New US Civil War? A Clinton Presidency Will Alienate Tens of Millions, Perhaps Violently 
By Daily Bell Staff - June 10, 2016

Obama endorses Hillary Clinton: ‘I am with her. I am fired up.’ … President Obama dispensed with his long-held pledge of neutrality in the Democratic presidential race Thursday, backing Hillary Clinton as the most qualified candidate to succeed him in the nation’s highest office.  “I know how hard this job can be. That’s why I know Hillary will be so good at it,” he said in a video message released by Clinton’s campaign. “I am with her. I am fired up. And I cannot wait to get out there and campaign for Hillary.”  – LA Times

President Barack Obama’s endorsement of Hillary for president is a powerful one.

It may well mean that Hillary Clinton becomes President of the United States.

And given the polarizing nature of the Clintons, Hillary’s ascension might usher in a kind of subdued, domestic civil war.

People might not organize to formally fight the federal government.

Instead, the resistance would be covert but continual. No doubt it would lead to a much harsher federal stance as regards civil liberties and presumptive constitutional rights.

The authoritarian and repressive trends now percolating in the US would be considerably aggravated by a Hillary presidency.

President Obama is doing what he can to ensure her election.

Yesterday, he talked to Hillary’s challenger Bernie Sanders, who later gave a brief statement emphasizing Democratic unity.

And then Obama huddled with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in an Oval Office meeting closed to the media.

Presumably Obama asked Sanders to stop running. And no doubt he emphasized to Loretta Lynch that even if the FBI suggested Hillary’s indictment on charges of espionage and public corruption, Lynch ought not to take action.

It is said there are elements within the FBI that feel very strongly about a Hillary indictment. Even before the larger, public controversy, a kind of internal, federal civil war may commence.

Could Hillary win even if the FBI suggests an indictment? Surveys have already shown that many in the Democratic Party want her to run regardless.

Loretta Lynch refused to bring indictments against the Internal Revenue Service for its mistreatment of Tea Party groups that wanted non-profit tax status.

And it is likely Lynch will not issue a criminal indictment of Hillary Clinton.

The lengthy investigation has been overtaken by events. Hillary is now the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party. This makes a criminal prosecution even more difficult.

Fox commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Thursday that an endorsement by President Obama of Hillary Clinton would be a major conflict of interest.

It happened anyway.

Obama’s endorsement of Hillary sends a message to the FBI that the President of the United States wants Hillary to run and win.

Here, from Fox:

Napolitano said Obama’s support of Clinton will potentially impact the hundreds of FBI agents working on the investigations.

“These people are saying … ‘how can we continue with this investigation knowing that our boss wants this person, who is the target of the investigation, to succeed him?’ That’s called a conflict,” said Napolitano.

Napolitano also pointed out that “top secret” information found on Hillary’s unsecured server was sent to her by Obama himself.

Hillary is apparently confident that she will be neither indicted or prosecuted. Thursday evening she said publicly that there is “zero chance” of an indictment.

Napolitano suggested that the only way to have a fair investigation of Hillary’s conduct was to appoint a special prosecutor.

That certainly is not going to happen under an Obama administration.

It might happen if Donald Trump becomes president. But the mainstream media has turned poisonous when it comes to Trump.

He has been branded a racist. Business and personal accusations are leveled and repeated every day.

The constant drumbeat of accusations – and actions – will keep Trump on the defensive. There are even those who suspect Trump entered the campaign to facilitate Hillary’s election in the first place.

Trump was friendly with the Clintons; they attended one of his weddings.

Here at DB, we believed that Hillary was not Obama’s first choice to succeed him.

At one point it seemed he wanted Vice President Joe Biden to run.

And because of what seemed to be Hillary’s obvious mishandling of classified emails, we believed at some point she might be asked to resign in return for a presidential pardon.

We also noted a few weeks ago that the tone of the mainstream media had turned negative about Clinton.

Others in the alternative media noted this as well.

But despite mixed signals, Obama’s decision to endorse Hillary seems to indicate that she is safe … at least as safe as she can be. At least for now.

Obama may have believed this is his best move not just politically but also personally – as it is possible his own involvement in the email mess could generate criminal charges.

There are larger issues here, of course. Obama is not a popular president at this point. And the Clintons seem actively despised by many  millions.

On the other hand, as we pointed out yesterday, both Clintons are handmaidens of the military-industrial complex and can be counted on to pursue policies that support the globalist agenda of elite banking interests.

These banking interests control the US political system and the mainstream media as well.

Barring some unforeseen development it now looks as if Hillary might be president.

Increasingly, Hillary will be seen as a very powerful person. Her enemies will fear her and everyone else in public life will support her.

Meanwhile, the electorate itself is increasingly divided and angry.

Thus Hillary’s ascension may be as declaring a kind of US civil war.

A reprise of the Clinton leadership will surely lead to electoral chaos and fury.But the banking interests running the US should be content with this outcome. 

Perhaps it is part of the plan.

Conclusion: Their slogan is “out of chaos, order.” They may well have their chaos. And no doubt will take advantage of it to create a new and more globalist “order.”


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  • Jim Johnson

    These elitist snobs vastly underestimate the degree of slow burn simmering now for years. This presidency and her helming State has been a constant brazen barrage of “Whataya gonna do about it?” Their derision knows no bounds.

  • Blank Reg

    I think there will be some kind of “civil war” regardless of whether Clinton or Trump gets elected. The anti-Trump (paid”) protestors are already being pretty overt about it.

  • Bolt Upright

    Six of one, half dozen of the other keeping the natives from getting restless.

  • I don’t see the mainstream media as being against Trump; they have a mutually supportive relationship. Obama’s endorsement means nothing to me. We are going to have a revolution one way or the other. Unfortunately, should Trump win and actually be allowed to take the office of president, few will witness anything and it could end the recording of history. And yet, the chance of that happening does not in any way suggest to me that I should support Hillary.

  • Bruce C.

    My sense is that Obama and the media and the “PTB” are purposely trying to infuriate and frustrate the non-depraved ones among us.

    Obama’s administration has been a disaster from the beginning with almost daily assaults on our sensibilities. The bureaucrats he placed in various agencies, his “czars”, Eric Holder as Attorney General and then Lorretta Lynch, his Supreme Court judges, etc., etc. have all been predictable hacks who reach lower lows by the month. An indictment of Clinton was unlikely from the beginning, and now the shallow political circumstance of becoming the first female Presidential nominee will be touted as an understandable and acceptable reason to not prosecute her.

    The assaults will continue as if to mock us and civilization itself. Such is the nature of narcissism, which is becoming writ large.

    Nevertheless, I still think Trump will win and very possibly in a landslide. Hopefully, he’ll get that because he’ll need the mandate. When he does there will be riots I’m sure and he will have the police crack down (this time). That will be scary because if it goes too far or doesn’t let up we’ll all have the police state we all fear after all. I’ll still take my chances with him because I don’t think he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    • James Richard

      “It’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes”… and with the vote counters being operatives of both parties, neither of which who want Trump to win, the fix, as they say, is probably in.

  • FreeYourMindinSC

    If you read SJWs like this joker in HuffPo:, it should be clear: civil war has already been declared: by the left.

    This is not just the usual PC canards. I read this “critical media studies” loon as actually justifying violence against Trump supporters, & if they should decide they’ve had enough & decide to start fighting back, things could escalate fast!

    Has there been actual violence against Trump supporters?

    And yes, if Hillary Rodham (“We came, we saw, he died, ha ha ha”) Clinton becomes the 45th President of the United States, (1) you will see more foreign wars on top of continuing present ones (Ukraine is a likely hot spot, & there are others); (2) you will see more jobs leave the U.S. as more trade deals like the TPP & the TTIP are signed into law as Hillary does her globalist masters’ bidding, which will mean a continued dropping of the standard of living everywhere except in elite-controlled enclaves like Wall Street & Silicon Valley; (3) you will see more globalist economics to justify the ongoing destruction of the U.S. standard of living, & more phony-baloney job stats to convince the sheeple that everything will work out in the end; (4) you will probably see Middle Eastern Muslims settled in U.S. cities, so they can begin to look like the Muslim enclaves in & around Paris, & other European cities; (5) you will see an even more aggressive furthering of the GLBT agenda (given that Hillary is probably a closet lesbian) & fewer & fewer legal defenses against it, including just to protect your small children from possible sexual predators. Much of this is not sustainable, of course; the federal government cannot continue running up the national debt indefinitely, nor can the Fed continue running the money creation spigot to prop up a bubble economy. The U.S. cannot continue with its sole significant export being increasingly worthless dollars & war.

    Finally, if Hillary is elected president, none of the things that have brought a record number of GOP voters out of the woodwork to support Donald Trump will have gone away. They will grow rapidly worse, like infected, festering sores. Many working class (& former middle class) whites in particular are fed up with being the one group everyone else can dump on, being called racists, etc., etc., & told by PC types they have “white privilege” they know good & well from personal experience does not exist.

    If Hillary becomes president, the U.S. will witness a race between civil war & what may be the worst economic downturn in its history — or both.

    Me, I’d be getting my Plan B in place if it isn’t already, because the changes of her winning this election are very, very good! Demographics alone suggest that. There are now more minorities & more a-woman-needs-a-man-like-a-fish-needs-a-bicycle-types than there are “angry white males” (if you’ll pardon the media-created PC category) likely to vote, & no guarantee that voting will even be safe for the latter by the time November gets here!

    • licensed2carry

      Right on, right on, right on! You and I are of the same mind, for sure. I write pieces all the time trying to explain to people how we are on the brink of a major national disaster.

      Real Americans, lovers of this great and blessed land, under the Constitution and Bill of Rights that used to be one nation under God, is in freefall (without God) under Obama’s treasonous pirate ship called the USS Fundamental Transformation. America has become one nation under a titanic, radicalized government who has indoctrinated 50% of the inhabitants therein to a point they are too dumbed down to understand they are being brainwashed and used as expendable pawns on a course bound for implosion.

      We are at a crossroads. Those with common sense and eyes to see know that a minefield of dangerous discord and pre-violent blowback is percolating. The admissions of George Soros on public television of “America being his last conquest” along with White House inhabitants of members of the Muslim brotherhood, Obama and myriad politicians across the board from “both” camps are laying the groundwork that will bring our beloved country to her knees before it does an ISIS on us all! Cloward and Piven, Adolph Hitler and other heathens of our time have provided road maps on how to gain control, dominate and crush free societies. Who would have thought this could happen in America? Who would have thought a cake baker would be destroyed for refusing to bake a cake? Who would have thought the education system would force-teach what to think rather than HOW to think? Who would have thought we would allow boatloads of undocumented, illegal aliens into the country and not prosecute them after they commit crimes? We are looking down the barrel of the “fall of America” an extreme devaluation of the dollar and the very real possibility of the greatest depression the world has ever known. Still people don’t get it. My opinion is, if they haven’t experienced an epiphany as of yet, they NEVER will and it is time, finally, that we stand together and return to the mindset of those who fought and died and laid the ground work for this, the greatest nation on God’s green earth.

      I am a veteran. There are many of us who have sworn an oath to serve and protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign “and domestic.” We have all bent over backwards, gnashing our teeth, trying to temper our anger and frustration while BEING FORCED to accept and watch everything we know and love about our country be spit on, desecrated and turned upside down. If we dare confront their agenda, we are demonized and called radicals, racists and other vitriolic names. There is no chance anymore for peaceful debate. They have turned our freedoms and liberties against us and force a putrid agenda down our throats and up our asses.

      Part of the direction of Communist Manifesto is to denounce God; take control of the health care system; make people dependent on the government for subsistence promising a free utopian lifestyle for all; attack freedoms and liberties, take our guns and control every man, woman and child. Soros says, we (the government) need to divide, we need to polarize, we need racial uprisings, we need to attack Christianity, we need to remove the moral compass of society; we need blood in the streets; WE NEED TO CONTROL EVERY ASPECT OF HUMAN LIFE.” Look around. They are succeeding by leaps and bounds. After that, the breakdown results in the military being forced to declare martial law. Then, after the they kill scores of Americans, each member will have to search their souls to choose what side of the line they will stand on. It’s a classic scenario. We read about it happening all the time all over the world.

      Most do not realize how dangerously close we are to the breaking point. There are SO many ways in which the masses, comprised of ignorant, know-nothing followers are being led, manipulated and indoctrinated. In deed, they will not likely ever learn that our politically correct, racially-dividing, Muslim-infatuated, LGBT orgy-oriented nymphomaniacs are contributing to the rise of a radically Muslimized, Communist liberal government.

      The end game is getting clearer every day. It has become apparent to me that we the people, the God-fearing patriots of our nation, many of whom have sworn an oath to serve and protect mother America from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic, may well have to step up to the plate. Be prepared for major events, some of which are here now but many more to come as the year progresses. Watch as the economy of the nation tumbles over the next few months and how the establishment twists the knife of blame against us whenever and wherever possible. It’s how they roll, it’s their doctrine and it is time we learned of its evil intent. When a leader says we are on the way to fundamentally transforming America and 7.5 years later we find our country in an ocean of insanity, extremely discontent, divided and the possibly of civil war is in our discussions, we begin to understand that what Obama REALLY meant was fundamentally “destroying” America as we know it. We better believe we’re in trouble deep! Be prepared and know that the mouthpiece to the masses, the government’s media, will slander and spit vitriol more and more as they demonize and destroy anyone in their way. Hillary is a rabid demon. Trump is her only adversary. His dethroning Obama will be our first strike against them. Remember our government is totally corrupt and is a robot that is totally out of control. They have money, they have the police, they have the military. They have everything they need at their fingertips. All we have is our intellect, our voice and our will. Keep your powder dry, NEVER give up your guns and know that God is watching – as is the rest of the world. To remain complacent will mean our demise.

  • robertsgt40

    At this point, it’s more like who will take the helm of the Titanic.

    • FreeOregon

      Yes. This really is a contest between two people who either do not realize they will be blamed, or are too arrogant to care.

  • r2bzjudge

    *Their slogan is “out of chaos, order.” They may well
    have their chaos. And no doubt will take advantage of it to create a new
    and more globalist “order.”*

    The Chinese empire is waiting in the wings, as the U.S. empire declines. As Martin Armstrong notes, China is not yet ready for prime time, yet, that is the direction things are heading, if one looks at the cycles of world economic history. Armstrong notes that by 2032, the financial center of the world will move from west to east.

    The sun once never set on the British empire and it is now a ghost of its former self, as it decides whether to Brexit or not. All empires decay once they reach their zenith.

    There are numerous separatist movements flying in the face of globalism. The Soviet Union broke up as well. Even Euro countries are putting border controls again. How does globalism win out in those conditions?

  • FreeOregon

    What if this contest between undesirables is as if the election poses a Brezhnev Apparatchik against a New Age Yeltsin? The Apparatchik is likely to thin the $15 an hour herd by turning robot replaced unemployed into cannon fodder.

    The Soviets disintegrated from exhaustion with relatively little violence. One way to view the government’s ongoing failures in Iraq and Afghanistan is through the lens of exhaustion. Today Russian backed proxies seem far more effective than US backed proxies. All NATO does is parade around Eastern Europe and send aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean where they make excellent targets. Ludicrous. One hopes the Poles and Baltic State inhabitants feel good watching parades go by.

    My thought is we’ve time to crumble relatively slowly. Cycles suggest by 2032 power will have devolved back from Washington to local groups. One hopes the local groups do not live in caves.

  • MetaCynic

    An unpopular president and a fading mainstream media have endorsed an obviously ethically challenged political retread whose government career is a series of failures and whose only qualification for office is presumed to be her gender. I fail to see how this will work in Hillary’s favor considering that the electorate, betrayed and loathed by elites such as Hillary, is in a revolutionary spirit. It’s this spirit which has made a one time unthinkable Trump presidency a now very real possibility. There is not only the issue of Hillary’s blatant disregard for protecting state secrets entrusted to her, but even worse, she’s being investigated for selling favors to foreign entities while Secretary of State in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation.

    Since he will have no future in a Clinton administration, the head of the FBI, a Republican, will most likely resign if Hillary is not indicted. One can only imagine the dirt on Hillary which he and other disgruntled agents will leak to the Trump campaign. Trump had masterfully exploited his Republican opponents’ character flaws, ridiculing their failures and weaknesses. He will latch onto Hillary’s general criminality and foreign policy failures and not let go. Neither Obama nor the MSM will save her from Trump’s fusillade.

  • mary

    There will be no civil war. As long as there’s NFL and beer, nothin’s gonna happen. The people will take every insult, every injustice, every outrage with equanimity as long as the remote is within reach.


    • Mike Garland

      Mary, well put! You’ve nailed it on the head. I would at to the list of things used to dumb us down now; Marijuana! Sports, Beer/Wine and a Big Fat one and we will happily head to the slaughter house! What a shame!

  • Castle_Nut

    Hillary is The Antichrist.

  • Castle_Nut

    You’re not stuck with choosing between Hillary and Trump. Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, is running on the Libertarian ticket, and would make a great president.

    • rahrog

      Gary Johnson is NOT a libertarian. He does NOT believe in ending the empire. He is just another phony politician.

      • bouf

        Disagree. I’ve met him. We spoke specifically of empire. He could very well be phony, but I don’t think so. Whether or not he is the ideal libertarian is immaterial. He is the only sane choice that will be on all 50 states ballots.

  • Doc

    I still believe Hillary will be the next US president. They just needed some really smelly alternatives to make it happen, like Bernie and Trump.

    • timamac

      So, Trump is more “smelly” than Hillary?! This country is doomed.

      • Doc

        Well, in my opinion they all stink. But they must have tried hard to find worse alternatives than Clinton and then portray it like they smell more.

  • rahrog

    The Ruling Class prefers Clinton because they already own her. No matter who the next American president is TRC is going to crash the zombie economy (they’ll probably blame that on China), and start WWIV (they’ll blame that on Russia). These scumbags know their plans for global control are falling apart so they will have to continue to use more and more force. ??? How long before their security teams turn on them ???

  • Does the following, if true, prove the Donald right and Hillary crooked and therefore fit/unfit for US Presidential purpose???

    It has been widely speculated, if not proven, that donors to the Clinton Foundation who over the years have transferred hundreds of millions of dollars to the “charitable organization”, bought political favors with the Clintons in exchange for their generosity. That has now been confirmed thanks to a stunning ABC report which reveals how a major foundation donor – one who previously had practically no experience on intellgience matters – mysteriously ended up as a nuclear weapons advisor to Hillary during her tenure as Secretary of State.

    Worse, the person in question Rajiv K. Fernando, had been the head of a high frequency trading company, Chopper Trading (recently acquired by HFT powerhouse DRW), which may explain the unprecedented pull of the HFT lobby throughout all ranks of the US political apparatus. In other words, Fernando bought a seat to not only have advance knowledge of all US foreign policy, but to directly shape it, something he could then parlay in the forms of massive policy frontrunning profits thanks to his trading company.

    In other words, the appointment qualified Fernando, a trader in the public markets, for one of the highest levels of top secret access.

    Just as shocking was the aggressive retaliation with which the State Department tried to cover up the cronyism that literally “bought” Fernando’s seat as one of Hillary’s closest political advisors, and how – as a result of ongoing media pressure – Fernando just as mysteriously resigned only days after his appointment was announced when the State Department was unable to come up with a legitimate reason for him to stay on.

    The full shocking story follows, courtesy of ABC.

    Methinks the United States* is a major failed sub-prime media project in dire straits need of fundamental reinvention with considerably smarter virtual leadership/Advanced IntelAIgent Command and Control of Novel Non State State Actors/Relatively Anonymous Executive and Practically Autonomous Administrative Systems …… for all minions and clever humans follow instructions and directions delivered by machines and media outlets inputting programming/mass manipulation/simply complicating brainwashing.

    It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion. …… Joseph Goebbels ….. and to mentor and monitor ITs phormation of programs and projects for Global Operating Devices for Remote Command and Virtual Control of Manipulative Systems be a Quantum Leap for Man and Giant Step for Mankind in CyberIntelAIgent Fields of SMARTR Exploitation and Alien Exploration in Systems of Operation. [amfM…1406090157]

    The Internetworking of Things and the Great Game have changed, and to deny and/or ignore the fact and expect the status quo and past practices to remain dominant and prevail and survive essentially unchanged, is a beautiful folly permitting stealth every aid to server and service future drivering delivery forces. Of that can you be assured. It is what IT is and we think and anything can be.

    All of that though does require much more than just sharing wisdoms, both ancient and modern.

    *Uncle Sam is by no means alone in what is a very crowded space. Madness and mayhem are struggling to exercise rule and reign practically everywhere whether North, South, East or West. And one imagines such a virtual reality and AI Operating System is busy exercising Bilderberger types, and even thoroughly terrorising them with the unfurling and unravelling of previously thought impregnable programs and olde worlde order projects.

    • Proof positive of the dire straits situation and present exhausted condition and diminished crumbling state of effective invisible influence for Uncle Sam and satellite Western acolytes with a remote virtualised command and command of Global Operating Devices and Mass Media Organised Operating Systems ‽ . ……. National Science Foundation Dear Colleague Letter

      And what if, and are Live Operational Virtual Environments and AI, Master Class Drivers already long ago gone dark and deeply embedded within any and all possible forms of the Global Environment for Network Innovations, or GENI and Smart & Connected Communities? Which worthy Earthbound forces can you imagine they could and would favour and server with their leading energy and power store and supply?

      Are there any really worthy executive administrations and truly available linking Earthbound systems for Commanding Controlling IT or is Future Provision with IT and AI Remote Virtual Monitoring and Relatively Anonymous Autonomous Mentoring an Alien Affair and Novel IP Offering to Boot, and a Private Pirate Enterprise with Deep and Dark Web AIdVenturers?

      Please feel free to venture forth and provide the name of any whom, or of that which may be existing and you have considered may be likely to be interested, and to be able to prove themselves worthy. There be so many little secret societies vying vainly for dominant transcendent advantage nowadays.

      And can you believe what you read to deliver a New Orderly World Order Future, or is IT all AIdDream Programming and Projects with Aliens at their Work and in REST and Greater IntelAIgent Games Play, and something which they deliver?

      There’s a lot going on out there in Space and CyberSpace, DB, and practically all of it quite threatening existentially and fundamental and revolutionary.

  • windsor1

    Never ever underestimate the collective stupidity of the average American voter. There are volumes of written material about the Clintons; mysterious deaths, Whitewater,women who were Bill’s “lovers” who were murdered or threatened to be silent, leaked nuclear secrets to the Chinese under the Clinton watch, improprieties in the Clinton foundation, fund flows between Laureate University, the gov’t and the Clintons, the lies about being under live fire in Bosnia, public interviews with the Secret Service that served the Clintons, Mena Ak drug traffic, Benghazi and of course the emails and her open promotion of the UN small arms treaty which is a back door tactic to grab Bubba’s guns. Nevertheless none of this is played on CNN so it is lost to most voters; and the prevailing mentality is, that if it is not on television it did not happen and if it is, the version that is played is the truth. American voters are confident that American media never lies and only foreign countries use media as a propaganda tool. What does impress voters is that Hillary could be the first woman president. Americans have been condition to embrace the first, whether it is the first team in the league or that America did something unique that nobody did before ie maybe went to the Moon etc. It reinforces the concept of exceptionalism. The psychopathic image of Hillary gloating over the violent death of Qaddafi is long gone down the memory hole of the average voter as is the comment of “What does it matter” about the murder of Ambassador Stevens or the other brave people at the CIA safe house in Lybia.
    They have forgotten that Obama too was a first with the catchy promise of “Hope and Change” With at least 100 million unemployed after his 8 years at the helm, anyone who challenges the economic record is told they are “peddling fiction”. With the endorsement of Hillary by Obama there is a clear conflict of interest at the highest levels into the ongoing investigation against Hillary.
    Americans are truly underinformed and uninformed about their own political system. It is broken and is not longer a constitutional republic. Even the other guy has a catchy slogan “Lets Rebuild America” which sounds better than “Hope and Change”.
    While bubba is vacilating between and empty pant suit and an empty suit assembled by a Hong Kong tailor, the Republic is broken and on fire. Bubba is watching the symptoms and not the real problem; systemic corruption by an economic cartel called central banking. It is analogous to checking the dipstick on your car and adding oil when the real problem is a leaky gasket. Adding oil does not fix the problem.
    The public blew their chance with Ron Paul whom CNN deemed too radical and was a kooky fringe candidate. Instead they astutely went for the “first” black president. This time neither candidate aggressively points to the Fed, the underlying cancer that is destroying America. We have the choice between a woman with a legacy of corruption, psychopathy and violent aggression and the “poor man’s billionaire” who wants to rebuild America. Any bets the American voter will once again make the wrong choice.

    • william beeby

      I agree with everything you wrote and can`t understand why more dont . You would think that America being the richest country in the world would also be the most switched on. I mean Americans must have more computers per capita than any other country so they must have a huge internet community who keep abreast of current affairs. However in the case of America , as with the rest of the advanced nations like my own UK , it seems that the corrupted MSM still holds sway and forms opinions.
      How bad must things have been in the days before the internet when we all had no alternative to learn from ?
      Obviuosly I lived through those times and we just knew no different but now there is no excuse. WAKE UP PEOPLE !

      • windsor1

        Remember too William that 60% of all porn sites are hosted in the US. Many of those computer owners are not logging into geo-political sites to learn what is really going on.

      • william beeby, Hi,

        The Internet is surely more intelligently designed and secured for leading current and currency affairs, not just keeping abreast of some of them with MSM subjective reporting of selective tales.

        Such though is what is both challenging and/or terrorising both ancient and modern systems of exclusive executive operations and general administration and leading CHAOS [Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems] into power structures/command and control centres par excellence.

        IT and AI are sublimely provisioning Brave New Orderly World Orders with Virtual Machinery in Practical Attendance and Remote Ascendancy. The only meaningful doubt to consider, and which stealthily continually allows its unhindered march forward, is that which remains within all questioning the possibility and smarter reality.

        And methinks in these times whenever it is so easy to know different and there be no excuse available for ignorance, other than arrogance and a lack of intelligence and education, is the stupidity of Man to blame for their every folly. But such has been well noted before and most probably by many more than just Albert Einstein …..”Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

      • Dave

        Agreed. I have found that when I discuss these very issues with family and friends that they are strangely silent. It is almost like they are afraid that if they look a bit harder at these issues they will feel compelled to “do something.” It is almost as if they are, by doing nothing, taking the easy way out. We have truly become in many cases a nation of people following a “path of least resistance” when it comes to real issues that really affect us as a nation. When I think of all of the people who sacrificed all they had for the ideas of Liberty and Freedom it makes me ill to watch what we have become.

      • Calcinor Jones

        There are Americans that take notice and are fighting. There are US Citizens that have been droned into the mind set that the elites love. Dulled by the saccharine of entertainment, academia, image, porn, sports, pharma drugs, recreational drugs and cultural fantasies. The worship of big government is on and the drones just burrow into the absurd matrix with full throttle.

  • william beeby

    After this sham of an election America will no longer be able to call itself a freedom loving democracy that is for sure. On just about every measure of human rights the US now fails dismally and can no longer look down their noses at other countries when it comes to being a fair and just society. Poverty levels in the so-called richest country in the world are a disgrace but nobody seems to care about that. Clinton or Trump ? That is now the choice facing the good people of America and I for one do not envy them as I can see no positive outcome.

  • Nexusfast123

    If Clinton gets elected you can start a countdown to the end of civilization. I’ve read a lot about her. She reminds me of the wife of the Romanian dictator but with more menance and nukes. The US has becone what it fought against during WW2.

    • Vlad Pufagtinenko

      Is the 123 at the end of your name an announcement that you’re learning how to count? Good for you comrade. Maybe you should leave the posting to intelligent people though

  • dicyo mouth

    Take bathhouse barry out of the
    equation, and what has the Presidential
    lineup been since 1988 (especially if
    rodham wins)?
    Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, a son of Bush, wife of
    Bill Clinton.
    And you idiots run around chanting USA,
    stupidly believing you are free, the
    citizens of a Republic, where
    the rule of Constitutional law has the last word.
    Cartridge box for President 2016.