Populist Doom Aimed at Trump?
By Daily Bell Staff - December 10, 2016

EUROPE’S POPULIST REVOLT  … Donald Trump met with his first foreign ally just a few days after winning the U.S. presidency. But it wasn’t one of the world’s leading statesmen who got the invitation to Trump Tower. It was Nigel Farage, a man once considered a footnote in British politics—but who, in 2016, found himself on the snug inside of one of history’s hairpin turns. –TIME, person of the year

The “populism vs. globalism” meme that we analyzed back in midsummer (you read it here first) is swiftly becoming the most important propaganda initiative active today. It might spell Mr. Trump’s doom as a leader unless he counteracts it effectively.

The meme is everywhere now, just as we suspected (and wrote) that it would be. We can see how important it is in the naming of Trump as TIME “Person of the Year.” Populism is featured throughout this issue of the magazine and is the defining description of Trump himself.

But here is a disturbing thought: The bottom line is that globalism must eventually win out if internationalism is to continue to expand.

This means that populism – and Mr. Trump – must lose in the long-term. There is seemingly no doubt (whether he knows it or not) that new president is embroiled in a unfathomably vast propaganda campaign.


Given how fast the [globalist] dominoes are falling … that world might soon be upon us, for better or worse. Italy’s populist parties helped swing a referendum result on Dec. 4 that forced Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to resign.

The Netherlands and France have crucial elections scheduled next year, and front runners in those countries are tapping the same veins of anger at the establishment that fueled the rebellions of 2016.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right National Front in France, has chosen a blue rose as the logo for her presidential campaign, a symbol, she says, of the freak events that now seem almost natural. “I think the British, with the Brexit, then the Americans, with the election of Donald Trump, did that,” she tells TIME. “They made possible the impossible.”

The idea that TIME is preaching is that we must accept the validity of populism and its victories. But in fact TIME is dissembling. Modern history in our view is “directed” … not left to chance.

In fact, the sweep of modern history is globalist, with every major event inevitably ending up reinforcing a gradual internationalism.

After the disaster of World War One you had the formation of the League of Nations. After World War Two you had the creation of the entire globalist infrastructure including the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the United Nations. The BIS was updated as well.

But with the advent of the Internet, globalism has come under sustained attack. Alternative media has created a virtual alternative culture based on Jeffersonian rural agrarianism, free-market – Austrian – economics and the general idea that competitive markets must decide prices and build prosperity rather than the technocracy of massive corporations, governments and armies.

This kind of libertarian culture is anathema to globalists. They have fought hard to degrade and then eradicate it. Until the advent of the Internet, they were well on their way. More recently, the ‘Net and the information that has emerged from it has radically reshaped people’s views and given them a new and hopeful vision.

This doesn’t mean that globalists are going to surrender their internationalist goals however. They never do. In fact, if one studies modern events from the standpoint of directed history it soon becomes apparent that most major sociopolitical and economic trends emerge from groups and individuals associated with globalism.

Within this context it remains difficult to believe that Brexit, Trump and now Renzi are merely part of an aberrant reassertion of nationalist determination. It seems rather more likely they are in a sense part of an enormous realignment of elite manipulations.

It could be as simple as the elite perception that a populist revolt is inevitable and that it is better to manage it than not. If one adopts this (reasonable, to us) perspective then a lot of additional counter-globalist trends begin to align themselves in predictable ways.

Trump is obviously one of  the elements at the center of this manipulation. He is being cast as a “populist” (and nationalist) even though he doesn’t directly use that terminology on a regular basis. Nonetheless, the controlled media defines him this way.

In the past weeks and months, we have seen additions and elaborations to the populist meme. A big wrinkle is the idea that Russia and Putin on the “populist” side of this meme. And portions of the alternative media stand accused of promoting Russian interests within this larger context.

And most recently, here, the Washington Post reported that the CIA had stated that the Russians (presumably with alternative media connivance) had indeed intended to help Trump win the presidential race.

In this way we have a polarization of individuals and facilities. On the one hand you have Trump, the alternative media and Russia. On the other you have Hillary, the mainstream media and NATO.

We expect this polarization  to continue and expand. It not occurring by happenstance in our view but on purpose. The ultimate result, sooner or later, will likely be one or more false flags (or economic disasters) that gradually or swiftly degrade the credibility and usefulness of populism in the eyes of the general public.

What is being set up is a vast, polarized construct, a dialectic that can be manipulated at will and one that could eventually result in the emergence of the wisdom of globalism as the preferred approach to prosperity and world peace. Directed history will make it seem so.

Conclusion: Maybe we’re wrong, of course. This is a “conspiratorial” analysis of recent history, after all. However, it fits with what we understand of the way events have operated for at least the past several centuries. If so, Trump will have to fight hard to break out of dialectic paradigm in which he’s being placed.



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  • dave3200 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Trump and the people he’s drawing around him are undoubtedly aware of this and are smart enough to prevent it. Globalism is fading rapidly and hopefully will not return for many generations.

    • CCblogging

      The Globalists will not give up until they are totally crushed!

    • I had the distinct impression that “the people he’s drawing around him” were mostly neo-con globalists.

    • Werni Wolf

      His cast tells me: he wants to share the cake with China and Russia. With distraction coming from the Middle East and the South China Sea.


    In as much as the mightiest nation in the world has awakened in a mighty overthrow of the hellbent Globalists Socialist Democrats, the Globalists have been dealt a massive defeat, as additional nations will throw off their Socialist oppressors as we move forward, in this new century.

    • robertsgt40

      The democrats/republicans are a controlled equation. The Republicans, with the aid of MSM, tried to destroy Trump. He actually won as an independent. That cannot be left to stand. One way or another, he has to be stopped (assuming he’s not a Trojan horse). Ask the Kennedys what happens when you buck the system.

      • Bruce C.

        The good thing is that Trump is not like Kennedy in important ways. For one thing he considers himself a messenger for “a movement” not that he’s some young king who will lead the country. Therefore, taking out Trump is not like cutting off the head of a snake. It would be more like chopping the head of a hydra. He is an important head especially at this time but as people learn more about what’s going on “his” message will continue to survive and grow no matter. After all, Trump can’t be Prez for more than two terms.

        • robertsgt40

          JFK was offed for multiple reasons. He’d signed an Executive Order to pull out of Vietnam, start issuing silver certificates redeemable for silver, (he wanted to abolish the Fed). And more importantly, he didn’t want Israel to get the A-bomb. Similar issues are in play today. He threatens the cabal. This won’t be pretty.

          • Bruce C.

            I don’t disagree that he may/will(?) create a lot of enemies, but my point is that unlike JFK his “assassination” (if such a thing happens) will not be be internalized by the populace as “the end of Camelot” and the end his vision. Instead, the reaction will be much different and it will make things harder for the PTB. People already know a whole lot more than they did then – and learning more by the day – so the traditional PTB “methods” aren’t going to work again. Too many people are already clued in.

          • Steven Hotho

            Well, I agree with you that an assassination of the president would have different consequences today. Today, we live in a chaotic society that bears little resemblance to the law and order of the 1960’s.

        • Steven Hotho

          John Kennedy did not see himself as a “young king”, but as the herald of the WW11 generation that was prepared to take over from the old guard. I believe that he loved his country and its institutions; after all, he fought in its war and his family benefited from its opportunities. And he was probably killed for those beliefs.

  • killerbeans

    Globalism supports the internet. It is like tv, it is a distraction. It also subscribes to the Kantian view of free speech “Let the people complain all they want, as long as they obey”.

    • CCblogging

      Wrong. The Globalist hate the net as well as any media that doesn’t support their insanity.

  • Me Again

    As always they manipulate words and ascribe meanings which are, at the most generous description, on the extreme edge of the official definition.

    The Oxford English Dictionary is my sanctuary from this kind of disingenuous misuse of my language. The Oxford English dictionary definition of populist is:

    1. a member or adherent of a political party seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people.
    2. a person who supports or seeks to appeal to the interests of ordinary people.

    Who could fault someone for those feelings?

    A nationalist is someone who desires political freedom for his country and a patriot is someone who loves his country. The current vogue meanings are distillates of these but became the orthodoxy through manipulation.

    Therefore populism is bad = Globalism is good
    Nationalism is bad unless it is Irish, Scottish or Welsh when it will be patted on the head, but NOT British or English nationalism which is apparently racist.
    Patriotism, according to Johnson, is the last refuge of a scoundrel but there is no context for this pronouncement. However it is thought that he referred to ‘false’ patriotism, not patriotism in general. So over the centuries it is more commonly used to damn someone who displays patriotic sentiment. As with many thing s the context is all….

  • Whyfor

    Trump can, and probably will, fight globalism from the top.

    But look around you at all the globalist NGOs that are active in your area. It is up to us to dismantle, for example, the International Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI).

    ICLEI organizations are not local initiatives; they are international. They are environmental in that they brainwash local voters and thus local governments to control everything in the environs of where people live. It’s the World Bank that determines the ICLEI membership fee that each ‘local’ government pays.

    The last thing that the global governance gurus want is for an individual or a group of individuals to show initiative. So let’s do it! A start might be to de-fund your local mayor’s membership in ICLEI’s group especially for mayors.

  • CCblogging

    Hillary, Obama and all the Democrats are NWO freaks aka Globalists. The left wingnuts have been implementing the UN World Government known as UN Agenda 2030 in increments so that we Americans are kept in the dark about what is happening right under our noses. UN Agenda 2030 erases our established borders, it voids American law and it destroys our US Constitution. The Globalist UN with the cooperation of Obama and Hillary Clinton have scheduled this Fascist NWO to be FULLY IMPLEMENTED in just 14 years. The agreements that Obama has made with the UN on the climate change lie and Obama’s agreement with the UN to seize our guns is part of Obama’s, Hillary’s and the Democrat’s NWO insanity. The mass importation of Jihadist Muslims into the western world so they can cause great civil upheaval is part of the Globalist agenda. The Globalists intend to declare Martial Law to stop the very chaos that they implemented by bringing in the Islamofascists. Also, Obama’s surrender of our internet is part of this UN Fascist/Socialist plan. If the Globalists succeed and UN Agenda 2030 becomes a reality, we will lose America as a sovereign free nation. Hillary, Obama and all the Fascist Democrats could care less because their Globalist Puppet Masters like George Soros, the Rothschild’s, the Bilderberg group, the Rockefeller bankers, etc will still be in control.

  • Werni Wolf

    Trump’s line is now clear (after his chopice of Exxon’s Tillerson as Secretary of State), business guys and former marines at key positions. If “cleaning the swamp” means no Washington old hands, he is now perfectly on track. His cast has not much to do with European style of populism.

    • AmericanEagleForever

      NBC News reported he chose Tillerson. Trump’s people reported this:

      Transition Update: No announcements on Secretary of State until next week at the earliest. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain— Jason Miller (@JasonMillerinDC) December 10, 2016

  • Bernz

    Trump is clearly a man unlike any other.
    Why do I keep having the recurring dream of picking up the morning paper and reading the headline “President Trump Inoperable Cancer “?

  • Steve Marzocco

    The arguably entirely-unsustainable debt loads of so many nations today, even prior including unfunded liabilities, coupled with the recent leading Central Banks’ “QE Drug-of-Choice”, sees an effective “One World Currency” as likely inevitable.

    One way to view this is, as a decades long construct literally chaining much of the world’s leading nations to this future. That is, of an effective One World Currency.

    It seems further evident this will happen sooner rather than later, as a hopefully “orderly unwinding” or effective “controlled series of bankruptcies”. As opposed to the disorderly “meltdown kind”.

    The questions in either case then include, “How orderly or not and for whom?”

    The owners of the Central Banks are obviously amongst the most key architects and beneficiaries, regardless.

    It appears the IMF/ World Bank Basket of Global Reserves and Trading Currencies will most likely provide the platform via SDRs Currency.

    This has been successfully “tested” in recent years while also being underway even now, in another “SDRs test” in partnership with China. Including as part of the arguably tectonic move with China formally joining the global elite finance club formally, barely months ago.

    Some pundits believe such a One World Currency enabler will unlock an effective “unlimited balance sheet”. And given most of the leading Central Banks are widely agreed as now very near maxing out their own balance sheet capacities for the arguable legalized Ponzi scheme of QE/ treasuries buying, one can readily see how this may well all “progress”.

    The likely greatest risk today, seems to be populist fervor feeling “our” leaders and “our” central bankers, have not been pursuing their paths on a “By, Of and For the People” mandate, but instead a clear “By, Of and For the Plutocratic Elites” mandate.

    Given there has not been anything appearing even remotely like “public outreach and education” let alone anything resembling a transparent, representative democracy “feeling process” around all this…

    …the odds regrettably do seem to point to a “false flag event” just as the authors here call out, as the most likely means to continue the long-trodden “Secretive Rich, Powerful Elitists Daddy Knows Best” Attitude, Apparent Plan and Path.

    Put more simply, few things as potent as a clear “National Emergency POWERS” mandate to push past all manner of “democratic process annoyance”.

    • During the 19th Century (1816-1914) an effective “One World Currency” DID exist: the British gold Sovereign coin. At 0.23 troy Oz of gold, the Sovereign and it’s slightly heavier European counter-part, the Swiss, French and Italian gold 40 franc coin were indeed the stable foundation of 100 years of economic growth that came to an abrupt end because of European governments’ love of War.

      The gold Sovereign is so well known, even today, in Europe and Asia that several gold Sovereigns were included in the survival kits of USAF pilots in Vietnam at risk of crashing behind enemy lines.

      • Steven Hotho

        Right, the only “one world currency” that can every truly work is gold.

  • Jim Johnson

    Will DB succumb to paranoia when/if a true black swan event occurs? Feels as though alternate media has set itself up the ol’ double-whammy false false flag, when in fact it was accidental/act-of-God. Good luck parsing it all. Makes my brain hurt.

  • Mstrjack

    “David Cameron warns the existence of European single currency is hanging in the balance”

    Populism doesn’t work. It DOESN’T work. POPULISM DOES NOT WORK!!!

  • rmp

    If he, Trump doesn’t understand this then the so called “deep state” will probably kill him, IF he goes too far, or too contrary to the globalist agenda. His choices so far for cabinet positions doesn’t seem to support that theme. If he wanted to truly “drain the swamp” he wouldn’t choose from Goldman Sachs. But, on the other hand from where should he choose? At that level it’s a small world. So, if he does understand, and simply saw an opportunity to become the leader of the “free world” then he’s probably there to manage the current consolidation and regrouping needed to bring us forward. I think his brand of populism supports that meme, and if true, and if it only takes an eight year term, he’ll then be there to prepare us for the ultimate merger.

  • rahrog

    The only people buying what the globalists are selling are the zombies.

    The Ruling Class cannot subvert the minds of creative, productive, thinking people.

    SECEDE from their power structures, and watch them fall.

    • Steven Hotho

      Yes, I think you’re correct. The individual “will” inevitably breaks out of structures and renders group activity (conspiracy) null and that is the history of the world. Modern technology makes individual will more likely, not less. Yes, vast and impersonal institutions assert dominance from time to time, but they always break down, just as globalism is breaking down now.

  • Praetor

    You could see this as transition, from collective power to disruptive power. You could look at it as same old same old. But i don’t think so.

    The disrupting power is in the hands of Trump. Just look at those who ran against Trump, Clinton Bush Cruz all but a couple were apart of the collective power structure. Trump will disrupt most if not all that the collective power was trying to accomplish. That in itself is not a bad thing. But we may witness a new less Euro centrism collective.

    The elites have no chose but to deal with us people. We sure aren’t going anywhere. The cat is out of the bag and Pandora’s box is open.!!!

    • autonomous

      Nothing is in the hands of Trump, at least no more than is in the hands of ‘the elite’, whomever that is. We must as individuals realize that ‘it’ is in our own hands, and we’re not going to take it any more. ‘It’ has always been in our hands except when we abdicate our individual authority to a self-identified elite. It is our self-ownership, and it is much easier to let our grip slip than to stand up to our responsibility to act like men. If we acclaim Trump to be elite, he will either step down, or more likely, he will succumb to the all-too-easy same hubris that afflicted Bush I and II, Clinton with or without cajones, Obama and all their cronies/toadies in officialdom past and present.

      Trump is no higher a creature than you or me, neither is anyone else; we are all created equal.