TPP Deal Just Signed: Paves Way for Authoritarian Technocracy
By Daily Bell Staff - February 04, 2016

The Trans Pacific Partnership, one of the biggest multinational trade deals ever, has been signed by ministers from its 12 member nations in New Zealand. … US President Barack Obama said the agreement was a new type of trade deal "that puts American workers first". – BBC

Beware TPP. It's nothing more than the further formalization of the worst part of the 20th century: The warfare/welfare state.

It's just been signed in New Zealand by the 12 negotiating parties and now US President Barack Obama is pressuring Congress to get it passed quickly. Obama wants it passed so that the US will be able to "write the rules of the road in the 21st century," enabling it to shape global trade to its own advantage.

Obama is nothing but a puppet for Western banking interests that want to disguise and expand their growing global control via TPP. It will be a disaster that places multinational corporations on an equal footing with nation-states.

TPP is an authoritarian exercise that further solidifies various kinds of global "bigness" while squeezing out the average citizen.

A sister treaty is being developed for the "Atlantic." Taken together these two treaties support an ambitious and expanding technocracy that is intended – or destined – to manage the 21st century.

"Manage" is a polite description. The technocratic impulse is increasingly brutal and simplistic. The EU already functions under a kind of Napoleonic Code where you are guilty until proven innocent. In the US, over six million at any one time are subject to various forms of incarceration, often unjust.

Contrast this sort of enforcement with technocracy itself. The wealthy, young technocrats that will supervise tomorrow's nation-states are in school today, attending the best universities and socializing with each other in elegant academic settings. A new class division is increasingly cultivated.

Obama believes the Pacific trade deal "puts American workers first" but fortunately, the treaty is receiving widespread opposition, including from workers' groups. And now it has received opposition from the United Nations. Here, from RT:

The top United Nations expert on human rights has called on the 12 nations considering the Trans-Pacific Partnership to reject the massive trade agreement since in its current form it "is out of step with today's international human rights regime."

Acknowledging global opposition to TPP because of the agreement's "undemocratic pedigree," Alfred de Zayas called the huge trade agreement "fundamentally flawed."

De Zayas was most concerned that nation-states were losing the right to self-regulation. In other words, these states were signing over their sovereignty. In a statement, he called the treaty, "A product of secret negotiations without multi-stakeholder democratic consultation" and questioned both its "transparency and accountability."

Specifically, de Zayas mentioned the TPP's private tribunal system that will see multinational corporate entities obtain powers to "challenge sovereign nations' government regulations, rules, actions and court rulings."

The nations involved in TPP include some 40 percent of the global economy, and other nations such as Thailand and Cambodia could join. Obviously, nothing so far has derailed the secret progress of TPP.

It's really incredible. In the US, a copy of the agreement was made available in the basement of Congress – under lock and key. This is the kind of bizarre behavior that gave rise to the Magna Carta and several bloody, national revolutions.

In addition to workers and de Zayas, TPP has opponents in the libertarian community, which questions the whole concept of the wise and concerned expert.

After all, what, really, is expertise? To a great degree it seems to be an endorsement of conventional wisdom that is carefully vetted to support the current status quo in numerous areas.

And yet, if nothing else, information circulated on the Internet has provided significant and believable alternatives in areas of health care, science and of course economics.

Expertise, it would seem, exists mostly in the eye of the beholder. The coming generation of technocrats will provide leadership based on pedigree and academic credentials. But the results will perpetuate the current quasi-genocidal (warfare/welfare) rule of Western elites.

What can YOU do? Maintain your skepticism and don't believe all you are told about technocracy's accomplishments as it increasingly emerges into the public space. Try as best as you are able to avoid its results. Emigration to countries not afflicted by it may be one remedy. Such countries might include developing ones in the Americas and Asia as well as various smaller locales such as island countries.

Conclusion: Use your judgment. Like everything else an increasingly desperate elite is propagating, the expansion of the technocratic regime will be neither steady nor pervasive. You CAN live free in an unfree world. Knowledge about what's actually going is the best way to defend yourself.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • FreeOregon

    Why not welcome technology that frees the slaves – debt slaves, dead end job slaves, slaves bored with repetitive work?

    Won’t the entire system need to adjust, if few have jobs and there’s an excess the robots produce? What happens to the economy as we have known it?

    Perhaps the larger question is whether human beings are ready to reinvent themselves once working to eat and live and pay rent no longer is necessary or feasible. Do we move to a new golden age, or find ourselves in a vortex of violence?

    TPP as it is most likely hastens the demise of the American Empire. These planners are no more prescient than were the Soviets.

    • Elizabeth Bell

      this is the same garbage that was sold to my parents generation…it was predicted that by the time they were adults they would only be working 2-3 days a week and would lead a life of leisure…so what happened??? Many of us are working up to 60-70hrs a week to survive because of the same sort of nonsense (there will also be a price to pay)…check out NAFTA for one thing and what it did to many states especially in the south…go youtube some of the ridiculous propaganda videos made in the 1950s about the progress of society…you need to do some research…funny to note that my father asked his teacher who would pay for all the ‘technological advances’ that someone always pays…she had no answer and made him attend after school detention …libtards…smh

    • Steven Hotho

      Human beings are not capable of reinventing themselves. Their nature is the same as its always been and always will be. To eat and live and pay rent is all there is – along with procreating and caring for the offspring. The means by which those things are done might change, but the essence is given and is messed with at the peril of those doing the messing.

  • Linda JJ

    We need to kill the TPP!

  • Lance Elliott

    The “Rollerball” reality is here. Just substitute NFL, and look at stadium names (Companies dominant in their respective industries). Just as tyrannical, just as nefarious, (Insert name here, i.e. Microsoft). The business of business has become Fascism.

  • Marten

    ”The true crisis in our World today is not Social, Political or Economic, it’s a crisis of “Consciousness” , and O’BOMBIE is just another clueless sleepwalking Bozo with a charming veneer

    • Henry Balfour

      Jidduh Krisnamurti (spelling?) Love this quote !

  • Calcinor Jones

    I recall NAFTA and GATT and how “good” it was all going to be for America. Then the jobs went overseas and then the dot com explosion. Everything and anything a despot sells will steal your wealth and freedom. The anti-midas touch. How does one reason with this den of vipers?

    • Mots

      The answer to the corrupt global banksterization/feudalization of our society is self-reliant small community development. We have the technology and ability to make our own energy, food, water, waste disposal, education, health, etc. etc. locally and DO NOT NEED THE BANKSTERS and their Puppets in Washington, London etc. to tell us how to live and scrape off a large portion of our efforts for their elite consumption. They become irrelevant and atrophy to the extent we develop self resiliency, which is a fun process that creates jobs and meaning. Those who understand this must communicate, and do it.

      • disqussted999

        And then there’s Agenda 21. We certainly “DO NOT NEED THE BANKSTERS and their Puppets in Washington, London etc. to tell us how to live and scrape off a large portion of our efforts for their elite consumption,” but that is what is and has been in the works for a long time now. Self-reliance, “self-resiliency,” and any form of independent action, especially in the areas of energy, food, water, waste disposal, gardening, and even education and health, are, by its tenets, really pretty much unacceptable and against the rules of “sustainable development,” and my guess is, sooner or later, will be put down by force on an even larger scale than already exists now in the good ‘ole USSA (under the label of domestic terrorism or whatever they’ll decide to call it).

        Don’t kid yourselves. The police state is here and is simply being “tried out”…put through its initial training and situational paces…against every conceivable right and liberty once honored and cherished and protected in this country. And the squawking about it, though present at a minor level, such as on scattered internet sites and by certain small groups, certainly hasn’t reached the necessary levels where it has in any way scared the powermongering, megalomaniacal, evergreedyformore “elite” and their governmental proxies into discontinuing their implementation of this state for the purpose of eventually taking full control of every aspect of the lives of WeThePeople. Be prepared…simply putting up the hand to them and saying, “We don’t need you (or want you) here,” will likely do as much good in stopping their encroachment into our lives and homes and lands as it would be in stopping the next bullet aimed at our head, or that of a family member.

    • Bruce C.

      I don’t want to incite a political, “partisan” argument, but ‘that blabber mouth’ Republican Presidential candidate Ross Perot warned of exactly that. A businessman who knew how big business/government worked. Just sayin’.

  • Praetor

    Global corporate state, where the world becomes a company town! You can see the results of a company town, in the smaller towns, where wally markets have shut-down. The people complain, nowhere to buy any think. Want to starve people, make it all a company town. The globalist are un-natural types, maybe possessed or they are plain stupid to create so much chaos. Blowback comes to mind!!!

  • rahrog


    • Samarami

      I became a sovereign state. I did not need to secede. Not formally anyhow. My secession took place between my ears. No sense traipsing into the beehive to petition my wish not to be stung. Duh!

      Because I had never “consented” to be governed in the first place. It would be patently stupid to enter the heart of the beast and stir up bureaucratic idiots with “formal declarations”, et al.

      I believe you also can become sovereign. Today. Here (or there). Where you’re “at”.

      Secession is a matter of changing the way you see the world, and how you choose to relate to what you see.

      When I was young I was bit by a rattler and almost died due to lack of timely first aid. The doc (after 3 days in hospital) swaggered in (do they offer “swagger 501” in med school???) and pronounced, “Sonny! You have survived! You are now immune from snakebite!”

      All due respect to the late doc (long gone), I do not trust “immunity”. I still wear protective boots to the woods, avoid standing water near the swamp, watch before I reach. And listen. Snakes rarely strike without some audible warning.

      The bee and snake analogies apply to psychopaths hiding under that abstraction we call The-United-States (“the government” — not the particle of land we call “home”). Except bees and snakes do have sense, and serve useful purpose.

      Abstain from beans, and if you love your rat-free home, thank a snake.



      • rahrog

        Greetings Samarami!
        There are many forms of secession and/or ways to secede. In some cases here in the USA it would be beneficial for a group to move through its state government to formally secede from fedgov. Secession need not be a one size fits all affair. Individuals, families, clans, tribes, gangs, etc., can choose paths as they see fit.
        The point of SECESSION, as I see it, is to DECENTRALIZE. It is centralized power that is being used to wage economic warfare on you, me, and most of mankind. Every time we are forced to use the FRN we are being sanctioned by TPTB, while helping to fund their war machine. That shrapnel tends to get everywhere.
        I applaud your sovereignty and your free mind! I believe we are all sovereign. God gave me to me. I am sacred, holy, and free! You too! And anyone who so chooses!!!
        SECEDE, get a DIVORCE, DECENTRALIZE, DECLARE INDEPENDENCE!!!!!!!!!!! It’s all the same concept.
        There’s more than one way to skin a snake.
        Peace & Peaches,
        Just Rog

  • apberusdisvet

    The agenda is obvious; totalitarian control by and for the banksters and their corporate cronies, impoverishing billions, the genocide of many millions, and a feudalistic society. But they have a problem. After they have impoverished the global population, who is going to be able to pay for all the goods and services supplied by the corporatists?

    • andreia

      This is why such dystopian claims hardly are making any sense to me.

  • Danny B

    The West crashed against a low-wage competitor. Manufacturing, the premier value-added industry went away. The usual action for feces-for-brains politicians is to cheapen the currency to compete. Obummer is no exception. He may be glib but, I see little sign of intelligence. SERIOUSLY. He pushed the same old BS that has always failed.
    “The ongoing currency war is not new. In fact, the war has been raging since 2010. That’s when President Obama announced the National Export Initiative (NEI) in his Jan. 27, 2010, State of the Union.The president declared that it was the goal of the United States to double exports in five years.”

    “Of course, the U.S. could not become twice as productive or twice as populous in five years. The only way to double exports was to trash the currency, and that’s exactly what happened.”

    Currency inflation, seen from the street level is just a cut in wages. Everyone else is dragged in unless they want to lose market share and employment.
    “The dilemma of currency wars is that every currency cannot devalue against every other currency at the same time. It’s a mathematical impossibility.”

    The microencephaletic(s) in the white house followed the tried-and-true plan for collapse. SO, everybody gets a cut in wages (buying power). Consumption crashes. Industry responds to the crash in consumption by forcing trade agreements that,,,, lower wages.

    Most of the people running the world are of very limited perspicacity and vision. They operate in a very limited time slot with little comprehension of the consequences that accrue in the future.

    Negative interest rates are a good example.
    Durden; The result; “Europe’s NIRP bastions, Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland, the more negative rates are, the higher the amount of household savings!”
    ” As the BIS have highlighted, ultra-low rates may perversely be driving a greater propensity for consumers to save as retirement income becomes more uncertain.”
    Bingo: that is precisely the fatal flaw in all central planning models, one which not a single tenured economist appears capable of grasping yet which even a child could easily understand. ”

    “Since the middle of 2015, US investors have bought a big fat net zero of either bonds or equities (in fact, they have been net sellers of risk) and have parked all incremental cash in money-market funds instead, precisely the inert non-investment that is almost as hated by central banks as gold.”

    The longer the currency wars rage, the lower the wages go. The trade agreements are nothing more that an attempt to cut overhead to meet our sinking buying power. The more that the purchasing power of the Western consumer fell, the more trade agreements were proffered. The corporatocracy is trying to cut overhead and expenses.

  • Mattio

    It would be nice to see some more concrete information. UN was a great example, however it sounded like only some hand picked UN experts gave the opinion.

    Give some concrete information about what will be possible, and what respected experts and organisation are against it (with reasons).