Top 5 Ways to “Back Up” Your Freedom
By The Daily Bell Staff - July 27, 2017

1. Have Physical, Tangible Assets Secured on Hand.

Sovereignman tells you why you should buy a safe, and store some cash and silver in there. Don’t be dependent on institutions.

2. Start Today Towards Obtaining a Second Passport, and a Foreign Bank Account.

It is always good to have options. Secure some money out of your government’s hands. Secure your ability to travel without your government’s permission.

3. Use Cell 411 to Secure Your Community. (Peacekeeper is another option.)

Put your safety in trusted hands, not strangers and agents of the state. You can start developing a network of mutual aid today.

4. Support Freedom Causes and Charities.

There are a lot of people out there working towards freedom, in all sorts of ways. Start with the link above to begin looking into the best places to throw your support in the form of dollars.

5. Legally Reduce the Amount of Taxes Your Pay.

Not only will this help you keep more money, it will help others by defunding the government, one individual at a time.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • georgesilver

    1, Tick! Although I only put some in the safe and hide the rest.
    2. Tick! Second passport is a bit of a give-away. I have a bank account and nationality in one country. Live in another country and have assets in a third
    3. Tick! In my own hands.
    4. ?
    5. Tick! Items 1 and 2 sort this out.

    • You visit the Daily Bell, that is supporting a good liberty cause! Tick number 4. 🙂

      • georgesilver


  • L.C. in Texas

    I would like to know how to reduce/stop taxes that are collected illegally for a Land Patent in Montague County. Texas Representatives and the Governor are unconcerned, even though it has the Signature & Seal of both the Governor Office and the Registrar of Land Office.

    • Phil Freeman

      Contact Harmon L Taylor former Texas lawyer who surrendered his BAR commission and helps pro se folks to deal with issues like yours. At

  • Bill Ross

    6 – Fully comprehend the “problem”. Don’t “feed your enemies” (insure crime does not pay). Freedom “ain’t free”. Pay the cost:

  • American Patriot

    Stop blind obedience to employee terrorists. Employees can not be granted any rights, powers or authority that are superior to the legal power of the people!
    Hired help will never have superior authority if WE deny their abuses!
    Strip power by ignoring the criminal bullshit. If attacked by these traitors, you have the right and duty to kill them. Enemies, foreign and domestic, INCLUDE employees of any state,ctown or village.
    We are under no constitutional obligation or mandate, to bow down to any person, no matter what they say. Employees make no laws, nor are they empowered to make choices or decisions for us, without consent. This is tyranny, and no laws are valid if they create power for tge employee tgat can not be challenged or eliminated by their employer. WE ARE THE MASTER, WE WILL NOT BE CONVERTED TO A DAMN SERVANT TO OUR HIRED HELP, FOR ANY REASON!

    • Bill Ross

      There’s a better (more effective, historically PROVEN) way.
      If people “go postal” in reaction to “abuses”, well that just feeds into the “business case” of the (in)security state. See my link below.

  • teabagger_1

    Ammunition will be currency when they finally degrade the constitution. Learn to load your own. You will need defense when they come for your silver.