Public School Accuses 5 Year Old of Making Terrorist Threats
By Joe Jarvis - September 21, 2017

When I was in kindergarten, I found a knife in the pocket of a hand-me-down jacket I was wearing for the first time. I gave it to my teacher, and I don’t remember her reacting at all. She gave the knife to my parents when they picked me up at the end of the day. And that was that.

I used to run around at recess at that age with the other kids, and use bent sticks as fake guns. We shot at each other, rolled down hills dying from fake bullet wounds, and used pinecones as grenades. Looking back that sounds a little bit morbid, but I think I ended up fine. I didn’t torture small animals nor did I become a serial killer. In fact, I never killed anything bigger than a bug until a few weeks ago when I slaughtered some chickens for the first time.

I’m pretty confident that some of my 5-year-old artwork in school included death and destruction. But that was decades ago. Now, kids are labeled terrorists for acting like kids.

It’s no wonder kids pretend the way they do with the violent focus of the media. You probably couldn’t insulate your kid from bombs and bloodshed if you tried. I wouldn’t be surprised if they discussed it in the kindergarten class.

Yet a 5-year-old was suspended for making a terrorist threat. The tuition-free public charter school in Modesto California said the five-year-old intentionally made threats meant to intimidate and harass.

The kid, Jackson, told the teacher he couldn’t take off his backpack because there was a bomb in it, and it would explode if he did. Sounds like a hero to me.

The school initially sent the Rileys a letter saying their son was suspended for his intent to “threaten, intimidate or harass others.” The family was told that was the school code violation that best fit what happened, Ian Riley said.

When the Rileys pointed out that code applied only to fourth- through 12th-graders, not kids as young as Jackson, the school agreed and so sent a second letter, changing the violation to one about making terrorist threats.

“My son never made a threat, never wanted to blow up the school,” Riley said. “He was almost victimizing himself in his imagination, making himself the hero” by keeping the backpack on.

Though it was “all in the world of pretend play,” Michelle Riley told Fox, his not wanting to take off the backpack meant Jackson didn’t want to hurt anyone. “Where was the threat?”

Public Schools Are Trash

Public schools are more than just a waste of time. Public schools are a threat to parents and a psychological liability to kids. As this case points out, they punish kids for pretending. Better watch that imagination! And watch what you say.

Public schools put kids in the presence of strangers that they and you do not know. It opens kids up to the influence of other kids they may never otherwise come into contact with.

Some people might think this is a good thing, but why? Why expose your kids to bullies and tiny thugs? If you want your kids to get some culture, you can certainly find groups that you can vet first. There is no psychological benefit to putting your kids in contact with questionable authorities and abusive peers.

“They’ll have to deal with it when they are older.” Maybe, maybe not. If so, let them deal with it when they are older. Then they will hopefully not be scarred by authority figures labeling them a terrorist for no reason. They should be secure in themselves by then to know their peers’ derision is not a reflection on them.

If they never come into contact with bullies and bigheaded authorities, great! You helped them avoid being around terrible people.

Homeschool your kid, find an alternative program, hire a tutor, send them to private school, or whatever. Do what you have to in order to insulate them from agents of the state and their asinine methods of dealing with children.

Otherwise, you are gambling with their wellbeing. You can’t control everything, but you can stop the state from programming your kid to be what they think is a perfect citizen. Obedient, only acting with permission, and having no imagination.

I’m not knocking all public school teachers. My mom has taught fifth grade for nearly twenty years. What has she witnessed?

Ballooning administration who get hired for their last two years before retirement to boost their pension. A growing focus on lessons to do well on state standardized tests in order to make the school look good. Being told she is not allowed to fail a kid, and that it is against policy to hold kids back a grade. And she works for probably one of the better public schools!

Last year she was blamed for a fifth grader being unable to read, and for her failure to bring it to the attention of administration and parents. Yes, the parents didn’t know that their kid couldn’t read, it was the teacher’s responsibility!

That is how much some of these people have abandoned their parental roles to the state.

Like my mom, plenty of teachers truly love teaching. Lucky for her, she will soon retire and be able to teach in the private sector without state pressure directing her methods.

Lucky for young teachers, there are many other private sector options if you want to teach kids, but not serve as a state behavior enforcer.

Parents can encourage these alternative schooling methods by finding unique programs, homeschooling, and supplementing specific classes and tutoring.

Don’t let the government mold the psychology of the next generation.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Rosicrucian32

    These days, the suspended kids can sit down in front of the TV for 10 hours straight and play video games in which they will have killed countless hundreds of women, children, zombies, dwarfs, wizards, citizens, criminals, whatever they can. GTA – shootin’ pimps, ho’s, and innocents.
    That won’t desensitize the kids to trigger pulling but chewing a pop tart into an “L” shape and saying “pew pew” will get you suspended.

  • gomurr

    You could never pay me enough money to put a child of mine in public school today. My heart goes out to children today. They are systemically being brainwashed, indoctrinated, drugged, desensitized to violence, and sexualized as soon as they hit kindergarten. Many parents are oblivious to the whole thing; some are on board.

  • Laura Amanda Allen

    I hate to tell you all, but this stuff’s not new. I am well past 65, and I remember this sort of stuff when I was in grade school – a good 60 years ago. Don’t think the powers that be knew about “terrorists” back then, but they thought they knew about other stuff. 1) Got sent to the principal’s office for asking, in 8th grade, about the “concentration camps” in California during WWII. “Who told you such a thing?” the teacher said. “I saw one of them last summer,” I said. “My parents remember when it happened.” Guess he’d just moved to California from Iowa – had no idea. Somebody told the principal that “the kid” was right – got sent back to class and told to keep my mouth shut. 2) Same school, next year: got called into the counselor who wanted to discuss with me the risks of “dating high school boys.” I said, “Huh?” She said, “Don’t lie to me – I’ve seen that boy with the souped-up car picking you up after school.” “Are you kidding?,” said I, “That’s not a high school boy – that’s my father!” True, he had a Chevy coupe, painted bright turquoise – probably the color on sale at Sears the day he decided to paint it! She said, “Fathers don’t drive cars like that!” I said, “Mine does – come out and meet him after school – he’ll also be wearing his railroad overalls!” She made me stay in the office for the rest of the day for “insolence”, as I recall. I was lucky – today they would have doped me up with Ritalin or worse.

    Very glad not to be a kid today!!

  • Robert Davis

    This would be funny if it weren’t so sinister. Power mad, crazy beaurocrats with non-functioning brains. It’s tragic that our children are taught by such morons.

    • LawrenceNeal

      It’s (intentional) that our children are taught by such morons.

    • autonomous

      It’s trajic that we were taught by such morons.

  • John

    Government run indoctrination centers have become infested with PC,, and with social workers and social worker wannabes. It’s one of Karl Marx’s ten planks; to take over the means of schooling children.

    Charter Schools.
    Home Schooling.


  • autonomous

    Rousseau, Darwin, Marx, et al, piped into America via higher education and the U.S. congress thoroughly converted America from a republic to a democracy. It converted our revolution against aristocracy toward rule of law to France’s revolution against kingship toward mobocracy. The likes of Dewey and Wilson solidified our nation’s rejection of constitutional republicanism into democratic socialism. By 1900, our republic was no more, Americans had been indoctrinated top to bottom to thoroughly embrace whatever latest socialistic theories spewed from diarrheuretic acedemia. No one is educated anymore. Classical wisdom is beyond everyone’s reach. A new dark age has descended over the whole world. Much like Genghis Khan’s conquest of Persia, the new moguls have totally anhilated the noble experiment begun in 1776 Philadelphia. The lights are out, there’s noone home, our minds are not our own.

    • Don Duncan

      Isn’t it a problem when we allow any govt., on any level, to run our lives? Isn’t that the fundamental problem? And worse, “we” (the majority) force “our” decision on the minority, denying the right of all to decide their fate, live their own lives without interference from anyone. That is immoral. That makes an immoral society. That is NOT a society that believes in rights.

      I see govt. as self-enslavement. But that’s the right of each person to forfeit sovereignty. It’s a decision to embrace the myth, the superstition, the faith in force. But it’s no one’s right to force me to join them in their irrationality. I decline. I resist. And I am branded as anti-social, anarchist, an enemy of the state. I am not anti-social. I am anti-conformist. I do not believe in joining in the worldwide mutual suicide by superstition. I don’t demand others join me. I don’t threaten them if they don’t. But they threaten me. They demand I join them. So I resist. I insist on my sovereignty. I am a voluntaryist.

      • Lewie Paine

        ‘Voluntaryist’ is just another word for ‘anarchist.’ Welcome.

      • autonomous

        I agree, except. The situation is bleak because government has brought us to the inevitable end of government–blackout of civility. Every such dark age is because that’s what government does. Every recovery has been because a breath of liberty shone through the darkness. darkness returned because people remained convinced that a just a little bit of government is needed–voluntarily. Making the same mistake after every failure, expecting different results, is insanity. A little bit ALWAYS becomes a lot.

        • Don Duncan

          Scientists experiment and learn, if they are not already convinced of a theory. If they are, they ignore the “inconsistent facts”. But they can’t force the facts. They can only delude themselves and make claims based on authority, not reality. This is a voluntary sacrifice of their mind, their cognitive integrity, to maintain a delusion, an irrational belief. This profound betrayal of self is extremely destructive to self and social interaction. It creates social chaos, violence, death.

          Total understanding of liberty requires identifying the principle liberty is based upon: Rights. Also, it requires the necessity of consistently adhering to principle, without compromise, without exception, not even “a little bit”. To allow compromise of rights, even a little, even just once, for any reason, is to open the door (epistemologically) to total rejection of principle. If the principle is sound, rejection, however slight, is irrational. We live or die by our rationality. To allow any irrationality is deadly, anti-life, insane.

      • eyesofgod

        Keep insisting, Don. You’ve got it right. But, instead of resisting, simply gather with others of your ilk, of your way of thinking and feeling. and just do it that way, ignoring (to the extent that you can) “their” way, “their” laws, rules, and regulations. This is the new consciousness–and it is alive and well, supported by blockchain, by peer-to-peer technology, by getting local. Government and so many other of the old ways are dead. No need to force them to go away or to resist them. They will fall away from their own dark weight–by our non-participation.

        • dauden

          How will they fall away, by the religion of higher consciousness? That’s just another delusion of man (or deception by the god of this world). You yourselves have broken the laws you made in your own mind, let alone those listed by God. Fortunately, we are not under any law today (save charity) but under grace. And that demonstrated by the One who can offer it freely through the power of His finished work at the cross. Don’t confuse it with any religious indoctrination. I’m speaking of the gospel that saves man from himself…..I did nothing to receive save believe it when I heard it. I’ve now been made a new creature not enslaved by the conformity of this world.

          • eyesofgod

            There is no possible discussion with closed-minded religious zealots.

      • Laura Amanda Allen

        Don, you’re my hero of the week, maybe the month. Diogenes may still be searching for his honest man, but you’re clearly a straightforward thinker. Hope there are a few more of you!

  • Don Duncan

    In 1950 I spent the day at the principle’s office and was then expelled for refusing to stand for the “pledge”. The mandatory oath left me with questions about the meaning. I didn’t understand exactly to what I was pledging my “allegiance”. The teacher explained: “You are honoring the only free country in the world”. So I was ok with the pledge and participated. Later, I asked: “Am I free?” The teacher replied: “Yes”. So I continued: “Am I free to not recite the pledge?” She angrily shouted: “No”. I was confused. She was not logical. And why was she angry at me? I felt uncomfortable and threatened, but I had not intended to refuse to pledge. Now, I felt obliged to resist. I did so. She grabbed me by the arm, jerking me from the chair, and dragged me down to the principle’s office. I was interrogated and threatened, but my confusion was not cleared up. So I refused to return and pledge.

    Perhaps if they had made it clear that the whole pledge was an attempt to get me to agree to obedience to authority for the rest of my life, resistance might be punished by deadly force, and I was supposed to pretend to obey voluntarily, I might have agreed to go along, just as people agree to surrender their wallet to an armed robber to stay alive (avoid punishment). But they didn’t.

    So I, being young but rational, followed my conscience. It seemed simple. If I was free, I didn’t have to promise to obey before knowing what it was I was agreeing to. My agreement freely, was a given consistent with my freedom. That seemed clear. Or at least to me. Why they didn’t get that, and got mad at me, was not.

    • eyesofgod

      Hooray for you, Don! You’re my kinda guy! Certainly in this matter. What has happened to honesty, intellectual or otherwise? What has become of integrity? I’ve seen these gradually fade away since I was a kid in the 1940s. When will we get these simple virtues back?

      • dauden

        You propose to have the “eyes of God” and should know 🙂 Its called sin. “The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked, who can know it”, Jer 17:9. No one is good, as you may know. We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. This is why we learn from the Apostle Paul, God took on human form, came into the world to die, be buried and resurrect to trade his righteousness for our trust in Him. Every other way has been tried to earn our own “righteousness”…’s all failed. Religions corrupt, God’s Word gives life. There is hope, but the pride of life must be surmounted to humbly believe this.

        • eyesofgod

          Hey, Dauden, “eyesofgod” is simply a tagline, not a reference to me, personally. You’re making presumptions here. Who is being righteous here?

        • Don Duncan

          To quote a line from one of my favorite movies, “As Good As It Gets”, “Go sell crazy somewhere else!”

    • ‘The teacher explained: “You are honoring the only free country in the world”. So I was ok with the pledge and participated. Later, I asked: “Am I free?” The teacher replied: “Yes”. So I continued: “Am I free to not recite the pledge?” She angrily shouted: “No”.’

      How is someone who is unable to see the internal contradiction in her own thinking, qualified to “teach” anything???

      I’m in awe of your principled defiance at such an early age. If more people were like you, the world would not be living under the tyranny that it is.

      • Don Duncan

        I grew up feeling like “a stranger in a strange land”. I used to wonder if I was an alien species put here by mistake. I didn’t find a “like mind” until I was 23 and picked up Ayn Rand’s “The Virtue of Selfishness” on Jan. 1st, 1966. Objectivism changed my life by expanding my ability to think, to answer many questions that had baffled me. I continue my search for answers armed with a sound philosophical basis, thanks to her and Aristotle.

  • Praetor

    You can read everyday about a perverted pedophile somewhere in this country molesting children, everyday. The children are not safe in public schools. They are not safe in more ways than we can count.!!!

  • The matrix is alive and well here in USA today and the mind police are very real, especially in schools at every level to include what we used to call higher education.

    Nothing more than propaganda, mind control and indoctrination as the state sees fit !

  • gerggo

    Schools are pathetic these days. My son was told to come to the closing assembly because he would be receiving an award for math. He was very excited as he was basically the top student in math in his grade and hoped to get a medal that they usually gave out. But at the assembly, they gave out paper ‘awards’ to him and more than half the students. They said there were too many ‘winners’ to give out medals. Wouldn’t want anybody’s self-esteem to be hurt if they didn’t get an award! Anyway, my son was so dissappointed, he tore up his award and threw it in the garbage. Unfortunately, others saw him do it, so they are thinking of not allowing him in the running for a medal next year, due to his ‘poor attitude’ (maybe it doesn’t matter as it will be a repeat of the same shiite next year). The kids who are exceptional are ignored so as not to harm the self-esteem of everyone else. I think all the schools here in Canada do this-the celebration of mediocrity! Be a good little sheep! Don’t stand out from the crowd! Don’t be creative, exceptional, unique, entrepreneurial nor an individual. Collectivism rules now! This is the s*** they are pushing in our schools!

    • Sheila

      What a story. Yes, they have taken “inclusive” to ridiculous lengths.

      Reminds me of that line by Salieri at the end of “Amadeus” – “mediocrity is everywhere.”

      • Col. Edward H. R. Green

        Actually Salieri says something worse at the end of the movie:

        “Mediocrities everywhere, I absolve you ! I absolve you !”

    • r2bzjudge

      “Unfortunately, others saw him do it, so they are thinking of not
      allowing him in the running for a medal next year, due to his ‘poor

      Proof that the school doesn’t really care about a child’s self esteem.

  • Dick Turpin

    George Orwell was a prophet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aj54

    if we had decent healthcare and retirement benefits, people would not have to wait to retire from the public sector, to do what they really want to do in the private sector

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      In reality, the only context within which quality medical care and retirement benefits (e.g. defined benefits) can be produced and provided is within the a private sector that is fully free of the myriad forms of government interference.

      As for the public sector, the compensation package for every job in the public sector, including a public school “teachers’ ” job is funded by force in the form of coercive income and real estate taxation–a form of legalized theft, but theft nonetheless–which makes every public sector employee, and their family members, the recipients and beneficiaries of stolen monetary property.

      That reality alone is sufficient grounds for privatizing government schools, and every other product and service that those in government interfere with and seek to control.

      • aj54

        Do you really and truly believe that if we paid no taxes, the private sector would actually provide needed services to everyone at affordable prices and not be totally exploitative? Our old melting pot has been deliberately destroyed by globalists in favor of unworkable multiculturalism; people used to understand that there was a greater public good, and that there were things we needed to do as a people, as a group, that we had certain standards.
        Are you okay with seeing people die without medical care or go uneducated, housed or fed? I do know people who died early for lack of medical care. I am old enough to remember the time before healthcare law was changed to allow for-profit operation. It is a fact that we pay more than twice as much as other western nations for healthcare, with poorer outcomes. So much for our mostly private insurance and care. I am actually in favor of paying functional illiterates to not reproduce.
        Would you really trust Wall Street to look after your retirement funds? Ask the people who worked for Enron or Lehman how their retirement funds fared. The fact is that the times America remembers as “the best”, the 50s and early 60s, are when we had a top marginal tax rate over 80%, and we still had a partial gold standard.
        I have plenty of ancestors who were ordered to build roads across their land, who tithed to support widows and orphans, built and paid for schools, and paid for the school master’s wages. I am a product of private schools; I was fed the same victors’ propaganda as the public students. I think funding should follow the student, and not be tied to any particular building and staff. Public funding of education has existed here since settler/colonial times, and it is a vital public interest. We spend too much on those who do not care, and not enough on our best and brightest.
        I am actually on your side as far as policy goes, but the results of libertarianism, as a practical matter, at this point in time, are unknown. And my opinion is that the vast majority of people profiting from current crony corporatism, including our Congress, never built anything in their lives.

        • r2bzjudge

          “The fact is that the times America remembers as “the best”, the 50s and
          early 60s, are when we had a top marginal tax rate over 80%, and we
          still had a partial gold standard.”

          Those were the times that the U.S. was producer to the world, after WW2. That world doesn’t exist any more. France raised its top rate to 75% and had to cut it back, as some French businessmen left the country in response. In recent years, France with a top rate of 70%, has not been a paradise. Correlation is not causation.

          “Would you really trust Wall Street to look after your retirement funds?”

          Did you know there is no money in the Social Security Trust Fund? Did you know that government pension funds are under funded? So just who is there to trust?

          • aj54

            Social Security is either still current on receipts and payments, or it just went over on payouts. It needs to be tweaked. only cuz the boomers are dying off fast. If it had been tweaked earlier, it would still be fine.

      • aj54

        and btw, if you are a military person, your own pay is “stolen monetary property”, and if you look at your money, it is provided by a private corporation, the Federal Reserve, and we are all aware of how well that is working out for us.

  • MountainMan

    So, what’s the deal? Does this little kid have an FBI file now?