The Walls Are to Keep You In
By Daily Bell Staff - September 12, 2016

Trump Wants Border Wall, but Britain Is Building One in France  …  The U.K. government has announced plans to begin constructing a 13-foot concrete roadside barrier at the French port of Calais, where truck drivers have been targeted by migrants trying to sneak through the Channel Tunnel. -NBC

Walls are being built in the West not to keep others out but to keep citizens in. They are being erected between nation states in Europe and perhaps in the US too.

One only needs to look at the evolution of the passport system to see the larger, underlying intention. Passports became more common after World War I, and there is some historical speculation that Communist Russia led the way in trying to keep track of visitors.

In any event, the passport system came more formally into being after World War II – along with increased formalization of Interpol.

One can therefore argue that the passport/visa combination has only been part of everyday travel for less than 75 years worldwide.

Even in the 1800s, people traveled from country to country without much interference. Being asked for papers was seen as something of an insult.

The European Union was supposed to reduce or eliminate travel documents but that’s not happening. Instead, as a result of terrorist attacks and now Brexit, the Schengen agreement is degenerating. European states are returning to more intensive document checking between countries that supposedly had done away with such policies.

The NBC article (above) adds that several European countries have already put barbed wire walls in place. In Hungary, prime minister, Viktor Orban has started a wall to keep out Syrian refugees. This takes the place of a “tall fence” that has already been erected.

And then there is this, recently, from Carnegie:

How to Build a More Flexible EU After Brexit …

EU leaders cannot agree on major structural reforms in the next months before the Treaty of Rome celebration. In this period, it makes sense to focus on immediate deliverables to address burning issues, such as terrorism and border management, and show the public that political leaders can deliver common responses.

Current initiatives, like strengthening the counterterrorism capacity of the EU’s law enforcement agency Europol and implementing a new border and coastguard agency, are worthwhile to bring the member states back together and demonstrate the added value of the union in ensuring security.

Europe’s investigative agency Europol is apparently implementing strengthened border and coastguard operations. European states are fortifying borders with barbed wire, fences or smooth, concrete walls as well.

One can argue that these moves are legitimate actions to counter out-of-control immigration but much of the immigration is from the Middle East as a result of US initiated wars.

In other words, the immigration that has commenced is the product of Western actions. Additionally, European politicians have not previously taken strong actions in many cases to damp the overwhelming immigration. Obviously it is policy not to oppose it.

One can easily argue – as we have – that the immigration is intended to remove cultural cohesion in Europe’s many tribal-bounded countries. This is to make nation-states less resistant to a larger union, a United States of Europe in other words.

The idea now seems to be to pursue a more powerful political union while creating and re-expanding divisions between nation states.

It is easier, perhaps, to control individual countries (even within a larger union) if travel is less available and more onerous.

If we accept this approach, then it becomes easier to conclude that the EU was actually created in order to fragment. This in turn gives authorities the justification to create a closer union while reducing the ease of travel within countries.

The larger intention of Western elites, one can speculate, is to further centralize large regions from a political and economic standpoint while fragmenting ease-of-travel within them

Conclusion: From this perspective, walls and strengthened borders are not being erected to keep people out but to hamper inter-regional travel and to keep people hemmed in. Historically speaking, borders and walls are just as much about control of indigenous populations as their protection.

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  • Charlie Primero

    > The EU was actually created in order to fragment.

    Jebus H. Stupid articles like this will kill your site.

    • Is true, though.

      • He’s right. I recommend you take at least two consecutive days off per week from cannabis to insure clear thinking. Not presuming you use habitually, but just in case…

    • Webforager

      The EU was created as a monetary union without a fiscal authority. So, yes. It was made to fragment.

      • JohnnyZ

        It is the “order out of chaos” scheme. Here is Romano Prodi in 2001:

        “I am sure the euro will oblige us to introduce a new set of economic policy instruments. It is politically impossible to propose that now. But some day there will be a crisis and new instruments will be created.”

        And here is a more detailed explanation by Richard Jeffrey from Cazenove A.M.:

        “The point is that, if you were being logical, a common currency would be the last thing you introduced (after common fiscal policy, legal systems, market regulation, etc.) if you were trying to bring countries into some sort of political federation, since it would be a common currency and monetary policy that would expose all the tensions between economies.

        “But the politicians reversed this argument, and saw the currency union as a forcing first step, since it would necessitate a more federal approach in other areas, such as fiscal policy, if it were to be successful.”

  • Praetor

    Walls do seem to be ridicules, since you just fly over them.

    But, we can call them ‘a good neighbor fence’. We can be friends, but, stay on you’re side of the fence or else.

    Well with country, the elites can have a whole lot of little hot spots. You know to sell their bombs and bullets. If everyone is happy in the collective who will buy their bombs and bullets, and you need those bombs and bullets to be used!!!

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    I wonder how the citizens of Israel really feel about the walls closing them in. They have to at least from time to time resent being hemmed and ultra controlled.

  • mary

    When Mao starved 40 million people to death, there were guards on the roads to stop the peasants from leaving their towns to relocate in the cities where there was food. (See Hungry Ghosts by Jasper Becker.) It’s easier to kill people who can’t flee.

    Borders are a government project for people control, on both sides.

  • rahrog


    • “Historically speaking, borders and walls are just as much about control of indigenous populations as their protection.” This held true for Jewish populations confined to Russian ghettos in the 1800s. Rabbinical leaders were reluctant to lose control …

    • john cummins

      NO, absolute truth. IF you are slightly interested in this topic spend about 6 hours on getting educated:

      • rahrog

        Thank you. I am very well educated on how The Ruling Class is using “open borders” to control wages, and mislead many libertarians.

  • Paul Baron

    That’s why I’m against the wall on the border here in AZ. I’m not worried about keeping the Mexicans out, I’m worried about being kept in…………

    • Yes, the necessity for passports and other kinds of ID has become more aggressive on both Canadian and Mexican borders …

    • timamac

      Nah, globaliaists want you to leave. They want One World, no sovereign nations, citizens of the world.

  • Demonocracy

    Has anyone seen the very, very unpopular movie “Beyond Rangoon”?

    Based on a true story of the

    Beyond Rangoon is a 1995 drama film directed by John Boorman about Laura Bowman (played by Patricia Arquette), an American tourist who vacations in Burma (Myanmar) in 1988, the year in which the 8888 Uprising takes place. The film was mostly filmed in Malaysia, and, though a work of fiction, was inspired by real people and real events.

    Those borders were portrayed in the end of the movie to keep people out. It is clearly depicted at the very end.

    • Demonocracy


      I meant to keep people in. Damit!

  • jrrrr

    “Socialism is a political system allowing parasites to effortlessly devour their working hosts. Although borderless global host access is parasite favorable, while borders limit parasitical consumption, neither prevent initial host paralysis with parasitical propaganda and eventual host/parasite fatality. Nevertheless, that is irrelevant, as this is a parasite’s only role in societies, bordered or borderless, as commanded by immutable natural law.”

    “The Socialist Manifesto of Global Parasitism,” written by Baracktrema Obamai.

  • Perhaps the discussion would be more constructive if we moved it from open borders to managed borders.

    This is because clear-thinking people realize open borders always results in more government.

    This is because either the new immigrants demand it (Free Shit Army!), or the locals do – to protect them from the newly included members of the Free S–t Army.

    Talk of a wall is simply emotional persuasion to get elected. Scott Adams has spoken on Trump’s tactics at length, and so far has been very accurate.

    The talk of a wall is to persuade voters that he will address one of their core issues, which is illegal (and legal) immigration – and their concerns are valid.

    Ignore reality at your peril.

  • john cummins

    An absolutely accurate and wonderful article. For a detailed and Biblical elaboration on the history of immigration policies and WHO was behind them spend about 6 hours listening to this excellent Libertarian speaker:

  • Many good points. One not mentioned is that of the directing or funnelling of migrants at least to Europe from the Middle East and Africa. Note the bordering countries who take none – as well as their not so secret involvements in both local and global geopolitical strategies. perhaps as puppets and perhaps as puppeteers.
    Does not the dependence on finance lead the indebted?
    While refugees and migrants both are generally caught in between a rock and a hard place for other aspects of globalism operate to undermine traditional ways of life that worked – even without open violent conflagration. The mixing and levelling of an underclass is a race to the bottom while elitism needs a smaller pool of skilled workers – always being replaced by technology.
    The hollowing out of humanity to a Soul-less dictate is perhaps the condition in which a spark awakens to its nature from the recognition and refusal of a false thinking identity – or perhaps mutation to further densification into denial-consciousness in which creative being is sacrificed and substituted for with unfelt rage and terror. For the elitists operate rage and the slaves align in terror – and whatever movies run the mind – are to maintain and protect the right to power and the demand to obey – through dreams of impossible every shifting fantasy symbols.

    The walls in our minds are defining what we take to be our mind and deciding the thinking and thus the perceptions and responses to what seems self-evident but is contrived – at expense of the truly self-evident to perspective operating upstream to the split-minded or compartmentalized and conflicted confusion.
    Good communication makes good neighbours and fences can serve that as well as make that impossible – but the key is a willingness for communication – not the presence or absence of symbols of separation. Being in communication with those who love hatred and hate to open to real communication is not necessarily talking – but it isn’t hate and denial either. Being open in willingness to recognize worth in the feared or hated ‘other’ is the way to rediscover it in oneself – but not because anyone says you SHOULD or MUST.

    It is our freedom to use others to judge and hate for our sins – or ‘projected denials’ – but all thought has consequence. Elitism may be symbolized by the 1% – but is pervasive in the claimed right to judge others and assert it true.
    Whatever paths are leading from here I don’t see any where hate does not have to be lived through or faced. We wanted x and got y and blame z for it – we hate z for y and so we hate y – and cannot engage life for loss of x, hate of y and blame of z. But what do we truly want? And are there other ways to have it than x? Do we give up our joy in life (what x represented) so as to persist in grievance – and take our ‘joy’ in being right? Unforgiveness (denial) of self and other wall us off from presence – which is not saviour to breaking down blocks or raising up protections – but is a perspective of felt truth in which the need for breaking down or hiding no longer compels. Everything we have added to ourself can be taken away – but we did not add presence or create it. But it is the creative and aligning in it is uncovering x in y – and even recognizing z in a new light.

    It is generally insulting and humiliating to lose face and control – but if our true face is something we rest in – we wont need that kind of control – or to get that face back on. Our narrative reality is no longer supporting the persona we were…re-invest more heavily with more tax to support the ‘control structure’ or withdraw investment from what doesn’t work and cannot work. Old dogs don’t learn new tricks – but it is never too late to learn something new.