Survey Find Americans’ Views on Free Speech is a Whole Bunch of Crazy
By Joe Jarvis - October 14, 2017

The biggest thing this survey proves is that Orwellian double-speak is working.

If you are unfamiliar, doublespeak is a term from the novel 1984It is speech intentionally meant to confuse, or obscure reality.

What does free speech mean? What is hate speech? And what laws currently or should exist in regards to speaking freely?

The answers from Americans prove just how successful the media and politicians have been in making Americans less grounded than a satellite.

The powers that be have successfully confused and obscured any hint of rationality in beliefs. There seems to be little method and all madness. People simply make up their minds emotionally, instead of thinking critically. And that is how those in power like it.

When people behave emotionally, they are more easy to control. A rational belief would be something along the lines of Evelyn Beatrice Hall’s “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

An irrational belief would be that anything that offends you should not be called free speech.

Those who believe the latter fail to understand that practically anything can be considered offensive to someone. Under those circumstances, politicians could limit any kind of critical speech, claiming it promotes violence, offends, or is hate speech.

Holding Two Contradictory beliefs

The survey found:

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that “it would be hard to ban hate speech because people can’t agree what speech is hateful,” …

Yet a majority of Americans and a supermajority of African Americans believe that “society can prohibit hate speech and still protect free speech.” (To complicate matters, a quarter of Americans, 38 percent of African Americans, and 45 percent of Latinos erroneously believe it is already illegal to make a racist statement in public.)

So even though most people don’t think you could properly define “hate speech,” they still don’t think banning it would violate free speech. That’s the magic of government for you! Some people will have speech that they do not consider “hate speech” limited, but somehow free speech will still be protected… okay.

Who should get protection against hate speech? Forty-six percent would support a law making it illegal to say offensive things about African Americans…

Forty-seven percent of Latinos, 41 percent of African Americans, and 26 percent of whites would favor a law making it illegal to say offensive things about white people in public.

I thought this one was hilarious. White people aren’t interested in making it illegal to trash talk them, but other races are!

Of course, where is the line? Who gets to decide what constitutes offensive? Obviously, the government.

So is saying that African Americans are on average better at basketball than white people offensive? I’m sure some people think so. Should I be locked up in a cage for saying something like that in public?

What about stating a simple fact, like Asian Americans are underrepresented in the prison system? What if I go further and comment on what I think that means; that the average Asian is less likely to be a criminal than the average white, latino, or black person?

And don’t you dare say anything even remotely critical or trans-anything.

Fifty-one percent of Democrats would favor a law “requiring people to refer to a transgender person by their preferred gender pronouns and not according to their biological sex.”

Well, no surprise there. That is one of their favorite doublespeak topics. Progressives like to call the right anti-science, but there are few things more anti-science than pretending someone can change their sex. You can certainly mimic the opposite sex. But if you were born a man, you will never get pregnant. If you were born a woman, you will never get someone pregnant. Yet children are being allowed to make life-altering reproductive changes before puberty.

And finally, let’s criticize the “opposite” side of the allegedly two-dimensional political spectrum.

Republicans were most intolerant of speech and most likely to favor authoritarian laws to punish it on the subject of burning or desecrating the American flag: Seventy-two percent of Republicans believe that should be illegal (along with 46 percent of Democrats).

The flag stands for freedom. That’s why you don’t have the freedom to speak out against it. Makes sense, right?

Looks like there are easily offended snowflakes all over. If Americans had their way, there would be practically no free speech allowed whatsoever!

And that is exactly the climate the media and politicians were trying to create this whole time.

But it Wasn’t All Bad News! Right?

There was one point of interest that seemed to offer a glimmer of hope.

Large majorities agree that “a big problem this country has is being politically correct,” including 70 percent of Latinos, 62 percent of African Americans, and 72 percent of whites.

Across partisan and racial divides, large majorities agreed that colleges and universities are not doing enough to teach young Americans about the value of free speech, and not doing enough to ensure students are exposed to a variety of viewpoints…

So it seems people are indeed getting sick of having political correctness jammed down their throats. The only problem is that this feeling is still emotional and ambiguous. There are no hard rules or clear lines that people would ever agree on for when something becomes politically incorrect.

And the very next line shows that again, people’s beliefs contradict themselves.

…a small majority believes colleges “have an obligation to protect students from offensive speech and ideas that could create a difficult learning environment.”

The survey was meant to be about free speech, but I think it proves something much bigger.

America cannot have an intelligent conversation about anything because no one agrees on the basic meaning of words. People will keep talking in circles as long as the media convinces them that they can simultaneously believe two contradictory ideas.

An environment now exists where people will just say and believe whatever they think will get them in the least trouble with social enforcers all around them.

No one will grow intellectually when the media tells them to use their emotions to decide on issues. How can you make informed decisions when you can’t even comprehend an argument?

And that is double-plus ungood.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • RED

    Just plain EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (My clear point of view with no “double-speak”).

  • Americans are really stupid. When an American owned, Italian flag cheap cruise vessel went aground January 2012 with >4000 persons aboard and capsized and partially sank killing 38 persons, the authorities concluded that it was all the fault of the Master aboard. To solve the problem the Master is jailed for 16 years. The ship owner and USCG/DHS are not responsible for safety at sea.

    But there was another little problem. The wreck! So it was decided to remove the wreck and scrap/recycle it at Genoa. The removal took place 2014 and 2016 the wreck was put in dry dock for final scrapping/recycling. It had so far cost $1.2 billion. But it was not possible to scrap the wreck in dry dock. So it was decided to tow the wreck to sea one dark night and sink it permanently April 2017.

    You would expect that media would be interested to report the scandal! But no! Media was told to ignore the whole thing. I describe it at .

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      Anders: Very interesting. And the first sentence is priceless.

    • miseshayekrothbard

      Talk about being really stupid, you fell for a bullshit story. The Costa Concordia was scrapped completely last year and this.

      What does American ownership have to do with it? The master was an idiot who should be in prison for manslaughtering 32 people. He was willfully violating company policy and maritime law so he could show off and get to the next port faster. The ship owner cant do anything if the captain does what he wants.

      • No, officially Costa Concordia was completely scrapped July 2017 at Genoa but my understanding is that the wreck was towed to sea and sunk again April 2017. You cannot scrap ships in drydocks. The Master was appointed by the ship owner and just followed orders when accident struck or something. Strange case!

        • JohnnyZ

          Anders (meaning different?), I checked your site briefly. You have an interesting section about human space travel being a hoax. Well, the truth of the matter is even worse – space itself is a hoax. Research it – earth is a plain.

          • Thanks for checking my site. You are wrong – earth is >70% water full of waves and storms, etc. Have you ever been to sea? Been seasick?

          • JohnnyZ

            Exactly! 70% water and guess what? Water is always flat, horizontal – it maitains its level. I know you are an older generation and you cannot believe you have been deceived to such a degree but give it a try. Horizon is always flat and rises to the eye level no matter the altitude. One can see much further (e.g. with a telescope) than curvature would allow. Or you can measure that moon light is colder than moon shadow. Bridges, tunbels and canals never account fir curvature. Gravity is also a made up concept by masonic magician Newton – all we have is buoyancy in a gaseous environment. And Copernicus was hesitant to publish his “hypothesis” (with the only argument in its favor being that it is “more elegant”), but was strongly encouraged by none other than the pope!!! Check it out (if you still can)!

          • Well, you have never been to sea and seen the curved horizon around you as you are on top of the world. Try to use your criitical thinking, if any.

          • JohnnyZ

            I have been at sea. There is no curved horizon – you mistakenly attribute this to waves and the law of perspective. Use a zoom camera or telescope to see beyond the curve. Study it. I am using my critical thinking that is why I was able to discover sth that seems so unthinkable to you.

          • You sound like a drunken sailor. The horizon is the end of what you can see of the round globe all, 360°, around you at sea. It, the horizon, is all around you. The rest of the round Earth is below the horizon. When you meet a ship at sea, it pops up at the horizon. Before it was below it. And later it disappears below the horizon again.

          • JohnnyZ

            And you sound like a stubborn donkey refusing to move in the middle of a bridge. Check what I am saying, do not try to refute it the lazy way round or from memory, which was biased by your decade long indoctrination. Here is your “chance” to learn sth really new and life perspective changing.

  • Samarami

    “…what laws currently or should exist in regards to speaking freely?…

    I strongly suggest, before even considering this question, that one read the following:

    Myth of the Rule of Law


  • Don Duncan

    “People will keep talking in circles as long as…they can simultaneously believe two contradictory ideas.”

    Wasn’t that the main point of the Socratic Dialogues? Didn’t Socrates keep questioning until he got a clear contradiction? He didn’t take a side. He just showed that people didn’t know what they thought they knew. He exposed confusion which had gone unnoticed. He got people to question everything and everybody. That was not comfortable for TPTB (fathers of Socrates’ students). He was killed for it.

    Nothing has changed. The masses still contradict themselves. And it is embarrassing for them. Some use violence against those who expose their confusion. Some will value enlightenment and thank the teacher.

    Those who encourage violence will find any control illusionary. They can’t predict what form irrationality will take, or who will suffer. They like to think they can. It gives them a feeling of superiority and control. And feelings are their primary value. But feelings are not knowledge. Feelings don’t create reality. They tell us our conception of it. And concepts can be false, therefore feelings are not proof.

    TPTB the world over value violence over reason. That is a profound weakness. It is not wise or life-enhancing. But they won’t change. It is up to those of us who value reason to not support their insanity in any way. It is up to us to keep calling them out and exposing their contradictions, their superstitions. It benefits us and them.

  • miseshayekrothbard

    Whites have been brainwashed to be self-loathing and self-flagellating. Why are you surprised? Have you missed the alt right phenomenon?

  • The whole gender / bathroom confusion, and even vagina hat rubbish is a long term environmental tragedy being used by psychopaths for social manipulation: google XENOESTROGEN (PCBs, BPA, and phthalates)

  • “The current madness in what is left of America, an America in the middle of being dismembered while still alive by psychopaths, is the collective result of each instance in the past that each of us were afraid to speak the truth for fear of ridicule. If you thought ridicule was bad, wait for what is coming.” – Arnaldo Lerma

  • Alan777

    The public education system, media, and government have done a good job at making simple principles like free speech fuzzy and ambiguous, especially to the younger generation.

  • Are United States of America an Advanced Testbed for Earthly Command and Control via IT and AIMedia ProgramMING ……. for SuperbBrainTraining, which be a Necessary Vital PreRequisite for All that Follows and All who Follow Future Lead Remotely on Quantum Communications Channels/Phantom Ghost Networks?

    Should they be?

    Would IT deliver them a Novel Salvation from So Many Current Crushing Woes?

    The Posit here is that IT would, and they should ….. be Virtual Pioneers/Cyber Space Cadets who wannabe Deep Silent Space Travel Commanders? Be not that Typical Virginian? ….

    • digriff

      What’s with your BS capitalization? Do you fancy yourself a hacker or something?

      • But do you accept the validity of the messages with their capitalizations, digriff, or are you in denial and ignorance of unfolding developments in Remote Virtually Anonymous Command and Control Fields.

  • Number 6

    As Benjamin Disraeli once said “There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics” Surveys are the biggest propaganda a tool of the lot, they use them to instil a sense of conformity to the majority “opinion” in their victims. But equally they’re used to cause division, not enough racial tension then lets announce on the evening news, a “survey” has revealed 74% of whites think black people are inferior and 58% of black people think white people are racist.
    Want people screaming and shouting at each other over which candidate to vote for a “survey” reveals 51% of Americans want Hilary for president 48% want Trump 1% undecided. Want people arguing over Brexit 51% for 49% against (and no I don’t buy the official result I think it was a dam site more than 51%)

    You can tell this survey is bogus right off the bat, simply by virtue (or lack there of) of the fact, the survey has been conducted across racial lines, so its a divisive survey which also wants its viewers to think they will soon be in a minority if they continue to value free speech.
    Im still waiting for the survey of people who think tax is theft, and government and the UN utterly corrupt, You wont hear them talking about that too much tho, they don’t want the peasants thinking theres another option other than left or right.

  • TAp

    And that’s exactly why this country is going to die. The left, when they take over, is going to impose a Venezuela-like dictatorship on this country, at the behest of the ‘oppressed.’

  • billybob

    F*ck Political Correctness in the *ss! “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your Right to say it!”

  • digriff

    the first 1 minute and 40 seconds of this video should be mandatory knowledge for ALL Americans.

  • Samarami

    From the article: “…The powers that be have successfully confused and obscured any hint of rationality in beliefs…”

    Far as I know, I’m the most powerful individual on earth today, as we speak. If I die, nobody has “power”. So much for “…the-powers-that-be…”

    I suggest this article: In which is this paragraph of interest:

    “…Consider our ruling class’s very latest demand: Americans
    must agree that someone with a penis can be a woman,
    while someone else with a vagina can be a man.
    Complying with such arbitrariness is beyond human capacity.
    In Orwell’s 1984, as noted, Big Brother’s agent demanded
    that Winston acknowledge seeing five fingers while he was
    holding up four. But that is small stuff next to what the U.S.
    ruling class is demanding of a free people. Because courts
    and agencies just impose their diktats, without bothering to
    try to persuade, millions of precisely the kind of citizens who
    prize stability have become willing to take a wrecking ball to
    what little remains of the American republic, not caring so
    much what happens next…”
    Of course these folks also are from a “school” which sets about worrying their little heads over what “…the-ruling-class…” dictates. I don’t.
    I am the ruling class. Of myself. The most powerful of “…the-powers-that-be…”