Shock Interview: Anders Björkman Is a Professional Technologist Who Doesn’t Believe in Nukes
By Daily Bell Staff - August 07, 2016

Anders Björkman, M.Sc. is a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer with more than 45 years experience of tanker and ferry design, construction and operations. Mr. Bjorkman has been a delegate to the IMO for various national administrations and one NGO and has been been a speaker at various Safety-at-Sea conferences. Mr. Bjorkman holds several patents concerned with ship safety. He also writes about A-bombs, human clowns in space, mysterious structural collapses, etc. He believes nuclear weapons don’t exist. See his website HERE: His CV can be seen HERE.

The Daily Bell: Hello there. You’re a controversial commentator, of course, and your website is a shock for those just stumbling on it. But whether it’s accurate or not, it’s also interesting and even courageous. So thanks for sitting down with us. We try to operate without bias, and thus won’t endorse your conclusion that nuclear weapons don’t exist. But we certainly have difficulties with the current narrative. We cover the dominant social themes of the elite – their propaganda – and nuclear disinformation is certainly part of it. [Ed. Note: See updated DB nuclear summary HERE.] You seem very confident of your conclusions.

Anders Björkman: I am quite good at hydrodynamics and wave forces on ships and how to design the ship structures to suit. It is more complicated than nuclear physics! Once you make certain logical deductions, you realize that nuclear explosions are impossible.

The Daily Bell: OK, then, when did you decide that nuclear weapons were a hoax? You wrote to us that it took 50 years?

Anders Björkman: Actually, it took me 40 years to become an A-bomb denier. I worked in Japan 1972/6 and learnt a lot about the A-bombs there and many other things that didn’t add up. And in 1999 I met E and her father W who had assisted Stalin build his a-bomb 1949. W was employed in Wismut AG in Saxony digging uranium for Stalin’s bomb since 1945. But the mine was propaganda and didn’t produce anything worthwhile. This person was later arrested by KGB and had a hard time fleeing West. It seems Stalin and FDR agreed to fake the A-bomb together from 1942 onwards … in my opinion today. FDR adored Stalin and handed him eastern Europe on a platter.

The Daily Bell: Why did you decide to write a website? How long did it take and when did it go up?

Anders Björkman: In 1994 a ferry sank in the Baltic killing 1,000 persons. I was operating similar ferries and wanted to know what happened. I soon found out that the authorities invented a fairy tale – the “visor” had fallen off – but apparently the ship was sunk due to sabotage. I wrote a book about it 1998 and the authorities didn’t like it. Later it became a website. At that time I met E at Mombasa Kenya and she supported my safety-at-sea work. E and her father W were refugees from East Germany and had had problems with KGB and Stasi regarding Wismut AG uranium in the 1950s.  So I decided to make a website about the A-bomb, too.

The Daily Bell: Do other scientists surreptitiously agree with you?

Anders Björkman: When it comes to safety at sea I have many supporters. A-bomb? I get plenty positive response via e-mail.

The Daily Bell: You’ve been banned from various chat rooms and forums, yes?

Anders Björkman: It seems so. People link to me. I join the chat rooms and explain my websites and my findings. Many people do not like it.

The Daily Bell: Do most people working in the area of nuclear weapons believe they work? Physicists, too?

Anders Björkman: The reason I became a naval architect/marine engineer/ship builder was a hint I got from a Nobel Prize winner physics, MS, that I knew 1964. MS was a friend of my grandfather. I wanted to study physics but MS didn’t really encourage me. Plenty of strange people were doing physics is Sweden then planning A-bombs, human space rockets, etc.  So I studied mechanical sciences instead. More fun. Later, when I had met E, I found out that MS had been asked to design a Swedish A-bomb 1945 and agreed! Subject to everything being peer reviewed and published in the public domain. MS didn’t get the job and was asked to shut up. Rockefeller provided one million so he could work with the cyclotron.

The Daily Bell: All right, grant your argument for interview purposes. Where does the lying begin? How far up?

Anders Björkman: It started 1945 with Hiroshima. No A-bomb exploded there. Roosevelt and Stalin worked together on the story.

The Daily Bell: Really? Quite a reversal of history if true. Do political leaders know nowadays in your view? Or are they in the dark as well? Did Truman know for instance?

Anders Björkman: Political leaders are generally incompetent and just repeat like parrots what is politically correct at the time.

The Daily Bell: You think nuclear power is valid. How does nuclear power work?

Anders Björkman: Fission works. But it must be moderated and it works only in peaceful, nuclear power stations. Fission was discovered 1938 but most physicists didn’t really understand how it worked until the 1950s. Atom bombs don’t work because you can’t ignite the uranium to cause an uncontrolled explosion. Compressing uranium metal to double density with a neutron in between to ignite an A-bomb is just a fantasy. Here, from my website:

So in the end the experts agreed that sudden implosion (a process in which objects are destroyed by collapsing or being squeezed in on themselves) of uranium metal atoms to twice normal density would initiate the A-bomb detonation that would last a few nano-seconds without any testing.

Of course with a fast, free neutron in between starting it! That little thing – a fast, free neutron – will start exponentially fissioning billions of compressed or imploded metal atoms releasing energy and more fast, free neutrons. An A-bomb explodes! But you cannot compress an atom or a solid piece of metal by implosion. It just bounces. And the fast neutrons in between just fly away.

The Daily Bell: You point out that even when the A-Bomb was almost ready for use, those building it didn’t know how to trigger it.

Anders Björkman: I provided a record of correspondence:

  • March 27, 1943 – a Mr. Tolman wrote to Oppenheimer about using explosives to collapse a shell into a critical mass (to ignite the a-bomb).
  • September 1944 – a Mr. Robert Christy suggested the “Christy gadget”, the use of a solid core that is raised to supercriticality solely by compressing the metal to twice normal density (to ignite the a-bomb)!
  • April 11, 1945 – Oppenheimer reported that Kistiakowsky had achieved optimal performance with implosion compression in sub-scale tests (to ignite the a-bomb).
  • April 27, 1945 – Tokyo Bay (only water of course!) was dropped as a target (!) (to demonstrate ignition of the bomb) because it had already been burned down (poor fish!). Imagine burning down a sea.
  • June 21, 1945 – The first implosion initiator (LOL) was ready. Imagine that. An implosion initiator! To compress metal to twice normal density (to ignite the a-bomb).

The Daily Bell: The implication is that they never did figure it out. OK, didn’t you make reference to HG Wells?

Anders Björkman: Yes, here:

The “A-bombs” were actually invented by science fiction writer H.G Wells already 1913 nearly 30 years before US president Roosevelt started the top-secret Manhattan Project. Wells’ The World Set Free describes cities around the world being devastated by what he called “atomic bombs”. Wells predicted not only the mushroom cloud we associate with a-bombs, but their lasting radiation as well.

“Few who adventured into these areas of destruction and survived attempted any repetition of their experiences. There are stories of puffs of luminous, radio-active vapour drifting sometimes scores of miles from the bomb centre and killing and scorching all they overtook.”

The Daily Bell: All right, thanks. That’s the literary reference, but how about the project itself?

Anders Björkman: The A-bomb was invented by the Manhattan project team 1942/5. It was just fantasy and propaganda to end WWII and scare the USSR. All was top secret. The people involved had all signed a secrecy agreement and couldn’t blow the whistle.They faked it from the start.

Ultimately, Oppenheimer was in charge. Then there was Niels Bohr, Nobel prize winner physics and a good friend of my grandfather. Bohr discovered/developed fission 1939 but could not really explain it. Bohr was working in Nazi-occupied Denmark 1942 but escaped to Sweden and stayed with my grandfather before being shipped off to USA to assist Oppenheimer inventing the A-bomb. When Bohr returned he could still not explain fission and how to ignite an a-bomb. He was unhappy about the whole thing. Being regarded as a mass murder. Poor Niels.

The Daily Bell: Why would governments fool their people into believing there were such things as atom bombs when they don’t exist?

Anders Björkman: To scare them! It is a nice way steal money from the tax payers.

The Daily Bell: How many reporters reported on the nuclear narrative initially? We think just one and he was on the payroll of the Pentagon.

Anders Björkman: Media is controlled to promote the nuclear weapons threat. Latest is nuclear terrorism invented by Obama 2010.  The people must be afraid of terrorists and nuclear weapons. The nuclear hoax is run by the Pentagon and the Russians and France, China, UK, etc.

The Daily Bell: Is it possible that Japanese witnesses to the bombings are not telling the truth or “mis-remember?”

Anders Björkman: Japan was occupied by USA 1945-’53 and it was against the law to question the matter. When I lived in Japan from ’72-6, the US military was still around. Plenty people just experienced the normal US napalm carpet/fire-bombings – of the kind that had destroyed Tokyo – but were told to shut up.

The Daily Bell: Tell us about the missing squadron of 66 bombers. What did they do?

Anders Björkman: US Army Air Force was bombing Japan every day in the summer of 1945. On August 6th, the young pilots were sent on a mission to bomb a city that had been bombed twice but their coordinates were probably switched. Anyway, they had no idea what they bombed. They just followed orders. Catch 22! That was for Hiroshima. Central Nagasaki was not hit at all.

The Daily Bell: Tell us why the Japanese government would go along with a nuclear bomb “hoax.”

Anders Björkman: The Japanese are very happy with their pacifist constitution and USA defending them. If the USA is proud of its ever-more powerful and fanciful bombs, the Japanese government will just nod agreement.

The Daily Bell: Let’s talk about Bikini Atoll. Did nuclear bombs blow up on Bikini?

Anders Björkman: No! All photo shop. The A-bomb propaganda show soon became the H-bomb propaganda show and then came the ICBMs and mutual destruction, etc, etc. All fake, IMO. All tests are done in remote areas away from any civilian observers. Then you can invent anything. De Gaulle was clever – blew up bombs in Sahara, and in some remote atoll in the Pacific. Brilliant. Didn’t cost France much!  The pictures are ridiculous – black smoke, etc. But if a general says it is a nuclear explosion, nobody argues.

Top reporters are just following orders from above and their gate keepers. Same happened with the ferry that sank in 1994. All top reporters copied/pasted what the authorities told them. My findings were immediately considered “conspiracy theories.” I just suggested that the ferry sank due to hull leakage below waterline.

The Daily Bell: Why haven’t people stepped forward to denounce the secrecy and lying if it exists as you believe?

Anders Björkman: I had some local people assisting me with the ferry sinking. Two died, the rest just disappeared. Some are afraid. Most people are ignorant. I was far away from the action and felt safe. I actually wanted to help. Not appreciated.

The Daily Bell: Obviously, it had an impact on you. Usually when technology advances, it gets cheaper and smaller. Has this been the case with nuclear weapons?

Anders Björkman: Nuclear weapons do not work at all. All nuclear weapons are dummies.

The Daily Bell: Let’s return to nuclear power for a moment. Are nuclear power plants dangerous?

Anders Björkman: I like peaceful nuclear power. Only problem seems to be to ensure cooling when shutting down. If you do not moderate safely, the plant may overheat and catch fire. But the public is badly informed. France is #1 in nuclear power and electricity is cheap. Germany has stopped it completely and must buy energy from Russia.

The Daily Bell: What about radiation? Is radiation as deadly as it is made out to be? How come plants and animals and people have repopulated Bikini when it was supposed to be sterile for 1000 years?

Anders Björkman: It is strange. When I did my military service we were all warned for the radiation and trained to protect us against it (and chemicals and biological weapons). But there is confusion between milli-Sieverts and micro-Sieverts. Milli- Sieverts are dangerous, we are told. But maybe only mikro-Sieverts were measured at Fukushima. Who cares? The local Yakusa hired some out of beggars, dressed them up in white boiler suits and soon all radiation had been cleared away.

The Daily Bell: Let’s sum up. If you are correct, will the nuclear bomb hoax ever be formally acknowledged?

Anders Björkman: I hope so! That’s the purpose of my website. Maybe one day the US government will announce that their nuclear weapons  program is a hoax. Donald and Hillary do not appear very competent.

The Daily Bell: Will they invent some other weapon?

Anders Björkman: Why would they? They are busy promoting Islamic terrorism!

The Daily Bell: Any other thoughts, comments? What are you going to do in the near future? Are your views having a negative impact on your business?

Anders Björkman: Not really. In my biz you never retire. There are some interesting projects going on. Luckily I have friends in shipping.

The Daily Bell: Is your website ever attacked?

Anders Björkman: No. I have two ISPs. Both work OK. I am the web master.

The Daily Bell: Do you think you will write a book at some point?

Anders Björkman: No. Hard copy books are history. A good web site is much, much better.

The Daily Bell: Good luck, then. Regardless of whether you’re right or wrong, you’re certainly making people think. We appreciate that.

Anders Björkman: Thanks. I really like The Daily Bell. Wish you all the best in the future.

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    What causes all those burnt out cars around the side streets of the Twin Towers? Some say mini nukes, or was that just high temperature nano-particles in the air. Very strange phenomenon which ever way.

    No nukes will make dealing with the homeland of the Islamic terrorism harder for the military. A longer and more protected war for the bankers. Sounds good for business as usual for them.

    • tracked but willing to discuss

      The DB wisely positions itself that is has doubts about the official narrative of
      nuclear weapons and subsequently the trillions that has been poured into nuclear budgets. (It’s not impossible some type of highly destructive devices have been made over the past 71 years but we may well not know hat those are)

      That said, casting doubt on the MIC and it’s dauntless spending on what may be many useless items brings an brings us to an interesting point:

      If their really were a plan for a global peacekeeping force under the UN as many (Kissinger, for one) have suggested, would that necessarily require that global military spending be to a certain extent discredited, in particular the US who’s defense budget dwarfs all others by a huge margin?

      Why is this admittedly interesting story happening now being run on Zerohedge (which is an arm of ABC)?

      Merely food for thought.

      • Frank McDuff

        ZeroHedge is not an arm of the ABC you thinking of, its ABC Media Limited a totally different entity.

  • georgesilver

    I like Anders. I certainly think he knows what he is talking about. It was Anders and Miles Mathis that really got me thinking about the nuclear weapon hoax.
    Purely using logic you can come to the same conclusion. There is no moral stop when it comes to a country using weapons of any kind no matter how outrageous.
    If it’s available it will be used. When the USA was on the brink of defeat in Vietnam that would have been an obvious time to use nuclear weapons. They didn’t because it would have given the game away.

    • william readling

      I actually remember the war years, and feared being drafted for that debacle. The US government did not lose the war, it lost the support of the voters for the war. That is why the press has been so carefully controlled since Vietnam. You can’t have the truth screwing up a perfectly good war.
      It might be that with nuclear weapons, a war might finish too soon for the corporations to make their money.

    • The assumption is that Vietnam was a defeat – when it may well be that the design went to plan. We assume in others what we hold true in our own mind – but others may not think in terms of ‘nations’ or share the fight against ‘communism’ or in fact believe any of the narratives used to serve manipulatable ‘identities’ to those who are seduced away or undermined from a true relational recognition of worth.
      Whatever else is becoming clear – the fact of deep deceptions as manipulative device is being exposed – and as I often point out – this operates no less beneath and within our personality construct or ‘consciousness’ in surface terms.
      If something is to be placed out of bounds – rendered unconscious and ‘out of mind’ – then terror symbols are used to guard the border and breaking taboo meets and must in a sense pass through such fears to uncover perspective as to what purpose is or was being served – and whether it aligns with your own preference.
      We tend to see the boundary keepers as jailers and evil or hateful – but do we take into account the demands we hold as to maintaining our personal identity while hiding the cost? I’m not talking moral justifications here – just the correspondences of a supply and demand mechanism operating largely ‘unconsciously’ or as conditioned sub conscious routines that seem autonomous and ‘natural’.

      I posit this reflection: that if Imagination is the Creative Agency of ALL Idea and experience, then in order to play a game for ‘keeps – with such conviction that no other ‘reality’ or imagination can seem possible than that which is currently accepted Real – a device must be generated by which to forget to laugh – that is to take the experience and the inferred experiencer – in deadly earnest.
      Mind-control uses terror to ‘split’ the mind and then condition the fearful fragment to remake its personality around the avoidance of the re-enactment’ of the fear or pain – such as to feel ‘loved’ by the earning of a abeyance of pain and penalty due to obedience.
      Take a step back and seen mind AS control of fragmentation – the ‘narrative’ self; the Notional Security. However – if originally you subscribed to and participated in the life-experience of a human consciousness – then you are not the fragment seeking survival in terms of separation and control, nor the attempt to unify and control ‘chaos’ for whatever notion of power to do whatever you think it will bring you. You are the Field of Awareness in which and of which all has been ‘constructed and all characters cast – but that is not your personality structure!

      It may be that individuals open cracks in our consensus reality bubble that would call ‘time’ on a game we are yet fully engaged on staying focussed within – and so we deny the experience, the history, the evidence and redefine or remap so as to divert or protect from exposure – because we WANT to carry on in the current ‘paradigm’ and don’t accept the transformational inevitability that fresh and expanded perspective necessarily induces.

      However the transformational shift from conditioned slave to awakened responsibility is not a destructive event – though it can be seen to be a de-constructive opportunity for expanded perspective.
      I see that technologies reflect an expanded reach of consciousness and that without balance of a self-responsible relationship, natural energies can operate very destructively – and so their advent demands or triggers – while resistance to such responsibility operates the attempt to shut down and persist in the ‘establishment’ perspective.

      Dis-information can be planted and propagated in fertile but well meaning soil as well as being crudely astro-turfed or incepted into the ‘Narrative reality’. What indeed can be trusted? Everything is brought to question that is merely mentally accepted or conditioned adaptation. But who and what does the questioning or validating when thinking itself has been ‘hacked’?

      The childlike curiosity is a directness of being – as is the trust of honest answer that honest question operates in. It is all about trust. No one else can trust for you and grow in the honest account of the feedback from such an act of open willingness to know.

      I see a prism-ing of humanity going on now – where those who identify in fear intensify such identity at cost of anything but a tyrannous dictate – whatever form that takes for them. Free willingness is not a tyrannous compulsion of negative or fearfully held self-definitions – and it forsakes the apparent offering of protection and security in a true desire to know – that has an intuition of knowing or the desire could not arise.

      I write to the re-cognition that we have choice – and are always making choices – but have become unconscious of the core template choices by which we then ‘make sense’ of Existence in terms that may not align true with who we now feel and prefer to be. In short – we may have needed to make a strong persona in its timing, but now need to re-align this to connect and communicate with the Creative – rather than blindside it in an exploitative usurpation.

      Beliefs that are masking identity are superficial – but our core beliefs cannot be separated from our ‘reality experience’ for they ARE such experience. Believing IS seeing but one cannot access such belief by thinking within the box the thought unpacks as reinforcer of the belief itself.

      The point that I see is to take the journey – rather than pin identity fulfilment in ‘being right’. If spoilers were revealed out of timing – there would be a profound dishonouring of the unfolding individuality – and that operates destructively on the one who is not listening for receptivity. But no one drinks who has no thirst – even if led to water.

      If you are ripe – then your ‘need to know’ becomes paramount – I I don’t mean the details of are nukes real – so much as what is the true nature of existence – of reality – of being You. The menu does not feed the need – one has to feel and know from a different point than the ‘define and control’ mentality. Every symbol is a potency of Conscious focus and intent. If you truly believe something will kill you – then your will be done.

      “How many Hiroshima survivors are still alive?
      the U.S. dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, more
      than 200,000 people died in the blasts or immediately after. About 340,000 survivors are still alive, with 60 or so in Washington state.” ~ Google result on oldest Hiroshima survivors.

      Whatever the truth of such deep collective imprinting – its embellishment and use reveals an agenda is hiding within it. Perhaps a convergence of agendas. One can call them ‘choices’ or accepted purpose.

  • georgesilver

    Just read one of the Daily Bell articles on Nuclear Hoax over at Zero Hedge. Zero Hedge is almost ‘mainstream’ on the internet. Judging by the comments and the amount of cognitive dissonance shown by the commenters it will be a long hard process before just a few people realise for years they have been subjected to unfounded fear.

  • Hopefully USA shall not acknowledge the nuclear bomb hoax until 2050. Better is that Hillary or Donald does it by 2020.

    • If there is a hoax to be admitted, why wait?

      • The POTUS must consider the consequences. Plenty people love nuclear bombs.

      • What is the ‘world’ that is increasingly revealed to be like a matrix of deceits?
        We tend to ‘think’ from a basis of the persona within such a world and yet stirring somewhat to recognize nothing is what it seems.

        There are other perspectives that imagination can provide as to how such a situation could be serving us – and our world is an imaginary construct of adaptation to idea and experience – meaning that nothing is the label or meaning we give to it – that is our ‘world’.
        Materialism posits the dead stuff is infinitely bigger and more ancient than the awareness of it – but that is also a way to believe Consciousness is tiny and frail – so as to have the exploration in limitation and separate seeming. Non local Consciousness is transdimensional – and in a quantum sense we experience a ‘collapsed’ probability line of experience within the Idea as its unfolding or extension.

        Lets just say for example that death – as an end or power over life is a hoax and a very few leaks give this away yet always have a plausible deniability – because the life experience generated from full belief in the death idea is desired and protected to find and follow its own journey of experience and unfoldment – because it can be done and because there is a desire to do it – out of all the spectrum of exploration and experience open to creative imagination. What would be different? Is that what Jesus was trying to show but no one wanted to know? Is the whole fear thing a polarity for experience that has no final basis – but does have a very real part to play in our separation phase into ‘mind-control’ and a different role in our reintegrating or waking phase – as mind transcendence.

        Of course one can refuse to open any perspective than officialreal reality and then you have all this sin and suffering in fear, guilt and rage all boxed in and going off in ever more dense-ifying fragmentation by which not to know what in fact we know but refuse to accept.
        And in this boxed in coffin of a world without freedom to love the advantage wielded from deceiving people into compliance and powerlessness is the idea of getting high on whatever works while its here and f88k everyone else because death makes all else meaningless. I’m not saying this is the only outcome from a world in which terror operates the gatekeeper – for there are others who treasure the moment as it flies and grow the joy of life by living it – even to the transcendent recognition of an underlying Is – that embodies as all of this without coming to birth or death – for they are idea within Is or as some put it, the I Am.

        Illusions are not necessarily malicious lies. And if you go around trying to wake people up to what they don’t want to be woken from – they will block you out and you can realize they are not ‘helpless victims’ but willing participants – playing in a way that ‘knows not what they do’ and works to keep it that way.
        However, I appreciate the drawing of the curtains form the wizard of Oz as part of a reflection of a veil being drawn aside on what had seemed a very isolated and alone sense of existence to which we are so adapted as to not know how to relate to a greater communication and participation – as it rises to an awareness of some willingness amidst a lot of confusion.

  • william readling

    Here’s one hole in Mr Björkman’s argument. It involves fast neutrons.
    The vast majority of electricity generating nuclear reactors common in the west are what are known as light water reactors. These reactors are moderated by the simple(not deuterium) hydrogen in their coolant water. The only exceptions I know of are the CANDU reactors, which are moderated by deuterium in their coolant water(heavy water). While deuterium is not quite as good a moderator as simple hydrogen, it absorbs fewer neutrons, so the fuel of the CANDUs requires less enrichment, and thus is cheaper.
    Both light water, and heavy water reactors depend on neutrons in the thermal spectrum to cause fission. There are, however, fission reactors that use fast spectrum neutrons to cause fission. They are called “fast reactors”, and have both advantages, and disadvantages over thermal spectrum reactors.
    Many of the reactors in the nations that were part of the old soviet union are fast reactors. In particular the submarines of the Soviet Union, and now Russia are powered by fast spectrum reactors, the major advantage being that they need refueling much less frequently, since they breed new fuel(plutonium) as they operate. Thermal spectrum reactors also create plutonium, but not as much as fast reactors.
    The Clinch River breeder reactor that was to be operated at Oak Ridge labs was a fast spectrum reactor. The French Phénix reactor was also a fast reactor.
    Fast spectrum neutrons are responsible for fission in “bombs”. Because fast neutrons have a smaller cross section of reaction for fission, a bomb must have a higher percentage of fissionable nuclei in it’s uranium, or in other words must be highly enriched.
    It would not surprise me at all to learn that Hiroshima, and Nagasaki were hoaxes, perhaps because a super weapon gave Hirohito a way to surrender without losing face, and the bombs weren’t quite ready. It would not surprise me if photos of nuclear tests were faked, to avoid giving hints to other nations.
    I do believe nuclear weapons work. I would be surprised if Oppenheimer, and the rest of the nuclear physics community would go along with a complete hoax for decades after WW2 was over.

    • alex

      “I would be surprised if Oppenheimer, and the rest of the nuclear physics community would go along with a complete hoax for decades after WW2 was over.”

      Do you believe man went to the moon and back 6 times between 1969 and 1972?

      • Dan_Kurt

        This is a question that also must be faced.

        I am confident the Moon landings are Hoaxes but that is just my studied opinion. I met only one engineer ( it was in 1974 ) who actually told me it was a Hoax but none since. That engineer was a man working a Vandenberg AFB for GE Re-entry Systems and his reasoning was that the computers needed for guidance did not exist for him in 1974 so how could there have been computers to guide the various trajectories needed for the moon mission in 1969, especially the meeting in moon orbit of the ascent stage with the command module.

        Dan Kurt

        • JohnnyZ

          The moon landings hoaxes are much easier to decode by using common sense and studying official video and photo material.
          But it is worse. It seems that the whole space flight is full of lies and hoaxes – e.g. ISS is filmed in a zero-g airplane, work outside of space craft is filmed in dark pools (with air bubbles visible), there are no real photos of the earth (all “composite” CGI), nor of space / stars etc. The Yuri Gagarin flight seems also to have been a fake etc. Also look at the absurd sentiment of the first “moon landing” crew at their official press conference – they are at complete unease. Check also their paths afterwards. Space X also seems to be a fraud (the rocket lands back vertically on a platform in the ocean, after coming at an angle – is this feasible?)

        • Brannon Parker

          Thank you for that insightful info

        • georgesilver

          Both the Apollo reentry vehicle and the shuttle rely on the “hand of God” to slow them down when entering the upper reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere. Without the “hand of God” operating the massive braking force required the Earth gravitational pull would speed up the reentry vehicles and burn them up. Of course there are also magic heat dissipation tiles that help LOL. Ever looked at the design of the Apollo capsule? How does that stop itself from tumbling out of control? It’s all so laughable.

      • Don Duncan

        I worked for Navel intel during the USS Liberty attack. There were not supposed to be any survivors, but not all false flags go as planned. No matter. The CIA/NCIS? withheld medical treatment on docking for debriefing. Everyone was threatened with death or life imprisonment if they told anyone what happened. Israel, a US ally, had just murdered unarmed sailors on our intel ship and they were not allowed to tell anyone, and nothing was done about it and the public still doesn’t know. The hoax that it was an accident is written as history.

        I talked with two sailors on the sub that broke the Jap code in October of ’41. Pearl Harbor was no surprise. It was welcomed. It was engineered by FDR as the trigger needed to overcome the desire for peace, and incite the mob. But the lie is history.

        And then there is the 911 hoax. And the Mane. And Tonkin Gulf. And JFK….just how much shit do you have to eat before you spit it out?

        • Thanks, this is valuable.

        • misterkel

          Fair enough – but one conspiracy cannot prove another – without a clear causal link. Otherwise, Judy Wood is right, lizard people live in the center of the earth and the Pleidians brought in the moon.
          There are a lot of false conspiracy theories out there. (The earth is flat, right?)

        • Once ONE example of a big Lie pushed as true is uncovered – and the territory of mind-break and whatever that brings up has been lived through – the ‘matrix’ of lies starts to reveal itself. The ‘Beast’ rises up from the Deep.
          We think it goes ‘deep’ when it goes all the way up to the ‘leaders’ or government – but I say it goes deep when it goes all the way down to our own sense of foundations – and that is why very few are willing to look and hold back one way or another – because the feelings and thought of a denial sense that had been rendered ‘unconscious’ – breaks our bubble of self reality. If we are not already ‘prepared’ in some sense of grounding self-honesty, then all our investments are revealed false and we resist changing with what has already and completely changed. Futility.

          Regardless the ability to investigate and corroborate ‘news’ or ‘history’ – we can feel the way it is being used. The qui bono of who benefits, the ‘hidden’ agenda. I don’t have to scientifically analyse a report to feel where it is coming from – and thus refuse acceptance. There are insiders who are aware of the ruse and there are outsiders who experience or believe as if it was how it is said to be – or are induced not to challenge such powerful voices by penalties to themselves and loved ones.

          A fake world demands sacrifice of the true – and cannot be anything but perpetual war. When peace breaks out – the lies are exposed – and though we may suffer by them – we have more investment than we probably realize in the fake self.

          Spit it out, put it behind you – or it persists as a poison to your life, your relationships and your participation in anything genuine.

          There’s a good documentary from Al Jazeira on the USS Liberty attack. There is a lot of revision and exposure on the setting up of Pearl Harbour as a ‘surprise attack’ as the means to inflame the people of the USA to join the war. And of course the movie industry re-churns the same old same old so as not to let truth get in the way of a ‘good story’ in the ‘sacred history’ of a nation sold self-specialness so as to let parasitic intent run their affairs in return for a ‘dream’ that seemed almost to be coming true – as a narrative identity at least.

          Narrative identity will NOT look at anything that threatens its identity – and will actively seek to undermine its capacity to do so. There’s the power base of the dark for hateful act to operate from and in. It is a tacit conspiracy of mis-identified self interest that trades in false currency, false ideas, false history, fake lives – all of which can be seen as an evasion but isn’t because it masked as an ‘independent’ sense of becoming.

          When I saw this in myself, I could no longer see or accept it as a foundation from which to live. At that time part of me felt I had lost my life and freaked out – yet a deeper peace beneath the drama recognized a true foundation that my life has since become an unfolding acceptance of – by not choosing to validate and react from the false, whenever it comes to notice – because it always feels crap – no matter the packaging and presentation. If I am consciously integrated enough to pause to check in and feel.

          I feel that a willingness to look upon the feared but false – breaks the spell or fixation that has built up around it – and this becomes a portal to the true. Shit not only happens – it recycles itself. But Shift is the next step that comes when we don’t consent to recycle and propagate shit.

          Our pre scientific world-view had the idea of ‘the deceiver’ as an active anti-life agency that operated through false thinking. The cost of a lie in our foundation is literally Everything – but the horror or terror of recognising or associating such cost gave the idea of the devil a sense of being powerful rather than recognizing the true power of the mind and being truly conscious as to what is held and accepted there. Whatever you accept, goes forth and multiplies according to its kind. Garbage in/garbage out.

          The idea of corrupt power running ‘this world’ is not new. Nor is the idea of passing the guardian monsters in fulfilling the quest. The ‘religion’ of ‘rationalism’ presumes to have left all such nonsense behind for a more utilitarian technocratic society. I didn’t use the term Reason, because Reason is Sanity of an integrative embrace and not a clever ruse to deny, wrap up and invalidate the “unworthy” or unwanted.

        • william readling

          USS Liberty-Government coverup

          Pearl harbor-False flag by lack of response to known threat. Naval intelligence decoded the message to Japanese embassy in plenty of time to war Pearl Harbor command. The treatment of the Pearl Harbor CO was a crime in itself. All americans killed in WW2, including my uncle Joe were murdered by FDR, and his co-conspirators.

          911-Dual false flag, by not stopping airplanes, and by passing off controlled demolition as caused by fire. All those people were murdered. The lack of a decent public investigation, and the lies told by the Bush administration before congress, and the 911 commission incriminates the federal government.

          JFK-I don’t believe the lone gunman, magic bullet story. The murders were likely instigated by elements of the CIA, and central bankers. The lack of a decent investigation itself incriminates the federal government

          • What airplanes ?
            (alluding to Sept.11)

        • Col. Edward H. R. Green

          “Pearl Harbor was no surprise. It was welcomed. It was engineered by FDR as the trigger needed to overcome the desire for peace…”

          Yes, it was welcomed as a means to silence American “isolationists”, and to get the US out of a depression that the federal government had caused by its statist, intrusive, economic policies.

          • Don Duncan

            “…and get us out of a depression…”? This is an economic fallacy called “The Broken Window Stimulus”. Putting the country on full employment to build destructively, not constructively, is malemployment. Wealth can only be created by – creation – not destruction. The creation of capital comes from creation of needed goods/services, which in turn is used to create new goods/services, on and on. That creative stimulus began after the war, not during.

          • Col. Edward H. R. Green

            “”…and get us out of a depression…”? This is an economic fallacy called “The Broken Window Stimulus”.

            My point exactly.

      • william readling

        I’ve seen equipment from the apollo program. It’s not necessary to make five foot titanium docking rings, for a hoax.
        The way I see it, they spent the money to go. Why wouldn’t they go?

    • Jed marlin

      Your comment should have been 90% shorter. You’re a blathering ambiguating red herring generator.

      • william readling

        You are guilty of an ad hominem attack. Now, that’s a red herring.
        Fast spectrum nuclear reactors work. Why don’t you read about it?

      • If I give you benefit of any doubt I would say that you are leaking your personal frustrations so as to miss addressing the issue more precisely and in less inflammatory ways.

        That the poster animates the role you give him in your mythology may be true in its moment for you – and reach to others in invitation to invalidate another view (which is their choice to join with or not).

        Divergence to related points……
        I find that allowing many and contradictory points of view to communicate, actually helps me wean off of a suckling addiction to what I thought I knew – and re-opens a world to wonder. It feels good!
        I don’t need to know if nukes are empirically real or matrix-constructs of a virtual experience operating the belief they are real. But I see that such devices in consciousness operate and I become more active in my trust so as to get a clearer take for what I need to know now.

        I have to trust my own Life first – and that may be best pointed to by saying that distrust of self generates dissociative fragmentation; a description of an unsound or insane condition. A splitting of the self that DEMANDS rule – yet contests and refuses it in the action and reaction of force… Humpty and all the King’s horses and men. What if The Fall is a false narrative and only fatherless or unfounded BELIEF operate a framing upon the Infinite or unbounded by which to deny and demonize it – and raise instead the ‘self’ who has been broken or denied wholeness and now feels divinely ordained or survival obliged to assert separate or private ‘wholeness’ within a world of things and others unrecognized and cut off from their true relation and so judged ally or asset, enemy or threat to the support of the self-concept.

        Terror symbols change – but the ‘territory’ they open when triggered is the exact same separation trauma as ever was. Many love the idea of ‘evolution’ especially over millions and millions of years – but not now – not me and not on my life. Adaptations and compromises – yes – but a real shift of perspective by which to appreciate reality as a more integrative perspective? Bring on the dark ages, mutate regression and degrade consciousness so as to not feel anything – but give up my preciouss?

    • Fission must always be moderated by, e.g. water inside a nuclear power station to function. Then pure energy/heat is released, the moderator, water, becomes hot steam, which can produce electricity. No black smoke is produced.

      Nuclear weapon fission does not work, i.e. the uranium/plutonium metal is mechanically compressed to double density (LOL) and suddenly releases energy – without any moderation – which becomes black smoke and a mushroom cloud – an explosion. But it is against US laws to say so!

      • william readling

        The moderator in a thermal spectrum reactor serves to slow fast neutrons, bringing them into the range of energies considered the thermal spectrum. In some reactors, low boron graphite is used as the moderator. In the LFTR, a planned thermal spectrum reactor using the thorium-uranium fuel cycle, the lithium, and beryllium in the fuel salts serve as a moderator.
        A moderator must have two characteristics. It’s nuclei must be light, so they exchange momentum efficiently with the neutrons, and it must absorb few neutrons so the neutron economy of the reactor is great enough for it to operate.
        I don’t know where you get the compressed to double density part. The mechanism is that the configuration of the fissile material is in one way or another made more compact. In a gun type bomb, such as little boy, you have a sphere of fissile material, with a hole in it the shape of a cone. You have a cone at the other end of a tube, from the hole. The two are brought together by the detonation of a low speed explosive, such as nitro-cellulose. Together, the two pieces are supercritical, apart they are subcritical.
        Are you sure the compression you speak of, is not of the the fusion fuel, compressed within the hohlraum of a Teller-Ulam fusion bomb?

        • There is no moderator to control fission of an a-bomb. But to initiate or start the fission, so the bomb would explode, Oppenheimer & Co found June 1945 that mechanical compression or implosion (by collision) the uranium/plutonium metal pieces to double density with a free neutron in between was necessary. There is no evidence that fission can be started in such manner or that fission then will continue by itself during some nanoseconds afterwards. The whole idea is simply absurd … like the a-bomb itself.

  • SnakePlissken

    One very effective way of controlling people is convincing them there is a boogeyman out to get them.

    • This is already imprinted as our surface personality consciousness and only needs targeting and triggering.
      Though we have different fear symbols – we all have hated or feared and thus denied aspects of our being – rendered ‘unconscious’. Manipulators uncover where the hacking points are and work on them.
      The vibrational correspondence is the fear-based self manipulation of attempts to shut out or eradicate the denied self – which attracts the ‘pests’ because it is a lack of wholeness – and therefore a call for wholeness. So the manipulator or pest is also serving (and probably blindly) to illuminate an arena of self-responsibility for integrity by the uncovering of the ruse or deceit. But of course this means we have to face our bogieman (UK version 😉 – so as not to be defined over and against it – and thus living an evasion masked as an independence.

      • Don Duncan

        This is like reading Shakespeare, it appears to be English, but it uses terms I have not seen before, or understand, even after reading several times. The difference is, with a little difficulty I can get the Bard, and it gets easier as I go. You, not so much. Please translate.

        • You could be more specific.
          “No one walks the world in armature but has terror stalking at his heart”. (~ACIM)

          You don’t have to make people afraid – they are already afraid – unless they have reintegrated their fears and therefore are not merely identifying in a ‘surface persona’.

          The persona is a like a mask over denied or unrecognized self. It has official – and insider or private – narratives of justification. But it is a device you use and not your individuality – though confusion with our personality presentation is widespread. In such a case we believe our own ‘spin’ – but that does not mean it isn’t spun story serving other agenda.

          “Fool me once shame on you – fool me twice shame on me” – points to the exposure of a weakness that is then to be addressed. Use the manipulations to uncover your weak points and address them so as to not be available or open to hacking.

          It may be that the recognition of what I share is simply not something you want at this time to receive – and no amount of ways to say it would make any difference.

          Denied self can also be called self-hatred or self-rejection or simply rage that is feared dangerous, or terror that is very disturbing and avoided at all costs asap. One attempt to deal with what we cant deal with is to cover it over. This sort of works on some levels but at a cost of dissociation from what is still active but kept hidden.

          Realizing our hidden or denied feelings are active – and in a sense sabotaging our conscious plans – brings us to a willingness to look at them rather than putting everything into making them go away. This is the last thing the manipulator wants – because the manipulative intent can only work in the dark – as a hidden agenda.

          Making the unconscious conscious is facing and feeling the fear – or whatever feeling was otherwise denied acceptance and pushed down or away from awareness.

          If you bothered to respond in a civil way then something must have resonated – if only meeting something that simply doesn’t run within your current thought system.

          Perhaps you try too hard and get in your own way?

          • alex

            “No one walks the world in armature but has terror stalking at his heart”. (~ACIM)

            That’s not even close to Shakespeare!
            It’s Oprah!!


          • It is from a work that contains the longest example of iambic pentameter in the English language, that you or anyone can use as a permission-slip to arrive at any meaning you choose to accept or give it.
            Who cries “deception!’ – throws the first stone and reveals their need to project, export or outsource their guilt.

            And perhaps such a one does not even have any idea they are a ‘foot soldier’ for the working of hate in the human world – being conditioned to believe they are a protection against the very evil they unmindfully propagate as self righteous vengeance.

            The meaning of the phrase I quoted invited a more feeling consideration that running off meanings I already presumed to know, (hence my own communication is not addressed to such presumption – for those who ‘already know’ are never actually listening – though they will search out weakness and gather ammunition).

            And the meaning of the phrase that I recognize in my own life and accept true came not from the book or the words – but from my own reflection – that the book and the words invited – and which I accepted by using it to ‘look within’.

            The true of you is not definable in stone tablets nor scientific models – but any and all defintions will illuminate facets of Who you truly are – beneath the masks and mazes of a mind of ‘vanities and conceits’.

            Shakespeare’s work facilitates reflections of experience to see the tragi-comedy of the human conditioning – and awaken beneath or beyond its personae. It does not TELL you how to feel or how to act – and as such serves desire to awaken from struggle within warring personae to the core issues that the drama is made to mask from – and masquerade in. Address the issue – if you will – or give a false witness by focusing on the personality diversion with your ‘put-downs’ so ‘artfully disguised’

            Just because people CAN use forms of science or forms of spirituality and insight or forms of libertarianism or whatever – for purposes of pretence, guile or deceit – does not invalidate the form in its original or true context.

            The willingness and desire to uncover what is ALREADY true is different from the desire to be the determiner, arbiter or ‘discoverer’ of The Truth. “The Truth” has become a guise for a jealous and exclusive god that must undermine and invalidate all other perspectives – so as to fix us in unchanging static and dead conceptual denial of Life.

            To align with what resonates true for you – and let that presence communicate through whatever it is you are moved to do or say, is to let Life extend through you and reflect to you – rather than attempt to ‘control’ Life in terms of your thinking and feeling – perceptions or judgements of others and attempts to manipulate your world by presenting only a cover story for the justified withholding of your attention as extension of worth and value felt and shared.

            Social persona operates the loveless facade in which to hide undercurrent feelings that are feared unnacceptable – and which can indeed be met with hatred and rejection if allowed to communicate openly. And then you have a choice as to whether to join in hatred and strengthen that in yourself and others – or whether to use the opportunity to join in a willingness for truth – regardless the other’s behaviour.

            Everything that comes into the realm of the personality construct ‘world’ can be used for segregative or integrative purpose. Everything for each of us hinges upon our choice or indeed on our willingness to accept we have choice – when the mind is set against opening to anything but its already assertive identity – as a survival dictate – then there is no willingness to re-evaluate the premises or foundations – and only struggle to influence or redistribute effect without addressing cause – which is prior to or ‘upstream’ to the personal but private sense of thought and control that passes as ‘myself’.

            Where to hide a mind of private assertion but in a body or form of density and difference that becomes defence against intimacy while defining the bounds of where a lost sense of power or love seeks to regain or find completion.

            Fear of Intimacy is beneath the fear of ‘boogiemen’ of any symbolic representation resulting from the act of denial. For what we do – is the measure of how we experience being done by. This is a different quality of justice than vengeance – because error can be corrected – but no amount of vengeance brings peace – though it may eventually bring utter exhaustion in a prodigal wasteland.

            alex, you are illustrating how to ‘use the Internet’ to uncover ‘deceit’ and sign off with your own little victory dance. When the nature of your diet becomes inescapably revealed as your lack of sustenance – such that hate is the only ‘guide and protector’ by which to ‘operate’ – then perhaps you may recall I said you have a choice – regardless the framing of the mind and regardless the terror that keeps such framing in place.

            Recognizing the choice we ARE making is the wake up point. Not some future rehearsal in which to restore the world to rights.

            We may believe we are in the world – and that has it practicality just as a virtual representation on a computer has its metaphors of moving a file or sending it to the trash/bin. But we are not in ‘the world’ so much as focussing in the world through instruments or devices that serve such a desire. When we become identified with our tool – we lose perspective and ‘see’ only as that focus allows – and defend such a point of view as sense of limited and limiting necessity – for the release of the tool is believed to be loss of power. Terror limits our appreciation and recognition of Terra. Some want more density and darkness so as not to be exposed in what they project as a loveless light – for that has been the measure they set.
            Others want release of the insanity and freedom to truly live.
            But I can only accept for myself – and then meet the world that reflects a transformed perception – regardless what anyone thinks or does – I look to my own integrity and meet in that – or if that is unwelcome – I trust that the choices of others are serving them as mine serve me – even if I do not share them or join in what has no true belonging in who I uncover and accept myself to be.

            A Course in Miracles is an alternate to a course in grievances. It isn’t another set of meanings to weave an identity of (unless you insist) – so much as one offering to wake from a mask of hate that is ingeniously disguised and defended, to a recognition and sharing of true worth – and that recognition feels as a quality of ‘loving acceptance’ in place of pain of love betrayed, denied or killed. People think they want love – but if they did they would not accept and trade in hate. And so ‘love’s’ form is used to deceive and the word becomes corrupted and devalued by such usage.

            If you value liberty – see if you are aligned with freedom to be – or freedom to exploit and usurp Life as a power-seeking gratifiction. Definitions are Everything. Running on corrupted definitions always brings a negative outcome – which reinforces the false premise of the neccessity for getting power or control over the ‘negative – which may well be the demonised opportunity of a healing perspective that your heart desires while the mind denies it you – in the name of your ‘protection’.

            Opinions and impressions argue with each other – but truth abides unaffected – saving only that it is blocked from its full appreciation and gratitude – to the awareness of the war-minded.

        • wrusssr

          Simple, clear writing is the hardest form of writing.

          • Lynn Carroll


      • dauden

        Wow, a very crafty way of eliminating the guilt of sin. How do those who are born and raised in ignorance get into this intellectual clique? In order for God to be just to all, He must be accessible to all. We are all the same at birth though some grow up with more advantages. The bar is level at the point when we are consciously aware of wrongdoing. From that point on, one must hear the gospel and trust in it. Christ came into the world to save it, not to condemn it. The free gift is believing His sacrifice on our behalf. Sin is not the issue once we have heard the gospel. Not believing it condemns us. “For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how
        that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;
        4And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures”. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved”.

        • The belief in a sense of wrongness, dissonance, conflicted and yet overridden – these things are very real in our human experience and persisting in the untrue knowingly has a great cost while it is being identified in and enacted,
          If you are only coming here to save us with Bible quotes then go ahead but that is not a conversation.

          I said the sun shines on all – but where are we giving attention?

          That I can articulate in terms of idea is nothing to the inner capacity to release what is untrue and allow the embrace of what is. That is simply your ‘birthright’ because you exist. If the words stir your recognition – abide there. If they don’t then what are you doing in giving it attention? Fighting the ‘good’ fight?

          We are not all the same at birth. Our equality is not a physical characteristic – though all of us have physical characteristics. The form alone is not the truth. Form can deceive. Scripture can deceive – it is a matter of where YOU are coming FROM. That’s it! And that is something J went into over and over. Who could hear if they came from a sense of sin, guilt fear and lack?

          The release of a sense of self-hatred and self-judgement is from recognizing it is not true. Not from SAYING it is not true. Be honest with yourself or you are of course ‘lost’ until you change your mind about what honesty is.

          Watch out for mind-traps in which one can believe one is not denying the true though the cock croweth on and on!

  • Rodger Rammer

    This is too crazy even for me. I am putting the Daily Bell on my spam list.

    • I don’t disagree – but is not the consensus ‘reality’ insane – but ‘normalised’ to seem solid and true?

      • alex

        I usually find your posts verbose. This one is succinct.

        • Yes some have a lot of succinct points in one flow of text 😉

          • alex

            Not many though. You spend too much time trying to channel Oprah and the crew.

          • Show me your substance, in some address of actual issues or snipe away to reveal the lack and lie.
            When put-downs substitute for engaging issues – there is an obvious lack of substance to engage in communication. I don’t require anything of you – but welcome anyone’s willingness to communicate if they are so moved. If you do not want to engage with me – don’t !
            If you embody examples of scapegoating or ‘false flagging’ by association here on DB – then it may be educational for all to see it is not only ‘Elites’ who use manipulative ploys – and that when our conditioning is triggered we all too easily let our minds be used for loveless – or indeed hateful intent.

            As to channeling… I believe we are all channelling all the time – because what you tune in to then aligns your thought, feelings and behaviour. If you tune into hate – you channel hate. However as you know, the mind is very clever – and can make the hateful seem attractive or right and justifiable – while completely ignoring the lovely or the worthy. One doesn’t ‘try’ to channel. You don’t ‘try’ to live, or ‘try’ to relate to another. Struggle is a blocked channel – hence the inducement of conflict and division in our world. It maintains a sort of private assertion so that Fresh Perspective cannot arise and replace the need for conflict with a need to engage in actually living the life you have in a sense come to live.

          • Lynn Carroll

            You are correct when you talk about how clever the mind is. The “real mind” is not readily available to us. It is too clever for most folks to even imagine it exists. Anyone who has tried to quit smoking or go on a diet encounters the “real mind.” This is the real controller of our lives. It’s only when you decide to think and do for yourself that you clash with the “real mind” . . . the puppeteer so to speak.
            One has to be more clever than the “real mind” if one is to succeed in this life. The “real mind” is always telling you that “you can’t possibly succeed, you aren’t smart enough to outwit me.” If you believe that, you will never be able to do what it is you truly want to do in your life. Overcome that “real mind” and the world is yours.

          • dauden

            Lynn, the world belongs to Lucifer and the other fallen angels. You can only be deceived if you have not the love of the truth and the truth can only be delivered by One who cannot lie, i.e. the God who gave us life and redeems us from the corruption of our selves. Believing the gospel of Christ (I Cor 15:1-4KJV) is the only peaceful way out.

          • Well subconscious learned habits or routines cannot be it istalked away. One has to set a new habit with persistence and consistency – which means you have to feel worth the discipline of hanging in there with who you really feel yourself to be (or not falling back into who you know does not align joy in your life – but maybe masks the pain of that a little).

            I invite readers to consider that similar ruses operate in our own mind to those we see in others and decry – and that at some level they serve a survival sense of defence and THAT is hard to meet openly because founded in what I often call our separation trauma. So in a sense we revisit facets of our conditioning as we move forward or grow in awareness – but in a new way… unless we merely react habitually (in which case forget growing in awareness and settle for a compromise in which limiting awareness helps not to notice we’ve given up on ourselves – and we can do that by throwing our energies into something ‘helpful’ as much as by medications, legal or otherwise.

            In any case your world IS your experience – and has all the meaning you give it. But if only head-based concept ‘meanings’ are applied – then where is the Feeling of Life?

            I don’t see any way to outsmart the ‘ego’ or self image sense of self – but rather to feel out win-win solutions. It’s no use trying to force on ourself what our undercurrent beliefs do not support. That is the attempt to be the ‘elite’ controller of your own consciousness – and although death can be claimed as some kind of ‘victory’ over a life that doesn’t go YOUR WAY – wtf is that!

          • LOL, you’re a New Ager. The majority of your posts reek of New Age rhetoric.

          • I invited substance. What’s with the name calling, and smug self superiority? So you feel a need to diss on what I write without actually communicating anything but your attempt to invalidate?
            Why not question what you currently accept as your reality?
            Why allow that sort of reaction to use you?
            Why do you hate those who question consensus reality?

      • Don Duncan

        Doesn’t the US Empire employ PHDs in psych to engineer “normalized”? It’s not hard with public school victims, but they live in fear a few free thinkers will nudge the zombies out of their trance.

        • I don’t see the US as less of a puppet than any other state – but to your point is that society is engineered – and my rejoinder is that this is also a supply to a demand.
          Free thinking cannot be understood by slave thinking and is generally ruled out or invalidated, ridiculed or rendered insignificant.
          I have long loved the adage that “it takes one to know one” – and this applies to awakened integrity as to zombie dreamers.
          The ruse of a false sense of reality is that it is your private right and power to judge it and assert that as true.
          It is still experiences as your experience – but the basis for it may be groundless – or indeed a projection of unresolved issues onto your world. I don’t mean you specifically – but anyone who judges to divide and rule and then meets a world of division and coercive intent – and believes it – by the power given to his or her own thoughts taken as true.
          I’m nudging here – but only in a freedom to think in fresh ways.

          • dauden

            “it takes one to know one”… in God who created all things came into the world, put on human flesh and died in order to give His life a ransom for all. “Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins”. His unstained blood for our stained blood. Heb 9:22, KJV — trust it and get out of this world alive!

          • That is one interpretation of Jesus – and if it serves you – go with it.

            I meet a different Jesus – but I don’t need anyone else to agree with me ABOUT this – for honouring others is what we live to them – not what we say.

            If you begin to recognize the lies of the world you will know you don’t need to get out of it so much as wake from it.

            Waking the ‘dead’ to a true Life is the call to joy – not the call to sacrifice and death. If you truly have joy then it gives witness through you and if you don’t then perhaps you have a graven image – or static concept in place of a willingness to receive?

            Every FORM can be used to hide in. If you would meet that which does not lie – you have to open your heart – not just the Bible. No one else can do this for another – but we can be the conditions in which they may feel more supported in looking within for themselves – ie- not operate a put-down blame culture.

            You come ‘into this world’ and believe yourself clothed in flesh and yet are free to ‘die’ to such a separated sense of struggle in isolation by yielding the command and control mentality for a Living sense of worth that you know is not your manufacture for it not only heals you of conflict and pain – but automatically extends to recognize the same in others.

            You don’t have to go ‘all the way’ to discover the true of this. Pause from fearful reaction and listen or feel for a movement of guidance – and live from there. If you fear deceit it is because you are not being entirely straight. So use the same principle to uncover what is operating in you against what you feel is true.

            A fearful and sacrificial identity will meet that pattern everywhere. I believe this is what Jesus sought to awaken FROM – for him sins were released in the willingness to embrace the true. No blood. No threats. No coercion. But “go in peace and sin no more”. Definitions change with usage. The worship of sin made it seem irrevocable and UN-healable. Guilt is the fruit of the ‘wrong’ apple. Eat the other apple. Judge not because you can ONLY judge yourself – though it seems that sins can be got rid of on scapegoats. Magical solutions are at best a temporary stopgap – as our central bankers know too well!

        • Lynn Carroll

          How true! The Federal School Indoctrination System has created generations of “victims” Today we call them the “Walking Dead.” The problem is that these people actually grow up to vote in our elections and have not a clue other than “gimme what I deserve.”

    • Don Duncan

      Did you see Schiff’s interviews at the D. convention? Everyone he talked to was 100% anti-business, all business. It was like watching a horror show, or interviews in a psych ward. Was this shown by MSM? No. If it had been, it would have been an embarrassment for the political process and TPTB. It would have discredited the whole democratic ideal. Normal people would have said “This is too crazy…”. But it is the end result, the logical conclusion of mob rule. But democracy is the latest god most worship, and few dare to question.
      How is that not infinitely more dangerous, and “crazy”? Wake up!

      • misterkel

        That may be true, but I know plenty of Libs that are not anti-business. Many have businesses themselves. And if you look at Cons, you could find an almost 100% anti-government bias. That sounds crazy to Libs.

        • Lynn Carroll

          I don’t think that most people know if they are a Lib or a Con. They listen to or watch the news and don’t know what to think. They figure that if someone is going to give them a special status where they get free money, then that person must be the one to vote for. When some politician starts talking about cutting taxes and cutting freebies, then that must be an evil person. What is this world coming to when facing the facts and making your own decisions is not an option?

      • Lynn Carroll

        I totally agree! WAKE UP AMERICA! You are being brainwashed from K-12 and well into your University years. Taking responsibility for your own actions is not cool to the current generation. You are all “victims” of one thing or another. All it takes is a little creative thinking to come up with a special “victim” status. From there on it’s all a free ride! WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • What is making you uncomfortable? The apparent fakery at Bikini Atoll? The ability of HG Wells to invent the A-bomb before Oppenheimer? The lack of a settled “trigger” for the A-bomb until just a month before it was used? If something bothers you … look away. Far easier to live with a lie, sometimes, than with the truth …

      • alex

        “Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.”
        ~ George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

        • Don Duncan

          I just learned on a TED talk the universal % for “willful blindness” is 85.

          • alex

            “We know – intellectually – that confronting an issue is the only way to resolve it. But any resolution will disrupt the status quo. Given the choice between conflict and change on the one hand, and inertia on the other, the ostrich position can seem very attractive.” ~ Margaret Heffernan

          • Feeling our way in is different from the coercion of ‘should’ – and yet when the time is at hand there is no leeway for prevarication – and everything is given to the willingness to ‘navigate or resolve the issue’ to a positive or more deeply integrated outcome. So there is a timing and a way of being with – that is in touch with one’s own part in whatever is going on and not fixated externally in denial of one’s own part – like ‘throwing the first stone’.
            If you consciously choose to hide then you are no longer in complete denial but more in a process of growing awareness and insight relative to an apparent obstruction of conflicted self. And then there is no call to push into evils that are not relevant to your current sense of unfolding just because you can.
            I wonder if the status quo is so fragile as to be disrupted by my resolving of conflict – or whether my sense of my own lfe is what changes – and the world reconfigures around me with some appreciation and some denial and some indifference.
            When I raise my head out of the limited, I get an infinite shock! That is to say the personal sense no longer operates or applies – and this is a call to release the ‘control mentality’ and be all right to be ‘reconfigured or transformed so as to allow a shift from personality thinking to a deeper sense of feeling – that can also feel thoughts and read them on a different level for any sense of dissonance. And so conflicted thinking is identified as something I don’t want to nurture or share and reinforce. But to come back to your quote of a set choice – inertia is not a conflict or risk free choice – but it can be the refusal of choice when others or existing trends seem to be making it for you – but that is still a choice regardless it may be played as victim of circumstance.

          • alex

            So let me get this straight. You say “inertia” is “not a choice.” You then say, “but it can be”…when others are “making it” for me. You then conclude your sermon with “that is still a choice regardless it may be played as victim of circumstance.”
            All I can say is… Wow!!!

          • Every moment is a movement of focus and attention that can be consciously accepting or unconsciously being run by subsconscious ‘choices’ that became habit patterns.

            A choice you are unaware of making is still a choice and fearful choices can be hidden by choosing to let others or the drift of inertia – cover for what you are in fact accepting – however your narrative frames it for you.

            Choices running as a conditioned reaction are the echo of a past choice that has been given present acceptance – as if the past is in fact happening now and you have ‘learned’ how to react or respond and so do not need to really attend – and thus have a fake zombie life running without any real presence. But you can devote your life to undermining any sign of presence in others – because its easy to operate a destructive agenda on someone else’s energy. No one else can actually choose for you – ever. But you can play the game of believing otherwise if you find a taker to tango with.

            I recognize that you have no intention or desire to understand what I wrote – whether I wrote it well or badly. I see you seeking ‘weaknesses’ as points of attack and ammunition by which to ‘attack’.

            You attack but your own integrity – and I witness that this is unworthy of who you are – and of the attention of this forum.

            Read what you wrote and see how your mind is working you get it crooked! I just looked at what you misread.

            “Inertia is not a conflict or risk free choice.

            (It is nonetheless a choice)

            but it can be (operate as) the refusal (denial) of choice

            when others or existing trends SEEM

            to be making it for you

            but that is still a choice (YOUR choice)

            regardless (that) it may be played as (if you are)
            victim of circumstance”.

            You are experiencing OUTCOMES – so use the feedback to align better choices – more in alignment with who you appreciate and enjoy being. (You DO enjoy and appreciate your being do you not? If not – I recommend an intimate awareness of THAT you exist – for wherever we seem to go – that is where we are.

            Why be a blame vulture? What’s in it for you?

          • Lynn Carroll

            Omigosh! That is so true. I have been in situations where I have had to fire someone from my business. I didn’t want to confront the person, but I knew I had to. I didn’t want to disrupt his life nor my own. I would much rather have taken the ostrich position, but once I made up my mind, I did what best for the business and everything turned out alright. I even helped him to find other employment. When you have to resolve some problem, it’s best to face the problem and do what has to be done. Liberals will never find, or hope to find, the wisdom to solve any of the problems they create!

          • I make it 100% – but free willingness operates on a completely different frequency.
            Are those who claim power more willing to face hard realities and still go for what they want than those who want comforts and salves? Or perhaps driven by hard realities to overcome them?
            Or are hard truths simply anything one does not want to accept – and nit inherently harder than anything else true?

            I feel truth in what resonates relevant for me in my current sense of integrity and don’t ascribe it to things in themselves – for if I am out of true – Everything in my experience is distorted thereby. The Human Condition is a ‘wilful blindness’ but it is also a focusing within ideas of limitation, loss and power that runs a course from which to live and learn something we chose on some level or at least are choosing now.

            Learning how to effect wilful blindness is part of our entry into the human experience. But I still feel we can learn to tune in to free willingness when the game of struggling blind is no longer worth the candle – at least that is my sense of dropping what doesn’t work to embrace what does – in terms of a sense of joy in life.

          • Lynn Carroll

            To inject the Bible into all of this, and I’m not a biblical scholar, however, I do remember something about God blinding the eyes, blocking the ears, and stiffening the necks of unbelievers so that they could not accept the truth no matter what they saw. If I remember correctly, this was all in talking about the end of times. Look it up or ask someone who knows the bible. I’m sure of what I say, I just can’t remember Book, Chapter or Verse.

          • dauden

            2 Corinthians 4:4, KJV……“In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which
            believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the
            image of God, should shine unto them.” This is found in Paul’s epistles written to us in this age. The stiffnecked people were Jews in Christ’s earthly ministry who would not believe the prophets who wrote about Christ fulfilling all prophecies about He being their Messiah. The past 2000 years (from Saul/Paul onward), a gospel presented from I Corinthians 15:1-4, saves all who will believe it; seal them by the Spirit and give them an inheritance into a Heavenly home. If the twisted lies we are fed in this world don’t bring “peace and safety”, then trust the gospel and get out of this world safely into one where there is no lie.

          • Layers of interpretation and archaic cultural terms can make fresh meaning less obvious. But note St Paul’s ‘channelled’ teaching was not Jesus’s demonstrated teaching – but a development from it. J didn’t write stuff down – except in sand – and reached to people in whatever words or ways worked for meeting their willingness. And if they brought none, he either used their own tricks to teach through (to them as to all) or had no time for them “O ye actors! “(hypocrites)

            Here’s one offering to it’s opening something already writ in the heart but covered over:

            “The light is coming – cover your eyes! Cover your eyes – the light is coming and all the powers we have struggled to gain for living in the dark will be lost – cover your eyes! Cover your eyes! The light is coming! Cover your eyes!”

            Perhaps having studied some of the devices being employed by power in the world, you can have a sense of how an inner honesty is suppressed or subverted by ‘psychological defences’ because the sense of threat is all that is ‘seen’ when one is exclusively identified within one’s defence.

            The god of ‘this world’ is blind and blinding – being a kind of defence mechanism against feared Communication and exposure. But a different Foundation brings a different world – and that ‘paradigm shift’ is the recognition and release of a fear-bound and guilt-ridden identity for a quality of being believed forever lost, or absolutely unworthy of – and therefore impossible and unbelievable. I don’t feel one HAS to believe so much as release the cynicism of belief AGAINST – and live from the little willingness that we have as an opening or alignment with a greater sense of being that is no longer denied when ‘knocking at our door’.

            The sun shines equally on all – but are we covered in toxic sunblock by means of a reversal narrative that demonises the life-giving for the ‘protection racket’ of Fear Management Inc. (Along with diets and drugs that undermine the bodies capacity to metabolise sunlight).

            One can TRY to believe anything for personal profit – but unless it is aligning in the heart it is all mouth and no trousers – and likewise if the heart aligns integrity of being – words simply don’t come into it – except as arise naturally from being true to your self.

            I write in willingness to bridge between seemingly opposed polarities but ‘identity’ made against any other polarity will only ‘see’ in terms of if you’re not with us you’re against us (or invalid and insignificant). By such ‘identity’ is humanity set against itself in impossible and impenetrable futility.

            A true sceptic is neither cynical or gullible – but desiring more information before opening to a claim of truth. Also different people find different permission-slips to let into the More of Who they are. I don’t equate the Living Word with the derivative layers of mental concepts and its matrix as a power game in which to invest one’s inheritance. But who can truly See in their heart if they are judged afraid or unworthy – and who is the most hateful and unforgiving judge of you but you!

            Was Jesus a libertarian? Not in the political sense – but in an intimate sense of restoring a truly connected sense of being from which to live from a healed foundation, yes. But not as an exclusive identity – though we are all of us each, unique.

          • dauden

            Suddenly death comes……then what? The only hope one has is believing a God who cannot lie. He inspired everything He wanted written down to answer man when hope diminished. Read the King James B. Not only that, study that part written to us in this age, Romans thru Philemon. You’ll get the accurate picture and rest sweetly.

          • Oh it comes slowly upon the unwary – who don’t even realize they have forgotten how to truly feel, in a ‘zombie-matrix’ that protects them from Life as if it were death – while feeding on the sacrifice of Life in exchange for death and taxes!

            But hope is better than despair, as faith is more connected than hope and knowing is an Intimacy that faith is precursor to.

            If as I hold – ‘it takes one to know one’ – then you don’t have to wait on death to meet or open to that which does not lie.

            If we are invested in untrue as if it is our treasure or our power or our self – then we may choose the ‘lie’ over risking or trusting into the ‘unknown’. Is not that simply evident? No it is not for many – yet it is staring us in the face. What would the lie and the father of the lie be?
            For a fatherless or causeless ‘effect’ is not true – and everything that stems from it is equally untrue – no matter how monstrous in proportion to the original error.

            Rest in peace is for the Living – not the dead. Jesus for me illuminates
            that what truly lives does not die. Time is a false framing of the Eternal – here and now.

            That which has no life of its
            own never is more than a narrative given allegiance. Have you never invested belief in an idol or a team or a nation and then been gutted when it reveals disillusion or heartbreak?

            Jesus – for me – illuminates
            that what truly lives does not die. Transformation is always occurring and if we embrace that as Life – we don’t meet the portal of death as a stranger. Fixed identity does not want transformation or change – but rigid forms of certainty by which to keep a ‘saved’ sense of self-control.

            The attempt to ‘save’ oneself alone is
            the problem – not the answer. You are never alone – but you are capable of believing and experiencing anything you can imagine and desire. Your word or will is done – but is it aligned with the true of you or is it mixed up with a load of stuff you picked up and haven’t really looked at since?

            If what you do works for you – abide in it for as long as it serves who you honestly feel and know yourself to be. But allow others the same freedom – or you must lose your own. That’s how it works. Without someone to give to, how can you receive? Some things are only remembered in the giving – and then what have we to give if we present a false witness seeking approval? As if others are only here to gratify our ‘needs’?

            Take care of any unfinished business so you can be truly present in your day – and meet whatever comes – as it comes – and find what you need in the moment at hand – for really we have no other life than this but a confusion of competing narratives that are revealed groundless in the light of presence. If you can accept that then you have found enough of your presence to yield. Not surrender – because it is not really Other to you – but it may seem that way at first because we make our self so ‘other’ in relation to our true nature. No surprise; the world operates suppression and denial of love – and yet you can re-waken and transform YOUR world, if that is your desire. But you cant convert anyone who isn’t already in the same willingness. Synchronicity, yes – power over, no.
            It takes one to know one. Be conscious as to what you focus in or you may forget your desire in the confusion that conflict engenders. We most all come into the world with a gift of a light of being. Some of us leave with such a light awake. What do we do with the gift? Did we become groan ups 😉

      • John

        “Far easier to live with a lie, sometimes, than with the truth …”

        Almost Everything We Were Taught In School Was A LIE – So It is Hard To Break Out of the Matrix of Lies For Most People.

      • Rodger Rammer

        I am 60 and have personally seen documentaries that have been done on the negative health affects of troops watching the early hydrogen bomb tests, and of the Hiroshima and nagasaki bombs, and of the Bikini atoll tests on the natives who lived there, and showing the characteristic mushroom clouds after the detonation, because of these health concerns the tests were moved from atmospheric tests to under the earth tests, and the growth of nations possessing nuclear weapons and the problems with nations like Israel, and Pakistan, and North Korea possessing atomic weapons, etc., and the transition from huge nuclear bombs to “battlefield” nuclear weapons, etc., and the treaties between nations seeking to regulate nuclear weapon testings, there is just too much data on too many multiple fronts, all pointing to the huge problem the world faces because of nuclear weapons, there is too much data everywhere from to consider it all to be a hoax, in my opinion.

        • OK, we never stated they don’t exist. Thanks.

        • disqussted999

          I am 60 and have personally seen documentaries…

          I’m 63, but that doesn’t have anything to do with anything. On the other hand–“documentaries”–you have personally seen how many nuclear explosions? You have personal experience in the lab with how many nuclear bombs or with radiation sickness from those bombs? BTW, there are other ways to make people sick, or to irradiate them, without using a nuclear bomb.

          911 was given an actual “book”-load of “evidence,” but anyone who has done any kind of REAL evidence-based investigation knows it was a hoax, ie, a carefully planned out black-ops mass assassination, destruction of indicting evidence, psyops WarOnTerror initiating event, with the benefit of only its perpetrators and partners in crime in mind.

          Same with global warming–total hoax with massive amounts of (worthless) data and thousands of well paid and influential lying tongues to back it up. It also came from TPTB, the globalist “elite” who chose it and decided upon it during one of their Bilderberg / Society of Rome / etc secretive We-Own-And-Will-Control-And/Or-Destroy-The-World-And-Its-Sheeple-People-As/When/Where/How-We-See-Fit meetings as a prime motivator of fear to scare the global public into “needing” them…needing the protection and salvation of their global governance (along with “viral epidemics” needing mass, read “global,” vaccinations, global water shortages, etc).

          (And I could go on…but there are plenty of websites and much evidence abounding now on the net…only takes the willingness to find the truth and do your own investigations.)

          And I also am not saying they (nukes) don’t exist…don’t know that they do. Just saying that there is nothing too scumbaggy low, too deceitful or “unbelievable” in the minds of the non-psycho-sociopathic people of the world (the majority of us), that they haven’t and won’t put out there as their twisted version of the truth, for their own twisted purposes.

          • Lynn Carroll

            Oh wow!! 911 was a hoax? Disqussted999 is a real live example of a denier. Watching the whole thing on TV and he still believes that the terrorists flying the planes into the twin towers was a distraction so that the U. S. government could blow up the towers. Boing Boing Boing. Where are this guy’s meds.

          • disqussted999

            All you just proved, LC, is that you have never looked at the evidence and swallowed the lie whole. For one, no amount of jet fuel could ever even BEGIN to have melted the structural steel of those buildings (let alone cause the collapse into their footprints of those two mega-scrapers–only controlled demolition could do that). Secondly, there was no damage to Bldg 7 from the planes, or really anything else, yet It collapsed in a freefall into its own footprint in approx. 6 seconds…something that could only have happened, once again, with a highly controlled (ie, planned out and set up way in advance) demolition, ie, explosives. If you don’t want to sound totally ignorant and continue to be used as a pawn of these sociopaths (by continuing to support their baldfaced lies), look at the evidence. You can start with Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.

          • If you saw it on TV, it has to be real, LOL!

          • Barzini


        • Lynn Carroll

          Rodger Rammer, all you say is true, but there are those who would much rather live in their own world of denial than accept the real world. The big problem here is that a lot of them are representing the American people in Congress!

          • We never have claimed there are “no” nuclear bombs. We have written repeatedly that there are considerable questions about the narrative as it has been presented by the Pentagon, et al. We do not believe in the truthfulness of the Pentagon generally, nor the CIA. That’s reality from our point of view, maybe not yours …

    • Lynn Carroll

      This is typical of all liberals that I know. They cannot stand the truth!

    • I don’t blame you. If nukes don’t exist then you wouldn’t have to fear them. That might be a problem for you. It’s better to be afraid and let fear control you like it has done to the masses for thousands of years. Keep believing nukes are real. Good luck on your journeys through darkness.

  • Praetor

    Really doesn’t matter if you believe in nukes or not. Its like believing there is a God or there is no God. Either way there are consequences.

    A belief in nukes in a way keeps a lid on conventional war. Be there are no nukes, and its known to be a fact, conventional wars can proceed forward with the benefit of eliminating the billions they would love to see gone, (they do want billions gone).

    The one issue of importance with the nuclear bomb, and this issue goes for, are there N-Bombs or there are no N-Bombs. Where is the budgeted monies and who got that money. Because its a colossal waste of time, energy and wealth of We The People.

    During WW2, they drop total ruin on cities and people without using nukes, just look at pictures of Dresden and Tokyo. So, who needs nukes, to get rid of humans!!!

    • Lynn Carroll

      I agree with you Praetor, however, it was all about the cost of lives. How many lives were the Americans ready to exchange for Japanese lives? I think that we already knew that the cost of American lives was too high and the way to stop this nonsense was to Nuke the Japanese mainland. Anyone who has seen the pictures of the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and still think that this was a hoax is living in lala land.

  • rahrog

    I wonder how many fiat monetary units were created while I read this.

  • Brannon Parker

    I sincerely hope weaponized nukes are a hoax. Yet it’s difficult to envision countries like India, Pakistan and N Korea being allowed in on the secret. Do they even have the wherewithal and ability to participate in an ongoing hoax developed by the elite countries keen on global domination? The idea of collusion between all these diverse and conflicting national entities is highly improbable if not impossible.

    Even in the above interview Anders mentions collusion between Stalin and FDR, “It seems Stalin and FDR agreed to fake the A-bomb together from 1942 onwards…” then Anders appears to contradict himself by saying, “It was just fantasy and propaganda to end WWII and scare the USSR.” This highlights the issue that such collusion, tho not impossible, is highly unlikely. Such contradictory statements only muddy the waters.

    Years ago, 1986, I heard that nukes cannot be detonated at will (and a film was made or was being made on the topic.) I’ve always felt optimistic contemplating that theory but not until DBs articles have I come across any info in this regard.

    If true it would be truly uplifting and liberating and such a truth once revealed will be a major turning point in the history of the world.

    • Theoretically, you can argue not everyone knew FDR was “working” with Stalin. Two motivations can co-exist.

      • FDR immediately offered Stalin help when Hitler attacked USSR June 1941. At that time FDR had started the economic blockade of Japan. FDR invited Stalin to Casablanca, January 14 – 24, 1943, but Stalin declined. But FDR and Stalin met at Teheran November 28 – December 1, 1943, and at Yalta, February 4 – 11, 1945, so there was plenty time to agree tactics and strategy. Anyway, the winners always write history to suit. My findings are simple – no US or USSR A-bombs worked 1945/9. It was just propaganda.

        • Lynn Carroll

          I was with you right up until you said that the A-bombs didn’t work. Why then, right after the two bombings, did Japan suddenly decide to sign the peace treaty with the U. S.? They were more than ready to sacrifice every man, woman, and child to repel the U. S. troops from their shores, then all of a sudden, they surrendered after the two bombings? Do you think that the Japanese are that stupid?

          • After the alleged a-bombings 6/9 August and Stalin joining the war 9 August, it is correct that Japan unconditionally surrendered 16 August and signed a document to this effect 2 September and USA then occupied and governed Japan until 1952. A peace treaty was not signed until 1953. Part of the deal was to accept that a-bombs had exploded, while in reality the towns were burnt down by simple napalm. The Japanese are pretty clever, IMO. The winners always write the history.

          • Tanya Bower

            They had been trying to surrender:

            “FORMERLY SECRET FILES in London and
            Washington now reveal that Japan was trying to surrender,
            and had put out the most serious peace messages, three weeks
            before the atomic bombs were dropped; and that Joseph
            Stalin, Winston Churchill, and the other Allied leaders
            were aware of this.”

          • elbuggo

            Re: They were more than ready to sacrifice every man, woman, and child to repel the U. S. troops from their shores,

            In fact, they tried to surrender before the REPORTED nukings, but they were dismissed. Couldn’t let them surrender before after the nuke show of course. This is the “happy ending” in the story. If it wasn’t for the nukings they claim, the war would have gone on for much longer and with very high casualties. So the nukes and the brave men (mostly jews) who build this monster weapon are the real heros of WW2. It is such a good story, almost like a happy movie ending.

    • December 1941 incompetent Hitler was beaten by Stalin at Moscow. Nazi Germany was finished! Japan attacked USA at Pearl Harbour sinking some scrap war ships of little value to keep the show going. Crazy Hitler declared war on USA and announced he was the biggest warrior of all times. Any serious observer and analyst of world history must have concluded already then that Hitler/Japan had no chance what so ever. The future winners FDR/Stalin thus could calmly plan ahead incl. a fake a-bomb. It was hot stuff already 1942! Stalin got east Europe and China. USA got Japan. Business was good for both parties.Media like NYT/Pravda just trumpeted what FDR/Stalin said.

      • Why do you believe nuclear power exists? Why do you believe in nuclear science at all?

        • Fission works. Only the military, secret version imploding uranium/plutonium to double density doesnt, IMO.

    • Lynn Carroll

      Small banana republics will soon have the nukes. Thanks to liberals such as LBJ, Clinton, Obama, and Mrs. Clinton who have done everything they can to see to it that our Nuclear secrets are disseminated throughout the world. Their twisted belief is that if everyone has the nuke, then nobody will use it!
      They have no clue that evil even exists. Really. They DO NOT BELIEVE that evil exists because there is no God and they will not have to be judged after they die. They actually think that giving away all our government’s secrets will benefit the world! At the same time, they are of the opinion that whatever it takes “by any means necessary” can, with all good conscious, overthrow the American government and create a “new, changed” world!
      We are living in such times and most of us are unconscious of what is going on.

    • Barzini

      There was no cold war – total propaganda, the same people running the USSR were running the US

  • Henry Balfour

    Like RR says; this one just steps over the shimmering gossamer line between fun and fantasy. I’ll put this one in the same box as the ‘deliberate dilution of credibility’ that is the agenda behind the ‘flat earth’ resurgence. The earth is a sphere, and nuclear weapons work just fine. Don’t drift into the weeds, DB.

    • By all means, educate us further about our positions. We are not aware of them from your description.

    • georgesilver

      Classic ‘spook’ style diversion tactic. Equate an idea like ‘nuclear hoax’ which has a great deal of factual circumstantial evidence with a deliberately promoted misdirection meme ‘flat-earth’.
      Henry Balfour doesn’t say how nuclear weapons work but obviously gets his facts from proven faked photos and faked films of nuclear explosions plus of course the reliable mainstream press, scientific world and ever truthful governments.

      • Yeah but if he sees it that way he sees it that way and there isn’t a strategy of intent to ‘hide the truth’ by association with disinfo.
        A lack of trust makes everyone trigger happy and paranoid. I wonder how many actively feel in the hearts while exposing to alt news and unofficial or fringe perspectives? I believe that opening the mind to the crazy of deceit while malign intent has any part of you – is very dangerous – such as to be destructive or hopefully an extreme inducement to find a grounding of guidance and sanity that is not part of the manufactured ‘reality’.
        And that also includes choosing not to open boxes just because they are revealed to be other than what they seem.

        • Lynn Carroll


      • JohnnyZ

        If they lie about nukes whuch is the working hypothesis here why would they not lie about the shape of the earth? The moon landing is a circus, a complete hoax.

        • Lynn Carroll

          Oh please! Radio messages came from far out of our space that HAM radio operators were able to pick up on. Not everything our government does is a hoax! I spent 29 years in the Marine Corps. I have actually seen a UFO from 20 feet away. It wasn’t a big spaceship, but about the size of a VW and it was, in my opinion, remotely controlled. Of course, you folks would not even think about it other than a complete hoax. Well, that is your world. Be happy.

          • JohnnyZ

            They picked messages or they say they picked messages? How do you know? ISS is a hoax. Fraud vitiates everything they say. Study the shape of the earth yourself and then come back to me. Seeing a UFO does not prove space travel is possible. Etc.

          • A case only needs one point of weakness to allow plausible deniability – and so the capacity to tune in to any weakness in another – or their presentation – is used to assert righteous outrage or invalidation of the other. It is power play.
            One of our principle liabilities – as I see it – is the use of belief to maintain a false identity – that demands such support to be maintained – because – it is not true. Hence the fanatic is desperately seeking to overcome self-doubt; the power-seeker desperate to escape powerlessness and etc.
            When we know what and who we are it needs no apology or justification – and we naturally extend a sense of worth rather than focus on defining another through their current issues of weakness or imbalance.
            Monty Pythons’ “We are all individuals!” sketch is pertinent to the mass adoption of new memes as identity – ie “we are waking up and the sheeple are ignorant”. Power play of imaginary identity.
            Another liability is to presume ‘they’ are all of a mind when “I” feel like an outsider.
            On the net – all sorts of opinions are expressed that may not meet qualification or challenge – but that doesn’t mean ‘everyone else there agrees’.
            I like your post for a willingness to keep it open – rather than closing into belief of the polarized identity – excepting your leaking of exasperation drew this joining with you.
            One who does not know who and what he or she is, necessarily seeks identity and validation. But being ‘right’ is not resting in the true – and what truly serves must be testified in true fruits. If beliefs are NOT serving the desired outcome – they are out of true with who we are and no amount of spin or coercion will ‘make them true’ or ‘defeat’ the evidences of different facets and perspectives. But of course symptoms CAN be suppressed and yet the logical outcome or fruit of self-denial is… death.

      • Exactly

      • Barzini

        What makes you think the earth is a sphere?

    • Why use a box when you can use brackets?
      Put everything in brackets that effectively hold a placeholder of what feels practically significant to you in this moment – and this moment – etc
      This allows whatever is in the brackets to expand evolve or take on new significance as the contextual perspective changes.

      There was another world changing psyop from WW2 that imprints deeply to set the consciousness and world order of developed nations in guilt and subservience – and is a kind of psuedo religion with active teeth to bite anyone who challenges its narrative – and it is a most extraordinary device of control because it cant really be talked about – and nor can the underlying agenda – without being invalidated and penalized.

      it isn’t so much what exactly happened as to the narrative built upon it and the use to which the narrative is purposed. For those who raise their eyes – the device of terror, guilt and rage are all seen to work to control the ‘mind’ of the golem that is so unaware of its own conditioned existence as to act out the thought of others in defiant independence.

      I feel the Earth is a multimensional portal – but that’s somewhere down the line – meanwhile – have a ball – unless of course you are feeling flat 😉

    • I know what didn’t work fine, your spook style diversion tactic, LOL!!

    • Barzini

      cool story bro

  • MetaCynic

    Some random thoughts on all this. According to Wikipedia, the Manhattan Project employed about 130,000 people scattered over 30 sites in the US, Canada and the UK and cost about $26 billion in today’s dollars. About 90% of the cost of this project was for buildings and infrastructure. 10% was for R&D. If no atomic bombs came out of this project then what were all these people doing? When did the top management and their scientists become aware that they were laboring on what is essentially a make-work digging and filling of holes type of project, or was the Manhattan Project conceived from day one as the first step of a new elite theme to keep the entire world in awe and fear of a terrible but imaginary weapon?

    If it is true that nuclear weapons don’t exist, then we can all breathe a sigh of relief that mankind can’t suddenly be annihilated by a handful of madmen. On the other hand, if this fact leaks out, then huge conventional global wars on the scale of WW2 once again become a real possibility since the ruling elite know that they will not have to live out their lives in underground bunkers. Although it’s become a huge boondoggle for weapons contractors, maybe the nuclear weapons hoax was conceived by a shadowy humanitarian group to discourage large global wars out of fear that they could escalate to civilization snuffing nuclear ones.

    Who decides which nations are allowed to pretend to join the imaginary nuclear weapons club and for what purpose? How far down the ruling ladder do the various players know that nuclear weapons are a hoax? Or is only a tiny clique unconnected to the ruling elites who control this information much like we’re told that a clique controls information about and access to extra terrestrial contact and technology?

    • Due to breaking the German code – Churchill knew that invasion was neither imminent or intended – indeed the Germans secretly sued for peace but were refused any terms but unconditional surrender.
      But the idea of imminent invasion was useful to Churchill’s plans and so it was propagated as ‘real’ with resultant fortifications and defences all round the shores and all sorts of measures taken up – like removing roadsigns. My point is that there is no limit put to what a genuine belief in threat throws up – because that is part of the cost of its success as a ruse. The means are justified by the ends. Which is backwards.

      In the Pearl Harbour attack – very very few were aware that the attack was coming – but some of those were very high up – and many who did know communicated that officially to no effect. Again the cost was simply assigned as the necessary price to trigger the USA to enter the war – which of course went on to even greater destruction and suffering – yet was largely engineered and supported by the interests that consolidated in power and wealth from setting it off.

      Hitler may have been their front man – but the banks and corporates were funding it to operate their agenda – and still do – regardless who is ‘in power’. Nothing is as we are told or might want to believe. Perhaps the world is neither round nor flat – but a huge scam of induced amnesia in which everything operates in reversal to the natural order. Backwards.

      • Very good, Binra. This is a most cogent post!

        • The last sentence holds the invitation to be curious enough to bridge between a reflected experience of deceit and war and our individual participation in a collective ‘forgetting’.
          Narrative control is mind-control – and mind is not what we think it is but is framed by beliefs and definitions that are both subconscious routines and unconscious denials.

          I usually attempt to use the reflection of an ‘event’ to illuminate something within ourselves that we by ‘mindset’ are defended against owning – for the mindset operates as dissociation by asserting false association or ‘mind-control’. What goes around comes around – but noticing this is a point of awakening responsibility to desist the ‘framing’ of blame redistribution – and see the situation in terms of what I might call its physics – for the definitions and beliefs in play are not necessarily FIXED to the circumstances – but are part of the choice as to what meanings are validated and incorporated in oneself as a result of the freedom to choose along the line of your own recognition of worth, meaning and appreciation.

          So I simply accept that much of my writing here is some kind of art installation that ‘looks like’ whatever anyone sees who is still looking in the blame-frame of the world of war – because they get something out of that and don’t realize it contributes and participates in the outcomes they abhor.

          The Daily Bell is willing to ask and open into ‘what is going on?’ in ways that are not only focusing on personae – but beginning to recognize the ideas running beneath the ‘events’. Some of these are rising from a process that can be called grass root shift, and some are astro-turfed manipulations or masking of the actual movement.

          Jumping from collective back to self – the movement of our being is prior to the narrative focus that operates a filtering distortion – by which to present our self in terms of power and control – and thus also of powerlessness and ‘threat’ of loss of control.

          A collective but tacit agreement to operate a partiality of self as if it is The Determiner of Truth.

          If Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ had been a deconstruction of the possessive obsession of ‘my struggle’, it may have held my attention for more than the opening paragraphs.

          On some level we know that we draw our sense of power and ‘validity’ in struggle from that which we are ‘against’ – and both ‘sides’ of any polarised conflict work the same scam of a captive identity that believes opposition is freedom, security, and the hope of escape and victory over the hated.

          Denied self-hatred ‘runs’ the world, in secret, and of course it has psychopathic intent that runs through any triggered channel of availability – such as hating the hateful. But whatever runs ‘the’ world – I have my own experience, from which I witness to anyone else who corresponds or resonates with me from their OWN choices. And so definitions, beliefs and ideas ‘run the world’ and our ‘manipulators’ are illuminating this fact while seeming to be in power over us – when at a deeper or masked off level there has to be a correspondence or meeting in an energetic of chosen or accepted belief for the event to occur with that ‘shared meaning’ or collective reality consensus.

          There is a lot that is hidden within our self-definitions that supports the huge scam of induced amnesia in which everything operates in reversal to the natural order. Backwards. But blame framing ensures this will never be re-cognized – for that is the job we employ it for.

          I may add that I believe our feelings of outrage, hate and fear all need to find acceptance for that we feel – and safe ways of being moved so as to uncover the conditioning and acquired self-definitions that can then CHANGE.
          This is very different from using feelings to justify reaction.

          In some ways humanity dimly recognizes it is a conditioned robot – a kind of golem that hardly wakes to life but by reaction re-engages the ‘mind’ of a past that is not here, to relive a pain from which it reacts. Life-moving or pain-reacting? This is the nature of true discernment. I hold that it is within us to recognize the movement of Life within us, align within it and grow congruent perspective.

          One can feel this – even if one cannot immediately ‘make sense’ of it in the current mindset. If we really want to know, then we have to expand our receptivity to more than our ‘official narrative conditioning’ – thus breaking bounds – but as a curiosity of willingness that is not immediately shrunk back into obeisance by the ‘gatekeeper’ of personal or social taboo. Though no blame in recognizing we have reacted thus, for awareness grows through persistent willingness – rather than through heroic power play.

          A garden fence is meant to keep a young child contained and safe from dangers it is not ready to relate to. But not forever.

      • Lynn Carroll

        Absolutely a great post! WOW!

    • Lynn Carroll

      WOW! All of what you say seems believable and is probably ( in my opinion) true. All the crap that governments and those who are bigwigs in the government seem to have made a bundle of money out of scaring the masses. I have even more doubts about the veracity of my own government.

      • A government is not a person, nor a single entity. Any system is only as ‘good’ as the qualities of those who use it.

        The power clique operates one-up-man-ship with inner circle cliques hiding within larger circles within larger circles – on a ‘need to know basis’ – as perceived and effected by obedience to a perceived self-interest operating out of mutually agreed ‘narratives’.

        Using Trojan tactics, many power agendas hide in and work through forms of acceptability and authority or respectability.

        None of this should really be news because we all do this stuff in our daily lives to varying degrees – but we leaned it as young children.

        Perhaps a difference is that some are so set on achieving and growing power as to be part of – or come under the influence of intergenerational organisations or ‘mafia’ type ‘families’ that are attracted to wherever there is a revenue stream to ‘acquire control of’ and milk as a sort of parasitic ‘protection racket’. The modern state justified itself in part as a monopoly of force in which ‘outlaws’ were at least checked – but as the saying ‘steal a kingdom…’, so now with ‘steal the state’ or indeed ‘capture the regulators’.

        Making money isn’t the addiction to power seeking – though of course money can buy influence. Hitler would have been effectively laughed off without the huge financial backing of bankers and industrialists. The Bolsheviks stole a revolution likewise.

        Blaming governments does not begin to address the nature of corruption – part of which is the instigation or opportunism to use terror as leverage to compliance. Do you pay the ‘man’ or stand in an integrity?

        Solidarity in holding integrity keeps predators at bay. They know that. They work to break the bonds of love – prodding and feeling for weaknesses by which to break up. However – there is another level – and that is that fear attracts its own fulfilment.
        Is alt news and internet reformation fuelling fear that mounts to break open what is left of our reason to a heartless globalism?

        This is a work in progress – but everything can ONLY serve the purpose YOU assign it. My world is teaching me of the devices of deceit – and I use that to uncover things in me that were hidden – and that I don’t want as my governance. IE: I don’t find any integrity of being when fear is given the ‘keys to my kingdom’ – and fear works me in very tricky and devious ways when I attempt to deny it rather than embrace it.

        So much of being human is the art of the impossible. However, we have gotten to where we are, one way or another as consequence of choices of one kind or another. But are we living in the era of ‘checkmate?’.

    • disqussted999

      “If no atomic bombs came out of this project then what were all these people doing?”

      If WWII was really what the facts/evidence says it was, ie, NOT a war to free the world from tyrants like Hitler, but rather to use him to further the concentration of power in the hands of other tyrants not surrounded with a swastika, not in the poisoned limelight (eg, Stalin, FDR, Churchill, certain City of London bankster families, et al), then what were all those families doing who sent fathers, husbands, and sons to war to die or be maimed? What were all those families doing that supported the “war effort?” They were doing their “job,” they were doing what they were told to do by those they believed in, they were being “patriots.”

      Unfortunately, that’s really how “patriots” seem to be defined–those who go to war without a clue why or without even asking why, just b/c Uncle Sam said they should. I reject that definition. That’s just mental ignorance or laziness, even if they thought they were doing the right thing. Of course, the generations since the 90s have the internet for information. They didn’t…so I’ll cut them a little slack.

      On the other hand, there were lots of books being printed by alternative media showing the horrible lies, spin, and obfuscation that were and caused the world wars, among other government sponsored global and domestic terrorism. Most chose to believe Walter Cronkite and the Ministry of Truth, despite all the incongruities, and often b/c they didn’t want to have to investigate, to seek the truth. It was easier to be spoonfed MSM soup, with all its drama and color and scenes of faraway places.

      I read lots of books, starting in high school when I did my research report on Pearl Harbor…that was in 1968…and the huge majority of evidence was already available then. What a shocker it was for me…eyes were opened wide, and something died in me: perhaps it was a kind of innocence. Yes, I’m more cynical now…but with good reason. (Lies are the enemy’s tool and language, warned Jesus…and the more truth that the lie is salted with, the more convincing it is. Truth, He said, sets us free, to live in reality, for one thing…whether we wished we’d taken the red pill or not.)

      In my generation, it was Vietnam. What were all those men doing? Taking hills one day, one week, to give them back the next…dying and being maimed. Getting Agent Orange’d. For what?…for the good of those that sent them, or those who told those in charge of them to send them. But it certainly wasn’t for the reasons they or we were told (to protect the poor Vietnamese, whose country our military all but destroyed, from the Chinese Communists, for example). For some it was because of the natl lottery (my number happened to be in the low 300s, so I was spared…and was in college at the time). Some went b/c they’d be paid, or b/c their going would get their college education paid for, those that made it back alive and could withstand the spitting, name calling and general disdain. By the time of the Gulf War, I expect many many more went simply b/c it was their paid job.

      One day, all the lies will be exposed…for now, I’d encourage all to not believe a word that comes out of the mouths of 99.99% of TPTB.

  • wrusssr

    SEE PHOTO # 5
    Cannot vouch for the authenticity of the photo, date shot, or whether or not it’s even Hiroshima we’re looking at. But, considering the small area that the “bomb” was supposed to have affected and the scale of the area shown, it would appear that whatever the destruction of this city was, it was the same for miles in all directions.

    CAPTION: Aerial view of Hiroshima, Japan, one year after the atomic bomb blast shows some small amount of reconstruction amid much ruin on July 20, 1946. The slow pace of rebuilding is attributed to a shortage of building equipment and materials. (AP Photo/Charles P. Gorry)

    • Yes, there’s no difference between the “center” of the blast and the rest of the destruction. They do have an explanation for that. There are always explanations of course …

  • Lynn Carroll

    The only thing I have to say is that we (back in the 1950’s) were told that if an atom bomb ever exploded in our town, the radiation would last over a thousand years. Why does the radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki not even exist? And why do the Japanese still celebrate “Ground Zero” and these sites every year? A lot of unanswered questions for a generation who had nothing to do with this.

  • MetaCynic

    Isn’t it interesting that the American bureaucratic and scientific establishments’ greatest triumphs, the atomic bomb and the moon landings, may have been hoaxes but are nevertheless enthusiastically celebrated and doubters are ridiculed. Yet what could quite possibly be the greatest revelation in history – human contact with extra terrestrial intelligent life – is reportedly veiled in maniacal secrecy and believers are ridiculed.

    Dr. Steven Greer has devoted many years to exposing the ET secrecy by documenting on film the testimony of hundreds of credible eye witnesses. Now that TDB has dared to challenge the official holy narratives of the a-bomb, NASA’s moon landings and the events of 9/11, it can now tackle that most daunting challenge of all and interview Dr. Steven Greer about ET’s!

    • Tanya Bower

      Don’t forget Global Warming/Climate Change.

  • Serious problems with the footage…

    Plus, it’s officially admitted that Hollywood people were employed at Lookout Mountain, the place where the all the “Nuke” footage came from.

    So, it’s crazy to question it? I don’t think so.

    Sorry folks, your invisible daddy(Government) lies to you.

    • Thanks.

    • The “Ball of fire” is really magic. The bomb goes off below water but the “Ball of fire” is seen up in the sky much later.

    • Dennis Savage

      Spot on, invisible daddy government the super rich behind pulling the strings.They run the world financially. Control journalism that the truth is always suppressed. As one journalist said if I tell the truth I would be immediately sacked.

  • Good informative and revealing interview.

  • Nicholas Ennos

    We know that the Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fake because there was no caesium 137 in the atmosphere before 1952, the date of the first nuclear power station accident at Chalk River. The presence of caesium 137 is used as a test to see if old wines are genuine. If there is caesium 137 present in the wine, they know that the wine was made in 1952 or after.