President Obama Is No Military Marvel
By Daily Bell Staff - January 07, 2017

Obama awarded Pentagon’s medal for distinguished public service Sarah Palin criticized the decision, saying “this is what happens when you grow up thinking every kid gets a trophy.” -Washington Post

President Barrack Obama recently received a medal from the Department of Defence. The medal for Distinguished Public Service was awarded by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.

The award was well received by those around Obama, but not by his critics who used the award to further criticize the President during his last days.

Among these critics were Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Palin criticized the decision Wednesday night, saying “this is what happens when you grow up thinking every kid gets a trophy.” She shared a Breitbart News Network story with the sarcastic, if incorrect, headline: “President Obama awards himself Distinguished Public Service Medal.”

Obama said Wednesday that he has had “no greater privilege and no greater honor” than serving as commander in chief of the U.S. military. Presidents and service members take a similar oath, he said.

The award is actually a rather common one, as many senior officials have gotten it, especially, recently. Two previous presidents received it, one after the other. It recognizes, “exceptionally distinguished service of significance to the Department of Defense as a whole or distinguished service of such exceptional significance.”

“The service or assistance may have been rendered at considerable personal sacrifice and inconvenience that was motivated by patriotism, good citizenship, and a sense of public responsibility,” a fact sheet said.

Obama said he had  “made a promise [to serviceman], which to the best of my abilities I tried to uphold every single day since. That I would only send you into harm’s way when it was absolutely necessary, with a strategy and well defined goals, with the equipment and support that you needed to get the job done. Because that’s what you rightfully expect and that is what you rightfully deserve.”

In fact Obama did not configure various campaigns this way. Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Syria are places where servicemen are not being properly prepared. In fact, there is a good deal of evidence that Obama helped found and maintain ISIS, which is functioning as the enemy of those very same servicemen.

Conclusion: Obama accepted the medal because it helps build up his reputation with those who don’t closely follow administration politics. But for those who do, Obama’s apperent gratification is as insincere as the look on his face. He doesn’t deserve such an award and he knows it.


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  • Praetor

    Yeah! From the beginning a Noble Peace Medal to the end a phony Military Serve Medal. In 2016 his Administration drop over 26 thousand bombs on the world. Can we all agree these people are seriously demented.!!!

    • Marcopolo

      They are well beyond demented.
      The real issue is they have access to the big red button. Being reincarnated as a roach or bacteria wasn’t in the fortune reading I paid that Japanese woman/shaman.
      I enjoyed the movie Dr. Strangelove, but never expected to have a real world experience reinforce the basic movie theme.
      Although, Obama is (tragically) more humorous than Sellers, and also tops him as Clouseau.
      I’ve no idea of what Trump holds in store, but I’ve been embarrassed for the last 8 years personally, and for all the other deplorables.
      I’ll keep using the Canadian luggage tags for a while longer yet on my international travel….

      • Whyfor

        It seems likely that we’re headed into an ice age. If you’re moving anywhere, best head for the southern hemisphere.

    • Red Baron

      And a Congress that has no problem with any of it.

  • Bruce C.

    Obama continues to set new lows almost daily. His blatant efforts to corrupt and undermine everything good and honorable has been astonishing.

  • Has Obama ever served as a soldier or sailor in the US Armed forces?

    • Jim

      Are you kidding??

    • Centurian

      No, only as Communist In Chief and perhaps a few days of his “turn in the barrel” as sailors used to call it. Maybe all past presidents should be sent to the last war they created and issued some equipment and see what it is like. Give him an M4 and send him to Syria. Can’t wait for this A$$hat to move on.

      • Red Baron

        Maybe Congress should do their job and stop funding Unconstitutional wars. Without funding, the President can do nothing.

    • Red Baron

      That is not a requirement to be President. It also doesn’t mean they understand strategic military issues any better. Look at President Jimmy Carter for lack of strategic military issues.

      • It seems Obama sent 300 marines to Helmand, Afghanistan, yesterday (8 Jan. 2017) to pop up something of strategic military concern there. 2014 Obama ordered the complete US retreat out of Helmand. I wonder what Donald thinks about it.

        • Paul_Morphy

          It’s possible the Marines were sent in to retrieve some of the $400M in cash that is shrink wrapped and put onto pallets to be air dropped into various battle zones the US military is deployed in. They will forget about this stuff sometimes until some analyst at The Pentagon remembers it and a ham fisted mission gets assembled to recover it at the last minute.

    • Paul_Morphy

      We haven’t even been able to validate Obama’s undergraduate education as he has refused to submit an academic transcript from Columbia U. He edited the Harvard Law Review without ever publishing and do his scholarship of the law remains a mystery as well. He was never in the US military until he became it’s commander-in-chief and he will relinquish that role in the next ten days.

  • Heywood Jablome

    It will be nice to see him move on to endeavours which more suit his lack of ability and monumental mediocrity.

    • Marcus West

      yea like shining shoes

      • Mary

        I disagree, Marcus. Shining shoes is honorable work to which obummer could never rise. 😃

  • notwithabang

    It’s all performance-related. The award was for an improved golf swing, deteriorating relations between the “oppressors” and the “oppressed” at home, SJW-wrecked universities, escalating Chicago homicides and the creation of sociological climate change for the torture of the handicapped, emptying Gitmo (he wants space & safety just in case it’s in his future), the Middle East instability (and deaths) and for poking the Bear, Ukraine, Israel and others. Furthermore, those 26 000 bombs have to be replaced making him an economic miracle and, don’t forget, job creator – just witness all those enthusiastic bricklayers building that wall around his Washington rental. Walls, jobs, universities and golf…

    MAHA – Make America Hate Again: now that’s Distinguished Service in this brave new world. Your folks and Alinsky would be proud of you, Barry.

  • rahrog

    a token for a token

  • That such a person as Mr. Obama can be awarded the medal, indicates that any value or prestige formerly associated with it, is long gone. It’s become a mere trinket, likely minted in China.

  • Red Baron

    Name a recent President who has been a military marvel. Ever since Truman, Presidents have put American troops in harm’s way without a Constitutional required Declaration of War. Congress, relieved of actually having to do their job, happily fund all such Unconstitutional Wars. Our government continues to evolve without any attention to our founding document and we, the citizens, will be the losers.

  • gary hillerich

    one can hardly look at “it” ..let alone watch our Jewish master overlord’s shower yet another fairy-tale accolade on this piece of excrement..pray to the Lord they don’t make this excrement the next U.N. president,but..they will..this brown feces was born from hell,has lied about everything before the last 8 years,during the last 8, and surely as the sun comes up,will continue to lie till the glorious,wonderful day this rotten turd,this bare rock,is flushed back to hell from whence it came…

  • alohajim

    Obama has actually done the world a great service. He has, for anyone paying attention, proven without a doubt that the world we live in today is completely fake. The MSM news, what’s taught in schools, government statistics, and what we all know to be true are lies.

    Central banking is only a few hundred years old but the families that own and control the ONE BANK have been in control for thousands of years. Today, we’re at a point where entire industries are fake and exist only to further enrich bankers – leasing, insurance, finance, stock, bond and commodity markets, governments, medicine, legal system, etc etc. etc. Turn on your radio, what they call music is a corporate product, it’s not music. Go eat some fast food – what they call food is not food, it’s a corporate product. Look at our for profit prison system where States guarantee a 90% occupancy rate and have great incentive to transform citizens into criminals so to add to banker profits. Look at the prisoners – most are incarcerated for victimless crimes. Look at the shameful US medical system where no one knows the costs of anything and competition has been outlawed. Look at the legal system where laws are written to protect the elite criminal class so that they can legally steal our wealth and labor. Look at the growing poverty and homelessness, a direct result of the flawed monetary system of bankers creating currency via loans from nothing but never creating the interest. Thus guaranteeing endless inflation and perpetual poverty for a portion of the population.

    Thanks Mr. Obama for telling so many obvious and outright lies that they actually reveal the truth : Everything in our banker created world of ‘experts’ and carefully chosen ‘leaders’ and ‘lawmakers’ (fka Public Servants) is a lie. Manson murders, Moon Landings, Nuclear Weapons, Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations, 911 and the whole host of ‘lone wolf’ shootings are all lies.

    To borrow a line from a Zero Hedge commentator : “It’s the fiat team against the rest of us.” In time, all the minions presently working for the ‘fiat team’ and feeling good about it, that they ‘made it’, will realize that they are not actually on the team but are working for their own destruction.