Fed Positions Itself to Unleash Three Tools of Power Expansion
By - March 18, 2016

“Consistent with its statutory mandate, the Committee seeks to foster maximum employment and price stability … Against this backdrop, the Committee decided to maintain the target range for the federal funds rate at 1/4 to 1/2 percent. The stance of monetary policy remains accommodative, thereby supporting further improvement in labor market conditions and a return to 2 percent inflation.” -Fed press release following Wednesday FOMC meeting

The reality of the FOMC meeting on Wednesday and its subsequent – and sudden – dovishness generated considerable speculation.

From our perspective, the statement is one more piece of evidence regarding the creation of a new kind of central-bank oriented economy.

This New “21st Century Economy” features a tripartite stool of emergent monetary policies.

The stool is supported by three legs.

One is low or negative interest rates. The second is the “cashless” society. The third is the “basic income.

These policies represent a fundamental shift in how economies operate. It changes the way we think about money and use it.

We will need to consider it regularly when making plans for generating and retaining wealth.

The recent FOMC meeting showed clearly that this stool is under construction.

Why? Let’s start with the most obvious.

The harsh realities of the US economy simply dictate that the Fed must be very careful about higher rates.

The Fed did try to hike late last year. As it turned out its single 25 basis point hike triggered a considerable market swoon.

Of course, the Fed remains committed to more such hikes in 2016.

But the Fed is stuck in zero-bound. It is only loose credit that galvanizes America’s distorted and increasingly bankrupt economy.

A recent ZeroHedge post summed it up well.

The Zero Hedge analysis centered around the word “accommodative.”  As in, “the stance of the monetary policy remains accommodative, thereby supporting further improvement in labor market conditions …”

In fact, rate hikes are antithetical to an “accommodative” policy of low interest rates.

Janet Yellen had spent most of 2015 threatening to raise rates but now it seems that LOWER rates are more accommodative to growth.

ZeroHedge jumped on this contradiction with both feet.

Either hiking rates supports the expansion or perpetual low rates “accommodate” it. Not both.

Either the Fed was “spooked” by something, or FOMC was hewing to a larger professional consensus.


“The second possibility being discussed is that some type of central bank accord was reached at the G20 meeting in Shanghai February 25-26… It is not difficult to envision an agreement where central banks agreed to provide more stimuli, if the Fed agreed to pause in order to not offset the effects of such moves.”

This point confirms observations we have often made regarding the cartel-like aspects of central banking and the domination of its organizing facility, the Bank for International Settlements.

In any other business or industry, such overt monopoly activity would result in the prosecution and perhaps incarceration of those involved.

But central banks have always been exempt from legal ramifications of their dirty deeds. There is little or nothing that justifies such a wretched system.

In this Internet era, its wretchedness has become clearer.

A recent post at Business Spectator eloquently explained the ramifications of central bank failure within the EU. The article is entitled An ECB Dead End.

Here’s a pertinent excerpt:

“Let there be no doubt about it: Europe has manoeuvred itself into a dead end … Let’s put it this way: If the ECB decided tomorrow, next year or in 10 years’ time that now was the time to return to more normal monetary circumstances, it could no longer do so. With its policies, the ECB has made itself indispensable. It is only the ECB and the ECB alone that can keep the great illusion of European Monetary Union alive.”

This is clearly a reason as to why such “dead end” policies are being applied. Central bankers are in the process of ensuring that their banking facilities directly support the general economy in such a way that they cannot be removed.

As we’ve suggested, a new monetary stool is under construction.

Cashlessness, negative interest rates and a basic income – each one of these policies reinforces the other and centralizes the power and influence of central banks even more.

To further cement cashlessness, central banks are even starting to create their own digital currencies, such as the Bank of England’s RScoin.

But unlike decentralized bitcoin, these currencies will be issued directly by the central bank. Soon people may be opening accounts directly with their central bank, bypassing the savings and commercial banks entirely.

Between depriving people of circulating money (cash), forcing people to consume via NIRP and providing people with a basic income for their lifestyle needs, central bankers intend to entrench the system so thoroughly that it will never be rooted out.

And as indicated by the recent FOMC minutes, major central bankers are singing in harmony. They are working from the same play book.

Worse is coming and none of this will be settled soon. But please understand: It is not possible that the full panorama of elite monetary solutions will ever be fully implemented.

Such a fundamental deprivation of freedom on a worldwide level is not possible.

Conclusion: Your duty to yourself and your family is survive during this increasingly chaotic interregnum. On the other side awaits a happier day and a brighter future. Make sure you have the resources to get there.


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  • dave jr

    The three legged stool sample:

    1) NIRP, ZIRP, HIKE = The means to control governments.

    2) Cashless = The means to monitor economic activity, so as how to direct governments.

    3) Basic Income = Temporary bait to attract support from the masses.

  • natural human

    So under this new monetary stool the central banks will create just enough interest free money out thin air to keep the system alive, thereby assuring that no one figures out all the other money in the economy is paying interest to the banking cartel, money that exists only through the creation of credit. No Sir, can’t allow folks to figure out that new money can be created without interest any sooner than necessary. And, of course, it leaves the federal debt outstanding sucking interest out of the economy. We sure wouldn’t want any freshly created money going toward paying off and cancelling that debt because it’s too useful as a shibboleth keeping the balanced budge crowd distracted, and it justifies the income tax. Nope, can’t let the folks figure any of this out so they will dribble out a basic income, creating a whole new dependency class, AND keep the interest bearing credit money system alive a little longer. Brilliant! Technotronic feudalism here we come. Hell, aren’t we already there?

    • Goldcoaster

      very well said. almost like you were at Jekyll Island!

  • Samarami

    And please do not forget — the underlying basis for all that most of us discuss in the way of “economics” is superstition. Now, mind you, I’m not saying that economics is superstition. I’m saying that’s all most of us discuss pertaining TO economics. Sam

  • Goldcoaster

    Oh its possible all right. This has no doubt been planned for ages.
    I would be curious to hear why DB thinks it is not possible. The sheeple are rumbling a bit, but not rioting in the streets.
    The average Joe has no clue!
    PS: I would suspect this site is monitored by someone in TPTB. If and when circulation reaches a critical mass…………..but until then…………..

    • LawrenceNeal

      I would suspect this site is monitored by someone in TPTB.

      Of course. They would be negligent if they weren’t. And busy making lists.

    • We’ve been around 10 years. That’s a long time to reach critical mass …

  • northernraven

    So-called “basic income’ aka guaranteed annual income (‘Mincome’)
    was tried by the Canadian province of Manitoba in the late 70’s in the isolated
    town of Dauphin.

    It was a rip-roaring success until they realized it was NOT
    scalable. It worked in an isolated community as long as money poured in from
    outside but on a national level, there’s no ‘outside’ money to fund it.

    This is a variant of Margaret Thatcher’s “Socialism works until you run out of other
    people’s money.” That won’t stop them from flogging this dead horse,

    • Goldcoaster

      the peoples have a right to a basic income! get with the program, comrade.
      actually, with automation, they are likely gonna have to do it at some point.

      • dave jr

        Was there a decree from above tucked into your but cheeks when you were born?

    • Christopher Snittle

      Adolescence now goes to age 26. I’m sure they will increase that soon enough.

      • sunshineinjuly

        You gotta be kidding…I know of fifty and sixty year olds who are barely at the 12 1/2 age level, Never in the history of mankind has it been possible for anyone to prolong their adolescence for decades. Sad part is that many of those ages are now in power, and many of them are downright sociopathic.

  • windsor1

    We are in the final inning of the end game. The article fails to point out that there is a fourth leg on the stool and that is negative interest rates. The bankers have once again hit a home run.
    Jefferson and Jackson saw through the ruse of the bankers but today’s American has a mental deficit that seems unable to comprehend that central bankers have legalized a system to counterfeit money and charge interest on it. It is no more complex than that. For their audacity they drink pina coladas on a sunny Caribbean Island while you toil away at a job you hate day after day.
    How can a central bank overstaffed with PHD’s that is entrusted to manage the monetary system have created such a disaster. Their mandate is to maintain the value fhe currency, protect the banking system and try to ensure full employment. They have failed in all of these endeavors but have become incredibly rich in the process.
    How have they done this; by lying and through manipulation. Consider this:
    – the US central bank the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express. Even the Federal Reserve website has the suffix .gov to make you think it is a government agency like the Treasury Dept. Doesn’t this alone tell anyone with a pulse that they are intentionally trying to deceive the public. Unlike Federal Express the Federal Reserve pays no taxes and produces no public financial reports and you cannot buy shares in the Federal Reserve.
    – Well how about the track record of the Fed mandate. The dollar has lost over 95% of its value and unemployment is closer to 30% than 5% and inflation is not anywhere close to 2%. If that was your record as a private sector employee you would be among the 30% unemployed.
    If the gov’t had the Treasury Dept do it’s job under the constitution and create money then the US would owe the debt to itself and not some black box organization called the Federal Reserve.
    Can you honestly believe that the Fed with 300 PHD’s in economics could be as incompetent as it appears to be. That would be easy to assume or is there another agenda running; that is to enrich the banking class. In 2007-2008 how many banks were bailed out? Plenty. How many homeowners got bailouts? None. Who bailed out the bankers? Homeowners and other working Americans. How many bankers were jailed? None. So who do you think your politicians are working for, the bankers or the little people.
    When are the people figure out that they are getting duped. Tax money goes to pay off the bankers who created the monopoly money and who pay off the politicians that work for the bankers.
    You would think that at a time where our entire financial system is teetering on the brink that someone would prioritize the existence of the Fed as biggest threat facing America. Why is the Fed never mentioned as enemy no.1. Instead it is this phony Climate issue over and over again. The same guys that created the Fed, created the BP disaster and Fukishima nightmare. We no longer hear about these only the rhetoric that previous safe radiation limits were too low.
    You cannot have a rate hike for the simple reason that the Federal Reserve system went on a debt issuance orgy which netted them huge profits at the expense of the little guy. The 21st century is the age of the bankers.
    Because Americans won’t stand up and say enough is enough we have to change to enrich them even more. Stop the fluoridation and anti-depressants before we go cashless.You truly will be a neo feudal slave. It has been said and rightly so that the most successful way to keep slaves is to set up a system where they do not realize they are slaves. This is where we are now. For Americans it means we are entering a new era of Central Banking which will only compound past failures.

    • The article mentions “low or negative interest rates.”

    • dave jr

      “If the gov’t had the Treasury Dept do it’s job under the constitution and create money then the US would owe the debt to itself”

      The government nor its Treasury Dept. never once, ever, “created” even one penny of money. And the auspice of government creating debt owed to itself is falling head first into the authoritarian monetary magic plan.

      • wrusssr

        Yeah they have. Works, too. Just like the Constitution mandates. Founders knew about these financial demons when they wrote it into the document that only congress could coin America’s money. Woodrow Wilson sold this right, his soul, and the nation to these devils in 1913 when he signed the Federal Reserve Act granting them an illegal, unconstitutional 100-year charter to print (for the cost of paper, ink, and press-time) and sell America its paper money at face value and high interest in perpetuity; the IRS being the bankers’ muscle that collects this interest and feeds it directly into the London bankers’ coffers. It was their third attempt to gain a financial foothold in America. They’re similarly established in 149 other strategic nations of the world. It dawned on Wilson what he’d done before he died. A compliant and mare’s-milked congress quietly renewed this charter in 2013 with nary a peep from the banker-owned press. The Money Masters documentary below lays it all out.

        • dave jr

          The Constitution gave Congress the authority to coin money, regulate the value, and fix the standard of weights and measures. Coining is purifying and stamping an official seal as in certifying the weight and purity (assaying), made uniform (regular), regulating the value thereof, a service to the People of the US. No Congressman or any other government official provided gold out of his pocket or went into the mines to attain it.

        • John Caudill

          Funny about money, it’s fake wealth we know it, but the rest of the world doesn’t, that’s why they stake their economy on the “All Mighty Dollar”! The Euro is fading fast so they say.

      • windsor1

        Unfortunately nobody has invented a middle of the road answer. Evil “A” have a private enterprise accountable only to itself, with no obligation provide financials and who owns the political machinery create the money piling trillions upon trillions of interest bearing debt on the population.

        Evil “B” have a corrupted government perform the same job but cut out the Federal Reserve. At least this system weakens the hand of the Federal reserve to by the influence to keep evil “A” in place.

        • dave jr

          A ‘hem. “Middle of the road answer”, for the greater part of history has existed as the norm and more recently in the last century has been beaten into the ground and left for dead; where ‘evil A’ and ‘evil B’ negotiate over the remains. There should be NO authority over the definition of money, much less any credence given to the faux claim that any non-productive entity can create it. Rather, government should fulfill its role in defining standard measures and exert the authority consented to it for enforcing valid contracts. There will be no real market when money and authority are combined.

    • Samarami

      “…Can you honestly believe that the Fed with 300 PHD’s in
      economics could be as incompetent as it appears to be…”

      Read this:

      “It” is not incompetent. “It” is performing exactly as specified. Only now are relatively sizable numbers of individuals coming to see all “jurisdiction” as superstition — pure and simple. The only “jurisdiction” is force of arms. I have to believe the man with the loaded gun.

      There are steps an individual can take to be free. The basic, primary, fundamental one is simply to abstain from beans. Another is to cease thinking in collectivist terms: “We” are not in the final inning of the end game. You might be. Others might be. Many might be. I’m not (well, I’m 81

      • John Caudill

        Right on! I, at 77, was tricked into contributing to SS so I have been supporting not the retirees, but the plutocrats who stole it. Revenge can be sweet, if you stop complaining, and watch for an opening. I ain’t done yet either!

    • Martin the American redux

      Hello Windsor, minus the Fukushima and BP trajedies, I think you are right on track. Regarding fluoridation, I spoke briefly with a dentist that said he believed calcium and not fluoride is more of a boost toward healthy teeth.

      • sunshineinjuly

        Most don’t know it but fluoride is one of the chief causes of obesity in America…in the water, toothpaste and other things…I gave it up years ago and use Tom’s of Maine, a non fluoridated tooth paste. Plain old baking soda is good, but tastes yucky!

        • Jimmy Torpedo

          Check out the ingredients in Prozac. 90% Flouride. Putting it ON your teeth MAY prevent cavities, drinking it just knocks 15 points off your IQ, makes you mildly happier and eventually gives you Alzheimers as it is a by product of aluminum smelting.

          • sunshineinjuly

            As well fluoride is also known as rat poison.

          • John Caudill

            Not true! First category rodent poisen is anticoagulants; Effects the circulatory system.
            Second category is zincs and other metals that affects the liver but not used often because of secondary poisoning of predators.
            Fluoride (fluorocarbons) has never Been used as a pest poison; too expensive. (Another misnomer created by dysfunctional writers!)

          • John Caudill

            Better check it out Jimmy, Prozac is a Hydrochloride, doesn’t have a drop of fluoride in it. Want to pick on chemicals? Try chlorine if you want something to bash, there is a poison used by every hot tub in the world and its consequences are far more dangerous than the ones you guys pick on!

          • sunshineinjuly

            I suggest you see this video to know connection ‘tween rat poison on fluoride.

          • sunshineinjuly

            Johnny boy..more facts on fluoride you didn’t know.

            “Since the 1800s, fluoride has been a key component in rat poison and insecticides. When mixed into grain or other food, rats will readily consume the poison and die. This method was deemed to be preferable to other poisonous compounds because it was less hazardous to the humans and livestock that might accidentally ingest it. The use of fluoride in rat poison has declined over the years, replaced by blood-thinning compounds that were deemed to be safer and more effective.”

          • sunshineinjuly

            Some countries DO SMART unlike the big pharma corps of US who see the almighty dollar as more important than your health/teeth/damage to your brain. John, lookie here.

            “Although the U.S. Centers for Disease Control hails water fluoridation as one of the “top ten public health achievements of the twentieth century,” most of the western world, including the vast majority of western Europe, does NOT fluoridate its water supply.

            At present, 97% of the western European population drinks non-fluoridated water. This includes: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, and approximately 90% of both the United Kingdom and Spain. Although some of these countries fluoridate their salt, the majority do not. (The only western European countries that allow salt fluoridation are Austria, France, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland.)

            Despite foregoing “one of the top ten public health achievements of the twentieth century,” TOOTH DECAY RATES HAVE DECLINED IN EUROPE as precipitously over the past 50 years as they have in the United States.

            This raises serious questions about the CDC’s assertion that the decline of tooth decay in the United States since the 1950s is largely attributable to the advent of water fluoridation.” So John, if you believe anything that comes out of the CDC I have a coconut tree in Alaska to sell you.

          • sunshineinjuly
          • John Caudill

            Yes I read the same document, and I agree,
            The US pharmaceutical company’s are rampant
            With graft, self serving indulgences. But Sweden s huge pervaior of over priced drugs, produces a vital component sold to American tooth paste company’s, laden with flouride.
            Who is free of self indulgence?

          • sunshineinjuly

            who is free of self indulgence these days?…damn few as we see the country turning into a vast crap hole of a 3rd world country, all in the name of greed masked as being humane.
            Even the RC church is in on the action with bringing in the headchoppers/clit cutters, and all for the fact that they are getting millions of buckage for doing so…and those are OUR tax dollars…faggots galore now running the circus in town and that town is now the entire globe of greedy elites.
            Wow, if Sweden is selling to tooth paste companies I wonder how that will effect the bigtime rapists/moes of the blonde swede women…course, those dudes being dirty from the get go, they probably rarely even brush their teeth.

          • John Caudill

            Oh finally, I have an ally! I agree without reservation.
            I have been beaten up the last few days with my stance on science from most Disquis readers.
            Cruel, nasty commentary, not the usual bantry wiggling through beliefs, true or not.
            Feel like I walked down Montgomery St. in SF with s Trump sticker on my back.
            Thanks for the comment, my feeling exactly.
            Tell the other bozos to layoff, I am going to look for friends in an old folks home. You guys are too tough for me, skin gets thin as you age.

        • John Caudill

          Baloney! Stuffing your kisser with delectables unabated, is what makes you obese! Fluoride has a proven record of cavity prevention, check the records.

          • sunshineinjuly
          • sunshineinjuly

            Stalin used Fluoride first in the Gulags—FACT IS JOHN that fluoride is far more damaging than you know. Flouridation can make one infertile…has been used for that reason before. I suggest you learn a thing or two about fluoride.


          • John Caudill

            Sunshine, I like your persistence, even though you don,t know what you are talking about. I am 77, have all my teeth, intact as a matter of fact and am healthy as anyone half my age. I studied Chemical Engineering and know full well, any chemical, taken in excess, is not good for you. Syphlys was once treated with cyanide effectively but it’s use was discontinued because of the fine line between safety and danger was so insecure. And again, story telling, is like cyanide, there is that fine line between B.S. And Secure knowledge, I doubt Stalin had anything to do with Fluoride.

          • John Caudill

            By the way Sunshine, what state do you live in? Here, our vaccines run 6 mandatory and 5 electable. Looked up Stalin/Fuoride, as I thought, you are the one dumbed down, most of the theories were about the Nazis and the decision about the veracity of the tale was, like your 60 some vaccinations, “fantasy beyond control”! Better cut back on the sugar kid, “it ain’t good for you!” Some say it leads to delusional thought and bad teeth.

          • sunshineinjuly

            raised the kids in Michigan but living in new England for close to thirty years. what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Did you see Jimmy Torpedos posting below which also proves the Prozac is 90% fluoride…drops IQ levels too!1

            Jim T—“Check out the ingredients in Prozac. 90% Flouride. Putting it ON your teeth MAY prevent cavities, drinking it just knocks 15 points off your IQ, makes you mildly happier and eventually gives you Alzheimers as it is a by product of aluminum smelting.” I’d add to Jim T…you are spot on.

          • sunshineinjuly

            Harvard University provides John research and proof. If John Is a big boy and knows how to ga ga google, he can find Harvard’s research confirming the facts. Here is gov’ts proof.


          • sunshineinjuly

            Hey gramps. not far behind you in age…and had five kids in the 60’s/70’s, all with families of their own now. I cannot claim to have studied chem engineering, but I have had boats load of common sense over the years..and have been researching health/medical fields for 20 years plus. I do know that my five kids had a total of six vaccines before they were six years old, and that figure today is out of the park.

            This info here was gleaned from CDC 12 years ago, and I am sure it has escalated since then.

            In the Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 12 vaccines are given to children before they reach the age of two. Providers inject them against the following:Hepatitis B

            Diphtheria Tetanus (lockjaw)

            Pertussis (whooping cough) Polio

            Pneumococcal infections Hemophilus influenzae type b infections Measles

            Mumps Rubella (German measles)

            Chickenpox Influenza (the flu)

            Infectious disease was the leading cause of death in children 100 years ago, with diphtheria, measles, scarlet fever and pertussis accounting for most them. Today, the leading causes of death in children less than five years of age are accidents, genetic abnormalities, developmental disorders, sudden infant death syndrome and cancer. A basic tenet of modern medicine is that vaccines are the reason. There is growing evidence that this is so, but perhaps not quite in the way conventional medical wisdom would have it.”

            When I was four years old only 1 kid in 10,000 was autistic…today it is 1 in 68 and Europeans have long fought all these vaccines and have proof that they do more damage than not.

            A 15-member Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices at the CDC decides which vaccines should be on the Childhood Immunization Schedule. It calls for one vaccine, against hepatitis B, to be given on the day of birth; seven vaccines at two months; 6 more (including booster shots) at four months; and as many as eight vaccines on the six-month well-baby visit.

            Before a child reaches the age of two, he or she will have received 32 vaccinations on this schedule, including four doses each of vaccines for Hemophilus influenzae type b infections, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis — all of them given during the first 12 months of life. Seven vaccines injected into a 13-pound, two-month old infant are equivalent to 70 doses in a 130-pound adult.

            The schedule states, “Your child can safely receive all vaccines recommended for a particular age during one visit.” Public health officials, however, have not proven that it is indeed safe to inject this many vaccines into infants. What”s more, they cannot explain why, concurrent with an increasing number of vaccinations, there has been an explosion of neurologic and immune system disorders in our nation”s children.

            Fifty years ago, when the immunization schedule contained only four vaccines (for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and smallpox), autism was virtually unknown. First discovered in 1943, this most devastating malady, in what is now a spectrum of pervasive developmental disorders, afflicted less than 1 in 10,000 children.”

          • sunshineinjuly

            John, you might actually research rather than doing your sound bitey just might learn something!

            As for looking younger than 77 as you say and being healthy you are not alone in that regards…I still have forty something year old guys checking me out..for my age am in awesome health. Each time I see a doctor I always get the same response…”Whatever you are doing keep on doing it for your body and health is at least 20 years younger than your chronological age.”

            But that is so as I began studying nutrition when my kids were little as I didn’t want to subsidize a doc’s Mercedes payments. As a result of that and being an outstanding cook, my kids all grew up uber healthy…and I look terrific at my age and have 12 grandchildren. My own kids all graduated at the top of their college classes. Knowing that many of vaccines now,as well as fluoride cutting IQ levels, we see more and more low intelligence kids all around us.

          • sunshineinjuly
          • sunshineinjuly

            Charles Perkins, also a chem engineer seems to know the topic more than you do. Did you publish too?

            “The following letter was received by the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee Wisconsin, on 2 October 1954, from Mr. Charles Perkins, a chemist:
            “I have your letter of September 29 asking for further documentation regarding a statement made in my book, The Truth About Water Fluoridation, to the effect that the idea of water fluoridation was brought to England from Russia by the Russian Communist Kreminoff.
            “In the 1930`s, Hitler and the German Nazi`s envisioned a world to be dominated and controlled by a Nazi philosophy of pan-Germanism. The German chemists worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass-control which was submitted to and adopted by the German General Staff.
            This plan was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies. By this method they could control the population in whole areas, reduce population by water medication that would produce sterility in women, and so on. In this scheme of mass-control, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place. …

            “Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual`s power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him. [A convenient light lobotomy] ”

            The real reason behind water fluoridation is not to benefit children`s teeth. If this were the real reason there are many ways in which it could be done that are much easier, cheaper, and far more effective. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty.” More to this article so put on your thinking cap bud, and learn something new for once.” Read the rest below/url

          • sunshineinjuly
          • John Caudill

            Yes, I read it, and like all attacks upon the Nazis, the world has gone nuts. There are hundreds of thoughts about flouride ( incidentally, sodium flouride is a different product than what is discussed.) the AMDA has exclusively recommended flouride at less than 10 mg is healthy and beneficial to dental health, whether that is in water or topical, again, subject to conjecture.
            We, novices at most, must rely on our educated scientist or what are they there for.
            I, a mere student of chemical arrangement have no pretention of absolution, just one who views other peoples pretension of absolute knowledge, shoddy insulting ignoramus Individuals.
            Forgive my mind, undoubtably affected by my consumption of flouride. Maybe my brain is gone, but my teeth are remarkable.

          • sunshineinjuly

            what part of the face is this…Syphlys??? Or did you never learn how to spell..perhaps the fluoride affected that part of the brain, ya think? Indeed there is a fine line between facts and fictional BS…your knowledge is basic bs on all fronts.

          • sunshineinjuly

            Seems that all the fluoride you got for the last seventy years has done a number on you John….49 research studies prove how harmful fluoride has been to human’s IQs.


          • sunshineinjuly

            Quick Facts About the 49 Studies:
            Location of Studies: China (32), India (12), Iran (4), and Mexico (1).
            Sources of Fluoride Exposure: 40 of the 49 IQ studies involved communities where the predominant source of fluoride exposure was water; seven studies investigated fluoride exposure from coal burning.
            Fluoride Levels in Water: IQ reductions have been significantly associated with fluoride levels of just 0.7 to 1.2 mg/L (Sudhir 2009); 0.88 mg/L among children with iodine deficiency. (Lin 1991) Other studies have found IQ reductions at 1.4 ppm (Zhang 2015); 1.8 ppm (Xu 1994); 1.9 ppm (Xiang 2003a,b); 0.3-3.0 ppm (Ding 2011); 2.0 ppm (Yao 1996, 1997); 2.1-3.2 ppm (An 1992); 2.2 ppm (Choi 2015); 2.3 ppm (Trivedi 2012); 2.38 ppm (Poureslami 2011); 2.4-3.5 ppm (Nagarajappa 2013); 2.45 ppm (Eswar 2011); 2.5 ppm (Seraj 2006); 2.5-3.5 ppm (Shivaprakash 2011); 2.85 ppm (Hong 2001); 2.97 ppm (Wang 2001, Yang 1994); 3.1 ppm (Seraj 2012); 3.15 ppm (Lu 2000); 3.94 ppm (Karimzade 2014); and 4.12 ppm (Zhao 1996).
            Fluoride Levels in Urine: About a quarter of the IQ studies have provided data on the level of fluoride in the children’s urine, with the majority of these studies reporting that the average urine fluoride level was below 3 mg/L. To put this level in perspective, a study from England found that 5.6% of the adult population in fluoridated areas have urinary fluoride levels exceeding 3 mg/L, and 1.1% have levels exceeding 4 mg/L. (Mansfield 1999) Although there is an appalling absence of urinary fluoride data among children in the United States, the excess ingestion of fluoride toothpaste among some young children is almost certain to produce urinary fluoride levels that exceed 2 ppm in a portion of the child population.

          • John Caudill

            Yep, you are right, crazy as s bedbug! But got some fantastic teeth, according to my psychologist. ( going to let me out pretty soon, Obama needs some nut to help him find reality again!)

          • sunshineinjuly

            Indeed bama needs bigtime help…can’t argue with that. I wonder if the combo of fluoride in his water along with his sniffing white powder in the oval office affected gray matter. Sounds like you want more proof of bad news.

            “UPDATE: 4,693 Signers by-degree as of March 11, 2015:

            842 Nurses (RN, MSN, BSN, ARNP, APRN, LNC, RGON)

            621 DC’s (Doctor of Chiropractic, includes M Chiro)

            570 MD’s (includes MBBS)

            532 PhD’s – includes DSc (Doctor of Science); EdD (Doctor of Education); DrPH (Doctor of Public Health)

            368 Dentists (DDS, DMD, BDS)

            174 ND’s (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine)

            107 Lawyers (JD, LLB, Avvocato)

            104 Pharmacists (Pharm.D, B. Pharm, DPh, RPH)

            123 RDHs (Registered Dental Hygienist); also DH, RDHAP, EFDA, RDAEF, RDN, LDH

            72 Acupuncturists (LAc – Licensed Acupuncturist, and, MAc -Master Acupuncturist)

            48 DO’s (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine)

            29 Veterinarians (DMV, VMD, BVMS)

            20 OD (Doctor of Optometry)

            22 PA-C (Physician Assistant – Certified); also MPAS and RPA-C

            I’ll go with the aforesaid professionals/doctors/nurses/dds and yep, even lying lawyers jump on this bandwagon.

            I assume you read the European studies that are spot on.

          • sunshineinjuly
          • sunshineinjuly

            You sound like one of those who have been dumbed down by fluoride as you will learn here.


    • sunshineinjuly

      A thousand likes..a good assessment of where we are at now. A terrific insight into the economy can be seen with Ann Barnhardt’s 8 part video on Economy. This woman is super sharp, a former cattle broker who told the IRS where they could shove it and then they took her home and everything else. Such are the new robber barons all in bed together..the banksters like goldman sux and others with the gov’t all patting each other’s backs and other body parts.

    • John Caudill

      Why are you so upset, all of our Government electables are Attorneys! Taught from Law School how to screw their fellow man. We created the playing field, want to change it? Vote, no Lawyers allowed!

  • Doski

    Survival in a cashless society will REQUIRE everyone be “Chipped” in order to maintain security. Failure to Submit will be the equivalent of enduring a Siege.

    Poisoning Water systems and controlling food distribution simply insure compliance (Submission).
    Once everyone is on bottled water the GMO-ing of humanity can begin in Ernest.

    Beware of the “Long Game” folks, it’s more diabolical than one can reasonably imagine.

    • sunshineinjuly

      Thus making this statement moot if not downright delusional…

      “Such a fundamental deprivation of freedom on a worldwide level is not possible” Oh, yeh, ck out the use of vaccines in the US now…..when I raised my kids in the 60’s and 70’s they had a total of 5-6 vaccines by kindergarten. Fast forward and kids now get around 62 VACCINES by time they enter school. I call that a total deprivation of freedom, if not downright demonic by messing with bodies of humans. It is manifesting all over the place now with kids with more learning disabilities, adhd, autism, you name it, thus robbing families of their freedom to live without their time, energies, monies being robbed from them in pursuit of getting help for their kids. The Gardisal shots alone for young girls are reaping blindness, female problems, paralysis, et al.

  • Danny B

    Dear Bell, this is an excellent analysis. I wanted to add a different viewpoint that may very well reflect on your conclusions here. The FED may very well be trying to position itself to be indispensable. Then again, this might not work.

    As I’ve mentioned before, the bankers don’t have any armies. They often
    pair up with GOV to create lots of wars and arms sales but, they don’t
    have their own armies. What happens if their interests diverge? What
    happens if GOV goes broke and the banks have money?

    The U.S. treasury sells bonds to the FED and the FED creates money for
    the GOV. In 1913, the FED got the power to print the money. During the
    world wars, the FED printed tons of money. GOV (me and you) eventually
    paid off this debt. Several parties have publicly announced that the
    debt is FAR too high to ever be paid back.

    The treasury got the cash and the FED is left holding bonds that we
    can’t pay back. The FED would like to inflate the snot out of the whole
    economy so they could at least be paid back in inflated dollars.

    The FED buys bonds but, doesn’t get a lot out of the deal. ONLY when
    they resell the bonds do they gain something. The cash has been spent
    and the bond is worthless if it can’t be re-sold. QE becomes debt
    In all, there are about 300 VERY POWERFUL, partly foreign individuals that own the FED.”

    “The Fed has transferred at least some profit to the Treasury every year since 1934.” It now transfers MOST of it’s profits as enumerated in the vid.

    These owners of the FED are holding $ trillions in bonds that we can’t pay back.

    • Thanks, Danny B.

      • Danny B

        You’re welcome. I want to add some numbers;
        “Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has said our federal national debt will be about $22 trillion by 2020. I think it will be many trillions higher than what they say but don’t confuse our government national debt with our government negative net worth. What we owe in debt and entitlements is now well over $70 trillion and is now increasing by $5 trillion a year.”
        51% of Americans receive a check from GOV. Entitlements will (supposedly) take 100% of the budget by 2020.
        Imagine that they cut SS and 200,000 old farts show up in wheelchairs to demonstrate in D.C.
        51%,, what happens if GOV yanks the benefits from 10 million,,, 20 million?

        GOV keeps increasing the military budget to inject money into the economy. The latest fighter jet is a piece of garbage. Doesn’t matter. The latest aircraft carrier is a death trap. . Doesn’t matter. They were jobs programs.

        FED GOV boxed itself in with promises. Negative net worth increasing by $ 5 trillion a year.
        From the CBO; “CBO laid out three illustrative deficit-reduction paths showing that much more needs to be done to lower the debt-to-GDP ratio over the coming decade. One such illustrative path shows that it would take another $2 trillion of spending cuts and/or tax increases to bring the projected debt-to-GDP ratio in 2023 of 77 percent down to 67 percent.”
        That 67% does not include unfunded liabilities. FED GOV has to come up with a lot of money or break a lot of promises.

        • John Caudill

          Here we go again!

    • Bruce C.

      That was a good video (thanks) to learn about the mechanics of currency creation by the central banks, and how government debt owned by the CBs are effectively interest free, and I understand his argument that government debt owned by the CBs CAN BE effectively like the cancellation of those bought bonds, but only if the CBs are as benign as he indicates.

      First of all, (and I know you know this but other readers might not…) CBs are not part of their governments (e.g., the Fed is not part of the US government, regardless of its name). They are instead an independent cartel of bankers and banking interests. The “Sword of Damacles” that Duncan ignores is the threat the CBs have over their governments, which is the selling of their bonds on the open market. Doing that would create inflation, currency devaluations and higher interest. The CBs DO NOT have to hold their bonds to maturity and then roll them over in perpetuity as he suggests, and the governments/us couldn’t do anything about it.

      Furthermore, all of this is just another name for “helicopter money” in that it is literally unbacked paper/digital currency injected into the global economy. It could be given directly to individuals to spend, or to governments to grow and expand, or literally anything else that money can buy but it would not increase wealth automatically. It’s another example of thinking that the economic problems in the world are due to a lack of money – or, rather, the solution to those problems is more money. The truth is there is already more than enough “money” floating around. The fundamental problem is a lack of viable investments, and simply having more money to invest doesn’t change that except to raise the investment costs themselves. If, using Duncan’s examples, “green” technologies were actually economic then there would be a line of investors wanting to invest in it. Similarly for “bio tech” and “nano technology”, etc. If those were such no-brainers then even more money would already be invested in them, as judged by the “free market.” Instead, Duncan seems to imply that there isn’t enough money to invest further. That’s classic big government, top-down, centralized thinking that causes mal-investments to begin with, almost by definition. If “you”/he thinks low interest rate loans created by ZIRP creates mal-investments and inflated asset prices, you can imagine what truly “free” money ( i.e., not loaned but literally given) would do. Hint: it would be even worse, not better.

  • AndyH

    No cash means: no garage sales, no money from the tooth fairy, no lemonade stands, no “bet you a dollar”,, no tips for caddies, etc., no bubble gum machines, no roadside vegetable stands no church collection baskets, etc. Crime and tax evasion will continue, of course. But the government will know EVERY SINGLE THING we do!!

  • rahrog

    Maybe folks need to decentralize….or OMG!!! SECEDE

  • JR Burke

    The currency of the near future will be what you have in your ammo box and how willing you are to use it.

  • John Caudill

    Here we go again! Entitlements!
    ;As a 77 year old man who is still working, and has for 61 of those years, I have paid in, with no interest mind you, $580, 000.00 and still contribute more than I receive. You young punks are the ones that screwed up SS by letting the Feds use the proceeds in the General Fund with no interet and no accounting. FDR’s plan was to invest our contributions so we could live on the Interest later in life, but Alas, we allowed the jr weights to grab Mom and Pops dough with barely a wave of conscience, we must go to our grave, penniless and forgotten!
    Your time is coming, and if a afterlife is in the making, I will await, with bated breath and all, with a switch in my hand, that you also stole from us, and with relish, raise a few knots on your head, Entitlements; Bah Humbug!