Now the Entire EU Is Urged to Adopt a Basic Income
By Daily Bell Staff - January 24, 2017

EU states should guarantee minimum income for citizens … The European Commission wants all EU member states to introduce minimum wages and incomes for their workers and unemployed, the head of the EU executive president said on Monday, in an effort to combat growing social inequality and poverty.  The Commission, which has limited powers in the area of social policy, is preparing an overhaul of the EU’s functions and targets and wants it to include tackling social and economic injustices that have often been successfully exploited by right-wing eurosceptic parties across the 28-nation bloc. – Reuters

The European Union seeks to mandate a basic income. We’d like to see the EU done away with, so from our point of view a basic income is a non-starter. But the EU obviously thinks it is a good idea,

Why? Because it will pretty much end a lot of the agitation against the EU. Or at least that’s the idea. If you are receiving an income from the EU it is harder to argue that you ought to leave it.


“There should be a minimum salary in each country of the European Union,” Jean-Claude Juncker told a conference on social rights in Brussels, adding that those seeking work should also have a guaranteed minimum level of income.

Juncker, a former prime minister of Luxembourg, said each state should be free to set its own minimum wage, but added: “There is a level of dignity we have to respect.”

In a sense, the idea is an admission that the current central banking  economy doesn’t work very well. Southern Europe in particular is ravaged by unemployment. At one point, upwards of 50 percent of young people were said to be out of work.

Additionally there is a good deal of social dumping going on. This is a term that describes using migrant workers, especially from the Middle East, to replace higher-wage local workers.

Juncker want to leverage the EU’s 19-country Eurozone that “already shares a single currency and fiscal supervision.” This is not a long-term hypothetical concept. The EU intends to move on the idea within the next few weeks. It will present these ideas in Rome on March 25 during a meeting that celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome starting today’s European Union.

From what we can tell, this sounds like a true basic income that would be available whether someone was working of not. Juncker is dressing it up in the usual EU verbiage about rights and entitlements. But the idea, ultimately, is to give everyone a regular stipend whether they work or not.

From our point of view, it is nothing more than an attempt to keep the ECB from being exposed to the contempt it so richly deserves. If the central bank is handing out money, it is harder to criticize it,

Additionally, it freezes the current system in place because a basic income puts pressure on people to keep the system as it is. Finally such a system is highly inflationary, so what you are promised is not what you will ultimately receive. You will come under a good deal of additional control for a pittance.

Conclusion: Juncker is buying off his enemies with a program that sounds good but won’t act as promised. People need to make their own way in the world to the degree that it is possible. Otherwise the system itself takes over and there is little hope for improvement.

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  • rahrog

    Never underestimate the power of stupid.

    • Stephan Larose

      I know right!? Look what your parents did! Now you’re here!

  • Sven

    Boy oh boy. They think they have an immigration problem now……

  • northernraven

    Guaranteed Income is deceptive because it works on a small scale. The government of Manitoba experimented with ‘Mincome’ in Dauphin, a small, isolated town in the late 1970’s. Progressives have since deemed it a great success.

    Unfortunately, it is NOT scalable. It works on a small scale as long as outside funding is available to support it. It does not work on a large scale (national or global) because there is no ‘outside’ to fund it unless we can convince Martians to send us money. Or, as Margaret Thatcher said, “Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.”

    • 45clive

      Such a scheme cannot be based on taxes, but must have another income stream. Natural justice says that the basics of life, in particular water, energy production and distribution and other natural resources are the property of citizens in common. Revenues from energy in particular should be the property of citizens. On the other hand, without any form of taxation (especially personal and corporate taxes) there is no disincentive to working and investing in endeavors that have commercial potential that involve creative ideas, manufacturing and marketing widgets, for example, or restaurants, sporting events, foods and the like. Those who want a bigger house, newer car, foreign vacations or expensive clothes have no impediment to getting them.

  • aj54

    to have the taxpayers of Europe on the hook for even more than they are now giving illegal migrants is horrifying

  • “Finally such a system is highly inflationary, so what you are promised
    is not what you will ultimately receive. You will come under a good deal
    of additional control for a pittance.”

    That is my belief. I think the effects make things remain the same, at best, but can also make the recipients worse off – which is what continues to happen with the California minimum wage hikes, which cost and harm more than those receiving the “raises”.

  • apberusdisvet

    “basic income” should be defined as that which allows one just enough to exist to serve the oligarchs but not enough to resist them.

    • Ronjar__


    • 45clive

      It is time rather than money that keeps most people from bucking the system. War criminals and banksters (am I being redundant here?) deserve to have their ill gotten (whether legal or not) gains stripped from them. It is this money that should be used for any “guaranteed income” and other social programs. The alternative, of course, is to imprison or execute the buggers, which come to think of it might not be a bad idea on its own merits.

      • Stephan Larose


  • Loulou

    Just over the hill on the way down, Past 65 if you know what i mean. Having been used and cleaned of my life saving from con artists in the stock market, gold, silver manipulation, it seems to me that is a minimum for entering old age. Call me traitor to the cause, but I am getting too old to fight the f#&*% system.

  • Brabantian

    Not to deny the insidious side of having the population as serfs on a small retainer dependent on the government to survive, but something like this has been in place for a long time in parts of north & northwest Continental Europe, Benelux & Scandinavia

    It rather worked well for a while, before big migrant inflows, when there was a certain social shame in not seeking work when able to do so … But then there came a kind of Cloward-Piven type juggernaut of manipulation to crash the system through overload, partly through very aggressive & numerous migrants & also portions of the indigenous populations, both seeking to game the system by any & all means

    It is curious that the USA under President Richard Nixon considered such a guaranteed income scheme, promoted by no less than Milton Friedman … as Noam Chomsky sometimes jokes, Nixon with his many programmes of social benefits & protecting the environment, was the last leftist president they had

  • juergenwahl

    This will be highly inflationary. However, this attempt to solve the EU’s deflationary environment problem via further currency debasement will fail. Prices will soon adjust to the new currency quantities; debt will increase, and require more resources for its service. And the net effect upon productivity, the increase of which would make all lives better – nil!

    • NeberMind

      This is why in any system that provides basic income, the stipend has to be linked to inflation so that resource holders gain no benefit by raising prices to try and gain even more economic influence than they already have.

      Since it is impossible for the most part to force compliance in this manner with international trading, the EU will be forced to grow its production to meet its demand so that they can produce locally what is desired for consumption where price controls and other regulations can be enforced with the full force of the might of the EU.

      In other words, they are going to need the Alt-right they so hate because of their desire for nationalism and nation state first over globalism.

      We cannot have a global basic income until all nations are on the same page and that is not going to happen in our lifetimes.

      It will have to be done nation by nation.

    • Stephan Larose

      Inflation only occurs when there is too much liquidity than the market can handle. Just pay for the basic income with the ill-gotten gains of corporate and billionaire criminals who rig the game in their favor, there’s no need to print additional moneys whatsoever so long as the economy is healthy and balanced. You won’t get that with a few billionaires lording over a global slum.

  • jacob

    This is just vote bribery fast tracked to rig the upcoming French and German elections. For those who haven’t noticed, we’re in a world war against global financial elitist criminals using great collectivist schemes to disempower entire populations. More gripping than any Bourne movie……’s real and it’s deadly and it’s now.

  • NeberMind

    …People need to make their own way in the world to the degree that it is possible. Otherwise the system itself takes over and there is little hope for improvement…

    This is certainly true when economic mobility is a cornerstone of the economy. There are very few mature economies where this is the case at the moment.

    Automation is also taking a big bite out of job availability as well and there are no plans to replace or resettle these unneeded laborers after the switch is made to robotics and automation systems.

    So I have to ask….If not basic income, what then?

    Do you expect these people who were previously needed for gainful employment to just go off somewhere and live in a mud hut and drink dirty water for the rest of their lives while right down the road the few who are needed for gainful employment live as though they were atop mount Olympus looking down upon the great unwashed masses?

    Sorry, this is not going to work. The unwashed will steal in during the night and cut your freaking throats out in payment for your greed and lack of compassion.

    You may not like basic income and that is ok. I challenge you to come up with a alternative that provides for the dignity that a salary provides when said salary is not there to earn by the sweat of one’s brow.

    Agreed that people need to make their own way in the world to the degree that it is possible. Automation, and a shrinking of gainful employment positions alongside a growing number of hungry bellies is going to make that nearly impossible for a majority of people who live on this rock.

    Alternative solutions please and please be serious.

    • Get rid of regulation and laws that constrict the market. All of them, if possible. Then there will be more jobs and gradually a transition will be made.

      • NeberMind

        The problem with that is that there are very legitimate reasons for regulation of markets as they tend to not regulate themselves very well since the starting of teaching that “Greed is Good” back in the 80’s.

        You have never lived a life where corporations are not restricted by regulations and laws. You never want to either.

      • Stephan Larose

        The problem with that is that corporations are functionally sociopathic by design and will destroy the planet to make a buck. Greed is not a virtue, it’s the ultimate human destructive force. You don’t play football with no regulations, how in the world could something as important as the economy manage without them? We’ll all be eating waste lead-paint chip based tofu products from China in no time.

    • jacob

      Your request for alternative solutions is a tall order. We’re up against something as old as civilization. Expand the definition of prostitution– beyond the sale of sexual favors–to include people accepting payment to do things they would never normally do. Soldiers are hired and get paid to follow orders and murder people they don’t know. Politicians write laws, rules and regulations to satisfy benefactors who fund their campaigns. Teachers are hired to teach children mindless and often useless intellectual drivel. [They almost never teach human values and important life skills.] Slaveholders, before slaveholding fell out of fashion, used incarceration and terror to extract forced labor. Through this lens, the world looks like a giant “whore-ocracy.” Very few have the capacity or the moral strength to endanger their incomes. They have to feed and house themselves and their families, you know.

      With the advent of the internet, moral force has gained significant ground, and the owners of mega wealth–the pimps who run this systemic enslavement–have noticed. They’ve always known that people are easily bought off, but now they’re seeing a growing awareness of people questioning this bribery. Their solution has been to buy off and corrupt public discourse (and electoral systems where people are still permitted to vote) to convince people to accept collectivism–massive low level financial support, ie. bribery–in return for relinquishing their free speech, free association, and independence.

      One solution is to fight the “long war,” to protect free speech and freedom of expression on the internet, and hope that the public will recognize its beauty. Free speech is being viciously attacked everywhere and, If the internet gets compromised, the long war will turn deadly.

  • Ansen

    a chicken in every pot

  • Stephan Larose

    Abolish all income taxes, put mandatory ceilings on supply chain inequality (EG: The CEO or highest paid executive can make a max of 20 times that of a worker anywhere in their company or supply chain) institute a Tobin tax and carbon tax/pollution tax, move to a debt-free, citizen owned and controlled monetary system. Retire all virtual, fractional-reserve and legal-counterfeit based debt. Global financial problems fixed.

  • bigrick

    income taxes need to be lowered or abolished. What is needed is a tax on excessive wealth. Billionaires need to be taxed, starting over a billion dollars and ten billion dollars or more needs a higher tax. It’s crazy to tax people that are working and barely making a living wage and not tax excessive wealth.

    • Scot

      Yes, eliminate the income tax, and REPLACE with a low sales tax, which takes care of the illegals not paying their fair share. What is “excessive wealth”, and why tax it, and give it to inefficient and corrupt govt? Wealth/savings is the source of capital that is lent to businesses that creates jobs. Besides, Hillary and most of the establishment, defined wealthy as anyone making over $200K, which is most small business owners.

    • “…crazy to tax people that are working and barely making a living wage and not tax excessive wealth…”

      this happens exactly nowhere. the wealthiest americans ALREADY PAY 80% of all income taxes. the poorest 50% ALREADY PAY 0% of all income taxes.

      the system is ALREADY stupidly progressive, rewarding idleness & punishing work.

  • Dogwood tree

    I have never issued a comment on this site before but here goes.

    What needs to be done is the elimination of any and all monetary systems and the numerical value of everything. Since companies will not have to pay anything, then everyone who wants to earn a share of all goods and services that we all work collectively to produce and distribute will be able to labor to do so.

    Those who simply do not want to work, they can just take their place at the end of the line. They can take the day old bread, the wilted lettuce, the brown meat, etc. that the rest of us do not want. Since so many jobs will be done away with, the rest of us will only have to work two or three days a week. Business owners will give each other perks such as first in line for vacations, specialty cars, etc.

    As far as international trade goes,each nation can produce as much as they and what they have extra they can put on an international table so that all nations can take what they need.

    The only ones hurting by this will be those that leech off of the rest of us. This includes bankers and welfare recipients.

  • wombat_7777

    Its really easy – a basic wage is just SOCIALISM. Socialism doesn’t work and socialists just never seem to be quite right, seem to figure the way to cure the ills of socialism is…wait for it…..*more* socialism. Its the political equivalent of peeing into the wind every day and hoping it wont come back on you, an idea that’s dumb from the get go, and yet……

  • Allen Botnick

    I think basic wage is a good idea but it has to be tempered with population control otherwise people will just breed the state into poverty.

    • voluntary pop. control will never happen, which means a basic wage is a terrible idea.

      • Allen Botnick

        Who said voluntary?