The Special Relationship Is Also With London’s City
By Daily Bell Staff - January 27, 2017

On Friday, British Prime Minister Theresa May will become the first world leader to meet with Donald Trump since he was sworn in as U.S. President. The meeting breathes new life into the long-standing “special relationship” between the United States and Britain, with Mr. Trump already calling her “his Maggie,” drawing comparisons to the political bond forged between Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s. -The Globe and Mail

President Trump and Ms. May had a press conference to discuss some of their conversations and seemed to indicate it had gone well on a number of levels.

But really it doesn’t matter so much because the real special relationship is not so much between Trump and May as it between Washington and London’s City.

It is The City of London that has decided, at least partially, that Britain and America have a special relationship. That special relationship involves to some extent London’s city telling America what to do and even how to do it.


Despite the many political differences between Ms. May and Mr. Trump – at first glance significantly larger than those between Mr. Reagan and Ms. Thatcher – both leaders would welcome a constructive partnership that builds on the traditional ties between the two countries, ties founded on demographics, religion, culture, law, politics and economics.

For Ms. May, the rekindling of this special relationship, in a post-Brexit context, would potentially add some credence to her aspirations for a new “global Britain,” while Mr. Trump’s as-yet untested credentials as a leader on the world stage would be burnished.

We can see from this that the special relationship is potentially good for both leaders. But if neither leader wanted a special relationship, the relationship would still exist. The leaders would be gone.

That’s right. One way or another, the people at the top would be encouraged to leave if they didn’t believe in the special relationship. The special relationship is that important.

It is a relationship based on the influence of top bankers in The City of London over the American financial system. It is not necessarily clear who these bankers are. They may be the Rothschilds or they may be other less well known families.

But it is a relationship based on the power that the City has around the world.

The City’s power goes back thousands of years. It may have begun in Sumer or Babylon. Then the neolithic culture that spawned it was found in Egypt and then Rome. After Rome, it was heavily integrated with the Holy Roman Empire and then with Venice.

After Venice, the City migrated to England and the square mile in London that comprised the Roman part of the City of London.

The City was primarily financial in nature and comprised primarily of banking. Its banking nature was reinforced in the 15th century when it became involved with central banking. It offered the King the ability to make war and forgave his debts in return for printing official bills.

Since then the City has only deepened its relationship with central banking and the counties that have central banks. The relationship is rarely spoken about. But it apparently runs around the world.

In Afghanistan, once the Americans came to power, they started a central bank though it doesn’t do much of anything. There is even a central bank of Libya, though the country itself is in a state of collapse.

Often as we can see it is America that helps create the foreign central bank. But ultimately central banking is run out of London’s City to a greater or lesser degree. This gives London’s City enormous, often unspoken, power.

Again, London’s City is not the same as London itself. It is a square mile within London that operates with its own rules. There are at least two other regions that are similar. One is Washington DC, and the other is the Vatican.

A fourth region may be added to these three. That would be Jerusalem.

But the City of London is where it all originates from what we can tell. And each central bank has a monopoly orientation. Thus the monopoly orientation of central banking is also encouraged by the City.

Conclusion: The City of London is at least partially behind the special relationship between England and America. The City is also behind monopoly central banking around the world. The special relationship is not necessarily objectionable but monopoly central banking most certainly is.

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  • Mstrjack

    Yes, that ‘special relationship’ is nothing more than a criminal counterfeiting cabal.

    “Over more than a century the Pilgrims have played a very important role in cementing good relations between the two countries, and have acted as one of the principal custodians of what has come to be known as the Special Relationship.”

  • disqus_1Op5S8jvui

    So true! So true!

  • Perplexed

    What’s the relationship with the Jesuits? The papacy?

    • Steven Hotho

      The Jesuits are less than half of their membership before Vatican Council 11. They have a pope in office for the first time in history and he is busy reforming the Church in his image, which is socialist, materialist and globalist. He doesn’t have real opposition yet, but it is growing as he becomes more and more heretical. He is in the process of crushing the Order of Malta and its wealth, just as Philippe le Bel crushed the Templars and expropriated their wealth. I do not know his relationship with The City, but he has “reformed” the Vatican Bank to suit himself and his gang, so they can use it at their will. This man is not to be underestimated.

      • Perplexed

        You are brilliant. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

      • Marten

        Good post, Amen

      • Kialan77

        It’s worth noting that the gold price at the time of the election of Pope Francis in March 2013 was around $1600. It fell precipitately immediately after his election and finished the year at $1200, from which level it has not recovered. Good post Steven.

      • Bruce C.

        “This man is not to be underestimated.”

        Ann Barnhardt certainly agrees with you.

  • 45clive

    The banksters of the world seem to be going to biometric identification, at least for the mass of people on the planet. I wonder if they will exempt themselves? I wonder if they will have “biometric doubles” in case assassins try to use biometric identification to take out the right targets?

  • Asami

    … the real special relationship is not so much between Trump and May as it between Washington and London’s City.

    as it between??????????? do only I see this?

    • Mstrjack

      You might want to do your own homework.

      See the warrior in arms? Fighting for freedom? Neither do I. He is fighting for power!

      • Asami

        Homework on how to write a sentence?

        • Mstrjack

          No. On how to do your own research. The information is available. If, and only if, you are literate.

          • Asami

            Why the vitriol and bad manners, Master Jack? I question the determination of the editorial staff to craft errorless, polished pieces. If I don’t point out the errors, who will? Or shall we just ignore them time and time again? I’ll continue to point them out even if doing so elicits illogical insults from the likes of Master Jack.

          • Does your original point – point to the absence of is?
            In A Course in Miracles, the term ‘special relationship’ is used describe a substitution of reality for forms of relationship, assigned fantasy gratifications. In other words – no real relationship at all, but a fake masking off by which to GET from… and lose by.
            It uses the term ‘holy relationship’ for the quality of true exchange in communication – which is effectively denied or sacrificed for a fantasy asserting itself real. (which is a deceit by which to invoke identification with fantasy and believe it true).
            So translating into DB terms of reference; the special relationship operates a narrative mask by which to control freedom of association, cultural exchange and trade, under the terms of specialness, by which to exclude, and set such exclusions as regulatory mandate of assigned power, to the dominant or predatory class – whose ‘getting’ of private gratifications, operates denial, usurpation and exploitation of the lives of others (and of their own native capacity to recognize and appreciate relationship as the field of uncovering and sharing in experience of meaning).

            So under the pretext of ‘sovereign’ or ‘free’ will, shall truly, unified or unconflicted will – be denied acceptance, recognition and embodiment – by the subversion of language to bait and trap the mind that fears freedom and seeks not to lose the little is has amidst fear of loss – and is bought or seduced by symbols operating the reverse of their seeming.

            The fake mind runs on fake narrative assertions – but at cost of awareness and participance in all that is true – and truly worthy of giving focus and living from. However, what is not worthy can be dissociated from, and allegiance refocussed wholly in what extends and reflects truly.

            This comes down to what we each and together accept as legitimate currency of communication and relationship, and being vigilant on behalf of our own self-honesty – which is relation within ourself, or a usurpation of such relational awareness by narrative control of a self-specialness seeking validation and reinforcement.

            A predisposition to deceit is the loss of inner awareness to fear driven external seeking. When fear scripts set and run our mind, our world and our daily living – they operate the thing they seem to defend against. This is more evident perhaps for some at least. Everything is backwards.

            If we are seduced by what we want to believe true and avoid or blank what we fear to be true – then we have not met our fears and questioned the inherited and acquired definitions and core beliefs that conflict, inhibit and operate against our native freedom of being. But we are meeting them in our perceived experience of self-other and world – except in ‘reverse’. As if the conditions and behaviours of others determine and define the meanings I hold and share.

            In my world, to make special is to separate or split off from. But uniqueness is our signature vibration through which to relate integrity of being – as an ongoing unfolding and uncovering of self in relationship. Because you cant have self-experience of existence without relation within it.

          • Asami

            Binra, many words. Please read again the words that led us to this misunderstood dialogue. I’m focusing merely on the language.

          • You said:

            … the real special relationship is not so much between Trump and May as it between Washington and London’s City.

            as it between??????????? do only I see this?

            I said:

            Does your original point – point to the absence of is?

            You seem to be commenting on a missing word in the DB sentence. I found the word that was missing interesting – because I see ‘is’, to be or being – to be missed out or disregarded in abstracted terms of conceptual language.

            The rest of my comment was on the notion and function of ‘special relationship’ and not personally to your grammar feedback.

            As for the misunderstood dialogue – now you understand that things not meant personally can be taken that way and prompt unexpected reactions or even chain reactions and WW3.

          • Mstrjack

            I retaliate to people with bad manners with vitriol. I don’t always write in complete sentences for effect. People who comment on things without doing their own homework irritate me.

            The Pilgrim Society was a real secret society club established in London in 1902 and Washington in 1903 explicitly for power “The Special Relationship”. Even though they are still in power they are not a secret society anymore because they have been exposed. You should already know that. For TDB to not point that out to you is not an error. They expect their readers to be informed.

            Your “???????????” indicates to me that you are a lazy reader.

          • Asami

            The homework was pretty simple, Mr. Jack. You just seem to have confused it for something else. Here’s the sentence in question: “But really it doesn’t matter so much because the real special relationship is not so much between Trump and May as it between Washington and London’s City.” The sentence should read like this: “But really it doesn’t matter so much because the real special relationship is not so much between Trump and May as it IS between Washington and London’s City.” This was my point and my point only.

          • Mstrjack

            My apologies to you Asami. I misunderstood your position. Forgetting to use “is” in a sentence not a big deal for me. I see that it is for you. That’s okay. We all have our pet peeves.

            “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” 😉

          • Charles Savoie

            No, they remain a secret society until they come across like their subsidiaries who post membership lists to public view. A constipated elephant could dump before this will happen.

          • Mstrjack

            True enough, yet thanks to your work we know that Trump is an honorary member if he was not already a member before he was elected. I think Steve Forbes should out their member list. That’s his job.

  • jackw97224

    IMHO, the Brits horrible mercantilism economics forced the colonists to rebel. Then the Brits fomented the War of 1812 and then finagled/tricked the US in to supporting her in both world wars. I say enough of the “special relationship” as it has caused enormous destruction of life and property.

  • stevor

    the City of London is the puppet of the Rothschild/zionists so it’s a BAD THING to have a “special relationship” to it just as it is bad to have a special relationship with Israel, the country that OWNS CONGRESS:

  • apberusdisvet

    In the late 19th Century, the US Republic became a corporation with the principal shareholders being the English monarchy and the City of London banksters. They own us lock, stock and barrel; Americans are serfs to them and there is a lien on all of us courtesy of our birth certificates and our social security numbers. How’s that for a very special relationship!

  • Tom

    The City of London, sure, but let’s not forget the Bank for International Settlements.


    The reigning global power resides in one sq mile, which is the “City of London”, a special “DISTRICT,not London, England, but is within London, England. It is a “tax free” district, such as is the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA, within WASHINGTON D.C., THE VATICAN in ROME, and the ZION LOCATION, in HAIFA, ISRAEL, soon to be relocated to Jerusalem. All of the Global National “CENTRAL BANKS” are represented herein, because they take their orders from the “KING of the Earth”, the “ROTHSCHILD FAMILY”, who is the GLOBAL BANK of LAST RESORT, and they have financed both sides of every war and conflict.They have management of the assets of all the Royal Family’s of Europe, since the 1800’s, “TAX FREE”. Once a year as a continuing ritual, Queen Elisabeth enters the City of London, and as is the custom, bows down to the LORD MAYOR of the City of London, to receive the annual report of her Royal Account. The United Kingdom still has on its books, ownership of 95% of the Global Wealth. including that of it’s former colonies, and lands acquired by war, including the U.S.A., CANADA, AUSTRALIA, HONG KONG, CHINA.The ROTHSCHILDS, by taking it’s annual fee of management of the UNITED KINGDOM, since Queen Victoria, tax free, mind you, are worth approx $500 TRILLION American DOLLARS. The ROTHSCHILD’S control LOCK, STOCK, AND BARREL, the UNITED NATIONS, and earlier the LEAGUE of NATIONS, formed after WORLD WAR ONE. Many years ago they negotiated a contract with the VATICAN BANK of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, to pursue control of all Global Assets, of which the Jesuits were the military arm of the Church. Now enter the scene of POPE FRANCIS, a JESUIT. Is it not a miracle that Pope Benedict resigned (unheard of in tradition), so the LAST POPE could be elected, happened to be an unknown JESUIT CARDINAL, from Argentina, POPE FRANCIS, who just last September entered the UNITED NATIONS and gave the GLOBAL WARMING preamble call to Globalize the world, using the “STRAW MAN”, GLOBAL WARMING. The GLOBAL WARMING STRATEGIC PLAN OF OPERATION, was unanimously approved by the UNITED NATIONS, in PARIS, this past December. Have you not noted the most recent actions of POPE FRANCIS visiting Jerusalem, and preparing them for the final days of Planet Earth, which is a belief of
    Catholicism, Protestant, and Jewish faiths, for the return of the Savior, Jesus the Christ, or the Messiah of the Jews. They plan to rebuild the
    Jewish Temple (of SOLOMON) on the Mount where currently sits the ISLAMIC ediface, the DOME of the ROCK. The U.S.A. and other countries are preparing to move their EMBASSY’S their. And POPE FRANCIS plans to move the PAPAL THRONE there. The threat of GLOBALISM, the finale of strategy of the Rothschild’s, by the way, atheists, non-believers, don’t mind all the religious fervor, because they have the nations in their back pocket, and are enjoying the the
    play acting, as it were. There has just occured, however, a monkey wrench in their planning, first they would recall all currencies, world wide, and issue SDR’S (DRAWING RIGHTS), and Global accounts for every adult on Earth, of ONE GLOBAL DIGITAL CURRENCY, which would be controlled by the ONE WORLD BANK (the ROTHSCHILDS), to be followed by the new ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, FAIT ACCOMPLI. The plan achieved, CONTROL OF THE GLOBAL MASSES. WHAT FOLLOWS????? Well, the GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTALISTS are on record of saying the “ideal”
    Global Population should be approx two (2) BILLION HUMAN CREATURES. Hmmmmm Hummmm

  • jacob

    Disappointing article. Broad allegations that don’t say much. Not the DB of yore.

  • autonomous

    The special relationship between America and England resulted in the plan of George III to establish a colony in North America. Ever since America declared to George that, when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands…and then we dissolved those bands. What that relationship has been since breaking those bands is the relentless efforts of George and his successors to form new bands so that the God ordained rights of the British throne could be reestablished. There have been royalists in America all along, at times nearly enough, who support the return America to the British fold, most audible of whom are today the mainstream media. Interwoven in the political fabric that seeks to bind us is the absolute conviction that the primary need of society is to be governed by the more enlightened among us. We remain in danger of reconquest.

  • Stephen Persaud

    the immigration bans are not so much to keep potential “dangerous” people out…as to stop folks (of all nationalities) with green cards from leaving the usa…….as they will all be scared (muslim or not) as to whether the will be allowed back in

  • Charles Savoie

    The Pilgrims Society, created to bridge the gap caused by the Revolutionary War, has England using America to help prevail in World Wars the British hatch. It’s ridiculous that other groups are still getting so much coverage when Van Der Reijden and I have demonstrated how superior this group is over all the rest. In January 2012 The PILL-GRAMS met in London and our findings were ridiculed, specifically mentioning me, see page two They are PILL-GRAMS because they own Big Pharma (“PILL”) all over North America and the Commonwealth and Europe, and because they steal grams of gold and silver from the world, preventing their use as money. This is the most dangerous organization in history. It is not Nazi nor Communist, it is Royalist led, with connections to Charlemagne, the “father of western civilization,” William the Conqueror, Russian royalty and European royalty and above all, the Windsors, the world’s biggest landowners. The Queen bought a stake in Silver Standard Resources last fall, in which I was a private placement participant in 2001. They are holding such shares low hoping to shake people like me out before the great transition from synthetic to metallic money. Just one Pilgrims Society entity, Van Eck Global, owns around a third of this company, which refused response to me as a shareholder when I asked a simple question about a former Texas mine holding. See—they don’t want me around because I’m squawking about the British. Trump wants to reindustrialize the USA so we can help his British pals to win the third World War, he is due to travel to see the Crown but most likely Prince Charles is finally making the decisions.

  • WinChll

    “A fourth region may be added to these three. That would be Jerusalem.”

    It is according to the history of the British-Israel World Federation. Their history page:

    An interesting read on the British American relationship is “And Men Wept” (1954); pdf version of the book:

    Add to this, Louis T. McFadden’s Expose on the Fed dealings (1934), one has to wonder what the Fed’s real intentions were with respect to the Republic.

    • Mstrjack

      The American people were warned of the dangers of the Federal Reserve. Power over the people was, and still is, the intention of the Fed.

      Copyright – 1912

      U.S. Money vs. Corporation Currency “Aldrich Plan” by Alfred Owen Crozier

      “The New York Chamber of Commerce is conceded to be the confederated brains of all the great interests of Wall Street. It was founded April 5, 1768. It is dominated by the masters of high finance and is the official voice of Wall Street on governmental action and financial policies. Frank A. Vanderlip, president of Standard Oil’s National City Bank, and others comprised of the “Special Currency Committee” of the Chamber. Its exhaustive report, adopted by the Chamber October 4, 1906, is given in this volume. It advocated a great Central Bank or Association with identical powers and functions proposed for the National Reserve Association under the pending “Aldrich Plan.”

      Wall Street’s Own Views!

      “Describing the precise power such a central financial institution issuing and controlling the volume of the public currency and fixing the discount or interest rates would have, such a report significantly says: “By the control of its rate of interest and of its issues of notes it would be able to exert great influence upon the money market and upon public opinion. Such power is not possessed by any institution in the United States.”

      This was a heart-to-heart talk by the committee with the other great financial leaders to induce them to join in promoting the scheme. It was showing them truthfully the power such an institution would put into the hands of those controlling same. The report bluntly said that such central institution not only could control the “money market,” but also the “public opinion” of the United States, by arbitrarily increasing and decreasing interest rates and inflating and contracting its circulating notes, or currency. This power to increase and decrease the supply or quantity of money and credit, and the interest or price charged for same, is the power of absolute life and death over the 24,392 banks and the business of every individual and corporation in the United States. If carried to extremes it would cause general panic, disaster, bankruptcy and ruin. By this means it could at will raise and lower the prices of all securities, property and human labor. The committee truthfully said: “Such a power is not now possessed by any institution in the United States.” Even the Federal Government itself has no such enormous and dangerous power. It is power to do all these things that Wall Street seeks. With it, the few who will control this private corporation easily can soon own the entire republic and its 94,000,000 inhabitants in fee simple.”

  • Bruce C.

    Trump has a unique “window” opportunity to order an audit of the Fed if he does it soon, including the presence and status of US gold holdings.

    It’s a unique opportunity in that it sounds “simple enough” and understandable to the public and so the tortured. cryptic arguments that might be expressed against it publicly won’t make much sense. The present government and its minions aren’t trusted very much right now and so Trump would have some political support if not a mandate to do it (especially when people realize the that such audits haven’t been done for decades.)

    If the results are what most of us think they would be, that will be a shit-hits-the-fan moment and could be the beginning of the unraveling of central banking itself. All done from a seemingly innocent act of questioning.

    It could lead to some major upsets, but there will be upsets no matter what happens – strategies that are followed at this point. Four to six trillion dollars have been wasted on the ME wars with nothing to show for it. It’s as though it has been literally stolen from the US (people). There is now nothing left – not even to borrow – for any rebuilding agenda that Trump may want.

    It’s better that people learn the true state of affairs sooner than later. At least the US dollar, being the world’s reserve currency, is what everybody HAS already, so there are enormous vested interests to maintain its “value”. That could be the saving grace, but only if the US acts first.

    As an added bonus, Trump will have the mandate to bring so many of the criminals behind the looting (Bushes, Clintons, Fed officials et al) to account and for justice – for “heads to roll”. But the longer he waits the more he could be associated with the whole stinking thing.