The Danger of Obedience: Fake Police Crime Spree
By Joe Jarvis - June 30, 2017

The police do not care about keeping you safe. If they did, they wouldn’t put innocent people in danger every day by driving unmarked cars, behaving unprofessionally, and performing no-knock raids. All these things make it quite easy to impersonate an officer in order to commit a crime.

People know their lives are literally in jeopardy if they disobey even the most minor order from a police officer. Innocent people are no exception, and simply questioning an officer, or asserting one’s rights has gotten people beaten, arrested, and even killed.

Because of this environment created by an overbearing oppressive police state, a perfect opportunity has opened up for criminals to easily exploit their victim’s fear of police. Criminals simply need to pose as police, and any resistance on the part of their victims melts away.

Posing as Cops to Commit Crimes

It’s not just for big heists like in the movie The Town that criminals dress as police to commit crimes. It actually happens terrifyingly often.

The practice is so common in Miami-Dade that the police have a special task force to investigate instances of criminals impersonating officers. A family in Miami-Dade earlier this year suffered a home invasion after they opened their door to three men in police uniforms.

Last year in Tampa a 28-year old woman was pulled over by a fake officer and raped.

In April thieves in Tuscon dressed as police to invade a home. In May three suspects still on the loose did the same in Honolulu.

A Los Angeles man was convicted last week of fondling two women while posing as an officer and attempting to force another to take her clothes off while pretending to be a detective investigating counterfeit money.

In early June a man and a woman were arrested for dressing as federal agents and attempting to break into an apartment in Fresno California.

In Cleveland Ohio, a man was recently arrested and charged for handcuffing children on many different occasions in what appears to be a fake “scared straight” operation. The man was not a police officer, but wearing a gun and vest convinced school and court officials that he was an officer.

Even police have been fooled by fake officers, including a 14-year-old boy who simply walked into a Chicago police station and showed up for roll call.

Officers handed him a radio and told him to ride along with a female officer. The teenager even helped make an arrest.

“After four or five hours, she asks, ‘Who is this guy?’ ” recalled Jody P. Weis, who was the Chicago police superintendent at the time. “He’s in a uniform, he has a goofy badge, he doesn’t have a weapon and he’s a high school kid. It was so embarrassing.” (The embarrassment did not end there for Mr. Weis, who said he had recommended against punishing the teenager in juvenile court because no harm had been done. Three months later, the boy was arrested and charged with stealing a car.

Impersonating officers is not uncommon as you can see. This blind obedience to officers has caused women to be sexually assaulted, and homes to be invaded. But it is not just the fake cops you have to worry about.

Actual Police Commit Crimes Too

Real police commit crimes too, which is all the more reason not to place some members of society above fellow citizens.

If a police officer engages an innocent person, that person must essentially ask permission to walk away from the encounter. The fact that police demand unquestioning obedience, and act violently enraged if their authority is challenged only helps criminals get away with their crimes while posing as police officers.

But this same bullying extralegal behavior is used by police to commit crimes. Last year a Texas officer sexually assaulted a female driver, and a Honolulu officer was accused of raping a 14-year-old girl.

Unfortunately, rape and sexual assault by police officers appear to be extremely common. And even when the case is “resolved” with a conviction of the officer, the sentence is a miscarriage of justice.

One woman was offered a ride home by an officer after an incident had been resolved without any arrests.

She said she didn’t consent, but didn’t resist or say no because she was scared for her life.

“If I would’ve fought him back, yes, he would’ve murdered me. He would’ve took my life and I have kids,” she said.

The officer ended up being convicted and sentenced to one year in prison.

61% of all victims of police crimes are women. In San Diego, patrol officers working alone at night committed a number of sexual assaults against women they pulled over.

…of all the officers arrested, for offenses ranging from murder to drunken driving, only 54 percent were fired, and 37.5 percent arrested for domestic violence lost their jobs.
The study also found that roughly two-thirds of all the arrests were made by an agency that didn’t employ the officer…

Police also invade homes. An 80-year-old-man was shot to death by police after they broke into his home in a no-knock raid. They had obtained a search warrant with the only evidence being that they smelled chemicals associated with making meth. Hearing a home invasion, the elderly man picked up a pistol and was shot to death in his bed without firing a shot. No meth was found. The officers were not charged with the murder and were found to have acted appropriately.

This highlights how the drug war, no knock raids, and militarized police also contribute to the problems faced when trying to protect your life from thugs in real or fake uniforms.

But sometimes cops don’t even get a trumped up warrant before murdering innocent civilians.

One man was murdered by police when he took his legally owned firearm with him to open the door after a loud knock late at night. The officer did not identify himself, but seeing a gun, shot the man to death. For some reason, the officer was not charged, and the court prevented the man’s family from suing him, citing qualified immunity. They said it was not clear that the officer had committed any crime in murdering the homeowner.

The problem with police committing crimes is so voluminous that we can only scratch the surface here. But one thing is for sure, you have almost as much reason to fear becoming the victim of a crime from a real uniformed officer as from someone posing as an officer.


Indiana passed a law in 2012 that allows citizens to shoot an officer who illegally enters their home. It is unclear why this law was needed since it is illegal for anyone to invade a home, whether they are a cop or not. Having to codify something so obvious shows just how far the government will go to protect their criminal officers. Still, at least Indiana offered some legal cover to citizens forced to protect themselves from police.

Of course, most government solutions simply double down on the divide; prosecute impersonating an officer harder, and simply make it illegal to buy a badge or police uniform. Maybe while they are at it, they should ban Dodge Chargers for civilians, and prohibit civilians from wearing matching shirt and pants in any blues, blacks, or tans.

As usual, the solution from the government is to make more things illegal and punish pre-crimes like owning objects that might someday be used in a crime. Never does the problem come from the government’s end! It is always the damn civilians getting in the way of our brave heroes!

But the reality of the situation is that it doesn’t matter how many police-like tools and clothing they make illegal, or how hard they punish people who dress up as cops for Halloween. There is a divide between the police and the average citizen, and only by holding police accountable for their actions will the dangers of fake police be mitigated.

The only reason criminals have such success with this tactic is the population’s blind unquestioning obedience to police, beat into them over the course of years by bullies in blue who ignore the law to assert their will. It’s not the uniform, it is that we cannot tell the difference between the behavior of cops and criminals because they act in strikingly similar ways.

The solution is to stop giving police extra rights and privileges. It doesn’t make any sense that they are held to a lower standard for criminal activity than the rest of the population when they have more responsibility than most to behave appropriately. Any crime committed by an officer should be punished two-fold based on his position of trust and power over civilians, yet all too often they are not punished for their crimes.

A criminal is a criminal, whether his uniform and badge are fake or real. Civilians shouldn’t have to wait to find out if the officer is real, and they shouldn’t have to lay down and allow a real officer to have their way with them, with the only redress being later court action if they are alive to pursue it. This especially because people can be legally barred from pursuing civil action. Also, many police will not be charged or convicted of their crimes, or will receive ridiculously lenient sentences.

The two reasons people should not have to fear using such deadly force against home-invading cops is because A) if they are real police they are behaving criminally and everyone has the right to defend themselves from a criminal, and B) they might not be real cops at all, and everyone has the right to defend themselves from a criminal.

Not having to stop and wonder if this is a real police officer and wonder if you will be going to prison for decades simply for defending yourself makes you much safer and able to defend yourself and your loved ones.

If police are not given extra rights, there will be no reason to impersonate them.

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I repeat… Do NOT buy Bitcoin before you see what I’m revealing here.

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  • CCblogging

    In southern Georgia where I live, we have constant roadblocks. The police state has a cash cow fleecing our citizens.

    • We are sorry to hear that, such an obvious violation of the Fourth Amendment.

  • carl3989

    Wasn’t it bad enough to have “cops are bad” meme with 8 years of Barrack Hussein Obama ? Sure there are bad cops. There are bad doctors, dentists and priests, rabbis and don’t get me started on lawyers. Enough with cop bashing. In the US it’s the thin blue line that keeps most of us safe.

    • Doc

      These policemen are people like the rest of us. I think DB is trying to say that the system is rotten and then people start behaving accordingly.

      We need to break the monopolistic character of what the police represents, i.e. the territorial government. Strike the root.

      Let there be police, let them have special rights over those that believe that’s s a good idea, but let nobody impose it on people that see things differently. Which probably still is most if us.

      • Thank you Doc. No intention to “cop bash” here, simply pointing out what caused the impersonation of officers to be an easy tactic of criminals.

        • GH

          Well said Doc! As a child I had real respect for policeman. The fathers of a few of my friends were policeman and they were great guys. Any contact I had with them resulted in their being very helpful.
          However, through the decades I’ve observed the attitudes of law enforcers change negatively. It’s not the personnel who have changed, it’s the political system which created law enforcement training programs and has created laws which infringe on citizens’ rights giving power to law enforcers putting them virtually “above the law”. This of course, all done under the guise of “protecting the people” (same B.S. the military state uses on a larger scale…after all, government sees a free citizenry as the enemy).
          However, it must be reiterated that despite the trend of increasing abuse by law enforcement, I believe the majority of law enforcement officers are decent, or at least go into the profession with the notion they’ll be helping people.
          As always, it is imperative that all citizens maintain a sense of vigilance for their own safety.

          • Don Duncan

            If the majority of LEOs were decent the bad cops wouldn’t exist nearly as much. Have you ever heard of a cop arresting a cop when working together? But we see on YouTube cops breaking the law, being brutal thugs, and their fellow “good cops” do nothing. Judges do nothing. Juries do nothing.
            Yet, judges have ruled a citizen must help prevent crime. So, we have two classes, the citizen who has civil duties, and the cop has no duty to prevent a crime (SCOTHUS ruling). This is backwards from an ethical or practical standpoint, but ethics and practicality play no part in politics.
            This is the world “we the people” create when we support a system where rights are for authorities only. It all starts by giving away your sovereignty to a ruling (sovereign) elite.

    • nathenism

      you could not be more clueless about the police…everyday all over the country cops are going around assaulting and murdering people for no good reason, often times just for fun…they are also robbing people, raping people, torturing people into making false confessions, setting innocent people up…cops are by far society’s biggest criminals…and what’s worse is that they are being trained to be this way….they are trained to wage war on humanity, to see everyone as the enemy…you must have been living in a sheltered little bubble all your life because you have no clue what’s going on out on the streets…there is no thin blue line keeping us safe…that is a total fantasy…

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Police abuses and excesses are just another benchmark for End of Empire.

  • autonomous

    When laws become codified personal preferences, law enforcement also becomes personal preference. Law abiding is always a personal preference. Neither courts nor police can be more than a little more lawful than the average citizen. If laws are not considered appropriate by citizens, they won’t be considered appropriate by those set in place to enforce them.

  • georgesilver

    After this heavy piece of fear-mongering I scanned down looking for the solution.

    Here it is :- “The solution is to stop giving police extra rights and privileges.”

    How does the individual do that then?

    • Lewie Paine

      What the world needs is more self-mastery, not more obedience. Order followers are the people that keep the system of slavery in place.

      “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”
      – Henry David Thoreau

    • GH

      I don’t see where shedding light on increasing abuses performed by any group is fear mongering. Major media outlets only broadcast “bad” police issues when it’s politically expedient…ie; when they can insight racist activism via bombarding the airwaves, cyberspace and newsprint with biased reports of events. This DB article sheds light not only on the effects of “law enforcers gone bad”, but the effects of allowing criminal activity of any government agency to go unpunished, or even under punished.

  • auto mouth

    Fake news, now fake police reports. People are not killing each other in Chicago with guns, it just another way to get government to ban guns.

  • Anon.

    Legaly they’re privileges not rights.

    I’m sure if they shot a sjw they’d be prosecuted.

    This is arguably the USAs biggest problem. The differences between rights and privileges. You can legally and Constitutionally forfeit your rights and be given privileges instead.

  • Praetor

    Fake cops are nothing new, (St. Valentines Day Massacre) perpetrated by fake cops.

    Law and Order has replaced the Law of Nature, “If I do harm, I must look to suffer, there being no reason that others should show greater measure of love to me, than they have by me showed to them.

    Justice was taken out of the hands of equal individuals and placed in the hands of an absolute arbitrary power which dictates what is crime and punishment. Of course individuals can over do the punishment part, You stole my cow so I will eliminate you and your children, way over the top. That’s why we have judges and the courts.

    Justice has devolved into inequality across the board and at every level. Law and Order in today’s world is not Liberty Piece nor Justice.!!!

  • Cops are as evil as the day is long. We would be better off without them.

  • Don Duncan

    On rights: 1. There are no special (extra) rights. That delusion is a negation of rights. 2. We cannot waive a right, legal ruling to the contrary is another negation of right. 3. We don’t need to “assert our rights” to have or maintain them. Again, legal rulings which say otherwise are a negation of rights. 4. If the DOI is our paradigm, our standard for judging a govt., then the only justification for govt. is to protect rights. Again, legal rulings to the contrary notwithstanding.
    No one, no majority can grant rights. Rights are inherent in our humanity. They come with each individual, recognized by others or not. They still exist. When violated, it is not a violation of rights to defend a right. It’s only logical, even if it is a logic that escapes many crippled cognitive govt. school victims, political zombies, the willfully blind victims of their statist faith.

  • AmeriKa, The Rogue State