The Deep State and Its Memes
By Daily Bell Staff - January 22, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio Slams Corporate Greed and Calls for the Elimination of Fossil Fuels … “We cannot afford to allow the corporate greed of the coal, oil and gas industries to determine the future of humanity.” – TIME via People

Dominant Social Theme: The same greedy corporations that pay me millions must divest themselves of their oil and gas interests. Oh, and coal, too.

Free-Market Analysis: We’ve watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s career with a kind of awe. The man has an innate sense of what constitutes an elite dominant social theme and is abundantly enthusiastic about reflecting them on the Big Screen.

We first became aware of his predilection this regard when he acted in the mid-2000s movie “Blood Diamond.” Like so many Hollywood movies, this one had an overt purpose as well an underlying agenda.

Just as gold has been demonized for poisoning poor people who damage their health in order to mine it, so Hollywood discovered and presented in this movie the idea that certain diamonds were drenched in the blood of impoverished innocents and ought not to be marketed.

This may be true and the sad plight of such innocents is a larger commentary on the wickedness of our world. But even so, we ought not allow emotion to entirely overrule analysis. There were other reasons to present this movie.

In fact, in retrospect, “Blood Diamond” was a precursor to the current “cashless society” meme. Elite globalists among us will seemingly not stop until they justify tracking and quantifying every single item of wealth remotely available.

Diamonds are small, valuable and easily transportable. It is difficult to make them illegal simply because they are expensive. Thus they provide a store of wealth that is virtually untrackable.

However, if one can justify setting up a facility to certify which diamonds are “white” and which diamonds are bloody, then tracking diamonds becomes a good deal easier. One has essentially created a justification for registering diamonds. Another form of wealth stripped of anonymity …

“Blood Diamond” is by no means the only politically correct movie that DiCaprio has made. “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Django” are two more that come to mind. One is about evil bankers and the other about evil slave owners.

You see? DiCaprio is surely not averse to mining the rich, simplistic vein of authoritarianism that infects increasing numbers of Hollywood blockbusters. Hollywood rarely lets facts get in the way of a good story.

In the case of DiCaprio, his statements could signal publicity for yet another politically correct movie or maybe he was simply unburdening himself of anti-energy beliefs for personal reasons. There is yet another possibility that we’ll get to at the end of this analysis.


Leonardo DiCaprio wants the world to say goodbye to fossil fuels. While being honored for his philanthropic work at the World Economic Forum in Davos the Revenant actor and devoted environmentalist, 41, praised the recent progress that’s been made in the fight against climate change, but stressed the work that still needs be done.

“Last month in Paris, world leaders reached an historic agreement that provides a concrete framework to reduce carbon emissions,” he said. “This was an important first step, but we are a long way off from claiming victory in this fight for our future – for the survival of our planet.”

According to the People article, “DiCaprio pointed to the elimination of fossil fuels as the next big step to be taken,” and “friends” were quoted as saying, “This is something close to his heart. He truly cares about this.”

He is certainly reinforcing his beliefs with his wealth. We learn that the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has “announced another $15 million to environmental projects.” DiCaprio is also partnering with different conservation and sustainability groups.

DiCaprio is often known as an “A list” star and his words have a lot of clout. But does one really need to “campaign” against fossil fuels? If they are truly disastrous wouldn’t people reject them over time? Certainly absent government support fossil fuels would be subject to supply and demand.

In fact, there has been a firm partnership between Big Oil and Big Government and if DiCaprio is sincere, he might want to launch a campaign against the petrodollar itself.

This re-emergent is certainly worth paying attention to because it seems to us that the further demonization of oil and gas at a time when oil has slumped to US$30 a barrel may be aimed at a continued undermining of Middle East oil power and Saudi Arabia in particular.

In a number of articles we have already pointed out that it seems to us that Saudi Arabia is being deliberately attacked to undermine the reserve status of the US dollar. The idea is that the dollar must be weakened in order to integrate it into a larger basket of currencies that will provide the basis for a worldwide currency.

To this end, Saudi Arabia, which supports the dollar reserve, must itself be weakened and the House of Saud damaged or even overthrown.

Perhaps DiCaprio’s increased enthusiasm for ridding the world of oil and gas may be seen as part of this larger campaign. For people aware of elite memes and their dissemination, such an analysis is certainly speculative but not necessarily unrealistic.

The Daily Bell has been founded on the idea that elite memes are regularly disseminated and circulated in society and that they color every part of our existence, belief structure and behavior. The more you understand about such memes and how they work, the less susceptible to such manipulations you may be.

Conclusion: The way that memes are disseminated and the mechanisms surrounding their propagation are complex and in some sense all-encompassing. In the modern era, the connections between various parts of society – industries and regions – run deep. The more you are aware of this matrix, the freer you can be.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • tdupuy

    If such a secret conspiracy truly exists, how does it prevent some whistle blower, who has suddenly seen the destructiveness of such a scheme, from spilling the beans?

    • You mean an “insider” will declare our thesis accurate? Hasn’t that happened already?

      • tdupuy

        It’s happened before.
        These kinds of things are hard to keep secret for very long.

    • disqussted999

      You mean you wish there were someone like Snowden? You mean b/c it has been so easy on him to do that? And even after all that he has “spilled” (and in fact continues to spill), has it toppled the military industrial financial big brother complex? So…yes there have been, no…it’s not so easy, no…it hasn’t stopped those conspiring at the “elite” levels. And even beyond Snowden, there have been many whistleblowers in history. Many are dead, or have been marginalized or had their lives essentially destroyed through threats to family or slander or blackmail, or have been bought out to change their story, or you name it.

      Have the Bilderberg meetings ceased?…how about the CSR meetings?…or the Society of Rome? What would you call those? You think they’re sitting there deciding how they can use their wealth for YOUR or MY benefit? Do you think they see us as their dear children whom they desire to bless in every way? Or do you see and hear them speaking about us as chattal to be used. Do they see us as stupid and ignorant and gullible serfs who should be grateful for their condescending lordship, who can be swayed to put our trust in them (in essence, entrust them with our rights and freedoms), by promoting for instance completely ridiculous and anti-scientific frauds like man-made global warming (among others, like bird flu epidemics requiring mass vaccinations, etc etc etc)? Or have you actually never read the things that come out of those meetings, or rather, are covertly snuck out. (If you haven’t, then you should stop right now and do exactly that, so you’re not simply reacting in ignorance. Just in case you haven’t, here’s a snippet for you taken from A history of the New World Order — Part II —

      June, 1991 – World leaders are gathered for another closed door meeting of the Bilderberg Society in Baden Baden, Germany. While at that meeting, David Rockefeller said in a speech: “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

      Ok, to review, he is talking about “discretion”–keeping what is said a secret–for forty years; “develop our plan for the world”–what is your definition of “conspiracy”?; “if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity”–ie, again, secret; “prepared to march towards a world government”–those your plans or mine, or those of WeThePeople?…no and I don’t think so, but THEY have been planning this for at least forty years (and actually many more)–yes, conspiracy; “an intellectual elite and world bankers” is “SURELY preferable” (caps added) to “national auto-determination,” ie, allowing us ignorant farmer chattal, WeThePeople, to actually have our say or our choice. They have to make our decisions for us, behind closed doors, and initiate the processes, whether we like them or not. Yes, conspiracy….

      These are people, exceedingly wealthy and powerful and influential people, meeting behind closed doors, and often behind multi-layered police lines and barricades. If it were all for our good, and all on the up-and-up, why not make it a public forum? Or, again, maybe we have to start with you giving us your definition of “conspiracy,” b/c all the above certainly sounds like the definition in my dictionary and the definition that history uses.

  • Goldcoaster

    I have an opposite meme. The Saudis were richer than s–t with oil at $20. I believe their cost of production is something like $3 a barrel. Yes they have more social spending, but what if this Saudi problems thing is just a meme?
    What if the economy is so weak, that they figured they had to drop the price of oil bigtime to save the economy? and of course now the deep pockets players come in and buy up the marginal oil and gas projects for pennies on the dollar.
    THAT is power, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      “The Saudis WERE richer than s–t with oil at $20”. But then QE came along and they couldn’t buy enough jets to get all the newly reconfigured loot into circulation. I hear the House of Saud is deeply in debt.

      • Doski

        That’s not Debt . . . It’s an Investment, don’t cha know. Just ask CONN-gress !
        (Sarcasm Off)

    • NARF

      what IF the Saudis keep the price of oil at $20 long enough to bankrupt the US oil fields….and then BUY those assets for pennies on the dollar….when thats done in 2 more years they run oil right back up to $60…but NOW they have our oil fields!

  • Goldcoaster

    where the hell did my comment go? removing that comment suggests only one thing DB. well, two things.

  • Praetor

    This high school drop-out cannot demonize the petrodollar, his wealth would disappear. The bohemians of Hollywood are a most useful idiot lot, are they not! The memes are presented as ultimate truth, when in fact the opposite is the truth. Instead of humanity dying from heat stroke and thirst, humanity may end-up frozen to the ground like human pop sickles. Everything that is projected through the Main Stream Video is to get humanity to believe in a lie. Anything or anyone that gives an alternative view or opposes the lie is called a conspiracy nut. Most people are just trying to survive the useful idiots and the propaganda machine of the Keynesian Oligarchs to see the day they all pass away!!!

    • Heywood Jablome

      Most unfortunate that a great number of zombies not only worship at the feet of these faux intellectuals, but actually believe what they say and imply. As my daughter is fond of saying, they have let the unintelligent, unquestioning masses breed for too long, and the problem now is almost insurmountable. In this era of instant communications and revelation, those who question the memes and are aware of their existence, can only keep trumpeting the counter themes, and continue to research and spread the word. We could use a mainstream organ like the DB which reaches not just a few who are sympathetic to the premise, but the many who are currently sucking up the venom spewed by the MSM, political ideologues, ivory tower demagogues, and all the political mandarins who profit at the expense of the many, and are in the employ of the one world order promoters…….

  • The idea of evil controllers is tempting to the idea of powerless sufferers. They make a fine pair – and while that is written somewhat lightly – I recognize in my gut that it is tragically experienced and acted out.

    The way to ‘control life’ is to position oneself as being the one whose definitions ‘take’ or ‘carry’ because life is never really controlled so much as defined in ways that contest a sense of control. We already have a huge investment in self (definition) and tend to look only for what reinforces it – and we all have different perspectives within a wholeness that is unavailable to us while busy contesting, defending and seeking to prosper or prevail in such terms.

    Trying to ‘read’ life is of course the desire to be able to map and predict and control outcomes and yet is a mutation of an innate capacity to discern life – which is nevertheless an aspect of our being that never truly leaves us – though the conditioned mutated mind can experience itself disconnected from and indeed threatened by its original nature.

    I do not doubt that opportunistic and ‘professional’ manipulators seek to undermine or disrupt communication by interjecting bias or deceit in any scenario where we have a gap or backdoor through which they can get from us what we leave open to thieves. Some of this is what we call our mental-emotional conditioning that is simply calling out for ‘magic answer’ or ‘protector’ because the fear is not really owned or truly felt.

    The social contract does have outer aspects that facilitate survival along certain lines, but it is also the result of seeking to mask or hide from what we deny in our self because it was buried as an invalidating sense of guilt or overwhelming terror, or dangerous hateful rage and loveless intent. All the shit is buried like radioactive waste while on surface the matrix-movie runs as the attempt to avoid and delay shit as much as possible in whatever ways are available – from the core impulse to survive that has not evolved or changed since the imprinting of such conditioning.

    However, as one who become somewhat exposed to what was formerly so successfully denied that my born existence was a way to hide it – I also know that the Wholeness of being moves to re-integrate itself spontaneously, naturally. Of course. And so the ‘control mentality’ is ultimately defending against letting this Wholeness register within our consciousness and subverting and usurping anything that gets through.

    Now this meaning cannot communicate unless meeting a deeper willingness to open to listen and feel, than desire to exploit it as a basis of self-validation along negatively conditioned lines – of the need to be in control. There is a natural version of ‘control’ that is not coercive and which is part of clearly held desire. I feel that may libertarians know this in their hearts – and of course it comes out of a willingness to relate and communicate freely – that is free of the coercive interjections or impositions of guilt-blame and fear-rage deceits. This calls for a quality of inner responsibility to always look beneath or beyond the form or presentation to feel the actual message – which like a trojan can hide in the things we most want to hear or most identify with. We are easily deceived in the main because the very framing of our sense of life and world, invalidates consciousness in any sense of its true expression of an Individual movement of wholeness of being. There is no way I or anyone can give experience in words of what it truly is to be alive – but there are many contending versions of ‘reality’ both within us an as our world around us.

    Terror and rage are the hidden device of denial – because these are the most intensely denied feeling. One way of saying this is that we invoked this power of denial and its ‘guardians’ and their shadows when it was needed – but which may no longer be our living desire now – and this means going past the boundaries that keep it hidden or indeed hide us from what it was designed to protect us from.

    But terror and rage, powerlessness and loss are at hand in outer reality for more and more of Life on Earth as the scales tip to flip. That we have a participation in this that is individual but has collective results is hidden from the collective surface mentality that diverts and divides us from noticing.

    If anyone aspires to success that has influence, they will meet the power behind the illusion. If they then ignore its dictates it will affect the form of outcome they then meet. If they align with it – they may only express that of themselves that serve that agenda. It does not need a conspiracy – being already the common core conditioning that is equated with survival.

    Everything pivots upon what we give power and meaning to – and that statement illuminates where the power truly rests. But identifying against evil gives power and meaning no less than openly worshipping it as power.

    We all serve roles for each other that are truly determined by the script or focus that is actively running. A guilt and blame script gives the world we presume to know – and seeks to demand itself be the only god or reality. Be mindful of any image or idea you accept as your reality – because it will be the measure of you while you hold onto it. If your own definitions make you powerless – is it really so?

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Awesome! Never would have thought this one through without the DB.

    And this is yet another Money Power meme:

    “Diamonds are small, valuable and easily transportable. It is difficult to make them illegal simply because they are expensive. Thus they provide a store of wealth that is virtually untraceable.”

    Many have demonstrated that the earth’s store of diamonds far exceeds what is claimed by the diamond cartel. If people only knew how un-precious their wedding bands are!

    • Oh, for sure. If the Internet has taught us anything, it has taught us that scarcity was long ago weaponized by the elite for purposes of promotion and profit. We call them “scarcity memes.”

      • Fear of loss ‘creates’ the expectation or fear of scarcity. No matter how much one apparently has – such fear can stalk as a shadow.
        The dark arts may be WRIT LARGE by the ‘elites’ (all the better to wake up) – but deceit is part of the mind that is at war with what is and wants it different than it is – and therefore presents what it is not, to get what it otherwise believes it lacks.
        Tricking people into reacting in ways that serve your outcome whatever they otherwise may have chosen is not news. A smile is often a disarming tactic.
        Vigilance against deception is part of the state of health. But those who practice deceit as if in secret cannot see that they are likewise deceived. They get to feel special. They have their reward and then they meet with the cost of a lack of integrity that may not be at all easy to uncover – if they are blessed enough to even recognize they are poor in spirit and thus regain their true sense of themselves.

        If one does in any significance uncover a peace of acceptance – then it holds within it the capacity to discern what is out of true with itself. I don’t mean lip-service here but a real sense of gratitude and appreciation for the presence of life and the natural inclination to honour or nurture life in its expansion and not merely in contract or bargain struck.
        If that is the healthy plant then the pest wont find a way in – but wait – there are triggers of residual conflictedness that are dormant until triggered – and in the abandonment of the perspective of peace for the reactive drama – is there the temporary pathways for a loveless intent to use you for its agenda. Perhaps through a lifetime without ever even guessing one was such a regular and loyal contributor to actions and events your surface personality abhors.

        The false abundance ruse is often followed by the closing of supply so as to net a captive. Or make them helpless to suck out the life from.
        How can one actually know anything if not knowing who you are – through which to feel it?
        Who we think we are is variable and often part of a strategy of spin that we make real and must then defend against reality – which is forever moving to ‘adjust’ the inflated and disconnected sense of value in line with the true function – which is from a true appreciation that only a balanced perspective can give.

        i feel that ‘evil’ is not itself creative and so is an opportunist to take any quality of life and subvert the form of it in such a way as to undermine integrity and introduce division and conflict – which effectively obstructs the light or presence and makes a loss and scarcity out of what we simply already are – but believe we have lost, betrayed, been abandoned by, cheated of, or assert that we never really had anyway…

        My gist is that the devices of manipulation offer a reverse engineering map OUT of powerlessness – but only to the willingness to look at them in mirror image. That seems absurd to thinking. Of course it does. That is what such thinking is for – to make absurd any idea or perspective that leads to releasing the promise of power that delivers powerlessness. If still holding out for that winning hand then they simply wont leave the table and if they see the game is up would sooner overturn the table and leave their defiance as a dump on the Earth. There is a lot of hatred and we hate it when we really do not line up the life we envisioned – and even if we rationalize and regroup that rage leaks out all over the place. There is no scarcity of negative energy for ‘elites’ to play with – but that doesn’t mean they wont move to stamp out anything that starts to embody freedom as it feels threat to positions of leverage and privilege.
        Unless perhaps a win win negotiation can open in place of communication breakdown – because bottom line what we want is symbolized by what we seek. What if there are other ways to be without fear, abundant in life, and honoured for who you truly are – by those who are in your life?

    • alaska3636

      Tell my fiancee that her engagement ring isn’t precious. Go on. I dare you.

      • If it is precious for reasons other than your love then where is your love?
        Precious is subjective and relative. If selling it gives you the means to otherwise not starve then food is more precious.
        Market value is what you can find someone willing to pay regardless of what it is supposed to be worth.
        If diamonds were not artificially limited as to availability, they would be a whole lot cheaper!

        Blessings on your union!

        • Samarami

          “…Market value is what you can find someone willing to pay regardless of what it is supposed to be worth…”

          And that, my friend, is about the most concise and accurate single sentence explaining economics and the marketplace that I’ve seen. Keep up the good work. Sam

    • Bruce C.

      Not only that I wonder how far up the food chain such knowledge goes? We hear of the ultra rich buying “rare” diamonds but I wonder how many such “one of a kinds” there really are.

      The argument/concern applies to “numismatic” coins as well. Unlike bullion, which is fungible and one of the things that makes it such a good form of money, the true rarity of “rare” or “mint condition” coins are hard to prove or determine. However, I suspect diamonds may be a lot more controlled than coins, partly because I’ve never heard that about coins – it just makes sense because it’s subjective.

  • Jose L

    Help me figure this out. We’re supposed to believe the dollar is set or is being set up for an imminent collapse, yet it continues to stregthen in the face of sinking oil prices, massive currency devaluation, and even with foreign holders of treasuries selling at an increased rates (China). Further, price inflation has stayed at decade lows.

    So, are we exaggerating King Dollar’s demise? Is the death of the dollar a figment of the Alt-media’s imagination? And what of the yuan and the ruble? Is their ongoing collapse not symptomatic of the fact that there may be a real demand for the dollar, even now?

    Forgive me for playing devil’s advocate, but when one reads the news these days, it’s as if there are two completely separate realities at play.

    • Wait and see if they converge …

      • Samarami

        Either that will take place, or there is really a Humpty Dumpty. And he can never fall from the wall.

        What is so difficult for most to assimilate is the fact that “King Dollar” is a myth — a religious belief, a superstition. As are all fiat currencies. As faith leaches away from that superstition, the loaf of bread that once cost a dime, then a dollar, now 3.50 or more (I buy high end bread) will cost one hundred — yea, two hundred — and will simply become unavailable.


  • Bruce C.

    I don’t mean to argue with any one in particular, I’m just “thinking out loud”, but the concept that “the globalist elites” are positioning to weaken the dollar doesn’t make sense to me. Everything that’s being done – including dumping on Saudi Arabia (if that’s even true) – is strengthening the dollar which is equivalent to making the dollar all the more important to all parties/countries. Every other currency in the world, and especially the most “important” ones, are devaluating – the euro, yuan, pound, sw franc, ruble, yen, aussie dollar, loonie, etc. How in the world is weakening the dollar going to ‘bring it into the basket of currencies’ that comprise the SDR? The IMF is a US proxy. Given the predominance, and now outsized prominence, of the US dollar how could weakening it enable a globalist usurpation? Remember, “global” implies world-wide as in pan-national. Usurpation of the power and dominance of the US dollar/military is exactly what globalists would want. Why would they topple the very infrastructure that they crave? Why not usurp what already exists? It’s even more subversive because every other country is already vested.

    Now, practically speaking for individuals, what does this mean? It means that whether or not the US dollar subsumes all other currencies or is toppled as the DB predicts, PMs (gold, silver, etc.) are still a safe haven in that they will maintain or even gain value (acceptance and purchasing power). Think about it: If the dollar weakens then PMs will increase in value relative to the dollar and thus your purchasing power is preserved. If, on the other hand, the dollar subsumes all other currencies then holders of US dollars now can buy PMs at a relative discount to other currencies and then the only two currencies remaining will be PMs and SDRs, and my bet is that PMs will be a whole lot more tangible and real and practical to individuals than “Special Drawing Rights.”

    • esqualido

      The national debt could be paid off quickly by asking each citizen to define”special drawing rights” and fining him if he could not, but more to the point, what was the big deal about Christine Lagarde at the IMF, sitting on her tax-free throne and deigning to include China in the “SDR basket,”, when ten seconds later they were free to devaluate the yuan? The obvious attraction of PM (or wampum or conch shells for that matter) is that you can’t just pull them from your you-know-what.

      • Bruce C.

        Your not kidding about most people not understanding SDRs, but the truth is they really aren’t well defined – literally. It’s a potentially complex subject but to the extent I understand them the scenario expressed by many cited at the DB doesn’t make sense to me. Some are saying that the US dollar must be weakened to bring it into the SDR system. But that makes no sense because the US dollar already is a part of the SDR system. Since the yuan was accepted as a sufficiently liquid currency in November of last year, as of October 1, 2016, the XDR “basket” will consist of the following five currencies: U.S. dollar 41.73%, Euro 30.93%, Chinese yuan 10.92%, Japanese yen 8.33%, British pound 8.09%. So, the US dollar is already a part of it.

        What I think those people are trying to say is the SDR system becomes relevant only if or when the US dollar becomes “weak” or in some way unsuitable to act as a reserve currency. That is absolutely not the case at this time nor at any time since 1971 when it became decoupled from gold.

        But here’s the interesting and potentially nefarious part that relates to your question about bringing in the yuan. The IMF and the crazy SDR system was born as part of the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 (and btw, the IMF is HEADQUARTERED in Washington D.C. in case anyone thinks it’s a foreign entity.) Everything was fine until the US started to abuse its reserve currency status, at least in the opinion of other countries, during the late 1960s when it started to acquire National debt to pay for the Vietnam War and Pres. Johnson’s “Great Society” program. Monetarily that meant that the US was borrowing its own currency (US dollars) which acted to reduce its perceived liquidity. That was actually a conservative monetary policy because it meant its deficit spending was borrowed from global investors. Other countries thought that was profligate, however, and so demanded gold instead of dollars for international transactions. Basically that meant the dollar was losing its reserve currency status in favor of gold, which also meant the US was having to transfer its gold upon demand to whoever asked for it lieu of dollars. That is when SDRs started to become prominent because they acted as a backup system for settling current account deficits for its member countries without those countries having to pay interest on borrowed funds. Not wanting to lose reserve currency status the US then decoupled the dollar from gold and the Fed began “printing” dollars to provide the liquidity needed, which effectively weakened the dollar relative to gold (i.e., the price of gold jumped from $42/oz to about $100/oz). SDRs have been dormant ever since.

        However, now that the yuan is to be part of the SDR system it too must provide sufficient liquidity to act as a foreign exchange lender to countries with negative current accounts (i.e., imports that exceed exports) and so the yuan is having to weaken itself to do that by “printing” more of them by its central bank. That’s why the yuan is weakening, besides discouraging imports to China in an attempt to convert its economy to a more domestic one.

        • esqualido

          If liquidity were sufficient to be included in the SDR basket, the Zimbabwean currency would have been included- they have quadrillions of them. “Store of value” was implicit in the Bretton-Woods system post WWII: all currencies were pegged to the dollar, which was pegged at $35/oz gold. “Not wanting to lose reserve currency status the US then decoupled the dollar from gold” does not describe the situation: DeGaulle of France recognized that the Emperor had no clothes; there was no way the U.S. dollar could maintain its gold peg in
          the face of massive deficit spending on The Great Society plus the Vietnam War. If anything, forcing Nixon to “close the gold window” made a mockery of the idea that the dollar was a reserve anything.

          • Bruce C.

            I agree with you. That sentence “Not wanting to lose…” came from an article about the history of SDRs. Sure, Nixon himself justified closing “the gold window” ‘to stop the speculators’ who were demanding gold instead of dollars and then selling the gold for a profit, so there are a number of ways to spin it. Nevertheless, the US definitely did not want its currency to lose reserve status. The requirement to be in the SDR system is to have “sufficient liquidity” in the monetarist sense, so decoupling from the gold allowed a potentially unlimited supply/”liquidity” whose value would be based on who knows what, but that’s what happened.

            The reason US dollar continued to serve as a reserve currency is because of the petro-dollar agreement in which oil – almost all of which was supplied by the “OPECs” – was to be sold in US dollars only. That created a need/”demand” for US dollars for that reason alone. Furthermore, foreign countries accepted US dollars for their exports and so they began to build up reserves of US dollars and/or “invested” them in US Treasuries. The net effect has been that the whole world “owns” a lot of US dollars/Treasuries and so the dollar remains “strong” because of it. That also means every other country in the world has a vested interest in keeping the US dollar strong, because if it weakens or “crashes” they will lose a lot of purchasing power.

  • Samarami

    Fifty years ago I did not have Daily Bell to present me with scholarly definitions. I could not have verbalized genuine liberty and freedom. But even in those days I sensed what I now know to be memes and dominant social themes. I now recognize them as attempts to cause me to become “engineered socially” (long after the term “social engineering” crept into my vocabulary). This was not only with movies, but also with news, advertising, comedy — anything that came across the tube or the silver screen.

    And that is how I came to throw television out of my life (and also pretty much out of the lives of my kids, to their chagrin). I have resisted intellectual manipulation from the get-go. I was a candidate for anarchy probably by age 5.

    Today I am a proud celebrity illiterate. Once again I had to google “Leonardo DiCaprio” to make sense out of this article. And it does not surprise me that he is in concert with attempts to manipulate world events that will cause the hoi polloi around the globe to welcome such criminal innovations as “global currency”.

    “…..The more you are aware of this matrix, the freer you can be……”

    So now I see the underpinning of my ongoing declaration: I can be free. Here. Today. Where I’m “at”.

    And so can you. Sam