under Xi.

Others say that China’s plans to expand its presence greatly in the South China sea is just more evidence of China’s ongoing aggression.   China denies this.

Xi has said reportedly, “We always put people’s rights and interests above everything else and we have worked hard to develop and uphold human rights. China will never seek expansion, hegemony or sphere of influence.”

But this is surely contradicted by what Xi is doing. According to Reuters, his state media has announce that law enforcement and judicial officials in China “must be absolutely loyal to the ruling Communist Party.”

China’s domestic security chief Zhou Yongkang has been incarcerated for life over bribes and other abuses of power. Zhou once was in charge of China’s formidable domestic security forces. He is held up as an example of what will happen to those who don’t make sure they are honest and respectful.

A just released party statement said those who work in these areas should have “clear political beliefs, high professionalism, commitment and discipline.” Training courses will help guarantee party loyalty, the document said, along with strict supervision of abuse of power.

Generally, President Xi Jinping has made many moves to shore up and expand his power since taking office. One can look on this as coincidence or as part of a larger pattern, as we do.

It seems to us there may be a strategy pursed to substitute China for the West as the world’s dominant power. This is being done purposefully in conjunction with Trump moving in the other direction and concentrating on domestic issues.

To some degree it is just a matter emphasis. But no two men should have so much power along with the ability to wield it. Nor, at the very top, should they actually be working together, as they apparently are.

Conclusion: One can claim their moves are not rehearsed. But Xi’s recent presence at Davos and Trump’s lack of interest are just more reasons to suspect there is more coordination between the two than is ordinarily reported.

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  • john cummins


  • apberusdisvet

    I never bought the argument that the BRICS were some kind of counterweight to US hegemony. Russia and China, obviously. But Brazil, the long standing US puppet? And Ireland, a beautiful country but ruled by the BIS, and IMF psychopaths. Don’t know about S. Africa, but no one country today on the African continent enjoys true economic sovereignty. Those that try to achieve it will wind up like Ghadaffi. More people should read “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”.

    • Can you indicate a country that enjoys true economic sovereignty?
      Isn’t the US under a parasitical transnational infection?
      Yes the hit-man layer of warfare is tragic

      • – but the idea of elites is that of a governing influence beyond the reach and capacity of the unworthy populace that cannot be trusted – …. binra

        Well, how well do you think that deluded notion is progressing, binra? Isn’t it true that it is a just a crazy fantasy these days with enchanting and entangling 0days?

        And that presents future opportunities led by virtually anonymous A.N.Others over which there is zero established command and control. …… WildWestWorld v2.0?

        Deny it and condemn yourself to merely spectate upon its programs and pogroms.

        • Maybe I didn’t word it correctly – the idea the elitists use to justify their grip on power and the discussions or decisions that affect others – is that they alone are worthy to engage in such activity.

          I find this mirrors the personal sense of elitist control running the ‘define, predict and control mind’ in the individual. The structuring of consciousness is personified and symbolized in the projected reality.

          Behind every denial of service is a net bot running fear – perhaps behind trojan idea.

          The physics is unalterable – action and reaction – and as they say – garbage in/garbage out. The mind IS a mind because it is the capacity of shifting perspective – but the fixated mind defends its addiction as its very survival – and that the ‘reptillian’ binary fight of flight loop. Transcendence is in place – not somewhere else. But one cannot open truth while insisting stories are real – and in the identity conflict – the mask wont come off and the pain is a torment. Persist in seeking to lid over and displace or divert the pain and fear – or recognize the futility and stop what can never work in the curiosity and willingness for what does work.

          Regardless the dramas of our times – we live our days, meet our relationships, engage in our endavours and uncover according to our choices and desire – along with all the complicated ways of justifying NOT fully living what IS here to embrace and unfold more of who we are and what life is.

          The end of the world is the revealing of the mind that makes it – and that is drawing the curtain on that wizard of Oz – insofar as once you see the device, the presentation can no longer pass off or be taken as true.

          Deluded notions generate private gratifications that hollow out to unforeseen consequence – often feeding a sense of guilt, sin and a worthlessness that cant FOREVER be outsourced on others fool enough to accept it.
          Everything comes home and we meet ourselves wherever we go – but perhaps see only a dumping ground for toxic judgements – perhaps packaged in instruments of flattery and protection rackets.

          The end of the world is the ripeness to stop running as if the cliff edge isn’t behind us – and the freefall of a deep honesty of willingness to truly know. The dis-integrity is certain it already knows and hits everything it fears true.

          I cannot live another’s life for them – but nor am I called to – nor is it my business to interfere – but you are part of mine as I of yours – and we are moved to communicate – and that communication can be framed in old paradigm or it can reveal the nature of communication itself. In its own terms.
          False ideas don’t die – they have never lived – EXCEPTING the sacrificial empowering of the wish they be true in the mind that holds focus in them. So idols must fall because they never were more than an image or symbol of something real – not the reality itself. I suggest trusting the timing – because the only way to be OUT of your timing is to fear that you are out of your timing.
          OR… you know what you need to know, when you need to know it – unless you are intent on the belief you need something ELSE – which diverts you from your Now to fragment in imaginary futures based on selective interpretations of your past. While fear makes the selections, perception is negatively polarized and draws negative reflections.
          How to come from ‘freedom from fear’ amidst the Drama of pervasive fear? Be yourself – no more – no less. Fully engaging the life that is here is not divided to conflicted susceptibility of dis-ease of any kind of symptomology. Including the notion one is unfit and has to become worthy. Some seek this ‘worth’ in terms of achieving power, others in martyrdom – there’s a wide pallet of qualities to emulate – but Life is an Inside Job – so if the forms don’t match what is within they don’t just render a sense of mis-fittingness that demands covering or hiding, they trap and imprison you in something untrue and destructive to your peace – to the freedom to be who you are. yes the fantasy gratifications that are sold as paradise-carrots – but there’s no juice in it and so the dosages and methods escalate to get a feeling of life . Addictions run invisibly for the most part – the conflict, destruction and misery wait on bottoming out to the prodigal recognition. Each is in their own timing and together we also synch in a variety of ways. Do we hear the Last Trump? No – does the Beast riseth from the Deep of Unconsciousness? Is that to recognize and be FREE of what does not belong in us – and we refuse to use?
          Free will is acceptance of the living – as I feel to honour it. Taken out of true context is the dead concept of programs and pogroms.

  • You must know there are layers of narrative – and that which is for public consumption may be completely different to the insider view, (and in circles of influence, to the innercircle insider views).

    The public narrative of any purveyed drama seeks to manage identities and perceptions – particularly of the respective home population. In broad terms the technocrats have a different internal system – I know the EU does this – and the corporately directed interests have yet another, and the primary movers yet another.

    It is possible that at lower levels they believe their own spin – but the idea of elites is that of a governing influence beyond the reach and capacity of the unworthy populace that cannot be trusted – at the same time as being deliberately mis-educated and medicated to prove and believe themselves so.

    The god is power and its priesthood is trained to subvert or invalidate any ‘rival’. It’s all about sacrifice – presented as protection or gain.

    Note also that corporates have their own internal memos and reports that differ from their public presentation. The case around Prozac was an interesting example.

    The faking and ‘massaging’ of so called scientific studies being anther example – there are loads of examples but not long ago the ‘biosolids’ toxic fraud gave a good example.

    Whistleblowers have been more persecuted under Obama regardless the law – and of the late adjustment to Manning’s sentence (PR).

    At what level the powers at war – on whatever level – are complicit in sacrificing their own people to further private and/or transnational power agenda cant be always clearly seen – but there is no doubt in my mind that this is so and where the historical record has been uncovered it is seen to be so in significant degrees.

    Deceits and intrigues beneath the mask of respectability – or at least plausible deniability ARE the coded narratives of identities engaged in manipulative transaction and deceit.

    Honest witness, or just measure and exchange are foundational to stability and social sanity. The false narratives are false currency that is validated or reinforced by acceptance and usage.

    Each of us individually can easily uncover our own masking of intent, withholding of information and biased presentations – but generally we are so identified in our definitions that we don’t see ourselves deceiving – or believe it completely justified.

    When George Brown was still miked up but believing himself privately declaring an argumentative voter as a bigot – he was only doing what we almost all do – but in leaking out he was vilified for it. The breakdown of privacy is dangerous when such a mob is trained to feast on another’s guilt. But it could have been an acknowledgement of our internal ‘mythologies’ as coping mechanisms for self-conflict – and we could all have moved toward integrating THAT we fear, hurt, hate and leak out – in a way that doesn’t demonize anyone for showing it in ‘politically incorrect ways’.

    Anyone engaged in managing a wide range of conflicting polarities and seeking to guide or move them in ways that they feel are necessary of best – will have to enter the realm of ‘power’ that decisions and the way they are made – embodies. My feeling is that the quality of real relationship with those whose interests you are in some sense representing, serving or embracing the well being of – is the most important factor – regardless the system. Without genuine relationship and communication, leadership is blind and heartless – no matter the token gestures.

    My sense of Sovereignty or free will – is most exemplified in freedom of communication of genuine relationship – A loss of such communication IS the masked intent or the masking from the intent or consequence through others.

    Egotism – in it’s profound sense – is this masking and withholding of true – under the belief it will be attacked, rejected, unsupported, denied and excluded.
    Many who live their truth meet just this. Some of them get incorporated into honour and fame after they are dead.

    I may be wrong but the times I see unfolding indicate that for very many, following the ‘rules’ will not protect from being attacked, rejected, unsupported, denied and excluded – albeit in subtle and insidious ways – for it our institutions, corporations and governments that collude in such attack – and perhaps many their believe in their own spin – but the effects are no less painful and the negative loop not addressed as it spins ever tighter.

    Fear locks the mind into is own fragmented dissociations. yet this is being deliberately employed against us – against the possibility of consciousness of a more integrated outcome. Vested interests fear loss of face, power, privilege and indeed identity. But we are all identifying in our own investments and tending to bias unaware while fighting our own corner. Do we not always want the other to change first – or offer some change as a manipulative attempt to leverage change in others and then become embittered when it doesn’t meet our unstated but emotionally held conditions?

    • disqussted999

      binra, just so you know, though unfortunately for us, I doubt it will matter to you, your incredible verbosity, your need to blather on and on and on, your assumption that you understand all the secrets of the mind and the universe, how everyone thinks and feels and why, points to one thing only, IMO: you have a humungous ego, which assumes incorrectly that the world wants to know every little thing going on in that absolutely amazing (so you have determined) mind of yours. I DON’T!! And I would guess that I speak for the large majority here in saying WE DON’T!! Please stop! Or at least try to summarize, if you actually have any idea what you are trying to say. You simply clutter up these boards.

      • Well there you go! – You’ve released your frustration – have you not?

        You are free to read or IGNORE – and also free to take offence – but if you find I have given any – please – show me where. As for the rest – you can simply ask for what you want. I take it that you have your reward and are fulfilled in your need. As for clutter – tune in only to what is relevant and resonant for you.

        Even if you speak for the “large majority” – does consensus make truth? I haven’t noticed any adverse effect on the scope and quality of commenting here as a result of ignoring or exchanging with me. The page scrolls past unwanted content very easily. No trees were felled to publish it – and you haven’t paid and received poor return – have you?

        The post above (that you reply to) is mis-lined because disqus goes flaky on me at times – and when I re-paste the message (i’ve learned to copy before sending) all the line endings are messed – which doesn’t help). I’ll go back and clean that up next.

        I just reviewed what I wrote and I stand in its relevance and meaning – but I don’t presume to more than POINT at the territory. IF you want to use it to review your own experience and insight – you can. While I love language I don’t pad it all out with personal qualifications – it comes out just as a current sense of meanings related or joining in the subject that I see. The split between private masked intent and public presentation is HUGELY reflected in every aspect of our fragmented and incoherent experience of the world, each other and of ourselves – though narrative control operates no less at the individual ego than the collective. So much of what has operated as ‘politics’ has hooks in identity issues and the structuring – indeed the conditioning of consciousness is NOT private navel gazing to bring into conscious awareness and find currency of ideas with which to address.

        If you don’t like consciousness being in the equation – then devote yourself to unconsciousness – ignore all that disgusts you and feel good about hating it.
        PS – if you want to illuminate my liability for ego – you might do better to bait with false flattery to draw out unguarded folly. As it happens – I felt the energetic of something SHOUTING to shut me down or perhaps just for the unloading of disqust!
        Egotism is identification in self-image or self-concept – but perhaps you have a different meaning?
        If you can see your mind in act – then you are not the mind in act AND you have a perspective that can articulate from a different frame of reference. You are reading me in the mind reaction. Look at that mind in reaction – even an instant – and you have a different perspective. I don’t ask you to agree with anything I say at all – If I sought agreement I would speak in the manner of one who want reinforcement and validation from others. I’m not writing to persuade you or anyone of what you are not already in the desire of discovering for themselves.
        Having a news and comment site relating to libertarian values opening the frame of discussion to ‘memes’ and ‘narrative control’ is opening to issues of consciousness, cultural conditioning and its association with coercive deceits as part of the ‘events on the world stage’ – or have I missed something?

        Join in a free relationship or freely dissociate – do what you enjoy – and if dumping on me feels good – maybe that’s who you have incarnated to be – at least in my life. I don’t take joy in dumping on others – but I haven’t completely lost the habitual trigger.

        A lot of a lot of comment online has a lot of dumping in it – ‘blame’. But only you set the measure of what you receive – even if I was who you frame me to be – it would still be YOUR choice to accept such definition, feel the result of your choice and react as you do.
        However – you HAVE cast me in a role in your own script and while that is meaningful as an investment for you – you will protect it from any other perspective. Not because your ‘ego’ is blameworthy – but because that is the ‘dynamic’ of investment in ‘ego’.

        • disqussted999

          deleted comment

        • disqussted999

          Yeah, fine…just found out how to block you…blather on.

  • softwarementor

    Your final paragraph seemed to come out of the blue: “To some degree it is just a matter emphasis. But no two men should have so much power along with the ability to wield it. Nor, at the very top, should they actually be working together, as they apparently are.” You provided nothing to support this conclusion! Trump and Xi working together? Everything I have seen says just the opposite. And there are several other parts of this article that have no backing whatsoever. Because of these major flaws the entire article is suspect and should be ignored by any rational mind until more support is provided.

    • But you work for the government.

      • What are governments, DB/softwarementor, other than just fronts for men wielding powers without the ability to wield it ably for the betterment of Man.

        And politics is their multi media show for arrogant ignorant mass crowd management, although that is no longer working as well as it used to and needs to be for any degree of encouraging success, is it?

        Changed and changing times indeed, nowadays, with these new dynamic virtual command and remote control spaces front running covert deeds/clandestine operations cracking open and hacking into systems?

        Surely you know that to be more than just true and most likely, because of the evidence of such similar systems which both empowered and collapsed everything in the past?

      • disqussted999

        Don’t know about him, but I sure don’t, and I also would love to hear what you have that leads to this conclusion/insinuation. And again, no doubt there is, always has been, and always will be “backroom” discussions/agreements to which WeTheSheeple are not privy. But what has led you to say this: “more reasons to suspect there is more coordination between the two than is ordinarily reported.”…?? Inquiring minds want to know…seriously.

  • disqus_1Op5S8jvui

    Perhaps, it could be so. The article covers geopolitical issues but ignores the financial issues that both the US and China are up against like the currency wars.
    According to other school of thoughts, it would be simply impossible for China to accept any of the three main demands of Trump: cooperation to resolve North Korea, Taiwan and the South China sea. Hence we are likely to be heading fast to a standoff.

  • Bruce C.

    First of all, it’s a little premature (if not ridiculous) to be comparing strategies/agendas between Trump and Xi when Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated.

    Secondly, I can’t believe how many people continue to take the bait (even though I want them to do so).

    There is nothing profound or insightful about suspecting Trump might be a Chinese spy who dyed his hair, or whatever. That’s CNN material.

    I know, I know, it’s not like that… he may be a communist/globalist sympathizer who has hidden his true colors for…ever… until now…maybe.


    Just wait.

    Xi sounds/reads like a “light weight” to me. He’s one of a million (or at least thousands) throughout history.

    No different in mentality than our own “Democrats/liberals”, and you know how that turned out.

    Up next: Merkel in Germany. Then Carney in Great Britain.

  • rahrog

    Don’t be swayed by what they say – watch what they do.