Preparing for a Resurgence of Globalism
By Daily Bell Staff - October 05, 2016


Backlash to World Economic Order Clouds Outlook at IMF Talks … Policy-making elites converge on Washington this week for meetings that epitomize a faith in globalization that’s at odds with the growing backlash against the inequities it creates. From Britain’s vote to leave the European Union to Donald Trump’s championing of “America First,” pressures are mounting to roll back the economic integration that has been a hallmark of gatherings of the IMF and World Bank for more than 70 years. – Bloomberg

Populism versus globalism again, a meme we first identified after Brexit. The idea, we suggested was that a dialogue would be created in mainstream media painting populism as responsible for numerous economic political and military difficulties. Gradually, globalism would be suggested as the remedy for populism.

At the end of this Bloomberg article, we find the beginnings of this rhetorical justification:

“The consensus in policy-making circles was that more trade meant better economic growth,” said Standard Chartered head of Greater China economic research Ding Shuang, who worked at the IMF from 1997 to 2010. “But the benefits weren’t shared equitably, so now we see a round of anti-globalization, anti-free trade. “Globalization will stall for the moment, until we can find a way to share those benefits,” he added.

This is the argument that will be made then, in louder and louder tones. Globalism has been rejected in favor of populism because globalism did not equitably share benefits.

Solution? Make globalism more widespread and equitable. This is the argument being advanced, one that builds the justification for pushing globalism forward and expanding it.

This is why memes are so important from an elite standpoint. Gradually, they can be reconfigured into “directed history.” Memes, once expressed, can be acted upon. That is what will happen here, no doubt, if this meme continues to be expanded.


Fed by stagnant wages and diminishing job security, the populist uprising threatens to depress a world economy that International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde says is already “weak and fragile.” The calls for less integration and more trade barriers also pose risks for elevated financial markets that remain susceptible to sudden swings in investor sentiment, as underscored by recent jitters over Frankfurt-based Deutsche Bank AG’s financial health.

“The backlash against globalization is manifesting itself in increased nationalistic sentiment, against the outside world and in favor of increasing isolation,” said Louis Kuijs, head of Asia economics at Oxford Economics in Hong Kong and a former IMF official. “If we lose consensus on what kind of a world we want to have, the world will probably be worse off.”

This is textbook stuff. First create the meme, which  is always the expression of a problem: global warming, resource scarcity, prejudice, etc. Then gradually begin to prepare and offer antidotes.

If the meme is successful, selected activists and politicians will begin to call for action. That’s how the meme drives the appropriate solution.

Watching memes is useful because often you can predict the solution and thus see trends developing far in advance. In this case we would hypothesize that this meme will be expressed via forms of globalism that will extend to those immediately affected. This may, in fact, be lucrative for those who understand the elite mechanism and its regional implementations.

Global warming, for instance, is a meme – a falsehood. But hundreds of billions and perhaps trillions have been spent in an attempt to treat it as a reality. Many have captured significant profits from participating in global warming remedies even thought he problem doesn’t exist, or not in a way that can be affected by man-made solutions.

There is no doubt more action is coming on the globalist front, justified by “populist pushback.” Christine Lagarde herself, head of the IMF,  is quoted in the Blooomberg article as saying that “policy makers attending the Oct. 7-9 annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank have two tasks.”

First, do no harm, which above all means resisting the temptation to throw up protectionist barriers to trade. And second, take action to boost lackluster global growth and make it more inclusive.

Conclusion: It can’t be any clearer than that. Globalism, you see, is being recast not just as inevitable but as necessary as well, as the wise choice when contrasted with “populism.” We’ll see how far and fast this meme grows. Right now it looks to be a major one.



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  • CCblogging

    Globalism and multi-culturism are nation destroyers. The plan of the Globalist elites is the implementation of a one world government and that’s not what most Americans want. We informed Americans don’t want any part of UN Agenda 2030 because it takes our national sovereignty away, erases our borders, voids our laws and shreds our Constitution. A vote for Soro’s controlled Globalist Puppet Hillary is a vote for that fascist/socialist global government to be run by the Globalist Elites using the corrupt United Nations as their vehicle.

  • robertsgt40

    BTW, isn’t it about time for Lagard’s trial to begin? She was charged a couple years ago.

  • windsor1

    Globalism means more money,power and control for the ruling elites and increasing poverty and fewer opportunities for the rest of the population. It takes humanity beyond capitalism and into the realm of global fascism.
    Humanity is a resource just as commodities or tools are. Globalism is all about relegating democracy to the trash bin of history and moving onto the next phase which is moving production where production costs are lowest and selling where profits are highest.
    The process will make wide swaths of people redundant and hence surplus to the needs of production. In the eyes of the elite these “useless” resources must be eliminated. They are in the process of dealing with this issue now. We are living in a transition phase where it will be possible to eliminate billions of surplus people. Democracy however is an obstacle that must be dealt with as it is an impediment to the agenda. At the moment there is a plan to dilute the majority opinion in nations by mongrelizing nations with dumg people who have nothing in common with the underlying population. You will also see war bio agents and vaccines to get population levels to what the elites feel is “sustainable”
    The elites want a planet that they rule over with an iron fist; a totalitarian neo feudal society; if you will. It will be micromanaged and every human being will be chipped.
    The elites have brought us fluoridated water, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, GMO foods,aluminum aerosols in the atmosphere and mercury and other dangerous adjuvents in vaccines. These are soft kill weapons designed to kill you or at minimum, turn you into a resource for big pharma..
    My personal belief is that democracy is essentially a past concept. Hillary has already told America that she is going after the guns. Soros has a vote counting company in Spain to count overseas votes and voting machines leave no paper trail. Americans don’t care much about this, as they believe democracy is a God given right. In the last election the vote was rigged as in several jurisdictions Obama got 100% of the vote, which is a statistical impossibility.
    The people know that Hillary is an undocumented felon, a pathological liar and a fraud, yet they love her. Matter of fact she is everything a socialist hates; a rich globalist, white and Christian yet they cannot get enough of her.
    It is clear that the voting machines will throw the election to Hillary, followed by a gun grab, then war. They have used propaganda to promote globalism and the people have bought into it every time. The populist movement will fail to gain traction in a hurricane of globalist promotion.
    It is always the same scams:
    – The economy is in bad shape. The solution is government austerity for the masses.
    – Large corporations that reap billions in tax free profits pollute the planet which in turn is blamed on the size of the population
    – The Federal Reserve that prints and creates money from nothing. You pay interest directly through interest and loans and indirectly through taxes. This is the biggest globalist scam ever; yet it is a holy grail no politician since Kennedy dared touch.
    – Politicians promote small carbon footprints for the masses yet these same promoters fly around in large private jets and Like Al Gores Tennessee mansion have footprints as large as a small town.
    – Because humans destroy we should all live in 300 sq ft apts while the globalists continue to live in large estates.
    – We are supposed to give up cars and activities that create carbon dioxide because it is a toxic greenhouse gas. Plants however thrive in a carbon rich environment. The same guys that want to save us from Carbon dioxide do exactly the opposite by trying to convince humanity that it is a blight on the planet which will self destruct if we do not stop pollution. Their solution is to shut down polluting industry in the West and move it to Asia where there are no emission standards.
    The public is dumb, the public is temporarily sheltered from the fallout of globaist programs ie foodstamps and unemployment benefits. When the guns are gone the American Dream will turn into the Bolshevik revolution. The fact that the globalist masters have gotten this far makes me hope that the New World Order arrives soon so that the human gene pool can be refreshed.

  • Don Duncan

    The meme: The choice is between globalism and populism, i.e., global statism or national statism. TPTB are once again, as usual, presenting a false dichotomy. The idea is to present the illusion of choice, but really it’s “choose: heads, I win, tales, you lose.”
    Worldwide, the people have chosen statism (socialism), an authoritarian system varying in degree (some capitalism mixed in) and they don’t like the results, but don’t know the essence of their problem and therefore can’t find a solution. This is democracy, of the people, by the elite, for the elite.
    Once the people reject rule by anyone, mob or elite, and embrace self governance, individualism based in reason (rational individualism), then rights will trump violence as was the original goal of the American Dream. America has lost her way in a mire of populism enforced by violence. The populace has self enslaved to a sovereign ruling class of politicians/bureaucrats. Slavery doesn’t work, nor is it moral.

  • Praetor

    The downfall of globalism, starts in the U.S.A; If the Globalist lose the U.S. their plan fails. The globalist maintain control of the U.S they win. The battle most be fought here.

    The globalist command and control institutions must be dismantled. U.N. IMF BIS World Bank and all lower departments. The world centralized banking system must be outlawed.

    The one that must eliminate these institutions are the ones who created them!!!

    • Don Duncan

      “…these institutions…” were created to transfer wealth from the masses to an elite, who were given, “the keys to the kingdom” (sovereign power) by the masses who victimize themselves in ignorance.
      As the public become more enlightened they will reject being ruled in favor of more local control, and hopefully even realize that no good can come from giving away their power. A return to individual sovereignty will result in a new paradigm, a voluntaryist society.
      This will be “The Great Enlightenment”.

  • WalkingHorse

    One may be forgiven for thinking the EU is the prototype for Globalism 2.0. It began as an “economic union” which rapidly morphed into a very political power grab by technocrats enamored of Central Planning. Nothing being said in defense of globalism leads to a different hypothesis. Curiously, in Nature, centralized systems are exquisitely rare, almost always associated with unique biological imperatives, a point worth a great deal of reflection, as we are part of Nature. There is a very old principle, known well to the ancient Hebrews. In Catholic doctrine it is known as Subsidiarity, the rough and ready explanation being that human beings function best when group decisions that must be taken are taken by those most directly affected by those decisions, with decisions delegated elsewhere being done on an exception basis. [I hasten to add that the smallest group is the individual and/or the family.] It is a model well worth considering, though it is antithetical to the conceits of Central Planning, the shopworn euphemism for the Tyranny of “Experts”.

    • rahrog

      Nature abides.

  • Conclusion: It can’t be any clearer than that. Globalism, you see, is being recast not just as inevitable but as necessary as well, as the wise choice when contrasted with “populism.” We’ll see how far and fast this meme grows. Right now it looks to be a major one.

    Hmmm? Inevitable and necessary? You really think so?

    Recast in any likeness of its former self, whenever it has proven itself to be a phantom of no substance and equity to be hounded to ground and exhaustion and extinction, is no wise choice.

    However, in the absence of evidence of there being any novel radical plays in initiative action and pre proaction, is more of the same guaranteed to hasten continuing global collapse of systems administrations. And more than just natives are restless …. and of a mind to be fundamental?

    Indeed, it may very well be the case that affirmative creative destructive proaction by forces and sources that choose to remain virtually anonymous and practically unknown, is the new future norm meme delivering traction, and fictions for present realisations which are uncoupled and unencumbered from past accommodations/previous traditional hierarchical debentures.

  • Bruce C.

    There is another aspect to all of this that the DB piece above doesn’t mention. The problem for the elite globalists is that NOTHING that they propose from now on will be accepted for the simple reason that they have repeatedly demonstrated their incompetence and poor judgement. People don’t want ANY centralized authorities calling the shots, implementing policies, or offering solutions any more. They and that system are what has led to the problems in the first place and a lot of people are beginning to understand that. Free-market economics is the much more de-centralized and democratic system for choosing just about everything. The appeal of “populism” is a desire for more individuality – not less, which is what “globalism” is. The elites have lost credibility and they’re not going to be given any more chances to “get it right” any time soon. That’s why Clinton is going to lose the Presidential election by more than most people believe possible at this time. Trump is right in pointing out that she has been in high level “elite” politics for some 26 years and hasn’t solved a damn thing but only reigned over a rapidly worsening global situation. Her, et al “solutions” are bankrupt and people are turning away from them. It is the political equivalent of firing every single one of them.

    • Amen to that, Bruce C. Seconded in spades.

      • And here be a few questions worthy of asking of the Daily Bell too, re current shenanigans.

        In or Out, In or Out ….. We’re Shaking IT About You

        Does El Reg care to admit that it has hopped wholeheartedly into the Cloud with its cloudy bandwagons and would aspire with its commentards to lead in novel directions never before thought and realised as possible and probable for manipulation of real world events producing future scenarios?

        Enquiring minds would like to know whether time and effort spent here sharing secrets is to be worthwhile and effective, or just recognised as a stepping stone to otherworldly projects?

        And is that a sublime opportunity being floated to El Regers? 🙂

        There a lot going on out there in the deep and dark world webs with shadows and bright grassy knolls, DB.

  • rahrog

    DECLARE INDEPENDENCE – DECENTRALIZE – SECEDE!!! The Ruling Class is weak. The time to strike is NOW.

  • Bill Jarett

    The global democratization of knowledge has mooted the very reason for the so called “elite” to continue in their misrule.

  • Marathon-Youth

    Just going by the number of walls coming up in Europe, Israel, Indo/Pakistan and proposed walls in the US it seems Globalism is taking a back seat to Nationalism

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    I STRONGLY recommend, that everyone here at The Daily Bell read THIS:

    Historian Says Rothschilds are Chasid Puppets

    You see, there is ONE ‘tribe’ behind DIRECTED HISTORY, and it is the SAME ‘TRIBE’ that controls HOLLYWOOD.