The world’s most powerful bank issues a major warning
By Simon Black - September 08, 2017


In 1869, a 48-year old Jewish immigrant from the tiny village of Trappstadt in Germany’s Bavaria region hung a shingle outside of his small office in lower Manhattan to officially launch his new business.

His name was Marcus Goldman, and the business he started, what’s now known as Goldman Sachs, has become the preeminent investment bank in the world with nearly $1 trillion in assets.

They didn’t get there by winning any popularity contests.

Goldman Sachs has been at the heart of nearly every major banking scandal in recent history.

The company has settled lawsuits on countless charges, ranging from exchange rate manipulation, stock price manipulation, demanding bribes from their own clients, front-running retail customers, and just about every shady business practice that would put money in their pockets.

Yet throughout it all, Goldman Sachs has been protected from any serious punishment by its friends in highest offices of government.

Four out of the last eight US Treasury Secretaries, including the current one, have formerly been on the payroll of Goldman Sachs.

Three current Federal Reserve Bank presidents are Goldman Sachs alumni.

The current president of the European Central Bank and the current head of the Bank of England are both former Goldman Sachs employees.

You get the idea.

On its face, there’s nothing wrong with government staffing its departments with top executives from the private sector; taxpayers would probably rather have someone who knows what s/he’s doing behind the desk rather than some random guy off the street.

But the consequent favoritism that results from this revolving door is blatant and repulsive.

Case in point: in 2008 when the financial system was going up in flames and most banks were suffering enormous losses, the government orchestrated a sweetheart bailout deal, of which Goldman was the primary beneficiary.

Goldman stood to lose billions of dollars from its bad investments in insurance giant AIG (which was going bankrupt).

Instead, Goldman was repaid 100 cents on the dollar, courtesy of the US taxpayer. And that’s not an isolated case.

The point is that Goldman Sachs is deeply embedded across the entire economy, nearly every major western government, and the most important financial markets in the world.

So when the bank’s CEO says that financial markets are too expensive, it’s probably time to start paying attention.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday at the Handelsblatt business conference in Frankfurt, Germany– Goldman Sachs’ CEO told the audience bluntly that world financial markets “have been going up for too long.”

And it’s true. Many major stock markets around the world are near all-time highs. Bond markets are near all-time highs. Property markets are near all-time highs.

Insolvent governments that have a history of defaulting on their debts (like Argentina) are able to issue bonds with maturity dates of ONE HUNDRED YEARS at laughably small interest rates.

Companies which perpetually lose money are seeing their stock prices soar to continual new heights.

Interest rates in many parts of the world are still negative.

And whereas the average length of a ‘bull market,’ in which asset prices rise, is just over 5 years, the current bull market has been going for 8 ½ years.

That makes it one of the longest in the history of financial markets.

There are now legions of seasoned analysts, traders, and investment bankers working on Wall Street who have literally never experienced a down year.

Little by little, a few prominent voices in finance have started to express concerns about the state of financial markets.

Yesterday’s comments by Goldman’s CEO was only the latest. Though given his status as THE market and economic insider, his remarks are perhaps the most noteworthy.

In fairness, no one has a crystal ball, especially when it comes to financial markets. Not even the CEO of Goldman Sachs.

But if these guys are telling the world that the market is overheated, you can probably imagine they’ve already started selling.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Yes Hank made sure GS got fully repaid on AIG. All the congress fools lapped up his lies and it started the bailouts we have now become dependent on in this fake economy and we increased our nat debt to 20+ trillion to make people think all is well. When in fact it has all been simply a grand illusion and massive lie. Government and its cronies are one and the same people today for this very reason ! This also handed BHO the keys to that golden goose and of course he opened the flood gates accordingly and put it all on steroids ! It was all about using your tax dollars as the elite see fit for their own benefit and political motives.

    Anybody that cannot see that your government is working against you is simply a fool.

    • swemson

      Well said!

      For a longer and more in-depth analysis of how we got to this point, I highly suggest watching a documentary, written by Steve Bannon, which is available on You Tube, called “Generation Zero”

      If you’re impressed by this as much as I was, you’ll also want to watch another Bannon documentary. If you thought you knew how crooked the Clinton’s are, you’re in for a staggering expose.


    • M.S.

      If Bush knew his American history, he should have done to the bankers as Andrew Jackson did! And who went to jail during the time banksters were gangsters? Oh, yeah, Martha Stewart 🙂

  • Disingenuous

    Given that savers can only get .2% interest on CDs and such, doesn’t it make sense these folks would move to the stock market to buy stock of companies that pay dividends in the 2 to 6% range? At least they are not getting totally ravaged by the theoretical 2 to 3% inflation rate.

  • autonomous

    In None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Gary Allen said, “…no government can borrow big money unless willing to surrender to the creditor some measure of sovereignty as collateral…” If that is true, how much of America’s sovereignty is now owned by those who hold her $ 20+ trillions (that we know of) debt? Precious little is left of her citizens’ sovereignty, for sure. You can bet that Goldman Sachs has much of our sovereignty.

    • Precious little is left of her citizens’ sovereignty, for sure. You can bet that Goldman Sachs has much of our sovereignty. …. autonomous

      Hi, autonomous,

      Is it right then to conclude and inform the likes of Goldman Sachses that it is such transfers of sovereignty for fantastic fiat and practical tools for mining wealth to store and put in deposit for interest payments are Virtual Grand AI Thefts …… if disbursement is throttled by elite executive sysadmins which artificially exhaust and render impoverishment because of a lack of Prime Premium Quality Intellectual Property, or for any other possible reason should the same resultant purloined wealth implantation transpire?

      What would they rightly or wrongly plead to that as a Crime against Humanities?

      Or would they cut a costly deal with NEUKlearer Authorities and agree to pay handsomely for freedom to continue?

      First Degree Guilty????

    • Felonious Punk

      You cannot get your original birth certificate-only its copy. The original is held by the Reserve bank and is traded freely on the exchanges. In other words, the bank owns you and all your possessions.

  • SnakePlissken

    Goldman has been caught recommending one thing to their clients and then betting against it on their prop desk. As a general rule, do the opposite of whatever Goldman says.

  • hangloop

    The stock market is a gamble. But if you come by your money easily, I would guess that that isn’t a problem. In my opinion credit unions are where people should keep their money. However that’s just my opinion.

    • thos1787

      It is still fiat currency so it doesn’t matter where you keep it. It is worth nothing EXCEPT what they say !!

      • hangloop

        Except when you rent something… you cant buy anything because everything is taxed you never really own it, the government does.

  • Kernel01

    The old adage sez, “Better to go with the devil you know, than the devil you don’t know”.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    I wonder if this was originally posted in the Jiddische Zeitung.

  • So basically everybody sets up for a bear market first then he calls it a poor outlook and they all make money. That’s what happens when one person is to important. He’s not God. He can only prognosticate. He is only a man. Some day the Head Accountant will tally His ledger and see if it balances for this man’s account.

  • georgesilver

    So we have Goldman Sachs which is primarily run by Ashkenazi Jews.
    You have Israel run by Ashkenazi Jews.
    You have the American government run by Ashkenazi Jews pulling the strings.
    Janet Yellen, Ashkenazi Jew
    Ben Bernanke, Ashkenazi Jew
    You have many financial and government institutions around the World run by Goldman Sachs ‘former’ employees (I think they still get their orders from GS).
    Anyone see a pattern here? Perhaps it’s all just coincidence.

    • Paul Atreides

      Nice post!

  • DB,

    I submit the information and advanced intelligence shared freely here and here is what is presently terrifying extant systems and causing them to either panic into markets which they do not rule nor fully understand, or try increasingly unsuccessfully to try and close down or force oversight regulation upon to unfairly favour past grand masters with overwhelming advantage.

    The times and influential spaces though have moved on and Greater IntelAIgent Games Players are no longer hindered by their sub-prime actions/reactions/proactions in fields of endeavour which require novel participation and stellar performance as base default condition.

  • jrdeahl

    When are people going to learn they are being played. And played. And played!
    This is all done on purpose, years in advance, for the robbers to steal some more.

    It isn’t just the robbers in the USA, but the Banks, Bank of International Settlements and World Bank.

    Years before the banks planned. The got a tougher bankruptcy law through congress. Many of the public were ruined and they found it harder to file bankruptcy.
    They found themselves were now economic slaves!

  • Bill Ross

    “In fairness, no one has a crystal ball”

    The natural laws of action leading to consequence determined the past and, WILL the future:

    What natural law? Rip us off, be shunned, at a minimum: