Prostitution, Free Speech, and a Veteran Memorial: 3 Interesting Court Cases
By The Daily Bell Staff - October 30, 2017

Let’s Not Pick and Choose Our Freedoms

Prostitution has been illegal in California for 145 years. But for the first time, judges appear to be considering overturning the law.

In the past, challenges to the law have been outright dismissed. But now judges have agreed to take a closer look at the California law.

“Why should it be illegal to sell something that it’s legal to give away?” A judge asked in court.

And he has a point. We shouldn’t limit other people’s freedom, no matter how distasteful it seems. It may offend you. But that is no reason to stop other people from doing what they want.

And while many would seek to equate prostitution to human trafficking, these are two separate issues. In fact, it may be easier to focus on human trafficking if prostitution were legal. Resources which currently waste time picking up the same prostitutes and cycling them through the courts could be redirected to catching actual traffickers.

And legal prostitutes in the industry could then shed light on illicit activities involving trafficking if they didn’t have to fear being prosecuted for prostitution itself.

Police Can Arrest You for Anything They Want in St. Louis

An ordinance in St. Louis is aimed at giving police broad powers to arrest protestors. City officials are arguing in court that the town law is not a violation of free speech.

The ordinance states that police officers can arrest people for interfering with or obstructing officers “in any manner.”

The case stems from protests in 2015 over police killings. The ordinance was challenged but upheld, and that decision is now being appealed.

The code is vague and overly broad. It allows police to construe some reason to arrest almost anyone they come into contact with. The police arrested people for standing or walking in the road after being told not to.

The ordinance even allows police to arrest anyone who even talks to them while making an arrest.

Police already have too much power to arrest people. This law is clearly contrary to free speech and limits the right to protest and speak your mind.

Some people might think it is rude, but basic acts of protest, or even yelling at police, is protected free speech. If we want to keep our rights, we have to respect those ones that annoy us.

WWI Memorial Cross Must be Taken Down, Court Rules

A 92-year-old monument in Maryland to WWI veterans has been ruled unconstitutional. A three-judge panel in the U.S. court of appeals made the ruling because the memorial is in the shape of a cross. They say it must be taken down.

The group that sued says it is discriminatory against other religions and violates the separation of church and state.

But what the constitution actually says is that Congress shall make no law establishing a religion, or preventing the free exercise thereof.

Does a memorial in the shape of a religious symbol really constitute establishing a religion? How is that preventing anyone from exercising their own religion?

This is just another case of whiny people making an issue out of nothing. It’s a World War One memorial. If you don’t want to make future memorials in the shape of religious symbols, fine. But who is wasting their time trying to get an almost 100-year-old monument torn down?

Some people have too much time on their hands and are just looking for things to be offended about.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • The ordinance even allows police to arrest anyone who even talks to them while making an arrest.

    That ordinance is too easily abused to more represent itself as an ordnance and virtual weapon.

  • Don Duncan

    I see an upside to this ordinance which effectively makes it clear that any interaction with police or being in their vicinity is dangerous. It might get through to a few more who still suffer from the delusion that the police are the good guys. Some try to be, of course, but fail when given the choice of defending the citizen against their fellow authorities. Alone they are less likely to be a threat because they don’t have peer pressure.

    • Hey that’s an interesting silver lining! “Dangerous keep back!”

  • Rosicrucian32

    Make them register and show valid health cards. Ideally let them have brothels like Vegas or in call like Canada. Both are regulated by health considerations.
    Then tax the schitt out of it, Kalifornia needs an influx of cash….

    • Ephraiyim

      Sure and if you decide to have sex with someone down the road you also should have to prove you are healthy..
      The point is that you are taking a risk with having sex with anyone who has ever had sex with another, as do they.
      That is your choice. It is none of the gubmnt’s business what you do.
      It certainly does not need to be regulated.

    • sarah

      ‘Make them’ do what! I thought this was a free market/ semi anarchistic publication/ forum. You want the government to control women for your benefit. Who is this guy?

      • Rosicrucian32

        Doesn’t matter to me, it’s another sin. But if you want your husband coming home with a disease have at it.
        Not something that enters my world. The model is already there, may as well help Kalifornia pay for their most recent choice to lead them. He’s sending them to failure.

        • Don Duncan

          Believing in “leaders” and forcing that belief on everybody else is a mass delusion that infects the world. Acceptance of it as your “model” is self-destruction. Does that matter to you? Does it bother you to join the mob that keeps obeying politicians/bureaucrats that rob and rule?

          • Varangian Guard

            Me calling Jerry Brown is sarcasm…….sorry, I think hubby already gave you something from his last tryst………….maybe ointment could work

          • sarah

            What makes you think Don Duncan even has a husband, or that said husband caught something from a visit to a female prostitute lol. Sin, Legislation, Disease, Taxation! You sound like a very angry and controlling individual.

  • Maximiliano Plus Adrienne

    it started with Lee in the deep south, it continious with a cross in maryland and it will end with dictatorship outright! wake up in the land of the free b4 its too late! may God have mercy on u -fiatiustitia pereat mundus, some thoughts from bavaria

  • Mary

    “Some people have too much time on their hands and are just looking for things to be offended about.”

    Taking down monuments is not trivial. It’s an attack on our culture and the obliteration of our history–straight out of 1984.

    • John Caudill

      Ok, a cross is an offensive monument to some? How about a Mosque, I find them quite offensive and the noise they produce. Let’s just ban ‘Round roofs’ as Islamic symbols resulting in Considered being a monument, how about Catholic Churches with Crosses adorning their steeples?

      You people are truly something else! How about banning the ‘Second Finger’ of my right hand, that definetly is a monument, especially sticking up In the air!

    • Col. E. H. R. Green

      Taking down religious monuments, signs, etc. on government property is not any “attack on our culture”. It is fully appropriate, for the government at every level in the US is constitutionally obliged to be secular.

      I recommend that you purchase a religious monument that currently stands on government property and move it to your own private property where it belongs. You are free to have all of the religion and culture you desire on your own private property at your own expense. You have no right to have your religion or any other aspect of your culture represented in any way at everyone else’s forced expense by having it expressed on government property.

  • John Caudill

    In and Nevada where Prostitution is legal their reasoning is as it should be, license the prostitute, have medical supervision and protection from disease. Also if they are going to offer the same allowances to the homosexuals as well? How about age limits? And are the locales going to be monitored? I see a multitude of issues arising including drugs, alchohol, emotional issues for young innocent participants. By the way, I don’t see it given away for free, a legitimate date can be quite expensive!

    • Col. E. H. R. Green

      Since people have the right to self-ownership, no one requires permission, i.e. a license from anyone in government to engage in compensated or non-compensated consensual sex with other adults. Having government demand obtaining its permission and undergoing mandated medical exams and protection is tantamount to treating prostitutes as if they were government’s slaves.

      Leave people alone and free, as they have the right to be free, to have protected or unprotected sex with whomsoever, and assume all of the responsibilities, including the costs, of maintaining their health and managing any STD that they may contract.

      • John Caudill

        Having carnal experiences is an act of societies belief in”Free Sex”. But is it free? Horrendous births out of wed lock created a famial event that damages the birth child, sexually transmitted diseases usually result in the public sector paying for the result. What is consensual sex? A date, a gift, a threat, coherision, payment for services or just a mean harassment of the female with promises of future entitlements? Prostitution is a nasty activity that enhances no one, except those with funds to satisfy urges usually reserved for “Love and Mariage”!