Shock: CNN Editorial Calls for a North American Union
By Staff News & Analysis - January 27, 2015

Why we need a North American Passport … The future success of North America depends partly on how the U.S., Canada and Mexico work together … The future of the United States lies in North America. This is not a geographic truism, but a strategic imperative. Generations of Americans, distracted by far-flung crises, have long taken our own region for granted. This must change if the 21st century is to be an American century. – CNN

Dominant Social Theme: It is very important for everyone to get together everywhere all the time.

Free-Market Analysis: Is the campaign for a North American Union officially underway with this editorial appearing in CNN?

Certainly conspiracy theorists might be justified in thinking so.

For years, more than a decade, some have suspected that powerful bureaucracies in North America – especially in Washington – might seek to combine Mexico, the US and Canada into a single super-state.

This was always greeted with howls of contempt by those in the mainstream media, especially in the liberal congregation, who knew better. There was no need, no possibility, that Canada, Mexico and the US would ever form a single trading – and perhaps political – union in the manner of the EU.

But here we go. Those derisive hoots are now drowned out by the reality of what this editorial proposes.


The United States, Canada and Mexico are bound by a shared economic, environmental, demographic and cultural destiny. How we move forward together is key to our success.

In recognition of our shared destiny, the three countries should create a North American passport that would, over time, allow their citizens to travel, work, invest, learn and innovate anywhere in North America.

Work, tourist and student visas are necessities in the modern world to regulate the flow of people between sovereign states. In the North American context, much like within the European Union, our economies and societies are far more integrated than our immigration system recognizes – and a North American passport, much like the EU passport, would align our laws with reality.

Such a move would provide a dramatic break from Washington's historical negligence of its "near abroad," which stems from a rare luxury. In contrast to other major continental powers through the centuries, the United States has not had to worry much about its neighbors and devote the bulk of its military resources to protecting its borders.

… A North American passport would reflect the unique relationship and shared interests among our nations. In the face of growing competition from rising powers elsewhere in the world, simply taking our geography for granted and focusing our attention elsewhere is no longer a viable option.

One can see many dominant social themes in this editorial – and these are evident from the beginning: "The United States, Canada and Mexico are bound by a shared economic, environmental, demographic and cultural destiny."

Wait a minute. The United States, Canada and Mexico are lines on a map. These geographical regions are not bound by anything, let alone cultural destiny. Having stated this fallacious assumption, the editorial proclaims, "How we move forward is key to our success."

Why should lines on a map move "forward"? And why is moving forward the key to success for arbitrary geographical regions? This is simply language jumbled together to sound like a logical argument.

The editorial gets even worse, building on this nonsensical rhetoric to rewrite history in order to make a closing argument that the three governments in question ought to offer a single passport.

In making this argument, the editorial cites NAFTA, which it claims has been "a boon to our growth and competitiveness …"

It continues: "But the promise of NAFTA has fallen short in a critical respect; while trade and investment have grown, the barriers to movement have remained too high for the people who help drive and stand to benefit from that growth.

Now we begin to understand the importance of NAFTA. Those who wanted a North American Union understood they would need a treaty, a series of treaties, to rationalize industrialization between Mexico and the US. Once this evening-out had been accomplished, the next argument could be made, which is that regulation must follow growth.

This is a tremendously cynical way of utilizing treaties and government. One creates the conditions one wants and then moves to regulate the new reality. US workers have remained angry over NAFTA and CAFTA, but these treaties were intended to provide the necessary justification to proclaim a larger NAU.

There are other manipulations that have taken place recently. The Bush administration and now the Obama administration have attempted to undermine US border security and to allow in as many Mexicans as possible.

US intel agencies have seemingly fueled an already violent drug war in Mexico, thus increasing pressure on Mexicans to seek employment in the US. Guns have been shipped to Mexico with US governmental complicity, apparently to heighten the violence.

The "conspiracy" lies not with those (ourselves included) who have continually pointed out the surreptitious groundwork that has been laid to build the NAU. The conspiracy lies with those internationalists that continually push to expand and unite whole continents and more.

All around the world, "unions" are being proclaimed, often with the potential for new currencies. Surely, those who have as their goal a kind of hyper-globalism are the real conspirators here.

After Thoughts

Directed history, anyone?

James Altucher: “Do NOT Buy Bitcoin Until You See This!”
I repeat… Do NOT buy Bitcoin before you see what I’m revealing here.

  • darrenlobo

    The fact that these treaties, NAFTA & CAFTA, have their own nascent legal systems is disturbing. It’s easy to see their arbitration provisions leading to a regional court system. Should we place bets on when the first Supreme Court of the US decision will be appealed to a NAFTA, CAFTA, or other international court? That will be the date the NAU begins.

    • Me Again

      Ypu are behind the curve guys. We’ve had decisions made in our supreme court overturned in the European court, despite them not having the right or the might to do so. We just have a paid for government of pu–ies who won’t stand up to them.

      HG Wells, ‘The shape of things to come’ guys………. to see what will happen to you, just review the last few years of opposition to the EU and how they have got around it.

  • Blank Reg

    And … what would happen to the 1st 10 Amendments to the US Constitution under such a “union”?

    • Don’t know.

      • Blank Reg

        I think we can make a reasoned guess, however, no?? Particularly as regards the 2nd Amendment.

        • You are making a good point. The capitol for this new regional entity is supposed to reside somewhere in Texas, according to quasi-informed speculation. Certainly one might expect legislative authority to pass from DC to Texas (if that’s the destination) just as it has from European nation-states to Brussels.

    • Fabian

      They go away… They are an annoyance for “proper” governance since they were written to limit it. People theoretically can vote but in by party system, it means basically nothing when deciding about the general direction. There is no way to stop it.

      • justthefactsplease

        the Constitution… has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.

        -Lysander Spooner

    • I’ve heard that the Supreme Court ruled a long, long, time ago (during FDR maybe?) that the “treaties” clause in the Constitution meant that any treaty trumps whatever is in the Constitution. I don’t remember what the lawsuit was about, but the Constitution is a dead letter now (is that the right expression?). For a long, long time now you don’t get nominated as especially Chief Justice, in my opinion, if you cannot be trusted to play ball by their rules.

      Of course in a logical Court, they would decide that the amendments over-rule the rest of the Constitution as it exists at the time of ratification. But that’s gone.

      That’s also why I think the President and Congress made up this unconstitutional “fast track” pre-approval of treaties not even negotiated yet. That way they can sneak in a bunch of secret agreements to subvert whatever they want to. In their eyes, though. Not mine.

  • Jim Johnson

    Since when did we establish 50 States and no more? There is a mechanism if other countries wish to join us.

    • Tell it to CNN …

    • Fabian

      No problemo amigo. Take them all in. This said, I doubt Canada would wish to join us.

    • dfacts

      There are 57 states. Just ask Obummer.

  • WPalmer

    There is no benefit on this side of the border (Canada) for NAFTA, whenever goods get to the border they are heavily scrutinised, heavily regulated and heavily taxed by Canadian Customs. People now require passports or other documentation to get into the US. All the freedom and friendship that once existed from the US Customs is just a memory, visitors are treated like illegal immigrants.
    However once inside the country people are just as welcoming and friendly as they always were.

    • davidnrobyn

      I know. My wife and I travel to Canada frequently, and the big worry is always coming back and facing US border agents…

  • Rocks Ahead

    The recent G20 meeting was preceded by comments from the B20 head R. Goyder proclaiming the virtues of global labour mobility as a major priority and how it would absolutely not drive Australian wages down. Its clear that Mr Global (as Catherine Austin Fitts calls TPTB) see sovereign borders as an impediment, and Davos calls to reduce global inequality fits nicely – open global labour mobility, drive wages down in developed nations, hasten the decline of the western middle class, while dangling a carrot to developing nations with low average incomes.

    The G20 also made great fanfare about a Global Infrastructure Hub to be located in Sydeny ahead of trillions of dollars to be spent globally on infrastructure delivered by PPP’s (Public Privates Partnerships -often extremely over priced white elephants lucrative for a few). How nice it would be for them to have global labour mobility driving down their costs for these projects but leaving the usual burdens of tolls and guaranteed revenue streams for the local tax payer. Further local demand won’t drive which projects are built (Mr Globals desired access to cheaper trade routes & resources including people, Ag21, etc will).
    Pressure from all directions will continue to drive down average living standards for Americans, Canadians, Australians….its becoming easier as we are fed the ‘global’ meme everyday. It’s a real eye opener to observe the media and average folk fawn over and glamorize the G20 summit or Davos summit – like they were rock stars – once upon a time we would have been unimpressed with such overt unelected foreign influence on domestic policy. Sigh!!

    • Me Again

      When you have the temerity to complain about wages being driven down and working conditions getting worse all because of low paid immigrant labour, you’re called a racist, a xenophobe, an isolationist, a protectionist. Of course that’s just bul–hit when you are out of work and can’t get even a fish packing job because you don’t speak Polish -in England. That happened to my son a while ago, he wanted to do some agency work until he got another job, they said all the supervisors and most of the staff are Poles so you won’t understand instructions. This in England? What price open borders now Mr Cameron?

      • Please stop using curse words. It doesn’t advance your points.

        • Me Again

          Points? I don’t comment for points. BS isn’t exactly cursing now Bell is it?

  • Stephen Gray

    Interesting. The would be “elites” have had a “plan” for a so-called North American Union for some time. I believe their Modus Operandi is through so-called “free trade” deals. I also believe this is an “open conspiracy.” marketed by their propaganda pushers in the MSM. See links below:

    “The integration of North America’s economies would best be achieved through an “incremental”
    approach, according to a leaked U.S. diplomatic cable. The cable,
    released through the WikiLeaks website and apparently written Jan. 28, 2005, discusses
    some of the obstacles surrounding the merger of the economies of Canada, the United
    States and Mexico in a fashion similar to the
    European Union.” (emphasis added) (National Post, June 2, 2011.) [1]…

    [read more at link below]


    • Me Again

      “…“The integration of North America’s economies would best be achieved through an “incremental”
      approach, according to a leaked U.S. diplomatic cable…”

      This is the route the EU has used successfully to get its 6 treaties through supposedly democratic parliaments. Always apparent economical or security gains, result however is ‘Ever Closer Union’ and the barbed wire starts to bite.

      In Britain we are struggling to get a right to vote on this. Have been struggling for decades. TPTB control the media outlets paper and electronic. Every utterance from our ‘so called’ allies across the pond is that ‘We feel the UK is better off inside the European Union.’
      We have Americans telling us, Australians telling us, anyone these manipulating gits can think up telling us, the latest one is non other than the CEO of Goldman Sachs -one of the architects of this globalisation.

      So America, we’ve been putting up with this ‘we’re better off together’ sh1t for ages, lots comes from your government and whoever controls them. Have you all been asleep at the back of the classroom? The cartels don’t want my little country to be free again and they’ll do their best to stop us having a free and fair vote if the time comes. However, they always underestimate the people, supine, yes, but only for so long.

      What’s happened to us is waiting to happen to you guys, bon chance with that one…..

  • Elizabeth Martin

    Not being a “conspiracy theorist” per se, I have nevertheless, being intellectual, interested myself in the goings-on of our world and planet. I have been aware of the United Nation’s plans for a global empire for years – folks should educate themselves by absorbing UN Agenda 21, including Codex Alimentarius. Many things will fall into place that may have been inexplicable before. I only wish serious people had become aware sooner……… may very well be too late to stop the loss of what we used to call the USA, or “America”. American values of justice, equality, standing up for the good everywhere will no longer apply when the globalist’ agenda for the “New World Order” snaps the last prison bars in place. Cheers!

  • Stephen Gray

    I believe the unelected are having their way with the elected “leaders.” Dare we call all this “open treason?” See links below:

    A North American Union is already in motion, though it is being called
    “Beyond Borders.” [4] Of course, the politicians tell us it’s all about
    creating jobs and security, (they always tell us that) and who could be against
    that, even if your national sovereignty is signed away? Let’s face it do we
    really believe the politicians dreamed up all these “deals” on their own? Are there powerful forces behind the scenes
    pushing the agenda and hiding out of sight? For instance, our own P.M
    Harper scurried over to Davos – where the elites meet – to announce changes to
    Old Age Security (OAS). One would have thought he would have done this in
    Parliament first? But, no he did not. Surely, the globalist elites of the world
    [5] are not pulling his strings?
    Still Mr. Harper is on record as saying:
    “We need some
    semblance of global governance” [6]…
    [read more at links


  • Heywood Jablome

    When we are allied here in Canada with the empire to the south and the $hithole south of them, I will definitely be in nomad mode, I can barely tolerate the rules and regulations, and jurisdictional nonsense under which I now live, not too mention the greater amounts that I am forced to submit to my government each year, for the privilege of having some mental midget in Ottawa, not only make decisions in my name, but use my hard earned wherewithal to commit all sorts of asinine acts all over the globe. The financial square mile in London is pulling the strings, and making the decisions to control greater swaths of the world populations and in so doing enrich themselves at the expense of greater numbers, all the while making sure that world resources are sufficient to maintain themselves, also at a cost to everyone else. My bug out plan will be implemented, maybe sooner rather than later

  • Dalton

    Maybe time to consider alternate passports .. I’m only surprised it’s taken this long to materialize. I believe discussion and even “beta testing” of an Amero began years ago. In reality this is one of the few ways the US can survive a catastrophic monetary collapse in the foreseeable future, so I’ve no doubt this has been planned long ago.. the EU, Eurasian Union (Putin’s baby), American Union, etc. etc. then the one big happy family union.

  • Me Again

    Great idea, the drug cartels wouldn’t need to sneak anywhere…………..and the illegals all become legal. Thus Obarmy et al olve the drugs and immigration issues by making them all legal………………

  • jinxed13

    I remember quite clearly the 1992 elections when Bush, Sr. was running against Clinton and Ross Perot launched his campaign as a third party candidate. Many people were excited about the prospect of having a successful, wealthy businessman like Perot in the White House as they saw it as being beneficial to improving our economy. Clinton was very much in favor of NAFTA and CAFTA, and American workers were concerned about those treaties negatively impacting jobs in America and the export of American products abroad. The votes Perot got in the Presidential election were pivotal as people who voted for Perot were likely to have voted for Bush, Sr. had Perot not been in the race. It turns out that Perot was very much in favor of NAFTA and CAFTA as those treaties would significantly enrich him (and they have), and those treaties have negatively impacted American workers and the export of American products. At the time Perot was running, I said that we’d get NAFTA and CAFTA and the American worker would get SHAFTA and that’s what’s happened. A merger with Canada and Mexico is not going to help the US survive a catastrophic monetary collapse. While Canada appears to be economically sound, Mexico is not due to graft and corruption that has really become a national tradition since it’s been a significant impediment to Mexico’s developing into a major economic player, not only on the North American Continent, but worldwide. What benefit to America or Canada would a merger with Mexico be? Mexico, a country in turmoil and very dangerous with drug cartels highly active and deadly to not only citizens, but police, military, and government leaders, is hardly a country that would be a beneficial addition to a North American Union. The US and Canada should have been investing their political clout in pressuring Mexico to eliminate graft and corruption decades ago (when the US, in particular, had political clout throughout the world). The corruption within the government of Mexico has been detrimental to its citizens for decades and has led to the flood of illegal immigrants which increases yearly for which the US (and to a very limited degree, Canada) has had to deal with both socially and economically. I love travelling to Canada, but realistically, Canada being a British Commonwealth, would it truly be beneficial to either country were the “lines on the map” to create a North American Union? Seems to me that we’d also be becoming part of Great Britain and by default, the European Union.

    • You are analyzing it reasonably. But perhaps it is reasonable only if you adopt another point of view entirely …

      • jinxed13

        If the comment “. . . reasonable only if you adopt another point of view entirely . . .” means that you find my analysis not reasonable because you are inferring that I supported the politics of either Clinton, Bush, Sr., and not Perot, you would be coming to an incorrect conclusion. I wasn’t in support of any of them and as time goes on, I wish that other candidates besides those in the Democrat or Republican parties would have a chance of winning elections. Today as it has been in the past, they don’t have a chance of winning if they are running against a Democrat or Republican (a few Independents have won major elections, but very few). The idea of creating continental unions has nothing to do with improving the economy of all countries in the continent, but it is created with the idea of spreading the wealth of more economically successful countries to those countries less economically sound in a misguided attempt to create “economic equality.” Western nations have been doing essentially the same thing for decades by sending billions of dollars to African countries in futile attempts to help those countries eliminate starvation and disease among their populations, and aid in Africa’s development into economic stability. Largely because of graft and corruption, along with the instability of governments (coups being more frequent than elsewhere in the world) the Western aid makes it into the hands of corrupt leaders enriching them while the populations continue suffering. Currently, some countries in the European Union are moving to abandon the Euro in favor of their own country’s currency, which is likely to result in the dissolution of the European Union — the Euro having been pivotal to creating “economic opportunity and equality” for all countries in the Union. Truthfully throughout history, more economically stable and wealthy countries’ currency is worth more economically than the currency of less economically wealthy countries, and one form of currency used by all countries within the continent was supposed to eliminate that inequality. It appears that it hasn’t. The US isn’t economically sound enough to prop up other countries economically and our worldwide interventionism over at least the last 60 years has done much to destabilize not only our own economy, but the economies of other nations (along with the governments of some nations). I am of the belief that it is time for us to concentrate on eliminating the serious problems confronting us within our borders, before we engage in another economic or social experiment such as creating a North American Union.

        • No, our point was that various policies afflicting the West in particular may be designed simply for destructive purposes.

          • jinxed13

            I couldn’t agree with you more. I went into greater detail to explain what I saw as extremely destructive and problematic because when you say that “policies afflicting the West . . .” too many low information voters (and citizens) see that as only an attack against their preferred political party instead of doing research into how certain policies are destructive and no one political party (or form of government) can be held blameless when it comes to evaluating the economic and societal health of a nation. When it comes to the US, tragically there is very little difference between the two political parties when it comes to their “plan and vision for America.”

          • alaska3636

            Dear Leader knows of the tribal nature of man. He controls their frame of action by controlling the poles of the conversation. Bush says this and Clinton says that. Everybody picks a side and nobody wins. Except Clinton and Bush who as it happens enact very similar administrations and (apparently) turn out to be quite close friends. It’s never about the participants in the presidential conversation; it’s about who determines what is a comfortable frame in which that conversation takes place. Anyone speaking outside of that frame is an enemy. Anybody speaking inside that frame is a friend. Hence the Bush/Clinton friendship.

            More to the point: which currency is determined by fiat is within the range of conversation while the relative merits of fiat currency itself are not.

    • justthefactsplease

      your knowledge of mexico is wrong/outdated:
      1) mexico is the top 15 for many country stats
      2) has a higher gdp than canada
      3) has much lower unemployment than canada
      4) has double the growth rate of canada
      5) more mexicans are moving FROM the usa TO mexico than the other way around
      6) mexico is rising, while the usa and canada are in decline…
      7) mexico has a younger population

      i have no ties to mexico, and am actually for more states. (more smaller nations means more choice and more freedom, rather than less with these huge “unions”) but IF there was going to be one in north am., and it was necessary to pick just one usa neighbor, then mexico would be the better choice

  • autonomous

    Canada, maybe, but certainly not Mexico. The cultures are incompatible between the U.S. and Mexico, in spite of the worst efforts of educationists to dumb down American schools. The remnants of Spanish slovenliness and Catholic paternalism, as well as native heathenism renders them inhospitable to American culture.

    • Me Again

      You really think they care about incompatible cultures? Jees, all part
      of the plan. You want to see it all? This is the European version
      No doubt there is an American equivalent.
      1. Creation of ‘racist/racial’ offences – Done. First became a word or
      act in the 30’s, as created by the Frankfurt School of Marxists.
      2. Continual confusion and an apparent series of crises requiring more restrictive laws -in process
      3. Promotion of homosexuality, especially among children [nothing against them personally] causing division and suspicion – been and gone not successful
      4. Undermine the authority of teachers in schools – -Done happened years ago
      5. Massive immigration to destroy the national identity – -Done -4 million in the last decade
      6. Destabilise and undermine dominant religion -done. Imported Islamic activism, multiculturalism
      7. Legal system biased against the victims of crime -done
      8. Dependency on the state or state benefits -done
      9. Control and dumbing down of media -done
      10. Encouraging the breakdown of the family unit -done

      All these lead to a fractured, inward looking, worried and self obsessed population. They become malleable because they are always hopping from toe to toe wondering What Next?All the time the leaders say trust me I’ll make things better, we must have this law it makes us safer. Always eroding freedom of speechfurther laws to restrict thought and behaviour.

  • the one

    Directed history, indeed. These globalist pukes will stop at nothing to destroy national sovereignty and bring about global government under their absolute rule.

  • windsor1

    CNN is a propaganda tool the globalists/ruling class use to deliver the version of reality you are meant to hear. ISIS is an evil force that it a threat to the middle east with cells waiting to be activated in the US; Iraq has WMD’s etc so be afraid etc. CNN is the magician with the globalist wand. They spin and you believe. It is that simple and it really has boobus americanus snared in its false reality. PUTIN bad Obama good delivered by an articulate news pimp. The economy is on fire and Boobus Americanus has a new and improved healthcare system. Life cannot get any better. So why not use the synergy of Mexico and America together and create a 2+2=5 utopia where Americans in the north can collect unemployment benefits and bask in the Mexican sun and Mexicans can find “yobs” in America. Aside from work ethinc, ethnicity, education,language and culture, Boobus and Mexicans have so much in common. Good thing Boobus has no critical thinking skills or he might see through this speecious argument.
    What Boobus hasn’t figured out is that the ruling class has plans to lower his standard of living and elevate that of the Mexican so that they both represent a cheap source of labor. Boobus won’t figure this out until they pull the rug out from under him while he is glued to the propaganda machine in his living room.

  • Why can’t we just simplify things: join the EU and make it one big happy family? Anyway the EU needs a little support since both Iceland and Greece are giving them the cold shoulder……… how unfair to those in Brussels who are trying so hard to make a bigger better world for us all. A few more regulations, a tad more QE ’till it is “just right”, and the world will be fixed for good……..

  • Danny B

    Rage against THE machine. THE machine is the computer. Who needs some guy with a MBA when you have a great program?

    The bureaucrats of the world see their job niche slipping away. They forced a shotgun wedding in Europe. The bureaucratic overlay of the EU on top of an already heavy bureaucratic load reduced the GDP of the European member countries by 20 %. What did they get for all this?? An overlord in Brussels and well defined bananas.
    As private industry gets ever-more efficient, the public sector must carry ever-more of the employment load. America has 4% of the world’s population and 50% of the world’s lawyers. Why not??? We guarantee them a job.

    1 out of 11 in the beltway is a lawyer. Worse yet, is the American Rule. It guarantees endless litigation,,, ONLY in America.
    Arkansas spends $ 36,000 to maintain one mile of 2 lane highway for one year. New Jersey spends $1,102,000 to maintain one mile of 2 lane highway for one year.
    The NAU would be ponderously inefficient,,, that is the whole idea. The bureaucrats die with efficiency.

    • alaska3636

      One problem with a global conspiracy is the requirement of an army of middlemen: self-interested and clueless human beings. They need just enough wealth transfer to stay up to the gills in cheap steak and cheap suits to stay happy. A lot of capital is destroyed in making those middlemen happy enough to carry forward with “the plan”. It is also a plan that is as presumably as doomed as Mises saw that the Soviet Union was doomed. No system can go on expending more energy than it produces.

      Long-term plans always produce unforeseen short-term consequences. I’m not much of a chess player, but I was playing recently and I was constantly amazed, given the relatively fixed consequence of actions and the skill of my opponent, how much my “plans” would overlook possible counterplans. A global “the plan” is like people playing chess through people playing chess through further people going on down the line in intelligence, understanding and capability of executing “the plan”. Nature is the opponent.

      Sometimes, you go too luddite. This time you’re right in that sweet spot. 🙂

  • greascott

    We already have the union in part with Mexico, why do you think our immigration laws with Mexico are not enforced? I hope Canada does not join this. I love Canadians and their country and do not want to see them get screwed over. Besides, where would we “bug out” to?

  • Praetor

    In all of this, you have to fill sorry for the Mexican people. The U.S. factory of Mexico, 16 hour days 6 days a week, they get Sunday off to go to church, the church must get its tribute, they helped to bring this about. If it be Union, I for one will file a grievance, no more Federal Government, no more Central Banks, and we can back the grievance up with 475 million souls, saying no to the Monarchs of the Oligarch, and the Fiat Empire of Doom and Boom. The more they erect the borders between the peoples, the more the borders fall. The PTB think the E.U. is a mess, wait till they see the N.A.U…

  • alaska3636

    This is strictly anecdotal, but I just came back from South America and the line for customs went like this in to LAX: visitors first and citizens second in terms of direct walking distance to those customs agents. Call me cynical…

  • Haywood Jablome

    Hey, I have an idea! Let’s form a North Amerian Union and use the EU as a template!!! It is working out sooooooo well for them. Anyway, the good news is that it is CNN. I would be worried if it was a news organization…..

  • billed

    And they will have to create a Flag for NAU North American Union as if President George Bush did not sort this out in 2004 –

  • dan

    Perfect propaganda coming from the Communist News Network. Joseph Geobbels would be creaming in his leder hosen if he were alive.

  • Hey You

    The 20th Century was the century of political merges. Such has brought the most wars & destruction that the world has experienced. Now, there is a chance for us to reverse that trend into smaller, more politically humane entites. Some big government promotion people don’t understand that we’ve been badlt hurt by that big government trend. Some of us have lived to regret that trend and others have been fatally affected by it.

  • catalanismo is hatred





    • Praetor

      Well the place that’s called Mexico, the natives of that land should start by kicking out the Spaniards, FIRST. Then they can worry about the Yankee Gringo to the north. It seems the Spaniard’s have totally screwed their country up already, with their drug mafia, their E.U. imperial greed of superficial financial fraud. Maybe then the native Indians of that region can through off the hatred the Spaniard’s have inflicted on them. You sir need to wake up. Are you a native of that region or is your Ancestry from Imperial Spain. Look at what Spain did to that Country called Mexico.

      • catalanismo is hatred

        I am really sorry for your INMENSE ignorance.

        I´ll teach you, in Mexico the 94% of the population is race mixed, all of us have Spaniard and native blood mixed, The Spaniards breed with the native, they created a new whole thing, us, the Mexicans. They were not so big killers as the English conquerors.

        In Mexico we are proud of our mixture and we have a lot of things from Spaniards and a lot of things of Aztecs and Mayans.

        And let me tell you, most of our problems are created by the US. the drugs, the mafia, etc

        Sorry but most Mexicans I know love American movies, fiction, your enterteinment industry, your comfort, many of your material things, law, idemocracy, and many of your intellectual inventions, but we do not want to be part of USA!!!! you are not our ideal rol

        ,We do not have that greedy soul that make that Americans introduce their nose in every country. Life is beautiful, and our valors are more related with enjoyment, ¡fiesta!, family, friends than a permanent circle of buying, competence, be the number 1 and all that alpha male nonsense thing soooooo important for Americans

        And sorry but every day you loose many things we before admire of you, I am not sure that USA today is a country of Law, meritocracy, Human rights and democracy

        And USA is promoting that North American Union because fears loss his influence in the world, knows is falling, but we the Mexicans do not care less such thing

        • Namma

          Praetor wasn’t talking about your mixed blood. He was talking about being ruled, yet today, by Spain through the very few “top” families.

          How can you be “proud” and not be proud of your native heritage that was 1,000 times better than anything that the Spaniards, and their greed, introduced to your country?

          How can you stand by and let the native people’s (massacres and rapes in Chiapas for example) be treated badly and then point fingers at the United States?

          All Praetor was saying was “clean your own house first before attempting to clean someone else’s”. Another saying is “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” as in the attempt to stone others (Bible) for their misdeeds when the person themselves have many of their own.

          Get rid of the “blood pure” (yes they think that way) Spaniards, clean up your country (federales), gain back your true culture – not that of Spain, and then talk.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            I have never said us the Mexicans are ashamed of our native heritage, what I have said is that we are very proud of our main two roots, Spaniard and native heritage, so we have an inmense cultural richness

            The Mexicans will be able to clean our own house when the US stop stealing, abusing and messing us!!

            USA is the main rogue and criminal nation in the world!

            Btw you that like the sayings, we have a very popular saying “POOR MEXICO SO FAR AWAY FROM GOD AND SO NEAR TO USA” =)

          • Namma

            Never mind. I don’t know what the barrier to understanding is here, but let it be enough to say that we don’t want your (Mexico’s) problems either. I have a large segment of family in Morelia, Mich., Mexico and they moved from Mexico City to get away from the drugs, gangs and other problems. Those are not Americans coming to Mexico to form gangs you know.

            I don’t know why it’s escaped you that the drugs do not come from the United States, they are grown south of the United States in Mexico and Central/South America. The amounts that are grown here are “piss poor” compared to what get imported from “south of the border”. Sorry.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Maybe you do not know but when US stole half of the Mexican territory (California, New Mexico, Arizona, etc) The USA obligated the Mexican Government to DO NOT DEVELOP TECHNOLOGY FOR 100 YEARS, (public and private sectors), please read the Lecumberri treaty. So this American condition have made that Mexico can not develop in many many ways. So we are obligated to stay 100 years behind you. THANKS AMERICA!.

            And yes the drugs do not come from the States but the weapons do!! Maybe you do not know but the Mexican Drug Cartels got their weapons from the CIA, yes the Fast and Furious scandal is a proof of this

            In Mexico the people can´t buy weapons, guns, etc but thanks to the US Goverment the Mexican cartels get them all the time!!

            Wth the NAFTA USA lied us, the Mexican Goverment let our farmers to their own, but the U:S economically support their farmers with inmense subsidies, so the corn from the States doing unfair competence obligated the Mexican farmers to quit, but the inmense American need for drugs and the need of the Mexican farmers for money and that we can not develop our own technology have influenced the growth of Mexican drug cartels. So many of our problems are caused by YOU!!!!!

          • Namma

            Aha, I see. 100% of the problems that face the world come from propaganda keeping old hatreds alive. YOU apparently, by your name alone, LOVE hatred. That’s fine. Your hatred will kill you before it ever touches me. So sad. Sad that you cannot tell the difference between a country’s people and the criminals that run it even though you live in a country that has the exact same problem. You have deliberately and knowingly shut your eyes and remained stupid about the reality. I do hope you do not call yourself Catholic/Christian because you are definitely not one. Not that I am, but you are not either.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Actually my nickname is a personal game

            Of course I am not catholic, neither Christian, that is so old fashioned!

            The fast and furious scandal; the Lecumberri treaty; the rules of the NAFTA that USA have not respected; and the land that the US stole of Mexico are not propaganda are true facts!!!

            Maybe you don´t know, but there is a direct relation betwen the people and their goverments, so all of us in some way are responsible for what our Goverments do.You like sayings, remember this “Cada pueblo tiene el gobierno que se merece”

            Because you do not have arguments you only talk about hatred and nosense words

            Your Goverment is a criminal, and your nation the biggest rogue nation in this planet, sorry that is your reality and all the world know it

    • Caps off, please …