Paul, Trump and Sanders Show Elite Control of Society Has Fractured
By Daily Bell Staff - October 12, 2016

Republican Politicians Have Only Their Fears to Blame …  In calls this morning, many Rs privately want to defect from Trump. But they say the debate gave them pause since he roused their base. … Remember, there were already an unusual number of high-profile Republicans who had broken with their own nominee, with many saying they would support Hillary Clinton and others just refusing to vote for Trump.   Why did it take so long for the rejection to build? -Bloomberg

Bloomberg thinks rejecting Trump is an obvious choice for Republicans but this article doesn’t recognize the larger trend is to reject modern Republicanism itself.

This really started with the GOP’s removal of conservative libertarian candidate Ron Paul from political contention by intimidating his supporters and unilaterally changing and suspending rules. This sort of approach to non GOP-approved candidates has continued with Trump.

Ron Paul, who wanted to educate more than he wanted to win, was nonetheless squashed by a variety of evil and panicked GOP attacks. Donald Trump recast many of Ron Paul’s views but basically moved down Ron Paul’s political track and due to his celebrity and wealth succeeded where Ron Paul had failed.

Ron Paul was anti-tax, anti-central bank and anti-war. So is Trump, though Trump is closer to the elite mainstream than Paul. But the GOP leadership is pro-tax (though it pretends not to be) … also pro-central bank and pro-war.

The GOP leadership and the Democratic leadership are aligned on most points. It’s the details that are different. But the bulk of GOP supporters take GOP rhetoric at face value. They are specifically, legitimately libertarian in many ways.

The difference lies in the support of the military, but even here, GOP support at the base is far more nuanced than GOP leadership. Support for American wars involves perceptions of necessity. In other words, there is not unlimited support.

Both Ron Paul and now Trump hold views that are in many ways closer to the views of the GOP base. This is why Ron Paul was so successful when he ran a second time after people came to understand his views. This is why Trump has been successful.


This is what responsible Republican leaders (or just self-interested ones) needed to do early this year: Get over their exaggerated fear of their voters and get behind a tolerable candidate such as Marco Rubio or John Kasich (or, earlier, Jeb Bush or Scott Walker or even Bobby Jindal or Rick Perry or whomever).

Or they could have bit the bullet in late spring, when they still had the option of Ted Cruz and Kasich.   Or they could have denied Trump the nomination, even after the primaries were over. They had enough votes collectively to do that. Trump was far short of the majority he needed without additional support from the Republican National Committee.

This excerpt above represents a complete misunderstanding about what’s going on. Voters have simply decided that mainstream politics is ineffective and destructive.

This is why Bernie Sanders did so well as an “outsider” along with Paul and Trump. It is a trend that’s not going away. It’s getting stronger, if anything.

Now just because we recognize a trend doesn’t mean either party is going to fall in line with popular sentiment. The rhetoric may shift a little but taxes, regulations and government intrusions into daily life will continue and expand. This is in true not just for the US but for the West generally.

But the Internet itself has verbalized what’s actually wrong with leadership positions and this process will continue even if the Internet itself is censored. It’s already too late. Europe, for instance, is trying to cast off the EU just as America is trying to cast off the dead weight of its two party system. The same thing sooner or later will  happen in Asia.

The United States was formed in part because Europe had had enough of war and, post Gutenberg Press, people were increasingly resistant to control. But now history is repeating itself. People in the US, like Europe are increasingly resistant to war and overt government manipulation that reduces rather than enhances their prosperity.

The problem that elites have is that there is really nowhere else to go. If they cannot launch serial wars from the US something more must be done.

Elites keep control via economic depression and military conflict. But every once in a while the incremental debasement and serial warfare is not enough. More is needed.

This is why mankind now faces larger wars, perhaps a world war, and why economic debasement is going to turn into lethal, raging ruin.

With only four weeks to the election, Republican politicians don’t have any good choices left. But whatever happens in the meantime, perhaps they’ll learn that there are worse consequences than angering their strongest supporters

Yet another inaccurate statement from our perspective. The GOP’s disgruntled supporters are not merely the strongest; they are also are the most numerous. And they have their counterparts among Democrats.

Step back and view what has really taken place. Consensus politics is finished. The ability of US leaders to inflict policies supporting globalization on behalf of City bankers has shriveled.

Wars and government control are being rejected by a strong substrata of US citizens, and of the West generally. This is why we forecast increased confrontation. To suggest, as this Bloomberg article does, that this rising wave of repugnance is somehow ephemeral is inaccurate.

Conclusion: What has taken place is significant and irreversible. The ability of elites to use propaganda and “directed history” to achieve their goals is waning. What is left is outright force. Short-term this is a terrible but viable solution. Long-term it is not.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Sven

    Force will close the circle. It’s when they resort to force that many more people will wake up. As it stands a great majority are still slumbering away.

    • Yes.

      • ThomasJK

        As was the case so many times, Mark Twain got it right with his comment, “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it.” Now we have two worse than worthless political parties, both of whom are debilitatingly parasitic outgrowths of a government that no longer deserves support or respect from patriotic Citizens of the fifty states united. R. I. P. Uncle Sam, you useless old F. U. B. A. R. reprobate. Long live the country of the fifty states united and the patriotic American Citizens who inhabit those fifty states.

        • Marten

          Amen Bro…..

    • gabeh73

      Agreed…would be interesting to see how those not usually favorable to rebellion (american democrats)…actually react if Trump wins the election…I can’t see them just reversing course and taking orders from the people they are now saying are deplorables. Same thing for the trumpkins.

  • Astromoney

    I rejoined the R party to vote for Ron Paul in primary. Then they refused to count his votes. I am angry.

  • Steve

    Ron Paul accomplished nothing in his time in the House. But I digress. DB missed the point that most likely Clinton will be elected giving her the opportunity to replace the late Scalia and soon to be retiring Ginsburg, Thomas, and Stevens. And in doing do appoint four Progressive Justices changing the USSC for the next 20 to 30 years with what I believe to be an outright assault on the First Amendment (given Bill’s and Obama’s statements about giving up rights) along with the reduction if not destruction of the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments. Talking about Ron Paul is a Red Herring. Dealing with the Clinton victory and her onslaut of the Bill of Rights is current.

    • Earn nest

      Ron Paul has a son who may one day be POTUS. Ron had two runs at the Presidency and now has a very broad base of listeners/readers. He stood only on principle and wouldn’t compromise so yeah, not much legislation.

      • and

        Son sold out , no recovery from that in the 21st century .

    • sadstate

      And how will a Hillary victory change anything from the status quo? She is tyranny quickly, the republicans are tyranny slowly.
      To quote an infamous stateswoman, “At this point, What difference does it make?” I say this because it has been demonstrated time and again that you have 1st, 4th, 5, 6, and whatever else rights you want to name- in theory only. Try and exercise those rights outside the overton window and you will “comply or die”

    • gamathers

      There are a lot of politicians that have accomplished much and we are a lot poorer and worse off because of it. “Accomplishing nothing” except educating and garnering huge support from the “little people” may be all that could be expected.

    • autonomous

      You almost got it right: Clinton has made many onsluts on the bill of rights, also many onslaughts.

      • and

        Lulz. Dck

        • autonomous

          Dck ?

  • esqualido

    The real sin of the Republican Party is that they are not republicans, meaning they do not believe in the rule of Constitutional Law. What the author calls “the elite” (such a term would have applied to Genghis Khan, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Pol Pot in their day) have overwhelmingly supported TPP, TIPP, and much more that surrender the U.S. and the Constitution to supranational authority, and fopr this alone they deserve our contempt and outrage. Each congressman takes an oath to defend the Constitution- presumably, if they were not familiar with it on taking office, they had a responsibility to do so after. But they have not.

    • esqualido

      And not coincidentally, this is the reason that the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the TV networks and almost all the MSM has come out in favor of Hillary Clinton(watching Anderson Cooper, Martha Raddatz and Lester Holt alone would gag a maggot): she is the reliable tool of the New Globalist World Order. Her backtracking on describing TPP as “the gold standard,” is purely expedient: the list of supranational corporations standing in line to feather her nest in exchange for a few speaking hours speaks volumes.

      • esqualido

        When Margaret Thatcher, who was a nationalist whatever her faults, was running for election, Time magazine put her on the front cover literally appearing jaundiced (you can Google it), and it is no coincidence that if you scan the recent publications, the photos of Donald Trump all show him in grotesque poses. The MSM is nothing if not heavy-handed.

        • Bruce C.

          The good thing is most voters – and especially the ones who are going to vote for Trump – never even see that kind of crap, and wouldn’t trust it even if they did.

  • autonomous

    “The GOP leadership and the Democratic leadership are aligned on most points.”
    This is the article in a nutshell. It is also why a vote for either party is evil. Since Trump does not represent the GOP, it might make sense to vote for him. A vote for H-liar-y would be a vote for a female Satan (a positive to many democrats and republicans). Both Ron Paul and Rand must have sold, or at least leased, their souls to Satan in order to rule as republicans; I can’t tell what Trump has done with his soul.

  • StarValentine

    So, the elite mouse must now do something terrible to the great hoi polloi elephant it controls and leads around, to avoid being trampled by it. But the elephant is so large, it could step on the mouse by accident.
    I commend the mouse for controlling the elephant as well as it has, but I’m almost positive spooking the elephant one too many times will be the mouse’s undoing.

  • StarValentine

    I still don’t think they are so certain of their overwhelming force. They backed down on Bundy Ranch, and picked them all off later, and they aren’t taking on the Lakota Sioux over the pipeline.
    They are careful about avoiding fights they don’t know they can win. Trump’s supporters are far more dangerous than the students and paid activists on Hillary’s side.
    Trump’s supporters are more likely to be gun owners, veterans, family men, working people, and people with traditional values.
    Hillary’s people support her for continued government checks.
    Better for them to let Trump win, and then tell the central banks to stop supporting the markets, and pull the rug out from under him, and then blame him and the people who voted for him.
    Rigging the vote for Hillary just risks energizing his large, armed and capable base to 1776-levels, which would quite easily lead to a 1776-type result.
    I don’t think they want a fight, at all, with the American people, ever.

    • and

      Yeah , they do , agenda 21 as a piece of evidence to the contrary .

      • CCblogging

        They renamed it UN Agenda 2030. Same anti-America agenda.

    • scotty362100 .

      When they crash the economy, they will have all the people do anything asked of them in order to feed and house their family! Just watch

  • LawrenceNeal

    We all had such hope for Sanders, but he let the DNC corruption roll over him and threw in the towel. Obviously just another stage managed ploy in the illusion of an ‘election’.

    • and

      With a 600000 beach house to play in , it may have been an illusion , but considering its the berns 3rd house , it appears to be an illustration of how it all works .

      • scotty362100 .

        And his own private jet to use whenever he wants!

    • CCblogging

      Bernie Was Bought. Get on the Trump Train.

      • LawrenceNeal

        I don’t think I could bring myself to do that. Actually, I think Trump is a straw man, set up to scare people to Hillary.

        • CCblogging

          You better vote Trump unless you want to live under the impending UN Global Government aka UN Agenda 2030. That’s where the Democrats are taking us.

          • olde reb

            when was the last time that you saw a successful candidate live up to his campaign promises ?

    • IMadeItInSF

      Sadly, Sanders job whether or not he knew it explicitly was to active all the non-establishment left (the true progressives, vs identity politics voters (i.e. “vote for Hillary because she’s a woman”) who would not get out to vote for a corrupt fossil like Hillary Clinton, but the power and momentum of the Sanders movement overtook him, and became self-aware and rejected the bait and switch that he sadly provided them, as he rolled over despite the DNC’s outright fraud in the primary. Now those voters are going to have to decide if they are Democrats or independents, and vote for Hillary if they are essentially accepting their status as cuckolded establishment democrats, or if they are independents who wish to vote for Trump as a referendum against the establishment itself, and a vote for independent politics now and in the future.

      • LawrenceNeal

        Trump’s a buffoon, Hillary’s a corporate shill. It’s all smoke and mirrors, with the .001% Elite behind the scenes.

      • scotty362100 .

        Sanders was paid off!

  • CCblogging

    Good article. This article says, “The ability of US leaders to inflict policies supporting globalization on behalf of City bankers has shriveled” I do hope that you writer folks are right. Obama has already been making deals with the UN. Examples: Obama’s Climate Change Lie agreement, Obama’s UN Gun Grabbing agreement and Obama’s surrender of our internet. The Global government aka UN Agenda 2030 is being implemented in increments by the Obama regime with Hillary vowing to continue to install this Global government. As a matter of fact, Hillary has already been complicit in shoving this NWO down our throats. The Globalists have a deadline of 14 years for UN Agenda 2030 to be FULLY implemented. However, the Obama regime has it on fast track. The NWO erases our borders, voids our laws and shreds our Constitution. We must get out of the UN cesspool if America is to survive. If Hillary is elected, get ready to take your orders from the UN with the Globalist Elites ruling with even more control. We must stop the Globalists. I am voting for Donald Trump.

    • dauden

      The bigger picture many refuse to see is spiritual! Politics is legitimately a religion! People are looking for someone to save them from their fears. Don’t you get it? America cannot be saved. Give that hope up. The dog and pony show of American elections is theatre at its best! World dominion will ensue because He who knows the beginning from the end has already explained it. But you don’t have to be here when it collapses, and I don’t mean the American experiment. I mean the global destruction when Christ returns to the earth. By trusting the gospel of Christ (I Cor 15:1-4, KJV) you can be saved now and sealed by His Spirit thereby being “marked” for translation to another place when God’s judgement will be poured out on all who have rejected peace and righteousness. Go on. Continue to analyze the political scene. Argue, discuss, defer, complain, fear. If you do nothing, you will continue along the path of destruction. You can only be free in your mind if you “……come unto the knowledge of the truth”, 2 Tim 2:15, KJV.

      • CCblogging

        You’re preaching to the choir. Oh course I know God is in control but he never told me to throw up my hands and surrender.

        • dauden

          God is not controlling the affairs of men today nor is he blessing (or cursing) nations. He is saving individuals by the gospel thereby marking them as belonging to Him, moving the hearts of individuals to study and come unto the knowledge of the truth, and guiding us by his Word, as ambassadors of Christ, to share this knowledge with as many as would receive it. Its all voluntary by good will.

  • Bruce C.

    Trump is going to “win BIG” the Presidency. It won’t be close and all the “experts” are going to be flabbergasted. The DB staff – being a bit more wise and circumspect – is calling it now, so we can all start talking about the aftermath of a Trump “victory” and the demise of the old PTB devices.

    It makes sense that the “elites” are going to feel desperate but even outright force isn’t going to be possible for them. The local police are not going to go along with it. Trump will expect and emphasize protection of the people, not to be goons for the subversive. If the force is to come from the “underclass” then woe to them.

    • CCblogging

      It’s ironic that we the people may have to fight to defend a victory.

      • Bruce C.

        We shall see how it plays out but, to make an analogy, Trump’s election may be like the Declaration and so a Revolutionary War must still be fought. However, I think the irony will be that most of the fighting will be not towards the “elites” but against fellow “dumb ass” Americans.

        • CCblogging

          Lots of dummies out there.

    • scotty362100 .

      You are obviously blind to how the “elite” are “elected” in this country! Hillary will win, it was decided by the Bilderburg meeting 15 months ago. Our votes don’t account for crap- electronic voting machines have sealed the deal. Our elections amount to nothing more than “Bread and Circus” (google it). You probably really believe we have been at war with”ISIS” for 15 years in the middle East too- don’t you?

      • Bruce C.

        Well, we’re being told that Trump isn’t an “elite” because he has a potty-mouth so the rules may be different for him.

        As far as being at war with “ISIS” for the last 15 years, I’d say I actually don’t believe that because “ISIS” hasn’t been around for that long.

  • rahrog

    Hillary Clinton is a mass murdering war criminal. Just like Obama & Bush are mass murdering war criminals. The fact that these scum, their toadies, and their bosses still walk around freely says a lot about America.

    • georgesilver

      You forgot Tony Blair…….. the UK branch.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    “Paul, Trump and Sanders Show Elite Control of Society Has Fractured”?

    In terms of the “elite” total control of the narrative, maybe. The “Fed” is still in operation, as is the IRS. And how many other 3-letter, alphabet-soup agencies, which didn’t exist prior to 1913? (Too many to list here!)

    Um. I think “elite” (“Jew”-ish) control of society is still the matrix that has us all locked-into low wages, ever-increasing debt, and overt (and covert) taxation, and MSM propaganda.

    Bankers Destroy Global Economy by Design to Consolidate [THEIR OWN] Power

    The W.I.C.B. use the Hegelian Dialectic, or “Problem-Reaction-Solution”: 1) Create the Problem (i.e., global fiat-based “money” system inherently designed to eventually implode), 2) Wait for the INEVITABLE implosion, and the consequent public reaction/outcry to that global implosion/economic collapse, 3) Stand ready to offer up a preplanned “solution” with the main object of gaining even greater control over every nation, man, woman and child on the entire planet (with one further “elite”-stated goal: Global depopulation, or “culling” of the herd (of “cattle” or “goyim”). All toward one further “elite” “Jew”-ish stated goal: THE “JEW” WORLD ORDER.

    • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

      W.I.C.B. = Western International Central Bankers.

      To comprehend how we are living in a DIRECTED HISTORY MATRIX, just know that Hillary Clinton is a GOLDMAN-SACHS, ROTHSCHILD-PUPPET.


      2) [German] Historian Says Rothschilds are Chasid [“Jew”-ish] Puppets

      Americans, So Easily Controlled!

      Read the comments section. Follow the links.

    • Henry

      Your hateful attitude is controlling your logic. Jesus helped to reformulate Jewish concepts. The Catholic church and Western elites took over from there to subdue Israel. Today Muslim money is joining in to create the illusion that the Jews are the problem, at the same time that they threaten the very existance of Israel.
      If you ignore the teachings of the Jewish messiah, who taught us what love, is, you will only continue on your path of personal destruction while you spread hate and misinformation that weakens the substance of this blessed country.
      Perhaps if you read the Bible to see what Jesus actually taught, you will understand what religion (Catholic church) has done to this world, and that the Jews can never be the problem. You must understand history to understand the economy and not the other way around.

      • dauden

        I don’t sense hate in his comment but reality. You, on the other hand, don’t understand that we are living in the dispensation of the age of grace under a new ministry Christ gave to Paul. Jesus is not our Messiah, as there is today no difference between Jew or Gentile. The Kingdom of Heaven which was “at hand” for Israel was never brought in because the nation as a whole would not have it. But as we know from Scripture Satan mimics the things of Christ, it makes sense to me that he would take “the chosen people” and mold them into his alternative plan for world dominion…..which is precisely what you read about at the end of the “Hebrew” Scriptures, Hebrews thru Revelation. However, he fails. It appears we are ever closer to the end of this age when Christ is offering salvation freely by his grace to anyone by trusting in the finished work at the cross on our behalf. The plan is to take us believers out of this world before the next age when He will then pour out His wrath on all those who rejected his grace, peace and liberty……what Samarami says we have that cannot be taken from us.

  • georgesilver

    You could be right but I have a sneaking suspicion that there at least two narratives going on. The one you see at the moment is “Good against Evil” or Donald against Hillary. It looks very much like a scripted farce with The Donald playing Don Quixote tilting against manufactured windmills of evil power. Putin also seems to have been cast as Don Quixote as well. The Donald and Vladimir are part of the chess game being played out by the “controllers” (Gods on Mt. Olympus) for the benefit of the peasants’ entertainment and distraction.

  • alohajim

    First time ever being dissapointed in a DB article. Meaning, US (world) politics is a dog and pony show, most always has been, and is not worthy of time or discussion. Sanders and Trump are the antithesis of Ron Paul. Ron Paul consistently delivered the same message during his tenure as congressman as well as during his presidential campaigns : End the Fed, restore honest money, bring all troops home, close all foreign basis, end all of the fake ‘wars’ and drastically shrink government. It’s an insult to Ron Paul and not correct to insinuate that Sanders and Trump support anything close to these crucial ideas.

    The idea that Trump is somehow against TPTB and will save us from anything at all is pathetic. Look at who he’s chosen to be part of his ‘administration’, that Rudy guy and the VP, what’s his name. What do these two represent? Very sad to see so many people so thoroughly fooled. Again! Trump against Central Banking? Wha? I want what you are smoking! Central banking and fiat currencies are directly responsible for Trumps obscene wealth! Trump is in bed with our banker overlords, obviously always has been, and is clearly playing a role and appears to be enjoying the show himself.

    The idea that any kind of reform will come from politicians or the state is most misguided. Both are 100% under control of the TPTB along with academia, the media, what they call ‘science’, and the entertainment industry & mega corporations. Don’t wait for the most crooked and psychopathic element of our societies to save you (politicians). Simply opt out. No TV, no radio, no MSM, no GMO’s, no corporate products. Be self employed, do not store any wealth in banker paper or digital instruments, be self sufficient in food, power, and water. Help others and form a bond with your community. Vote with your wallet every day. It’s called boycott. Not voting is the most powerful vote you can ever make. The system is a complete fraud, set up for you to be a dependent, dumbed down, distracted, and divided serf with no morals, common sense, or ability to think. Please don’t legitimize it by voting!

    • 1. We were making a point about elite control.
      2. And Trump has said negative things about central banking, certainly about Yellen.
      3. In any event, we are arguing that the political dialogue has come unglued in the Internet Era. Certainly this is something elites wish for as they travel toward world government. But no matter the reason, it seems to us a valid observation.

      • Samarami

        The science of rulership consists of a preposterous array of shells and peas and shuffling and obfuscation that eludes virtually all of us. I genuinely do appreciate DB’s perspective — and you guys’ endeavors to expose the pea.


    • olde reb

      Are you aware there are more than two parties on the ballot ?

  • Samarami

    I’m soundly convinced that this and other recent articles give substantiation and essential support for the dominant social themes of the season: keep ’em embroiled in collectivist thought so that none (or almost none) engage in individualist thought. Think about that for a moment: individualist thought, if it were to infect a critical mass of the 7.5 billion souls on this pale blue dot, would obliterate elitist plans for global currency and global governance. It would open doors to questioning by the unwashed masses of central political “authority” (collectivism). And potential for prosperity among the hoi polloi, at the expense of the rent collectors (individualism).

    That must not take place — at any cost. What better way to assure that comes off cleanly and neatly than quadrennial “elections” — the uglier and more combative, the better. That’ll keep ’em jibbering and jabbering about “fairness”, etc etc etc; and distracted from the very important agenda of global garnering and totally pilfering their collective production and resource.

    Keep ’em postulating and wigging and wagging tongues over “Trump” and/or “Clinton” or some other prominent psychopath, and that will greatly reduce risk of conversations that could inspire individualist thought.

    Is there anybody reading this who truly believes that “winning” by a Trump or a Clinton or a Castle or a Johnson or a Stein as grand wizard of the klan would make any earthly difference to an average individual? Sam

    • Bruce C.

      I do. I think a Clinton Presidency would be the final nail in the coffin of the US certainly as it was founded and even as we know it today, and yes I do think it would affect my daily life. If “nothing” else just psychologically because there is nothing positive about her and her/”their” agenda, and we will all know that the subversive has won and there is no hope for liberty. The whole world will quickly regress to life on earth as it has been for thousands of years with a few corrupted “elites” ruling over the vast majority. That’s what “globalism” really is, and it will affect the vast majority of average individuals for the worse.

      • Samarami

        My mantra and message, Bruce, is that you and I can be free no matter who is “elected to high office”:

        NOTE: Whenever I include a link to a few lines in that all-popular Hebrew Book, I feel driven to submit the disclaimer that I am not a “religious” man, and have no intentions to proselytize anybody to anything other than liberty. In this particular response, Bruce, I’ll withhold that disclaimer.


        • Bruce C.

          And I would agree in the sense that – I believe – we all create our own personal realities through our own personal beliefs desires, intents, loves, and expectations. However, “that’s not the whole story” as they say, because it’s also true – if one subscribes to any of such – that “we” are also here to contribute to this “system” of reality ( or “world”), that we are actually more then we know and are fundamentally creative beings that are in this system for myriad reasons, in part to express our creativity but also to learn from our own creations. Therefore, it makes a difference whether one takes the mental stance of ambivalence or cynicism or isolationism.

          • Samarami

            My only reason for continuing this post, Bruce, is to attempt to illustrate the idea of freedom and anarchy: I must recognize (and learn to circumvent) things over which I have absolutely no control. Political activity is unquestionably one the things. The lunatics (Obama, Clinton, Johnson, Trump — and their underling sycophants) depend upon my participation. I must deny it to them.

            Don’t vote. Fly beneath the radar. Cease a whining and bellyaching stance — that only works into the psychopaths’ agenda. Become individualist and teach my family members survival techniques. I’m not talking merely physical survival — I’m emphasizing emotional survival.

            I can be free. Here. Today. Where I’m “at”. So can you. Sam

          • Steven Hotho

            I agree with you that a “no” vote for any of them is an expression of individual freedom. We don’t need them to be free, but we do need a purpose for living beyond survival. That is a spiritual need and not to be confused with what we mean by “reality”.

          • olde reb

            You write of “freedom and anarchy” as goals to be sought. Anarchy is defined as chaos and confusion. You are attempting to redefine a common word.

            Your suggestion of withdrawal of participation is an act of submission. I decline to submit. The 1860’s saw a refusal to submit to oppression, as did the 1770’s.

          • Samarami

            I prefer John Hasnas’ description:

            “Anarchy refers to a society
            without a central political authority.
            But it is also used to refer to disorder
            or chaos. This constitutes a
            textbook example of Orwellian
            newspeak in which assigning the
            same name to two different concepts
            effectively narrows the range of thought.
            For if lack of government is identified
            with the lack of order, no one will ask
            whether lack of government actually
            results in a lack of order.

            “And this uninquisitive mental attitude is
            absolutely essential to the case for the
            state. For if people were ever to seriously
            question whether government is really
            productive of order, popular support for
            government would almost instantly collapse”.



          • olde reb

            of course. Orwellian doublespeak. you identified it so well.

        • olde reb

          Writers so often quote their favorite scripture to support their position. Here is mine from I Samuel 8:10-18, where Samuel is receiving a response to relaying that the people want a king. “(The king) will take your sons and make them serve with his (war) chariots …your daughters will be perfumers and cooks and bakers…will take your fields and vineyards and olive groves…will take your grain …cattle… donkeys …you will become his slaves. You have chosen (and allowed) so don’t come wailing to ME in your anguish.” abbreviated and paraphrased NIV.

          This does not sound like a person should submit to, or tolerate, tyranny.

          It is further submitted that the major actor of the New Testament, when the political structure of the context is understood, is a tax protester–leader of a group of 12+ tax protesters.

          • Samarami

            Olde reb, I’ve observed for years that the Hebrew Book is a treatise on anarchy from stem to stern. 1 Samuel 8 provides the fulcrum of the theme. It outlines (for those that can see) an eerie mystification we have witness to today — the hunger on the part of the multitude for central political authority (“a king” in ancient chirography). That belief system, ironically, is sustained by the masses in virtually every one of their “churches”; the preachers of whom lay claim to that very Book as
            the centerpiece of their “doctrines”.

            The enormity of the truth is incredible.

            You and I might be privileged to see firsthand the formation of a chink in that religion — the aperture a product of the internet reformation.

            What a time to be alive! Sam

        • olde reb

          Allow me to disagree with your mantra: elections do not guarantee or allow freedom.

          The CIA, as created by Allen Dulles with support and funding from Wall Street (David Talbot, DEVILS CHESSBOARD) has overthrown numerous both
          domestic and foreign rulers that refused to submit to oppressive policies sought by Wall Street or the CIA. (ref. Perkins, CONFESSIONS OF HIT MAN; Blum, KILLING HOPE; Chossudovsky, GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY; among many others).

          Two examples of Haiti and Greece are mere representative of sycophant elected puppet rulers put in place by CIA/Wall Street that inflicted unavoidable suffering on the indigenous people.

          • Samarami

            Nothing to disagree with that I can see, Olde Reb: I certainly haven’t suggested looking to any form of political activity for liberty. On the contrary, if I choose to be free, government and politics must be avoided at all cost.

            If I can develop the skills to sidestep and circumnavigate those unsavory elements, THEN I can be free.

            Here. Today, Where I’m “at”.

            So can you.


    • alohajim

      Dude, very nicely put. The system is designed and dependent on human beings being institutionalized. Academia, from an earlier and earlier age, indoctriantes the population into lifelong institutionation. It really is essential to destroy individualism and prepare the former individual for lifelong collectivism. You have captured the essense of the ‘wake up’ process.

      • alohajim


  • john cummins

    I think I’d add homeschooling and flipped education, Khan to this equation which break the agitprop government education juggernaut

  • olde reb

    The DB has performed an admirable job of describing the elite (with control
    of both major parties) with their objective of higher taxes and

    It is a shame the writers do not have the insight, or guts, to identify
    that element is synonymous with Wall Street and WS (as hidden owners
    of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors) is undeniably embezzling
    $3-6 billion daily from the auctions of Treasury securities. There
    is no other viable destination for the value received from the sale
    of deficit spending securities (identified by a small percentage on
    all auctioned securities). Ref.

  • James

    The problem is not “the 2 party system.” The problem is people are sofa king stupid. Certainly going to a 1 party system is no remedy for the stupidity that ails us, and multiplying parties to make dozens of them will not help either. The problem is not in the “system:” the problem is in our souls and in our depraved and degenerate spirits. But spirits can be revived; the way to revive the soul and the spirit is with massive doses of TRUTH!!!!! The People need to guzzle down as much TRUTH as we can, to point where we puke a lot of it back up, and then we need to start injecting TRUTH directly into our veins, and saturate our selves with it. Then we might avoid the horrible fate that otherwise is coming down on our stupid heads. Truth number 1: THERE AIN’T NO FREE LUNCH, DAMMIT!!!!!!

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    That the recent WikiLeaks revelations have done NOTHING to bring a MUCH NEEDED END to Hiltary Clinton’s campaign, speaks VOLUMES! Have you ever asked yourself: “Why does Hitlary Clinton ALWAYS get away with EVERYTHING?”

    “Our lives are controlled by a small group of psychopaths.” That small group of psychopaths are behind and financing Hitlary Clinton (and BARRY SOETORO). To find out more about what is REALLY going on and (SO MUCH) more, go here:

    THE FINAL DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA: JFK’S 1961 Prophecy EXPOSES Obama, Hillary, the Pope & the NWO/JWO

    Read the comments. Follow the links. Read/view/listen to ALL content.

  • Ephraiyim

    “The rhetoric may shift a little but taxes, regulations and government intrusions into daily life will continue and expand. This is in true not just for the US but for the West generally.”
    And this is my main concern when Mr. Trump says he will return us to the “rule of law”. When the elitists decide what the ” law” is the people will always suffer.
    When Congress and various agencies of government continue to make laws which restrict basic liberties, rule of law means “get in line surf and do as you are told or suffer the consequences”.
    The “Drug War” is just one of many examples of the misuse of law to further the elitist agenda of making everyone, except themselves, of course, slaves.
    While the “enemy of my enemy” may work for the short term, in the long run, it rarely produces long lasting change. In fact, it often ends up becoming a quagmire that is not easily rectified.
    The Churchill, FDR, Stalin alliance is but one historical reference to such a quagmire that the American people are still dealing with.
    CIA and NSA spying on supposed enemies of the state comes to mind.