Paul Craig Roberts on the War-Terror Hoax
By Daily Bell Staff - November 06, 2015

US accuses Moscow of 'dangerously' worsening Syria war … The United States said that Russia's air war in Syria had "dangerously exacerbated" the conflict, accusing Moscow of seeking to bolster President Bashar al-Assad's regime instead of targeting jihadists. Washington's latest broadside against Russian intervention in Syria came as government troops, emboldened by Moscow's support over the past month, recaptured from the Islamic State group a key road into second city Aleppo. – AFP via Yahoo

Dominant Social Theme: The Russian military-industrial state is out of control.

Free-Market Analysis: Those who plot US wars apparently never anticipated Russia's Syrian pushback, which has been extraordinarily successful.

Or (we could also speculate and will farther down) Russia's involvement was the point of the whole exercise. This latter supposition presupposes that the Pentagon, NATO, the West generally seek to exacerbate tensions among major powers and bring the world to the brink of war.

That sounds absurd, of course. And yet the Russians ARE involved in Syria now. How much escalation takes place depends in part on the Pentagon. And the Pentagon is not happy.

An unhappy Pentagon creates a lot of other unhappy people in the federal administration. And those people are carrying messages around the world (and of course, to the media) regarding the perfidy of the Russian military action.

Speaking to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Anne Patterson said the offensives, backed by Russian air strikes, had displaced at least 120,000 people. "Russia's military intervention has dangerously exacerbated an already complex environment," she said.

"Moscow has cynically tried to claim that its strikes are focused on terrorists, but so far, 85 to 90 percent of Syrian strikes have hit the moderate Syrian opposition and they have killed civilians in the process," Patterson said.

Civilians have died in Russian strikes on civil defense crews, hospitals, centers for displaced persons and ambulances, she claimed. "We know that Russia's primary intent is to preserve the regime," she said.

Patterson suggested "a full court press" would be necessary to stop military action and ignite a political settlement. She was also concerned that the Russian intervention had stiffened the spine of the Assad regime and therefore made it more difficult to create a transitional government that would remove Assad.

More than 250,000 are dead due to the Syrian conflict and millions more have fled since 2011, many now finding their way to Europe and helping to exacerbate the immigration crisis there that is creating tensions between countries and within countries.

Recently in Vienna, representatives of 19 countries – though not Syria – met to try to resolve the conflict. The result was a decision to ask the United Nations to negotiate a deal between the regime and the "opposition" to create a new constitution and UN-sponsored elections. More talks are scheduled soon.

Not everybody is likely to believe that the UN can broker an effective, fair peace deal. Paul Craig Roberts is an increasingly emphatic and eloquent critic not just of the Syrian war but of the serial "wars on terror" that DC has unleashed in the Middle East.

In his recent column, the "War on Terror Is the Hoax Foundation of the Police/Spy State," he writes that "Americans were deceived by policymakers, who are pursuing a hegemonic agenda."

Later, he asks this blunt question: "Are the American people really such washed-up sheeple, such cowards, that they acquiesce to a police/spy state, the foundation of which consists of nothing but lies told by criminals and repeated endlessly by whores pretending to be journalists?"

He spends a good part of the article rehearsing 9/11 and its consequences.

Millions of people have been murdered by Washington's pursuit of hegemony, and millions have been turned into refugees. The consequences for Washington's European vassals is that the millions of refugees from Washington's wars are now overrunning Europe, causing social and political discord and threatening the European political parties that enabled, and participated in, Washington's massive war crimes in eight countries.

And Americans are stuck with the police/spy state and militarized police who murder three Americans each day and brutalize countless others. The countries we have destroyed have no recourse to restitution. Our European vassals will have to provide from their own pockets for the refugees that Washington's wars are sending to them.

Paul Craig Roberts concludes his editorial with the statement that Americans seem to have "settled into acquiescence" as regards the growing spy state but that "Americans could do something about it."

Of course, what Roberts surely has in mind when he says US citizens could "do" something is either outright rebellion of some sort or significant socio-political action.

People may wish to participate in public actions and attempt to change society via significant political movements. But as we often point out, the first and arguably most important change one can make is to one's own circumstances and safety.

Famous libertarian thinker and writer Harry Browne even wrote a book about this approach entitled, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World.

After Thoughts

Paul Craig Roberts is rightly upset about the direction his country is taking. Many others may feel similarly and, inspired by his words, wish to take action to retard or redirect what they see as wrong. But even if one wants to create change on a societal level it is important not to disregard change at the personal and family levels, as well.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • bouf

    Dr. Browne had some other suggestions regarding what we could do with ‘elite’ people.

    • Meaning?

      • clutch cargo

        It was the same suggestion Thomas Jefferson offered.

      • bouf

        It seems I am already on the list of those whose every post must be approved, so I’ll leave it to Clutch below. I believe he is feeling the gist of the matter. Now if you’ll excuse me I have another plane to catch to my next fight club meeting.

  • FauxScienceSlayer

    “Moderate terrorists”….an oxymoron only a moron can embrace….

  • maritzanita

    The state and its cohorts are legion. The US citizens that are awake, like me, know that we are feeble compared to the violence the state can rain down on us. I feel pathetic and week with no hope whatsoever that anything will change. I feel totally demoralized that the future for my kids is miserable and dark. My fears:
    millions of muslims will be brought by immigration to all countries to destroy sovereign nations of like minded peoples.
    Gold and silver will be confiscated by force
    Natural health supplements will be banned
    Food will be full of GMO’s to enhance the cancer industry for the big pharmaceutical corporations.
    Living off the grid will be banned by force.
    Owning a farm and growing your own food will be banned.
    Owning property will be banned.
    Geo engineering will kill the soil
    Pesticides and herbicides will destroy the bacteria in the soil.
    Our immune systems destroyed by GMO food with very low nutritional value.
    Slowly over two generations the population will be decimated
    Cash money will be outlawed
    All transactions will be electronic.
    Cars will be fitted with monitoring devices so that daily travel distances will be limited by the state. A state permit will be required to travel any distance in excess of the daily allowance (the reason to limit travel will be to combat climate change and reduce emissions ‘for our childrens sake’!!!
    Nuclear power stations will be allowed to continue operating until they collapse and melt down.
    Free energy solutions will continue to be suppressed at all costs.
    The internet will be shut down
    No change for the good is ever going to happen.
    Life will continue to be a valley of tears.
    The future is bleak and dark and the light of freedom has been extinguished.

    • bouf

      Stay strong sir. It takes a while to wake up a giant.

    • When we fail to take action, life becomes the sum of our fears. But when we do what we can and plan for the future, we usually don’t have time to fear.

    • My only ‘fear’ is that so few understand the many dangers that we face.

      Reading that you, yet another, see these dangers lessens that fear for me by another step of one, one more has stepped into the light, is becoming enlightened. So now spread the light further too – one step at a time.

      And if you are looking for solutions, first you must identify what it actually is that your are hunting for a solution from. You have said it! ‘The state’ and its cohorts’, this is what needs solving but it is not going to be fixed by mending it, reforming it. Your list is nothing but a list of the harm caused by ‘the state’. Strangely there is, actually, nothing much wrong with ‘the state’, it works just fine at what it is actually intended for, the unrecognised enslavement of humanity.

      The solution to the quandary of ‘the state’ is to see it for what it is: an illusion. ‘The state’ does not exist, it is only the sum of the people who act as though it is real, who believe it is real, that makes it appear to them as though ‘the state’ is real.

      Those who do believe that ‘the state’ is real, is indispensable, has good utility, believe also ‘the state’ is endowed with powers no man, no individual, no group of individuals can legitimately take upon themselves: the use of force. Use of force in self-defence is permissible but use of force to exert one’s will against others is never permissible except in the imagination of those who believe in the legitimacy and utility of ‘the state’.

      It is not ‘the state’ that beats a protester, steals goods from reluctant tax-payer, jails a dissident, goes to war and bombs. It is the sum only of the actions of individuals who believe in ‘the state’. They are lost in a delusion and there are masses of them. It is a mass delusion. It is a mass delusion in a belief in a thing that does not exist but that they believe does exists and that they believe has the right to powers that exceed those that are natural to a man. They believe the powers of ‘the state’ are greater than the natural powers belonging to any individual, extra powers, that the state holds the right to above natural powers, has super-natural power. This is a religious belief, an unquestioning dogma, a blind capitulation to the inevitable existence and legitimacy of the state.

      And the belief in this religion, the religion of the supernatural power that is ‘the state’, is so deeply ingrained in almost everybody, so all encompassing and fundamentally indoctrinated it is a cult. A cult religious belief. Not ‘like’, it is.

      So I do not want to add to you worries, you have got all this stuff you see wrong with the world, and much much more no doubt besides, but if you are going to worry you may as well worry about the right thing! The solution is that we need to get rid of the false paradigm of the cult belief in the religion of ‘the state’. For whilst we retain ‘the state’ we will never be free of the harmful effects caused by ‘the state’. (Because the existence of ‘the state’ is the cause of the harmful effects).

      It is not so easy to see this solution, to the harm, as leaving an effective mode-of-operation for human society, I know, I understated. To see this requires a pealing back of the multi-generational layers of statist indoctrination, that we are all constantly exposed to. To realise, to learn how to see, that humanity is infinitely capable of finding solutions without central planning and control, is to see that not only would the problems caused by ‘the state’ be dispensed with, in its absence, but that the utility of a stateless human society is far more efficient, faster reacting, wealth creating, innovative, peaceful, compassionate, durable, logical, enjoyable, harmonious and so on, without the illegitimate false utility of ‘the state’ spoiling it all for almost everybody.

      Better still: you will also realise, upon reaching this conclusion, that you already are free yourself. That ‘the state’ may try, and often succeed, in forcing you to comply, ‘the state’ can not force you to believe in it any more. ‘The state’ cannot make you believe it is moral, legitimate, truthful, necessary. And with that understanding of your existing freedom, your sovereignty within yourself, comes happiness. Anger occasionally perhaps from frustration and such, but the happiness of being a free man albeit for now in an un-free world still burdened with the primitive doctrine of rulers being necessary.

  • esqualido

    “so far, 85 to 90 percent of Syrian strikes[by Russia] have hit the moderate Syrian opposition and they have killed civilians in the process,” Patterson said.” (He declined to define whether “moderate opposition” consisted of people carrying posters as opposed to AK-47’s)

  • 2prickit

    Secretary Anne Patterson says, “[Russian involvement makes
    it] more difficult to create a transitional government that would remove Assad;”
    IT, being left unspoken still assumes, to the informed interests, at least, that
    Assad is blocking pipeline development favorable to unidentified Western
    interests;–those unidentified interests that had, through Brussels , shut down
    the South Stream pipeline project. Seems MSM is suppressing this underling
    cause of hostilities regarding Putin’s pet project, and instead is creating a
    military match more in the likes of a spectacular sporting event akin to NFL
    presentations– glorified with prayers and all to THAT god, Washington DC –
    more misinformation for these victims at home, these brain dead American voters.

    • Is probably much bigger issue than a pipeline

    • Putin is interested in preserving Russia’s only Mediterranean Naval base and the US/NATO is interested is closing it down. Both Syria and Ukraine are home to Russian naval bases – in Tartus and Sevastopol, respectively. Russia is not going to be easily boxed in.

      Israel would like Syria to be a pliant force so they can carry on pushing Palestinians out of Palestine in any way they desire without fear of military force coming to the defence of the indigenous population and Russia is interested in holding back the Israeli drive towards a forming a Greater Israel in the Middle East

      And then there is the reward to Russia of giving ISIS a quick spanking to demonstrate that it can easy be done if that is the true intention, which clearly is not the true intention of the US since they have brought the strife to the region by supporting terrorists/rebels by way of attempting to overthrow the Assad regime.