Politicians push for war as the way out of economic troubles
By Daily Bell Staff - March 28, 2016

Tony Blair [in the Sunday Times]: Britain and its western allies must be prepared to send ground troops to “crush” Islamic State forces or risk a terror attack in Europe of “such size and horror” that draconian security measures would have to be introduced, Tony Blair has said. -Guardian

In a widely noted editorial, Tony Blair is speaking up again, pounding the drums for war without apology. This after years of vilification for involving Britain in overseas wars.

Obviously Blair is enunciating policy points that the larger, shadowy British establishment wants to present. For one reason or another, Blair remains a presenter of choice when it comes to these things.

One listens to the talking points and watches the movements “on the ground,” and eventually comes to the realization that a kind of World War III is being organized.

Such a war, if ever delivered, would be a catastrophe, and certainly would not result in the economic benefits we are instructed that World War II provided after its conclusion.

This is Blair’s second major statement in a matter of days on international issues. In a previous article, we covered Blair’s recent statements to the BBC regarding “flabby liberalism.”

Blair warned then that he is setting off on a crusade that would result in creating international policies against “extremism and intolerance.”

In this article, he sounds more directly militant. And his viewpoints are supported by a recent article over at ZeroHedge entitled, Japan’s Finance Minister Accidentally Reveals How It All Ends: “War.”

From the ZeroHedge article:

It seems – according to a stunningly candid transcript of Japan’s finance minister’s conversation with none other than Paul Krugman – that the real endgame here is actual war. Aso remarked that “a similar [deflationary mindset] had occurred in the US in the 1930s. What solved the question? War!

Aso is certainly engaged in a continual struggle against  the current reluctance of Japanese businesses to make investments. This is similar to the reluctance in Europe and the US and has to do with previous government support for bankrupt banks and other businesses.

Instead of letting the contraction of 2008 run to its conclusion, governments stepped in and propped up failing institutions.

Supposedly – and illegally – the US Fed sent up to US$16 trillion around the world in a matter of days to ensure that the current financial structure remained in the place.

Such actions basically froze the Great Recession in place. But war basically forces institutions to invest.

In the US, for instance, large institutions may have been reluctant to make investments before World War II, but as war loomed, these same institutions faced government demands that they convert factories to produce war-based products. Investments were made, after all.

However, war is ultimately destructive and does not create prosperity anymore than throwing a rock through a window does.

What did help economically after World War II is described in a Mises article entitled, World War II Did Not End the Great Depression.

The article refers to an analysis by Robert Higgs that divided the Great Depression into three phases.

The Great Contraction occurred during the Hoover years and went from 1929 to 1933. During this period private investment fell by about 84 percent.

This set the stage for the Great Duration, 1933–1945. As … the 1930s wore on, President Franklin Roosevelt became ever bolder about undermining property rights. This delayed complete recovery.

Finally, there was the Great Escape, which occurred after and in spite of World War II, not because of it.

The Great Escape argues that the US in particular, as the dominant nation-state, set the tone for the rest of the world. And in the US, returning veterans wanted a return to normalcy and a well-functioning economy.

As a result, there came about “a partial dismantling of the regulatory infrastructure that had grown up during the Depression and the war.” Higgs calls this a “rediscovery of the market and a new birth of freedom for entrepreneurs and workers.”

But the chances of a Great Escape taking place again are not very good. Any modern war will probably not be waged on a such a grand scale as World War II, but will likely be a widening conflict encompassing many smaller regions.

It also may last a lot longer than World War II due to the lack of singular and defined opponents. As a result, there will probably be no homogenized homecoming of veterans and no “great escape” from the continued expansion of the regulatory state.

What we have consistently argued is that neither politics nor any resurgence of industrial freedom will much delay the Anglosphere’s gradual authoritarian descent.

For this reason, we suggest that people do their best within family and community units to assert independence from the larger, statist structure.

This ought to be done privately and surreptitiously when possible, though legally as much as possible.

The results should include the ability to defend oneself, a store of precious metals, access to potable water and a fresh food supply and even, if possible, the ability to travel abroad to places where one has a second home and the ability to live independently.

Counter-cyclical – “defensive” investing – ought to be examined too.

Some of this is costly but some is not. And the goal should always be independence and self protection.

Even heavy-handed efforts to impose a wartime economy are bound to be irregular and incompetent.

The alternative of course is something much worse, but the chances in our view are much greater for a muddled authoritarianism. This will be one that gives people with planning and foresight the ability to “live free in an unfree world.”

In fact, optimistically, as a result of the Internet, many elite plans that have been made to increase the global order seem gradually to be falling by the wayside.

Conclusion: As we have pointed out before, the ability to survive and thrive despite the upcoming chaos will gradually lead to better days ahead. The trick is getting from here to there.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • robertsgt40

    If history is an indicator, we’re due for WWIII

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      seems like it’s been ww3 since 9/11

      • Castle_Nut

        It started with the first Iraq war and will continue with our intervention with ISIS and finish with our invasion of Iran. 100 years from now, they will be called “The Great Oil Wars”.

      • robertsgt40

        Kinder, gentler. Fuse has been lit for a long time. Just need the right trigger. I’m sure someone’s working on it.

        • Steve

          They will collapse the economy at the right moment – bet on it.
          Until then, more flase flag attacks ( Brussels etc) to create much urban terror to herd the sheep into a nice lather so they are pleading to have thier privacy and rights taken away for the illusion of protection…..what the sheep havent worked out is the globalists control both sides of the fight……

    • Pilgrim

      In progress . . .

  • stevor

    and war is another way to KILL off young so they don’t have kids, which helps the planned depopulation of the world (fewer sheeple are easier to control)

    • DonRL

      And the destruction of a generation of fathers further erodes the social structure by mothers having to raise their sons without fathers to help mold them into responsible men.

      • stevor

        o’bama, himself, being the perfect example? (NOT)

  • apberusdisvet

    Of course, massive false flag terrorism is another option, and it might be preferable. I’m sure even the most psychotic neocon must realize that both China and Russia have arms and manpower superiority over our denuded armed forces.


      Not so. They will never declare war on the USA. Only the crazy Muslims, who are all wanting their 70 virgins, each.

    • Steve

      You never hear discussions over EM Scalar weaponry though – which both sides ( US/China & Russia ) have.

  • Zaphod Braden

    MAKE the politicians fight in the Front Lines.

  • Wars tomorrow will be nothing at all like they were yesterday because of the unfolding nature of new virtualised reality plays ….. ….. and that is really strange alien territory where ordinary plans of campaign no longer cut the mustard.

    • Jose Alvarez

      ////tried to do this on blogspot, but there appears to be censorship…

      Dear Mars,
      it has been a long time since I wrote something on your page. In the meantime I have moved to a region with kind people, not yet deeply affected by the byzantine double- and triple-games of your and mine place of origin.

      Relatives of these people have recently transferred some nasty people to their rightful place.

      Food is plenty here and so are the luxury cars and most of the stuff some people are so fascinated with all over the world. Crime is zero and the local cats have already shown up, visibly and less visibly. What they tell us about this place is to a large degree “scaring the workhorses in order to stay with their owners”.

      I have been asking you about some serious headwashing of your toppers in the past. They are much too close to the enemies of our civilization. Can you report any progress on this ?

      I also found this interesting article about one of your guys:

      Finally an Englishman who is not just doing the easy, greasy thing. I suggest you do some research about him.

      Mind you, this is not about one side winning and the other side failing; it is about stopping this aggressive entity in their mad vision to subjugate the entire planet.

      This is also in the true interest of Britain, minus all the byzantine considerations of receiving nice bribes. The ultimate goal for said people is to smoke out British culture, British religion, British customs, too.

      The current problem of Britain is not at all a lack of cyberspace and other warfare capabilities; rather it is the lack of a moral compass.

  • Pilgrim

    Islam has been at war with everybody else since the 7th century. Jefferson dealt with it a couple hundred years ago, but when the sand people came into oil money and later when stable governments in the middle east were destabilized, they re-mobilized into a global domination quasi-religious political ideology.

    If left unchecked, they will continue their present course of infiltration, radicalization, terror and take-over.

    I am never pro-war. I am always in favor of lifting everybody’s living standard through free-markets and private-sector initiative. War is death and destruction. But Islam is perpetrating death and destruction everywhere they take over, so I really don’t want to wait until they’ve taken over here before rising up from the ashes to do something about it. I am in favor of ending their death and destruction rampage. If that means taking the war to them as Bush wanted to do, so be it.

    • jsmith

      You really think so, huh? You don’t think intervention, colonization and exploitation of these “sand” people by the West, meaning us now, had something to do with their wars of liberation…. from us. Let you be the first one to volunteer, or at least send your precious 18 year old boys to give those Ayrabs democracy.

      • ALPHAMEG

        Democracy for the Muslims is anathema to them. The next forays against them will be search and destroy. The West started it all, but now are ready to do what’s necessary to remove their desire to terrorize the West. It’s
        NATO’s job to ramrod this operation.

        • Huyt

          You peopl at the daily bell are obsessed with this stuff. I read collectivism is rampant in these so-called discussion.s. It is a true hilarity reading your comment with your puffed up opinions, true entertainment!

          • Glad you enjoyed. Did you read our similar comments a decade ago as well?

      • Pilgrim

        My son served in the middle-east theater, done and done. Did intervention, colonization and exploitation have something to do with their wars of “liberation”? I never did any of those things, nor did I support anybody else doing those things. Talk to the Europeans about colonization and exploitation, not to Americans. We didn’t “intervene” until AFTER they attacked us!

  • Ron Daugherty

    Absolute lunatic thinking from the dark-ages! Damn those congressional fools!

  • Bruce C.

    As long as the next US President is not like Tony Blair (or Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, Kasich, or Romney, Paul Ryan, etc.) we have a chance of not getting fooled or sucked in or even subversively led into a conflagration.

    One good thing to remember is that the decisions that make things worse are USUALLY obviously dumb and wrong, but until now (hopefully) “good” people are no longer going to do nothing by granting the benefit of the doubt, etc.

    Trump wants to get out of NATO (which means it folds) and the European Authorities are going to have take pay cuts to fund their own defense.

    Of course, in the meantime, one should do what one can to protect themselves.

  • dave jr

    Hey DB,
    How come the Sunday guest interviews for the last two weeks haven’t shown up as front page features? Rather, they were relegated to the sidebar.
    Just curious.

    • That’s how the website is structured currently. Interviews go on the side.


    Amazing, absolutely amazing, how Europe continually keep shooting themselves in the foot. If they wished to contain the radical Islamics, they should have sent a massive AWE & THUNDER NATO force, and
    destroyed all radical elements in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran. Anytime you try to appease a militant force, it bites you in the ass. The only way to remove a Rattle Snakes Nest is to chop off their heads. Nothing else works. Instead they stupidly opened their borders to over ONE MILLION non-vetted Islamics who showed up, 90% young males. The Euro Union know the radical Islamic religionists do not assimilate into local cultures, but gather in ghettos, where they receive total support for living, and they constantly demand more and more, while voting their districts into Islamic political offices and venture out and harass other districts by gangs robbing and raping the women.Their religion demands the death penalty for all who will not adopt to Sharia Law.
    Europe is currently seeking ways to return most of the non family groups to whence they came.

    • Bruce C.

      Well just like here in the US, Obama et al literally commands the border patrol to stand down and let everybody walk across the border. Either 70,000 (or is it 700,000) Muslims have been given green cards in the last 2 years. Nobody does anything about it, just like the European people didn’t. Even the German people let Merkel have her way.

      Those are obviously stupid and wrong decisions that people are allowing to happen, at least so far.

      • Steve

        The only logical reasons for allowing so many illegals in is to either swamp the existing population with trouble, or, to bring in disease and social upheaval. The same thing has been done to europe…..
        it is classic act of promoting Leftist class struggle and creating social tension and pitting white against latino against black…while the polecat globalists skulk around in the bakground watching the USA collapse from within. See the globalists arent dumb – they know the US cant be beaten militarily, so they set about collapsing and weakening the USA from within.

        • Bruce C.

          It’s the citizenry who are “dumb” and too confused and politically correct to stand up to it.

          The good news is that no one is a victim of others beliefs, only his own. Each person will experience the consequences of their ideas individually, so those of us who think differently will have a difference experience of all of this.

      • Robert H Burt

        Yes you’re right. But what are you doing about it? Can these problems be solved by posting comments?

        • Bruce C.

          Posting comments probably helps some, especially because it helps one/me clarify my own ideas. I agree that most change requires at least some physical action, but I wouldn’t underestimate the personal power of thoughts and beliefs, and by extension, en masse. I’m still learning about how the US government is supposed to be controlled. The Constitution specifies its limits and the powers of the three branches, but it’s not clear to me how things are to be dealt with when there is over reach or failure to act. I don’t know what Congress or the Judiciary is supposed to do about “excessive” Executive orders, for example. I do know that ever since President Wilson there has been an effort to take decision making powers away from Congress in favor of specialized “expert” bureaucratic departments, and so a lot is controlled by unelected officials. That’s one big problem. I don’t know what would happen if the “head” of the southern border patrol ignored Obama’s order to stand down, as another example. My sense is that “writing to my Congressman” to voice my opinion is not effective. Heading to the Texas border and holding up a protest sign isn’t practical for me to do. The Declaration simply says that “the people” have a right and duty to discard any government that fails to uphold their liberties, but offers no mechanism. What do you suggest?

  • Praetor

    The elite plans fall by the wayside, and they make human nature go to heck! They show their childish side. If they can’t get what they want, they make everybody miserable. If everyone survival instinct isn’t in full bloom by now, you’re probably finished. You can deny and repress, you can be fearful and paranoid, and none of this will get you anywhere. It only makes sense to work like heck to ensure survival.

    The elites and their PLAN falling apart means, economic collapse. With this collapse funding of accentual services are cut. Police, Fire and welfare cut! Military over extended and over there. So, they will create fear and tension, and the stage is set for Predator and Prey.

    And your survival will come down to how you react to the Predators and those they Pry on. Preparation is the only answer!!!

    • Steve

      Agreed. This is why so many yanks are buying guns – they know what is coming….they arent stupid, they know the deal. I’d hate to be the idiots that tries to take on a whole country of ticked off working-class americans, I think they would find out quickly they bite and be pretty brutal into the bargain….

  • r2bzjudge

    “Such a war, if ever delivered, would be a catastrophe, and certainly
    would not result in the economic benefits we are instructed that World
    War II provided after its conclusion.”

    World War II was a catastrophe for the estimated 60 million people killed in it, not to mention those wounded and the general suffering of those within the massive war zone.

    Allegedly, some 250,000 have died in current Syrian war, with another 5 million left homeless. What is the economic benefit of that?

    • There are no economic benefits to war. Modern war is a lie. War, prosecuted by Western militaries, is genocide. War is a tool to sustain and expand the elite powerbase. It is reported far differently though. World War II is endlessly glamorized and presented as laying the foundations for further US success.

    • Joseph E Fasciani

      For a proper & complete answer, find any Rothschild or Rockefeller banker and ask him. [Note: this is 150% sarcasm.]

    • william beeby

      winners and losers ?

    • LawrenceNeal

      Syria is about a pipeline.

  • alaska3636

    Stumbled across the Free Northerner recently.

    Here is something from It’s All Related:

    “Of course, as science develop, it becomes increasingly clear that the existence of an intrinsic human nature is very much a reality.The shibboleths of egalitarianism, feminism, and the like become increasingly unsupportable.

    As economic evidence piles up from the former Soviet Union, from Germany, from Korea, from Estonia, from Europe, from the US, from Canada, etc. it becomes increasingly clear that statism is bad for society. Thus support for communism become support for socialism, socialism become progressivism, progressivism become keynesianism. Each ideological change cedes more intellectual capital to the free market, but the centrality of the worship of the state remains.

    As the schools continue to fail, the perfectibility of man becomes increasingly far away. As the traditional family fails and the problems of divorce and single-parenthood become clear, the function of traditional institutions become increasingly transparent.”

    Sounds Jeffersonian. Sounds good to me.

    • Martin the American redux

      ‘Shibboleths’, had to look that one up. Outstanding. Thanks.

  • PatrickHenry1789

    I call it weapons of mass distraction. Nothing like getting a war started to get the masses attention shifted away from how crappy the economy and their lives are.

  • Martin the American redux

    Since well before the time of the Carthaginians, what better way as compared to war for relieving the pressure of economic distress?

  • Genefrosty

    I am sure some will think this is too extreme, the next president should tell ISIS, the next American you kill anywhere in the world, we will blow up five of your temples. If you don’t believe us, just try us.

    • Joseph E Fasciani

      Not a bad idea, but I don’t think they have temples, as such.

      However, going after their original hideous & major madrasas in Saudi Arabia [SA] [] makes excellent sense, as it cuts off the head of the snake and its offspring.

      There are few of the militant crazies madasas outside of SA, perhaps a half-dozen in Pakistan, another totally unreliable nation along w/Turkey whose people are fine, but have evil politicos running brutal regimes.

  • gordon

    I still shake my head in wonder at the arrogance of blair or bliar as he is known in the UK. He is one of the original snake oil salesmen and any pronouncements he makes should be treated accordingly.

    • william beeby

      He should be sitting in a cell in the Hague facing a trial as a war criminal .

  • rahrog

    USA launched WWIII right after the collapse of the Soviet Union. If you are an American, you might want to start paying attention to what the war criminal bankster/gangsters of NYC & DC have in mind for YOU. Here is a hint: they have no respect for human life.

  • alaska3636

    Two links:

    From Western Journalism:
    Obama Admin Caught Using Tax Dollars to Fund Anti-Trump Non-Profits

    Similar to the IRS going after the Tea Party, this is interesting for representing the system protecting itself: when it really matters, both parties go partisan against anything that threatens the status-quo.

    From the NYT:
    Analysts search for common link among terrorists, come up cluesless

    The article above article comes courtesy of Steve Sailer who asks, “What? What could possibly link terrorists?”


  • Robert H Burt

    One thing that is very clear is that the British royal family are mentally retarded. They exhibit all the symptoms. And they have only one way of seeing things. The real problem is the fact they are involved. If they were not involved, their enemy would not be attacking them. But they are incapable of realizing that withdrawal might be effective, so all they know is to attack. And Blair sold his soul to the establishment long ago, and his brain with it, which is immoral, because no one should ever willingly submit themselves to others less intelligent than themselves. It’s madness. They are all insane.

  • Steven

    Most wars start in the temples and end in a plot for many.

  • peter

    Tony Blair is Vanity in the flesh. A crackpot. This dangerous puppet of the bankers has self love for breakfast every hour of the day

  • Matthew Chen

    Tony Blair should be hauled to the ICJ to face trial for violating the Nuremberg Principle by invading Iraq, with his partner in crime, George W. Bush, based on lies of WMD and for war crimes and crimes against humanity, like Radovan Karadzic.

  • Jim

    Unfortunately there is no way out other than the most horrific war the planet has ever seen. This means no prisoners, All the heads of corporate and government entities that have aided in the down fall of humanity will need to be hung in public for all the world to see. Isis, Drug cartels etc. will need to be hunted down and eliminated. No enemy of humanity is jailed just removed permanently. Those that choose this task will probably be dammed forever but it must be done. Unfortunately humanity will need to go through the gates of hell before things get better.

  • The Raven

    It is the OWNERS of politicians (TPTB) who want/benefit from war. Cui bono?

    • Thanks. But this is what we wrote:

      “Obviously Blair is enunciating policy points that the larger, shadowy British establishment wants to present. For one reason or another, Blair remains a presenter of choice when it comes to these things.”