The Problem Isn’t Robots, The Problem is Attitude
By Joe Jarvis - November 29, 2017

Robots are taking our jobs. We all know that by now. And it sounds scary. But it really isn’t.

It is understandably upsetting if you are one of the people who will be out of a job. There can be growing pains as the economy shifts. People who thought they were all set until retirement might have to find new jobs, and gain new skills.

But robots taking menial jobs means more time. Some people used their time to come up with robots that will save countless hours of human labor. Imagine what humans can come up with using all the new free time they created.

As challenging as that is, those people should rejoice. They are being given an opportunity to grow. Do you really want to do a job that can be done easier and cheaper by a robot? Why not use that big brain to do something really productive and fulfilling?

I don’t know about you, but I never feel like I have enough time. I’m lucky to enjoy most of the things I do with my time. I am very thankful to enjoy my time making a living. But if I was suddenly out of work, I am confident that with those free hours I could quickly think of another way to earn a living. That is what a human brain is for.

And that is how robots advance civilization. They free up human capital to do even more amazing things than the robots are doing. And it is up to individuals to figure out how to make their time worthwhile.

One study says that 30% of all current working hours will be taken over by robots by 2030. That means almost a third of the work humans do right now will still get done. And humans can instead spend that time doing something more productive and fulfilling! That is amazing.

But the media pushes helplessness and fear.

“There are few precedents in which societies have successfully retrained such large numbers of people,” the report says, and that is the key question: how do you retrain people in their 30s, 40s and 50s for entirely new professions?

This paragraph sums up the real problem with robots replacing jobs. People have the attitude that they are helpless. How do YOU retrain these people, the article asks. This is such a master-slave dynamic of thinking.

It is insulting to consider people in the 30’s-50’s utterly incapable of gaining new skills. You, me, the government, we don’t have to do anything!

It is not our job to make sure people see the opportunity in this. Yes, I want to help empower people. But giving the government this type of power to herd the workers of the world into new careers is insanity! They don’t know what the economy needs. They cannot possibly see what the future holds! They will waste tax dollars training these people for silly jobs, and they will waste these people’s time in the same fashion.

These people will be best off by taking personal responsibility for their own retraining.

  • Just as they are now, wages may still not be sufficient for a middle-class standard of living. But “a healthy consumer class is essential for both economic growth and social stability,” the report says. The U.S. should therefore consider income supplement programs, to establish a bottom-line standard of living.

And there’s the real motivation. They are still pushing universal basic income.

The government wants to make ever more people dependent. Dependent people are easy to control.

It is so empowering taking control of your own life and setting the course for your future. But the government will entice people to take the “easy” way out. In the end, this will lead to personal and economic stagnation.

Ironically, a headline on one of the study’s graphics makes the counterpoint. It says: “Jobs of the future: some occupations will grow, others will decline, and new ones we cannot envision will be created.”

But not if people are pacified and robbed of their creative motivation. I’m not saying we need to watch people struggle to see if they will come up with something productive. But we cannot create an entire class of people who are content not using their brains to better themselves.

I’m not saying it will be easy. It will likely be stressful. But these conditions are what make people grow. There is no telling what people will come up with. People will find ways to serve their fellow man in order to make a living. And that will increase the overall standard of living.

The government plan creates no new wealth. They simply redistribute existing wealth through a basic income. This is an opportunity for humanity to use 30% of their productive time in exciting new endeavors. If we let the government have their way, they will destroy that opportunity.

So many people I know only achieved their full potential after being fired or laid off from comfortable jobs. Some did what they always wanted, and were successful. Others found a new job, better fit for their skill set and desires. And others started from square one, persued a new career, or created their own business.

But when the government intervenes, they cause all sorts of upsets. We should fear the government intervention far more than the robots taking our jobs.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Alan777

    Unfortunately, way too many people to not use their brains for much. About all they can do is service jobs and largely it’s the fault of our public government-controlled-dumb-them down-education system. Joe, sorry to be pessimistic, you’re right in theory and also in that it won’t be easy.

    • john cummins

      And the best start would be to abolish the state education system.

      • Col. E. H. R. Green

        That would necessitate a civil war, not only against government “schools” employees, but also against every other government employee at every level of government because their entire compensation package, like the entities at which they “work” are funded by a massive legalized act of theft–but theft nonetheless–in the form or coercive income and real estate taxes.

        It would also concurrently require a war against all civilians who are the beneficiaries and recipients of stolen property that coercive taxation distributes to them in the form of welfare schemes, loans, grants, subsidies, government contracts, and bailouts.

        I am sincerely in favor of and prepared for a civil war to put a complete stop to this statist thievery and totalitarian control.

        The sociopaths and psychopaths in government–and government, at all levels entirely comprises them–and their civilian supporters who benefit from the looting and controls (and who beg to be controlled) will not surrender peacefully their illegitimate, self-entitled grip on the lives and property of those who take seriously their legitimate individual rights.

        They all must be deposed.

        • Charlie

          I agree, convention of states is a good legitimate place to start.

    • Unfortunately many people are in a tough position created by government, which is all the more reason to make sure it doesn’t continue. Thanks for the input!

  • Varangian Guard

    Robots don’t call in sick when they really aren’t.
    Robots don’t ask for bathroom breaks when they really don’t have to go.
    Robots don’t complain about non-existent problems.
    Robots don’t require unions.
    Robots don’t claim racism against management when it really doesn’t exist.

    Not very many managers will turn down a reliable conscientious employee when they have an issue to address be it bathroom, sickness or an unexpected emergency. The problem arises when that same employee needs that special consideration and their union “brothers and sisters” have abused and are currently abusing their employers leaving them short handed and the good employee has to pick up the slack.

    Humans have created their own obsolescence. Those that pushed forward with their educations and have shown initiative have created robots to pick up the slack. Not every job can be replaced….yet. If humans keep showing how low they can go and how much they try to get away with…pretty soon the lights will be off, and the company will either be shut down, or they won’t need lights because automation doesn’t need them to do their job.

    There is no one to blame but ourselves, for either being the slacker, our looking the other way to avoid confrontation when the slacker did their dirty deeds.

    • CW

      There is certainly a LOT of this that occurs. People need to decide to eat – or not. But there needs to be options for those that choose to work and sadly those seem to be on a path to obsolesce too. Not disagreeing that this dilemma is self-inflicted.

      • Don Duncan

        The “self-inflicted” dilemma starts with self-enslavement called the state. The state would not exist were it not for political zombies. They feed off the sovereign mind’s production. And it makes some of them resentful, so they vilify the productive. They try to control the source of their life. And they drag them down. Eventually this sick superstitious social paradigm will self-destruct, as it has everywhere for millennia.

    • Charlie

      I worked 17 years without a sickday it got me early forced retirement at 57 only three months after being fed a nice dinner for excellent performance by my yankee manager.

  • NobodysaysBOO

    lots of TIME to DRIVE the aliens OUT?
    LOTS of TIME to rebuild your neighborhood smart?
    lots of TIME to really closely INVESTIGATE all US government crimes and unlawful actions world wide?
    lots of time to CAPTURE the 911 crime krew?
    lots of time to drain the swamp in DC?
    learn CODE.

  • pragmatico

    Let me see if I have this right: change is happening, and it is happening more quickly than ever before. How quaint! So … who is responsible for keeping up with change if it is not the affected individual? Who is responsible for applying his or her creative imagination? You surely don’t want to leave it to the Government, which is one of the slowest-moving, ineffective behemoths ever devised. It’s greatest success lies in creating slow-moving dependents. No, I repeat, the secret lies in applying the creative imagination. Everybody has one and it’s not necessarily related to intelligence. It’s all about picturing possibilities by LOOKING for possibilities. They are unlikely to knock on the door and introduce themselves without proactive invitation.

    • CW

      You’re right of course, but most people just aren’t wired that way, particularly if they’re living at the margin. Life can get pretty difficult and applying creative imagination either doesn’t occur to them or takes a socially unacceptable direction.

      Change is the only constant. Personal responsibility and initiative is the only viable path. What happens to those that can’t with the program? Seriously. I don’t have an answer.

      • Don Duncan

        You said it: “Personal responsibility and initiative is the only viable path.” You asked: What happens to those who “can’t”? Everyone can, if they choose. Choice is not automatic, therefore some will not abandon the delusions they hold. Noone can be forced to think. But they will live or die with their choices. I can’t save them from themselves, nobody can. Statists promise to do it, but they lie, first to themselves, then to others. They are “true believers”, delusional.

        • Col. E. H. R. Green

          “Choice is not automatic, therefore some will not abandon the delusions they hold.”

          Not abandoning one’s delusions is an act of choice.

          One is using one’s faculty of volition at all times, even in the act of denying that one has volition.

      • Col. E. H. R. Green

        Please give examples of real people “who can’t”.

        Then you will be able to see solutions that they can engage to exercise their self-responsibility and initiative, with or without your charitable help.

        • Charlie

          some actually get by selling drugs to live a good lifestyle while they are trying to buy a legitimate business?

    • Very true!

    • Charlie

      well put. but it is hard to go to work if you can’t afford food.

  • CW

    Of course the theory is correct, and it fits the American ethos particularly well, hitting on both pushing frontiers and pulling oneself up by his own bootstraps – but theory is not reality.

    We’ve already been down this path and the outcome is observable. Offshoring / globalization / seeking more efficient labor markets – whatever label you want to put on it has gutted U.S. industry and eliminated the middle class. This has generally made the population susceptible to more government control by taking away their livelihoods, stripping them of their sense of value, and removing any realistic path towards upward mobility. Insulting? Hell yes.

    The economists’ idea that people will just retrain to better, higher paid, more fulfilling jobs may hold true across broad geographic areas and multi-generations, but it sure doesn’t help help the current autoworker in Detroit or coal miner in West Virginia. Suggesting that people should lose their jobs to offshoring or automation and that their resulting circumstances is a result of their own poor attitude is disingenuous at best. These people aren’t stupid and they’re not lazy, there’s just no place for them to go.

    But you’re right, they are going to have to figure it out. The living wage movement is just another step towards outright slavery, which may be the outcome of automation anyway. If people are superfluous, what do you do with them? None of the answers that come to mind seem too appealing.

    Automation certainly has a place, but to embrace it wholesale without realistic consideration of its impacts is naive.

    • northernraven

      It’s not off-shoring or globalization that’s destroying the middle class.

      In the first place, the middle class is historically an anomaly that occurred due to one-time only circumstances after the Second World War: Eurasia devastated, North America untouched, Nazi gold, etc. We milked that for all it was worth and we are now reverting to the mean. Get used to it.

      In the second place, this mean reversion was turbo-charged by central banks destroying purchasing power, the growth of inefficient government, phony inflation and GDP statistics, dumbed-down indoctrination … I mean education, the elites robbing us blind, etc. etc.

      We can’t develop solutions if we fail to address the real problems. And you’re right; the living wage movement (guaranteed annual income or whatever they call it) isn’t the solution. It’s been tried (Manitoba ‘Mincome’) and although it works on a small scale, it is not scalable to an entire nation. As usual, government is the problem disguised as the solution.

      • aj54

        Getting tired of this ‘fake news’ of our middle class being an aberration.
        A story useful to those who hate the little people. Hitler recreated their middle class after kicking out the international bankers, and using internal scrip d-marks and external barter to rebuild their economy while the rest of the world was suffering the ravages of the Great Depression; they had the highest living standard of the time. The Russian economy between 1890-1913 had an incredible boom that resulted in huge increases to the standard of living, cultural flowering, and creation of the bourgeoisie.

        • northernraven

          Neither of which lasted long, did they? That’s the definition of ‘historical anomalies.’

          We should be thankful ours lasted as long as it did. Now, money is “returning to its rightful owners.” Not saying I like it, but I’m not surprised by it.

          Name two countries with central banks not owned by the “Red Schield” and you’ll see why we’re told North Korea and Iran are our enemies. The banksters always win in the end.

          • aj54

            Tsarist Russia was destroyed by bolsheviks bankrolled by American banks, and Germany by a coalition of nations controlled by their own central banks. Russia has nationalized it’s bank under Putin, after he paid off their debts. He did that by taxing the oligarchs, one of whom went to prison for 6 years for tax evasion. Russia is now the true Christian nation the US always claimed to be. This is why Russia is constantly demonized, Putin is the new Hitler who has succeeded by getting rid of the banksters.

          • Norman Dolinic

            Stop making laugh did you ever go there and seen this?

          • aj54

            you have not studied history until you have read as much by the vanquished as by the victors

          • Charlie

            putin has control of everything and uses any means needed to keep control. he is always going to be trying to take over more territory to increase the wealth of his party. you have no idea of Christianity. Russia may have Christians but putin has never been one of them.

          • MountainMan

            They didn’t last long because their neighbors backed them into a corner and forced war upon them.

      • Charlie

        amen, amen, aaaaymen ayyymen

    • aj54

      The robots should be taxed for every job they destroy. While we are waiting for a new cultural and industrial revolution, people need to eat. Of course, there have been the great minds among the elites who argued for some time that this reality is really a game from the future, because they are waiting to push a few billion players off the board.

      • Col. E. H. R. Green

        Throughout history, automation and robotization have created many more jobs than they have eliminated.

        Your fears are fundamentally overblown and irrational.

        • Charlie

          go to a meeting of auto workers trying to relocate and use up their savings to get a lowerpaying job and speak your bs and see how that plays out, you better bring all your progressive friends and wear your riot gear.

  • Praetor

    I want the job watching robots work. If one of them needs a drink of oil, I can push the button to do that. If one of them needs to go to the repair shop, I can schedule that. You will need people to quality control the machine. More artist musicians and more time to go fishing hunting. Human will always have work to do. Just a matter of view.!!!

    • Charlie

      the repair technician will never be replaced by a robot until we just make throw away robots. A person that can logically understand a technical problem has never been paid according to his ability mostly because he settles for less because he likes his work and the manager type can never understand the capabilities of the repairman. The insurance salesman in my estimation has always earned a very good income according to the work performed, look around you. do you think there will ever be a robot ins salesman? what will become of the wealthy ins salesmen and the people that provide all their toys and homes if they are replaced with robot ins kiosks?

  • AtlasAikido

    A work it out…

    Did a Robot write this article?

    Why not I ask myself? And to what extent was their automation?

    Did the human writer do enough Robotic manual things that could be automated? What of the Android Note he may have written it on?

    Would I read it? I did. And what of the comments? Could those be handed off to a robot? An autonomous assistant…it could be! 

    Was there balance or did chaos ensue?

    Given the choice of driving a car, having a chauffeur, access to a robotic car etc etc comes to mind..

    Uber is about to rollout autonomous cars.

    Making things better is part of what humans do. Will it be better? If not do something else…

    In one’s own life, mine is about progressing incremental improvements and testing that out, making it possible to reset a position–with capital intact–as new ideas are suggested. Cueing improvements that are either followed and compounded in a practice or culture of such or not.

    This issue of automation is played out today at the airport. Many restrictions. Warning signs regarding one’s freedom and security. So don’t go there. Yes it’s so called convenient but at what cost to one’s autonomy, privacy, safety. Are there alternatives? Yes!

    SOooo in many ways it is about attitude and nuances and contours as I write this on my Android phone to post on this site. Lots of robot like conduits. 

    I am reminded. Will there be enough food to feed everyone? The Malthusians say no. 

    The Mongolian Horde School and Eco and Climate Control School say no we are swamped…

    The Dunning Krueger School says no, people are too stupid etc etc

    Must we enforce from the top down lest there be chaos from the hordes? 

    The top down control domination punishment school of thought certainly believes so…Hearing such 24×7 helps who? What main stream media? What education system? 

    The folks who home school seem to get it. How many? Apparently enough. Prior to getting it they didnt. At some point they did. Did they organize top down? Nope! Each doing their own thing…Did they cue others?  In a division of labor society emulation is how we teach and learn unless one is still hung up controlling the ownership of ideas somebody else’s head! 

    Is there individuals each doing their own thing creating a path that is not top down command control and thereby creates a self correcting form of spontaneous order from the ground up? Yes. To the extent it’s not interfered with by initiating force and even then people still go off peacefully and do their own thing.

    Do they out number the controller types yep! 

    The power to live in better ways will always go to the self organizing and yet relational. One need not go far to observe this in action…perhaps look in the mirror? How many Android phones need one count to get the school of thought that prevails in action…

    Ref for more on this… 

    Sent from my 4G LTE Android Device

  • john cummins

    far more…

  • Norman Dolinic

    My big problem is with what to do with people who do loss there job, and the gov. Mostly the Democrates will make gov. Jobs, like the 12 or 13 % increase from Obama days,Did the cleaning of the swamp bring it down? And there is just not enough people who will say or do anything to stop it. Oh well.

    • Don Duncan

      The existence of the state is everyone’s “big problem”. And not because it is failing. It is the failure. It is the decease claiming to cure the sickness it created, after it was created by all who want to be ruled, and force that desire of everybody. Maybe it could have been stopped early on, if enough of the freethinkers fought it, refused to let it get a foothold. I don’t know. But now, the sovereign minded are few, and too outnumbered by the pubicly educated (brainwashed). People do speak out and are ignored. The political zombie apocalypse has arrived.

      • MountainMan

        As Murray Rothbard wrote, “the state is our greatest earthly enemy.” He wasn’t kidding.

    • Leopardpm

      I understand where you are coming from: automation will increasingly cause a larger displacement of the labor force and this means that more and more folks will be unemployed for at least a while. If it is assumed that ‘something has to be done’ meaning ‘by government’ then I would suggest:

      (1) Do away with the whole subsidization of unemployment. Stop paying folks not to work!

      (2) Instead, replace it with an Individual Employment Account into which each employee will contribute a portion of their earnings. When a person becomes unemployed, then the fund is able to be accessed in two ways: (A) as a ‘dowry’ for retraining purposes offered to any company which agrees to employ the person, or, (B) as start-up funding for a new venture for the person in question, can be combined with other unemployed folks IEA for larger ventures. Any funds left in the account at retirement are then transferred to the employee’s retirement account.

      (3) Start teaching kids about basic economics and what a ‘job’ is and why it exists in the first place (a job is just something that another person needs/wants to be done and its value changes).

      (4) Be prepared for the ‘Hyper-Gig’ economy – virtually all folks will have multiple ‘jobs’, sideline gigs, and no lifelong single careers. We need to be flexible, and more dynamic in our thinking and actions.

  • MountainMan

    Great article here, lots of good ideas! As far as it goes, I am in agreement.

    The only thing that disturbs me is the fact that there are large segments of the population which are fully incapable of transitioning and/or transforming themselves in the ways you describe.

    When major shifts in labor and unemployment kick in, they will be totally unprepared and helpless. The latter is not merely “learned helplessness,” either, though I know there is a lot of that out there. They simply lack the capability to do as you suggest.

    Therefore, somebody with a great deal of power is going to have to figure out what to do with those people, and that is going to be a 64 million dollar question.

    • Good point, but at one point are people responsible for their own lives?

      • Col. E. H. R. Green

        At the point when they are young adults capable of living on their own, with their parents no longer responsible for them in any way.

      • MountainMan

        An excellent question, and one which every person must face, like it or not. The short answer would be, when they reach puberty.

        But the situation is not quite so simple. Human beings live in settlements, of whatever size. Rules govern behavior, and bigger settlements tend to absorb and overrule, or, at least overlay, smaller ones. This is the situation that we face in the US, with various levels of government, e.g., the city, county, state, and federal government. Unfortunately, these monopolistic bodies have presumed to take on responsibilities for human life which exceed their usefulness and have fostered dependency and decivilization.

        I wish we could do away with those, and, actually, invisibly, subtly we ARE doing away with them as market players offer private solutions to public, taxpayer supported solutions. Many of these have appeared in the pages of the Daily Bell.

        Still, there are MILLIONS of people who are not picking up on this stealthy process at all. They are mired in dependency, physically and mentally (as the author pointed out) and are hardly in a position to intelligently and peacefully participate in these technological transitions. Alternatively, they ARE very much in a position to cause major trouble for their neighbors (you, maybe?) if their means of survival suffer a major hit which does not leave them enough time to adjust, even if they were capable of it.

        The point that I’m trying to make here is that the restless millions of dependent ones are capable of causing major trouble for those who are able to make this transition.

        If human beings were allowed to secede and form fully independent societies in which those capable of it fully embraced such technological changes, while those NOT capable of it were FORCED to fend for themselves on their own properties, come what may, that would minimize the problem of “social unrest” which we are currently facing. Of course, the more intelligent/capable ones would still have to defend their properties from scavengers and trespassers.

        But we do not live in such societies. As things stand now, our property rights are routinely violated, and we are FORCED to subsidize the reckless, the lazy, the irresponsible, and the criminal, whether we like it or not.

        Clearly, change is in order for this society, and this means “creative destruction.” The danger is that the destruction may very well get a lot more than just “creative.” It might also get violent and bloody.

    • Col. E. H. R. Green

      Since no human being has any legitimate “power” over another because no person is a slave to another, it is no one’s rightful business to “figure out what to do with those people.” It is the individual responsibility of “those people” to conceive of solutions to their own problematic circumstances, and do so at their own expense. Others may voluntarily offer to help them in whatever way they choose, but that is all that they may do.

      Because “those people” have the right to self ownership, self-governance, and personal liberty, and private property, ultimately the responsibility for every aspect of their own lives devolves upon them.

  • Anon.

    All along the way there will be trillions of dollars worth of companies whose sole focus is to occupy every one of those free seconds. Even if they don’t make a profit doing it.

  • Wade House

    The Problem Isn’t Robots, The Problem is Attitude

    1) Children taking adult jobs:
    Top 15 Companies Hiring 14 Year Olds
    Burger King
    Pizza Hut
    Taco Bell
    Piggly Wiggly
    Dunkin’ Donuts
    Carl’s Jr.
    Hobby Lobby

    2) Millions of manufacturing jobs lost Overseas

    3) Undocumented workers by the millions taking
    jobs that use to go to American Citizens.
    They can pay these workers alot less than
    their American Counterparts.
    Americans use to do these jobs, but refuse to work
    and kill themselves for jobs that they can’t survive on.
    Some Americans work up to 3 jobs and many work 2 jobs,
    just to try and make ends meet.

    You are right DB, the problem isn’t Robots, it’s the attitude of
    those in charge that help corporations dismantle the American
    workforce and family.

    And we can talk about the Massive Multi-Tax Burden on those who do work!

    There are answers, but they won’t be found in the MSM or the Alt. Media when neither states the full scope of the problem.

    • Leopardpm

      all of these things: automation/robots, outsourcing, youth labor, undocumented workers, etc are only ‘problems’ if you are making the Lump of Labor Fallacy assumption. In other words, you assume that there is only a limited amount of work to be done… this is false. As long as humans have desires to change their situation then there will be ‘jobs’… we have unlimited desires.

      • Wade House

        I don’t assume there is a limited amount of work to do. I know there is alot of work to do. But that won’t help average Americans if all the work is given away to others. Corporate race to the Lowest Wage.

        I talk about what I see: Record Foreclosures, Pan Handlers on the street corners, stacking of families into one living unit, depressed wages, higher taxes, etc. Who needs to assume?

        If these things aren’t a problem to you…to each his own. We all have our own paths to follow.

        • Too much common sense for the average numbskull who is already mind effed by the many illusions created for them. Many simply cannot grasp the obvious because their I-phone and TV has sucked the brains out of their head as well as their supposed education that was a fallacy? All are shams on the populace who cannot see it for what it is.

          Don’t believe me ? Why do we see the massive student debt bubble ? Because people stupidly bought into a bogus education with no possibility of employment with a bogus education ! A self fulfilling shamwow product created that nobody was forced to buy into. Just as drug addicts are not forced by anybody to inject or smoke poison and toxins. And we are supposed to feel sorry for all of it for some ridiculous reason, and all of it was a lack of common sense and direct decisions made very poorly. Nothing new in USA today as our government has helped spawn much of it deliberately !

          • Wade House

            “drug addicts are not forced by anybody to inject or smoke poison and toxins. And we are supposed to feel sorry for all of it for some ridiculous reason?”

            Yes! Yes we are! Are we are brothers keeper? I believe we are!

            I look at all people as family. Drug addiction or religion don’t matter. If my sister or child were on drugs, my response to the situation would be based on that fact…and I extend that to all humans. But that’s just me!

            All these so-called facts you seem to subscribe to, don’t seem to take into account the biggest thing…DIVISION!

            Divide and Conqueror! I’m against anything that divides us, because I know where it leads…to more of the same!

            You talk about control, the biggest control tool they have is DIVISION! NOW THAT IS A FACT you can sink your teeth into!!!

          • Leopardpm

            Yes we are! Are we are brothers keeper? I believe we are!

            unless you are prepared to lock someone up in a cage for using drugs, you will not stop them continuing to make the wrong choices if they do not desire to change. Am I my brothers keeper? sure, but he is NOT my slave where I can make all of his choices for him! I can extend a helping hand, give advice, propose different choices and options that he may not currently see, attempt to persuade him… but in the end it is up to HIM to make a different choice, to change his behavior. And, by the same token, I am not his slave where I should be forced to support him if he continues to make negative choices.

            We are all individual human beings, and as such we have empathy for each other. But we are also not slaves to other humans, right? I may not know the exact answer to the purpose of my life here on earth, but it definitely is NOT to be the slave of another human. To forcibly extract my labor or property in order to subsidize the poor life choices of others against my will is an act of slavery and intolerable.

            You talk about control, the biggest control tool they have is DIVISION! NOW THAT IS A FACT you can sink your teeth into!!!

            I agree with you in this

          • Wade House

            “lock someone up in a cage”? think of others as “slaves”.
            I’m 100% anti-slavery. And I don’t think about locking up family members in cages or making slaves out of them.
            Not how I consider treating family.
            We have different points of view!
            My view isn’t of a lovey dovey future. My view is practical.
            “Together we stand…divided we fall” It’s that simple.

            “We are all individual human beings, and as such we have empathy for each other.” If only that were true…this world would be a much better place! 🙂
            No! We don’t all have empathy for one another! I see it everyday.

          • Leopardpm

            I am trying to understand exactly what you mean when you say that you are your brothers keeper…

            So what do you do, exactly, when a person decides to take drugs, which interfere with their life and ability to hold down a job or further their education? Do you talk to them about it? What if they don’t listen, or pretend to listen, and then continue making the same choices? Do you employ them, knowing that they will probably drive away customers or even hurt themselves or others while on the job (if they show up at all)? Or do you just give them money so they will have enough money for rent, food, and drugs? How exactly do you ‘keep your brother’?

          • Wade House

            I’m going to let you answer your own question.

            So what would you do under the above circumstances if it was your; mother, father, sister, brother or child?

            Lock them up and throw away the key? If so…I’m glad I’m not in your family! OMG!!! 🙂

            No, all joking aside: This is actually the POINT where if you were truly serious…we could hammer it out without JAIL TIME or turning people we like into SLAVES.

            We are actually quite a smart people. But keeping us divided and controlling the information flow between citizens, prevents those super bright ideals from coming to general knowledge.

            That is about to change! Plans are already being made and the Elite are fully aware!

          • Leopardpm

            it is my brother: he is a depressed alcoholic, who has been unemployed for a year or so now… keeps applying for only the top end type jobs in his field, but wont even consider a lower pay, menial line of work until he finds what he is looking for. He has health/lung issues but refuses to stop smoking (I smoke as well…). So, besides giving him some food, advice and encouragement, and small amounts of money here and there, what am I supposed to do? He needs to find the motivation himself to get out of his current track. He could have earned $20k this past year even just working at McDonalds… that is a major improvement to his financial well-being…. but he doesn’t want to…. what exactly am I supposed to do to be my ‘brother’s keeper?

          • Sink your teeth into helping yourself and your own personal honesty. That is the real issue and answer for anybody always.

        • Leopardpm

          These statements by you are confusing:

          On one hand you say “I don’t assume there is a limited amount of work to do.”

          But then you say the opposite “But that won’t help average Americans if all the work is given away to others.”

          If there is ‘unlimited’ work to be done, then HOW can it be all be done by others? This makes no sense to me… perhaps you can restate so I understand better.

          I talk about what I see: Record Foreclosures, Pan Handlers on the street corners, stacking of families into one living unit, depressed wages, higher taxes, etc.

          all these things are not related to any sort of lack of work available… sometimes there are government impediments which do prevent labor from reallocating efficiently, and sometimes there are choices which individuals make or have made which affect their employment status.

          If these things aren’t a problem to you…to each his own.

          my attitude, which was instilled by father, is to find out what others need and do those things for them – when wanting to ‘find a job’, I could walk in to almost any business, take a good look around, approach the owner and see what they feel is their most needed type of work to be done… then make an offer to do it or learn to do it. Waiting around for someone to post a sign, or looking at Want Ads or even online employment services is a very passive method – fact is, we are each a business of one, and we sell our labor to others… being a business (of yourself) means you need to sell yourself (sales), discover what others want/need (entrepreneur), invest in your own capital (education/skills), and perform the work in the quality and manner you say you will (quality control/honesty)… this isn’t just some opinion or perspective… it is a realistic look at your role in the market really is… ignore it at one’s own peril.

          As far as those things being a problem for others… sure – I care about my fellow man. I hate to see someone who is either down on their luck or is suffering from the consequences of their actions. Different folks can be helped in different ways… some will listen to advice, some won’t… some need just a helping hand to get back on track and that can be provided in a variety of ways.

          • Wade House

            My Point Of View, my statements and the general situation are easy enough for the average person to understand.

            I don’t care what your father told you. Sorry, not interested.

            You could walk into a job and blah, blah, blah. Unrealistic when you have hundreds sometimes more trying for the same job.

            I myself am highly skilled, and licensed. Put myself through schools, paid for them myself and so on. Ex-Military and have been around the World.

            I don’t subscribe to the train of thought that it’s all the citizens fault, that they need to do more. That’s the MSM and Alt. Media view.

            The problem is Systemic. And if you can’t see that…you can’t be trusted! IMO!

          • Leopardpm

            You could walk into a job and blah, blah, blah. Unrealistic when you have hundreds sometimes more trying for the same job.

            If you choose to restrict yourself to only waiting for a ‘job’ to be advertised somewhere, knowing that 100’s of other passive folks are going to be applying… seems pretty unrealistic to expect to have a chance at finding a job. What I am suggesting is that folks understand that the skills they now have may not be valued anymore, that they just might need to be retrained and learn something new, and since they are responsible for their own lives and how successful they are going to be they just might want to be a little more proactive and figure out how to ‘make’ their own job… your thinking that the only jobs available are the ones advertised for is incorrect.

            I myself am highly skilled, and licensed. Put myself through schools, paid for them myself and so on. Ex-Military and have been around the World.

            sounds like a well-rounded person, and someone who might understand what I am suggesting. You say that you are highly skilled, I assume that you know that if your skills are no longer valued then it would be incumbent upon you to learn new ones… and that there are things you have learned in your life that will also still apply in any employment situation: show up on time, do what you say you are going to, be professional and look the part… it is these simple things that anyone can master and gets them 70% of the way into a job.

            I don’t subscribe to the train of thought that it’s all the citizens fault, that they need to do more….
            …The problem is Systemic. And if you can’t see that…you can’t be trusted!

            If there is ‘fault’ then I would also agree that it is ‘systemic’… the educational system as well as the media. But no matter the fault, it is the responsibility of the individual to make themselves of value to others in order to survive – that is what a free market is all about. No one ‘owes’ us employment or a good life, we must carve that for ourselves out of what situation is presented to us.

            The economy is currently undergoing vast changes as automation/AI start to alleviate the need for human labor in more and more areas… this means that folks need to be more flexible, more agile in being able to earn a living. But this is a good thing even though it means that highly feared “change” is happening.

          • Wade House

            “If there is ‘fault'” IF THERE IS FAULT!?!?!?
            I and many others could write you a book of “FAULTS” perpetrated against Americans and Humanity in general.
            Unbridled, oppressive Tax System,(which isn’t needed BTW), poisons in Medicines, ADR Adevrse Drug Reactions that kill 488,000 Americans per year and maim another 1.5 million, Jobs being given away to others (already covered), the deliberate (or seems so) poisoning of our land, air and water( both ground and seas, the hiding of cheap, renewable energy sources, Money Creation out of thin air by ENTITLED INDIVIDUALS, etc. etc. There is No level Playing Field.
            Never has been.

            “restrict yourself to only waiting for a ‘job’ to be advertised somewhere, knowing that 100’s of other passive folks are going to be applying… seems pretty unrealistic to expect to have a chance at finding a job.”

            This is where POINT OF VIEW comes in. I’m not worried about myself. I didn’t mention that I also have 23 years of experience in my field and companies seek me out.
            And until they make a human like robot that can WALK into someone’s home and fix any plumbing, electrical, or HVAC problem they have…mine and many other jobs will be safe for years to come.

            I THINK ABOUT HELPING OTHERS! It’s the reason I AM!
            I can’t even picture a life not trying to help others. I go through life looking for how many people I can help before I go. 🙂
            Point of view…you see.

            I don’t totally disagree with all that you say…we just have different points of view.

            It may very well be that those who can’t adapt will fall.
            But I think we are engineers of our own future as well as our own society. And I am stepping up.

            I can remember not too long ago when any American could easily get a job in a day or two. Those days aren’t gone because of the future or robots. They have passed because of many of the influences I mentioned earlier.
            Those are all man-made circumstances. And whatever man makes…can be UNMADE!!! A very un-nerving statement to those currently in charge.

            Thx for the discussion. Nice to have an actual talk without the name calling and religious stuff.

            I truly apologize if I offended you in any way.

          • Leopardpm

            Thx for the discussion. Nice to have an actual talk without the name calling and religious stuff.

            I truly apologize if I offended you in any way.

            no problem, I appreciate the discussion as well.

            RE: all the things you mentioned as to ‘faults’ – yes, all those things are the root problems, but, we do not have alot of control over them until enough folks become ‘aware’, until then we must adapt and change the things that we can…

            Where we are disagreeing is in your statement about the faults… you say one of the ‘faults’ is “Jobs being given away to others”… this is a fallacy. Jobs ARE not ‘ours’ (as potential workers, or even as citizens), they are the property of the company or person who is offering the job. To make a simplistic point, if I desire a ditch to be dug in my yard, that is MY job, and absolutely NO ownership is conveyed to whomever I might hire. My neighbor has absolutely no right to tell me whom I can or cannot hire, or if I even decide to hire anyone or perhaps get a robot to do the job. In addition, my choice to provide a job or not does not take away from the amount of ‘jobs’ available in the economy… as this pool of work to be done is unlimited.

            So whether or not robots or foreigners do more work for us, it does not take away from the work we still can do… these are not the reasons for our unemployment above natural ‘frictional’ unemployment (the time it takes between jobs)

          • Wade House

            I agree with your statement completely.

            I was thinking more along the lines of Public Work Projects, reserved for American Citizens.

            And other projects like building things we want instead of corporations forcing defective and inferior products on U.S.
            All reserved for American Citizens.

            If we have Public/Gov’t Companies…we do have a say.
            I don’t trust Corporations any further than I can throw them.
            Don’t trust the Gov. that much either…but like you say, with a Private Co. I have no say at all, period.

            Every Country has the Absolute Right and Obligation to Protect it’s Citizens and Economics is part of that package, IMO.

  • If horses just had some attitude and simply ran harder and took less food they wouldn’t have been replaced by cars.

    • Leopardpm

      not a good comparison… horses are ‘one trick ponies’ whereas humans can do unlimited amount of different things. Horses would not have been out of work if they also knew how to type, right?

      • Yeah right. Did you think of artificial intelligence? And don’t think it can’t be done. We live in a virtual reality created by an advanced civilisation. Your thoughts are generated by a computer too.

        • Gotta admit, some of your texts look like that! Hahahahahaha…

  • Mindy Curtis

    Learn a skill like basket weaving/wood carving etc. It is likely that once the robots take all the jobs then hand crafted things will become a luxury item. When most restaurants are using robots to cook & serve food, think of how sought after a luxury restaurant will be that has human servers/cooks/entertainment. The possibilities are huge.

    • Agree but would add, there are many better skills like how to build a house or building or fix things or grow things and on and on.

      What happens if all the technology we are fr too dependent on quits working in todays world ?

  • We are all far too mesmerized, deluded and controlled by what we call technology today. This is a huge mistake and is in fact a control mechanism to some degree and a very serious matter to consider. The issue is not so much technology, but how it is used and for what purpose ? Ponder that simple concept because it is 100% accurate !

    As an example, how does NSA ,FBI, CIA and many other government agencies gather info on all of us and why ? It is all done via technology and most of it is via your I-phone that you willing give all your info like a sheep in the herd that follows the next sheep ?

    • Wade House

      “how does NSA ,FBI, CIA and many other government agencies gather info on all of us and why ? It is all done via technology”

      Old news friend. Everyone here should know this already. Add to them; Google, Facebook, all Social Media, the Net/Web in general.

      The answer is to Flip the Script. They are a large powerful dinosaur. Old, ponderous and small brained. And we are agile, smart and waking up.

      Which is why they try to confuse us with useless information overload and keep us arguing over petty B.S. crap like religion and politics.

      But they are too big to run and hide from the arrows of truth that are coming their way. And me…well I’m one of the Bowman. And I don’t run, I don’t hide and I don’t miss!

      I don’t fear them…they fear me/U.S.!!!

      “in fact a control mechanism to some degree” Surely you jest! “IT’S ALL ABOUT CONTROL!!!” Not to some degree but 100%! What we see, what we think, what we talk about. They want near TOTAL CONTROL of our thoughts.

      But we are becoming aware…the Race is on…The Game is In-Play.

      • Not old news at all. Many people are still very much asleep or unaware. You are behind the curve and miss what I am saying.

  • With robots come MUCH more to do for humans to make them, maintain them, tweak them, reprogram them, secure them, combat viruses, and those are just more jobs for humans generated by the robot tech, without counting all the other knock-offs from the spending by the ones who will benefit directly from the tech.

    Maybe it’s similar to the international trade and tariffs issues too.

    Robots doing more will make all items cheaper in terms of material and manufacture. Cheaper for everybody. Cheaper for more people who wil then have more spending money.

    One tech that will disrupt everything is just waiting for a breakthrough that will make it more accessible. Plus the political environment must yield to it. See Infinite Energy Magazine web site or New Energy Foundation (both founded by the late Eugene Mallove). Imagine having a year’s worth of energy in a cubic metro of sea water.