The Real Reason Zuckerberg Supports A Universal Basic Income
By Joe Jarvis - May 26, 2017

Every generation expands its definition of equality…

Now it’s time for our generation to define a new social contract. We should have a society that measures progress not just by economic metrics like GDP but by how many of us have a role we find meaningful. We should explore ideas like universal basic income to make sure everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.

-Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

Here we go. Get ready for the media to start hammering the basic income meme.

Why is someone worth $62 billion complaining about inequality? Why is the world’s 6th richest man lecturing the public on the wealth gap, and floating ideas like the government spreading OUR wealth around while hoarding his own?

In 2015, Mark Zuckerberg claimed he would give his entire fortune away to charity in his lifetime, and promptly formed an LLC for that purpose… as opposed to, you know, a charity. This means that instead of using his own money to help people, he can spend that money on lobbying politicians in Washington to use YOUR money to help people.

See how generous these rich philanthropists are with everyone else’s money?

No, I guess true charity is the responsibility of the rest of us.

Mark Zuckerberg could give away hundreds of thousands of free expensive college educations without his net worth dropping 2%. He could provide a $12,000 grant to 1.7 million people if he actually cares about giving them a chance to “try new ideas”, and still have $42 billion left for a rainy day.

If he is so concerned about people having a cushion to fall back on, why not start a charity that gives free room and board to anyone who wants to come and explore their options for meaningful employment, like an internship?

That’s what I would do, literally open the doors to anyone who feels that they have no other options, provide them that safety net, and train them in the meantime based on their desires and pursuits. He could do this. He could empower people with his wealth.

But he doesn’t.

Instead, Zuckerberg appeals to a victim mentality:

Today, we have a level of wealth inequality that hurts everyone…

When you don’t have the freedom to take your idea and turn it into a historic enterprize we all lose and today our society is way over indexed on rewarding people when they are successful and we don’t do nearly enough to make sure people can take lots of different shots.

Facebook profits $4 billion per year. Why doesn’t Facebook hand out 200,000 $20,000 grants per year to promising young entrepreneurs who could then solely focus on their business venture, giving them the same opportunity Zuckerberg had to create (or steal) Facebook?

Facebook knows its users well–too well you might say. Facebook knows its users so well in fact that the company could provide a free quality online education to every one of its users based on their interests, skills, and desires.

But Mark Zuckerberg has other motives.

I have empathy for the poor, for those who truly don’t have an opportunity, and I would sleep easier seeing everyone with a more robust safety net. But what I can’t stand is being lectured by somebody who actually could do something about it, acting helpless without government intervention.

The government has the money to solve poverty. In this quick video, I run through the numbers which make it obvious that the government is the wrong organization to provide that cushion that Zuckerberg talks about.

Ignore Zuckerberg. Take a Page from 50 Cent

You know who didn’t have a safety net? 50 Cent. I recently read The 50th Law of Power by Robert Green, who details how 50 Cent, orphaned at the age of eight, built himself from literally nothing.

(I use Audible in order to listen to books while I work around the Mini-Farm)

Do you think a basic income would have been conducive to his drive when it was the very fact that he had to make it that forced him to be successful? That would have allowed 50 Cent to settle, to fall back on the cushion instead of pushing through to realize his dreams and build a business empire.

Most people are so placated and dumbed down by TV and the media that they would find endless distractions to keep them from doing something meaningful. The ones who have drive find a way, despite their circumstances.

As Robert Green points out, the masses are far from the helpless peasants of the past. Today, we need only reach out and grab our freedom, our equality, and our wealth. Zuckerberg’s view of America is one based on fear.

In fact, the reality of 21st century America is something more like the following:

Our physical environment is safer and more secure than any other moment in our history….

In the Past, only white males could play the power game. Now, millions upon millions of minorities and women have been given entrance to the arena forever altering the dynamic…

Advances in technology have opened up all kinds of new opportunities. Old business models are dissolving leaving the field wide open for innovation. It is a time of sweeping change and revolution.

We face certain challenges as well. The world has become more competitive. The economy has undeniable vulnerabilities and is in need of reinvention. As in all situations, the determining factor will be our attitudes, how we choose to look at this reality.

If we give into the fear, we will give disproportionate attention to the negative and manufacture the very adverse circumstances that we dread.

If we go the opposite direction, attacking everything with boldness and energy then we will create a much different dynamic.

The government is a fear machine. The government welfare, their “help,” always keeps people in poverty instead of raising them out of it. The war on drugs, the great society, the public housing ghettos: these are the reasons people like 50 Cent were born into poverty. Only a fool would trust the government to solve these problems that they created.

Mark Zuckerberg’s ideas represent the old style method of control. A universal basic income would only preserve the old power structure by keeping the masses from participating in this revolution of technology and innovation.

Zuckerberg represents this generation’s white liberal elite identified by Malcolm X who want to keep the poor dependent and helpless. Every government program, bill, and regulation that they support is sold as a help to the poor masses when in reality those championing the government control build their power on the backs of those they claim to help.

What Zuckerberg champions will not free the masses, it will exploit them for political gain. It will make them satiated pawns to do the bidding of the elite, while Zuckerberg consolidates his control over the future.

Zuckerberg’s Zombie Nation

You know what most of those people would do with their universal basic income? They would sit on Facebook all day and be advertised to by Zuckerberg, and buy the things that Zuckerberg sells them which neither free them nor cushion them.

So who would end up collecting that basic income? Who would benefit from more tax dollars being stolen from working Americans who create wealth and produce goods and services which we need to live?

That money would be transferred to those who tell the people what they want to hear, who provide entertaining manipulations to the masses. Mark Zuckerberg would collect that cash because he is the one with the data, he knows how to wrest the dollars from the people.

He feigns his commitment to allowing people to have the type of success he has enjoyed by freeing them from all pressure, from all worry, doubt, and anxiety. He claims that his success with Facebook would not have been possible without the safety net that he enjoyed.

Well, then why not put his vast fortune where his mouth is?

He should be leading by example, and his failure to do so shows his true intentions.

Don’t fall for Zuckerberg’s tricks. The people have the power unless they fall for the old free lunch.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Rosicrucian32


    • RED


  • robertsgt40

    The Zuckster would also like to see one big global kibbutz.

  • rsanchez1

    Zuckerberg has had a huge role in dumbing down the public. Article is spot-on saying that Zuckerberg will subconsciously influence all those people who receive a UBI to funnel that money back to himself.

    • Yes, it is scary the kind of control he has with Facebook, they even did experiments to see if they could depress people based on what they showed.

  • Gerold

    Zuckerberg’s delusions of grandeur have him running for President so consider this just another empty campaign promise.

    Guaranteed Annual Income is a Libtard pipedream. The “Mincome”
    was tried in the remote city of Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada in the 1970’s. It
    ‘worked’ as long as outside money supported it. Rather than learn from history,
    the Libtard government of the Canadian province of Ontario has breathlessly
    announced another such experiment.

    It was a wonderful idea (so was Communism) except it’s NOT scalable. In other words, on a large scale, there is no ‘outside’ money to support it.

  • ninefingersgrapes .

    How can anyone trust a acknowledged thief, the ‘man’ was paid by the Zuckerberg twins to write code for them, and this lowlife coded it on their dollar and registered it as his ‘OWN’. A paid thief who steals from his master would be beheaded following “Sharia Law”. A thief is a thief and “its” colors never change, why would anyone trust this “THIEF” other than Wall street bums???

    • Exactly, he violated a contract, and stole his employers’ money and business.

  • mike

    How devious. The Catholic Church was like that, too. ZuckerBERG really pushes opiates for the masses which is not religion. “Freebies” work just as well. He is a true Baphomet worshipper. Listen to Pastor Texe Marrs for more information on the followers (worshipers of the 6-pointed star).

  • Werni Wolf

    Zuckerberg, the king of the virtual world. Even virtual life.

    • He is the queen 🙂 The king is Steams VIVE.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    These pearls of wisdom are the ones Zuckerberg dumped on the mind-controlled Harvard graduates at their commencements, aren’t they?
    Nice article. It would have been better to hear this than Zuckerberg’s delusions at the graduation ceremonies.

    • Thank you, seriously we can hardly stand to look at his face while he talks.

  • georgesilver

    If Zuckerberg offers to buy the Daily Bell……… what’s your price?

    • Keith

      Tell him: F-off, Jewboy!

      • georgesilver

        I presume your Keith from the Daily Bell?

    • The Daily Bell is priceless.

      • georgesilver

        Like your style. Don’t believe you though. lol.

  • Dalton

    Good article. Shared.

  • windsor1

    The global elite realize that we are reaching the limits to growth where our current economic policies hit the proverbial brick wall. This is why we have zero rates and endless quantitative easing to keep the current system on temporary life support. Consolidation of production, computerization, robotics has slaughtered the human workforce and now IT is looming large. Soon there will be driverless trucks and cars. Even Chinese factories with their almost free labor are loading up on robotics.
    All this points to a surplus of human beings on the planet who are redundant to the production of goods and services. The elites affectionately refers to this growing army of humans as “useless eaters”.
    The elites have long been students of Malthus and have embraced eugenics programs designed to purge the planet of people they deem unnecessary. The universal income is the latest iteration to buy additional time. In the failing system of today society is confronting with rising numbers of permanently unemployed people. In a world of globalization and advancing technology economic displacement of individual workers on a massive scale is to be expected.
    The last thing on a billionaire’s mind is the well being of fellow human beings. These folks see humanity as an enemy. People like Zukerberg are part of a very small band of super rich surrounded by masses of people who are not so well off with an entitlement attitude. These ” Deplorables ” given the right circumstances could become a “clear and present danger” as the disadvantaged mobs grow in size and level of desperation. A Universal guaranteed income buys them time until they can start a war or release a plague that will take out hordes of desperate victims of a no growth world and bring the population to a sustainable level that can then be easily managed.
    Bubba still watches nightly news where he is told of a growing economy where jobs are coming back to America. Of course he is not told of retail store closures and even if it did get coverage it would be blamed on Russia. Bubba is fed false economic stats that support the fake news narrative causing him to run out and ratchet up debt loads even higher believing that the party will go on forever.
    The news doesn’t talk to Joe Sixpack about FEMA camps, fusion centers, military exercises like Operation Gotham Shield and billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition to take on an disturbed and unhappy American populace. Bubba, of course having CNN News as a pacifier, writes off all these facts including EO 13603 as Conspiracy nonsense.
    Zukerberg, Soros, Gates and others including the government know things will soon get very very ugly, and because of their great wealth will become logical targets for the disenfranchised guy that lost it all, in part due to his stupidity and addiction to credit card debt. The elites know what is coming the masses are lost in cognitive dissonance.
    Bubba is steeped in naivety and still believes that the ultra wealthy spread their wealth around in various acts of philanthropy to help their fellow man. Philanthropy is a PR tool to make you think these folks are the epitome of the generous segment of society that really want to give something back. It is a subtle means of control. In reality it is a means to foster a personal agenda. Private interest foundations for the rich are tax shelters and tools for advancing political agendas and any philanthropic efforts are food for the gullible. Similarly Zukerberg wants to use other people’s tax money to pacify the masses until the elites decide to crash the entire system and blame it on the “Donald”. This is simply a personal CYA scheme for the fat cats and has nothing to do with your welfare.

    • LawrenceNeal

      Very insightful and articulate.

    • Hawaiistillsucks

      Soylent Green is people!

    • timamac


    • jacob

      I get the sense depopulation is a primary objective of the mega wealthy (elite). It seems to be cornerstone NWO policy. Conquest, historically, was usually a surefire route to mega wealth. Successful invasions enabled ” tax farming” the conquered. What criminal wouldn’t want 10%-50% of the earnings of everyone they rule? Murray Rothbard had it right; governments are giant cloaked criminal tax enterprises.

      IT, AI and automation are fast changing the global landscape. For the first time in human history, more people means reduced net extracted tax. Too much carrying cost. The wealth extraction equation has changed. IT, AI and automation are fast reducing the payoff from people as wealth producers. More people now equals less extractable wealth. Seems we’re under attack; water fluoridation, debilitating vaccines, GMO’s and hormone disrupting pesticides, assembly line government controlled health care, public education that doesn’t teach real, max surveillance, militarized police, swarming agents provocateurs in universities, media mind / attitude / perspective control, fake money, fake laws, fake wars. Doesn’t look much like happenstance.

  • Praetor

    Suckerberg, is another member of the Keynesian collective. He looks like a dam zombie. Suckerberg may be the first human with a neural implant for thinking and speech. He sounds more like a robot than a human.!!!

    • Seriously he is so awkward to watch, it hurts.

      • Praetor

        I have great feeling this guy had nothing much to do in starting fakebook. They looked for an image an that image was the NERD Suckerberg.!!!

        • JohnnyZ

          That is exactly correct. It is no different with the rest of the bunch – Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bezos etc. These guys are planted faces and then they “donate” their wealth to charity. And Zucki being the 6th richest guy? Give me a break! Look more closely at bankers and royals, but they are never mentioned in those charts.

  • Tom Jackson

    Good observations. Hinted at but not fully developed here is the fact that government regulations crush any attempts to start a small business. You want to start a lemonade stand? Complying with government paperwork on HR issues will be 20 to 30 hours to start, 4 or 5 weeks thereafter even if you’re a sole proprietor. Permits, don’t even get me started. Licenses, hundreds of dollars. You’ll need to have a lawyer and accountant set it up, $1500 to $2000.tThen after all that government takes 40% of your profits. That’s why the rate of new business start ups and entrepreneurship have sunk to historic lows. And that’s why almost nobody, even with desire, drive and initiative can lift themselves out of poverty in this country.

    • Great point! Zuckerberg is promoting the abusive partner style government, they destroy your life so that they can come in and “help you.”

    • Praetor

      Starting a small business in America and lets include the “western world” is just a wad of toilet paper as it goes down the toilet. Big trouble down this road.!!!

  • gold&silverismoney

    Typical liberal,who will give you the shirt off someone else’s back.

  • Rather. Not

    Given the political manipulations of the electorate by Faceberg, as well as the unregulated monopoly/antitrust illegality and anticompetitive behaviors of dominant social media, the DOJ should go after Zuck the Cuck hard with the penalty of issuing every American citizen 5 new shares shares of FB. Toss in a share of alphabet, and another of Amazon for each citizen. And if the sillyCon valley leftists keep harping on UBI, make it a recurring grant of shares. Being issued a newly issued share of FB every month would be a good start to UBI.

    They want to distribute out wealth to control it, and they will continue to try until they understand we will distribute their wealth to control it.

  • Hawaiistillsucks

    he’s a wad. He’s like the rest of the elitists. They want to do so much using everyone else’s money. Like Hitlery wanting “income equality” That means everyone making $15 per hour. And I mean everyone. Except them. They can make as much as they like and or as much as they take.

  • John

    The reason many have been pushing this basic income idea is because the consumer is maxed out on their credit cards and can’t buy the deep state’s products anymore. If the consumer stops buying, the system implodes. Solution: Give them money to spend and let the taxpayer fund it. That will keep the corporations humming and create another illusion of prosperity just before the final bust. Total rubbish, but the brain dead and the brain washed simply don’t see it. “Don’t store up treasures here on earth where they can erode away or may be stolen. Store them in heaven where they will never lose their value and are safe from thieves.” Matthew 6:19-20 More at

  • r2bzjudge

    “Every generation expands its definition of equality…”

    Equality does not exist in nature. The definition of equality does not change. Only two or more things that are identical, are equal.

    There is no equality between the 6th richest man in the world and the rest of us, the other 7.5 billion people on the Earth.

    Zuckerberg wants to censor what people can read or say on the internet. He wants to decide what is the truth, which is anti-equality.

    “We should explore ideas like universal basic income to make sure everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.”

    Pure propaganda. There is no link between basic income and new ideas.

    • Great point, it is a pipe-dream. Freedom over “equality” any day.

  • r2bzjudge

    “Today, we have a level of wealth inequality that hurts everyone…”

    Except for filthy rich people such as Zuckerberg. Quite the irony. He continues to work to expand his wealth, at the expense of all the little people he claims to care about.

    “When you don’t have the freedom to take your idea and turn it into a
    historic enterprize we all lose and today our society is way over
    indexed on rewarding people when they are successful and we don’t do
    nearly enough to make sure people can take lots of different shots.”

    Pure propaganda by Zuckerberg. People do have the freedom to take their idea and turn it into a historic enterprise. Zuckerberg is an example of that freedom.

    Just look at all the entrepreneurs that have shown up on Shark Tank. How many started with nothing but an idea? If some of them started with nothing but an idea, everyone else has that same opportunity.

    • Right, that is like Ted Bundy saying we have a serial killer problem.

    • Antodav

      When you talk about “the rich” exploiting “the little guy” you sound an awfully lot like a socialist yourself. Whom has Zuckerberg exploited? He runs a social media platform, not a sweatshop. If you feel exploited by your Facebook account, shut it down.

  • Nick

    The guy’s a complete psychopath. Remember when her did the “slaughter all animals he eats himself” 1-year personal challenge? I feel like people didn’t make enough of that. People tried to paint that action as ‘being in touch with the food chain, being sustainability-minded, such stunning; much brave.’ Absolutely insane. Guy’s a billionaire, and his SELF-IMPROVEMENT GOAL was to get hands-on experience with slaughtering animals during the course of a year. Now put on your VR goggles, surrender the very principle of property rights, and we’ll be jacking into the Matrix to receive our Basic Income ration of nutrient slurry before you know it.

    • Antodav

      So being a farmer is psychopathic now? Are you one of those PETA nutcases?

  • Roy bean

    Great article!

  • If Zuckerberg were serious…he could literally give everyone in America a million dollars and still be fabulously wealthy…but he won’t because he’d rather spend other people’s money…just like a socialist would.

    • Kevin Ibershoff

      You need to rerun your numbers on this one. Zuckerberg does not have 322 trillion dollars necessary to give 322 million Americans a million dollars each. In fact, if he gave way his entire 68 billion net worth, it would only be enough to give each American $211.

      • I stand corrected. I still want my $211.00 though.

        • Antodav

          That actually makes you the socialist.

  • Chuck

    Another Communist-Banker Buddy. Just like Marx and Rothschild, who were
    related. He knows damned well that, under banking, a “free income,” can only do three
    things: further impoverish our progeny, make the banking system richer and ultimately create centralized control, which is end game of globalists. Zuckerberg already provides his Freakbook as a surveillance tool for the government.

    Author Antony Sutton said that, “Bankers love socialism.” We can all guess who Zuckerberg is in bed with.

  • teabagger_1

    Sounds like socialism to me. The cabal of the elitists and government have already instigated their plan. As usual it will burden the “working class” with the bill. California being the perfect example for the Zuckerberg future. The governor of Cali, along with his Marxist legislature have increased the motor vehicle fee 500%, raised sales taxes, and raised fuel taxes. All this to prop up the deficits created from all the social engineering experiments. The examples; permanent welfare, failing money pit indoctrination camps called public schools. Then there is the gulag apartments of section eight public housing projects. The irony is that these taxes/fees don’t bother the elite or their political scribes, while they hammer the working class and poor. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that none of this makes sense. On top of that none of it has ever worked to solve the forged “problems”.

    • concerndcitizen

      Add to the above that Zuck pays minimal taxes in the US. Fakebook did a Google and parked their profits offshore, they pay almost nothing in US taxes. It’s all legal, naturally.

      • Antodav

        Why is paying less taxes a bad thing?

        • teabagger_1

          I believe concernedcitizen is just pointing out Zuck’s blatant Hipocrisy.

        • concerndcitizen

          It’s not bad except all the other debt slaves have no way to take advantage of the same laws.

  • Antodav

    No one is stopping Zuckerberg from pooling together with his fellow Silicon Valley eggheads to spread their own wealth around voluntarily. Why not just add a button to your Facebook profile allowing you to request a check for free money? Perhaps tied directly to Zuckerberg’s personal bank account?

    In all seriousness though, if guys like Zuckerberg have their way, eventually we will have to have a UBI because there will be no jobs for anyone to be able to provide for themselves anymore, except perhaps in arts, law, and Medicine (and even there, computers and robots could eventually replace below-the-line film technicians, paralegals, and nurses). It does kind of make sense to tax these people to provide for all the others whose livelihoods they destroyed through technological progress, allowing those people to pursue other interests instead. Maybe that’s how Star Trek’s economy works. Who knows.

    There are also libertarians who argue that a UBI is less expensive and intrusive than the current welfare state, which may or may not be true.

  • sukTHEfac

    One thing I vehemently disagree with in this article is the notion t hat charity = good and LLC = bad profiteers. So-called economists who read this don’t seem to understand that a for-profit company can help people and simultaneously create wealth on a grander scale. Conversly, charities are self-serving anyway but don’t have to pay taxes. I dont see the big problem here. Opening a charity doesnt automatically make you righteous and a opening an LLC doesnt mean you’re greedy.

    Personally offended by this assertion and perpetuation thereof.

    • We are sorry, perhaps we were not clear. We were not trying to insinuate that LLC’s are bad, merely that misrepresenting an LLC as a charity is further proof of Zuckerberg’s manipulations. We agree that there is much good to be done by for profit companies, but it is hypocritical of Zuckerberg to set one of these up while clinging to his money and admonishing the wealth gap. It is more about the difference between words and actions than the actual actions themselves.

      • sukTHEfac

        I see. I would then be careful not to attack a person’s credibility at the expense of making clear these distinctions.

        I’m speaking personally here – one thing I hate about (what I think) the internet has done is make people more concerned with a person’s history and credibility than what is actually being said.

        What I don’t want to do however is make you think I disagree on a grander scale; he is absolutely a hypocrite for suggesting that we use forced transfers of wealth from the middle class, and not from his own bank account.

        Then again, him setting up a charity would have negated his narrative because a charity would show that it’s the super wealthy who have a social, ethical obligation to share the wealth.

  • WAP1102

    The word profit has a negative connotation
    in the lexicon of many ordinary people. Their thinking about business
    profit is often exaggerated and negative.

    Only the business press seems to give profit appropriate
    credit. The Leftist mainstream media doesn’t and often prefers government
    control of pricing and profit.

    Profit should not be considered a negative. Even so
    called nonprofit businesses, which are usually held in higher esteem, must
    produce a surplus in order to thrive and survive.

    Actually, the term nonprofit is a misnomer – a deceptive
    term. Nonprofit simply means not-taxable. It means the money that’s left over
    after all expenses of an enterprise are paid is not subject to taxation. It
    must be plugged back into the business, paid to employees, and/or used to repay
    borrowed capital–even if the business has proved to be an inefficient,
    ineffective, or uneconomical enterprise. The Post Office, the Veterans’
    Administration, Airports, Amtrak, etc. are good examples.

    In the case of for-profit companies,
    profits are what is left over after all bills and obligations are satisfied and
    the government has taken its cut of the enterprise’s surplus. This money
    is plowed back into the business, saved, invested, paid out to lenders and/or
    stockholders, etc.

    Profit and surplus are measures of a company’s financial
    success, i.e., its ability to pay its own way and finance its future.

    In a competitive, free-market, law-and-order economy, as
    we have in the United States, prices and ultimate profitability are controlled
    primarily by market forces. When government steps in and interferes with
    these natural forces, bad things often happen.

    Of course, in addition to profitability and/or surplus,
    an enterprise’s long term survival and success are usually achieved by meeting
    the needs, wants and expectations of customers in a competitive, free-market
    In God we must trust . . . but we must always do our part – to secure and promote
    the truth and a better way – to protect our freedom and interests – and to
    defend the Judeo-Christian American-Way.

    William A. Pauwels, Sr.

  • AdrianAshfield

    Zuckerberg is right. A few companies forgoing profits to lower the price would not make a difference. Something has happened to business culture such that profit for the shareholders (and the executive’s bonuses) is all that matters. Just look around and you can see their worker’s jobs are totally disposable and loyalty to the company has disappeared..

    In a full employment situation that doesn’t matter much and certainly helps economic growth. But consider two things. The real unemployment number is much higher than the government figure (See shadow stats) with 93 million Americans not working and it looks like we are headed to ~50% loss of jobs due to AI and robotics.

    It is time to start serious discussions about what to do in order to avoid blood in the streets. I happen to believe LENR (aka cold fusion) is real and expect to see the first commercial units in 2018. This will cushion the loss of jobs and provide more time to consider the options. UBI needs to be tested on a larger scale see what the problems are. The small scale trials have worked well.

    • JohnnyZ

      I call BS. UBI is just another step towards communism. The latter was invented by the same networks that plague the economy and society today. Problem (defined by them) – reaction (by misguided wanna-do-gooders like you) – solution (theirs – in this case the jewish dream of the global kibbutz). Communism was just another racket to steal the Eastern European people’s money, while the jewish masonic apparatchiks were fabulously rich (with money in Swiss banks)

      • AdrianAshfield

        JohnnyZ, you appear to be totally ignorant of history.
        History shows that when wealth inequality reaches above a certain level there is always a revolution.
        How do you think this economy would work when there are 50% unemployed? Let them starve? Who are going to purchase the goods manufactured if 50% don’t have any money?
        As I said, the problem needs to be discussed in order to avoid a revolution. UBI is just one possibility.

        • straight shooter

          No, it seems you’re still under the misguided assumption that any of your history books tell the full and true story. Revolutions are never started by oppressed people, they are started by bankers, who, having created the economic disparity in the first place, fund the ‘opposition’ to profit from the conflict, create more destruction and once the smoke clears, install their preferred rulers and seize assets on the cheap. Rinse and repeat. As just one example, the Bolshevik Revolution was not started by angry peasants as falsely reported by “history.” It was funded by the Rothschilds, who had a 100-year vendetta against the Czar for not submitting to their financial domination.

          • AdrianAshfield

            I’m quoting from the eleven volumes of history written by Will Durant. Pray tell what he left out.

            If you think the country’s bankers profit from a revolution you are sadly misinformed. War in other countries maybe, not from a civil war that is a disaster for everyone..

          • straight shooter

            Oh, so rules for “other countries” don’t quite apply to America? Will Durant is most useful in terms of philosophy, but for history, I’ll always go to “Tragedy And Hope” by Carroll Quigley.

            And as for me being “sadly misinformed,” nice try.

          • AdrianAshfield

            if you don’t believe me there are problems coming up that will require huge changes in the way the economy is managed.
            I don’t trust our present government to stay ahead of the curve.

          • JohnnyZ

            You are either completely naïve or a disinfo agent. Bankers profit from ALL wars. Order out of Chaos is their motto. All the slowly but continuously ratcheted social pressures are engineered – weaponized migration in Europe, Islam vs. Christianity, Blacks vs. Whites, terrorism, Russia vs. West etc.

          • AdrianAshfield

            I’m naive? LOL. I’m well aware of the link between war and big finance. I wrote: ” America waging war on other countries allow many here to profit.” America has fought 13 wars in the last 30 years at a cost of $12.4 trillion. You have a comprehension problem.

            A full blown civil war is always a disaster because there are no real winners.. Not only do the banks lose many of their investments as companies fail and buildings are demolished but they are usually followed by hyper inflation so that investment from outside is also lost.

            Also you are wrong is stating simplistically “social pressures are engineered.” Often they are not. Some are due to real facts on the ground.

          • JohnnyZ

            “Revolutions” and “Civil wars” are also managed events at the country level. Of course if you focus on the local level there may be losers, particularly at the country level or if the event is meant to turn the country into rubble like Libya. But there is always some higher level gain, be it access for cheap to resources, bank consolidation, new laws or global regulations, more entrenched state etc. The example of the Napoleonic wars and Rothschild / BoE comes to mind.
            Also you need to understand that banks are just conduits for systematically stealing money from rest of society. A bank’s bankruptcy costs only the paid in equity capital (which can be withdrawn on time) – the majority of loans on the balance sheet are created out of thin air. And “the best way to rob a bank is to own one”. Another banker said, paraphrasing “take all my wealth from me, but allow me to create money out of thin air and I will reacquire it again”. So banking interests can easily be traded for a more strategic position. A “revolution” also allows for buying REAL assets on the cheap. And then – there are bankers and (higher level) bankers.
            Regarding your AI article – yes this is known and probably looked for by the elite – then they can eliminate a big chunk of the “useless eaters” and come closer to their Georgia guidestones target of 500 million earth population. Wars are another way to cull the herd. They will be managed events – civil or not (as have always been over the last couple of hundred years). Social pressures may well have a basis in real facts, but those facts are exploited, emphasized, led into desired directions. But most social pressures are artificially created divide and conquer lines. And please, give examples of such “real facts on the ground”.

          • straight shooter

            And so you cite a notorious mainstream media propaganda rag as the authority here? Thanks for helping me prove my point.

          • AdrianAshfield

            You’re are an idiot if you can’t tell when the newspaper is just quoting a research paper.
            Apparently you a re just another anonymous troll and I won’t be wasting more time answering your rubbish.

          • AdrianAshfield

            Tragedy and Hope: by Carroll Quigley only covers the period of roughly 1880 to 1963,.so probably explains your ignorance and enthusiasm for conspiracy theories.

          • JohnnyZ

            Exactly! Thanks for replying instead of me. All the major revolutions (American, French, Bolshevik, Chinese etc.) were controlled as a facade by the usual networks – masons / illuminati / Jesuits etc.

    • I have been pushing LENR since the day the Dating Duo announced their results in 1989, on my blog and forums like this. I’m solo glad to hear someone else talking about it.

      Recommend Eugene Mallove’s Fire From Ice book. The same issues are true today.

      That said, I recommend also researching Austrian Economics to learn how and why any government interference in ecomimic activity always had a worse effect on terms of the reasons given for it.

      And why Zuck is wrong.

      • AdrianAshfield

        The game has changed since Austrian Economics were pushed.
        Tell me what you propose when 50% lose their jobs.
        Something like a four hour day and UBI will be needed, Maybe you have a better idea?

  • Christan

    I was an advocate for a basic income. However now I think it cannot work. The currency supply is to elastic and would quickly expand making the basic income worthless. This movement is trying to solve a symptom of the bigger problem called currency creation.