The Truth Has Consequences When Elites Lose Control
By Daily Bell Staff - January 07, 2016

Saudi Arabia is our natural ally against Isil. Just like David Cameron, Riyadh is committed both to destroying Islamic State and to toppling Assad. It would be foolish to alienate them now … – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: The House of Saud and the House of Bush, perfect together?

Free-Market Analysis: This article by a man who is the Telegraph's chief military correspondent, and thus makes a living warmongering, runs counter to the world's increasing disgust with the bloody Saud regime.

This disgust has further manifested itself since the latest House of Saud massacre that saw up to 50 "criminals" beheaded in a mass execution designed to further the cause of Saudi "justice."

But written in early December, this article's arguments surely remain current and are probably as good a summary of the pro-war, Middle East case as can be made.

Here's how it begins:

When David Cameron tried to find out just how many Syrian fighters were available to conduct ground operations against Islamic State (Isil), the response from his senior military advisors was hardly encouraging. "There is certainly no shortage of fighters on the ground in Syria," the Prime Minister's office was told. "The only problem is that none of them wants to fight against Isil."

That, in a nutshell, sums up the predicament facing Western policymakers as they attempt to devise a coherent strategy for defeating Isil – one that does not rely exclusively on the somewhat optimistic belief that if you drop enough bombs on the fanatics, they will simply give up on their attempts to establish their self-styled caliphate.

The article goes on to call for "rationalization" of British strategy regarding the various terrorist factions in the Middle East and Syria and mentions a Saudi summit to do just that.

Of course, the article – to do it justice – doesn't shirk from admitting that Saudi funds have found their way to both Al Qaeda and ISIL. But it quickly points out that the "Saudi government itself is at war with both groups."

This is the crux of the article:

The Saudis, therefore, are as committed to defeating Isil as they are to the removal of the Assad regime, their long-standing regional rivals which, as it happens, is not all that different from the aims espoused by Mr Cameron when setting out Britain's long-term objectives for its military intervention in Syria.

And for this reason, it makes perfect sense for Britain to "work closely" with Saudi officials and to make "common cause."

Contrast this sentiment to a lengthy analysis recently published by David Stockman at his Contra Corner. Interestingly, it builds off a recent article by Patrick Buchanan explaining that these Saudi executions were a clumsy way of trying to polarize the larger Middle East conflict.

By executing a prominent Iranian cleric, the House of Saud was hoping to antagonize Iranian mullahs into taking a definitively militaristic position regarding Saudi Arabia.

The theory is that this would force the Pentagon and the Obama administration to choose side between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Since the US has very close ties to the House of Saud because of its support of the petrodollar, there should be no question about where the US comes down – on the side of the Saudis.

But Stockman is eloquent in his disgust with the Saudi regime, even more so than Buchanan.

Washington's Mideast policy is predicated on the assumption that the answer to high oil prices and energy security is deployment of the Fifth Fleet to the Persian Gulf. And that an associated alliance with one of the most corrupt, despotic, avaricious and benighted tyrannies in the modern world is the lynch pin to regional stability and US national security. Nothing could be further from the truth. The House of Saud is a scourge on mankind that would have been eliminated decades ago, save for Imperial Washington's deplorable coddling and massive transfer of arms and political support.

Stockman obviously has strong feelings on the subject. Additionally – blessedly, from our point of view – he spends the latter part of the article talking about the hoax of "peak oil."

Regular readers will know that we have reported on this for over a decade now and were, at the beginning, almost a lone voice even within the alternative media community.

Stockman doesn't come right out and claim that oil is abiotic, and naturally reoccurring from geological processes, but he comes close to doing so. The main point he makes is stated as follows:

[Oil scarcity] was only a convenient Washington invention that was used to justify statist regulation and subsidization of energy domestically and interventionist political and military policies abroad.

And there is more truth-telling toward the end of the article:

The fact is, there is no such thing as generic Islamic terrorism. The overwhelming share of the world's 1.3 billion or so Sunni Muslims are not remotely interested in Jihaddism. Likewise, the 200 million adherents of the Shiite Muslim confession are not terrorists in any religious or ideological sense.

A comparison of these two articles shows us quite clearly that British establishment as usual has no intention of telling the truth about the current Middle East conflict because war suits British imperialism as it has, seemingly, for centuries.

Stockman's article is notable for its truthfulness, in our opinion, and is a sign that revisionist interpretations of historical events have now reached the highest levels of the Anglo establishment.

There is no doubt Stockman was once one of the most highly placed individuals in Washington DC (in the Reagan administration) at a very young age.

As we have predicted, the memes of Western elites are increasingly coming into conflict with 'Net reporting. This journalism is being practiced by a new generation of individuals (young and old) who have been radicalized by plentiful information now available that entirely undermines the kind of directed history that characterized the 20th century.

When elites lose control of the narrative, there are usually significant consequences. It is exciting to see "truth break out," but one needs to be aware of the brooding vengefulness of those used to orchestrating history in order to generate the appropriate narrative.

After Thoughts

Increasingly deprived of this ability, they are liable to strike out in numerous, unexpected ways. Truth is certainly not an unalloyed blessing in the 21st century. Please plan accordingly.

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  • FauxScienceSlayer

    Aboigenic Oil was first scientifically proven by the soviets in the 50s, plagerized and altered by Thomas Gold in the 70s, but the altered hypothesis was proven wrong, discrediting correct analysis. “Fossil Fuel is Nuclear Waste” at Canada Free Press, Sept 2010 has more detailed analysis. Also see the Geonuclear tab at Faux Science Slayer site. House of saud is a MI6 puppet op.

  • alaska3636

    Just read this over at Bloomberg:

    “So economists largely ignored a major economic phenomenon as it was occurring, and now they’re obsessing over it even though it may have peaked or at least paused. What’s up with that?

    The answer may lie in agnotology, the study of the cultural suppression of knowledge.”

    Of course, the author spends the article going full socialist about the ground-breaking work being done over inequality without once mentioning things like time-value, subjective valuation, regulatory capture, cronyism, easy money, etc…

  • Doc

    @DB: would love to see a summary or interview related to abiotic oil.

  • Danny B

    Dear Bell, I wanted to drop off some interesting reading. I believe that nobody reads too much. This is from a post that I did at the Energetic forum.
    Interest is the rental value of money.
    Interest is a non-monetary phenomenon. It is simply the discount human beings apply to the value of future goods vs. that of present goods. It is an expression of time preference, NOT the “rental value of money”.
    ” standard r=MPK result–where MPK is defined as the increment in physical output from an additional input of capital into the production function–crucially assumes that the capital and consumption good are the same physical things, or at least, that they are always physically convertible into each other in a constant ratio.”

    Same thing, huh?,,, constant ratio, huh? One is made by work,, the other is created out of thin air with no effort.

    “It aggregates newly-produced consumption goods C with newly-produced capital goods I. It assumes they are perfect substitutes in production. ”

    With ideas like this, WHY do we let academics control the economy?

    Mises school; “Unemployment in the unhampered market is always voluntary” (Mises [1949] 1966: 599). Man works because he prefers the anticipated result of doing so to the disutility of labor and the psychic income to be derived from leisure. He “stops working at that point, at which he begins to value leisure, the absence of labor’s disutility, more highly than the increment in satisfaction expected from working more” (ibid.: 611).”
    No kidding? Not one mention of working to survive.

    “A person is not employed, that is, not working as a hired laborer, either because he prefers leisure or because he is self-employed. In either case the person is unemployed voluntarily. But may it not be true that, on the free and unhampered market, someone is “unemployed” in the modern sense, that is, he is seeking work and cannot find a job? But such a construct raises many problems. ”

    No kidding,,, it raises many problems?

    Do these mental towers have an equation for stupid people? Do they factor in low-wage competitors who can survive on less money than you can? Do they factor in robots and automation? What about crushing taxes and corruption? Did it ever occur to them that you can produce a robot for FAR less than it requires to produce a human child / worker?

    “You also know the Fed has been going around warning banks that their models are wrong” “The Fed can see that negative interest rates have FAILED to work. Even QE has not worked in Japan or Europe. This alone disproved that the idea of increasing money supply will cause hyperinflation.”
    Armstrong makes a very good argument that capital flows control the economy. Globalism has greatly influenced the volatility and magnitude of capital flows.

    GOV made lots of promises to lots of people. It looks like those who rely on SS and interest income are going to get a real screw job.
    Saving the best for last. The BIS has come out and said that the Central bakers are complete idiots. “It has implicitly indicted the US Federal Reserve and fellow central banks for perverting the machinery of interest policy to conjure demand”

    “The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) – the temple of monetary orthodoxy in Switzerland – has been waiting for this moment, combing through the archives of economic history to mount an unanswerable assault.
    The BIS believes it has found the smoking gun in a study of recessions in 22 rich countries dating back to the late 1960s. The evidence suggests that the long malaise of the post-Lehman era – and the strange episode that preceded it – can be explained almost entirely by the destructive effects of boom and bust on productivity growth.”
    The B.I.S should have checked in with Reinhart and Roghoff,,, or maybe Armstrong.

    • alaska3636

      Regarding Mises’ views above, he seems to be talking about survival plus the point at which capital accumulation’s marginal return becomes less than the return of “psychic income” from leisure. Also, his stuff about unemployment of an unhampered economy is doing a bit of “seeing the unseen”. From his vantage point back around the turn of the century, having left Austria and then fleeing Europe, America must have looked like the freakin’ promised land of plenty, especially before income taxes and strong federal reserve policies. I’m also not sure about career politicians back in those days, but it was probably a lot easier to imagine an unhampered market back in those days than it is today when things resemble more of a controlled economy. Crushing taxation and the centralized power that precedes it and the subsequent corruption are serious impediments to a free market.

      If I was to try some seeing of the unseen, I might make an argument that the corruption engendered in a society that centralizes power prohibits that same society from developing the common culture that just might have kept ROI down and capital invested within the borders. Maybe, maybe not. No doubt global capital flows are a big deal today, and low wage workers in China are a considerably better deal than Union protected work forces at home; but, few people take into account what a culture is and why destroying it out of “progress” is the globalist dream. People make cultural calculations in all activities and a bad culture puts the individual’s need in front of his friends and neighbors and the future. Maybe cultures decay but it seems like this culture in the media is presented to us for the reason I stated above.

      About the BIS study, don’t worry about that; it will not make waves.

  • When elites lose control of the narrative, there are usually significant consequences. It is exciting to see “truth break out,” but one needs to be aware of the brooding vengefulness of those used to orchestrating history in order to generate the appropriate narrative.

    Conclusion: Increasingly deprived of this ability, they are liable to strike out in numerous, unexpected ways. Truth is certainly not an unalloyed blessing in the 21st century. Please plan accordingly.

    Surely it is fully to be expected, for it is only natural, that those used to orchestrating history in order to generate the appropriate narrative will be subject to front line activity/terrorist interest as uncomfortable and inequitable truths of misdeeds and misspeaks spread like wild fire. To not imagine it to be so, and the targeting to be surprisingly accurate, is a catastrophic ignorance and mindless arrogance of stupefying proportion which identifies the fool tool and pretender at rule.

    Remember to never forget the Universal Cosmic Rule of Symmetry and Singularity …… Inevitably eventually always, what one gives is what one gets. Anything else would be perverse and corrupt and not at all fair and right proper and just.

    A fundamental change from failed narratives to leading tales is the obviously simply complex program/project saviour though. For that is all that is needed to surely avert impending engulfing catastrophe. IT is not rocket science, nor difficult, this Great Media Lark Game, is it, although it does value novel and noble intelligence above all else that be just as fools’ gold, methinks.

  • When elites lose control of the narrative, there are usually significant consequences.

    A prime one of which, if losing control elites wish to escape certain extremely unpleasant significant consequences, is to smartly engage with new tale spinners/novel bonded source holders.

    It is a fundamental mistake easily made, DB, to not imagine the future and Great Games being played there by myriad fit and able and enabled state and non-state actors/exclusive executive administration systems, being somewhat completely different and remotely led via virtual means with intelligent memes.*

    Methinks such a realisation and virtualisation is something of a quantum leap for evolving Mankind to make, and thus will early entry with foundational understanding into the field, guarantee an unrivalled lead and rapid progress to produce unassailable positions in near perfect novel situations.

    * for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT in SMARTR IntelAIgent Networks

    Do you imagine and realise the virtual Daily Bell channel, a SIN? Do your commentators and contributors?

  • Every act has consequences – on some level – and every thought is an act of focusing in an accepted idea. Truth is lost when a version of it is asserted for purposes of war. There is perhaps the most fundamental arena of error – for accepting what is untrue of us – but acting and believing as if is true – generates an assertive, deceitful and coercive ‘personality’ structure. It will not necessarily experience itself to be as described – indeed its ‘success’ is in experiencing itself as the wronged innocent that then is reluctantly forced to open rage – or loveless acts of hate that deny Life in oneself or others – yet from which a sense of private or personal power or protection is gained at another’s expense – including one’s own denied and alienated sense of feeling awareness.

    The fragmented and fragmenting segregative identity plays many parts of every conflict as required. It will sacrifice parts of itself in event of being exposed – AND – use the event as a way to subvert and assert a false sense of freedom and power that then rises in the false hope that evil has been vanquished or overcome. Survival against all adversity and by any means is its core movement – with the consequence of its own denials piling up around it and hemming it in leading to disintegration, destruction and death as the result of perceiving exclusively in terms of threat.

    Creative or integrative perspectives are always threatening to a ‘command and control mentality’ which cannot feel them or indeed anything directly and therefore only ‘sees’ forms of strategic importance – which it feeds on to develop a better defence against such ‘liabilities’ of uncontrollable assets.

    Where seems an army of ill intent aligned with a blind and cruel evil will – is a bedlam of insanity – held together only in hate of Life – of truly Feeling Life – for feelings that are hateful, entangling and obstructive to the desire of mental ‘perfection’ are not associated with such false self-concept – but blamed on the receptive and expressive experience of such out-of-true in consequence.

    The ‘elite’ mentally-controlling sense of power to assert and impose upon the Will, is a form of self-righteousness that refuses to open to its feeling being – excepting in ways that can raid or rape it for information and leverage. The ‘control’ or power of the ‘elites’ is in direct proportion to the self-hatred of those who give them power and believe themselves powerless. Self-hatred takes complex forms and the conforming persona adopts definitions that deny any associated feelings as a true symptom of a false foundation.

    The Reintegrative Movement is thus kept at bay by the persistence of self-denying act that believes itself to be a survival script – yet is inherently available as a choice when the choice to give allegiance and identity to a coercive, partial or dishonest sense of self is NOT employed. (Or given worth-ship). Much of the time there is no consciousness within the enactment of hate with which to pause, challenge or enquire as to its basis in truth. Mentalising after the fact is not able to transmute, transform or heal the split off conditioning and no amount of self-assertion will do anything but feed the denials while seeming to regain a measure of ‘control’.

    And so ‘after the fact’ interpretations and narratives of ‘self and world’ operate as if they are in control of the Movement of Life when in fact they are afterthoughts in which to miss the Point of Self-Aware Existence. A loss of Felt Presence that de-contextualizes everything from its true Source-Nature. This is operating as a ‘reversal’ of Consciousness that normalizes itself by a power consensus. The power beneath all else is the choice or acceptance of worth-ship that we extend to those ideas and images that we then identify with by acting from. But the power to limit our own true Consciousness is the unowned self-hatred that then seems to attack us from without – or even from our own lack of health – physical or mental.

    True self acceptance is a profound act of willingness to feel and know all that is present in ways that allow the forms of hatred to be both owned and thus transformed. Controlling the narrative is investment in storytelling that entrances attention. We lie to ourselves first – seeking outer reinforcements to ‘make real’ our assertions. There IS a better way of living than being effectively at war with Life. But only the acceptance of movement of desire for Life can recognize and accept Its Own. It cant be bought in or added onto a concealed desire to get rid of Life – (that a loveless control-mentality effectively operates in its quest for god-like status over conforming robots in place of the living feedback that would actually reveal an innate divinity if one but knew how to see and hear.

  • … A controlling ‘elitism’ plans for and incorporates ‘loss of control of narrative’ into their strategy as well as opportunistically exploiting any unplanned incidence. Not that they cannot feel themselves written into a corner… There is a movement that WANTS IT ALL and if it cant win it will take out as much as it can with it.

    Oh here I go again…

    Perhaps it is true to say there is no free will in the story – unless and until one wakes to one’s own storytelling participation – and that such freedom is then reflected, rather than coercively or forcefully applied.

    Changing one’s script is not in fact more than a surface shuffle if it persists in demanding specific forms of outcome or effects. If one really understands the true nature of Ideas, One would not use them in ways that come back as deeply negative outcomes, just for a short term inducement or ‘hit’ of an apparently positive high. But such a path teaches the value of true self-responsibility – eventually.

    That there even IS a script or template level is still not much appreciated by identification that is trapped within its conditioning loop of experience.