The Realities of Modern Warfare Exposed
By Daily Bell Staff - June 06, 2016

Washington to Moscow: Stop Targeting al-Qaeda in Syria – You’ll Kill Our Moderates! … The Associated Press is reporting this afternoon that the Obama Administration has requested that the Russians cease and desist from bombing al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front in Syria because Washington’s “moderate” rebels are fighting together with al-Qaeda in Syria and any attack on al-Qaeda could kill Washington’s “moderates.”   – Ron Paul Institute

This article (excerpted above) was recently posted at the Ron Paul Institute website. It shows us the difficulty that the “Anglosphere” is having in creating and sustaining wars in the 21st century.

If one looks back on the wars of the past centuries, starting at least 300 years ago, it seems they’ve all been waged with a certain purpose.

This idea has been elaborated on recently by Michael Rivero in a video, All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars. You can find the video at his website,

Certainly in the modern era, wars have been waged by the West to consolidate power and create ever-expanding internationalism.

The wars have drained the West, especially the US, economically and militarily.

And some of them, like the Vietnam war, were started under false pretenses.

But in the Internet era, the reality of modern warfare has increasingly been exposed. It is not after all a series of defensive maneuvers by the West.

Modern wars are usually started by a small group of fabulously wealthy individuals who see war as a mechanism to reshape society.

In the past decade or so, the West and especially the US and Britain have been fighting a “war against terror.”

By definition such a war cannot be won.

Worse, both Al Qaeda and now ISIS have reportedly been created, cultivated and supplied by the West, particularly, the US, Britain, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

More from the Ron Paul article:

The Obama Administration thus continues with the fiction that there are completely separate, vetted, moderate rebels who are dedicated to creating an inclusive, multi-cultural and multi-confessional, secular, and democratic Syria as soon as both ISIS and the Assad government are defeated.

The fiction is repeated constantly, in the manner of all state propaganda, by straight-faced US White House and State Department spokespersons.

Why is no one asking why such moderates would want to associate themselves with al-Qaeda in the first place? Why do they seek to integrate into al-Qaeda command structures? How are they not to be considered ducks when they walk like ducks and quack like ducks?

You see? There are no “moderates” – not really.

Washington’s plea to Russia is therefore one that simply seeks to protect its supposed “enemy.”

This of course brings up a larger point, which has to do with whether Russia itself is an enemy of the US.

Certainly there are forces in the US that are attempting to position Russia as such an enemy, and China too.

This is one way to bring back the Cold War that so empowered the US military-industrial complex.

But when one contemplates the foundation of both Russia and China, it seems increasingly difficult to believe these are real enemies.

Wall Street funded the USSR to begin with, according to G. Edward Griffin’s book, The Creature from Jekyll Island.

And in China, Mao apparently received his university education from a Chinese branch of the Yale Divinity School. He became a member of the secretive Skull and Bones society that also included George Bush and John Kerry among others.

Mao, apparently, was under Western guidance all along.

These are startling facts but, if believed, put the lie to the idea that there are truly warring nation-states that perpetuate grievances and regularly threaten each other.

In the past we’ve written about our questions regarding the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The profile of the damage of these small cities resembles fire-bombing rather than nuclear explosions.

In this Internet era that allows us to examine photos and videos, it has become obvious that at least some visual evidence of nuclear tests during the ’40s and the ’50s  was faked.

How many nuclear weapons are there? How effective are they? Inevitably, these questions arise once one contemplates the larger fakery afflicting Cold War tensions – and so much else.

How much of modern, Western history is to be believed? How much is manipulation? How much has more to do with creating and maintaining the power of the few over the many?

Conclusion: We can ask questions, of course, though we cannot provide answers. For us, as always, skepticism is called for. Let us base our judgments and perceptions on what we come to believe is the truth, not what others tell us to believe.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Chuck

    I wonder if the pre-WWII Japanese leadership was in on the game? Surely they understood the lunacy of attacking the US, but they did it anyway. Now Japan is an occupied nation and the Japanese elite are the greatest defenders of this occupation!

    Japan was dramatically transformed during the Meiji era. We know they received outside assistance, but it’s usually depicted as the Japanese soliciting this assistance of their own accord.

    I have yet to encounter anyone attempting to investigate this issue.

    • You raise interesting points. There are only six or so important families in Japan as we understand it. They made military equipment during the war and then converted their plants to auto manufacturing after the war.

    • Ernie Hopkins

      I note Perry “opened” Japan by gunboat diplomacy literally. To pretend US influence from the banksters didn’t exist would be naive in the extreme.

    • MetaCynic

      I recall reading somewhere that America’s industrial output during WW2 was 10 times that of Japan’s. It’s impossible for anyone to win a war against such odds.

  • Ernie Hopkins

    You hit on one of the major points our family has concluded as well. What do you trust? Unless we can put our eyes and hands firmly on it, we are very skeptical. Even when we can we still keep a grain of salt in the equation.

    • mary

      Exactly. Completely with you, Ernie. We are told all manner of things that when thought about critically for 10 minutes just don’t pass scrutiny, and of which we have no direct evidence. We need to demand proof, the kind we can witness and challenge, before we accept mainstream reporting, which is just an endless stream of government press releases, anyway.

  • Bruce C.

    There is a parallel narrative to all of this that says most Americans haven’t supported most of what has gone on, so it’s not so much that we’ve been duped but we couldn’t – or didn’t know how – to stop it. Just recently, the actions by the US government since 2001 – the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security department, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq; during the 2008 financial crisis and the Obama administration – the bailouts, the Omnibus bill, the Fed’s QE programs, ObamaCare, the “Arab Spring”, messes in Libya, Egypt, etc. have all been done DESPITE popular support.

    The same is true even today. Congress doesn’t do s–t and the Supreme Court has lost credibility. Obama has been vile from day one but he’s not impeached.

  • mary

    “And some of them, like the Vietnam war, were started under false pretenses.”

    Please name one that wasn’t started under false pretenses.

    “Wall Street funded the USSR to begin with, according to G. Edward Griffin’s book, The Creature from Jekyll Island.”

    Have you forgotten Antony Sutton?

  • Sebastian Puettmann

    What incredible Information!
    I have long been sceptical about the origins of the ‘Mao Bible’.
    It has 33 chapters, just like the degrees of the secret societies by which the anglosaxon governments is contaminated.

  • Praetor

    To be skeptical, means. You won’t be buying a bridge in Brooklyn!!!

  • Ralph

    I’m liking this site more and more