TISA Ready to Take the Place of TPP
By Daily Bell Staff - February 13, 2017

TISA’s Worse Than TPP—Kiss Internet privacy and national sovereignty goodbye  – National Economics

We got rid of TPP and now they’re bringing it back with TISA. In some ways it’s even worse that TPP.

TPP was killed because Congress wasn’t going to go along with it and US President Donald Trump withdrew the country from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as soon as he got into office.

But now we’re finding out that it lives on through the Trade In Services Agreement (TISA). TISA has actually been around for a long time, some 21 rounds of negotiations since April 2013.

And while many things can be said about TISA, it was obviously designed as a back up to TPP. In fact one can speculate that TPP was actually expected to fail and TISA was developed to take its place.

What is TISA? It’s another version of corporate globalism that further deregulates banks, reduces Internet privacy and turns various kinds of manufacturing into services to make internationalization ever easier.

Not only is TISA similar to TPP, it’s a lot bigger, including the US, the European Union and numerous South American and Asian countries. It’s actually a good deal more inclusive than TPP.

Article 9 of TISA’s draft legislation makes sure nations cannot create separate, domestic rules for banks that are not their own. Small, local banks would thus be thrust into competition with overseas multinationals.

Additionally it demands that individual countries allow all sorts of financial products to be sold, including derivatives.

And, like TPP, it allows corporations to sue counties that have passed legislation that would adversely affect corporations. Just as with TPP, disputes would be handled by an as-yes-to-be-created international system.

This was perhaps the most disputed part of TPP, and here it is once more, coming right back again.

They call TISA free-trade, but just like TPP and other recent agreements it’s nothing but managed trade, designed to get corporate advantages.

TISA doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at the moment. The Trump administration claims it wants bilateral trade  talks, not multi-lateral ones. So perhaps it will be on the back burner for a while.

On the other hand, Trump can recreate TISA-TPP with bilateral agreements, so the danger is not over. The next globalist step is to make large corporations equal to nation states or even superior to them. That is what these agreements are supposed to accomplish.

People should be careful about what kind of bilateral agreements Trump wants to make. He already seems to have potentially endorsed a one-world currency in talks with China,

Certainly Trump is no libertarian. He’s not seeking to roll back anything in terms of increasing authoritarian structures, like Homeland Security, that have been erected in the last 20 years.

He seems fine with the structure as it is. He just wants to make sure he can use it for his own purposes.

It’s not clear where Trump is going with TISA. He may well let it die. But he could resurrect it bilaterally if he doesn’t have negative feelings about the larger corporate versus nation-state debate.

Trump may be comfortable giving corporations more power. We would not be, for  reasons stated many times before. Modern corporations are pumped up on the steroids of court decisions that have handed them their monstrous size.

Essentially what we have is a form of corporate fascism that is directly related to the vast structure of these corporate entities. Let them collapse to normal size rather than being inflated by intellectual property rights, corporate personhood, and various regulatory constructs, and we would be much more amenable to letting corporations do as they choose.

But then again, if corporations were merely normal sized, they wouldn’t be the chosen vehicle of the elites. That’s what this is all about really. The top banking elites have created modern corporations from government power, and now they want to extend their control.

Conclusion: They call these agreements “free trade” but the vehicles they use are developed by government not competition. They are supposed to represent the next stage of capitalism. But they are nothing of the sort.


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  • Mstrjack

    The U.S. Government became a corporation with the “Organic Act of 1871”. The Federal government is not a real government anymore. It’s a corporation with monopoly power derived from counterfeiting operations.

    The gold standard established by the Coinage Act of 1792 places an Eagle at 270 grains of standard gold. Anyone who debases that standard is subject to the death penalty according to the Act itself.

    While I do not agree with government death penalties, I agree with our founding fathers … counterfeiting (debasing currency) is a serious crime against humanity.

    Monopoly power and corporations should not exist.

    Kudos to The Daily Bell for keeping this fundamental knowledge front and center in daily discussions.

  • lois

    I saw a movie on Netflix, on my TV, called “Targeted”. If you have TV Netflix, I hope you will watch. It’s about gun control, government control.

    The serpent seed, satan is alive in the world.

    Bible Prophecy unfolding before our eyes.

    • 45clive

      The Bible mentions something about selling your cloak to buy a sword. Figures: without a cloak you can’t carry your sword concealed 😉

    • Stacey

      Yes, Satan is alive and is working behind the scenes in the military, economic and political realms in a huge way. If you’re interested, there is a man named Russ Dizdar, a minister who, based on his research and experience with the satanic ritual abuse of individuals, has written a book called The Black Awakening that blew my mind. I have also seen a video on youtube on The Black Awakening. Yes, Biblical Prophecy is unfolding.

      • Calcinor Jones

        Russ Dizdar is a brave man that stares into the eyes of very wicked people. What we are witnessing is the façade coming down on the true evil that is manifesting. Some call is demonic. Others call it bad people behaving badly. Elitists that want to throw the populace into servitude. SRA is real regardless if one is agnostic, atheist or a follower of many many forms of religion. TISA is just another deception that has intentions of accelerating the global nanny state.

        • Stacey

          Yes he is, but he gets his confidence from God. What he has witnessed! As Russ says, satan knows his time is short, is furious and just chomping at the bit for the restrainer to be lifted…things are ramping up. We haven’t seen anything yet.

  • Alan

    I doubt very much if Trump will support TISA.

  • ICFubar

    Beautifully said. Who needs a TPP when you can create the same conditions at home without drawing all the ire of the population in an up front confrontation. TISA I have read would outlaw any form of banking other than the present model of a central bank dominated fractional reserve banking scheme in the hands of privately owned banking corporations. Banks owned by the public, like that of North Dakota or the Bank of Canada, and perhaps even credit unions would be verboten. This is what the free association of bankers over the centuries begets. And that my friends would be the final nail cementing in place the debt based financial system that stalks the world today. It is a sad situation but politicians seem to have a special penchant for being ‘hoodwinked’ when it comes to giving the plutocracy what it wants.

    • Thanks.

    • 45clive

      We may yet need to be “rescued” by Sharia banking.

      • ICFubar

        I have an Iranian neighbor and we talked Islamic banking concepts as compared to western interest charges on a loan. Seems the end result is much the same with only the morality of the words and thoughts making any difference. What I forgot to ask was (short discussion) was whether or not Sharia bankers conjure ‘fractional” money for a loan from thin air or not. Any ideas on this anyone? I guess I should google that one and not be so lazy.

  • LawrenceNeal

    The Elite never sleep.

  • autonomous

    I did not know until reading Rothbard recently that the geniuses who wrote the U.S. constitution buried this gem in Article IV, “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land;…” ALL treaties made are included in the supreme law of the land! As many times as I have read the constitution, I had never noticed that. And only the president can negotiate at treaty. Uh, with the consent of the Senate, who for nearly a hundred and fifty years, were not even selected by voters. I must have been awol from school the day that was covered in school.

    • jackw97224

      You might like Reid v. Covert 354 U.S. 1 (1957). Treaties cannot override the constitution else they would void the protections. However, as Lysander Spooner pointed out in his missive: No Treason No.6, The Constitution of No Authority the thing is a scam and then Marc Stevens is proving this over at The No State Project (YouTube). You might like The Zero Aggression Project by Perry Willis and Jim Babka.

      • autonomous

        Reading lawyer-speak is like watching a magician at work, only less, much less, entertaining, also much more dangerous. It is very important to read what they say with diligence, for the are the ultimate human predators. We need a lawyer when we’re taken to court for the same reason the army used Indians as scouts in their predation against other Indians; courts are our enemies, and only traitors to courts can guide us through enemy territory. And courts are enemy in that they are some of the arms of government, along with legislators and executives including the police.

        • jackw97224

          Yeah, I would like to see private courts that compete with political courts, kind of like a free market and then see which one the general public would choose. Same with the police functions; privatize the enforcement arm and see how it works; I’m guessing it would be generally better and of course eliminate all traffic tickets where there is no claim, i.e. no damage to property or physical harm to person.

  • jackw97224

    Sounds just like the Bourne Conspiracy. Government/politics is violence; it is aggression directed against people who have not committed any crime; it is bent on destroying freedom of choice. Read The Zero Aggression Project missives by Perry Willis and Jim Babka.

  • Asami

    withdrew the county? which county?

  • georgesilver

    As an individual I stopped worrying about who was “in charge” a long time ago. Unless you want to be a martyr or spend your life tilting at windmills or even just complaining all the time it’s best to ignore “the powers that be” as much as possible and find away to live a happy and prosperous life no matter who is in charge. Gaming the system always beats confronting the system.

  • rahrog

    Let us hope that the common folk of the world have had enough of fake free trade, and will hold their wanker governments to the fire over this tyrannical BS.

  • windsor1

    Very well written and carefully thought out analysis. Unfortunately Trump is just a white version of the old boss.