North Korea Continues to Claim ‘Nuclear’ Technology
By - January 03, 2017

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un says preparations for long-range missile at final stage … A state-run Chinese newspaper accused Donald Trump of “pandering to ‘irresponsible’ attitudes” Tuesday after the president-elect alleged that Beijing had failed to rein in North Korea’s nuclear program.  –NBCN

Trump may be going at the issue of North Korea and nuclear weapons the wrong way. Maybe he should be stating that N. Korea has few if potential any weapons and that they likely don’t do what they say they will do,

We’ve explored this in numerous articles now and have determined that as far as we can tell, the Pentagons nuclear tests were “enhanced,” if not outright faked at its Lookout Mountain facility.  See here. Additionally, there are numerous questions about the only “live” nuclear explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. See here.

So, yes, the “tests” were routinely run through the Pentagon’s own enhancement facility. Whatever happened at Horishima and Nagasaki evidently included any “nuclear weapons that might have been dropped. There is certainly a case to be made that no such weapon s were used at all.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has travelled the same sort of ground with his declaration of potential nuclear possession. There is no “proof” of such possession other than tests that can be faked.


Kin Jung Un said Sunday that his country was close to test-launching an intercontinental ballistic missile.  Having conducted three nuclear tests during Kim’s five years in power, he is thought to be pursuing the missile technology it would need to attack South Korea.

North Korea also has designs on reaching the U.S. military outpost of Guam and the U.S. mainland itself.   Trump tweeted Monday that the prospect of North Korea developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the U.S. “won’t happen,” but offered no other details as to why that would be the case.

Korea’s word regarding nuclear weapons has been taken at face value. Trump for instance has excoriated China for not doing more to restrain N. Korea.

The president-elect then took a swipe at China for what he sees as its part in failing to control its neighbor’s nuclear ambitions. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China’s disapproval regarding N. Korea should be obvious to all.

Then the state-run Global Times said Trump was “pandering to ‘irresponsible’ attitudes” and stoking “the anxieties of some Americans.” who blame China.

Beijing has criticized N. Korea but is also the state’s main trading partner. Beijing is said to be concerned over what would happen if N. Korea collapsed, sending hundreds of thousands or even millions across the border.

Like Washington, Beijing treats N. Korea’s statements at face value or seems to. There is little public doubt over even the more outrageous claims such as the miniaturized, “portable” nuclear device that may be little larger than a manhole cover. Basically almost anything that N. Korea says regarding its “missile program” is apparently seen as possible despite obvious lack of proof,

Conclusion: The same difficulties affect so-called nuclear programs around the world. Just because an explosion takes place doesn’t mean it’s nuclear. Just because lots of missiles are shown off at parades doesn’t mean the missiles are functional. Outside of the Pentagon’s word (especially) for the so called missile threat what evidence do we really have.

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  • CAI

    Is it possible Korea knows the truth about the U. S. nuclear program and is trying the same charade as the U.S. and Russia. Perhaps Obama agreed to the Iran deal because he knew they would never get there even with help from the U.S.??

    • Douteux55

      Without a doubt you are correct. It seems that many nations are posturing with their nuclear arsenal. It’s all fear tactics to get us to support greater funding for this defense hoax and the money definitely goes elsewhere. They’ve been doing it for decades.

      • Dimitri Ledkovsky

        Where’s the money going? The Deep State Antarctic-UFO Aliens linked “projects”?

        • Douteux55

          Some say that, but DARPA has all manner of hi-tech weaponry and other projects that are off the books not to mention black-ops and CIA/mercenary regime change efforts.

    • POTUS elect Donald Duck or what he calls himself will get a surprise when he orders a nuclear attack on China to wipe out Bejing, Shanghai and other villages and when his generals tell him that it is not possible, i.e. the a-bombs are just propaganda since 1945.

  • Tom

    The REAL question here is: what is DB’s motive for trying to create doubt about events that too many old geezers still alive know to be true? They know these events are true because they were there, and participated in the events you seem to think never happened. What do you hope to accomplish by creating doubt about events that cost in the area of $2.5 Billion (US alone), involved millions of workers both military and civilian worldwide, and existed from 1939 through to today in the US, Russia, UK, France, etc.? Inform us please. Your apparent ignorance of reality is stunning – unless it’s all a charade; a psyop. To what purpose?

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      I think what DB is saying (in part) is that what happened is not what was was reported. i.e. you gotta get past all the spin that’s put in “history”, even the “eyewitness accounts” where the eyewitnesses are “told” what they witnessed. There’e a lot of hypocrisy that goes along with certainty.

    • Doc

      I suppose that if you didn’t question anything “old geezers still alive know to be true” there wouldn’t be much to question, would it?

      I think DB is raising some good questions, so maybe the old geezers can prove their point. Should be fairly easy, so why is such proof so difficult to find?

      • Tom

        The irony is that so much proof abounds today so easily that doubting the reality becomes silly. Both the US and Russia declassified lots of atomic secrets during the 90’s which has given access to more proof than anyone might want.

        The internet is full of source documents; pick a topic and there are a zillion sites to peruse.

        Check out Amazon: $100 worth of books will get you a college education in the history of the Manhattan Project, nuclear physics and chemistry theory; governments and the law, radiation effects, Los Alamos, etc…… Start with “The Making of the Atomic Bomb” by Richard Rhodes.

        Folks who were “there” signed Non-disclosure Agreements so getting much other than peripheral thoughts from them may not be easy.

        But thousands in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas got up before sunrise to watch the mushroom clouds from the tests conducted in the Nevada desert.

        The USAEC even built a place called New Knob where civilian news reporters and photographers and many others were invited to witness numerous live tests.

        Thousands of energy workers have been compensated by the US DOL for radiogenic cancers contracted from exposures to ionizing-radiation gained while working in the nuclear weapons testing and other associated industries; likewise, thousands of Downwinders and Uranium Miners and Haulers. The process for winning a claim is sufficient “proof” if ever there was any!!

        The nature of life on earth DID change with the detonation of the first a-bomb; and governments around the world have taken nefarious advantage of that. But the physics is real; the devices exist; they work; they are dangerous; Hiroshima and Nagasaki WERE attacked with nuclear weapons; and no one should doubt that.

        N. Korea may be more dangerous to the bulk of humanity today than most folks realize.

        Doubting the reality, existence, technology and history of nuclear weapons is not prudent.

    • Earn nest

      I’ve wondered that as well. I believe there is an elite belief that a nuclear war might be desirable for their ends and it has seemed the DB is playing into their hands???

    • JohnnyZ

      Moon landing is also “true” for many old geezers, but a fresh look reveals it was all fake. Same with the official 911 story. Same with the Boston “bombing”. Same with Sandy Hook. Same with the cold war. Same with…
      I guess you get the drift.

  • Red Baron

    Red China is propping up North Korea’s economy because otherwise it would collapse. Therefore, Red China is directly responsible for North Korea’s actions. That is the heart of the matter. To pretend otherwise is to ignore reality. With that said, let South Korea develop nukes and bring our 28K soldiers home from South Korea. South Korea has a prosperous economy and can cover their own backside.

  • georgesilver

    Any thinking person realises nuclear weapons do not work because they have never been used since the fictitious story of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If there are such things as “tactical” nuclear weapons why haven’t they been used?
    If there is an assassination attempt on Trump and someone appears brandishing a gun will his security team shout DONALD DUCK!

    • Earn nest

      Fear of escalation.

      • georgesilver

        When it comes to war the TPTB are completely insensitive to fear of escalation because it just means more money.