More Fakery: The Ozone Hole Is Supposedly Healing But There’s Always Been One
By Daily Bell Staff - July 04, 2016

More Hole in the ozone layer is finally ‘healing’ … Chlorine reacting with these beautiful stratospheric clouds over Antarctica is the cause of the hole in the ozone layer (Cynthia Spence/NSF) The ozone hole over Antarctica is finally “healing” almost 30 years after the world banned the chemicals responsible for its creation, researchers say.  – ABC

So the Ozone hole is finally healing. Hallelujah.

Here’s a statement reported in the article excerpted above from “ozone hole expert” Professor Susan Solomon:

Professor Solomon said the discovery, published in Science, lent hope for the fight against climate change.  “The ozone example shows that when people engage with environmental problems, policymakers have a basis for making choices,” she said.

“The world decided to take an action on these chemicals, and the planet is responding as we expected. People can take heart by seeing that our choices can help the environment.”

We can see from her statement that humans can take action to make the environment better.

In other words, if government passes the right laws, then the planet can benefit.

Ms. Solomon is encouraged, obviously. More:

… Professor Solomon, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said the hole still averages about 17 million square kilometres in size.  “It isn’t completely healed, but it’s better than the 21 million we had around 2000,” she said.

CFC’s were phased out in 1987, but as they float around in the atmosphere for years, any impact must be measured over decades.

Solomon’s optimism was echoed by Dr. Olaf Morgenstern of NIWA in New Zealand.

The article quotes him as saying, “This new research is consistent … with model projections which indicate a gradual healing of the ozone hole and its disappearance in the second half of this century.”

What’s strange about this statement, from what we can tell, is that the hole is supposed to be there.

It’s not supposed to shrink away entirely.

HERE, from Knowledge Drift; The Science of Human Error:

Ozone; The hole that always was … I’ve explained the Ozone layer so many times on other people’s blogs that I finally decided to write it up on my own blog so I could just point at it.

There’s an assumption that people make that the famous Ozone holes are man made.  While some pollutants can in fact destroy Ozone, the holes themselves are in fact natural.

What we have is a balanced system where Ozone is constantly being destroyed at the top of the Ozone layer, and constantly being created at the top of the Oxygen layer:

So what about the Ozone holes over the poles?  They’re supposed to be there.

The article adds that “NASA is keeping close tabs on the Ozone hole in the Antarctic.”

If so, and if the hole is naturally occurring and will never “heal,” then NASA should step in and correct the misstatements of Professors Solomon and Morgenstern.

Of course, NASA won’t do so because the ozone-layer “hole” was surely environmental propaganda designed to signal to people that their casual use of various substances could destroy the earth.

Conclusion: Additionally, the point was to be made that government had to step in and ban the substances in order to “save” the ozone layer. More dominant social themes asserting the responsibility of government bureaucrats in the face of irresponsible human consumption. The lying is pervasive and continual.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Bruce C.

    Let’s all hope that what Solomon means by “healing” is that the ozone “hole” regains it’s original, natural size, not that it should close completely. She “must” know that the ozone hole exists because of the earth’s magnetic field that emanates out of the two poles (the earth’s axis of rotation, to be precise.) Ozone is an oxygen isotope consisting of three oxygen atoms and has a slight negative charge that is repelled by the earth’s axial magnetic field at both poles, effectively forming a disc of zero ozone – which is what is meant by a “hole”. These days, however, everything is so politicized that people have made themselves dumb, so I could easily believe that she doesn’t know that. The same could be true – incredibly – for NASA too. Let’s hope not.

    • Randy

      No, Ozone is NOT an isotope of the element Oxygen. Please clear up the definition of what an isotope is.
      All of the gaseous elements, except for the noble gases, always run around in pairs, sharing outer ring electrons to attain stability. When Oxygen atoms are excited enough from an energy source, some of the Oxygen molecules break apart, and the single atoms then grab onto normal Oxygen molecules, for a short time. Eventually, those extra Oxygen atoms break off again, usually after a few minutes, and then those single atoms of Oxygen pair up again, until they encounter an element that they can react with and form oxides. Like Iron, Aluminum, Carbon being some of the main ones.
      Ozone molecules are VERY reactive because the “odd man out” atom in the group will bind to just about anything in the need to attain stability. Ozone is mainly created by electrical arcs and high intensity UV rays. Lightning strikes and brush type motors give off an acrid odor, which is Ozone.
      Some idiot was trying to tell me back in the late 90s that the Ozone layer is only 1/8 of an inch thick, and once destroyed, was gone forever!! What a putz!
      Chlorine and Fluorine are VERY reactive elements, so eventually they will find something to form a compound with. Being such heavy atoms, they can’t stay up in the ionosphere forever! If you fill up a balloon with Freon, and it doesn’t float like it had Helium or Hydrogen in it, then how can those molecules get up into the ionosphere to react with the Ozone? And I’ve not yet heard of ANYBODY setting up a bell jar type test to see if Cl or Fl can actually keep Ozone from forming!! It’s all just conjecturing and theories so far.

      • Bruce C.

        You’re right ozone isn’t an isotope of oxygen it’s an allotrope. Thanks.

  • nameless

    The poles are natural in size, shape and atmospheric makeup and always have been. Anyone telling you otherwise is trying to sell you into enslavement.

    DuPont made a fortune on their CFC replacement patents throughout the shift and govcorp levered more power and created more populace ignorance. Humanity is continually being robbed through this adopted belief system, while nothing has ever been done to slow the “escape” of those so called “harmful gases” from devices that require them. Increased Consumption is the reality.

    Frankly, I don’t think that most humans are worthy of anything other than their fairy tale existence at this time. They simply avoid all responsibility for themselves. Perhaps its time to sharpen sticks and crank up the voltage.

  • natural human

    I hate being the skunk at the garden party but, folks, the evidence points to a very real probability that there is only one pole, not two. The Bell has touched on this recently with nods toward the vast and growing amount of citizen research being conducted on the shape of our earth. Aside from just plain common sense, the number of proofs suggesting the ball earth theory is just one more massive PTB lie is large and growing. I know, I know, this is crazy talk, at least that’s what I said before I opened my mind to the possibility that my senses are accurate and took the time to actually research the evidence presented on Youtube and many websites. Dismiss it if you like, but you are hereby forewarned. The earth is probably just as your senses tell you – a collection of large islands in a single flat sea surrounded by a massive ice plane of unknown size. LOL…I can hear the gnashing of teeth even through my computer. Just remember, THEY love to lie and just about everything the present system requires is based on a lie.

    • Bruce C.

      “Okay”, but what’s the purpose for that sort of lie. Who gives a damn if the earth is flat or spherical? I don’t. For all practical purposes it’s the same. Please explain.

    • mary

      Got one word for the flat earth types: f’getaboutit. Watch this vid for why it’s ridiculously wrong.

      The flat earth baloney is probably a psyop to make alternative information websites look stupid. And it’s working.

    • Samarami

      Not only that, Natural, but “science” deserves (and needs) to be enclosed in quotes. Look to the funding. Always look to the funding. Don’t make “science” your sacred cow. Sam

    • henrybowmanaz

      Because flying over the poles on a great circle route between northern or southern cities — visibly entering the ice region and then visibly leaving it again as you approach your destination — is just a mass hallucination engineered by the Lizard People of Far Achernar to confuse us monkey-boys. Right.

  • Ernie Hopkins

    We knew of the ozone hole from the 30s and 40s as it affected military radio transmissions. This was long before CFC usage ever started. The very active volcano in Antarctica spews out far more fluorocarbons than man produces and does it high into the atmosphere. This affects size and density. Man produces tons of ozone through our electrical activities at ground level that tend to negate our CFC ground level usage, hence the dense ozone belt over North America. The whole ozone scam was a precursor to set the stage for AGW, now repackaged as climate change. Going along with it we screwed ourselves and made the elites more $ and more control strings.

  • cui bono

    The so called ozone hole gets larger very winter and smaller every summer. Why in the world would this happens boys and girls? Because the sun makes ozone. And the f-ing TV screen ain’t going to tell you the truth. SO THERE! Next the sun has been putting out more energy the last few years . This means the whole CFC thing is a scam. Yes boys and girls follow the money to certain chemical companies who lost the patent rights and a certain Senator algore who is bought and paid for.

    • Astromoney

      The Sun is the Hottest it’s been in 8000 Years. Electrons are running 100X what they were in the 1980’s.