National Guard Authorized to Seize Guns Ahead of Hurricane Irma
By The Daily Bell Staff - September 06, 2017

The best kind of looter is the kind that you can shoot.

Especially in emergency situations, those coming onto your property and stealing from you are a serious threat to your life. You must have the ability and means to protect yourself and loved ones.

What other kinds of looters are there, you may ask? In many places, you can protect yourself and your property without fear of prosecution.

But sometimes the gang of looters gets too big to defend yourself against. Like when it is the United States National Guard.

The Caribbean has some serious weather going on right now. The government of the U.S. Virgin Islands has therefore declared its commitment to helping everyone get through this tough time. They did this by authorizing the Virgin Islands National Guard to steal anything they need from anyone living on the Islands.

If the right to be secure in your person and property can be taken away with the stroke of a pen, you really never had the rights at all. This is the problem with entrusting the government to protect rights. They claim that they can only do so by trampling on them.

How exactly is stealing from people in need going to help the people in need?

Guns were also confiscated from citizens of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The Mayor declared that only law enforcement could have guns in the aftermath of the disaster. It left civilians open to theft and assault from looters who came after the government sponsored criminals that robbed them of their means of protection.

Last year, the Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands Kenneth Mapp started a government program to track all the firearms brought onto the islands.

In recapping some local efforts that have been made, Mr. Mapp spoke of Bill No. 31-0383 that he approved on July 30 [2016], pertaining to the registry of firearms, which requires gun owners to declare firearms at local ports immediately upon entry. “There is no more waiting period,” Mr. Mapp said.

The bill provides a necessary means for the government to track firearms and guns entering the territory. Any person wishing to bypass this requirement can be apprehended for criminal violation of our laws.

The government knows where the guns are. Mapp must be excited; he won’t let this crisis go to waste.

Of course the order also authorizes the National Guard to pillage anything else they want besides guns.

Even though price gouging benefits those stuck in a disaster, perhaps supplies will instead be taken by the government and redistributed.

This means that people who are most prepared will be robbed of their supplies. They may be called “hoarders” or “preppers,” but natural disasters prove why it is rational to prepare in the case of emergency.

And government actions like these reveal that it is not simply paranoia which fuels distrust of government. When people are their most vulnerable, government forces take advantage.

So if you are a prepper who hoards supplies, better to keep it on the down low. Don’t go advertising your loot. And maybe the government response to these disasters is a hint that it is time to get out of American controlled territory.

Is this order simply a misguided attempt to help? Or is it a typical government overreach fueled by elitism and opportunity?

Worst yet, is this a testing ground to see what the U.S. National Guard can get away with?

Tell us what you think in the comments.

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  • patrick

    Mr. Mapp should 1) read the US Constitution, AND Bill of Rights, then 2) be taken to the square and secured in stocks until the storm emergency passes.

    • Mark Christensen

      …be taken to the town square and made an example of… 🙂

      • Joe Schmoe


  • georgesilver

    A non subject for anyone living in Europe especially the UK. May be Switzerland might take note. By the way… what ever happened to Switzerland? Is it still there?

    As usual everything in the World is centred on the USA, USA, USA, USA.

    • ninefingersgrapes .

      since you probably live in a “slave state” where you cannot own a gun. A right you never had, so it’s of NO small loss! for slave people!

      • georgesilver

        Exactly! The benefits are though that we live in a relatively more civilised part of the World
        ps. for your information people have guns in Switzerland.

        • Terry5135

          But not very much ammunition, lol. But you’re right. Americans are very glib about such things, but it’s still every bit as much an authoritarian populace as any in Europe.

    • Terry5135

      Yes, Switzerland is still there and without the chaos and injustice of a drug war, even though that entailed specifically asking an American envoy NOT to visit – a phone call from the president herself, at the time. However, if you’re looking for some ocean front property, Switzerland is the place to go. 🙂

  • GaryL

    Folks, be very careful about how this is characterized? A careful reading of the law in question clearly suggests it applies to commercial activities. Now, whether or not the application takes it beyond the commercial constraints is yet another issue.

    • GH

      Slippery slope my friend, slippery slope. I guess I haven’t read carefully enough…I see nothing alluding to only commercial activities. How does one define “clearly suggest”? Seems like an oxymoron to me. Verbiage either is clear and emphatic or it is subjective and merely “suggests”. Regardless, the intent is to give “Carte Blanche” to the National Guard to step past the rights of citizens; meaning the Constitution gives rights…until government arbitrarily decides to take them away. Such was not the intent of the Founders. However, it appears it is the current corrupt practice of the powers that be in Washington and beyond.

      • Terry5135

        No, he’s right, one must be careful. I’d love to see the numbers of how many private citizens got looted while they were home after Katrina in contrast to the businesses that got looted. As for the intent of the founders, not so. The constitution promises and protects nothing in the way of rights. You’re thinking of the Bill of Rights which was the Federalists compromise with the States to shift the form of government more toward Federal in 1789. The Founders had one primary goal – to protect the wealth of landowners. You have the states to thank for the Bill of Rights.

      • GaryL

        While I completely sympathize with your “lack of seeing” what amounts to plain language, one could turn the table and ask how you arrived at “the intent?”

    • WinChll

      Is a mortgage commercial property?

      • GaryL

        While a mortgage is a commercial instrument, it might be something of a stretch to convert a private residence to a commercial property merely due to an outstanding mortgage.

  • Rosicrucian32

    They did this during Katrina in the CONUS

  • SnakePlissken

    I hope those Guardsmen remember and obey the oath they took to protect and defend the Constitution. I hope we will see some criminal prosecutions against any who don’t.

    • Don Duncan

      If recent history is a test of the average soldier and his prey, the citizen, in Katrina and Watertown is valid, both soldier & citizen will NOT defend rights. The confiscation of guns and the illegal searches/mass arrests were tests to see if soldiers would obey immoral orders or citizens would submit to tyranny. Both groups failed to act like moral individuals. Both obeyed immoral degrading orders. Both degraded themselves.
      I got chills watching. I was a little sick to my stomach.

      • WinChll

        The gun confiscation is only one issue; the major concern is taking control of “any other property that may be required” which leaves the door wide open for legalized confiscation of property.
        King George and Lincoln lives.

        • Don Duncan

          When any right is violated, all rights are violated, in principle. The basis for all rights is the same: The Right To Life.
          The question is: What is the mechanism by which rights are violated? How do rulers rationalize their actions to the populace? The populace varies in their support, based on individual values. Those values are formed in the public indoctrination centers (school) and reinforced by the MSM. If the populace is unable to reason well due to crippled cognitive ability, e.g., boring, painful indoctrination forced from an early age until early adulthood, then they follow their early training, right or wrong. This is how we get such slogans as: “My country, right or wrong”, i.e., whatever my rulers demand. A “good citizen” is an obedient citizen, one who has no self confidence in his ability to challenge the social/political norms.

          • davidnrobyn

            Don, we’ve already decided on the Right To Life issue, and voted against individuals’ right to life over 53 million times, and counting.

          • Don Duncan

            “We” decided? No one asked me. Don’t you mean “some” decided that all would be subject the initiation of violence, threat thereof, and lies politicians tell, even if it means their death? The end result of that paradigm is rights denial. This is the essence of the process, regardless of pretending otherwise, e.g., mass political rituals before sporting events where millions rise to sing about “land of the free”. This is a mass delusion practiced in every nation by billions. Each nation told by their rulers that they need to fear other nations so much that doomsday weapons of mass extinction are their best alternative.

            Who demands rights be the primary value with the foreign threat? No one in their right mind, we are told my the rulers. Thus, the masses deceive themselves and rationalize their servitude.

  • jackw97224

    So think of hurricane Irma as an attack. Then think about Germany in the 1930s and ’40s.

    Of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a
    farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to
    come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don’t want
    war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is
    understood. But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the
    policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it
    is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist
    dictatorship . . . Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the
    bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they
    are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and
    exposing the country to danger. (at the Nuremberg Trials, shortly before being
    sentenced to death) – Hermann Göring

    Regulated freedom is oxymoronic!

    Yes, remember the supercilious and downright evil Rahm Emanuel: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

    And don’t ever register your guns and don’t get concealed carry permits. Does anyone not see the evil of political government? Better to terminate political government and try organizational government based on voluntary contracts.

  • Isefree

    The purpose of the welfare state is to make us more and more dependent on it. The welfare state is led by people who love political power, who want as much control over our lives as they can get. And like the political activist group, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), the political elite will use any means necessary to pursue their goal of more control.

    Mr. Mapp is trying to see what he can get away with without seriously damaging himself.

    I’ve got a caldron of hot tar and I’m fixing to pluck some chickens!

    • Terry5135

      You’re a little confused on welfare. The greatest amount of welfare goes to corporations in one way shape or form, or another, and THOSE are the very people who want control. Especially when it comes to manufacturing arms. So, you don’t like the welfare state? Then stop supporting “our troops” and persuade your children to do anything else possible.

      • Isefree

        You’re quite presumptuous in your self-righteous way. You don’t know
        anything about me, and the conclusions you draw cannot be deduced from my

  • Don Duncan

    How many read “Mapp must be excited…” and reflected on the mentality of the statist/collectivist/authoritarian? That one phrase summed up the danger from those who worship violence. I would like to add: Mapp will rule without mercy or conscience. He sees no wrong in sacrificing individuals to “the greater good”, i.e., “national security”, even if he kills every last individual. He would defend his actions as “I was put in charge to decide (I’m the decider in chief?) and I did the best I could, no one’s infallible”.
    He isn’t the problem.
    The fact that the majority share his belief that someone must rule by force, is the problem. They create the monsters. The fact that they also are the victims does not exonerate them. We may pity them if we are not also victims, but remember all the other voluntarist victims who did not deserve to be sacrificed.
    How long will this superstitious suicide/murder continue?

  • linked1

    Good. All of you children deserve to have your guns taken away and melted down. Problem is, you elected an authoritarian, so now you’re #ucked both ways.

    • Qoquaq En Transic

      To use your OWN words…

      “You must be trolling. Nobody would would say something that stupid and mean it.”

      • linked1

        You know what you can do with your gun a$$hole?

        • Qoquaq En Transic

          Testy, aren’t you! 😎

          Must have struck a nerve!

        • Qoquaq En Transic

          Ah-HA! Resorting to invective right off the bat means I must have struck a real nerve! Testy, aren’t you! 😎 Poor baby, you’re all triggered and terrified by a picture! Don’t worry, it won’t shoot you. It’s only a picture…

          Your own words thrown directly back at you must really hurt and it must really suck these days for you to be such an SJW socialist snowflake fake-antifa leftist (“Antifa”…the very definition of an actual fascist).

          And doubly so for you since you’re a socialist Bernie Bro to boot! Poor Old Man River…. no wonder your miserably angry and totally crushed.

          YOU are the one who supports putting conservatives in prison, by your own posts as evidence. YOU are the very thing you claim to despise. All you can do is call people vile names because they dare to disagree with your socialist nonsense.

          You’re nothing but another whining leftist vulgarian (a sure sign of an empty intellect) who thinks that somehow, magically, you’ll get socialism right “…THIS time… trust us!”

          We don’t. And that’s just one reason we’re armed.

          BUT… we’ll agree on one thing: The GOPe is nothing but Dem-lite.

          But socialism is not the answer. It’s the most deadly form of “government” on the planet. Ever. 100+ million dead from last century alone will attest to that. But you are foolish enough to think you’ll get it right. Fool.

          And then I ran across THIS jewel from you: “When the NRA sells guns to black people they come installed with homing devices so that police can hunt them down and kill them.”

          You’re a real nutbag, aren’t you! It’s clear you have absolutely NO idea what you’re talking about. Take off the tinfoil hat. You’re worse than the Alex Jones crew!!!

          But here’s the really NEAT part:

          1) I don’t have to live your miserable, angry life and
          2) I own over $500K worth of legal military machine guns (best investment I ever made. and I’ll bet you live in mommy’s basement) and
          3) YOU don’t get to control gun owners one little bit! WIN!
          4) On top of all that, you’re apparently a Canadian. So what you think does not matter one bit! WIN!

          Back away from the bong dude…. the fresh air will do you good! But I’ll give you one thing… you’re entertaining!

          Signed, Not a Trumper.

          • linked1

            You’re a friggin idiot.

          • Qoquaq En Transic

            Really now…

            That’s pretty funny for a guy with no substance and who proves it with each post! You’re just another mindless drone in the Alinsky Army. Just another socialist dreamer.

          • linked1

            Haha. You must have spent hours sifting through old posts. Wow, you’re a piece of work. And by that I mean total blubbering idiot.

          • Qoquaq En Transic

            Thanks for proving my point!

            I find your alt-leftism quite entertaining, although quite vapid and devoid of actual thought…. just as you’re proving once again with your current reply.

            No argument, logic or thought. I reckon my assessment of you is spot on!

          • linked1

            When there’s a guy yelling and gesticulating angrily at telephone poles, do you try to defend the telephone poles? No, you go to the other side of the street. Why would I waste energy addressing the rantings of an idiot such as yourself?

          • Qoquaq En Transic

            Why? Because you cannot address anything because you’ve got no argument.

            All you have is name calling and invective!

            And now, I grow tired of you. I’m having conversations with others who can actually think.

            You have a great day now, ya hear?

          • linked1

            Can you please explain what you mean?

    • Qoquaq En Transic

      Nothing like a totalitarian leftist, is there.

      Confiscate private property because of your “feelz.”

      • Col. Edward H. R. Green

        No one has the “right” to do that, even in the absence of a constitution.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Fancy as that order looks and sounds stuff like that is only meant to intimidate the ignorant. In the long run these orders become history and (should be) are resisted. The whole tone seems to be changing to promoting actual civil conflict. Neo-con policies have taken the top again and their intent is chaos. Not the way to go.

  • Jakob Stagg

    Weather has occurred for millions of years. I doubt if confiscating guns and ammo will change that. Politicians never apply truth and logic to anything. Therefore they seem to be the threat needing to be controlled.

    • Don Duncan

      But who gives politicians their power? What is the source of political power, of the initiation of force with impunity? It happens when the majority believe in systemized violence by some who promise to use it for all. That promise is always broken, as one group is played off against another, creating social chaos, the very condition that the populace feared and forfeited their sovereignty to avoid.
      Yet, the creation of rulers continues, as if no option were available. The option is self rule, self governance, by non-violent means. Once society accepts non-violence as their political paradigm, war, tyranny, and exploitation disappear. It is no longer socially acceptable and therefore not supported. Without social support, authoritarianism dies quickly. The result is freedom.

      • justme

        How to get this into the minds of the people?

        • Don Duncan

          The voluntarist community excitedly await Larken Rose’s “Mirror”, a counter-indoctrincation self-help program that will be offered online, free for all.

  • Martin Fox

    I agree with a lot of what has been said earlier. This is an opportunity to see what can be gotten away with, what works and what doesn’t. I am sure the UN and Sauran…I mean Soros are following this closely. The comment regarding soldiers and constitution is interesting. The sheeple don’t even know what it says let alone understand. Soldiers certainly don’t have a constitution class in boot camp. Their mission involves violating it on a regular basis.
    Most soldiers couldn’t care less about the constitution otherwise a volunteer army wouldn’t exist.
    Anyone can get a “job” in the military, they get to play with big boy toys, feel important, kill people and break things. Constitution? The what…?