Is a Joke? Quartz Bemoans ‘Coarseness’ Aimed at Clinton and Yellen
By Daily Bell Staff - October 01, 2016

Janet Yellen’s terrible week signals more about the state of US politics than the US economy … Was Janet Yellen mansplained to by members of Congress who grilled the Federal Reserve chair this week in her semi-annual testimony to the House Financial Services Committee? -Quartz

In this short article, Quartz bemoans how “tough” the treatment was for both Janet Yellen and Hillary this past week.

Yellen appeared before Congress during her semi-annual testimony before the House Financial Services Committee. She came in for harsh questioning regarding Fed political bias and also her inability to reduce risks associated with too-big-too-fail banks.

As for Ms. Clinton, she was attacked by Trump during the first debate via “90 minutes of veiled microaggressions.”

… The interruptions, the remarks about her “temperament,” the questioning of her “stamina,” the criticism of her preparedness—another intelligent woman of great achievement was reprimanded by men of lesser knowledge ….

The article called the approaches of Congress and Trump “coarse” and “sophomoric.”

The only hope is that  the “next generation” of American voters will treat officials with the “civility they deserve” regardless of gender and party affiliations.

From our view, the Quartz article is misidentifying victims. The real victims are millions of people at home and abroad.

US citizens are out of work and surviving on food stamps and worse. The economy offers little hope and the “solutions” voiced by Yellen and Clinton and others only promise more of the same: increased economic dysfunction and expanding poverty.

Meanwhile, the US is continually injuring and slaughtering people abroad, including whole families celebrating weddings and women and children lying injured in hospitals that are destroyed around them.

Both Yellen and Clinton have been directly enmeshed in support of a federal government that has been pursuing economic destruction at home and serial warfare abroad. There is plenty of evidence on the ‘Net that the US and its allies helped found ISIS and even Al Qaeda.

The US’s recent wars have destroyed whole countries. In Iraq, depleted uranium caused doctors to warn women not to get pregnant.

Given the ruination of cultures and countries around the world,  it seems somewhat ironic that Quartz writers are concerned about “roughness” aimed at Yellen and Clinton via the political process.

Once we were informed that female participation in public life would change things for the better. But Yellen has been an active promoter of the Fed behemoth that has virtually bankrupted the entire US, and probably the world as well. Meanwhile, Clinton is far more warlike than her opponent, Donald Trump. She seems intent on going to war with Iran for instance, if she is elected. And she seems to be welcoming war with Russia, also.

Conclusion: When one examines the power these two women have exercised already, it becomes clear that their actions have been destructive. Quartz should be more concerned with this destructiveness than “coarseness” aimed in their direction.

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  • gringott

    Female puppets are put into place by TPTB to deflect criticisms by using gender, much like Obamao was put into place to shut down dissent by using race.

    Looks like it is not as effective as before.

    As for Clinton, I would venture to say she has said some horrible things about Trump, and her cackling about the murder and sodomizing of Colonel Kaddffi has to be one of the coarsest things I have ever heard.

    • mary

      EXACTLY, gringott. I’ve been saying that for years. and the fact that tptb simply have to have Hitlery may be a clue as to the problems ahead.

  • Praetor

    Excellent and so true. What written law says women can govern better than man. Are not women suppose to be more compassionate and caring. Look across the world, women are in high positions. Have things gotten better. H*LL no!

    It seems we do not have a diversity problem. It is apparent we have the wrong humans in power problem.

    We can say with surety, both man and woman can be evil!!!

    • Heywood Jablome

      Do we need someone in power?

      • Praetor


      • Samarami

        Yes! I am in power and choose to remain in power.

        Of me.


  • joe_bob_gonzales

    thats a ballsy statement considering what the media has done to trump

  • apberusdisvet

    Yellen and her fellow criminals have ruined the global economy; all according to plan. Obama has utilized the marxist Cloward-Piven strategy to ruin US culture through political correctness, purposely created racial divisiveness and destruction of the middle class and put the final touches on this country’s bankruptcy. Meanwhile the psycho neocons are leading us into WWIII. Hillary will be a continuation of all of the above. Trump is a big question mark, but he certainly cannot be worse.

  • Manny

    It takes six guys to carry a coffin and one woman to put you in it. Case closed.

  • rahrog

    I’m sure we can find rope that isn’t too coarse.

  • Burticus

    The “Mare of Steel” is extremely sharp and not “coarse” at all.

  • NietzschesNephew

    great article, the one on suburbs was not so great