Qatar vs. Saudi Arabia: Next War?
By Staff News & Analysis - March 06, 2014

Government UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain recall their ambassadors from Qatar – Qatar says it will not withdraw its ambassadors from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain … The UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain said on Wednesday they were withdrawing their ambassadors from Qatar because Doha had not implemented an agreement among Gulf Arab countries not to interfere in each others' internal affairs. Qatar said it will not withdraw its envoys from UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain despite differences in matters which it said were "external to the GCC". The move by the three countries, conveyed in a joint statement, is unprecedented in the three-decade history of the Gulf Cooperation Council, an alliance of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Oman. – GulfNews

Dominant Social Theme: These wars are unpredictable and have to stop.

Free-Market Analysis: Is Qatar the next hot spot? We know the West has been whipping up trouble throughout Northern Africa and the Middle East. And it's an open secret that the Anglosphere in particular has made trouble in Ukraine.

But now it looks like the same thing may be happening in Qatar. As you can see from the above article excerpt, Qatar is engaged in a serious diplomatic quarrel with the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Truly, peon fighting peon. Qatar is a virtual US fiefdom along with the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Bahrain might not even exist without British support, which has enabled Bahrain's terrible rulers to violently suppress their miserable subjects.

None of these countries are going to do anything of significance without Western backing. Ergo, this development is presumably something the West and the Anglosphere have little concern about. Or, worse, are actively encouraging.

Here's more:

Qatar has been a maverick in the region, backing Islamist groups in Egypt, Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East that are viewed with suspicion or outright hostility by some fellow GCC members.

The statement said GCC members had signed an agreement on November 23 not to back "anyone threatening the security and stability of the GCC whether as groups or individuals – via direct security work or through political influence, and not to support hostile media".

GCC foreign ministers had met in Riyadh on Tuesday to try to persuade Qatar to implement the agreement, it said. Media reports described the meeting as "stormy".

"But unfortunately, these efforts did not result in Qatar's agreement to abide by these measures, which prompted the three countries to start what they saw as necessary, to protect their security and stability, by withdrawing their ambassadors from Qatar starting from today, March 5 2013," the statement said.

GCC countries "have exerted massive efforts to contact Qatar on all levels to agree on a unified policy… to ensure non-interference, directly or indirectly, in the internal affairs of any member state," the statement said. The nations have also asked Qatar "not to support any party aiming to threaten security and stability of any GCC member," it added, citing media campaigns against them in particular.

The statement stressed that despite the commitment of Qatar's emir Shaikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani to these principles in November, his country has failed to comply. Media reports have said that Shaikh Tamim was given an ultimatum by Saudi Arabia in the November meeting in Riyadh that was facilitated by the Kuwaiti emir, Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmed.

The new emir was told to change Qatar's ways and bring the country in line with the rest of the GCC with regards to regional issues. The GCC has in particular been concerned about Qatar's support for the Muslim Brotherhood, its close relations with Turkey, its opposition to the new regime in Egypt and its perceived support for Al Houthi rebels in Yemen.


You can see the "hot button" issues above and they are very interesting. The CIA Muslim Brotherhood has been the organization of choice to take over destabilized countries, including most prominently Egypt. Qatar's support then is surely not an accident.

Qatar's vast US military base provided critical support for the second invasion of Iraq. It's Al-Jazeera media property is widely recognized by now as a kind of Western false-flag – staffed originally by BBC reporters – and its ruling family has continued close relations with the US.

But in a sense Qatar is no different than Saudi Arabia, which has prospered beyond telling due to its cooperation in refusing to take currencies other than the dollar for oil. As Saudi Arabia is the "swing" – or marginal – producer of oil in the world, it has been able to enforce this policy at the behest of the US.

The UAE, as we have long noted, is a virtual test tube combining Islamic and Western finance together. The results are to be rolled out throughout the Muslim world as part of a grand homogenization of Eastern and Western practices. Always the considerations are globalist ones …

Bahrain, we've already mentioned. That tiny island country has been torn by protests and is only uneasily propped up by Britain's internationalists – which Bahrain's royal family looked to when citizen unrest threatened to turn an authoritarian rule into a democratic one.

This is spat between puppet states and if anything comes of it, you can be sure the West's hands-off stance is not accidental. Certainly, the Saudis have felt the heat from the advancement of such technologies as fracking.

These days the Saud family and perhaps the rest of the Middle Eastern puppet states see the proverbial writing on the wall. That's why they want a statement from Qatar "… to ensure non-interference, directly or indirectly, in the internal affairs of any member state."

Obviously, various GCC countries are quite nervous that Qatar may be used to introduce the kind of instability into their countries that is now afflicting the rest of the Middle East. The West's internationalists are a merciless bunch. Do business with them and sooner or later you will face the consequences of accepting their largesse.

Western powers practice polarization and if one adopts the working hypothesis that the Anglosphere in particular wants to create an Islamic axis in the Middle East, then Saudi Arabia can easily be polarized – and even transformed into a kind of fundamentalist Islamic Republic (versus a royalist one). The resultant tremors would surely shake the world, but it seems these days that the power elite is actively encouraging such trends. Out of chaos … order.

The tension between the UAE and Qatar has similar elements. Qatar has accused the UAE of not supporting Islamic factions sufficiently; ongoing tensions may force UAE rulers to adopt more Islamic sentiments.

Finally, it could be that as Qatar has just had a regime change with the ascension of Emir Tamim, Western powers may want to educate the current regime about the consequences of not cooperating enthusiastically.

After Thoughts

One way or another, it seems the Islamification of the Middle East continues apace. And perhaps there is groundwork being laid for further destabilization, this time of the GCC states – a situation that would have seemed hard to imagine only a few years ago.

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  • Bill Ross

    DB: “Truly, peon fighting peon … Ergo, this development is presumably something the West and the Anglosphere have little concern about. Or, worse, are actively encouraging”

    There is a third, more probable possibility:

    The grim reaper of “Mathematics of Rule” has eviscerated elite profits in their various fiefdoms:

    … a loss of resources to all fiefdoms, so the “balance of power” and elites “respecting each other’s turf” consensus has been broken, “the center cannot hold”, so, has fallen. I believe we are now at the stage that all predators reach, when running out of prey, they start infighting among each other for turf and prey, triaging themselves.

    I believe we are headed for the inevitable full scale gang, turf war.

    I would be “all in” as they inflict “a pox on them all”, self-triaging, were it not for the extinction level event weapons they posses and, their nature as immature children, who destroy the game board in a fit of rage upon losing.

    • Hey You

      As immature children who have grabbed the reins of governments. Just like in many other places.

  • This is what I do know from General Wesley Clark’s own mouth. General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five Years

    “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me.” And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, “You remember that?” He said, “Sir, I didn’t show you that memo! I didn’t show it to you!”

  • When reading these excerpts from the Gulf News, I can’t even concentrate over my sick and tiredness of this applied grand wizardry. Who are these contrived voices of UAE, Qatar, Doha, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, GCC? Who do they speak for? It’s time to pull back the curtain and confront these a$$holes blowing into the microphone.

    • Bill Ross

      Maybe we can ask the wizard for our hearts, brains and courage back?

      • Ha, they should be so philanthropic to grant me one more breath.

        • Bill Ross

          sorry, can’t have it. CO2 is an “issue”, you, by your mere existence “are a problem”

          OK; lets make an elite “compromise”. You can inhale, but, not exhale. Deal?

  • Ever wonder what the ‘transfer of wealth’ would look like? I have a lower atmosphere view for all who did not know where, and who Obama was going to transfer it.

    Dubai Growth over 11 years timelapse

    World Most Expensive Cars Show 2013 at Dubai Festival City

  • $22686450

    “…Anglosphere in particular has made trouble in Ukraine….”

    My understanding of the term ‘anglosphere’ is that it is a supposed loose conflation of English speaking nations. This would include Australia, New Zealand and Canada as well as the US and UK.

    Not sure how the Bell gets the idea that the EU is in the ‘anglosphere’. It is the EU and the US who are destabilising in the Ukraine. I don’t think Canada, Australia and New Zealand are involved in any way therefore the ‘anglosphere’ is not involved.

    • Bill Ross

      “I don’t think Canada”

      sorry, Canada is “all in”, MSM (and, Harper our PM) is playing the “drumbeat of war”

      WAR: demonize, socially / economically isolate, weaken, move in for the kill, feed from the carcass, next prey

      • $22686450

        Bill, my point is that ‘The Bell’ keeps saying ‘Anglosphere’ when it isn’t actually talking about the ‘Anglosphere’.
        It gets confusing.
        Like suddenly the day that Gay stopped meaning happy and fun loving.

        • Bill Ross

          they are as thick as thieves, all for one and one for all. The only difference is how much of their actions are allowed to be perceived by the public in the various “sovereign states” which, in effect no longer exist, having been unified by “secret treaties and understandings”.

  • Hugo

    Thanks for the analisis DB, nice job.

  • Hugo

    Maybe interesting to look into for the DB since I dont have the means to do so at the moment to conform it. I read a few pieces that Ukraine exports lots of grains to (North) Africa and the Gulf region. Up to 40% of the grains them countries consume are from there. If true (I have little doubts since some sources I trust after checking their claims a few times) the Ukraine destabilisation will destabilise the ME / Northern African region as a bonus if this crisis can be made to last.

  • Webforager

    I found this link the other night while surfing the net. It’s from 2009.

    Here’s an excerpt:
    “…to end dollar dealings for oil, moving instead
    to a basket of currencies including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan,
    the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the
    Gulf Co-operation Council, including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and

    To me, it makes everything clearer and jives with the DB narrative.
    Thanks for the analysis DB!

    • Thanks. Interesting link.

    • Danny B

      ahh yes, grasshopper,, the Easter meeting;
      I suppose that now would be a good time to expand on this idea. In 2000, Hussein wanted to get away from the petro dollar. He got the axe. Gaddafi also got the idea of accepting other currencies. Even more dangerous, he proposed launching a gold dinar. This was far more dangerous. He got worse than an axe.
      The petro dollar had to be preserved at ALL costs,,,, as long as America didn’t have to pay these costs. Having the reserve currency allowed us to pay for wars with our credit card. The above link shows that some group of billionaires wanted to kill the dollar and escape. Naturally, something would have to replace the dollar. It was slowly sinking and would be replaced eventually;

      Everyone is aware of the trap of the reserve currency and Triffins dilemma. The Arabs have to know that no sovereign, fiat currency would serve as the reserve currency. You can bet that they didn’t trust the SDR. The logical choice would be the gold dinar. You can bet that; after the Easter meeting, there was resolve to force a gold standard. This was a “good” plan.
      Jim Willie reports that the Arab gold in London is being looted and will be all gone in a few months.
      While stealing the gold is an attractive idea, it makes introduction of a gold dinar that much more difficult.
      The destabilization of Arab billionaires is payback for attempting to dump the dollar.

      The oil producers will still pump and sell but, the proceeds will be democratized. It will flow into fiat instead of being concentrated in PM.
      This is an excellent article on the gold dinar and the Silver Dirham;
      Who knows?

  • Hugo

    Hi DB,

    As far as I know the Moscow Times is a mouthpiece for the regime in Russia. This collum on Ukraine I read there was quite interstining. The cartoon above the collum is best since it hints quite clear at a split up of the Ukraine (notice the hands pointing east and west on it). The collum clearly states that Russia will protect the Krim to great extend but never talks of ”Western Ukraine”.

    In this propaganda war like this its hard to get the real picture, I tend to think that that Moscow Times collum was an offer to talk between what I consider factions in the angloshere/elites/giants (whatever u want to call them). Or at least state the bottom line.

    Italy watch, the capitol city of Rome was on the verge of defaulting and gotten bailed out at the last moment. Really, bailed out by the by the Italian Government.

  • So any revolution in Europe – Ukraine – because of Anglosphere?! Very funny, because it’s Kremlin idea too. Ukrainians are very surprised by that. By the way – biggest trade turnover is with Russia. As many businesses are owned by Russian companies.