Putin Suggests Cameron Actually Blackmailed EU
By Daily Bell Staff - June 20, 2016

Russia’s Putin: why did Britain call Brexit referendum … Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday questioned why British Prime Minister David Cameron had called a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.  “If it’s such a problem, why did he initiate this, if he is against it himself?” Putin said of Cameron at a meeting on the sidelines of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum. -Reuters

This was a good question that Putin asked, though it is not clear if this was the language he used.

The Economic Times has a long quote from Putin, as follows:

Meanwhile Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested British Prime Minister David Cameron had called the referendum to “blackmail” and “scare” Europe. “Why has he set up this referendum? To blackmail Europe? Or to scare it? What is the purpose if he himself is against”

The Economic Times states that Putin made this comment “Friday during a meeting with representatives of news agencies, including AFP.”

Reuters, as you can see in our initial excerpt, has much the same quote and identifies it as something Putin said “on the sidelines” on Friday.

If Reuters intentionally didn’t report Putin’s statement about “blackmail,” perhaps it was because it suggests a more Machiavellian – and even malicious – strategy.

Reuters purports to be an impartial news service but anyone who closely follows its reporting can find evidence that the news service is supportive of globalism.

Putin’s statement about “blackmail” raises questions that would be awkward for the British “Remain” faction to address or rebut.

We’ve already presented the strategy ourselves HERE. In a mid-March report entitled “Bank of England Intentionally Strangles UK Economy to Discourage Brexit,” we stated the following regarding the “REAL reason for the Brexit vote.”

It never made any sense to us that Cameron would call for such a vote. The answer may lie in the results of Cameron’s recently announced deal with the EU.

Under the deal, Britain received certain concessions to stay in the EU.  One was that Britain would not be part of an “ever closer union.”

More importantly from our perspective, further EU regulations will not be imposed on the City.  The City may exercise significant EU power behind the scenes, but this can’t be fully admitted for various reasons.

And thus the need for a formal show of negotiations leading to the exemptions that Cameron has generated.

And now that these have been negotiated, there is no further reason for London to pursue Brexit. The movement, once created, must now be halted.

Our suggestion was a polite one: We stated that Cameron’s call for a vote “never made any sense.”

Putin says it may be blackmail. No wonder Reuters might not have wished to report the quote.

More recently, we suggested that he EU – an invention of London’s City and Washington DC – needs to deepen into a political union.

We wrote about this HERE in an article entitled, “Is the Real Brexit Plan to Create a Closer European Union Without Britain?”

The idea is that a “Brexit” – a British exit from the EU – might cause an immediate deepening of ties. In other words, the remaining EU members would soon turn from a coalition of loosely linked nation-states into the longed-for (by some) United States of Europe.

Conclusion: It is possible that no matter what happens with Brexit, those of the internationalist camp will do their best to make the vote benefit and strengthen the EU. If Reuters intentionally avoided reporting on Putin’s statement regarding “blackmail,” that may be seen as an important signal regarding Cameron’s underlying motivation.

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  • Praetor

    We are apart of you, ‘in name only’, and we will dictate what our part is. The British where ‘once upon a time’ Empire. The British ego will only allow them to participate if they don’t have a greater say in the outcome, and with their big brother (U.S.A) having their back, they will more than likely get what they want.

    Our world today is about, ‘We The Globalists’ will rule, ‘We The People’ of earth. 21st century has become the final push for world domination by the laziest humans on earth, and we call ‘them’ Elites!!!

    • Whyfor

      The ‘elites’ probably told us to call them ‘elite’. We ought to call them scum. It rises to the top.

      • Pilgrim

        Best post of the day!

        • Whyfor

          Aw shucks.

  • mary

    Whatever happens, you can bet there’s a lot of front running going on.

    Btw, DB, you’ve got a lot of typos today. Proof reader out sick?

  • it doesn’t matter

    Have any of you ever considered that the EU was purposely created by the “lashing together” of the many sovereign states of Europe… so that they could all be taken down together in order to bring about a preplanned NWO “solution”?

    Have any of you ever considered that the NWO cannot possibly be a “western elites only” agenda, since the BRICS “nations” are all supportive of, and marching lockstep with the UN, World Bank, Bank for International Settlements, and so are most certainly in on it?

    You see, the NWO threat may not be the obvious construction of “regional unions”, rather a destruction of all those unions, east, west, north and south. Out of chaos, order… It is not a constructive process (it cannot be), it is a destructive one. The interim world order put in place (purposely constructed) during the first two world wars and since, will now be purposely de-structed to make way for this replacement global system.

    Cameron is not independent (none of the 105 or so central banking countries are), he is following the scripted order he was given.

    • Yes, agree with this almost entirely. We responded to your post regarding Tuesday’s Bush article. Thanks for commenting.