More Questions About Skewed Hillary Polls Based on ‘Younger’ Voters
By Daily Bell Staff - July 13, 2016

A majority of Americans disapprove of the FBI’s recommendation not to charge Hillary Clinton with a crime over her handling of email while secretary of state, and a similar number in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll say the issue leaves them worried about how she would handle her responsibilities as president if elected. Most also say the email controversy won’t affect their vote in the presidential election. But 28 percent say it leaves them less likely to support her, versus 10 percent who say it makes them more likely to do so. -ABC Poll

Pro-Hillary Clinton polls don’t make sense.

In fact, polling with such tiny samples doesn’t make sense anyway, but coming on the heels of other questionable polls favoring Hillary, this widely quoted poll only seems to raise further questions.

The poll, above, has been widely cited as presenting a negative picture of Clinton.

But as it attempted to question “younger” Democratic voters, perhaps the results could have been even worse than they were.

Maybe it is normal to seek out younger age groups, but certainly younger voters may be seen as even more emphatic in their preferences than older ones.

Alternatively, younger voters might have been less apt to pay attention to the questions, or more more malleable and eager to provide answers they felt would be seen as appropriate. In any case, emphasizing one demographic over another may be seen as injecting additional bias into the results.

It’s been pointed out that younger voters are often supportive of Bernie Sanders rather than Hillary, but these questions dealt directly with whether or not Hillary’s behavior changed voting decisions.

The answer was dramatically “no.”

In fact, according to the poll, two-thirds of Democrats approve of the decision not to charge Clinton and think the issue is unrelated to what she would do as president. Only three in 10 Democrats think she should have been charged.

We looked up the polling methodology HERE and found this.

Within each landline household, interviewers ask to speak with the youngest adult male or female at home; if no person of that gender is at home, interviewers ask to speak with the youngest adult of the other gender. Cell phone interviews are conducted with the adult answering the phone.

Some of those involved with Langer have faced polling questions in the past. HERE from the Huffington Post:

Emmy-Winning Iraq Polls May Have Been Tainted By Fabrication, Researchers Say

The Huffington Post Public opinion polls in Iraq since 2003 have been crucial to understanding the war-torn country. ABC News relied on polls for reporting that was awarded two Emmys — the first to mention public opinion polling.

But two researchers looking at Iraq polling data in 2011 found alarming patterns that they said suggested some results may have been fabricated by people in Iraq.

They wrote a paper describing their findings and sent it to the U.S. company in charge of the data collection, D3 Systems …

Representatives of Langer Research Associates, the company later formed that includes the pollsters who worked for ABC, and Lev & Berlin didn’t immediately respond to HuffPost’s requests for comment after business hours on Friday.

Questions have been raised about ABC and the other big media companies in the past. CBS and NBC have been accused HERE of oversampling Democrats in polls, leading to skewed results.

But ABC has also been criticized as regards polling. An April Newsbusters article revealed ABC news stations featured negative Trump polling but didn’t report polls that showed negative Hillary results. See HERE.

Meanwhile, a Reuters Ipsos poll HERE shows Hillary Clinton extending her lead Donald Trump to 13 percentage points. This is up from 10 points last week.

Given the amount of controversy regarding Clinton, the advances she managed to make are certainly astonishing. Trump actually is seen to have lost ground in the same poll.

Conclusion: It’s been shown that people may change their minds about candidates depending on the messages received from polling, among other ongoing results. And the results of polling can be dramatically influenced based on the demographics involved. Generally speaking, mainstream polling raises questions regarding a regular, pro-Hillary slant, and that’s not going to change.

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  • Hippity

    These polls showing Clinton 13 points ahead of Trump is ridiculous. There are least 5% more who will be voting for Trump, but don’t want to say so. Given that the Clintons are the two most corrupt political team to ever be in USA politics, and if these poll are really true, then America is totally doomed as Hillary will finish where Obama began the destruction of the United States of America. demise.

  • windsor1

    People, you need to understand the reality in America today.The average American takes whatever freedom he has left for granted.They think the party will go on for ever. The typical american has some guilt pang that he has to rally behind and support the underdog. He/she is an American Execptionalist who wants to be first in everything. In 2008 they voted in the first black president and got what they deserved. Now they will vote in the first woman president and get more of the same. Don’t overestimate the intelligence of the average voter.
    Consider that about 40% of working Americans work for some level of gov’t. They and their families and extended families tend to be democrat ,as traditionally this is the party that favored big government. Those that are on food stamps, social security and other forms of unemployment benefits will largely support the Democrats because the Democrats are seen as the party that will keep the benefits rolling. Recent immigrants both legal and illegal (remember you get to vote with a driver’s license) tend to vote Democratic. Many women will gravitate to the Democrats because a woman is running for the top job.
    In my mind it is inconceivable with the legacy of crime and misdeeds of the Clintons, that Hillary would find any support. I find it hard to believe that the polls are rigged because they are all showing similar results. Reuters is owned by the Rothschild’s so you would expect a skewed number from them.
    Remember, the voters had a chance to put Ron Paul into power but felt he was too radical. Now they have the chance to put The Donald in power and they fear the same.
    Unfortunately, Hillary is the anointed one and what the voters can’t do to push her over the top, the diebold voting machines will. God save America.

  • Praetor

    You said it. Pro-Hillary Clinton polls don’t make sense. Pro-Hillary slant, and that’s not going to change.

    We find the only non-biases reporting, and (poll taking) on the AlterNet of information. The rest is from the Ministry of Propaganda and can be disregarded as a fabrication from the minds of sick, corrupt individuals, who garner their living from the ‘Man’.

    I submit, if you read the commenters of discontent on websites that allow such communication, Hillary seems to be coming across as a pariah and her character is close to evil incarnate. In other words people don’t like her.

    This is a true poll of what people think of Hillary!!!

  • Goldcoaster

    Within each landline household, interviewers ask to speak with the youngest adult male or female at home; if no person of that gender is at home, interviewers ask to speak with the youngest adult of the other gender………….
    male or female. if no person of that gender is home………………WTF? what other gender?
    I mean I get the trans thing, but don’t you – even in your imagination – have to be one or the other?

    • ron R

      Read it again, slowly.

  • vongoh

    At this point I find it hard to believe the numbers that big polling organizations give to corporate media.

    If the numbers are approved by these global propaganda outlets for broadcast, then they must be equally as suspect as any of the other ‘news stories / psyops’ that they continuously run on the public.

    In a civilization as covertly controlled as ours is, control over the data that is alleged to indicate ‘what all the other sheep in the herd are thinking’ is easily as important as control over the votes.

    The powers that should not be (and own the networks) are not leaving them to chance.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    At the outset of the 19th century people’s minds were changed depending on the quality and quantity of whiskey provided by the candidates at the voting stations. Polling and the democratic system aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

  • Captain Turk

    Only two things frighten me more than seeing how easily the masses are deceived: recognizing they are ignorant of the deception – and not regarding myself as deceived.

  • Bruce C.

    “Within each landline household, interviewers ask to speak with the
    youngest adult male or female at home; if no person of that gender is at
    home, interviewers ask to speak with the youngest adult of the other
    gender. Cell phone interviews are conducted with the adult answering the phone.”

    So, according to the landline poll only minors and young adults were
    questioned, which means most of them can’t or won’t vote and may not
    have even understood the questions.

    Pollster: Do you approve of the decision not to charge Clinton?

    Five-year old: Huh?

    Pollster Are you happy that Hillary can still play?

    Five-year old: Yeah.

    Pollster: Do you think Clinton’s email scandal is unrelated to what she will do as President?

    Young adult: Who?

    Pollster: Do you think Hillary will be the same as she has been if she’s President?

    Young adult: Definitely.

    And then there was the cell phone poll in which supposedly only adults answered:

    Pollster: Do you approve of the decision not to charge Clinton?

    Adult cell phone owner: I guess so, but I want my charges waived too!

    Pollster: Do you think Clinton’s email scandal is unrelated to what she will do as President?

    Adult cell phone owner: Yes, she’ll probably do something else.

  • AP

    Conveniently omitted is the fact that 65% of the calls are made to cell phones and 35% of the calls to land lines. So in 65% of the calls, the interview is with the adult that answers the phone. And the assumption that within the 35% random landline households, all would have children 18 years of age or older is asinine. Moreso, a very small share of households is “mixed” in terms of party alignment (a 538 poll found about 10%, which means in a household of two adults it most likely doesn’t matter who speaks to the interviewer – both spouses are either democrats or republicans.

    Really the only way polls can be rigged is if someone goes by census data instead of random sampling of telephone numbers, knowingly calling democrats. Not saying this can’t happen or isn’t happening, but articles like this are frankly bull–it.

    Link to 538 poll: