Nobel Prize Loses Further Credibility After Presidential Endorsement
By Daily Bell Staff - October 19, 2016

70 Nobel Laureates Endorse Hillary Clinton …  A group of the world’s leading experts in science, medicine and economics threw their support behind Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, endorsing the Democratic presidential candidate and arguing that her election is crucial for safeguarding freedom and preserving a constitutional government.

The Nobel Prize long ago turned into a meme that reinforces specific elite propaganda points. And this endorsement, see above, must inevitably drain credibility from the prize and those who win it.

Tens of millions in the US are anti-Hillary and thus yet another elite structure erected over decades at great cost is brought into question.

The Clinton presidential campaign has inflicted chaos on US society and continues to do so.

It is evident to a majority of US citizens that the FBI lied to cover up Hillary Clinton’s use of private technology to capture and control classified emails.

It is evident to a vast minority, or even a majority of US citizens, that US media harbors an intense Clinton bias.

It is evident to tens of millions of GOP supporters, that the Republican Party itself does not properly represent voters that self-identify with the party.

Thus Hillary’s presidential campaign has undermined the credibility of many facets of US society.

And now the Nobel itself is being drawn into this quagmire.


The forceful endorsement came in a letter signed by 70 Nobel laureates hailing from a variety of fields and making the case that Mrs. Clinton is the candidate who best understands the importance of investing in science and technology at a time when the world faces challenges on several fronts.

…  “We need a president who will support and advance policies that will enable science and technology to flourish in our country and to provide the basis of important policy decisions,” they wrote.

Such a ringing endorsement of Hillary Clinton is questionable on numerous fronts, given her background and legitimate questions swirling around her and her husband.

The biggest issue is the Clinton Foundation itself. It is increasingly obvious that the Foundation receives donations in return for the exercise of Clinton influence over the federal government.

Also, Hillary is in bad health, though the full details are not known. It is perfectly possible that she may not survive her term in office, or not as a fully functional president.

Finally, there are questions about Hillary’s personality and how she treats other people. Plenty of evidence and testimony has emerged that she is exceptionally volatile and loses control when angered.

This informal Nobel endorsement surely undermines Nobel credibility, already reduced by such rushed actions as awarding the peace prize to Barack Obama. In fact, it has been our point over the past year that the Hillary presidential campaign is actually intended to continue the larger undermining of US society.

Hillary’s ill health was well known long before she ran for president again. The chaos surrounding her campaign and personal well-being is not an accident in our view.

In fact, an honest evaluation of what is taking place would likely conclude that ramifications are intended.

Elite memes are not meant to be inviolable. They are tools that are modified as necessary. And it is obviously time now for many of these memes to be undermined by those who have  constructed them.

Additional chaos is coming. Many areas of American – and European – life are being undermined and certainties are being called into question publicly.

This is surely not an accident. What we are observing clearly is that elite domination is sustained and advanced using two main tools, economic depression and military confrontation.

The idea is to attack the underlying homogeneity of culture that holds a society together. In Europe, this attack has taken place via forced immigration. In the US, the presidential campaign itself is being used to crack the culture.

If we are correct, cultural undermining in both the US and Europe will continue and expand. What has been built up will be torn down to create a climate of fear and uncertainty that can lay the groundwork for increased globalization.

Conclusion:  The goal is world government and the credibility of elite paradigms such as the Nobel Prize will be sacrificed in its pursuit.

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  • nathenism

    the more organizations that get infiltrated and corrupted by the ruling class the more obvious it becomes the whole system is rigged against us…that’s the good news…we don’t have to do a thing but sit back and watch the system destroy itself…if we survive…

    • Pat Lee Sonny

      well said

    • ThomasJK

      Nathenism, I was once convinced of the same thing…..I was convinced about a dozen years or so ago that whoever was elected President in the 2004 election would be presiding over the implosion and collapse of the entire federal corruptocracy with which this nation was afflicted. As we know, it may have come close in 2007-08, but managed to muddle through and get out of that swamp. So, are we there now? Is this the election when the last President of the nation that is called The United States as we have known it is being elected? Elifino. I watch and marvel that so many people seem to think that governments have supernatural powers with which they can do things that the rest of us mere mortal humans simply can’t do. But the end is nigh. History informs that from the time they are founded, governments are destined to collapse. What next?

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Being an idiot savant must be PC.

  • SnakePlissken

    Hillary is the Antichrist.

    • Joseph Burke

      Or at the very least the Whore of Babylon. Revelations 17:1

  • Mexicano

    This article outlines how one group in particular has found ways to infiltrate and manipulate the Nobel infrastructure –

  • ConPatriot1234

    Lol the Nobel Prize is a joke for warmongers, criminals, terrorists, pedophiles and other disgusting low lives. Al Gore? Obama? Nelson Mandela? IPCC? Bob Dylan? Yasser Arafat? HA! I wouldn’t take such a disgusting prize if you paid me.

    • disqussted999

      …not smart…take the $1M, donate it to your favorite anti-elite/anti-DeepState cause, and THEN refuse it…smarter. ‘-) On the other hand, that would never happen would it. Perhaps some day the “Ron Paul Peace Prize”…or some such…will be established. But again, won’t hold my breath.

    • No one special

      They DO pay you: a $100K!

      • ConPatriot1234

        My soul is worth a lot more than that lol 🙂

    • Tsigantes

      Don’t forget Kissinger and Shimon Peres.

      • ConPatriot1234

        So true. What a motley disgusting bunch of human beings, if we can even call them that.

  • Rolf Loth,Canada

    Hopefully, the Silent Majority will upset the Illuminati/Freemason/Zionist apple cart and prevent Killary Clepton to get into the Oval Office. As for 70 Nobel Laureates, this ilk is a disgrace and has no conscience. We are the recipients of their evil work, like the Atom Bomb, the Aids virus and biologic warfare material that threatens humanity.

  • John Q Public

    You have to admire Bob Dylan. These goofballs still haven’t caught up with him. His complete and total lack of regard for these clowns says far more than any verbal statement anyone could make.

    • rahrog

      Three cheers for Bob!!! America’s greatest poet.

  • Narrative control. Perception management. Psyops and propaganda spinning out of mind. The fake mind was never true. Tune out.
    Renew from fresh foundation – oh you lover of truth!
    Peace is not in the world, until you bring it back into your peace.

  • acmaurer

    These people are mostly academics who live off government grants. What do you expect them to say?

    • Paul_Morphy

      I expect them to demand to know what the Saudi and Qatari governments received in exchange for their sizable donations to the Clinton Foundation.

  • EDD

    A bright light should be going off in peoples minds. All this turmoil is designed for one event, martial law.

    “Elite memes are not meant to be inviolable. They are tools that are modified as necessary” And every meme being modified still leads for their ultimate aim; a police state for total control.

    Much has been written about how the elites would respond to a Trump victory. Even though much is known about his personal history, he is still an unknown in his approach to solving issues. My sense is he will surround himself with the best minds in each area of the American concerns. This is to be preferred over the alternative: political cronies hanging together. (But then hanging themselves just as they are doing with their actions are breaking their veneer of invincibility.)

    How else can anyone explain the Trump rallies are breaking records of attendance never seen before? And how else can one explain individual donors have broken all records in individual giving? The internet revolution is ongoing.

  • Bruce C.

    In my mind the Nobel prize lost credibility a long time ago. My main life goal in high school was to win the prize in physics, but after learning more and more about the realities of it I lost interest and even changed my major in college.

  • Jim Johnson

    What if the Elites fall and nobody notices them gone? As their obstructions clear, imagine the world recreated one individual at a time…

    • Rock

      They shall fall, the writing is on the wall. We have awakened and are advancing daily. As for me and my house, we are actively recreating….

  • georgesilver

    As an Englishman my first reaction to anyone in the UK who is given a title such as Sir or Lord is they are corrupt.
    I can now say that for a some time this has been my reaction to anyone with a Nobel Prize.

  • Paul_Morphy

    If a tree falls in a forest and there isn’t a Nobel laureate around to hear it crash, then did it really fall?

  • 2manylostsouls

    I thought credibility was lost when it awarded ‘the prize’ to President Obama before he accomplished anything and then demonstrated his keen drone killing skills.