New York City Processed a Fake Property Deed. THIS Innovative Country Won’t Have that Problem.
By Joe Jarvis - December 05, 2017

Imagine having the power to declare something legitimate with the stroke of a pen, the press of a stamp, or the enter button on your keyboard.

The government has that power. But it is part of the magical myth of government legitimacy. That is the main service government provides: legitimacy.

It can make stealing legitimate. It can make kidnapping legitimate. It can make assassinations, genocides, and wars legitimate.

And the government can also make housing deeds legitimate. They do the official processing to make sure that everything is in order. In their sacred temple of city hall, they bless the official papers with holy stamps, and all is right.

Except when it’s not.

New York City approved fraudulent papers which allowed a man to “officially” steal a woman’s house.

The forged deed was homemade, but the city government still processed it. They said stopping the fake deed from being processed would have been like finding a needle in a haystack. It sounds pretty easy to steal someone’s property with forged documents using the government’s system of verification.

After years of effort, the woman, Jennifer Merin, was finally able to hold the man accountable. He is now serving a year in prison.

But holding the city accountable is another story.

Merin, 74, had sued the city for not catching the forgery when the paperwork was first filed, but lost on appeal when the court backed a judge who said she couldn’t prove the city was negligent.

The feisty homeowner is fuming and has vowed to fight the decision.

“I find it absolutely astonishing and sickening that the city that gave away my property without due process by registering an obviously fraudulent deed, while it was still charging me for taxes on that property and water usage on that property, is now insisting that it has no accountability for those actions,” Merin told the Daily News.

Big governments are a lot like big corporations in some ways. They are dinosaurs. They can not maneuver and change with the times. In business, these megacorporations usually end up being upset by small startups with innovative business models.

And the same could happen with government.

The country of Georgia has less than half the population of New York City. Much like Estonia, and other small countries, Georgia is embracing technology and innovation in its governing structure.

This year, Georgia became the first country to use the blockchain for property transactions.

In April last year, the government and bitcoin hardware and software firm Bitfury Grouplaunched a project to register land titles via a private blockchain, which is a tamper-proof ledger, and then to make those transactions verifiable using bitcoin’s blockchain, which is public…

In a blockchain-based ledger, records are time-stamped, as are subsequent changes to those records. This would allow people interested in a specific property to see and verify the date of past transactions.

Additionally, data on blockchains can be made private or public. In this case, the details of the real estate transactions are placed on a private blockchain network run by known computers, and then, in order for citizens to verify the authenticity of certificates, that data can be turned into a cryptographic “hash” that’s made public on the bitcoin blockchain which is run by thousands of computers worldwide. The hash is a type of digital fingerprint that enables anyone to verify that the data matches what’s on the blockchain without seeing the data itself.

Finally, blockchain technology brings security to real estate transactions because there’s no central point of failure. The ledger is distributed among many computers, so a would-be hacker would need to simultaneously attack at least 51% of the network in order to fraudulently alter records.

Whether or not you believe Bitcoin is a real currency or a big bubble, the underlying technology is legitimate.

The blockchain is legitimate because it hosts independently verifiable information. It is legitimate because it cannot be tampered with, and holds a permanent record of transactions. It is legitimate because it is decentralized, and can be used by individuals without trusting in government competence.

Blockchain legitimacy has nothing to do with the myth of magical government action. And that is why its future is bright.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • NobodysaysBOO

    only in NY?
    WHY NOT in NYNY it works FINE in the WEST BANK and GAZA????


      Both Trump and Putin serve the Chabad and Israel.

      • NobodysaysBOO

        time to bust up the club?

  • concerndcitizen

    Garbage in = garbage out.
    Blockchain won’t completely eliminate the corruption.

  • Faris Mee

    “He is now serving a year in prison”.
    A darkie would go inside for years and years if he stole something even half the price of her property.

  • Sam Nelson

    “After years of effort, the woman, Jennifer Merin, was finally able to hold the man accountable. He is now serving a year in prison.”

    Read more:

    A year in prison?
    Property, like gold, has so many owners who can know who is who and who owns what.
    The Warranty Deed we get, is not the end of the matter, Deeds, are shopped around, and, in the end the Queen of England owns it all.
    The Land Deeds, held by the Royalty in England are the last word on who owns property.
    You thought you lived in “America” the land of the free, what a joke; we are, a possession of the United States Company 1871, a Rothschild Family Company, with the Queen of England covering the Family’s tracks, bloody tracks.
    ““I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.” – Nathan Rothschild””
    Nathan Rothschild, that’s the guy who swore to kill the Tsar of Russia and his whole family, and he did get it done, because, the Tsar got in the way of the Rothschild’s League of Nations gambit – they gave their lives for nothing as we now have the European Union.
    President’s Grant and Wilson, the worst creatures ever born, well, the two President’s Bush, the Clinton Presidency, Reagan; how do you decide, the worst, when they are all the worst, the worst that ever happened to US?
    In the beginning there was the Company and though men tried to resist the Company, the blackmailing and bribes did hold sway, so the nation was born a liar, a thief a murderer.
    We have no rights and we own no property, we are less than nothing.
    Taught absurd lies all out lives, we are divided and ignorant.
    The only people in all the world who have any rights at all are the billionaires, the trillionaires, and the Family.
    These people have all the rights, even the right to ignore any and all laws applied against us, used to hold us in the hands of killers.
    What this woman was made to endure is absurd, if Law was Just, she should sue the State Of New York for a billion dollars.

    • henry pierson

      What a silly rant, sue the state of New York for a billion dollars? And who is the state of New York? The people of New York? And whose money will this woman be receiving? What justice is there in taking money from taxpayers?

      • Sam Nelson

        Might teach the taxpayers to take better care of their citizens. They can do this by storming the government buildings and demanding a real representation be put in place. Right now, the hiring practices there, in NY, are all political and demand nothing of the employee but obedience to the party line. Doing a good job is just an afterthought.

        All of US, support New York City, so yes, us taxpayers would have to foot the bill; so what about that default 2008 or was it 2009, the taxpayers paid for that; so, why not help a citizen every now and then with our tax money, we have made the corporations rich?

        As for “silly” heck, so what, I am a silly guy.

        How silly would you be if someone took your home and belongings away from you in a similar way? Would you laugh about it? I own our home, I fear such a thing as this could happen, to my wife and myself, yeah, it is real and a billion dollars is nothing in comparison.

        • Henry Pierson

          Sorry, I don’t understand your first sentence Sam, I thought taxpayers and citizens were the same people; off course there are citizens who pay no taxes but this is another issue. If a billion dollars is nothing to you, Sam, perhaps you could choose to right this wrong yourself rather than to expect people who had nothing to do with it step up. I am just saying, if you really feel that strongly about it.

    • Number 6

      “Who ever controls the Money supply” Jews practice Gematria the practice of coding numbers into words ie ABC 1+2+3 = 6

      Money 13+15+14+5+25 = 72
      Bitcoin 2+9+20+3+15+9+14 = 72

      Coincidence ? Bitcoin is their one world currency for their one world government

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, this is the reason for me NOT to buy anything in France, in Italy, in fact nowhere, and just as an ex. from the nation whom have made corruption to an science, Italia, where they just take your boat and tell the Italian Pigs that its theirs and they have an document, and can claim you where payed, etc, etc, and you will have to entertain the Italians cost system for years, to just get your f…. boat back, etc, etc, the reason for not bothering to move to Spain, where the most popular sport among Romani/Spanians and the Pigs witch always gets their shear of the cake, witch is equally rotten, is simply to occupy your house and demand rent, yeah, and then try to go to the Pigs to find help, huh, that would never happen.
    And so on.

    This is done in Russia, the scale of this crimes where and still is staggering high, of course you will not read about it, like getting an pensioner drunk, force that poor soul to sign under the papers, and presto, the old one have no home, of not just killed and dumped, nobody cares about an old person, this is also in Norway, but the scam is a bit more hidden, where retirement homes are packed with people whom the Doctors, the lawyers, everybody steals from this person, and if a bit sick, get them to be deemed unfit to control their own economy, etc etc, this is epidemic, and nobody is ever arrested.
    This way of scamming elders are very hot in the norDick country’s.

    Yeah, what an glorious world.


  • MetaCynic

    I once lived in a large condo building where the property tax was levied on the entire building and then apportioned among the individual unit owners based on their already established percentage of ownership. It’s simple enough for a monkey to key percentage of ownership numbers into a spreadsheet to calculate the property tax. A monkey maybe but not county government employees. They botched things so badly that 10% of unit owners were either vastly overcharged or undercharged. I was one of those overcharged.

    The condo board had to hire a property tax lawyer to work thru the courts for two years in order to straighten out things. In the mean time I had to continue to pay my now erroneously inflated already inflated property tax. At the end, the county refused to return all of the over charge and the interest paid me was only one half of what I would have been charged if had underpaid my property tax. If this was an instance of a bookkeeping error at a private company, the error would have been corrected with a single phone call.

  • Expecting government to be accountable? Don’t hold your breath.

  • davidnrobyn

    This is really small potatoes. In Pakistan, they do the same thing–regularly. No need to forge a deed, the clerk will do it for you. All you have to do is bribe him and perhaps some other officials, and they’ll make a duplicate deed for you, which you can take to court to contest the real property owner. If the real owner is a Christian and you’re a Muslim, you’re usually in luck. This is SOP there, a scam as old as the hills. I laughed when I heard the woman wants to sue the city. I mean, I sympathize with her, but in Pakistan and many other places she wouldn’t even get a hearing. At least here, people will be concerned, and there are a FEW persons of good will who might do something. Even maybe a judge. We don’t know how good we’ve got it.


    A Deed is a transfer instrument, and a contract. If you “record” the Deed, you donate it to the corporate government Trust as Public Property. If you keep the Deed as Private Property, it is yours. If you own a house, record a Notice of Transfer that specifically states the property and Deed are Private Property, unavailable for commercial or public use.

    Recording a Deed is a PRIVILEGE, while owning property is a Right you sacrifice in order to accept the PRIVILEGE. ATTORNEY”S are public officials and can ONLY deal with public property. They can’t touch your Private Property, including your Deed and the land it attaches to.

  • Anyone can record a deed as long as it contains the required elements, including a signature which is notarized. It isn’t up to the jurisdiction in which the deed is recorded to determine which deeds are valid and which deeds are forgeries. The proper course of action is not to sue the city that recorded the deed, but rather to petition the court to have the deed set aside as fraudulent. This has been the case at common law for well over 100 years in my state and I suspect in NY as well.

    A deed merely transfers real estate from one entity to another – it does not “donate the property to the corporate government trust as public property” as one comment claims.

    The author refers to the deed as “homemade” and this is odd. What kind of libertarian wants people to be unable to draft their own legal documents? Well, other than perhaps a shyster attorney seeking a monopoly.

    The deed here obviously met the criteria for recordation or it would not have been recorded, and if it was it would be invalid. In this case, it is almost certain that there was a forged signature of the actual owner along with a forged acknowledgement by a notary. These actions are felonies in my state and most likely in NY. So, in addition to having the deed set aside by court order. For those that want small government and lower taxes, would you really have the government investigate every document that gets recorded for validity. Would investigators go visit the parties to the deeds or mortgages and have them swear they signed it prior to recording it.

    For those who insist on having some form of limited government, having a central and public place to record deeds is about one of the few things the government does well – unless you also expect them to weed out fraudulent documents. This is like demanding government eliminate identity fraud.

    Most likely the new owner of the property under the forged deed intended to obtain a loan on the property or flip it to a legitimate purchaser for cash. Most likely a title examination would have been undertaken and it might have turned up the fraud. If not the fraud would be apparent once a bank foreclosed or someone showed up to move into the house.

    The whole blockchain registration thing as described pretends that titles cannot already be examined and that there is no date and time stamp on recorded deeds.
    And as we have already seen numerous incidents of bitcoin fraud, obviously blockchain will not eliminate fraud.

    I’d say in general, the land registration systems in America work very well and the common law based rules relating to real estate are fair and work well. Of all the things government does, this thing is among the least problematic. As an anarchist, if government vanished tomorrow I would recommend setting up a system very much like the existing system. If one wishes to maintain real estate property rights, a system to give public notice of ownership is vital. I’m not so sure the internet service providers that facilitate IT experts and blockchain fanatics offer a better system that is accessible to all people, including non-lawyers. When the blockchain goes poof (as has happened when people lost bitcoins) would you like the ownership of your house to be in question?

    • robt

      When it was all paper and rubber stamps, yes. Now, many or most jurisdictions are on electronic property registration. That’s why when they bundled all the mortgages and sold them as a package to be sold on the financial market as securities, nobody knew who owned what, there were no documents available to audit, and when mortgagees went to foreclose, a lot of the foreclosures were challenged by the legal eagles.
      And that’s why title insurance is big business now, and many lawyers don’t really care how sloppy their clerks/articlers/interns that they hire for peanuts are.
      I liked it when I could go down to the titles office and look at the big registry book with the written entries and stamps and get copies of the documents.

      • Title Insurance is what I do and I assure you that you can still go to the courthouse and do a title search. There are no written entries, there are computer indexes, but the documents are stamped, recorded, scanned into tiff or pdf files, and you can read them and get copies. The title system was not the problem with bundled mortgages. Total chaos with the mortgage documents was the problem and foreclosure problems arose when the parties ordering the foreclosures did not have possession of the notes and were not the noteholders of record.

        I just wonder what jurisdiction you live in that has electronic property registration for real estate with no recordation of deeds and no access to the records. This exists nowhere I have ever heard of. There may be electronic filing, but there are still documents and they can be accessed and viewed – not in big deed books, but online in many cases. This is not like some big secret.

  • Samarami

    From the article:

    “…New York City approved fraudulent papers which allowed a man to “officially” steal a woman’s house…”

    Much confusion (“directed history”) exists because of a constant, ceaseless use of reification. New York City approved nothing. It is probable human beings hiding under the umbrella of that brainless abstraction called“New York City” approved what has been deemed “fraudulent” papers.
    I submit that there is no “jurisdiction” outside the family unit. Only force of arms. Therein lies the prohibitive barrier to real anarchist thought. All else is exercise in vain jangling — especially this time of year. Sam

  • Randy

    OK, here’s all that you need to know; Expose the fraud and you win! The reason for this is that there is NO amount of fraud that ANY man or woman has the right to commit and NO amount of fraud that ANY man or woman has an actual obligation to endure. Ask as many LIEyers as you can stomach being near about that, and see how they wiggle and squirm while trying to come up with a B.S. reply. If you expect and rely upon the legal system to hold law beakers accountable, right wrongs and deliver justice, you will be waiting for a VERY long time, because the legal system is running entirely on fraud now. It commits the very crimes that it supposedly fights against!
    The legal system is entirely dependent upon being able to run scams and frauds on people in order to survive, but the operators of the legal system and its actors don’t want you to ever find that out, even though it’s right out in front of us! All that you have to do to see the fraud going on is to step back three feet, look at the situation, and ask if there is any fraud going on. AFTER you look up the definitions of fraud in a law dictionary and get 100% grooved in on it, of course. Then it makes it quite easy to see when some kind of fraud is being committed upon you or someone else. The understanding of what fraud is for most people is way too small, it’s because they don’t like to think about it. They tend to think of fraud as only something that involves many millions of dollars and career politicians (cough, cough) I mean career criminals.