Trump and ’60s Propaganda: Strategy to Launch North American Union?
By Daily Bell Staff - March 14, 2016

Moveon.Org raising funds from Trump protests, warns more disruptions to come … “We refuse to be intimidated by Donald Trump, Fox News, or anyone else … We’ve been ramping up our efforts for months … We need to double-down in the face of direct attacks on our community”… The progressive group is funded by billionaire George Soros, and has endorsed Democratic candidate Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders for president. -WashingtonTimes

Analyzing the current political scene, a strange trend has become evident to us.

Here we’re seeing Donald Trump involved in a broad-based, elite propaganda campaign using violent change-making tools from the 1960s.

The goal? To help build what is known as North American Union.

That sounds crazy, but bear with us.

The political violence over the weekend shows that Trump is a more and more polarizing force as a result of  his presidential campaign.

As reported by the UK Guardian, “Donald Trump rally in Chicago had to be called off amid scenes of violence and chaos unparalleled in the recent history of American political campaigning.”

Perhaps Trump doesn’t know what’s going on. Perhaps he’s unaware. Or perhaps he’s a willing part of it. We wrote about our initial doubts here:

Trump: Another Manchurian Candidate?

Trump is a charismatic and gifted businessman. But nothing in his background suggests that he is deeply wedded to “making a difference” on the political stage. He has no history of it. He is a practical man, and his ideas often seem to resonate because they provide practical solutions.

Like the Occupy Wall Street movement a few years ago, he could be harnessing the rightful anger that people feel for the wrong reasons.

We had a lot of questions about Occupy Wall Street, which was funded by George Soros and eventually fell apart because it wasn’t a real protest movement but a method of class warfare.

Now Soros seems to be at it again. And this time Trump may be part of it, though Trump seems to have the backing of a broad-based group of libertarians, social conservatives and alienated mainstream voters. What Richard Nixon used to call “the silent majority.”

Trump’s viewpoints are still evolving, but the military industrial complex does seem to have his backing. Responding to our previous Trump article, feedbacker “Carol” wrote:

“I have been reading Trump’s book, Crippled America, and like some of his ideas. However, his enthusiastic idea that the American military is and will be the police force or global military of the world is disturbing in that it is exactly what the NWO has proposed … ”

Trump’s book came out in November 2015, so it is obvious he’d been contemplating a political campaign for a while. Whether he anticipated this level of escalating controversy is less clear.

Oddly, the Chicago protests were at least partially organized by Black Lives Matter and MoveOn.Org, both groups supported by  Soros.

Billionaire Soros is a political activist who uses his vast wealth to create social change. He is taking aim at Trump, though even cursory research reveals that Soros is a longtime business partner of Trump’s. And they move in the same social circles as well.

Soros is one of the top givers to the Clinton Foundation. Bill and Hillary Clinton attended Trump’s 2005 wedding.

This leads to the question we’ve begun to ask: Is it possible some sort of dialectical strategy is taking place?

Soros provides the thesis, you see, and Trump the antithesis. Out of media-promoted conflict emerges a synthesis that considerably deepens the relationship between Mexico and America …

Trump’s “wall” – his signature political issue – would be at the center of this cultural and geographical realignment. Out of its construction, might emerge a greater union embracing a much larger geographical region.

This is a startling speculation; it is also an ironic one.

Not many of Trump’s supporters in the Southwest yet realize that Trump’s candidacy might bolster a merger of America, Canada and Mexico in one EU-style trading bloc often referred to as the North American Union.

Current events seem on the move in this regard from the North. New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just visited Obama and the two men announced a deal that would speed passage between Canadian and US borders via changes in “border pre-clearance.”

As in the 1960s, there are forces at work that seem to be manipulating the US at an astonishingly deep level.

Black “rage” is rising as in the 60s and massive street protests are suddenly occurring. Drugs are increasingly being tolerated, though reports of police violence continue to rise.

The GOP convention may even mimic the fabled Democratic convention of the ’60s in terms of violent agitation if Trump doesn’t win the nomination outright. More violence creating the proper venue for a deeper synthesis.

No matter what happens, Trump has emerged as an almost incandescently polarizing candidate – perhaps the Richard Nixon of his era.

He has been the recipient of a concentrated wave of mainstream media vituperation increasingly resembling an organized campaign. We have often called such mainstream campaigns “memes.”

Poor David McGowan, lately deceased, suggested the 1960s “cultural revolution” was directed by the CIA. Certainly, the 1960s were a time of engineered rebellion.

The Youth Generation was purposefully set against its parents to create cultural chaos that would realign the psychological moorings of Baby Boomers. The republicanism of America’s founders diminished as a result.

What could we lose this time?

The yearning to turn back the authoritarian tide sweeping the US is palpable. Personally, we have no ill will toward Trump and hope he is everything people say he is. But we have a hard time believing he is somehow going to reverse federalist trends that have been in existence since Lincoln’s time, even if he wants to.

Conclusion: Are you becoming politically involved again as a result of Trump’s candidacy? Do you have renewed faith that the system can provide fundamental change if the individual is charismatic and courageous enough? Please recall that political victories in the modern era mean nothing. Look first to yourself and what you can accomplish with your own “human action.”

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Mortimer Sled

    “Trump’s viewpoints are still evolving, but the military industrial complex does seem to have his backing.”

    The military industrial complex is not a monolith. The fault lines are evident in Syria between DOD and CIA.

  • Donald Lloyd Castle

    Okay so just what the hell are we suppose to believe ? B. Sanders is just another Hitler or have you not listened close enough.

    • Believe in yourself.

      • Samarami

        Good response! Excellent!

        My motto: Never, never, never attempt to make sense out of the psychopathic phenomenon we like to call “politics”. Ever. Nothing that emanates from that rat-race can ever have beneficial results for you, your family, your friends or your community.

        Do what you believe is right. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Sam

      • sunshineinjuly

        True, believe in yourself and have a gun ready for those who would deign to force you into anything for which you don’t want or need.

    • Webforager

      Go ahead and believe in the political establishment if you wish. No one is stopping you from believing. But I guarantee you won’t like what you get.

      • Donald Lloyd Castle

        Really, Do you have an answer ? If you don’t, why are we talking ? I don’t watch television because it’s a waste of time.

        • Webforager

          You want answers? Return to first principles and tend to your own garden.

          • Donald Lloyd Castle

            Thanks, Your right but I still want answers. It would be foolish not to. But the only answers we get are wrong answers !
            “I will not be responding again” Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Donald Lloyd Castle

    To believe in yourself do you think that helped the German people in 1939 to 1945

    • Dolph Longedgreens

      Depends on the individuals in question. Maybe if they chose to emigrate to S. America as many did…

      • Donald Lloyd Castle

        Your right.

  • Hortense

    So what’s the ultimate fix-everything answer?
    I’m not hearing solutions only empty rattling… No answers? No solutions?
    The dogs bark but the caravan moves on. And the world continues to turn.

    • lulu

      There is no fix everything answer. Withdraw from participating in mainstream elite controlled life style traps that promote their agenda and as has been repeated here fairly often, look after yourself.

      • Donald Lloyd Castle

        I have for a very long time, I’m not sure why I’m on here there are much better uses of my time.

        • lulu

          I guess being here is to get a small glimpse of where other people stand on various issues as an eye to what may or may not transpire.

  • TG Molitor

    >But we have a hard time believing he is somehow going to reverse
    federalist trends that have been in existence since Lincoln’s time, even
    if he wants to.<

    Isn't a political candidate axiomatically a Statist?

    • sunshineinjuly

      Yep, a statist if they don’t believe in the Constitution like BHO does not. I would add to that which is, all too often politicians are also sociopaths

  • gamathers

    Trump has little visible political track record. It is good to be skeptical with an unknown like Trump.

    • Goldcoaster

      what about Obama? he didn’t even know we have 50 states.
      didn’t matter.

      • Bruce C.

        Problem is, nor did his voters.

    • Barney Biggs

      I might suggest that if you are dealing in foreign countries with billions on the line and making a success of it then you have plenty of foreign experience and a track record of getting things done on a big scale. In foreign countries you always have to take the politics into consideration with any deal.

  • Guy Christopher

    Jeb Bush, not Donald Trump, was the Manchurian Candidate. The first words out of his mouth were — I don’t need the base to win – I can win without primary victories (I have so many monied backers — the real voters who really count).

    “…The political violence over the weekend shows that Trump is a more and more polarizing force as a result of his presidential campaign…”

    Clinton and Obama and Soros are NOT polarizing?

    Is it not time yet to admit The. USA. IS. Polarized? It has been through almost all its history, save perhaps 1941-45. This talk of coming together, being united, is …. I can’t find the right word. I don’t want to come together with the likes of Soros, Obama and Clinton. Coming together is not an option. Victory or defeat are the only options. I’ll take my chances with Trump.

    • Bruce C.

      I think you’re half right about Clinton, Obama, Soros not being polarizing. I know what you mean but the fact that Trump has so many supporters shows that “they” don’t like what’s going on. The difference is “those people” are a lot more civil than the products of collectivist thinking.

      Even though people like me seeth at the likes of Sanders, Clinton, Soros et al, I’m not going to lash out with violence. I prefer to enage the issues intellectually and try to persuade people. If that fails then I basically support allowing them to experience whatever they believe because reality is the ultimate arbiter. What makes me seeth, however, is that the “collectivists” try desperately to insulate people from the consequences of their own crappy beliefs and actions, prolonging the pain for everybody (but them – though I actually think they’re pretty miserable themselves for different reasons.)

      I totally agree with your last paragraph, however.

      • Guy Christopher

        Thanks, Bruce. It’s a complete mystery to me how an unknown nobody like me — a true non-entity ranking far below zero in the grand scheme — managed to get on the bad side of so many of this world’s most powerful tyrants.

        How did my name get on their list? What did I ever do to anyone to have powerful enemies all over the world, starting with the Beltway, and extending to foreign capitals where I’ve never even visited, and extending into the bowels of central banks that I can’t even name, all of whose lies and deceit and propaganda are perpetuated by my powerful enemies in news media and Hollywood.

        Then, out of the blue comes a guy who suddenly proves himself to be a powerful enemy of my powerful enemies. I’m convinced of that because they are treating him like they treated me, calling him the same names they call me, belittling him the way they belittle me, elbowing him the way they’ve elbowed me, mocking him the way they mock me, fearing him the way I want to be feared.

        I kinda like a guy like that right now.

        There are more of us than they know.

        In 1956, Earl K. Long, three-time governor of Louisiana, cousin to “Kingfish” Huey, and played by Paul Newman in Blaze, won his third term by a sweeping landslide, defeating a number of opponents in the primary, negating the need for a general election. Quoting “Uncle Earl”:
        “The day before the election, you couldn’t find a damned soul to say he was going to vote for me. And after my landslide election, you can’t find a damned soul who admits voting for me.”

  • lulu

    Trudeau will face considerable public opposition if he attempts to glue Canada to the USA any more than it already is.

    • Barney Biggs

      Lulu He has a majority in Parliament and the backing of a number of elite and in the final analysis they don’t give a hoot what we think.
      Canadians being Canadians will sit in their chairs watching dancing with the stars and wringing their hand and do nothing.

      • lulu

        Yes and I hope you are not 100% correct as there are a lot of effective organizations which are very pro active
        in fighting for change such as Council of Canadians, LeadNow, and Sum of Us to name just 3.

      • mary

        Ja, ja, ja. Just don’t take away their free “health care.”

  • Goldcoaster

    The Youth Generation was purposefully set against its parents to create cultural chaos that would realign the psychological moorings of Baby Boomers. The republicanism of America’s founders diminished as a result.
    I would like to read more about this. Any suggestions?

    • Bruce C.

      I don’t have any references but I would add that that statement is propaganda too. It was only the the politicians backed by the media who used the relatively small hippy movement to impose policies that most adults didn’t believe in.

      That’s the kind of crap so many Americans are tired of – “Washington” advancing idiotic ideas under the guise of majority appeal. Most Americans aren’t as stupid as what the politicians say, but I guess if others think politicians are elites then I guess that conclusion makes sense.

      • Long hair, blue jeans, drugs. Morrison, Grateful Dead, Beach Boys. You seem to underestimate the cultural pervasiveness of what occurred.The mainstream media was especially powerful at the time.

        • Goldcoaster

          I would like to read more about this. Any suggestions?

        • Bruce C.

          Maybe I’m misunderstanding your terminology. As far as I’m concerned the “Baby Boomers” were the youth at that time and the political changes that occurred while they were just young adults were being imposed on their parents (the majority) – and I guess by extension of the BB’s too, which maybe is your point – based on what I call “majority appeal”. The true majority at that time, however, were the youths’ parents and the portion of youths who didn’t “smoke pot” (at least more than once, like Bill Clinton, haha) so that’s what I meant.

        • sunshineinjuly

          Spot on….”You seem to underestimate the cultural pervasiveness of what occurred.” We’ve had a couple generations of whackjob teachers..and Marxist profs in colleges all over the US who have upped the ante of that original cultural change to that of a cesspool par excellence.
          When you consider that half of pregnancies are to single moms.. and sons end up weak without any male father figures..then other men come into fill the breach, such as sicko perv pedo priests by the 100’s, not just here in the US but Europe/Canada as well. This in turn has forged the emphasis on the gay movement. And that group of liberal hippy dipshts are the ruling power today! Even la papa now says, “Who am I to judge?” Well, papa, you should be judging and throwing their sorry azzes into prison rather than rewarding them…such as Cardinal Bernard Law from Boston… after years of shuffling pedo priests around, then rewarded a cushy post at the Vatican…talk about scandal.

      • Goldcoaster

        That’s the kind of crap so many Americans are tired of – “Washington” advancing idiotic ideas under the guise of majority appeal………….
        gay marriage. illegal immigration. special interest group politics. etc etc.
        divide and conquer 101. keep the natives restless and distracted, while the crony capitalist raping and plunder continue unabated.

      • sunshineinjuly

        The truly scary part is that the worst generations ever, are now in power pushing demonic agendas…the most narcissistic ever group who if even 50 years old today, are actually going on 12 1/2 years.

    • mary

      DB pointed you in the direction, the books and webpage of David McGowan, specifically his book Weird Scenes inside the Canyon, about the rock n rollers in Laurel Canyon who could neither sing nor play instruments. I always wondered why their live music was so awful. Also, the CIA’s generous distribution of street drugs was a part of all that. Maybe a reliable book on Timothy Leary et al, and MK Ultra would be useful.

    • sunshineinjuly

      What goes around comes around…we see part two of kids being set against their parents/grandparents all over again. Can’t tell you how many folks I know who are over sixty whose kids treat them like big nothings and avoid them. The sad part is remembering when I had my kids in the 60’s and 70’s, the slogan back then was, “You can’t trust anyone over thirty” Today that has done a total 180′ –my new mantra being, “You can’t trust anyone under 65”.

    • englishvinal

      Setting children against their parents… is only the varnish on the rotting society……… there is SO SO SO much more.
      And the way things are today is NOT going to be ameliorated or turned around.
      Like Gulliver in the old classic “Gulliver’s Travels”… the people of the US are tied down by millions of “laws” and edicts.. little silk threads that multiply every year…. they cannot be broken.

  • 2bvictorius

    Those of us with a active brain wave pattern and not on a government life support system fully realize almost nothing is ever quite what it appears to be, that includes politics ,politicians and news articles. Donald Trump is the only candidate receiving the scorched earth treatment by all political parties, the faux conservative news media, including heritage foundation ,tea party groups and think tanks. One could also question the motives of The Daily Bell for printing this article. You could also be part of the unprecedented effort to destroy Donald Trumps candidacy.
    There is no way possible for anyone to know absolutely what any candidate for any office will do, once elected, because they are usually just a figurehead of the real power, the centralized banking system.
    Until the rebellion begins and violence becomes the election process, the voting booth is the only possible method of selecting someone who is not the establishment.
    There is no alternative to the current process, other than civil disobedience, threat of armed rebellion and massive civil arrest, conviction and punishment of those who are violating the supreme law of the land, “The Constitution, and Bill of Rights ” of the United States.
    The XL pipeline was intended to make possible a transcontinental super hi-way.

    • lulu

      There is the alternative of not participating in the corporatized unnecessary aspects of modern life such as stopping all unnecessary activities that promote the wealth of the already wealthy. Grow your own food, wear the clothes you have, shun MSM, etc. sounds difficult but nowhere as painful as what will follow if nothing much changes.

      • James

        Good point! Keep your hands in the soil. The MsM, politics, economics are just grand illusions of importance. The only thing truly important is the smile on your face!

      • sunshineinjuly

        Apparently you are not aware of farmers out west and elsewhere who are being fined for gardens, saving water, and refusing to plant GMO crops. Best thing that americans could do would be to put away six months of living expenses..then quit work for that time frame, so that the system is starved. Watch them all get on their knees and beg, and that would be the government criminals, elites and other mobsters.

        • lulu

          Well I am somewhat aware and thought headway was being made against GMOs and Monsanto but I do agree with the 6 month withdrawal of participation idea. Now to get enough on board for it to work.

        • englishvinal

          One could only WISH that the people had the continuity to do exactly that. I would stick around to see that if it could happen.

          Sadly, I don’t expect to ever see that in my lifetime, so I plan to LEAVE the US and go reside in one of those “maligned” 3rd world countries…where personal freedom still does exist, along with mountains, non-GMO corrupted food, grass fed beef and fruit… and NO cameras on every tree, light pole, and church roof~!!!!

          And a pox on all the fools that are going to say “Oh you aren’t patriotic”… “I hope your soul rots in hell” yadda yadda.

          You are correct in that I am LOGICAL first …..
          ….and all the emotional programmed, wave a flag, (Chinese made), pledge allegiance comes somewhere down the line from survival.

  • Bruce C.

    Although I certainly agree that one should “look first to yourself and what you can accomplish with your own human action,” but in a way that’s beside the point because that’s what one should always do no matter what government is in place.

    That said, the question, ‘Is it possible that some sort of dialectic strategy is taking place’ regarding Trump is an interesting one, but I would also argue again that that may also be beside the point since if Trump does become a pawn for the elite NWO then it would happen anyway no matter who gets elected President.

    Two things need to be considered in such discussions: one is that what’s “going on” in the world is so vast and complex that it can be hard to not become mired in details and lose the big picture; and that for every point made about a Trump Presidency needs to be compared to the alternatives.

    Personally (admittedly my fantasy – but that doesn’t necessarily make it untrue) is that Trump has “matured” as a person and has learned a lot about how the world works – or at least how it has been working for the last few decades – and wants to help reverse those trends out of a genuine love for people and America. Considering that he has been writing books and commenting on political issues for over 15 years I don’t see how one can say he hasn’t demonstrated a desire to “making a difference” politically. Even if one wants to believe that he was, after all, primarily a business man, but I think the truth is more that he was still in the midst of formulating his ideas. Consider also that “the Founders” themselves said that the ideal situation is that those who hold political office be citizens who have a such a calling but come from everyday life, and not be “professional politicians” who form a political class.

    Another “fantasy” of mine is that Trump’s ideas and efforts will have an uncanny effect on the elite establishment in that even when they support his ideas they way they actually become implemented undermines their cause. For example, “Cathy’s” concern about Trump’s desire to rebuild the US military could manifest exactly as he says: “so strong that nobody messes with us” but also NOT used for subversive means. It all comes down to whether or not the power structures can be altered and the new people who gain the power will self-govern themselves to maintain the limited government ideals of the Constitution. Furthermore, as I said above, consider the alternatives: Let the US military continue to atrophy?, Try to downsize it even more? Build it up but not “so big”? Don’t even talk about it? (all the other candidates). Et cetera.

    The fact that Trump has monetarily supported so many in politics is evidence that he does, in fact, understand how the process works. He (and thousands of others) may have thought that’s what he needed to do to either buy protection from a growing government, or to gain favors, but he may have never particularly liked the system and has since learned that it doesn’t really work – at least for the good of country. Now he may have the chance and the ideas to make meaningful changes that actually does “make a difference.” Again, what are the alternatives? Not talk about it (all the other candidates)? Promote a professional politician who is already beholden to special interests? Or, one who knows no other way? Or, one who doesn’t even want to change the system?

    I actually feel more comforted that Trump knows Soros and is part of the same social circle. That means he knows who he’s dealing with and they know he knows. Would you prefer a phony “boy scout”-type candidate to deal with them? If anybody could be fooled into advancing the NWO aganda it’s Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton is obviously “one of them.” Pick your poison.

    Another point that, ironically, is taken by the DB staff and perhaps “libertarians” is the dilemma between Trump’s “common sense” business-like approach to other countries like Mexico and Canada to work with them not just in free trade but “FAIR” trade as well, “fair” meaning beneficial to the USA as a sovereign country. The problem with trade agreements like NAFTA and TPP are they take sovereign power away from the US and either elevate other countries to the same level and/or give power to multi-national corporations – both of which are a threat to the independence of the US and disadvantages US citizens. So, again I’ll ask: What are the alternatives? Nuke both Canada and Mexico so we don’t have to worry about a North American Union? Leave those countries intact but don’t trade with them at all? Continue everything exactly as it is now?

    Trump or a Trump Presidency is not the fundamental problem. The problem is the political corruption and “Deep State” of the US government. Trump is our best hope of hopefully foiling the trends – or at least slowing if not stopping it. I don’t think any other candidate has a chase to do that, or would even try or want to try. Those are the only alternatives, even if you don’t vote.

    • gringott

      Spot on. This article is a non-starter for the reasons you stated. Even if Trump wins and the “worst” happens, it or worse would happen with all the other potential officeholders. Personally I am hoping for the best and expecting the worst. There is no alternative. I will say, however, this is all very entertaining, and most if all all of the other Republican candidates have been exposed for who they really are.

    • Trump is your best hope? Why not you?

      • Bruce C.

        Good point. I just mean that if – like it or not – somebody is going to be promoted to POTUS then I choose Trump because I think he has the best chance of supporting my/our individual efforts to experience the most “value fulfillment”. If nothing else he is already effecting people positively by his attitude, and that is really the source of the change in individual lives.

    • Mary

      If Trump is our “best hope” then we are absolutely doomed.

      • Bruce C.

        That’s funny. It does sound a little desperate…

      • sunshineinjuly

        And you feel that Sanders, the creep cretin who never worked a day in his life would be the ticket? Or would you prefer one of the most crooked hags around, Shrillary? She who recently said that women who don’t agree to Planned Parenthood and slicing up breathing babies to harvest body parts, such women are traitors? Say wha???

        • Bruce C.

          I feel compelled to point out that for a year or so Sanders was “a lousy carpenter” according to both his customers and his wife. They also said all he ever talked about was how bad the rich were, and then he got into politics.

      • englishvinal

        Maybe true…………. the country has been pounded down the black hole of economic death….. and after all it IS always “all about the money”.. in some form.
        The vampires have sucked the resources, (including the “human resources”) down to the point where the “body” is suffering from chronic disease and very weak…
        I would doubt that ANYBODY .. in a singular sense can “save” this convoluted, tangled mass of ‘exploitation of energy’.

        But what course of action is there….???? Just “cash it in” and let the powers that run this show get their choice of their most favored well-paid puppet. (think Hillary or some shill like Romney) to take the place of the illegal alien that is squatting in the while house today signing “executive orders” to facilitate their agenda as fast as he can move that LEFT hand?

    • englishvinal

      Well written. Thank you.

  • Brosky

    I don’t trust Trump one bit.

    • Goldcoaster

      Do you trust Hillary?

      • Haywood Jablome

        Very good left wing tactic…offer a false choice. If you aren’t for Trump you MUST be for (insert villian here).

        • englishvinal

          Well… ??? Left wing? What the HECK is that anyway? Nobody really knows, everyone has a different interpretation…
          I don’t know WHAT I am… I just watch the river and see which way the current is flowing.

          So…. “if you aren’t for Trump”.. who else do you have to make a choice from? Really tasty tid-bits aren’t they? Can you say a gaggle of blood-suckers, owned body (no soul) by the likes of Soros and Brock?

      • Brosky

        Of course not.

      • sunshineinjuly

        I trust if Trump gets in, she will be wearing an orange jumpsuit and getting her dinner on a tray shoved through a few bars. At last!

    • englishvinal

      So?……… What (WHO) are you suggesting? Joe the Plumber?

      OR would you prefer one of the lifetime vampires that have been feasting for 20 – 30 – 40 or more YEARS at the ever-flowing PIG trough of taxpayers blood that runs inside the “beltway”????

      Let me see, names of the vampires: Hillary, Bernie, Mittens, Bush, Hatchet-face Hanna, Kasick….. ANY politician.. just name one, every single one of them has been sucking the blood of the PEOPLE, and feeding their big business friends for decades……. and passing bills that insure that it continues.

      So just who DO YOU “trust”????

      • Brosky

        Ron Paul 2016!!!!

        • Sam Fox

          Brosky, if only, if only….

  • mikep

    This is very disturbing. I thought Trump would be different. He seems to be a false flag operative.

    • Bruce C.

      Don’t be so fickle. The DB is just asking the question, trying to consider all aspects. Trust your gut.

    • englishvinal

      Use discretion…. do not “buy into” anybody else’s theories…. do research, collect incidents, read history, analyze and decide for YOURSELF what is or is not the most likely outcome.

  • Barney Biggs

    I would also like to put my two cents in from an outsiders view.

    I look at your country and what has been happening in the last many years.
    The only reason Obama did many of the things he did or does is that he has support from your Senate and Court. This give him some political clout and keeps the opposition at bey.
    Donald is unlikely to have any of that support and not likely to have a Congress, Senate nor Court supporting him if our reading of the press means anything.

    If I am right then Donald will spend most of his Presidency in complete frustration and be very ineffective. He is used to getting things done and it will be interesting to see how he handles failure.

    • Bruce C.

      One thing “good” – or at least dependable – about politicians is that they actually do care about public opinion especially about themselves personally. If Trump wins he’s going to have a public mandate or “movement” behind him that don’t like the incumbents and will want certain changes enacted. I think Trump would be particularly good at shining light on what’s going on in the Congress and I expect him to get more support than some may think. Unprincipled people are unprincipled (you may quote me) at that means they aren’t as hard to persuade and “true believers.” (When you believe in nothing you’ll believe anything.)

      SCOTUS John Roberts even said that he didn’t want to decline the appeals of the Affordable Care Act because he thought the majority of Americans wanted it by virtue of electing Obama and our feckless members of Congress. That’s totally wrong thinking on his part because he’s supposed to uphold the Constitution, not majority opinion, but that shows you what kind of people we have in office now.

      • Jim Johnson

        Robert’s did close the door on any further arguments for social change using the “General Welfare” wording. That will be huge, as time goes on.

        • Bruce C.

          Even though I generally support the US Constitution I know it has some big “flaws”, the “general welfare” clause being one of them. It’s hard to believe “they” didn’t know that would be a Pandora’s Box, but then again that could have been one of the “compromises” that is said to have occurred.

          That said, he didn’t close the door entirely because he actually didn’t cite that concept directly. Instead what he did was “correct” the argument used by the ACA advocates so he could rule in favor of it. That’s a big no-no in the judicial system. Instead of ruling on what the advocates claimed – that any one who refused to buy medical insurance must pay a PENALTY (not a tax, because Obama said he wouldn’t raise taxes) – Roberts changed the wording to “tax” because only that would be Constitutionally allowable. Roberts later claimed he wanted to find a way to pass the legislation, but not because he thought is was good law – which he did not think – but because he thought most Americans wanted it anyway.

      • englishvinal

        Yes!… I agree with your analysis. And YES every”thing” we have sitting in the beltway cat bird seats are corrupt to their very marrow….
        I hope the shift is strong enough to disclose the underlying filth that EXISTS in Washington and throughout the “establishment” leaches ranks… just as it is being disclosed in Great Britian now ….

    • Kathleen Marquardt

      He will have Executive Orders that O has used so well.

      • Tuaca1107

        Is going to undue OVOMIT’s EO’s!!

    • englishvinal

      Good point, however here is a thought.
      IF Donald Trump should be elected to hold the “seat in the white house”…. because the masses of people in the country rose up to support him, then isn’t it possible that the people will rise UP again when the reptile politicians try to block what Trump attempts to change….
      ……. and storm the portals of the “corrupt congress people and the NON-representative ‘representatives’… to scare the living you-know-what out of their cowardly behinds… so that they are more or less forced to support the changes that Trump is putting forth?

      Thought…. observe what happened in Venezuela when the corrupt White Shoe Boy political opposition did everything in their power to oust Hugo Chavez………….. the people rose up en-masse……….. and supported their president. And don’t start with the “Oh but the US is different”.. that is not even close to the real emotions that are rife in this country right now… the US is VERY much aligned with Venezuela and it’s people in 2002~!!!

  • Clayton Smith

    The Daily Bell is really grasping at straws with this one. Yes, Soros is nearly everywhere, but I sleep secure knowing he’s not hiding in my closet or under my bed. I’ll go with Roger Stone on this one.

    • We’re offering an informed speculation, not grasping at a straw.

      • englishvinal

        “Informed” maybe. Speculation influences people’s minds… and from the point of view of logic this “speculation” is pushing the envelope.

        If “IT” is a politician… a blood sucking professional life-time vampire, that has never done an honest day’s work in it’s whole life… (unless going to law school or spending the allocated time in some branch of the military counts as “work”) ….
        …….. and it is standing up in front of the people pontificating, weeping, swearing undying allegiance to the PEOPLE of the Untied States (typo intentional)… rationalizing, promising, doing the soft-shoe on everybody’s head……………

        IT IS LYING……………………. actions both past and present speak louder than the lies frothing from the lips of career politicians.

    • TG Molitor

      DB’s not grasping at straws; rather, they’re not understanding the difference between “primaries and derivatives” that drive history. See my post above.

  • TG Molitor

    >This leads to the question we’ve begun to ask: Is it possible some sort of dialectical strategy is taking place?<

    Is it possible the writer of this piece doesn't understand "ideology" and its power to guide human minds toward big philosophical ideas in the unfolding of history?

    Are there conspiracies behind the scenes trying to move America one way or another? Of course there are. Conspiracies have been part of human politics for thousands of years. But they are not the primary source of politics; they are derivatives of that primary source, which is ideology.

  • FreeOregon

    The Red Shirts attacked the Brown Shirts in Chicago. Their purpose, to shut down Trump’s speech. This reminds me of 1927 in Munich. Red marched. Brown marched. The music, and the use of force and threats of violence were the same. Only the words differed, with the Brown Shirts singing the Horst Wessel Lied.

    As for a North American Union, that assumes a degree of voluntary compliance. What if President Trump attacks Mexico because their government refuses to pay for The Wall? Annex Mexico. In one stroke you solve the immigration problem. Subjugated Mexicans become US citizens.

    Merkel’s big idea was that Syrian immigrants would work and pay for the pensions of older German citizens. After all, Germany is demographically challenged. How well did importing people from disparate cultures and language groups work? And Germany even considers itself a mongrel nation! Mischfolk!

    Admittedly, prior to the advent of political correctness, the US was able to assimilate most immigrants over 1 or more often 2 generations. They lived in ghettos and changed the prevailing US culture as well.

    Is there time now?

    • sunshineinjuly

      ” US was able to assimilate most immigrants over 1 or more often 2 generations. They lived in ghettos and changed the prevailing US culture as well.” Albeit that is true, today we have educated muslims coming into the US who are a greater danger than even the uneducated ones/Syrians.
      I had the good fortune several years ago to hear a lecture given by a female ex-Muslim NY University professor. She warned Americans back then to not be so pathetically PC MC in their dealings with Muslims. She admitted that the muslims coming in were more educated and ‘had all the time in the world to wend their way into the system to bring it down under a caliphate of their own”. I see now that this woman was a harbinger of what would be and has since morphed into the very virtual hell she warned against. The proof of what she said has grown by leaps/bounds, I never dreamt it would come so fast. I do recall that she said to engage any muslim you meet and to engage them in a non PC conversation proving to them just how backwards Islime really is.

      • Bruce C.

        Btw, Islam is an (elitist) political system not a religion. Criticizing a “religion” is another one of those politically volatile subjects like “race.”

  • JWD

    If you are right and if elected Trump would have no support, just maybe the country would go bill-less for 8 years. That would be a tremendous improvement to the garbage that has come our way in the last 50 years.

    • Dalton

      I think if elected he will have PLENTY of support from the people who elected him, as for that potted plant we call Congress – they will step in line if we the people are breathing down their necks and threatening to give them the Eric Cantor treatment, and then they realize not even AIPAC can save their sorry as*ses…..

  • Jim Johnson

    I am witness to the surging interest in my County. I am hugely impressed with both the intelligence and American Street-smarts that nobody will be steering our Delegates down any further paths which conflict with the original intent of our founding Constitution. I trust their future debates will expose the Hidden Hands, especially using the tools provided by such outlets as our Daily Bell..

    • There is already a shadow gov that has the power to suspend the Constitution in the event of designated emergencies. I’d say the situation is well primed now – in fact they keep lighting the fuse but it’s not quite dry…
      As you find truth reflected in that Constitution – Live It! When people don’t live their truth, it becomes lips service or some holy symbol. But we have to live something to know it and embody it. it simply wont work by magic – for more than a brief bubble of manipulated belief.
      I don’t speak cynically here – I believe that both deceits and truth are illumined together – for to change the status of a believed truth to a deceit – is to become free of it and open to true information.

      I see it that as the deceits are revealed as deceits – allegiance is withdrawn and they lose capacity to work as ‘reality’ There is a limit to how many deceits can be used to cover and hide other deceits – and there is a loss of Consciousness in the minds that subscribe to such a house of cards.

      • Jim Johnson

        Start with how the Constitution reads to you, and go from there. Line up as many lawyers as one wishes, but “Shall Not” still means shall not.

        • I was not talking about what it means in abstract – but about what it is used for and what will be used to justify abandoning.
          If you can get any prosecutions or indictments for breaking the Constitution, go for it!

          looks in depth at this issue.

          Basically you’ve had a coup.

  • My sense is the ‘government’ has all the bases covered in terms of political movements. How could they not? I also sense that the political process along with the Media has long been subverted and is part of a virtual front end to maintain appearances as part of managing populations. Such intent has been engaged in the globalist agenda for a long time – and holds key influence through innumerable kinds of leverage.
    What other people do not control is your consciousness – though in most cases they are confident that for all intents and purposes they do – because they can effect carrots and sticks to mould and direct your mind. Indeed the idea of identity, mind and consciousness is either something you get from external conditions or it is something prior to and in truth, independent of conditions.
    I write here inviting anyone who is disturbed at the world that unfolds around them or opens up beneath where they thought the ground was, to start looking within – at the constant screen of thinking that effectively filters, interprets and determines all meanings that seem to really be ‘out there’ at the same time as looking out – being involved and active in whatever your life is unfolding of You.
    You will also notice carrot and stick devices within your own mind that will rise to stop you looking and stop you moving with and from what you see that then shifts in meaning – because you are looking at the thoughts rather than operating from belief they are locked in or self-evident truths.
    When you make the determination to be responsible for and as consciousness – you shift from struggle within presentations toward guarding from or goading outcomes, to a more present capacity to discern amidst all that is present at any given moment – what is truly relevant and resonant to who you are actively discovering yourself to be – anew and anew – rather than working off an old conditioning template you don’t even know is there – or think you are free of!
    What you get is your Life – now. No waiting, no hoops and hierarchical ladders to get through. Just feel the dead end of the world as it is painted and seek the place where the paint box is – which is not in a re-jigging of the same old identity.

    Now it might be – though I can only feel for possibilities here – that the fear agenda or globalist power consolidation, is part of engineering outcomes that will not be what they expect at all – for the conflict with and denial of Life is so part of the identity seeking power, that it has no support or capacity to hold itself apart from what Life actually Is. This is beyond what the linear and local physical mind can imagine, approach or tolerate. But no one and no thing is actually what its exploited meanings reflect. And no matter what consensus of determinations that truth is fixed or locked down are operating – they have to pay the taxes implicit in keeping it down because illusions do not rest in or reflect truth if they are not true of you.

    There are many pathways through every instant of existence and we are generally looking in our rear view mirror (the past) when we think we are perceiving the present and anticipating the future.

    When a developing baby comes to term – there is not a lot of room for manoeuvre. This is not because everything has gone wrong.
    Looking for hope or help or completion in purely external terms becomes a tacit refusal to look within. Paradoxically when one is willing to look within – which means pausing the control freak long enough to allow another channel of communication to rise to awareness. One the child you were and somewhere still are – knows intimately. Then live from there and appreciate your investment by true appreciation. There will be personal, family, cultural and global shifts as a result of individualities reclaiming their true sovereignty from but they will be in step with who you are accepting yourself to be – as they always have.

    Your face does not cause its reflection in the mirror and the mirror does not intend to reflect your face. Have a look at your face in the mirror – if you will and see that it reflects where you are looking from. The mind is very quick. One has to let awareness in but one may have to give the mind very simple things to do so that it calms down and doesn’t interfere.

    When you vote or choose not to vote – you can tune in to something you are communicating through that vote – even as writing communicates something ‘between the lines’. This subtler communication is part of the Human Presence in this or any moment – and regardless what the apparent outcome seems to be – you are in receipt of what you extend – and you walk a different perspective in the world as a result.

    If there is any way to ‘communicate’ to that which is out of communication and nose diving in its inverted beliefs – its is a match of the subtler currents aligning synchronicities that cannot be pre-planned. They seem subtle and weak to a SHOUTING MIND that has desensitized itself to its true feelings.

    True feelings may at first flow a bit crazy – but they are the only residual consciousness that is not ‘manufactured’. The alternative is to choose this control freakery mind that promises protection from such inner fears – but is increasingly unable to even SEEM to deliver.

    The mirror is Our Reflection regardless we are willing or not to accept or recognize what we see there – through the thinking layer – or what reveals itself obvious in absence of coercive bias.

    A mind in endless rehearsal for Life is a dream of a life. An observer may choose to see me typing this out as a series of predetermined consequence of already defined causes. But the writing or the form of anything is only – but not less than – the vehicle of conscious purpose. I enjoy flowing with what is resonant and relevant to me and that joy is not waiting on anyone to resonate or join with or trollshit on. I know my purpose and rest in it. Not in some static personal achievement – but as a movement of active willingness that I am learning not to shut down or be diverted from with carrot and stick.

    If Trump or anything in the world disappoints – then look t who set up the appointment and notice more about how you set yourself up to ‘fail’. It doesn’t help being needy, when forming or opening a relationship – because you invariably attract someone with a corresponding fit – over and over again. True needs are truly felt – neediness is a mask of manipulative intent. We are all involved in a very tricky mind and our forebears often warned to be vigilant against deceit as a primary responsibility. But if you are already hacked – then there is a bit of housekeeping to do – and that may find us in similar acts in our world. We don’t HAVE to skim the surface. The power to maintain and present Image is not the only way power operates in Life. Its a matter of what we give most energy and attention to – and that does include what is actually going on in our consciousness in total and not just the screen version.

    • sunshineinjuly

      Sounds like you know Jon Rappaport whose philosophy is similar to yours.

      • I connected recently when researching the zika psyop. I appreciate his input there.
        Yes – similarities – also differences. He feels judgemental and aggrieved. I don’t say he should or shouldn’t feel anything – but what goes around comes around.
        Basically I appreciate willingness for Life in whoever – regardless the outer packaging. Willingness given to vengeance operates a different frequency range.
        I don’t experience myself philosophizing so much as tuning in and finding words for the willingness to listen. I don’t hang on to the words. It is the tuning that makes the difference. If one tries to use inspiring insight as a weapon – it dedicates or polarizes the mind to fear-agenda – and then its almost impossible to get through – because the ‘holy insights’ are justifying holy war – all normal constitutional functions are suspended or subordinated to the shadow (hidden fear) gov and even if there were no more enemies, they’d makes some.
        If I make them my enemies… do you see?
        Making and keeping enemies operates divide and rule at home.
        This isn’t philosophy – it is observation that can be effected in any of very many moments in any day.
        Many have “lost” the capacity to notice because they are effectively thinking machines with almost no Consciousness left. Lots of ways one can story that – but it is a willingness to truly feel OR a refusal to feel – that disguises its thinking as faux emotionality. I don’t presume to make another’s choices for them – but unless one is awake enough to what the options or range of choice is – then the ‘thinking’ predetermines the framing of what is choose-able and what can be thought or asked about it or anything else. The term ‘thinking outside the box’ is overused cliche – but it points to that there is a box of presumed reality that is – if you will – a fixed imagination; a story; a set of related definitions. But not noticed as such – in fact hardly noticed because it operates as a self evident feedback loop. Like – you know you have a body because you know you have a body…
        What exactly is that series of shortcuts expanding to if we actually check in?
        Inner observation or recognition is not verbal – but to put into linear verbal mental construct is to use the language that was designed to operate in – and as – communication breakdown. Words can means anything to anyone, Better to teach a man to fish his own catch than become his fishmonger. You can see that is the inverse of the cartel-thinking. Teaching by example – the words are a free extra 😉

  • Astromoney

    ARCH: Well, I would say the astrological reason why this might happen to the United States in particular is that in the progressed birth chart of the United States the planet Mars –which is energy and aggression and your outward ability to defend yourself – is going retrograde and is turning around in apparent motion going backwards. And for the first time in the 250 years – and that within 5 to 10 years we will probably not be a superpower. But that is a good thing in that I believe we’ve grown apart –individual from individual and small group from small group – and that we may have to get back together and be friendly with your neighbors and your family in a survival mode but that it would bring a lot of us closer together, than [where] our society has been pushing us apart: television and moving over long distances and separating – and that could change for the better.

  • Praetor

    Everything is speculation in politics! The question, is Trump one of ‘THEM’ or is he one of ‘US’:), I do not know, do you! Lets face it, with all the deception taking place in this information age its hard to tell what’s true and what’s a lie. MSNewsM being the Ministry of Propaganda and its origination is NYC, one would think Trump would be the poster boy for the Oligarchs. When you watch interview clips of Trump by the Ministries representatives the interviewer, these people have a very different look. They do not have that arrogant air of superiority about them, when they interview Trump. They literally look scared or submissive, they rarely interrupt and Trump basically takes over the interview. I don’t know it not their usual MO. It could be those two simple words, ‘Your Fired’, that frighten them the most. If Trumps a ‘THEM’ the country is done, if Trumps an ‘US’ then those two words maybe the beginning of a cleansing.

    Its all just speculation!!!

  • Dalton

    As far as I am concerned we have no choice but to take our chances with Trump because we know beyond a shadow of a doubt any and all of the other candidate will deliver us on a silver platter to the NWO, one world government under the Rothschild’s UN…… thanks…this truly a once in a lifetime chance to have a candidate running on his own money and not serving the Masters, Newt Gingrich says the “establishment” hates him because he is not in the club….I read that to mean he is not a member of the organized crime ring (Bush/Clinton Mafia), running Washington DC……..if we are wrong and he is not one of us we are no worse off than if we had elected one of them……..I believe Trump is the real deal….I really do.
    Just my 2 cents worth….

  • Trump, Clinton, left, right, win, lose, bla bla, rabbit rabbit. It is all the same. It makes no difference. Will Trump be instrumental in furthering the agenda of a North American Union? Without doubt. Why? Because that is the great agenda, for ever-deeper regional and global unification and, by hook or crook, begging or screaming, informed or in ignorance, America will be part of a Union with Canada and Mexico. It is not a question of anything but when, how fast can it be delivered.

    It has taken 60 years for the EU, the template for regional unification, to come about and it is only now about to come of age. I reckon America is about ten years down this same, identical, path. So absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor, it will take a further 50 years still to be in place.

    Far from the DB ‘clutch at straws’ with this thesis I would say it is a certainty, in one form or other, certain.

    • Thanks. It is astonishing how many in the alternative media seem to believe that Trump can somehow provide significant change. People ought to place all this passion and hope in themselves and their circumstances, not others.

      • The statist brainwashing is strong!

        • Bruce C.

          Maybe you’re the one who is “brainwashed”. Why do you give over all your power to “the State”? (Is my question rhetorical?)

          • I don’t think I understand the basis of your proposition or rhetorical question but then I think I had the will to give the matter much consideration either.

          • sunshineinjuly

            a thousand likes Bruce….the only way folks could take back their power from the state would be to save up six months of expense money…stop working and watch the entire system fall flat on its face..not just federal govt, but elites too..yippee!

      • Dalton

        We can do all of that and still go ahead and elect Trump, he certainly can’t be worse than any of the alternatives…and he just might do some real good…..also, I have read that Cruz’s wife actually wrote the plan for the North American Union for the CFR….so, on top of being part of the Bush/Clinton Mafia, Cruz would certainly be on board for the NAU….
        I’ve lived in the southern border states for over 20 years, and I can tell you if Trump did nothing more than secure that border it would be worth electing him.
        Also, let us not forget he is the ONLY one talking about vaccines causing autism…that is a big deal, too….I just finished the book PLAGUE and it has been documented by researchers that vaccines do cause autism….imagine having a POTUS who is NOT in pocket of Big Pharma….
        There are too many possible upsides to a Trump presidency not to give him a chance.

      • Bruce C.

        Is that what you would have advised “the Founders” to do, or those who wrote the Magna Carta?

        For that matter, isn’t that what the “elites” themselves do – just focus on themselves and their circumstances? I wonder why they care about politics?

        • sunshineinjuly

          Bingo Bruce….it is what the elites do, the churches do, most governments do. How one can expect ‘individuals to just focus on themselves’, is almost laughable for those very same folks have to do their dance within and on the stage of those who turn the lights off and on, and close the theater doors when they wish…oh, how I wish, it was that easy to just focus on oneself and let the sociopaths do their thing. Hard to do your own thing when you have whackjobs in control of your life in so many areas one can’t list them all here in a minute! It is because the elites, govt’s and churches do ‘their thing’ that many called mankind cannot do ‘their thing’.

          • Perhaps you are correct that nothing at all can be done until the system can be vehemently cast aside. On the other hand, perhaps it is more productive to spend your energy and time on improving yourself and your prospects …

          • sunshineinjuly

            Trust me I am doing that….attempting to get ready to sell my home and move out of CT. This state/CT is known as the most commie state in the country. We’ve had demoncrats in charge for ages just like Detroit and we know what happened to them. Detroit in the fifties was the pearl of the nation. But with the dems in charge ever since, it’s been the cesspool of the US.
            In CT they do whatever they can to destroy businesses here both small and large. Half of CT would move tomorrow if they could. What is it with the nincompoop liberals/socialists who think that if you tax a man’s business to death, and he is then forced to shut his doors and dozens or hundreds lose their jobs as a result, that this helps anyone as a result? More and more I see why shrinks write books on liberalism as a mental disorder. Many whom I’ve met on east coast fit that category.

        • There is a significant argument to be made that “Founders” were indeed focusing on themselves when they illegally created a new Constitution, mostly at the behest of Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton certainly was. He wanted the power and riches associated with leading a new nation.

          Hamilton was perhaps a paid European agent and thus the creation of the Constitution was in part due to Hamilton’s parochial desires.

          The issue, then, is what kind of focus you pursue. Building a better, more talented, more productive “you” is surely an significant goal.

  • Ernie Hopkins

    I think you are on the money Daily Bell in all respects.

    • Thanks.

      • Sam Fox

        There is a video, What Every Voter Needs To Know About Ted Cruz by The Next News Network
        From that video I learned that even Reagan was touting the idea of a North American Union.
        To avoid confusion, note that the name has undergone changes over time.

  • Bruce C.

    Couldn’t have said it better. I like the DB staff (I think) but I think they’re Canadian and so don’t have the same passion for the USA. They try to be “objective” but they seem to mistake human ideal potential and Libertarian ideals for the realities of some/many at this time. Trouble is, Canada, Europe et al are only as “good”/peaceful as they are because of the US ideals and power. If that goes it will be hell on earth writ large.

    • sunshineinjuly

      Actually DB is in the pristine mountains of Switzerland. Once the only place on the globe standing for neutrality, the influx of Islime into that wonderful country, will surely turn the concept of being neutral on its head. It is a good thing that the Swiss have the gun policy/self defense as a chief element of their small country. Day could come when……

  • Sam Fox

    At Accuracy in Media I read that ” Trump Threatens “North American Union” Scheme “, an article by Cliff Kincaid.
    Also at NewsWIthViews Kelleigh Nelson has a enough to say about Cruz that if wide spread enough, should shut that RINO-CINO up & put it down for good.
    I was thinking all day about some of the speculative points DB’s article raised. But as was said further down, who else is there? Ron Paul? I so wish! But he is not in & it’s pretty much to late now anyway.
    Like I said at other sites, Trump has all the right enemies. And they sure look like real enemies. If Trump IS in cahoots with the NWO that owns Cruz & his wife, that would be the best scripted & produced Kabuki Theater job ever in US politics, as far as I know any way.
    We do have to ask though, that if Cruz is really the outsider non-establishment candidate he claims to be, why is he not ALSO under the same attack as Trump, so that the schemers could also give Ted the same cover, if that is what is going on with Trump?
    IMO, this is the most scary-exciting-dred filled-hopeful-confusing-mysterious-drama filled-knock down, drag out election season I have ever seen.
    Maybe that’s because so much is on the line for this one…

  • Skeptical

    Sam, the establishment is definitely trying to destroy Cruz and his reputation, with attacks on his father’s faith, myths about almost everything he stands for, Heidi’s relationship with GS, and her part in the NAU conference – See Trevor Loudon’s article on exposing the myths about Cruz –

    “As seasoned Republican political player Dave Nalle wrote at the time in an article called “Anatomy of a Smear: Heidi Cruz and the ‘North American Union’:”

    “You see, it turns out that according to a whisper campaign coming from Dewhurst or Addison or perhaps direct from the John Birch Society, Ted Cruz’ wife is one of the architects of the dreaded ‘North American Union.’ The JBS is the most likely original source in a now-deleted article in the online version of their New American magazine called ‘Faux Neo-Conservatives Defend North American Union.’”


    Heidi Cruz’ role in all of this was as one of a large panel of readers and her sole identifiable contribution to the project is a one-paragraph response in the final appendix in which she says:

    ‘We must emphasize the imperative that economic investment be led and perpetuated by the private sector. There is no force proven like the market for aligning incentives, sourcing capital, and producing results like financial markets and profit-making businesses. This is simply necessary to sustain a higher living standard for the poorest among us — truly the measure of our success. As such, investment funds and financing mechanisms should be deemed attractive instruments by those committing the capital and should only be developed in conjunction with market participants.’

    What does Heidi write for the North American Union report?

    Let’s repeat:

    “We must emphasize the imperative that economic investment be led and perpetuated by the PRIVATE SECTOR. There is no force proven like the market for aligning incentives, sourcing capital, and producing results like financial markets and profit-making businesses…” (emphasis added) ”
    There is much, much more in the article – for those who are interested in the other side of the argument…

    • Bruce C.

      I hope your right that Cruz is really as trustworthy as he claims. He’ll still be a senator and he can help Trump get the consensus he needs in the Senate. Then maybe in 2020 in can run for President, and if he proves to be effective and what people want then he may get promoted.

  • K. Chris C.

    Having in the past two years become Khazarian-Wise and discovered the Protocols of Zion, I can only recommend others read the Protocols. Knowing them is like having tyranny’s play book.

    The use of property taxes to control and plunder the people is in there. So is
    utilizing judges to willynilly interpret the law and Constitution to
    their liking.Using compromised pols and crats to do their bidding is in
    there, etc.

    I, like most, don’t at any one moment know exactly what tyranny’s immediate goals are, but I ALWAYS know what their intermediate and long term goals are.

    Just one entry relevant to the engendering of chaos around Trump:

    “Protocol 5:11 “The second secret requisite for the success of our government is comprised inthe following: To multiply to such an extent national failings, habits,
    passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to
    know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will
    fail to understand one another.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • rahrog

    In answer to the questions in your conclusion: No, hell no, & LMAO. I still think Trump is a wild card that The Ruling Class didn’t see coming. That does not mean they will not control the electoral process to their advantage. They could easily manipulate the masses into an emergency in order to bring about martial law, a suspension of the coming elections, and all basic human rights.
    In order to beat the NWO you must step out of their system. SECEDE…SECEDE…SECEDE…Then SECEDE again.

  • Martin the American redux

    The cartoon character David Duke tosses an endorsement Trumps way and the media jumps all over it. The other cartoon character, Lou Farrakhan throws SEVERAL veiled endorsements Trumps way and it only gets the tiniest of blips on the radar. While anything either one of those guys has to say must be taken with humongous grains of salt, has any other politician gotten nods from such polar opposites?

  • PerplexedButCautiouslyHopeful

    I’m disgusted with crapitalism (crony capitalism) which is the evil counterfeit of the free market. Yes, I very much want a political savior who is honest, just and fair. Trump is interesting if seemingly rash and naive (for someone who has criticized republicans as not knowing how to play political chess). But at this point, “…even if he wants to…” the vast, underlying bureaucracies that support crapitalism are themselves too entrenched to allow true change. See these Venn diagrams which expose many names of privileged individuals who enjoy access via big industry-big government revolving doors,