Predictions of a Worldwide Drought May Mean Big Profits
By Daily Bell Staff - May 02, 2016

The world will run out of fresh drinking water by 2050 because of the Western world’s meat centered diet, according to a secret report just released on WikiLeaks.  Nestle executives, concerned about the company’s future in a world threatened by climate change … discovered that high meat consumption is depleting the world’s fresh water supply. – Inquisitr

The Nestle report dates back to 2009, but it has been “leaked” by WikiLeaks recently and has received a good deal of recent mainstream media coverage.

The report, with updates, is entitled “Tour D’Horizon with Nestle: Forget the Global Financial Crisis, the World Is Running Out of Fresh Water.” It was published by Reveal at The Center for Investigative Reporting. 


The report … details how the West’s meat centric diet is draining the world’s supply of fresh drinking water.

“Nestle thinks one-third of the world’s population will be affected by fresh water scarcity by 2025, with the situation only becoming more dire thereafter and potentially catastrophic by 2050.”   

We’ve characterized this sort of propaganda as a “scarcity meme.” Globalists often utilize scarcity propaganda to generate a social consensus that allows additional authoritarian activity.

Of course, there’s plenty of water in the world and desalinization technology is advancing rapidly. But scarcity promotions dispense with a fact-based approach in favor of alarmism.

The world has been running out of food for decades, for instance (only maybe not). And for a long time, the Peak Oil movement was very popular: We were instructed regularly that recoverable oil was diminishing rapidly.

Rare earth is mined by the Chinese. The Pentagon and Congress have worried publicly about Chinese control of these strategic commodities. In fact, the Rocky Mountains reportedly contain vast quantities of rare earth. Only it is not currently available due to environmental restrictions.

Almost all scarcities publicized in the mainstream media are likely overblown propaganda of some sort. If the item is actually becoming less available, a substitute almost invariably can be produced.

We’ve been aware of regular attempts to “sound the alarm” about water scarcity going all the way back to 2010. You can see an article HERE.

At the time we wrote, “We are fairly certain that food and water are among the next dominant social themes that the elite will try to focus on, as weather and warming have dominated the past few years.”

What we didn’t anticipate was that water alarmism would be repackaged to aid in other elite promotions. We wrote about these “portmanteau” memes HERE.

We commented: “ Elite memes are increasingly being issued in combination, or at least being offered together in individual commentaries as opposed to separate observations.”

This latest water scarcity propaganda seems to exist as a portmanteau meme as well.

We come to that conclusion based on the commentary that has accompanied the seven-year old Nestle report. In fact, in several articles on the subject, we’re instructed that the “refugee crisis in Syria was sparked by a water crisis.”

The problem of Middle Eastern refugees pouring into Europe was apparently engineered by the US and Britain in concert with the EU. The idea is supposedly to destabilize European societies in order to make a “United States of Europe” easier to attain.

As Europeans seem well aware of this manipulation, it has further diminished the credibility of EU bosses and fueled anti-EU movements in several countries.

What to do? It seems “water scarcity” could be utilized to explain the immigration. In other words, Europeans will learn it was a lack of water rather than political calculations that caused the massive outflow of Muslims to Europe.

Not only do we see water scarcity being used to justify Muslim immigration, we also see a re-occurrence of anti-meat propaganda.

Now it may be that both people and animals would be better off with minimal meat-eating. But recent articles profiling the Nestle report have made sweeping assertions when exploring the environmental damage of consuming animals.

Here, from the Reveal article:

Eating meat requires much more fresh water than a vegetable diet because each animal requires tons of crops like corn and soy, which require thousands of gallons of water themselves. It requires far less water if humans ate the vegetable crops directly.

Americans eat too much meat and now the world is on a “potentially catastrophic” collision course with fate … The world simply needs to switch to a diet that’s not so meat centric.

Water alarmism is therefore being utilized to support several elite promotions at once. The UN, for instance. regularly campaigns to lower meat consumption.

We have mentioned in the past that investors will have to consider the reality of scarcity promotions versus their profit potential. This certainly goes for water.

There’s plenty of oil around the world, for instance. In fact, oil may be abiotic, produced by geological forces rather than plant matter. However, for decades, the Peak Oil promotion was successfully offered – and even used to justify higher prices. You can see a Peak Oil article HERE.

Conclusion: If the water-scarcity promotion expands, it could certainly justify rising water prices and thus the “value” of water resources. In such cases, being “right” about a given scarcity promotion is less profitable than ascertaining how much money and effort is going to be committed to maintaining and strengthening it. In fact, with many of these promotions, the truth diminishes as profits expand.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Bruce C.

    So, should we all talk about how scarce water is going to be so our water stocks go up? That’s basically what Nestle is doing. I got “a tip” from a guy about 7 years ago (when that article was written) about riding the wave of a water shortage, and that Nestle was the biggest buyer of bottled water companies back then.

    Something else that could prove profitable here is to promote the theme that municipal water supplies aren’t safe, and maybe that home filters don’t work well enough either, so bottled water is the only way to go.

    Personally, I’d prefer that a reduction in population be promoted instead. That would solve any REAL shortage problems and increase the quality of life for everyone too.

  • Praetor

    How can the earth lose water, it cannot! It can be stored, but even that is a part of the hydrological (water) cycle, over time even that stored water recycles. The only water ever lost from earth has probably been when they send those people into space, and they go outside the space station, they lose a little water then!! Nestlé is another corrupt globalist facility injecting sugar and salt into everything they produce. Nestlé believes people have no right to water, and the only water the people can have is what Nestlé can sale them. I continually ask myself how and when can we get rid of these kinds of people!!!

  • tom

    “Eating meat requires much more fresh water than a vegetable diet because
    each animal requires tons of crops like corn and soy, which require
    thousands of gallons of water themselves”.

    Utter nonsense. You don’t even need to have a science education to see how misleading this ridiculous allegation is. Properly raised animals are mostly, if not entirely, fed on grass. The grass uses rainfall that happens to come down over it. Much of the land that is suitable for grazing would be quite unsuitable for raising crops or any other use – the Pampas of Argentina, for example. So raise crops on land that is suitable for them, graze animals on grassland that is unsuitable for crops – and there is no problem whatsoever with water.

    Many people have a sentimental or quasi-religious objection to eating meat. That’s all very well, as long as they admit their beliefs and the reasons for them. Unfortunately, too many such people disguise their vegetarian beliefs behind a pseudo-scientific mask.

    • tom

      Of course animals such as chickens and pigs do not eat grass, but they are very happy to forage on whatever they can find in natural grasslands, woodlands and orchards. My next door neighbour has about a dozen chickens in his suburban garden, and they seem to do very well. Indeed we enjoy watching them fuss around, clucking and pecking as they collect bugs, seeds, and Heaven knows what else. We do not find that our water supply has decreased noticeably since the chickens arrived.

  • Bruce C.

    I suspect humans need water too. So if the cattle population is reduced and the human population increases then what difference does it really make?

    • The Ballstone Group

      There’s always the danger of human cattle stampeding at the sound of the global climate alarm.

  • r2bzjudge

    “The world will run out of fresh drinking water by 2050 because of the
    Western world’s meat centered diet, according to a secret report just
    released on WikiLeaks.”

    Propaganda is as propaganda does.

    Orange County California recycles water- from toilet to tap. Stale water, refreshed again.

  • r2bzjudge

    “Now it may be that both people and animals would be better off with minimal meat-eating.”

    No. Humans are carnivores. Meat is what the human body is designed to consume.
    Diabetes is becoming a major epidemic. The human body was not designed for fast carbohydrates and high sugar processed foods.