New Poll Shows Only 4% of Americans Trust Congress
By Daily Bell Staff - May 30, 2016

Ap-Norc Poll Finds Bare Confidence In Government, Elections … Few Americans have much confidence in the U.S. political system, the government in general, or in either political party. Most say they’re interested in the 2016 presidential election, but they also feel frustrated, helpless and even angry with the way the election is going, a poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows.  -AP

The US system, which is nothing like the Republic it used to be, continues to degrade in the eyes of Americans.

That’s what this poll tells us.

Only 4 percent of Americans have “a great deal of confidence” in the US Congress.

Only 15 percent have a lot of confidence in the executive branch.

Only 24 percent have a great deal of confidence in the Supreme Court

The only part of the US government that citizens seem optimistic about is the US military. Some 56 percent have “a great deal of confidence” in the military.

This is probably because Americans have little idea of what their military does.

Unlike fedgov, the Pentagon doesn’t seek out publicity for the most part.

Like the CIA and other intelligence agencies, Pentagon activities are cloaked in shadows.

Jade Helm received a good deal of negative publicity in the West.

And even now YouTube is filled with videos from commentators who have seen unusual military activity across the country.

Tanks, jeeps and other kinds of military equipment seem to be on the move. A good deal of paranoia is expressed about the US military in these videos.

This makes the 56 percent figure regarding the US military somewhat unbelievable.

Additionally, Homeland Security in concert with the Pentagon, has declared that beliefs in the US as a constitutional republic are to be treated with suspicion.

Those who believe in constitutional precepts may be harboring terrorist points of view.

President Barack Obama consistently receives approval ratings between 40 and 50 percent.

Yet only 15 percent of those surveyed have a good deal of faith in the executive branch.

As with the figure regarding the Pentagon, Obama’s numbers seem high.

We’ve predicted for many years that the Internet itself would reveal the ongoing and expanding difficulties with the authoritarian system that has taken over the US.

This is just what’s happening.

The dysfunction of the system can no longer be blamed on outside forces, or on Americans themselves.

The dysfunction is integral to the system, and this is the perception that citizens hold increasingly. It is represented in this poll.

It is not just US citizens. There is a great deal of discontent in Europe as well.

Citizens in at least 50 percent of European countries have expressed a preference to hold a Brexit-style referendum on remaining in the EU or leaving.

In the US and Europe, discontent is high with current sociopolitical and economic systems.

These are not seen as adequate or competent.

One can make the argument that such discontent is cyclical.

But, no, it is not.

Inevitably, the discontent now in evidence is going to get worse for two reasons.

First, people will continue to educate themselves about the current system via the Internet.

And second the Western banking elites that have put the system into place did so with the knowledge that it was destructive.

The idea is to tear down Western culture and nationality – and then rebuild on a global scale.

Thus, what people become aware of via the Internet and subsequent discussions is supported by history and present-day events.

And unlike times in the past when discontent surged, it is difficult to see how current sentiments are going to be defused.

Twice, cyclical discontent was defused by world war. But it is hard to see a world war taking place in the current environment. The war on terror, so far anyway, is too diffuse. It is international but regional.

And the Internet itself continues to clarify the system’s fundamental difficulty, which is monopoly central banking.

In the past, banking interests have been able to blame intermediaries such as Wall Street for economic failure.

But this is more difficult today.

Gradually, as knowledge about the true cause of economic dysfunction builds, central banks themselves will come under sustained attack.

Increasingly, little confidence remains in Western institutions – whether they are political, scientific or economic.

The survey itself tells us that “neither political party inspires much confidence, either,” in the US. Only eight percent have a great deal of confidence in the Republican Party and only 15 percent in the Democratic Party.

This lack of institutional confidence is the most pernicious modern trend. As it is rooted in reality, it is liable to grow worse.

Conclusion: This is no doubt the reason that governments in Europe and the US are preparing for violent confrontations with their citizens. This time the lack of confidence in the system is not cyclical. It is traveling only in one direction.

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  • autonomous

    “This lack of institutional confidence is the most pernicious modern trend.”
    Speaking of pernicious, why should your readers have institutional confidence? Is not confidence in institutions that has drawn us into the current snare? No thank you. I will not have or express confidence in any institution. They are, in themselves, not deserving of confidence. I will have confidence in myself only.

  • acumen

    A closer examination of such economic policies which encourage and demand its citizens find self-worth as well as financial stability within, then systematically denies these same citizens the means to achieve this, cannot expect anything less than full human wrath fueled by frustration, anger driven, and anarchic in form.

  • Don Duncan

    Confidence is based on theory or experience, or a combination of both. When experience contradicts theory (expectation) it is rational (Aristotelian) to abandon theory and form a new theory based on the evidence. However, where theory is reinforced by millennia of propaganda which contradicts the evidence, the theory becomes superstition, and made all the stronger as it is a paradigm supported worldwide in literature, culture, and by the power structures in every nation.

    This is how/why authoritarianism is the most dangerous superstition to humanity.

    Irrationality must be pervasive for it to survive. Theory must be maintained in the face of overwhelming negative consequences. This is highly destructive of life, liberty, property, and happiness because humanity can only survive by rationality. At the root of the faith in a coercive, all powerful, all controlling social system is the fear of the unknown and the need for security. The promise of security is so powerful that it replaces reason by addressing and easing the fear. This fraud works. It has worked for millennia in all cultures. The more irrational a society, the less prosperous, and the more authoritarianism thrives at the expense of rights, and the individual. It is clear, yet the evidence is ignored, in favor of the superstition that appeals to fear, to insecurity, to the need to feel protected.

    Strong, psychologically healthy individuals will chose reason and self determination over faith in institutionalized violence, rulers. They will chose sovereignty for themselves and others. That is the cure for superstition and fear. Unfortunately, it is rare.

    Perhaps the worldwide exchange of ideas, and video evidence of current events made possible by the internet, will enlighten and build self confidence, self esteem, making people less vulnerable to the fear that blinds them.

    • leevitowt

      Methinks the author has fallen in to the ‘fear-trap’ you speak of. The despondency at the numbers showing confidence in the military (which the author translated as the pentagon), does not reflect imo what is actually peoples confidence in their families in the warrior class to do the right thing.
      I doubt the pentagon ranks highly.

      • Don Duncan

        If the “warrior class” you speak of put family first before their so-called duty to obey unquestioningly, and recognize the pentagon as a special interest group serving themselves at the expense of masses, then the warrior class will not “just follow orders” as the Nazi warriors did. They failed that test when they rounded up Americans of Japanese, German, and Italian dissent and put them in jail, looted their property and land in the forties. However, we should never forget the victims obeyed also, instead of resisting and defending their rights. Their is plenty of shame to go around.

        Will history repeat itself? Will it be different the next time? Will we see the TPTB tear America apart trying to retain power? Or will we have a relatively non-violent transition to a new voluntarist paradigm? I bet on the former, but hope for, work for, the latter.

        If America is totally lost, meaning the American Dream of sovereign individuals, then it will reappear somewhere, sometime, stronger, and more explicit. Then humanity can truly call itself civilized, without self deception. Oh, to live in that society, to feel at home, at one with my species for the first time.

  • Stendec

    4% is way to high.!! I put my trust in the communists 100% before I trust the JewUsa in a heart beat !!! Americans are doomed & soon they’ll all will find out!!! God Bless the communists…and the Anti-American filth!!!

  • Earn nest

    I think periodically we just have to have a restructuring. Perhaps this time we can show how to do so reasonably at peace? We should prepare to have a constitutional convention ASAP.

    • WinChll

      A presenation arguing/cautioning about a Convetnion by Publius Huldah:

      • Earn nest

        Yes, I’m aware of the dangers and of the longstanding disregard in fact if not in rhetoric.

        • Earn nest

          It’s just that we need to reaffirm what we mean, that we do mean it and to override some of the error which has crept in through disregard and even judicial error. I know you know we are in pretty bad shape constitutionally. Thanks for the link.

  • amongoose

    Like it makes a difference, they will continue to send their crook back time and time again.
    It’s only the other guys politician that’s corrupt not mine.

  • yaridanjo

    The bad NEWS is that those 4% are still on Pandora in the Alpha Centauri star system and they have yet to be made aware of how bad our Congress is.

    The avatar movie depicts humans visiting an alien world that is a satellite of a large planet.

    Pandora Discovered

    “Pandora is a satellite of a Saturn sized planet (Polyphemus) in the Alpha Centauri A star solar system. It is depicted as one of at least four satellites as three others are shown.”

  • mike

    Which is why I don’t vote

  • Pilgrim

    The biggest problem is that politicians no longer stand for what’s right. What’s “right” has been re-defined into various victim groups and the 99% are forced to adapt what has always been perceived as the right thing to do so the maladjusted and discontented 1% don’t have to address their mental illness.

  • JosephConrad