Sexual Assault Storm Tells us Something Else About Power
By Joe Jarvis - November 30, 2017

Let’s talk about power. The way I see it, there are basically two types of power, political and economic. You can wield power through the government, or through your giant bank account.

In the crony world of corporate-political America, the lines are blurry. These days most people gain their political or economic power by mixing the two. But you can still tease apart whether someone’s power derives mostly from political or economic sources.

And there are all these people with either type of power who secretly behind closed doors act completely inappropriately when it comes to sexual advances.

(There’s more to the story about why the media is just now reporting these things. Read my take on the media’s plan for using sexual assault accusations as a weapon. But for our current discussion, suffice to say, most of these guys are major creeps exploiting their positions.)

So what happens to the people in each power-house when they are caught, with credible evidence?

The economically powerful in the private sector get fired. They have sponsors pulled, they have projects canceled. The power they used to take advantage sexually is seriously diminished. Even if it doesn’t cost them outright, it costs them in network connections. It costs them in reputation, and reputation is a key component of economic power.

The latest to be fired is Matt Lauer. Weinstein and Spacey lost projects and gave up lucrative deals. Mark Halperin and Charlie Rose were fired. Louie C.K. lost a whole bunch of shows and specials.

And the politically powerful are not affected. Al Franken has not resigned. John Conyers has not resigned. Some people even think Trump is getting off easy, although his controversy is more about words than actions. Bill Clinton is lucky he is from a different era. Roy Moore will become a Senator if a slim majority of Alabama voters approve.

The L.A. Times is taking politicians to task on the difference.

Congress also has more than a whiff of entitlement, accustomed to operating by its own rules while other organizations rush to protect themselves from liability.

Beyond that, some lawmakers argue that voters, not colleagues, should serve as the ultimate judges of those under scrutiny.

When Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) was asked Wednesday about the difference between quick actions taken against non-politicians and lagging moves against members of Congress like Rep. John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, he blurted out one line:

“Who elected them?” he said, referring to the private-sector figures.

This highlights the problem with holding government accountable. This shows how much easier it is to hold the private sector accountable. When people and organizations have to worry about their wallets, they respond.

The market is very effective at regulating behavior. We, the people, have the power hit the economically powerful where it hurts: their wallets.

We have no such power with politicians. In fact, the taxpayers fund their settlements! The government doesn’t stand to lose “business” no matter what its members do. They will still be funded by tax dollars, we have no choice.

And to fire them, we need to wait until the next election cycle. But even then, the politicians at fault might not be in your district. Even if they are, you need a majority to hold them accountable.

Public pressure on politicians does nothing to curtail their power unless it causes them to lose an election. But as consumers, we can immediately affect the power of people in the private sector. They don’t need a slim majority to maintain power, they need a broad customer base excited to hand over their dollars.

The private sector has built-in incentives to punish people who fall into disfavor with customers.

Political power is a creepy club of factions and games. When someone in the private sector is accused of sexual misconduct, their peers quickly disown them. They are banished, exiled, shunned, and may God have mercy on their souls.

But politicians know that their power is not subject to the same constraints as economic power.

Democrats have remained coy about whether or not Franken and Conyers should resign. Some Republicans have called for Roy Moore to drop out of the Alabama Senate race. But President Trump remains supportive. Marco Rubio says it is a “difficult situation.”

Because on the one hand, as a Republican, you want the Republican Party to keep the seat. On the other hand, I personally find the accusations against him to be credible, and I don’t think he has done or said anything in the last month that has helped himself or in any way made me feel better about it,” Rubio said. “But he’s staying in the race, the people of Alabama will have their vote and we’ll move on from there.”

So that is that, colleagues wash their hands of the situation. Let the voters decide their fate. Because that always works so well…

Power Goes to Their Head

I think power does basically the same thing to people whether it is economic or political power.

And if these people are willing to put their careers on the line for a cheap sexual thrill, imagine what else they are capable of.

I don’t know if this says something about human nature, our culture, or men in general. But the lesson I get out of it all is that power imbalances cause people to do crazy things. How easy it is for power to go to someone’s head.

Behavior that everyone knows is completely inappropriate is common among people who feel above others.

Those with economic power learn from their fall from grace. Congress’ solution? They will implement sexual harassment training for politicians and staff, and call it a day.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • NobodysaysBOO

    nice read thanks.
    a SILLY RUSE with no POWERS! The congress STOPPED the horror of NAM by cutting off the MONEY, not the diplomats,not the military they CAN do it to the FAKE ethics krew.
    the zionism in the congress is even more disgusting as they attempt to disembowel the USA.
    WHITE AMERICAN CITIZENS are the majority here and we speak english and will fight to keep the USA that way with MAGA!

  • Varangian Guard

    The author cited 2 types of power failing to mention spiritual power. Enlisting what God offers us and living a righteous life will yield riches greater than any of the other two.

    Instead of the media continually publishing the train wreck on the front page, they would be better served toward mankind by showing the examples of good that can occur when you decide to live right. Put the doom, gloom, and evil on the human disinterest page in the back. Make the d-bags hunt for the bad news and inspire people with what is on the front page.

    • Don Duncan

      What does “better served toward mankind” mean? Sex scandals sell big. That’s what “serves” them. They do not exist to serve mankind. None do. Everybody is self-interested. Everybody pursuing their interests and leaving others to do the same serves humanity, i.e., live and let live.

  • Joe, Hi,

    If any politician with assisting complicit friends nowadays thinks they can escape unharmed and scot-free whenever guilty of sexual assault or gross misconduct and trying to pervert the course of natural justice, are they contemptible and have no place in any public office, …. with the notable exception, of course, of local state and federal penitentiaries.

    Is it a mad sickness or sick madness for them to imagine and expect it to be so?

    Things have been changed, both radically and fundamentally. IT and it aint what IT and it used to be.

  • autonomous

    “And to fire them, we need to wait until the next election cycle. But
    even then, the politicians at fault might not be in your district. Even
    if they are, you need a majority to hold them accountable.”

    Correction: a majority of votes cast–or counted.

    “And if these people are willing to put their careers on the line for a cheap sexual thrill”
    Who knows anyone unwilling to do so? Sex makes the world go round.

    • We are seeing some of them being fired for their bad acts so that means more can have the same fate and not necessarily for sexual related matters. We need some prosecutions of the known crimes and Mueller is the smoke screen to keep it all from happening and in fact one of the criminals involved in Uranium one and other related matters !

      See my comments and links above for clarity and actions to take ASAP !

    • MountainMan

      “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.”

      —Joseph Stalin

  • Don Duncan

    If I wanted to punish a politician I can not vote for him? I have to punish myself to punish him? I don’t vote, on principle. I consider it a forfeit of my sovereignty. I will not do so, to replace or place a ruler in power. Also, I would not assassinate. This does not address the problem. The problem is rule by force endorsed as moral or necessary. It isn’t. No even when a majority fantasize this is so. And then force it on all who disagree. That is undefendable morally or practically. But their belief is a superstition not open to debate, only pseudo-debate, not reason. I reject all superstition as a dangerous, anti-life and intellectually crippling mental habit.

    • MountainMan

      Yep, and “one man, one vote” is just such a dangerous superstition, for sure!

  • comrade

    HI . same old same old, we are what we are ,
    day one power ruled, greed misogyny exploitation
    nothing has changed .the fantasy of religion GODS are just that fantasy
    religion masks reality of a brutish world

  • Myron Goodrum

    Being a politician does not place you above the law, period end of discussion. A transgression, whether by politician or regular (non-elected) citizen, makes no difference….politicians should be held accordingly. We must end this privileged class of the citizenry! And if it should be by sexual misconduct, so be it.

    • But that is exactly what has happened here in USA today, they are above the law as we have two sets of standards which means we really only have laws for certain people ?

      Demand accountability, get off the couch and take some action.




      The Joe Arpiao page proves it all works, it was up for the last 2 years. Get involved and take your action by boycotting PRAVDA/MSM and other entities working against you and start emailing the WH and DOJ at least once a week and demanding accountability ! Don’t let up and help out any way you can. In the end it is all about draining the swamp which is the deep state apparatus !

      • Myron Goodrum

        I believe you are correct in regards to boycotting, it has to be the most peaceful & effective human action in the world. By taking back our energy (money, time, attention and resources) and re-directing that energy back into our personal lives (family, business, friends…our free & UN-coerced choices) we in essence boycott whosoever/whatsoever we do not wish to support. We in essence starve to death the things which harm & destroy, and support only what nourishes & support our life.

        Using our energy to argue, fight and/or demand anything, is only playing into the politicians support mechanisms, which we all know…does NOT work. That is wasted energy; energy that could be spent on our family, our business or with friends.

        How much more does one need to see before they understand that petitioning government (begging for their attention) for transgressions or grievances is a dead-end street?

        We have the most effective tool nature has to offer…the boycott!

        So take back your power, take back your ENERGY now…we can not change the Federal/State political machine, its too far gone. All we can hope to do is to starve it through boycotting it!

        • Completely agree Myron, In fact the middle class has all the power via the pocket book and have simply been afraid to use it ! Doesn’t make much sense today now does it ?

    • Ephraiyim

      Only one problem Myron what law. Grabbing a person’s rear end may be offensive but it is not necessarily illegal everywhere.
      Here is my question: what precisely is the definition of sexual harassment? How about sexual assault?
      Under the law an act needs to be definable to be punishable.
      If a man side hugs a woman but accidentally comes in contact with her breast when she is well endowed would that be sexual assault? Well, maybe in her mind, if she happened to be someone who has been sexually assaulted in the past.
      How does one prosecute an individual because another felt assaulted?
      Better to use the courts to sue where definitions are a bit more flexible than to try and use criminal codes to go after individuals.
      Unfortunately, for most people when asked how to define it they more often than not say something akin to, ” Well…I know it when it happens.”
      Besides, I suspect many of the individuals being accused could be convicted of plenty of other stuff.
      Generally speaking, if a person has one character flaw it runs over into other aspects of their lives as well.

      • Myron Goodrum

        You bring up some good points, thank you.

        What law; I think trespassing, specifically assault, and battery: “Through the evolution of the common law in various jurisdictions, and
        the codification of common law torts, most jurisdictions now broadly
        recognize three trespasses to the person: assault, which is “any act of
        such a nature as to excite an apprehension of battery”;[2]
        battery, “any intentional and unpermitted contact with the plaintiff’s
        person or anything attached to it and practically identified with it…” (Thank you Wikipedia!)

        All in all, a persons rear, or breasts, is their personal & private property. Everyone should respect that regardless of anything else.

        Now, whether a woman is “well endowed” has nothing to do with anything. Its whether the act was accidental or intentional. And I’m sure a woman would/should know the difference. I believe it is her interpretation of the act that should carry the day, but by no means am I saying in all acts. Accidents do happen. I can only hope that reason wins the day.

        I don’t know the legal definition of sexual harassment, that seems a little fuzzy. After all the propagation of the species is dependent on man and woman seeking each other out. Yes, both sexes can get a little over zealous at times. We just have to stop short of badgering or stalking one another, smile. Look, we have to recognize what our advances represent, attraction. That attraction is not always reciprocal. We need to learn to be more attentive and understanding and maybe understand boundaries. But that’s a personal thing, a being honest with yourself thing…a man-up type thing between one of the two parties. Say no to the advance like you mean it. No means no. If it continues, take self-defense lessons, hire a body guard or get a gun ;)….! its all about personal responsibility and protection. Involving the law at this stage just complicates matters matters of the heart. As adult and responsible men and women, we should be able to interact at this level without complicated government interference. And if your still not comfortable with the opposite sexes advances, by all means get a restraining order.

        But I believe sexual assault falls under unwanted advances and thus falls under assault and/or battery which again would be a trespass.

        Feeling assaulted?? Fuzzy thinking as far as I’m concerned. It’s like getting your feelings hurt, we all have had to deal with that one. Sucks, but Its all part of growing up.

        Being assaulted…is another story…a legitimate punishable act! What punishment, I don’t know what the law…the common law or statute law is for such a foul act. But let the chips fall where they may.

        Yes, the biggest law breakers by far, is our very own purveyors of law & order themselves…the state/government.

    • MountainMan

      “Governments—and democratic governments in particular—erode ‘good’ and promote ‘bad’ neighborhoods through their tax and trasfer policy. They do so also, and with possibly an even more damaging effect, through their policy of forced integration.”

      Source: Hans-Hermann Hoppe, “Democracy—The God That Failed” (2001), p. 261

  • Truth4u

    Bible tells us straight up we are ALL sinners! I agree – we are born into it the minute we start to breath as our sin nature is our natural man. That is why Christ died for us in the ultimate act of love that through our faith we could be saved – it is the only way.

    Sadly, since the 60’s America has become a sexual stronghold for Satan as pornography and sex has become pervasive throughout our culture. Why is anyone surprised that these men and others might act this way when they have power and influence. As Sir John Dalberg-Acton so wisely stated, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” – very few can resist it’s temptations when given the power.

    Now, many us do not have the same desires, or weaknesses, but we all have weaknesses. For many it might be gluttony, compulsive shopping or spending, drug or alcohol abuse, power or control abuse, money or gambling abuse, hatred and violence abuse, etc. None of us are the same, but we are all sinners! In America, like Japan, I do believe that many men within our culture have become addicts to pornography. It is so readily available in our society while being easily kept in secrecy by the addict.

    The basic problem in our society is sin! So many talking heads spend hours trying to figure out what motive evil acts like it’s some mystery to be discovered. Read the Bible, and then you’ll understand.

    For those atheists out there, please go watch the NETFLIX movie – “Case for Christ” Do your eternal soul a favor, and don’t accept the lie of atheism without a real and deep investigation! Also, read evidence that demands a verdict!

    I grew up in a secular home, and schooled as a Chemical engineer, but I found the truth they don’t teach you in school – Christ and the Bible. Yet, so many early Americans knew this truth, and education started with the Bible.

    • C. S.

      Really, your response matters. I am completely losing faith in worldly views.

      There are a lot of policies being pushed now for population reduction. There are divisions being created. The devil is the divider. Now, gender is a divisive view.

    • That is just one of the many issues about all of the accusers that were paid for so conveniently almost 40 years later and many other election events prior that were all passed over until now and it is important to the DEMs.

      All of the accusations are highly questionable and many have been completely refuted with evidences. we shall see who sues who after the election ?


  • Col. E. H. R. Green

    It is clear that those who choose to pursue political careers at any level of government are motivated by their belief that they have a divine right to bully, rule, robe, abuse, and enslave others to their will, even murder them with impunity.

    • It all got put on steroids during the BHO years and we are simply seeing their over reactions and extreme events unfolding in the light of day. Let there be no doubt congress is full of elites who consider they have different standard to uphold than you or me. Many laws do not apply to them. They have never been under BHO care, they have a far better plan for themselves so are exempt from any negative the entire time. They trade with insider information with complete impunity which is a very big deal. We now know they have created slush funds with your tax dollars to pay for their bad acts. Beyond congress we have the deep state apparatus that includes every fed agency that allowed many crimes to be committed and in fact enabled all of them.That includes Comey, Hillary, Lynch and many other criminals that committed many serious crimes and they all walk freely today !

      Now we have the phony Mueller sham that is in fact a way to cover up all of those crimes.The Russia thing has always been a ruse to try and cover up the many crimes and nothing more. It also serves to try to undermine Trump as a diversion from the many DEM crimes. Fortunately the Trump undermining has failed largely on the Russia front, so why is Mueller allowed to continue and have unlimited spending to chase nothing ? Because it is really all about a diversion of the DEM crimes, and they are using your tax dollars to pull this sham off as if it is real ?

      The absurdity now is that it is crystal clear the only Russia collusion or crimes, were committed by HiIlary, Comey and many other dems to include BHO and Mueller himself ! So why is Sessions allowing all of this to continue and why is Rosenstein, McCabe and Mueller running DOJ and FBI ?


      Americans are very slow to understand many matters. That is partly why it all continues and only gets worse.

      • jefflorida

        that gloria allred refuses to have ms. nelson’s yearbook examined forensically makes me wonder how true the whole story is.

      • MountainMan

        Doug Casey:

        I don’t believe in democracy, I believe in personal freedom. Democracy is workable enough in something like a cohesive city-state. But absolutely not once voters get involved in economic issues—the poor will always vote themselves a free lunch, and the rich will buy votes to give themselves more. Democracy always devolves into class warfare.

        In ancient Greece, if you weren’t a landowner you weren’t respected. In the U.S., voting rules were determined by the States, and originally, everywhere, you had to be a landowner. That meant you had something to lose. But that’s not the case anymore.

        Justin: What’s changed?

        Doug: For one thing, anybody can vote. People who are penniless. Eighteen-year-olds who have no knowledge or experience and are fresh out of the indoctrination of high school. Lots of non-citizens, probably millions, manage to vote. Voting has become, as H.L. Mencken said, just an advance auction on stolen goods.

        For another thing, today, the United States is multicultural. America used to have its own distinct culture; the U.S. no longer stands for anything.

        Race is just the most obvious thing that divides people. You can see that somebody’s of a different race just by looking at them. The old saying about birds of a feather flocking together is basically true. It’s very politically incorrect to make that observation, of course. Certainly if you’re white. But it’s factually accurate. Most things that are PC fly in the face of reality.

        you can’t have a multicultural democracy. And you especially can’t have one where the government is making laws that have to do with economics…where it allocates wealth from one group to another group.


    • MountainMan

      Yes, well said. “Government” as we know it locks people into an enslavement scheme and taxes them to death.

      “Liberals will have to recognize that no government can be contractually justified, that every government is destructive of what they want to preserve, and that protection and the production of security can only be rightfully and effectively undertaken by a system of competitive security suppliers. That is, liberalism will have to be transformed into the theory of private property anarchism (or a private law society, as first outlined nearly one-hundred-fifty years ago by Gustvave de Molinari and in our own time fully elaborated by Murray Rothbard.”

      Source: Hans-Hermann Hoppe, “Democracy—The God That Failed” (2001), pp. 235-236

  • jacob

    Commenting on articles (like here now) is something of an emotional outlet, but not much else. More and more people now yearn to escape the DC government tyranny. Our rulers exercise power with impunity because they can. There isn’t much recourse. Voting is a weak check. Emma Goldman or H.L. Mencken said that if voting made a difference, it would be illegal. Voting is a psychological safety valve allowing those in power to insulate and perpetuate themselves. Convincing them to behave otherwise, or trying to elect moral agents, is a fool’s errand. Maybe the time is approaching when boycotts and acts of secession go viral. The dam will break when an unstoppable segment of the population abandons the useless rulers and form a 2nd American Republic based on voluntary association. That occurred under the Articles of Confederation after the Revolutionary War, a state of grace lasting four short years. The Constitutional Convention of 1787, a palace coup with a fancy title, snuffed out that early freedom. Everyone should start small and begin networking. Miracles sometimes happen, you know.

    • MountainMan

      Voting is a fraud because “democracy” is a fraud.

      “Democracy has nothing to do with freedom. Democracy is a soft variant of communism, and rarely in the history of ideas has it been taken for anything else.”

      Hans-Hermann Hoppe

  • Bob


    Workplace Bullying….

    Bullying in the in Workplace from Managers is Just as Bad…..

    Corporate Abuse of Employees is not a Male ONLY Issue, nor is it just
    Males…Female Corporate Executives can be just as Immoral, Nasty, Demeaning,
    and Sociopaths- as the men!

    All the attention right now is on Sexual Harassment and Assault, but there
    are other types of Abuse such as Workplace BULLYING from Corporate Managers
    which is just as bad, many times much more well hidden, with just as
    devastating effects on wounding people with permanent scars and ruining

    The problem is, that in a tough economy, many have no choice but do what
    they have to do and take the abuse (whether it by bullying or sexual
    harassment), and to make matters worse, most of the time it seems the HR
    department knows about it, but refuses to do anything to stop the
    abuser….Jeff Zucker of CNN KN EW about Lauer, but did NOTHING to stop it
    while making himself rich at others expense….

    The place I currently work has a WOMAN departmental manager, who is such a
    bully, witch, and abusive, that I had a grown woman crying at her desk during
    the middle of the work day because of it…an accomplished, smart woman with a
    Master’s degree and 20 years experience as a project manager…this should not
    be happening….if we are going to expose the abuse, let’s be fair and expose
    it ALL from both men AND Women, and the bigger issue even than sexual
    harassment in the workplace in 2017- which is Manager Bullying. I am not sure
    why this is so prevalent right now, but I think it is because everyone is
    stressed out, the socipaths or the ones on the edge are losing it and their
    true selves are showing, and I think, because corporations and manager know
    people have no choice but to keep their job in this economy, or be thrown to
    the wolves….so they are taking advantage of it….

    …..I also think many times people do not report the bullying because the
    so-called anonymous hotlines are really ways to ferret out persecute people with
    ethics who might become whistleblowers, so that they can make up reasons or set
    them up to fire them….I know in my company, I spoke with a manager who said
    the corporate office is just as bad, has a high turnover among the executives
    there, and morale is low….so if that is the case there, what is going to
    happen when an employee at a satellite office reaches out to them for help from
    the abuse going on their office so far away, with the managers have complete

    In a period of over two years over 24 people in this department have
    quit….the people in my position who started with me both quit due to bullying
    and accompanying stress from daily bullying which makes it harder for the
    person to do their best job, and slowly breaks down their body and they get
    sick from the emotional abuse and feeling helpless to stop it….the other
    person who quit was also very accomplished and even taught courses for the OSU
    Fisher College of Business…they then hired two new people in this position,
    who both quit within three weeks, and both quit in the same week! Lol!

    If I were HR, the first thing I would look at is the management as to why
    there is such a high turnover for this particular manager….then they lost two
    of their best national account reps in the last couple months….the first one
    said HR would be told of the bullying as the reason for her quitting, and then
    they told her that is the first time they heard about it!!!! The next guy qho
    quit was abundantly qualified with both his undergrad and graduate degree from
    Stanford, who said the manager was going to be for a surprise with his exit
    interview…still not word from HR reaching out to the current employees to
    even try and have a survey to find out what is going on….

    …..I myself have been a victim of the abuse….to where a minor flaw can
    be made out to be the Grand Canyon, and verbal abuse as I have never seen from
    a workplace manager…even boasting in a meeting how, “She is the
    boss!”, while making fun of people in the meeting like a bad scene from
    the office and emasculating an employee by calling a feminine version of his
    name, making fun of another employee because of her disability….

    ….these type of sociopath managers and executives love drama and conflict,
    and look for ways to draw one into, so they can either bully you some or fire
    you..either it somehow seems to provide the needed boost for their ego and
    self-esteem, even while losing good people and not understand the reason….

  • Nobody

    This entire sex ‘scandal’ bs, while some is real, is really just a smokescreen from the Constitutional republic has been overthrown by criminals. Mueller, the man who covered up the real culprits who planned and carried out 9/11, the Skull and Bones/Carlyle Group/CIA/Deep State/MIC, is now the one covering up the Hillary Clinton’s and Clinton Foundation’s weapons, drug money laundering operations, uranium pay to play schemes.

    The real reality is that the government has been overthrown by criminals and massives armies of the American people should be arresting everyone in Congress, the ‘Justice’ Dept, FBI, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, and all Federal Judges and anyone else who protects them. But Americans choose to be slave’s to criminals instead of honorable free people. If you think its bad now, you aint seen nothing yet.

    If you want to see the real problem just look in the mirror and the real problem will be staring you right in the face. It takes bravery to bring down criminals, especially criminals of this magnitude but I can’t even find any one aware much less brave enough for such an epic undertaking. All those soldiers you pay and ‘honor’ as brave for “protecting our freedom” is a total lie, the soldiers are brainwashed order followers who are not honorable, brave or protectors of freedom. The only thing the soldiers protect is criminals and tyrants who take away our freedom for a few pieces of silver, ptsd and later homelessness.

    If you think the sex ‘scandals’ are bad then you are falling into the criminals intentional smokescreen that prevents the people from seeing their real crimes – the planning and execution of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the implementation of a nazi style police state and your enslavement to pay them for commiting crimes and overthrowing the Constitutional Republic. Its real, its already happened, that’s what you are witnessing whether you believe it or not. You won’t face the truth because you know the deep abyss of strategy and activity it will require to correct for such a truth to be real and you know that you are totally unprepared to conduct. You, yes you, are just as bad as they are for not doing anything but being a good little slave.

    All slavery is and has always been by consent of the slave whether you believe it or not.

  • FreeYourMindinSC

    I suspect … & I could be wrong … that those at the very top of the global economic pyramid, those at the center of the Davos culture, the global megabillionaire superelite class that controls more wealth than the entire bottom half of the world’s population, would be unaffected by allegations by those in the hierarchy beneath them, especially if these allegations were unproven & unprovable, & affected much less by consumers’ decisions.

    But then again, those at the very top of that pyramid are either very good at concealing their private sexual fetishes & peccadilloes, or they keep their sexual urges under control. Whatever else one says, they did not get where they are by being idiots.

  • Samarami

    “…The market is very effective at regulating behavior. We, the people, have the power hit the economically powerful where it hurts: their wallets….”

    Absolutely. Joe, you’re starting to sound more and more like a genuine anarchist.

    “…And to fire them, we need to wait until the next election cycle…”

    No, I don’t need to await any “election cycle”. I abstain from beans. Haven’t dropped a bean since 1964. Sam

  • nailheadtom

    “Congress’ solution? They will implement sexual harassment training for politicians and staff, and call it a day.”

    This is the methodology of law enforcement, zero personal responsibility. If a cop blows away an arrestee it’s not because he’s a sociopath, it’s because he received inadequate training.

    • MountainMan

      Yes, well said. “inadequate training,” indeed”! Every time you turn around they make up some ridiculous new excuse/meme for their shortcomings. They’ve got a million of ’em!